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One year ago this week I put up my first post on this site. To say that I had no idea what it would eventually grow into, would be a huge understatement. I had been meaning to register a domain name and setup a website for months and one day I just broke down and copped and bought 3 months of hosting for like 10 dollars or something like that. I was the guy in my circle of friends who always had the hot new mixtape or the scoop on what was going on with our favorite rappers, so I figured this could be a place for those people to come and get their news and shit talk on.

We used to spend hours on my block having conversations (read: arguments) not unlike what goes down in the comments section now on a daily basis. That’s why I used that picture up there for my header image, it was a way of bringing the shit talk off the street and onto the internet where everybody could jump in and take part, regardless of age, color, or geographic location. In the last year I’ve met and interacted with so many interesting and smart people. I’ve learned things and hopefully I’ve helped people learn a thing or two themselves.

I’d like to thank all of the people all over the world who come here everyday and read what I have to say. I’d also like to thank all of the people who take the time to send me emails and leave comments thanking me for helping them get through their work day or putting them on to a new song by their favorite artist. Shout out to all of the incredible blogs that linked me and made my hits skyrocket. Props to all of the regular commenters who hold down the site for days on end, patiently waiting for my next post and showing love immediately after it’s been put up. Shout out to SOHH for believing in me and helping to launch my career as a semi-pro blogger. Props to XXL for also recognizing real and helping me get to the next step. 

It’s been an incredible year and you can trust that I’ll do everything in my power to keep bringing it over the next 365 days. Thank you all.

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227 Responses to “Yeah Right”

  1. t.r.t.o.n.r. 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    boi seen as eskays slipping ill take over till his return:-


    (i kno what yall thinkin”tha nerve of this nigga”….well fuck ya’ll i need to talk about hip hop so suck DEEEEEEEEZ NUUUUHHTZZZ!!)

    first, Interscope Jackson approached Afeni Shakur about signing Pac, now his sickening fixation on those resting in peace has shifted to Compton’s late gangsta rapper Eazy-E–only this time, he’s going straight for E’s son, Lil’ Eazy E. You already have money. When will it stop?

    The rumor is that 50 Cent is trying to sign Lil Eazy, which, if true, will only serve as another flop to the G-Unit roster. Before you call me biased, note that Yayo barely moved a muscle in spite of the release of three videos, ghostwritten rhymes, and extensive radio and video manipulation, Mobb Deep have again misrepresented the entire face of Queensbridge, M.O.P are M.I.A, Mase, who is now repping the “A,” is the laughingstock of New York City, and Olivia’s album appears to be left in oblivion. Hate it or love it, I’m just stating the facts.

    In addition to that, every G-Unit artist has released a video (or two) with a 50 Cent cameo, which is more than an in-house cliché; it’s a boring gimmick that is no longer working. It was an effective approach for Banks and Buck, but you can’t recycle the same formula 50 times and expect it to sustain its ability.
    ashamedly taken from sohh….

  2. t.r.t.o.n.r. 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    fuck lil eazy…..dat ni99az stuck in tha timewarp…..perm-manantly (note pun) in tha 90’s

    y does 50 keep chasing these non-rappers and non album movers!!???

    i’d rather take my chances with 25 cent at least hes actual fam, shiit!!


  3. Front Says:

    Damn eskay, taking a fucking holiday. We have too many of these damn holidays. And Election Day isn’t a holiday? This country is so fucked up.

  4. Front Says:

    50 was stupid for signing all these people. Look at Jay-Z, how did he build Rocafella, by releasing a new album every 9 months. Just look at the Jay’s blueprint 50.


  5. B-Heezie Says:

    lol @ “YEA RIGHT”

  6. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    what the hells going on weres the eskay kid with the updates? damm must’ev been a hella weekend for the kid…..

  7. t.r.t.o.n.r. 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    @ Front

    maybe you get a secret $500,000 bonus wen u sign a new act, to help develop them but…if they arnt up to it, (low predicted sales, expectations arnt met, artist spends all they advanced money on hoes an dro,etc) it givs tha label head a way to cop that bently or G4 they talkin about then while tha label heads ballin’ tha artist’s buzz fizzles out, then they get mad blame tha label..givin tha label they chance to get rid of them or pay them off…..
    long story short – sign mediocre artist ->get advance-> buy mansion in hamptons -> shelve artist -> artists gets mad and bounces either owing you $ or you pay them a quart of what you got of tha original advance ->laugh at how much u making outta these clowns while sipping you own brand ahcoholic beverage, in your own brand clothing an shoes

    columbia -> fif
    mop noyd
    charli baltimore, amil

  8. biggumskiller Says:

    365 days from now esgay will be telling you
    not to buy yayo’s second album and that
    just because 50’s third album only sells 4 million
    the unit is falling off…
    but keep grinding son until elliot wilson turns you into his weed carrier

  9. reggaetonslasher Says:

    if you a cat who watches documentaries, you should check out the Rayful Edmonds story.

    I finally got some time to listen to some good hip hop over the weekend, and lets just say that I got my fix. Corona bottle infront of my screen, listening to some new Raekwon, I can help but seeing this as a sign that the beat of real hip hop is once again about to take over the radio airwaves. Finally the nigga signs what seems like a good deal, hopefully he wont get shelved like Rakim.


  10. biggumskiller Says:

    and wheres the story on llylod banks and the shootout last night
    and you do a 50 thread about some manicure bullshit
    but wheres a is 50 fucking paris nazi hilton thread???
    youre allready starting to slip esgay and you juuust got some interscope money
    now are you staring to understand the g unit dilemma?
    its hard to be hungry when you eating sooo good

  11. reggaetonslasher Says:

    biggumskiller what the hell you talking about

  12. iLL Change Says:

    i think that 50 tried to get too much shit poppin before it was time. he released GRODT in 2003, then had a good run with Buck/Banks in 2004, but by the time 2005 came around, he had signed way too many artists and now doesnt know how to handle all of they projects. just because you have an army doesnt mean people wont continue to diss you and it also doesnt mean you are automatically gonna make money off every one of those artists. hes got a backup of material and dont know how to manage 8 core artists, plus the 3 new jacks he just signed from Arizona. he only had 1 album out before he decided to become a CEO; he needs more experience beofre he can run a major label.

  13. biggumskiller Says:

    from 2003 vto 2006 50 cent/gunit have sold over 40 million records worldwide
    more exprience??? what fity is going thru now is what every major artist from
    the beatles to madonna have gone thru its called a backlash

  14. biggumskiller Says:

    hey slasher you didnt know eskay is also an interscope employee???
    dont bite the hand that feeds you my octomaroon brother(half brother)
    but dont mind me im still laughing at biggums fake story about how he got the drop on some cats that robbed him talk about nah right…lol

  15. eskay Says:

    i had been posted that Lloyd banks shit biggumstan, pay attention.

  16. eskay Says:

    Fe Says:

    I discovered Nahright when eskay sided with Camron on the chanclettas issues.

    ^ woah! when did I ever side with Cam? I’m an internationally known Jay stan


    D. Billz Says:

    May 28th, 2006 at 10:00 pm
    Btw… Royce Da 5′9 new shit, “Ding” on HipHopGame is a beast! I’m campin’ out for that Royce/Preemo, word to Ty Biggs.

    yo d.billz that royce joint is crazy i am fiending for that premo produced album seriously i got goosebumps thinking of an album full of boom and h.i.p.h.o.p. good lookin on reversing the roles and tellin me whats poppin with some new royce ( almost no one beats me to new royce shit thats cause almost no one checks for him like i do but that boy is a beast. )

    eskay Says:

    May 29th, 2006 at 6:35 pm
    Fe Says:

    I discovered Nahright when eskay sided with Camron on the chanclettas issues.

    ^ woah! when did I ever side with Cam? I’m an internationally known Jay stan

    i was wondering the same shit i was like did i miss something im sure eskay was with me in saying who cares if hov rocks sandals


    biggumskiller Says:

    May 29th, 2006 at 5:47 pm
    hey slasher you didnt know eskay is also an interscope employee???
    dont bite the hand that feeds you my octomaroon brother(half brother)
    but dont mind me im still laughing at biggums fake story about how he got the drop on some cats that robbed him talk about nah right…lol

    come to my block ask about it. we still be talking about that shit and it happend like 6 years ago, you my stalker im sure you saw it in the backround fuck am i trying to prove to your bitch ass anyway

  19. iLL Change Says:

    >> from 2003 vto 2006 50 cent/gunit have sold over 40 million records worldwide
    more exprience???

    yeah, more experience. you cant become CEO overnight. he has too many projects hes tryna balance all at once. G-Unit be puttin out a new mixtape every week, then u wonder why all them artists take 2 years to make an album. Jay-Z didnt build the Roc after Reasonable Doubt, shit he didnt have any Roc artists besides Memphis Bleek on his albums until, what, 2000?

  20. t.r.t.o.n.r. 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    fuck memphis bleek an his non-rapping, young busta rhymes looking ass

    *theres been a recount and….yes…yes we can announce memphis bleek has won tha award for tha biggest weed carrier of tha decade

    he’s next in line fa tha roc crown……………………………………..NI99A PLEEEZ!!!

  21. C Love Says:

    Thats whats up!! I appreciate what you do. As a blogger I know…..its a lot of work.

    Congrats on the XXL spot! WOW!

    Come check me out….


  22. Joe 88 Says:

    @ C love
    I see what your doing keep it up. Me being a baltimore native we gotta support each other. Mr White folks is cool dude I met him a few times I was at the 5 seasons that night that you have footage of him but i was thinking have you ever heard of the group 410? They were performing that night also there are the best think to happen to baltimore since (well i can’t think of anything good happening in B More) but there tight you should give them a holla

  23. Rizoh Says:

    Congrats Eskay!

  24. the Landlord Says:

    …congradulations, and thank YOU, sir…

  25. vesybnvs Says:

    Congrats Eskay, you’re a natural. Keep doing your numbers.

  26. realest rap bish ever Says:


  27. wILL Says:


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