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By now you’ve probably seen these pics. Check out the trailer for The Rap Insider’s I Am the Truth Volume 1. Gee, I wonder who’s behind this.

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48 Responses to “The Rap Insider”

  1. nation of thugacation Says:


  2. mmorales Says:


  3. mmorales Says:

    Nation of thugacation doesnt count as a human being, so im first :D!

  4. nation of thugacation Says:

    the stripper picture is soo fake

  5. 911 Says:

    eskay Says:

    March 26th, 2006 at 5:07 pm
    Buffy looks like a wet burrito

    LMFAO…oh shit to funny…u slacking on your eye candy movement…..I can’t even envision that wet burrito shit but its funny as hell….1

  6. 911 Says:


  7. Vince (attila) Says:


  8. deez Says:

    that stripper pic looks fake (no mariotti)

  9. hovadagod Says:

    is this gay a blog?

  10. hovadagod Says:

    has this become gay blog?.are straight people(like me) welcome?

  11. wes Says:

    I went to see Jay-Z last night. why dont we talk about that instead?

  12. maddenmaster Says:

    That shit is funny…

    I love the change of heart shit..

    And I hope Yukmouth hurry up and release the real stripper pics so I can laugh at that wack ass nigga even harder….

  13. Nasir Says:

    wes… u saw jay? how was tha concert, any guest appearances?

  14. skinnykennyp Says:

    Games career been dead, who cares?

  15. hovadagod Says:

    ^^^^^how was the show?

  16. hovadagod Says:

    game’s career is very far from ending!I think that he has real talent-he just needs to stop the name dropping in almost every song and relax with the unnecessary beef

  17. chillson Says:

    i think game is up and coming because his mixtapes and new tracks have been pretty good and g-unit has been pretty wack lately, the best track so far from g-unit would prolly be cake by llyod banks

  18. Nasir Says:

    game might have a chance of a comeback w/ doctors advocate

  19. wes Says:

    the show was pretty amazing. 23 piece string orchestra, 8 piece horn section, 8 piece band. i wrote about it on my blog :

  20. wes Says:

    oh and a HOT new ‘freestyle’ called fourty four fours, that he did right after twenty two twos

  21. iLL Change Says:

    that cheesy-ass motherfucker looks like he just stepped out a `70’s time machine. that dvd is gonna be corny. Game needs to stop getting clowned and bring the heat with Doctor’s Advocate

  22. Nasir Says:

    the classically trained string players nod their heads and even sing along with such classic lines as say “Ain’t no nigga like the one I got, no one can fuck me better.”


  23. aka el_feces_loco Says:

    I shouldnt smoke crack on Sundays…man I dunno..

    ?If 50 did this why would he sponsor some nigga named “HUGE JOHNSON”?

    ?If you(50) gonna attack his manhood and so adverse against it, why did you kiss him at the makeup press conference?

    ?If 50 didnt do it..why would some nigga name himself huge johnson then hop “on” Games dick?

    ?I wonder if that bitch still has a change of heart?..She prolly on her 4th child and 5th baby daddy by now.

    ?Wonders if 50 knows that game will get that dragqueen footage that most of the world hasnt seen yet? or know about?

    and lastly…?Why are these 2 niggas so gay?..keep doing gay shit..make some music you 2 fucks..

  24. T. Okes Says:

    lol this shit is wack. Hugh Johnson? Wtf? Is this a fuckin high school news cast gone wrong? This beef needs to end before the corniness level gets too fuckin high.

  25. Samantha Says:

    This looks lame; that trailer didn’t say much of anything. Does anyone still really believe that rappers go thru everything they rap about anyway? I don’t. It’s storytelling.

  26. el_feces_loco Says:

    I wrote about it in my blog too

    Last night’s ticket price was nonexistent due to the fact that the show was free for anyone that owned the original RD album complete with insert and unsratched CD. The audience went beserk when they saw the lifesize project buildings erected on stage with the kids in the windows watchin HOV..circa Nas..circa 1994. I had been sneaking a peek behind the curtain earlier and was highly enticed by the puerto rican and black girls running around in door knocker earrings, bright lipstick, fendi and MCM bags and spandex shorts. Between 2 sets of turntables each rocked by Dj Preme and superDj Clark kent was an 8 piece band led by ?uestlove of the legendary Roots crew.

    Jay started out in a Army Jacket lining but soon removed it to show off his “no peace” tee underneath. He took his time and performed most cuts off the album, I know Friend of Foe was performed cause thats my shit. I blanked out. Jaz and Sauce Money guested on Bring It On,and Memphis Bleek on Coming of Age, Foxy Brown and Mary J Blige also present.
    The highlite definitely was when NOTORIOUS B.I.G (who was thought to be touring overseas with 50 cent) came and assisted Jay on BK’s finest as the 2 traded rymes back and forth like trained boxers…. Just Blaze served as a waiter. It was a great show..I left the buliding feelin like I should expect 2 or 3 blue NYPD cop cars with yellow license plates outside..I felt like I should expect to see empty crack vials on the sidewalks and a mossy of hookers walkin up and down the Ave and gypsy cabs with booming systems outside….It was a great show..long live real hip hop.

    “23 piece string orchestra”…”sequenced t-shirt”…sounds…hmm “republican”..haha I think for a show commerorating an event 10 years ago you should recreates the mood from 10 years orch..2 DJ’s sp1200’s, Army Jacket

  27. sun tzu aka iceberg slim Says:

    el_feces_loco Says:

    to el feces get off jay dick its HIS SHOW not urs he can do it anyway he pleases….if the man chooses to give hip hop something different and memorable than 50 niggas screaming on stage than allow him to do it……”I’m trying to pioneer ud with this rap shit”……I trully dislike muthafcks who sit back and overly analyze somebody else shit when they can’t do a tenth of what that persons does…u r a critic who critiques other people actions but don’t have the balls to start ur own legacy……

  28. sun tzu aka iceberg slim Says:

    el_feces_loco Says:

    June 25th, 2006 at 3:05 pm nonexistent due to the fact that the show was free for anyone that owned the original RD album complete with insert and unsratched Cd

    people always want entertainers or rappers do shit for free……its there job to peform….I like to see ur ass go and work 40plus hours at ur job then tell them no I don’t want to get paid I did it for the luv……..



  30. el_feces_loco Says:

    hahaha iceberg..did you see where i dissed nas in that story? no right? cause you so infatuated with JAYS cock..I bet deep down secretly inside you, a part of you wish you were was just a hypothetical recreation dog…What you want from us/me? Everyone here should love JayZ unconditionally and worship him and whosoever doesnt should be bannished to purgatory huh? That would make Nahright soooooooo much better…funny thing is your trying as hard to get/stay/suck/eat/lick/nurture/massage/copulate/protect his balls as much as I am trying to not…its a bullshit sunday mornin blog response..youre reaction is estrogen induced.

    Dog you overlooked the fact that I said I would get in free because I still have my original copy of just ignored all that huh?..and how would me sayin the show was free for everyone that has his original RD albums mean that everyone gets in for free? and if you bought a RD album couldnt the sales from this album be considered acceptable payment for the concert?…Doesnt JAY have enough money to treat his fans to a free show? yesterday you was tellin me how he’s worth 500 million?…You just looking for someone to argue with…thats some bitch shit..take what I wrote with a grain of salt..If jay saw it he would probably laugh…youre takin your stanism to NASA levels..

  31. T Nelson Says:

    i dont understand these dudes every other month they talk about thier beef being squashed then they back at……..Im starting to think they really working together on this shyt

  32. RDL Says:

    ” Just Blaze served as a waiter” lmao

    el_feces_loco u crazy yeah! I especially liked
    ” I know Friend of Foe was performed cause thats my shit.”
    How she gonna say she zoned out! Did she catch a contact or something?

    Anyway I think tonights show is gonna be nice, not as nice as
    the one you imagined but good show nevertheless

    And would I get in with my original Dead Presidents maxi single cassette?
    That was the first Jay Z I ever bought and I still got that shit too
    and I didnt even let my tape rock til my taped popped cause I
    had it on vinyl too

  33. el_feces_loco Says:

    hahaha this nigga tellin me to get off jay dick..but you call yourself iceberg slim and think BEYONCE is your girl too…ice man..chill out..this is the internet..Jay isnt up in his office reading the shyt we be typing about in here….the more you attack niggas with opinions on here the more you make this shit wack..first it was boosie now you..I never said anything to you 2 before..I just come in here and say smart shit comment..then leave….Some of you niggers on here be actin real ignorant man..I dont give a fuck about JAYZ BIGGIE OR NAS..if it aint music…ya dig?

    This blog is written by one person..I come here to agree/disagree/instigate/cogratulate him on various comments he posts about..that what a blog come here attempting to make everyone that comes here into a JAYZ stan..its just not that deep for some of us..Im from the era where we loved both BIg daddy and rakim..some of us liked one more than the other but we never forced each other to “choose one”..your mentality is bleached my brother..

    As a man, I would never disrespect any other man without being disrespected first..any man includin you? hov? bow wow? nelly? the mail man? If I saw you at the JAYZ show with JAYZ earrings, wearing a JAYZ outfit with ROCAFELLA shoes on, I’d never come up to you and say “YOURE ON JAYS DICK TOO MUCH..GET OFF”..thats some bitch made shit my dude….. I would however holla at niggas im wit and point you out like “LOOK AT THIS STAN AZZ NIGGA..HE ALL ON JAY DICK..HE PROLLY EVEN CALL HIMSELF “ICEBERG” OR “HOVDAGOD” OR SOME SHIT”…theres a difference my nigga…now hop up off my dick lil homey..I think I just bussed…


  34. el_feces_loco Says:

    @RDL..YEA thats why I did my version like that cause friend or foe was the that time wasnt no rapper out really flippin the question and answer type format he used on FOF..Plus that beat used to bang the hardest in my Volkswagon GTI with the house speaker in the back..I took out my back seat had one 18 house speaker box, and 2 amps no tweeters hahaha..gas was like 99 cent for 2 gallons..I used to fill my GTI up like once a month..skate zone..tunnel…I was happy that JIgga was about to pop off cause the west coast gangsta shit was becomin corny by then too…I didnt stop liking jigga musically as much till he did that orphan annie shit..he lost me since then…

    “chances slimmer than that chick in calvin klein pants is”= crack

    “JZ who? the rapper? That skinny lil nigga on the boat?…Aint nooooooo rapper tellin me I cant make no money”= My fave Dame verse

  35. wes Says:

    haha niiice el feces on the imaginary post haha

  36. el_feces_loco Says:

    @wes… you shmell me?..I’m not mad at orchestras..(im mad at sequince shirts tho)but you know..If you gon take us back…take us wayyyyy back..Make the whole venue look like the TUnnel or some shit..In my opinion at least?..

    NYc=the tunnel years will never be duplicated..never,ever..ever…the last real NYC hip hop joint.

  37. 456 Says:

    >>I didnt stop liking jigga musically as much till he did that orphan annie shit..he lost me since then…

    ^dame had lil’ somethin to do with that too, feces.

    >>“JZ who? the rapper? That skinny lil nigga on the boat?…Aint nooooooo rapper tellin me I cant make no money”= My fave Dame verse

    ^verse? you outta ya mind. that was always the problem, DAME STAY YOUR ASS OFF THE STAGE. YOU ARE NOT A RAPPER.

  38. el_feces_loco Says:

    @456…THAT DAME INTRO MADE THAT SONG..I dont know how you people just completely ignore Dames input into this nigga career..I know enough about hip hop to know DAME doesnt rap give me a lil credit?

    Orphan Annie put JAY over the top..I know Dame had a hand in just wasnt for me..not my speed.

  39. D. Billz Says:

    That footage of Game on the Change of Heart is funny. I’m willin’ to bet he smashed that chick though. Shit, I’d be on the Change of Heart for a little scrill and some tv time. As long as I aint gotta do any Sambo type shit.

  40. bo Says:

    the change of heart thing is real every one knows it, the striper thing is the biggest lie out i mean is there even a strip joint in compton?

    and btw iam a game fan but i gota say he is ugli and scary why would be a striper that shit sounds wack as helll cmon homies who is more real game or 50, I GOTA SAY THE GAME…

  41. beniz Says:

    games carreer is from ending when his album drops i bet his gonna sell at least 6million units, he got more talent then the gunit camp all together…

  42. beniz Says:

    is far from ending ^^^^ just had to fix it ;)


    boo^^ yes there is its called the right track strip club off of century blvd dead smack in the hood

  44. rofl Says:

    Do you honestly rkn game was a striper that shit looks fotoshoped..

    and that rap insider guy is from nyc he a hater…

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  46. west coast killah Says:

    This RAP INSIDER a fake.Ima diss this snitching fake truth person and ima see how he like that.Im coming for you RAP INSIDER i got you lil punk watch out for that diss.

  47. JAYX THE DON Says:

    Ay yo i like the game but truth be told thats all you need to show proof sice game was denying he was a stripper to keep the gangsta image goin.the photo might me fake but the cnahge of haert wasnt and like the chick siad he took her too a strip club he worked at and he stripped for her so fuck man i still like the game but is better off not lyin about shit and be straight wit people. cuz in the end this makes him look real bad in his case againgst 50

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