DMX Speaks Again: Ja Rule


DMX on Ja Rule:

There was a rumor that Irv Gotti had squashed your beef with Ja, but then on the new SMACK DVD, you’re going off on Ja again.

Nah, I don’t fuck with Ja. Gotti wanted us to work together again, but I told him, “I need 5 minutes alone with Ja in a room before we work out anything. I need to get my hands on him.”

What would you do in those 5 minutes?

Beat him up! I need 5 minutes alone with him so I can beat him up!

He goes on to talk about how he was with "like 50 Latin Kings" when he saw Ja at the airport, and he saved his life by not letting them kill him. Oh, and he talks some more shit about Jay and says their personal relationship is over.

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111 Responses to “DMX Speaks Again: Ja Rule”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    Sour D… Yo, did you ever send the email?

  2. Sour D. Says:

    yeah, it went to your hotmail account.

  3. The Truth Says:

    This website is read by a bunch of Jay-Z stans, Jay-Z is a phony. DMX is a real nigga, who gives a fuck about his habit he still realer than camel face (jay-z). Jay-Z is where he is at cuz of all that sucking he has done over the years!

  4. Sour D. Says:

    you couldn’t help yourself huh Truth? DMX is real, a real crackhead. and whats this sucking that you say got him where he is?

  5. Demiks (a.k.a. a DMX fan) Says:

    The Truth, you give DMX fans a bad name. Sour D, don’t knock the Dark Man just because of a bad reaction from one of his fans.

  6. Lili Says:

    # iceberg slim Says:
    June 10th, 2006 at 10:25 am

    everytime I log back on and see that dmx picture, it reminds of a crackhead in ur backyard about to steal some shit…then realizing he has to take a shit, than looking up when I catch him…….now look at the picture again

    ^^It ain’t that serious.


    dmx is the hardest out there these days, hope the man knocks out ja one day.

  8. sakeahdake Says:


  9. Tragedy Styles Says:

    Couldn’t you Insult him like you insulted the industry? I’m sure he’ll forgive you.

    Co Sign Sakeahdake

  10. Tragedy Styles Says:

    MLK 4 Nigga

    Mighty League

  11. morgand Says:

    Most of ya niggas are player haters, just give the guy his credit…! He will alway stick in your hearts …His beats/rymes will never be forgoten by anyone of you

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