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Nas: Hip Hop Is Dead


From Billboard.com:

Recent Def Jam signee Nas will deliver his first album for the label in late September. The rapper made the announcement last night (May 18) while performing on the first leg of labelmates the Roots’ two-night stand at New York’s Radio City Music Hall.

The album is titled "Hip-Hop Is Dead,” according to a Def Jam representative, who also confirmed the September release.

That’s probably a wise decision because I don’t know how much promotion he would’ve gotten with his previous choice.

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34 Responses to “Nas: Hip Hop Is Dead”

  1. Mirsim Says:


  2. Plug industries AKA Manolo Says:

    Sorry eskay. I know you hate when people do this……

    Has anybody ever heard of Metro PCS? This dudes have unlimited everything for $49 a month up here in Michigan. Have yall ever used it? I’m tired of T Mobile Dickin me out of my hard earned money. Somebody let me know somethin

  3. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    this is whatsup, september seems far away but the shit should be fire and he defintely made a good choice changing the title of the album

  4. nBmore Says:


  5. nBmore Says:


  6. coldplayReggaetonslasher Says:

    “In his 11 years with Columbia, Nas’ catalog has sold 12 million units.”

    just felt the need to echo that for all you niggas who base artist success on sales

  7. the Landlord aka Conspiracy Brother Says:

    …when Nas dies, he still wont be dead…

  8. tyronebiggums71 Says:





  9. Dumb Nigga Says:

    That’s a good album name. September is still kind of far away, but i’ll pick it up when it comes out.

  10. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    Yeah he would deserve a beating if he would’ve went through with that NIGGA shyt.

  11. KLO Says:

    HipHop is dead and it’s going to be resurrected come Sept 06′!!!!

  12. peezy Says:

    fuck that, I’m gonna pioneer a new music for us black people, give hip hop to the crackers, its burnt. I’m gonna take it to the future… anybody down holla @ me!

  13. E From BK Says:

    Plug industries AKA Manolo Says:

    May 19th, 2006 at 12:53 pm
    Sorry eskay. I know you hate when people do this……

    Has anybody ever heard of Metro PCS? This dudes have unlimited everything for $49 a month up here in Michigan. Have yall ever used it? I’m tired of T Mobile Dickin me out of my hard earned money. Somebody let me know somethin
    They have that here in Atlanta. From what I’ve heard is that it’s not good if you have to travel.

  14. iLL Change Says:

    that shit will be FIRE, no fuckin doubt. everyone dissin’ NaS needs to go listen to Illmatic & It Was Written. NaS is 3 steps ahead of everyone with his shit, top 5 dead or alive. Ima cop that the day it drop. good lookin, eskay

  15. G Off Says:

    “Hip Hop Is Dead… The N” is the full title. I like it.

  16. Big E Says:

    iLL Change Says:

    May 19th, 2006 at 3:05 pm
    that shit will be FIRE, no fuckin doubt. everyone dissin’ NaS needs to go listen to Illmatic & It Was Written. NaS is 3 steps ahead of everyone with his shit, top 5 dead or alive. Ima cop that the day it drop. good lookin, eskay

    Regardless of how hot Illmatic and It Was Written were, Streets disciple and whatever the fuck NaS put out before that were trash.

    Streets Disciple = Top 5 Worst Albums ever

    Still, I have high hopes for the album. Don’t dissapoint me again NaS.

  17. the Landlord aka Conspiracy Brother Says:

    …it was written > illmatic…both classic though…

  18. Kheri Wes Says:

    Thats real talk that double album, was some bullshit, still top ten ever, but he needs to step it up

  19. T. Okes Says:

    I’m not countin’ on this shit comin’ out in September…same with Joey in October. I’m pretty damn sure Jay will find a few more hot-for-one-year artists and squeeze ’em into the roster so these cats get pushed the fuck back like a cap takin’ a few bullets.

  20. Big E Says:

    LOL @ T.Okes

    I seriously hope not, cause I can’t take another Rick Ross.

  21. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ damn t.okes im having such a great day thanks to this news i know they could both be pushed back offically as soon as tomorrow but damn let me live , let me be excited for a little, either way that mood music 3 will be out for sure jay cant push that back

  22. scooter jenkins Says:

    why ya’ll niggas always dick riding on jay-z see what he do. Never have I seen any president of a music company get more scrutinized. How about your favorite rappers get their business game up, and stop being bum poets!!

    jay is a business man. He makes money. He is not suppose to only put out street and hood acts. this aint his rocafella crew where the rappers are representative of him. This is a major business. What if universal president only put out rock and pop acts? That would be stupid. They are trying to find what artist can make the most amount of money. Niggas be only on some hood shit, this ain’ no different than the slave days. Niggas only want other dudes to stay in the hood. Business men only see green. I dont hear you people criticize the BMG prez for putting out wack acts. Why ya’ll on jay’s nuts like that. obviously ya’ll dont know business.

  23. biggumskiller Says:

    wheres jungle?

  24. OsoSexyJessica Says:

    I heard keepin you Enemies close but damn not that close Nas what are you thinkin I could never do money with somebody I dont like or had Beef with .I cant trust them.

  25. rockbottom Says:

    ^^^^dont even worry. Nas and Jay are grown ass men. they know what they are doing.

  26. Illyricallucci Says:

    My Kool aid brings all the boys to the hood; Damn right my shits mad good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha…………….


  27. mario Says:

    nas is and will allways be the greatest rapper alive all you faggits talkin shit most likely havent even heard his albums so go pick up the lost tapes and than talk besides fuck figures that man is real to the game

  28. FACE the FACTS Says:

    joe budden IS STR8 garbage that fuck nigger aint gonna sell nothing wat but wat u green ass niggas buy so stop dick rideing the album aint come out yet they keep pushing it back cause of wat on the street now the label dont feel he hot enough to take themon


    Nas is right Hip Hop is dead. Hip Hop Died in March of 1997 that was the end of the Biggie & 2 Pac era and gangsta rap. Gangsta rap will come back because I said so. Real cat’s like me is sick and tired of the braggin rappers talking about what clothes they wear and how much money hey got what car they drive and the bling. I miss cats like Spice 1 for example. Back when 2pac & Biggie was alive people wrote original lyrics cause they knew they had to step up their game. Now after their untimely deaths for example people like Jay – Z copied all of Norious B.I.G.’s rhymes and little kids and teenagers and sadly adults think it’s all original when youre listening to Biggie Smalls lyrics out of the mouth of Jay -Z. Reasonable doubt is Jay-Z’s best CD cause it was the most original CD he ever wrote. Basicly after the Hard Knock Life album thats when the copying started and Jay Z is not the only one. The best era in hip hop was 1988 until March of 1997. Now back to Nas, Nas is one of the best emcees ever, Maybe in the top 3-10. Nas once again will drop another classic so get ready. American record companies are so stupid because they think the only rappers come from New York, California, Little St. Louis, Little Atlanta, Texas & Florida. That’s why hip hop is dead there is no variety no more. I want to hear the Old west Coast Gangsta Rap emerge again and the late 80’s & 1990’s New York Hip sound. I dont care if Scarface don’t want to be King of the south because I’m making him king of the south because he is the true KING of the south no disrepect to T.I. because T.I. has tight flows but I aint scared of speaking my mind from email or face to face. Record companies need to come to Indianapolis, Indiana AKA NAP TOWN and check out our Emcee’s because we have a diffrent and unique and orginal sound and there are so many great under ground rappers from the NAP who are independently dropping albums that are classics. People for years overlooked us, rappers came and made money off of us but didnt give us no advice or try to put us on like they do the same ol New York, California, Texas, Atlanta, Florida & St Louis. In the near future NAP TOWN is going to take the rap game by force so you cant hold us down any longer haters. Indianapolis, Indiana is not cornfields it’s the 9th Largest city in the US with skyscapers and we have many hoods from the North, South, West and back to the East side where I stay. Naptown wrote the book on street life.
    Indianapolis – the home of:
    Mike Epps – Comedian/Actor.
    Vivica Fox – Actress.
    David Letterman – Late night talk show host.
    Babyface – R&B singer.
    My top 25 Rappers of All time are:

    (Tupac) 1.

    (Notorious B.I.G) 2.

    (Too Short) 3. first rapper from the Westcoast. 25 years in the game and still going platinum. He never gets credit he deserves and never gets video and radio play and still goes platinum what rapper you know does that.

    (Wu Tang Clan) 4.

    (Spice 1) 5. One of the best Westcoast/ Bat area gangsta rappers ever he put the Bay area on the map as far as Gangsta rap.

    (Nas) 6.

    (Erick B & Rakim) 7.

    (Scarface) 8.

    (Deathrow Records 1992-1996 Dre, Snoop, Daz & Kurupt, Warren G & Nate Dog, Pac, RBX & Rage) 9.

    (Ice Cube) 10.

    (Suave House Records 1992-1999 Eightball & MJG from Memphis, Tenn, Mr. Mike & the South Circle Click from Houston, TX) 11.

    (The D.O.C.)12.

    (Eazy – E) 13.

    (KRS One) 14.

    (EPMD) 15.

    (Mobb Deep) 16.

    (No Limit Records 1996 until early 1999)17.

    (Big Daddy Kane) 18.

    (Slick Rick & Doug – Fresh) 19. Slick Rick is one of the best story tellers if not the best story tellers in the rap game. Doug – E – Fresh one of the best B – Boxers I’ve ever heard. B -Box is a lost artform we need this back badly in hip hop.

    (Big Punisher) 20. 1st Latino Rap Artist to go Multi Platinum and one of the best rhymers in mainstream rap history.

    (Big L) One of the greatest eastcoast gangsta rappers ever. 21.

    (C – Bo) 22. One of the greatest West coast/Bay area gangsta rappers ever.

    (LL Cool J) 23. not really a fan of the his but longevity speaks for itself 20 years in the rap game and he is still going platinum.

    (E – 40) 24. What can I say he has his own slang.

    (Bone Thugs – N – Harmony) 25.

  30. fx. Says:

    shut tha fuc up

  31. fx. Says:


  32. Mastermike Says:

    The NAS album has nice lyrics, but he tries too much to infuse old school hip hop into the album, that it makes the album seem thrown together. There are some outstanding tracks nonetheless, and is better than most albums that came out this year. Straight fire are QB Tru G’s produced by Dr. Dre, Can’t Forget About You is catchy after you listen to it a couple of times, Let There Be Light is another nice joint. Black Republicans I think should be renamed to the Black Republican & The Black Militant, but it is another tight joint, The N should have been put on the American album, but it is on the overseas version and is tight. Hope with the DJ Ice remix is nice, but perhaps my two most favorite tracks on this are surprisingly the Chris Webber produced Blunt Ashes and a truly outstanding track called Hold Down The Block. Still Dreaming produced by Kanye is another banger, overall I would give this album 4 and a quarter stars, just because I expected more from NAS, but the album is still definitely worth coping especially with how watered down the rap game is now.

  33. jasar Says:

    nas is right the music is dead. i grew up with this culture hip hop. what ever type of person you were there was a group for you. example…x clan poor righteous teachers tribe called quest gangstarr nice and smooth epmd. i mean listen to these legends and there diffrent styles. now its al the same junk sloppy beats with r&b rap crossover. as a fan of the music i agree 100% with nas hip hop is dead!!!!

  34. Latin Rap Says:

    Nope, don’t agree. Hip-Hop is not dead.

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