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Idlewild Cover


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18 Responses to “Idlewild Cover”

  1. Z.Davi Says:

    FIRST…shits gonna b hot



  3. Gumsy McDraw AKA Jibber Jabber Says:

    Andre 3000 is tha shit, dickhead. Can’t wait 4 this. When does it drop?

  4. 456 Says:

    They on they pioneerin jay-o

  5. PhillyRepDubczDon Says:

    THEUNIT Soldier must be a youngn or just stupid cuz he down wit da UNIT Andre 3000 iz feirce…. For a while he wuz holdin tha south down..Big Boi got flow n he nice BUT Dre is lyrical like a muf and hiz flow iz crazy smh @at TheUNIT…lol u cant be serious specially wit a name like dat. Outkast shit gon be serious

  6. queen b Says:

    Sounternplayalistik>ATLiens>Aquemeni>Stankonia>Love Below

    See a pattern?

    Atleasts thats how I see it..but the first three albums are all
    classics and all have a different flavor to them but they lost
    me with Stankonia and everything after

    The new single Mighty O=GARBAGE!

  7. 456 Says:

    TheUnit Soldier Says:
    June 25th, 2006 at 11:58 am
    maaaan OutKast Sucks ass…and they will always do…
    faggot ass Andre 3000…

    ^I can guarantee that nigga get more and better quality pussy than u.

  8. 456 Says:

    queen b Says:
    June 25th, 2006 at 12:19 pm
    Sounternplayalistik>ATLiens>Aquemeni>Stankonia>Love Below

    See a pattern?


  9. queen b Says:

    OFF TOPIC…(sorry)
    But im surprised no one said shit yet about last nights JayZ show
    I heard Nas,Memphis,n Foxy were all in the building, and Im guessing
    all will be up on stage tonight at radio city

    Speaking of Jay Z before he was on outkast dick, he said
    in an old xxl that The Love Below was one of his favorite albums
    he said way back in the day when outkast was on fiyah he said
    “I just dont get them cats, I dont know what they sayin” how funny
    is it that he didnt get ATLiens but he was feelin Love Below which
    I thought was trash…but I remember reading when Jay said that and
    just shakin my head and eastcoast rappers “not understanding” the south

    guess now they “understand” Laffy Taffy *smh*

  10. 911 Says:

    Sunday=Slow Day.

  11. Vince (attila) Says:

    Classy design, but not really all that innovative. It doesn’t scream, BUY ME. I can see it getting lost in the CD racks at Best Buy and mom and pop shops across the country behind more eye popping designs. You have to really know what you’re looking for to grab this album up.

  12. iLL Change Says:

    you know what would be hot… if OutKast did a song with Christina Aguilera, produced by Preemo. they all on that 20’s-30’s-40’s shit

  13. Shanti Says:

    When does the Outkast cd hit the streets?

  14. iLL Change Says:

    ^ august or somethin’ i think

  15. dat_grill Says:

    outkast—besty group in hip-hop
    no1 even close they stay orinignal ain cant nobody really touch them

  16. D. Billz Says:

    Can’t wait ’till it drops… speakin’ of which I need to re-up on old albums that I don’t have.

  17. Joe 88 Says:

    Mighty O = Tuff. Mr 3000 Killed it

  18. Darth Cipher Says:

    this gunna be an outkast classic, i can feel it man… Dre 3000 is killer, anyone who disses him needs to come correct and recognize. this album will be a smash like the last one, i got my money set aside for it

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