Daily Headlines 6-21-06

Busta moves 209,000 units and takes the number #1 spot on the charts this week 

Outkast, Idlewild, August 22nd. Be there.  

I think we should all be applauding David Banner for his work in Mississippi following Hurrican Katrina. 

What’s good with these random Saigon features that keep popping up?

Is there anything Snoop won’t sell? 

The Lost Sidekick Case is finally resolved. The chick ended up getting locked up.  

The Miami Heat become just the third team in NBA Finals history to win a series after dropping the first two games, and the first to do it after losing Games 1 and 2 by double-digit margins.

Another one of Saddam’s lawyers abducted and killed

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64 Responses to “Daily Headlines 6-21-06”


    Busta on his way to platinum

    Outkast needs to get back to they Southernplayalistic flow and stop trying to cross over like Black Eye Peas and i might start bumping them again.For some strange reason i did bump the Andre3000 cd for a week straight.

    Is it me or does Saigon and Papoose sound like some Poke’mon trading cards

    First Jay-Z for HP now you got Snoop doing Orbit gum.You know 50 is next to do a commercial for apple or some shit

    That was supposed to be the Lakers Championship.Shaq even said it after the game that if he would have taken a lesser role over there they would have won a couple more rings too.

  2. spotrusherz Says:

    goddamn that’s whats wrong with rap today, you can’t even say you dont like an artist without being called a hater, it’s fucking music

  3. spotrusherz Says:

    saigon is a city in vietnam, pendejo

  4. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    The worst job on earth right now is being one of Saddam’s lawyers. They knocking them off like every other court date.

  5. Dem Says:

    ..and papoose means child.

  6. the Landlord Says:

    spotrusherz Says:

    June 21st, 2006 at 11:52 am
    goddamn that’s whats wrong with rap today, you can’t even say you dont like an artist without being called a hater, it’s fucking music

    …co sign…

  7. kween of kweens[the streetz of m.i.a are fukkin BANANAS/fukkin problem] Says:

    spotrusherz Says:

    June 21st, 2006 at 11:53 am
    saigon is a city in vietnam, pendejo
    alol….made me snort my milk…

  8. the Landlord Says:

    Dem says:
    i could go to wikipedia, but does anyone know if saddam is shia or sunni?

    …Sadaam CLAIMS to be Sunni, but these claims are said to be dubious since Sadaam’s father would always claim the family was Shiite…

  9. D. Billz Says:

    D. Billz Says:

    June 21st, 2006 at 11:25 am
    “Them crazy muhfukkas was driving diagnally though out the whole move.”

    ^ That’s called drifting.
    no shit Sherlock

    ^^ Shoulda said that then. That’s like sayin’, “basketball players were bouncing the ball with their hands during the game” (pause)… that’s called dribbling.

    I think it is pushed back due to bustas album. I liked his last album but he irritates me because people always think I look like him. Shit pisses me off.

    ^ Ol’ Busta Rhymes lookin’ ass nukka, lol.
    I meant O Trice, Niglet. I

    ^ Oh my bad… Ol’ Obie Trice lookin’ ass nukka. Happy now?

    You got mad jokes today. You the new eddie Murphy…….Where Jonny Gill? Oh thats right he works for scohh or all hip hop now *sublimial*

    ^^ *in Eddie Murphy “Delirious” voice* Ha ha ha… very funny mothafucka.

  10. D. Billz Says:

    Btw, what up Landlord.

  11. iLL Change Says:

    i predicted that Busta would move 200,000 units motherfuckers! go check the “Cant Stop The Reign 2006” post. you know what it is

    i still havent heard that OutKast yet, but im dowloadin right now. i need to check out their other shit, i got some SouthernPlayalisticjnfvdefcvnertysdj, but not all of it.

    biggums, i been lookin for that O. Trice album too, but i hope he doesnt get lost in all the other hype around Interscope. that’s what happened last time, 50 Cent was just startin to blow up so his shit got ignored. i like Obie tho (no homo), but didnt MTV/BET have a problem with his “Snitch” single? havin your single snuffed isnt a good way to start your album campaign

    finally, that clown crying over the SideKick got shit resolved. but he got a 16-y-o arrested. what the fuck?

    stay up, Sai. do your thing, youre a monster in the game.

    i saw that Snoop/Orbit ad last night, it was mad corny.

    good for David Banner helpin the community. big ups, especially since (i think) he said that they [the gov’t] wanna tear down all the projects and turn the N.O. into the next Las Vegas.

    Sadaam’s lawyer killed.
    >> Somethin’ smells fishy. And it’s smellin’ like the U.S. is behind it.
    yeah, i smell that too

  12. Shanti Says:

    Blue Says:

    June 21st, 2006 at 11:44 am

    Perhaps wack is extreme. But that shit seems like a throw away track. Dre said himself in Entertainment Weekly that they needed to put out a single that they both were on. He did everything but say that it was wack in that article.

    ^^yeah i read that article too. i hope they are both featured on the majority of tracks on the upcoming cd.

  13. Diplomatic Says:

    Im surprised that the Busta album dint do more, its a hug # but it doesnt coinccide with the crazy amount of promotions that went behind it. Not only did they have three high budget video before it even came out, but they also had that series of cormercials with Busta cutting his dreds.

  14. Demiks Says:

    That Sidekick shit went overboard. I mean, he said he knew the real address after, so why didn’t he go to the door and ask them instead of behind a computer.

    I think that teenage girl should of gave it back if the owner asked for it back within less than a day, I mean damn. But getting her arrested is real stupid. Just looking at the guy write his little play-by-play on his website made me think he is a dumbass or has some learning disability.

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