Daily Headlines 5-31-06

Proof’s shooter will not face murder charges

Star (Troy Torain) argues that if his rant about Envy’s daughter was criminal, Ms. Jones should also be arrested since she "claimed Torain "liked boys," called his mother a prostitute, and insisted her toddler son’s penis is "about the same size" as Torain’s." The article also mentions that the Sanitation union will be protesting outside Hot 97 today because Jones called them ‘dumb’ after she recieved a ticket from them last week.

According to an AHH source, Game is Negotiating With Interscope For a Black Wall Street Label deal

Military Inquiry Contradicts Marines Account Of Haditha Deaths 

Concealed firearms may be scarce in the U.K. but they’ll carve you up real nice

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227 Responses to “Daily Headlines 5-31-06”

  1. L.P.CROOKS Says:


  2. D. Billz Says:

    Plug… Damn, I forgot all about Damon Wayans Last Stand. That was one of the best HBO stand-ups of all time. You’re right, I did neglect madd stand-ups that you mentioned. As a comedy analyst (as I deem myself) I was slippin’.

  3. D. Billz Says:

    Front… The main reason Melo wasn’t picked up Detroit and sent to a West Coast team was for ratings and dollars. Somehow, Stern thought Melo was just as good as ‘Bron and they were supposed to meet in the Playoffs on some Magic vs. Bird type shit. But that never panned out how it was pre-conceived.

  4. Dumb Nigga Says:


  5. tyronebiggums71 Says:



  6. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    Matthew 20:16…niggas

  7. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  8. nBmore Says:

    Front Says:

    May 31st, 2006 at 8:30 pm
    “MELO THA TRUTH!!!!!!”

    He had a Mellow Yellow season.

    Melo had a good season. His team was in the playoffs. He was like Mr. Clutch this yr. Improved his defense & etc….

    I would take Prince today of “Mellow”, even with Wade burning him.

    Naw u talkin crazy. I see melo being alot better then prince.
    Prince is a good playa just not as good as melo. I cant count on prince giving me 25 a game.

  9. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    ty and nb yall filthy..why ya blockin on a nigga bein last? prince is better than mello in a diff way..if you building a team..you gonna pick mello first but if you gotta team and thats the spot thats open..take prince..dont need the ball, plays better d..dont act like a bitch and sit on the bench when the coach want em to go in..dont be on stop snitchin videos..

  10. nBmore Says:

    I agree.
    If i was building a team I would choose melo.
    Prince plays D but u can find so many ppl to play that role.

  11. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    you in bmore takin mello..im in LA takin Prince..go figure

  12. nBmore Says:


  13. nBmore Says:

    I got love 4 da west.
    Yall do it Big out there
    I think the west needs to come back hard like old dayz.
    flannels & chucks!!!!!!

  14. the Landlord Says:

    …tayshaun prince > carmelo anthony…
    …tay can do ANYTHING on a bbcourt that needs to be done, and he does it when it counts…Melo is just a scorer, no defense, few rebounds, and you know he wont pass the orange…plus he seems a bit immature, not hatin cause he is still a baby, but tay carries himself like a grown ass man on the court, and they say he is smart as hell off it…

  15. nBmore Says:

    melo was MR CLUTCH this yr.
    Melo is on the olympics-TWICE
    MELO carried denver to the playoffs 1st yr(labron 2nd)
    MELO carried denver to playoffs 2nd yr
    Melo carried syracuse to a championship
    who did Prince carry?

  16. the Landlord Says:

    nBmore Says:

    June 1st, 2006 at 4:38 pm
    melo was MR CLUTCH this yr.
    Melo is on the olympics-TWICE
    MELO carried denver to the playoffs 1st yr(labron 2nd)
    MELO carried denver to playoffs 2nd yr
    Melo carried syracuse to a championship
    who did Prince carry?
    …melo carried his ass home to watch the playoffs on tv….tayshaun carries around that CHAMPIONSHIP RING…no you didnt say the olympics!?!?!..Larry Brown had Melo’s ass sittin the bench handing out gatorade, cause he’s not ready yet…yeah he made some game winning shots, but aint nobody else get to shoot in Denver with Melo ballhogging…i heard that Carmelo has taken out an order of protection to keep his teammates from touching the ball…true story…making the playoffs aint no big deal, 16 teams make it…Melo got alot of help from Hakim Warrick at Syracuse, he aint carry them by himself homes….

  17. nBmore Says:

    Larry Brown didnt like A.I. (he cant coach the streetball game w/success)
    Denver problems come from Keyon martin not producing dont blame melo on that.
    How long was denver out the playoffs before melo got there?
    Did u watch the syrcuse game melo played on 1 leg an still won!!!

  18. the Landlord Says:

    …no NBA ring, no love…he still has time though, and no doubt Melo is nice but he will be even iller in the future when he gets his grown man on…

  19. nBmore Says:

    I dont see melo finishing his career with denver.

  20. Front Says:

    “Larry Brown had Melo’s ass sittin the bench handing out gatorade”


  21. Dollas,TX Says:


  22. Dumb Nigga Says:


  23. Joe 88 Says:

    Dude from stop snitching dvd: Melo tell them niggas what you did wit your big penny

    Melo: My what?

    Dude from stop snitching dvd: your big penny you know the one you got in the olympics

    Melo: Oh you mean that big penny,(bronze medal) man i threw that shit in the ocean some where

    Dude from stop snitching dvd: How he gonna tell a bitch he worth millions and he went cross seas chasing a big penny. tell larry (brown) he better stay his ass home, niggas talking bout lyncing his ass (laughter ensues)

  24. MonstaMeika Says:

    the Landlord aka cONSPIRACY bROTHER Says:

    May 31st, 2006 at 1:20 pm
    …Fishscale is best the album of the year, so far…

    Agree completly. Too bad a crack head stole my whole Ghostface collection (excluding Supremem Clientel) when they stole my ride.

  25. the Landlord Says:

    …oh, that was your ride homie!?!?,… my bad….

  26. realest rap bish ever Says:

    the Landlord aka cONSPIRACY bROTHER Says:

    May 31st, 2006 at 4:45 pm
    …mike epps is very corny…he must got pictures of somebody wife doing something improper in somebody’s hotel cause somebody’s lying, this dude aint funny at all…wasnt funny in them Friday movies, wasnt funny in All about the benjis and still aint funny…chris rock and dave chapelle are the true kings of comedy, because in their stand up routines they do more teaching than coonin’, a la chris tucker(coon), aj johnson(coon), bernie mac(buffoon)…

    D. Billz Says:

    May 31st, 2006 at 5:13 pm
    “he faces the backlash from pseudo-intellectual blacks (myself included)”

    pseudo-whaa! down south we just call it bougie uppity snotnosin’ and it aint something to embrace……why does mike epps have to be a “coon”
    sure i agree his special wasnt that funny, but mike e. has a certain familiarity with his audience similar to that of a favorite goofy cousin who u love for being himself. “cooning” implies hes putting on a buffoon negro air for the paper which is more wayne brady/wayans bros to me. Mike is being himself, and that why niggas fuck with him. we can relate to the shit he says and does, and even when he isnt hilarious, we can still feel dude.
    and friday (all of em) is a hood classic because he saved the day and made u say fuck u chris tucker for not staying down. now chris tucker—that niggas a coon along with his best friend mr.chan, king asian coon.

  27. Joe 88 Says:

    Next Friday = The best one of them all. Fuck Chris Tucker & his over hyper ass. Mike epps is a real nigga his comedy special was funny as fuck. I’m not saying it was better than chris rock or dave’s but it was still funny. It’s cool if you teach during your stand up but it’s all entertainment. to judge a nigga for not dropping jewels in a comedy special is just stupid. If you wanna learn go read a book. Dude job is to make us laugh THAT’S IT not find a cure for aids not stop the wars but make us laugh. So just fall back

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