Foul Shot: 5-29-06


Okay, I know I’m super late on my NBA Conference Final Predictions so I will not bother dedicating a section to them, but will just include them as part of my Foul Shot multi-subject post. I’ve been hella busy with work and as I write this piece I’m in the middle of grilling some cajun catfish outside, setting up my daughters pool, paying some bills online and trying to entertain and piss you off all at the same time. David Blaine ain’t got shit on me.


Grilled Caucasian: I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I watch any type of Nascar or Formula one racing but being that its Memorial Day Weekend and anyone who’s ever been outside their bedroom (which isnt that often with some of you internet folk) knows Grilling and Memorial Day go hand in hand.  I think racing and hockey are very similar for me. I never ever ever ever will watch either one unless A) It’s highlights of a great accident or B) It’s a highlight of two caucasian men in skates trying to kill each other.  Nothing better than White on White crime. (notice they never start a fight with one of the few brothers who play?) Anyway, if your wondering who that is trying not to be part of the Memorial Day festivites in that picture it is Buddy Rice who was participating in the Indianopolis 500 on Sunday.  All you Jeffrey Dahmer types, put the BBQ sauce away, he escaped the firepit.


Babe Ruth Is Dead!:  GOOD! Barry might not be playing great due to injuries but he still passed that old woman beating, alcoholic, overrated sloppy bum. Barry Bonds is possibly the greatest player EVER and he has never been found guilty of any type substance violations.  So save the gossip for someone else.  If he say, she say made someone guilty, D.C. police be looking for people from Roc-A-Fella for involvement with the Cam shooting.  I will even go one step further, let’s say Barry "The Greatest Player Ever" Bonds did use steroids, its null and void because the fact that Babe Ruth did not have to play against any minority players during his career cancels it out!


Jermaine Taylor vs Winky Wright: Not much hype has been made about this fight. For what reason I cannot figure out.  Jermaine Taylor beat one of the best fighters our era has ever seen in Bernard Hopkins.  Winky Right is one of the most technical fighters of the era and has beaten just about everyone who’s stepped in front of him.  Sounds like the makeup for a great fight.  So why has the promotion has been that of a backpack underground indie hiphop album? I don’t care about the two billboards above McDonalds on 125th street.  You know damn well we don’t order pay-per-view in the hood, we use the bootleg box.  Wise up yall! Anyway, I’m gonna run with Jermaine Taylor on this one.  He already beat a great technical fighter than Wright when he defeated Hopkins twice, plus he’s stronger than anyone Winky has faced.

Nash.jpgNBA Conference Finals: I hate the fact that I’m late with this and don’t want to go into each series that much.  I can tell you I did pick Miami over Detroit before they were up 2-1.  I also picked Dallas over Phoenix.  Miami just looks like their chemistry picked up against NJ and the fact that Detroit went 7 games with Cleveland + the fact they have Flip Saunders coaching and not Larry Brown AND Miami happens to have a coach by the name of Pat Riley.  No way is Riles getting outcoached by a dude named after a dolphin.  I’m rooting for Phoenix but I don’t see them getting by Dallas.  I’ll go one step further than normal here though.. If Dallas players Detroit in the finals, I got Dallas.  If Miami plays Dallas, I got Miami.  If Phoenix makes the finals, I got whoever they playing.

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79 Responses to “Foul Shot: 5-29-06”

  1. BigMoney Says:

    1 one this too?

  2. BigMoney Says:


  3. Front Says:

    eskay busts out the street sweeper for his posts today

  4. Front Says:

    I refuse to call racing a sport. People driving around in a circle for hours on end is the human equivalent of rats in a maze. Does make for some great “Holy Shit, did you see that wreck on Sportcenter” conversations though.

    Baseball has no legacy. Ty Cobb led the league with five homeruns one season during the “dead-ball” era. The reason the media hates Barry Bonds is not because he is black (wise up hoodlums, white media loves black athletes), but because he routinely tells sport reporters to go fuck themselves.
    Barry Bonds = Greatest Baseball Hitter Ever (pitchers are better players)

    Going out on a limb with Taylor are you. You crazy guy.

    “No way is Riles getting outcoached by a dude named after a dolphin.”

  5. Big E Says:

    “If Phoenix makes the finals, I got whoever they playing.’


  6. T Nelson Says:

    I got $20 on Taylor bytches

  7. E From BK Says:

    Great comments on Barry. My take is exactly the same. Barry tells the media to fuck off because of what he saw them doing to his father. Until Barry tests positive for steroid use they can just kick rocks. This guy is the greatest to ever do it. There has never been a player as prolific as this guy. You are absolutely right. Would Babe’s numbers have stacked up to Josh Gibson if they played against each other? Probably not. He hit 962 homeruns in his career. If he was in MLB who knows what he would have done. Fast forward to Bonds. The fact of the matter is that Babe was a non factor anyway because he does not even hold the record. Hank Aaron is the real factor. Babe just happened to be a speed bump on Barry’s way to number one. It’s amazing how racist people are. Some of these writer’s will probably vote against Barry even though he probably won’t ever be found guilty of anything. They sure don’t have a positive test to go by. Also, if I hear another person likening Bonds to Rose I am going to scream. Rose was caught red handed! Barry=Jordan, Barry=Ashe, Barry=Gretzky, Barry=Andretti, Barry=Ali

  8. No Homo Eskobar A.K.A c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    Busta and Rick James – The Ghetto

  9. eskay Says:

    >>eskay busts out the street sweeper for his posts today

    e-dubbs writes sports, but I am killing them out there, they need first aid

  10. Front Says:

    “It’s amazing how racist people are.”

    Naw, sport reporters aren’t racist, they are just insulted by Barry Bonds, or any other athlete that doesn’t bow down to them. If anything sports is backwards racist. Remember last year when that coach said he needed more black athletes, and it caused a minor controversy for a couple of weeks. Imagine what would have happened if he said he needed more white athletes. In a word: skewered

  11. iLL Change Says:

    @ c0l0mb14n1116

    Rick James sounds outta place on that record. his voice is off key wit dat beat

  12. T Nelson Says:

    I dont think it as much of a race thing as people play it to be……I think white media has a problem with people who dont bend over for them…. Barry Bonds never gave a fuck about the media and they nail him to a cross for not being one of those teeth showing type of niggas

  13. No Homo Eskobar A.K.A c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    yo eskay, ur last post had platinum potential but this dude killed u by posting the sports right after

  14. Fe Says:

    I don’t understand the need to go and say stupid shit like “racing is not a sport”.
    Racing is a sport, and it’s prolly cause you haven’t done any that you don’t know that it is. I love speed and racing is a rush that nothing can beat. I used to race and believe me, after a two hours race, you lose a good pound or two in sweat. It requires physical condition, mental toughness and strategic thinking.

    I don’t like Nascar cuz they go around circles, but Formula 1 and Rally can be very entertaining to watch. Not all races are interesting, just like not all NBA or NFL games but great fights on the tracks are pure adrenaline for people like me.

  15. Front Says:

    “it’s prolly cause you haven’t done any”

    I actually drive everyday, so if there is any sport I would relate with, it would be racing. But it is not a sport, so it is disqualified.

  16. Front Says:

    they need first aid cause the boy got more 6’s than first grade

  17. swisstopher Says:

    don’t underestimate winky though. he still won’t win the fight, but it will be “the fight of the year” maybe.

  18. Darth Cipher Says:

    fuck barry bonds, i could care less if he’s breaking records, dudes still a dick and is on the juice, thats why he had “injuries” and took a well deserved break… i wouldnt say he’s the best player ever, considering i would put a-rod ahead of him and many other players who can do more then just hit a ball… so fuck bonds, if he breaks the record, good for him, but crackers will still be talking bout babe ruth, cause he was respectable while he played, and we all know it, hate it or love it!!!

    winky wright all the way, i been a fan of this dude since he was boxing in europe, and theres no doubt in my mind that he can win this one… so winky’s got my vote again!!!

    and it looks like nash is showing nowitzki where the good chron is in canada, those motherfuckers look blazed, and im sure theres beer involved, some canadian hospitality for sure!!!

  19. Darth Cipher Says:

    racing is not only the most dangerous sport ever, but it really takes a tole on you mentally and physically… i got alot of respect for those guys who suit up and get in those cars, cause every race you go into could be your last, let only your last day on earth. at the speeds they go at, the slightest tap throws the cars outta place, you see the shit, its fucked up…

  20. Fe Says:

    I actually drive everyday, so if there is any sport I would relate with, it would be racing. But it is not a sport, so it is disqualified.

    Like you say, “you drive”. you don’t race. It is quite different. Nobody drives the same way on the highway and on the track. you could try, but you would be a total idiot. And a race car is quite a different drive than your regular car. Like, I said, it’s prolly because you haven’t raced that you say that it is not a sport. Anybody who has been on a track and raced for a minute knows that IT IS A SPORT. You need stamina, breath control, focus, and skills to be successfull.
    It takes much more to be a effective race car driver than knowing how to operate a car. Driving and racing seem to be one identical concept to you, but it is not.

    So stop being ignorant and argue that racing is not a sport.

  21. ap harris Says:

    Bonds did use steroids, its null and void because the fact that Babe Ruth did not have to play against any minority players during his career cancels it out!

    That’s an half ignorant comment b/c some of the best black players (and white players too) who played in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s were NOT playing against many Latino (or Asian for that matter) players. True, Dominicans or Japanese may not have been explicitly or implicitly excluded or forced to play in their own segregated league, but one could argue the competition that Willie Mays or Hank Aaron faced may not have been truly representative of the greatest players in the world.

    Now of course the fact that we live in a more global world and MLB has more of an international scope is something that you can’t easily factor into ‘greatest ever” conversations or comparing stats. It’s also true that harldy any Spanish players are born in the US whereas the old Negro League players were legitimate competition right at home. So, yeah, Josh Gibson and other Negro League contemporaries might have belted out 65 homeruns in 1935 if they played in the MLB and Babe Ruth might have been less productive if he was facing Satchel Paige more often, but maybe Hank Aaron would have only hit 650 homeruns if Pedro Martinez’s granddaddy was recruited to the MLB 50 years ago…

    And personally I think Barry Bonds was one of the best players of all time, but 1) It’s 99.99999999% likely that he has been juiced for almost a decade and 2) He’s been a total dick since about 1995 – So, unless your last name is Bonds, you’re a SF Giants fan, or your a full-fledge Babe Ruth hater even though the man’s been dead for almost 60 years, I don’t see how anyone can have much admiration or sympathy for this guy. I could care less that he broke Babe Ruth’s now 2nd (now 3rd) place mark, but I wouldn’t want to see him break Hank Aaron’s. Hank Aaron was a fucking trooper who didn’t whine and bitch like Barry.

  22. e-dubbs Says:

    Let me know when A-Rod gets intentionally walked with bases loaded. I’ve never seen anyone except Barry “The Greatest Ever” Bonds have it happen.

    As for Babe Ruth being respectable? Being an drunken women beater is respectable? Try again doggie.

    If you wanna ignore the fact that Babe didnt play against the best talent, let’s bring up the fact that the pitchers mound was level instead of raised.. Uhh huhh.. yeah.. Barry cookin’ him..

    For the record, I don’t really like baseball much at all. I find it very boring for the most part. But if your a baseball fan and don’t like the most electrifying player to ever play, that says something about the sport.

  23. E From BK Says:

    And personally I think Barry Bonds was one of the best players of all time, but 1) It’s 99.99999999% likely that he has been juiced for almost a decade
    This is a ridiculous. Where are the tests that prove Barry was juicing? Unless you were there injecting it into his veins you have no basis. It sounds like you are a Barry hater, also, your whole Latino comment is light. If you want to include Latinos(which by the way, have been in MLB for quite some time) then shit, let’s include Croatians or Sudanese. The fact of the matter is the Paige and Gibson and other players like them were Citizens of the US who were deliberately kept out of the league. They were kept out of the league because it was well known that they had better skills. Baseball is an American game and ALL Americans should have been able to compete in the league. Bonds is the greatest ever until someone proves otherwise.

    Also, you said Bonds has been a total dick? How do you know? Did he do something to you? I doubt it. All you know is what the media reports and if you are semi-intelligent you know that the media is full of shit. Also, you know that the media has it out for him because he won’t be a good little nigger for them. So now I guess if Barry’s son plays in the league and because of this witchhunt (one that he sees for himself the way Barry saw when he was a kid) he decides he won’t kiss their asses then he’s wrong too?

  24. Rizoh Says:

    Go Dallas! The great TX hope, plus they can actually ball…

  25. alex.2.0 Says:

    miami heat all the way!!!! just 1 more win!!!! (shaq’s still got it) (and 1)

  26. Foekist Says:

    Damn, look like Dirk was off some of that TyBiggums Sour diesel weed on that picture

  27. Joe 88 Says:

    That has to be the gayest picture of two men (nash & nowitzki) EVER!!!!

  28. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ap harris Says:
    May 30th, 2006 at 1:12 am
    Bonds did use steroids, its null and void because the fact that Babe Ruth did not have to play against any minority players during his career cancels it out!

    thats a good point but there are some better points to be made a) just overall the quality of competetition is much higher today b) people act like its not a level playing field shit most of baseball is on steriods barry was one of the last ones to catch on cause people he had always been much better than him started getting the spotlight also the majority of the people using and being helped by steriods are the pitcher * cough roger clemens cough * c) babe ruth used corked bats and thats a fact, his bats were corked, he didnt break any rules of baseball since at that time there was no rule against it but there was also no rule in baseball about taking human growth hormone and ” the cram ” and “the clear ” were not on the league list of banned substances ( because they didnt know it existed ) so really what rule did barry break ????

    darth chiper – you must be out your god damn mind arod has never been and never will be near the quality player bonds was in his career. bond is the singew most dominate force to ever play the game. im a die hard yankee fan but a) a-rod pads his stats when the game is already decided and against inferior people and wilts in the clutch ( dont believe me check go to and look at his clutch numbers in comparsion with everyone else dude is at the bottom of the league ) b) a-rod doesnt get walked and pitched around nearly like bonds.

    if bonds retired in 98 ( the year he started using steriods ) he still would of been a first ballot hall of famer 3 time MVP and one of the best ever, now he stands number 2 all-time home runs, best slugging percentage in a year and in a 5 year span, most walks in a year, most career walks same for intentional walks in fact, a couple years ago he had more intentional walks than most teams did ( pause reread that let that sink in ) who in baseball has ever had that big an impact, he is the only person ever to have 400 steals and 400 homeruns and now he has over 500 and 500. barry is without a doubt the greatest force to ever step to the plate and regardless of the steroids or whatever 20 -30 years from now all the players playing today will be telling there kids about what it was like to play with the most dominate force EVER


  29. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Foekist Says:
    May 30th, 2006 at 9:31 am
    Damn, look like Dirk was off some of that TyBiggums Sour diesel weed on that picture


  30. the Landlord Says:

    …Barry Bonds was the greatest player in the game BEFORE the steroid drama…
    …as i said ealier in the playoffs, steve nash is overrated…he’s not even mvp OF HIS TEAM…Shawn Marion is…
    …ShaQ will soon be champ again…Dallas has no answer for ShaQ or DWade…
    …Racing is not a sport…the cars are competing…if the drivers get out of the car and RUN around the track, then its a sport…GTFOH…

  31. dukesman Says:

    Yeah…. you picked Miami and Dallas

    Suuuuurrrrrrreeeee you did!

  32. the Landlord Says:

    …i did…

  33. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ so did i, as soon as themavs beat the spurs i knew they were in it no question. i wasnt as sure about miami but like e-dubbs said i had my doubts when it took detriot 7 to beat team lebron ( as great as lebron is there is no way they should of won more than 2 games at absolute most ) and also i knew that if the heat got about half the effort from payton and walker they got againstthe nets they wouldnt be stopped.

    but after watching last nights game im 100% sure shaq is getting himself another ring ( barring a major injury ) anyone know they odds on betting on them to win the whole thing now, im defintely gonna make that bet if its at atleast 3-1 cause there aint no way they losing shaq is determined and d-wade is hitting the most ridiculous shots

  34. alex.2.0 Says:

    i’ll agree that nascar and formula 1 are sports…but there is still no way i’ll ever refer to a golfer as an athlete.

  35. D. Billz Says:

    I’m not a baseball fan, but I think we also failed to acknowledge that there were no relief pitchers as well during Babe’s time.

    Synchronized swimming is more of a sport than racing. Simply because you are using your own physical attriubutes to compete.

    Anybody see the crossover DWade gave Rip in the other game this past weekend? If he would have put him on skates, I would have died laughin’. Landlord, I gotta disagree with you on Nash comment. I agree that Marion is a great player. But to say that Nash is overrated is a bit extreme. I say that because Nash exemplifies the meaning of a “pure point guard” (i.e. Jason Kidd, Rod Strickland, Magic Johnson, Pistol Pete, Bobby Hurley). Those dudes know how to find an open man and are the leaders of the court. I’m glad he won MVP over Kobe because I can’t stand Kobe.

    Promotion for this fight seems non-existent. I don’t know too much about Jermaine fights except for the ones he had with Hopkins. I know Winky is a technical fighter who will probably take the fight in later rounds. Kinda what Floyd did to Zab after he beat the brakes off of him.

  36. the Landlord Says:

    Lebron = MVP
    Nowitzski = MVP
    Duncan = MVP
    ShaQ = MVP
    Nash = uh-uh
    …Nash gets exploited on defense…yes he’s nice, but he aint nowhere as nice as Kidd, Magic Or Lebron….i ask you this, if you were starting an NBA team tomorrow, and you could choose ANY available player, 1st pick, do you mean to tell me you would take Nash over Lebron, ShaQ, DWade, Nowitzski, Duncan, Kobe etc.?…i would take Ginobili before Nash…Nash guards no one ane gets no rebounds, (Cassell, Kidd, Parker, and Chris Paul all rebound well for guards)…Nash is one of the best point guards in the league, but that about it….MVP!?!?!….GTFOH…

  37. the Landlord Says:

    …old ass Sam Cassell almost ended nash’s season…and nash has more help than Cassell…

    ***STEVE NASH***MVP-U-NOT***

  38. ZYCE Says:

    Barry Bonds is a loser. A total fraud who didn’t even need steroids in the first place. Now his entire career is tainted. All of you making excuses for him need to fall back. He’s the one who always talks about race. This is a guy who hung out with white guys his entire life. Now he wants his black supporters to feel his pain? Come on doggie. He’s a rich black kid who can hit the shit of the ball. But steroids ruined him…he got greedy.

  39. ZYCE Says:

    Landlord, get your stat game right. Nash outrebounded both Cassell and Parker this year.

    As for the playoffs this year, Cassell averaged 18 and 6 assists. Nash is averaging 20 and 10 assists.

  40. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    the Landlord Says:
    May 30th, 2006 at 1:28 pm
    Lebron = MVP
    Nowitzski = MVP
    Duncan = MVP
    ShaQ = MVP
    Nash = uh-uh
    …Nash gets exploited on defense…yes he’s nice, but he aint nowhere as nice as Kidd, Magic Or Lebron….i ask you this, if you were starting an NBA team tomorrow, and you could choose ANY available player, 1st pick, do you mean to tell me you would take Nash over Lebron, ShaQ, DWade, Nowitzski, Duncan, Kobe etc.?…i would take Ginobili before Nash…Nash guards no one ane gets no rebounds, (Cassell, Kidd, Parker, and Chris Paul all rebound well for guards)…Nash is one of

    when landlord breaks it down like this you cant argue with him ( which is why i dont argue with him when he makes his statements that make it seem he thinks nash is absolute garbage, cause ive had this converstaion with him before and i know this is what he means. ) i think sometime he overreacts talking about how overrated he is ( did you see the end of game 1 against dallas he brought them back to win from 10 down with like 1:12 left in the game basically all by himself ) but the biggest thing landlord says that is the truth is dude plays NO defense whatsoever absolutely NONE and that’s got to count for something

  41. alex.2.0 Says:

    last time i checked…lebron plays very little D if any. name someone he has flat out stopped in a game? exactly. and thats been mentioned by sports writers plenty of times. i’d take duncan, kobe or wade any day cause they bring it on both sides of the court.

  42. the Landlord Says:

    …the MVP award is a joke anyway…why vote before the playoffs?(stupid)…do you think if the MVP vote was held today, that Nash would win?…NO…@ZYCE, thanx for the stat update, wasnt aware that he boarded like that, still saying though, in most sports you have to actually WIN something to be MVP, what has dude won yet?!?!?…dont be brainwashed by the MEDIAMACHINE…steve nash is not and never will be MVP…

    …LEBRON, D.WADE, SHAQ, DUNCAN, NOWITZSKI, J.KIDD, A.IVERSON, KOBE all have to die before Nash is worthy of such accolades…

  43. ZYCE Says:

    We should take away Garnett’s MVP, then. So far Lebron, D Wade, Nowitzski, J KIDD, IVERSON haven’t won anything, so why are you considering them? Hypocrite.

  44. Xavian Says:

    The Taylor/Wright fight is not being promoted heavily because it’s not on PPV. It will be televised free on HBO…

  45. E From BK Says:

    ZYCE Says:

    May 30th, 2006 at 2:53 pm
    Barry Bonds is a loser. A total fraud who didn’t even need steroids in the first place. Now his entire career is tainted. All of you making excuses for him need to fall back. He’s the one who always talks about race. This is a guy who hung out with white guys his entire life. Now he wants his black supporters to feel his pain? Come on doggie. He’s a rich black kid who can hit the shit of the ball. But steroids ruined him…he got greedy.

    Are you the person who injected him? If not then your whole argument is null and void. Did you see some secret “positive” result that nobody else saw? If not then your whole argument is null and void. You need to step your game up. Until somebody can provide a “positive” result on an “illegal” substance then it’s all bullshit and neither the fans nor MLB can do shit about it. You sound like maybe Barry shuned you when you asked for an autograph or something.

  46. e dubbs Says:


  47. ZYCE Says:

    Elgin, stop frontin with that “hot fiyah” comment. I’ve known you your whole life.

    Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Brady Anderson, Jose Canseco, etc…..all used steroids. You don’t gain 60 pounds of muscle “working out.” Why don’t we discuss his grand jury testimony? He said he didn’t know what he was putting on his skin. A workout fanatic doesn’t know what he was putting into his body? And then yesterday on he says he cannot discuss his grand jury testimony because of the law. WRONG! He cannot discuss anyone else’s testimony, but he damn well can talk about his own. This dude pulled the wool over all of your eyes. He has you saying stuff like “did you inject him?” and shit. Get right, already.

  48. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ the opposite of fiyah.. you might know me, but you dont know barry.. no proof doggie, just hearsay..

  49. E From BK Says:

    Where did he put on 60 pounds of muscle? Are you his personal trainer where you know all of his dimensions? Barry is a workout fanatic, true. Some of the weight he put on was due to aging. If you didn’t know then just live a little longer and you will see the difference. Those other people you mentioned actually either had “positive” test results or admitted to it. I don’t know about Sosa though. I know he corked his bat, but that’s about it. So what if he put a cream on his skin. Number one, the salve was not on the “illegal” list, therefor he did nothing wrong. Did the salve give him added strength? Did the salve make his eyes see the ball better? Did the salve make his hand eye coordination better? Was he taking the salve when he won all those batting titles? Was he taking salve when he won all of those MVP awards? What did the salve do? From what I understand it helped him heal quicker. Most atheletes would do that if it could help them heal quicker! He might not have known it was a steroid. Also, I see you have never been in a situation where you have to deal with the law. Of course he can’t discuss the grand jury testimony. Any lawyer worth his weight would instruct his client to not discuss any of that outside of the courtroom. Again, did you inject him?

  50. Zyce Says:

    E Dubbs: I don’t have to know Barry to know what he said. According to the SF Chronicle, he said:

    “Barry Bonds told a federal grand jury that he used a clear substance and a cream supplied by the Burlingame laboratory now enmeshed in a sports doping scandal, but he said he never thought they were steroids, The Chronicle has learned.”

    So he just rubbed things on his body without knowing what they were? A workout fantatic didn’t know what the substance was? Why is he lying about talking to the press about his testimony? According to the law, he cannot discuss OTHER people’s testimony, but he is free to discuss his own.

    E FROM BK: The only guy off of my list to admit steroid abuse was Jose Canseco. What are you talking about? Barry came into the league with the Pirates at 170. He’s played at 230. That’s 60 pounds. I’ve been in plenty of situations with the law. Our own E DUBBS was in my room upstairs while some detectives were down at my front door when we were kids. Barry certainly can discuss his testimony.

    Also, did any of you read the book on Barry Bonds that was excerpted in Sports Illustrated? Why isn’t Barry suing them? If that’s not proof, I don’t know what to tell you.

    At least Giambi admitted it. He let his rep take a shot. Barry won’t even do that. He’s the OJ Simpson of baseball. Rich, spoiled, black man who didn’t hang with black people until it got hard for him.

  51. the Landlord Says:

    …At least Giambi admitted it. He let his rep take a shot. Barry won’t even do that. He’s the OJ Simpson of baseball. Rich, spoiled, black man who didn’t hang with black people until it got hard for him.

    how do you know who Barry hangs with?, didnt he used to be work out partners with Gary Sheffield?…wasnt his best friend on the Giants, Ray Durham?,…didnt he try to get at Jeff Kent in the dugout for showing up one of his Latino teammates on the field?…who is his Godfather? Willie Mays(black), not Pete Rose(white)…steroids dont make you a great baseball player (if he took them)…if thats the case there’d be a bunch of Ballys and Bolds gym freaks signing with every team in both leagues…by the way OJ hung with black people (Al Cowlings, Ahmad Rashad0, he just liked to fuck white bitches (read: steve nash,lol)…

    *****Barry Lamar Bonds is the greatest Baseball player of all time, before or after steroids*****

    …………….and as usual, FUCK STEVE NASH……………………

  52. the Landlord Says:

    ^^^^^directed @ ZYCE^^^^^^^
    also #correction#^^^ballys and golds gym^^^

  53. Zyce Says:

    How do I know who Barry hangs with? I read up on the guy. There’s been tons of articles on him. You should do the same. Him and Sheffield had something in common….steroids. And he didn’t fight Kent over his comments about Latino players. That’s a falsehood. Steroids obviously make you a better player…increased speed, stronger muscles, and quicker healing. Al Cowlings and Ahmad Rashad are black? OJ was a whiteboy…come on. Even with Steroids, he cannot match Babe Ruth. Imagine Ruth’s home run total had he not pitched early in his career. I can’t wait for the * next to Barry’s records.

    Last time I checked, Steve Nash was balling, homie.

  54. e-dubbs Says:

    “According to the SF Chronicle, he said” According = hearsay.

    I can’t go by anything the media says about Barry because its so biased. It’s like watching George Bush defend the war in Iraq. The media hates Barry so they try to turn hearsay into facts.

    Imagine Babe Ruth’s career if he played against real talent? yupp “He wouldnt exist, so poof, vamoose son of a bitch.” Babe Ruth is the new Rocky Marciano. Everyone know Barry is better but wouldnt admit it just like everyone know Ali was better than Marciano but still holding on.

  55. Fe Says:

    Landlord says “Racing is not a sport…the cars are competing…if the drivers get out of the car and RUN around the track, then its a sport…GTFOH

    Do the cars drives themselves? Due to regulations, the cars are pretty close in terms of performance so the drivers make the difference, you dumb fuck.

  56. nbulling Says:

    Im not judging Bonds. McGwire, Sosa, Canseco, Giambi (maybe even Clemens) are just as guilty. But the evidence is kind of overwhelming. A player reaches his peak at 28-31, in batting and in all the other facets, no player gets a ton better at power hitting later in his career. Aaron, Ruth, and Mays didnt. IF they had Josh Gibson’s numbers, he wouldn’t either. Yeah, everybody else did it, and thats not being made a big enough deal, but its still not right.

  57. e-dubbs Says:

    Im not judging Bonds. McGwire, Sosa, Canseco, Giambi (maybe even Clemens) are just as guilty

    ^ Correction, the after-mentioned are guilty. Bonds was never found guilty. At most you can say “I believe Bonds did it because I’m a f*ckin’ hater” but thats it.

  58. nbulling Says:

    Theres no proof that McGwire, Sosa, or Clemens did anything.

  59. nbulling Says:

    This isnt a criminal trial…. I dont need a jury of 12 peers beyond a reasonable doubt… its more like a civil trial… most poeple looking unbiased at the evidence (head size, increase in production, increase in batspeed) would say its most likely true.

  60. nbulling Says:

    Really sorry about triple posting…. i forgot to mention… steroids are not, bonds is probably one of the 5 greatest players ever. I think Aaron and Mays were better than Babe… more complete players…. I think that, as they had the whole package over the entire career and not just parts, they are also both better than barry (hitting, hitting for power, baserunning, fielding, throwing)

  61. Zyce Says:

    E Dubbs: You gotta step your game up. The only guys who admitted doing steroids were Giambi and Canseco. McGwire and Sosa were never proven to had taken steroids. Why call them guilty and not Bonds. You’re a Bonds homer.

    And what’s with the Ruth and Marciano bashing? Because they are white and white people root for them?

    I’m not a Bonds hater. I’m a fair and objective person. The guy cheated. Did you read the book about him and his steroid use? They have logs of his daily routines.

  62. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ I’m still waiting for proof that he cheated, when you have some be sure to share it with the world. And what makes that book so accurate? Of course I did not read it and I have no intention of reading it.

    Only reason I bash Ruth and Marciano is because its a form of getback for anyone who comes for Bonds or Ali.

  63. Zyce Says:

    Ali, Bonds, and Marciano……didn’t use steroids to cheat the record books. If you don’t read the book, how the fuck you going to see proof? So basically the only way you’ll believe it is if you actually saw him getting injected with the shit? Come on, better than that. They have the trascripts from his testimony. He admits to putting these creams all over his body, dog. Keep the wool over your eyes…..

  64. e-dubbs Says:

    The type of cream he used was to accelerate healing which has been used for years by all types of athletes and is not banned. It’s not a muscle increasing type of steroid. Saying what he used makes him a cheater is like saying someone who took Advil to make a headache go away is a drug addict.

    The whole marketing strategy behind that book is “If you hate Bonds, buy this book and it will give you proof that he cheated” If the book infact showed the truth that he did nothing to break any rules or used any drugs that gave him an unfair advantage, it would not sell thus no purpose in making it. I think your better than that! If you want to sit here and say in your heart you believe he did steroids, thats one thing but for you to pretend that its factual is beyond reality. BTW, Asking me to read that book would be like asking an athiest (spelling?) to read the Quran.

  65. Zyce Says:

    Barry Bonds testified to a grand jury that he used a clear substance and a cream given to him by a trainer who was indicted in a steroid-distribution ring, but said he didn’t know they were steroids, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday.

    Bonds told a U.S. grand jury that he used undetectable steroids known as “the cream” and “the clear,” which he received from personal trainer Greg Anderson during the 2003 season. According to Bonds, the trainer told him the substances were the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a pain-relieving balm for the player’s arthritis.

    Following The Steroid Storylines
    The Chronicle’s story
    Olney: Now it’s clear | Chronology
    Neyer: No need for asterisk
    Motion: Whole story | Fallout
    SportsNation: Poll | Chat wrap: Stark

    BALCO chief claims Jones took HGH
    ESPN Mag: Coming Clean
    Interview with ABC’s 20/20
    FAQ on steroids

    No denying grand jury testimony
    Stark: Can Yanks void contract?
    Olney: Giambi won’t react well

    Kurkjian: Yankees in tough spot
    Chronology | Admission

    According to government attorneys, BALCO founder Victor Conte has identified the designer steroid THG as “the clear.” A testosterone-based ointment was identified as “the cream.” Olympic sprinter Tim Montgomery testified that Conte used flaxseed oil containers to send “the clear” to athletes.

    According to a transcript of Bonds’ Dec. 4, 2003, testimony reviewed by the Chronicle, prosecutors confronted the slugger with documents allegedly detailing the steroids he used — “the cream,” “the clear,” human growth hormone, Depo-Testosterone, insulin and a drug for female infertility that can be used to mask steroid use.

    Bonds’ attorney, Michael Rains, said the leak of the testimony was an attempt to discredit his client. Grand jury transcripts are sealed and the Chronicle did not say who showed them the documents.

    Rains described Anderson and Bonds as close friends who had been training together for about the last four years.

    “Greg knew what Barry’s demands were. Nothing illegal,” Rains said at a news conference in Oakland. “This is Barry’s best friend in the world. Barry trusted him. He trusts him today. He trusts that he never got anything illegal from Greg Anderson.”

    Even if the substances Bonds took were steroids, Rains said they were not banned by baseball at the time and the slugger believed they were natural. Bonds also maintains the substances did nothing to aid his rise as one of the game’s greatest home run hitters, Rains said.

    “Barry was tested several times this year and the results of those tests were negative,” said Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris.

    “He put together statistically one of the most remarkable seasons ever,” Borris said in an interview. “There are people in this world whose sole purpose is to try and figure out ways on how to undermine the accomplishments of others.”

    Giants spokesman Blake Rhodes said the team wouldn’t comment and directed all questions to the commissioner’s office.

    Tony Serra, Anderson’s lawyer, said Anderson “never knowingly provided illegal substances to anyone.”

    Before the Bonds story was even published, U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan said his office was concerned about the leaks to the Chronicle and asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate.

    The Justice Department is reviewing whether to initiate an investigation into the leaks, but no decision has been made, department spokesman Mark Corallo said.

    Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) told The Washington Post Friday that he will introduce legislation in January that mandates drug testing standards on professional sports if baseball players and owners don’t adopt a stringent crackdown on steroids on their own.

    “Major league baseball players and owners should meet immediately to enact the standards that apply to the minor leagues, and if they don’t, I will have to introduce legislation that says professional sports will have minimum standards for testing,” McCain said. “I’ll give them until January, and then I’ll introduce legislation.”

    In response to the continuing BALCO disclosures, Commissioner Bud Selig said:

    “As I have repeatedly stated, I am fully committed to the goal of immediately ridding our great game of illegal performance-enhancing substances. The use of these substances continues to raise issues regarding the game’s integrity and raises serious concerns about the health and well-being of our players.

    “I am aware the Major League Baseball Players Association is having its annual meeting with its Executive Board of player representatives next week. I urge the players and their association to emerge from this meeting ready to join me in adopting a new, stronger drug testing policy modeled after our minor league program that will once and for all rid the game of the scourge of illegal drugs.”

    Prosecutors also questioned Bonds about “doping calendars” and other documents showing he used illegal substances that were seized from Anderson’s home in a September 2003 raid. But the slugger denied knowing the drugs were steroids and said he had no knowledge of the doping calendars, which contained his name and notes about performance-enhancing substances. He also said he had never discussed steroids with the trainer; had never asked what the products he was given contained; and was certain Anderson wouldn’t give him illegal substances without his knowledge.

    “Greg and I are friends,” Bonds told the grand jury, according to the Chronicle. “I never paid Greg for anything. … You’re going to bring up documents and more documents. I have never seen anything written by Greg Anderson on a piece of paper.”

    Bonds said that, to his knowledge, Anderson had only given him legal drugs to treat his arthritis and fatigue, which were especially bad when the Giants would play a day game after a night game. He said the trainer brought the substances to the Giants’ clubhouse, where Bonds would use them.

    “It was in the ballpark … in front of everybody,” Bonds testified. “I mean, all the reporters, my teammates. I mean, they all saw it. I didn’t hide it.”

    However, Bonds testified that the products didn’t help ease his suffering, and eventually he stopped using them.

    “And I was like, to me, it didn’t even work,” he said. “You know me, I’m 39 years old. I’m dealing with pain. All I want is pain relief, you know? And you know, to recover, you know, night games to day games. That’s it. And I didn’t think the stuff worked. I was like, ‘Dude, whatever,’ but he was my friend.

    “… If it’s a steroid, it’s not working,” he told the grand jury.

    Bonds’ former teammates Armando Rios, Benito Santiago and Bobby Estalella, as well as former Oakland A’s Jason and Jeremy Giambi, have admitted using performance-enhancing drugs provided by Anderson. All the players said they knew Anderson because he was Bonds’ trainer, and all five also testified because they were offered immunity as long as they told the truth to the grand jury. But prosecutors warned the players, including Bonds, that they would be charged with perjury if they were discovered lying under oath.

    According to the Chronicle, Gary Sheffield also testified that in 2002 Bonds arranged for him to receive “the clear,” “the cream” and “red beans,” steroid pills manufactured in Mexico. Sheffield further stated he was never told he was using steroids; that Bonds was using both “the cream” and “the clear”; and that he had no dealings with Anderson directly.

    “Nothing was between me and Greg. Barry pretty much controlled everything,” Sheffield testified. “… It was basically Barry (saying), ‘Trust me, do what I do.’

    “…I know I’ve seen Greg give Barry the same thing I was taking,” Sheffield said. “I didn’t see him taking those red beans, but I seen him taking this (clear) and this cream here.”

    Bonds has maintained he never knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs. But the Chronicle has reported that Anderson, in a secretly recorded conversation, claimed Bonds had used an “undetectable” steroid in 2003. Conte and BALCO vice president James Valente also told investigators that Anderson gave steroids to Bonds, although both have since denied making those statements.

    According to the Chronicle, Bonds testified that he reconnected with Anderson, a childhood friend, in 1998 when he decided to replace his trainer at the time, Raymond Farris. He and Anderson began training at a gym near BALCO, and Anderson also began giving him “vitamin and protein shakes,” Bonds said.

    Sometime in 2000 or 2001, Bonds testified, Anderson persuaded him to undergo testing at BALCO in an effort to market Conte’s legal nutritional supplement, ZMA. Bonds said Anderson eventually began giving him several supplements, “multivitamin to vitamin E to omega 3s to, you know, ZMA — the ZMA that BALCO had — to liver pills to oxygen …

    “But I had no doubt what he was giving me, because we were friends” Bonds said.

    Bonds testified that he met Conte a few times but never paid for the supplements, instead doing an ad endorsing ZMA for Muscle & Fitness magazine. Bonds said he couldn’t explain an invoice stating $450 for blood tests; when asked about documents stating he had paid $450 for a bottle of Depo-Testosterone, Bonds said, “I have never seen this bottle or any bottle pertaining that says Depo-Testosterone.”

    According to the Chronicle, prosecutors questioned Bonds about several other documents, including some that suggested he was using the steroid trenbolone and modafinil, an anti-narcolepsy drug used as a stimulant. Bonds said he had never heard of those drugs. Another document read, “Barry 12-2-02, T, 1 CC G — pee.”

    “T could mean anything,” Bonds said. “G could mean anything. And pee could probably mean anything.”

    Bonds also testified he didn’t know about documents indicating BALCO had begun screening his blood for both nutritional deficiencies and steroids in 2001. Bonds did say, however, that in 2003 he became suspicious of baseball’s steroid testing program and asked Anderson to have him tested.

    “We got tested two times this season unannounced,” Bonds tesified. “I don’t trust baseball. They say it’s anonymous, but then they put your name on it. So I don’t trust baseball. So I asked Greg … ‘I want to know what baseball’s doing behind our backs.’

    “I never saw the papers, never saw the results. Greg just said, ‘You’re negative,'” Bonds said.

    According to the Chronicle, Bonds said he never paid Anderson for drugs but said he paid him $15,000 in 2003 for weight training and a $20,000 bonus after his 73-home run season.

    “I paid him in cash,” Bonds said. “I make $17 million.”

    Bonds also bought Anderson a ring after his record-breaking season and another ring to commemorate the Giants’ 2002 World Series appearance.

    Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

  66. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ I didnt even read this because its lack of credibility. But what makes you believe it so much? Because you want you.. YUP! B-Mad!

  67. Zyce Says:

    I’d say the SF Chronicle and ESPN are pretty credible. You just keep being a sheep….an innocent sheep following Barry around.

  68. e-dubbs Says:

    Of course they are not credible. Barry isnt media friendly and the media punish him for it. Look how the media protected Michael Jordan for years because of his open door relationship with the media. When the media doesnt have your back, its over. 90% of the fans without brains allow the media to form their perception of a player and if the media wants people to percieve you as a jerk, cheater, bad father, whatever the case may be.. Thats what you’ll be. I’m not one of those 90% though.

  69. Zyce Says:

    You aren’t one of the 90 percent? You won’t even admit that a man that came into his prime in his late 30s and gained 60 pounds did steroids! You don’t even like baseball that much. You didn’t play Lud Dale…lol.

  70. e-dubbs Says:

    hhaha.. Luddale.. True, you did have the super tight Luddale throwback.. But I aint see him fail no test. B mad.

  71. Zyce Says:

    How can he fail a test that wasn’t administered?

  72. Zyce Says:

    Updated: June 10, 2006, 5:31 PM ET
    Bonds’ attorney wants protection from news services

    Barry Bonds is willing to cooperate with Major League Baseball’s investigation of performance-enhancing drugs in the game provided the information isn’t used against him by federal prosecutors, Bonds’ attorney told the New York Daily News.

    The New York Post reported Friday that Bonds’ attorney, Michael Rains, received a letter last month from former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, hired by commissioner Bud Selig in March to investigate steroids in baseball, saying that he wants to interview the San Francisco Giants left fielder as part of baseball’s investigation.

    “I’d like Barry to cooperate with Sen. Mitchell,” Rains was quoted as saying to the Daily News. “He’d like to cooperate. We believe Sen. Mitchell’s investigation will be fair, thorough and impartial.

    “But here’s the problem: Anything that happens there can become fodder for the federal government and fodder for another book that will make reporters rich.”

    A federal grand jury in San Francisco is investigating whether Bonds lied under oath about using the performance-enhancing drug known as “the clear” during his grand jury testimony that led to the indictment of four people connected to BALCO.

    Bonds could also face charges of tax evasion.

    “I thoroughly distrust the federal government’s commitment to protecting anonymity,” Rains told the Daily News. “I’ve been asking for four years if this investigation is done. All I’ve ever got was double talk.”

  73. e-dubbs Says:

    Notice how his lawyer never said anything about evidence being used against Bonds but the Daily News adds it in like its fact. He could be seeking protection for a number of reasons other than him using steriouds. If you still need proof that the media is out to f*ck Barry “The Greatest Player Ever” Bonds, you must not be able to read. This is why I only read The Final Call newspaper.

  74. Zyce Says:

    Why is his lawyer playing games? What other reasons does he need protection, E? Damn you are getting silly. The only proof you would accept is actually watching him get shot in the ass.

  75. e dubbs Says:

    The only proof i will accept is PROOF. Not the media twisting things. If he was on steroids, trust me.. The MLB would like nothing more than to expose him on it since he broke their hero’s record. So until you have proof like him failing a test or admitting he did it, “NOT GUILTY”. Thats how things suppose to work last time I checked.

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