More Details Emerge In Beanie Shooting


The Philadelphia Daily News reports some additional details about Beanie’s shooting:

Sigel, 32, whose real name is Dwight Grant, partied with pals at Z-Bar, a Northern Liberties nightclub, until 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

Police said Sigel then dropped two friends off in Southwest Philadelphia. As he made his way back to South Philly, Sigel said he looked in his rearview mirror and spotted a car that he thought was following him.

Sigel pulled over on Snyder Avenue near 25th Street and let the car pass him. He then started to follow the other car, which led him on a winding trip that ended when the car stopped near 22nd and McClellan streets, a block away from Sigel’s boyhood home, he said.

The rap artist, who has had several albums that have gone platinum, told police two men jumped out of the car, and one of them brandished a gun. Sigel got out of his white Chevrolet Impala and confronted the men.

Sigel, who launched his own clothing line called "State Property," could only sputter, "Know who I am?" when the two men made it clear that they planned to rob him.

A second car pulled up behind Sigel’s Impala, and two more men emerged, one with a gun. Sigel told police he handed over his prized watch and a platinum chain to the thugs, who nonetheless fired four shots as he scurried back to his car. One of the bullets struck him in the shoulder.

The article also says that although the police were initially skeptical of Beanie’s story, it now appears to check out, despite the fact that nobody who lives in the area heard gunshots and no shell casings were found near the alleged scene.

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60 Responses to “More Details Emerge In Beanie Shooting”

  1. Good Grief Says:


  2. T Nelson Says:

    @ shes a fresh one i see what u saying but why have a diamond watch and a plat chain on…….also chris rock aint do jokes about bentleys benzes and all that type of shyt… im waiting for someone to tell me how Beans got so much cake he never sold a lot of records sold our tours or none of that shyt…

  3. T Nelson Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^please dont confuse any of that with me liking Beans he is one of my favorites

  4. 911 Says:

    So he’s high or still has some sort of buzz….is in his hometown feels comfortable ..ala no security….prob well not even probably to comfortable way to comfortable…….he’s headed back to his spot notices catz following him….. does some dukes of hazard 360 turn gets behind them…..when he does this they I.D him……they like oh that’s beanie sigel…this is philly I suspect they know him…..he’s following them now they on they cell trying to get somebody to answer there phone @ 7 sumthin takes them bout 10-15 minutes to do…..and well you all have prob put the rest together yourself the part I don’t get is the do you know who I am, yeah a rapper that just followed me for 10-15 minutes who if he had just did an 180 dukes of hazard move we would of let be. Someone answer?

  5. 911 Says:

    Fuck so fresh and fuck you (who) Ru. Just seeing the gay ass background on that blog merits u be banned form life. Fag. Yep I’m judging u off a background this is america people guilty until….
    I real man shouldn’t have to say no homo – jada
    Aight I feel betta.1

  6. 911 Says:

    Banned from life…..soon you’ll understand

  7. RazLDN Says:

    headline: beans heads straight to studio after shooting.

    Itz startin to get borin now. Rappers need another idea for publicity stunts. How about goin bunjee jumpin……..wit no rope

  8. Ru Says:

    911: i dont know about you..but your latent homo posts are quite disturbing.
    i dont think you can handle something OTHER than 50/jay z therefore you call Gnarls Barkley fag.
    its only when you ARE one that you call out your own your fag retort is just plain sad.
    ill get pat robertson to pray for you.

  9. 911 Says:

    Well I can…..just got that dedication 2 weezy f niggas and that jada wit dj cinema kiss my ass…now back 2 u just bcuz u decided 2 go wit that martha stewart background and I deemed it gay doesn’t mean I can’t handle it just means ur gay…hahaha….and just bcuz u support cee-lo and that other guy doesn’t mean ur a “cool” hip hop fan just means ur trying 2 be different….how bout u try cee-lo green is the soul machine is that other enough…..if you don’t get it your a dummy…..queer…hahaha.1

  10. Zarra Ock Says:

    God bless any child in this world and beyond

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