Brooklyn’s Finest


Previews of the Making of Reasonable Doubt piece and the Jay feature are up at

Here Irv Gotti Speaks on the making of Jay and Biggie’s classic anthem Brooklyn’s Finest:

Irv Gotti: I did not want that record to happen. I was adamantly against it. I would call Jay every day like, “No, fuck that! Don’t do this record.” I said, “What I’m scared of is you doin’ [a record] with Biggie and you comin’ off like his little man. And nigga, we can’t be owning shit if you his little man. You never gon’ get that throne.” But this nigga would call me and be like, “Nah, but Gotti, I’m tellin’ you, I’m gonna show ’em. I’m gon’ make people see that I’m that nigga.”
Jay and Big had a lot of love, but at that particular time it was very competitive. Go ’head and listen to that record—“It’s time to separate the pros from the cons/The platinum from the bronze…” Real talk, Big’s goin’ at Jay in that record. “You ain’t harmin’ me/So pardon me…” Trust me. He’s goin’ at him real tough.

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619 Responses to “Brooklyn’s Finest”

  1. De_Muthafukkkin_Shawn Says:

    Yo? Who was the famous houston rapper whose girlfriend sued them for 25 million because he gave her HIV ???

  2. juliette [kween of kweens] Says:

    dam. i heard bout that somewhere. but then again i hear so much gossip i cant remember.

  3. reggaetonslasher Says:

    there’s no way that game pic is real. leave it to madden to find a pic of a dude in a thong though.

    ^ I agree sour, plus thats a hoe move madden, step your testosterone up!

  4. maddenmaster Says:

    Damn that really that nigga breath easy Its not like I told cats how they should think I just passed a photo along…. stop being gay you bitch boys!!! It should make yall fag asses feel good to know that his ass is a flame now maybe you fags got a chance to get hit by him!!!

  5. juliette [kween of kweens] Says:

    in that “stripper” pic……i thought dude looked more like big tigger than game

  6. iceberg slim Says:

    if anyone gets a chance watch 50 cents video in da club video….there is one scene with game and he is dancing his ass off…..

  7. juliette [kween of kweens] Says:

    lol. i seen that.

  8. Boosie Says:


    yeah you are mad, and are emotional, and very offended. I was referring to el feces jamaican comments. I see that you are an emotional person. This is the internet. get over it.

  9. Sour D. Says:

    o madden, your a funny dude. me and coldplay are gay while you are teh one forwarding all your “BOYS” a pic of game in a thong. your real confused homie, but its ok, we already knew that.

    on the subject of bleek, i know we all call him a weed carrier (and he is), but he is probably one of the more talented ones. i never minded him or found him annoying and have definitly checked plenty of songs from him. not in the past 4 or 5 years or anything but i definitly used to check him.

  10. Sour D. Says:

    o yeah, and bleek is probably 5’4 max. i gave him a pound and hug and thought i was gonna crush him.

  11. iLL Change Says:

    that pic of Game is fake. you can tell they photoshopped it cuz there’s text across his neck (which is where they photoshop the head in). i dont know if he had tatoos before he got famous, but here he doesnt have any.

  12. iLL Change Says:

    yo es, where is today’s post?

  13. maddenmaster Says:

    You catching feelings and I’m the gay one….. Interesting!

  14. Sour D. Says:

    no emotions here madden. you the one gettin all worked up over a photoshopped game in a thong. and when i called you on it, you got all defensive calling me and coldplay a fag. someone is clearly confused here and it aint me or coldplay. don’t worry though madden, i just rarely see you on here since the gunit stan d-day ( ) and enjoy the oppurtunity to make you look stupid.

  15. maddenmaster Says:

    Hmm ok I’m the one that got emotional… Reread your post budy?

    I’m not here that much because I actually got a fucken life unlike you whos in a rush to post “FIRST” for every new thread!!

    ebeef is wack!! But hey do you!! But why are you really mad?

  16. cubano81 Says:

    just got back from the “rehearsal show” ….he killed it…best hip hop show ever.

  17. Sour D. Says:

    i’m not mad at all madden. just enjoyed you getting your panties in a twist when i called you on passing around pics of game in a thong.

  18. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    iceberg slim Says:
    June 24th, 2006 at 11:29 am
    niggas hate on bleek but on the real this was a dam good verse

    Nah this ain´t Jigga it´s your lil nigga Bleek
    Reportin to these motherfuckers live from the street
    Game I peeped those, my mind so advanced
    At nine I used to geese hoes for Easter clothes
    Peep the steez, I represent for all those
    with 28 grams, on a come-up tryin to creep the keys
    Large niggaz told me park the car, keep the keys
    Find a hoodrat and creep to Mickey D´s
    First gun two bullets, niggaz know I do pull it
    Niggaz tryin to kill me dog, who wouldn´t?
    Screw Gooden, I pitch in the PJ´s
    Lit off the EJ, I split Dutchies with my ring finger
    You find a bitch that don´t be cream, bring her
    Last seen with Bing, he got dropped between us
    Shit is constant, that´s why I pack the
    Johnson and Johnson for the nonsense who wants it?
    I go to sleep with a picture of a Porsche on my wall
    Man I´m tryin to come up on y´all
    Get one up on y´all, that´s why I hustle in these streets
    from sundown to sunup on y´all
    Mama said keep bullshittin they´ll kill you dead
    One week of this hustlin brought a living room set
    Went to ? D´s, niggaz mad, veins out
    Copped the Jordan´s, two weeks before they came out
    Flashy, fly little nigga
    Nosy bitch from the third floor like “Why little nigga?”
    Bitch please, twist the trees
    Took a long pull, like bitch to breathe
    That´s my answer, life´s like cancer
    And I´m serious


  19. S DOT. JONES Says:

    YA boy J is one jaking motherfuka he took so many rappers shit and took credit for it like he really wrote that shit untill CAMROn exsposed his old
    ass on dat hova is ova all respected loss.

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