Stray Shots


In the upcoming July issue of FHM, Ice Cube shares his feelings on Oprah:


"For ‘Barbershop,’ she had Cedric the Entertainer and Eve on, but I wasn’t invited," says the 36-year-old rapper, referring to his 2002 movie. "Maybe she’s got a problem with hip-hop."

I would imagine this was before she admitted to
Ed Lover that she was a 50 Cent Stan.


50 CENT was like a kid in a Candy Shop when offered a free beauty treatment in Cannes – and couldn’t wait to get his nails shaped and buffed. The bullet-riddled rapper, 30, was invited into the gift lounge at the exclusive Nikki Beach club.

"Fiddy knew exactly what he wanted and told the girl he often has a manicure," our source reveals.

Why do people still insist on calling him "Fiddy" and referring to him as bullet-riddled. Give it a rest. 

Feeding the Root – Talking with Large Professor, premier hip-hop producer 

A wrestler dresses up in black face

Dame Dash signs distribution deal with Koch

Busta Rhymes ft. Q-Tip – You Cant Hold The Torch – produced by J Dilla

Here’s Don’t Get Carried Away, the Busta/Nas collabo from The Big Bang. It’s DJ free, but the quality isn’t great.This is completely different from the version that was floating around earlier this month, and I don’t even mess with Busta like that but this shit is hot, and Nas kills his verse. 

Here’s a radio rip that is alleged to be the song that Beanie is supposed to release this weekend that was recorded after his shooting.     

UPDATE: According to his website, Bizarre of D12’s wife was shot on Friday in Detroit.  

New Aftermath artist G.A.G.E. claims the Game is no longer on the label and is being moved over to Geffen.  

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52 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. biggumskiller Says:

    and can we get some confirmation on this game story???
    that nigga is on self destruct mode for reals

  2. eskay Says:

    >>why wear a thousand dollar suit in cannes with grits and gravy
    up under yer fingernails???

    ^ ^yeah but why act like such a fruitcake and “know exactly what you want” at least play if off you big gay rapper.

    …and I don’t shine shoes no more.

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