DMX Arrested At London Airport


DMX pulled a Snoop yesterday in London and went and got himself locked up at Heathrow: 

The 35-year-old, who shot to fame as a rapper with street anthem ‘Get At Me Dog’, apparently refused to do up his seat belt properly as his plane made its final approach and then launched into a tirade.

The captain of the American Airlines flight from New York’s JFK airport alerted police and DMX – real name Earl Simmons – was arrested once the plane had landed at around 12.15pm on Saturday.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "Heathrow Police were called at 12.05pm on Saturday to reports of a passenger causing a disturbance on an inbound aircraft.

"The plane landed at approximately 12.15pm and a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being verbally abusive to cabin crew.

So let’s see, what is it May right? Yeah so, according to my records, he was actually way over due for an arrest. At this point, is it even news anymore when this guy gets locked up? This has become the type of headline that you just expect to see every couple of months or so, sort of like "Bush’s Approval Rating Falls" or "Police Shoot Innocent Black Man."

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77 Responses to “DMX Arrested At London Airport”

  1. catch 22 Says:

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

  2. G-town G Says:

    Whats tha gotdamn deal?!!??!?!

  3. OMANXL1 Says:


  4. E From BK Says:

    I would say this was one of those “my album is about to drop so I have to get in trouble” things, but this cat stays in some shit.

  5. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    but it was some dumb shit!!!!!!!!!!! u get arrested for not using ur seat belt ? damn……….
    anywayz rememba da dude dat said he stole da TS piece ?

  6. 813 Says:



    lol and no, its not even news anymore when dmx gets arrested.



  8. Front Says:

    DMX is the shit, hope his new album is better than his last.

    This is some stupid shit though.

  9. Front Says:

    That guy rolls with Dipset now.

  10. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    DMX is one of those cats that mentality-wise, with anything other than rap, wouldn’t make it in anything. You can usually tell the type, because they often self-destruct. It seems like he’s doing everything in his power to self-destruct.

  11. CBRIZZLE Says:


  12. nation of thugacation Says:

    but i thought dmx IS england

  13. She's So Real Says:

    SMDH. All because this negro refused to put on his safety belt.

    What a moron.

  14. She's So Real Says:

    And Eskay where’s the happy mother’s day shout out, nigga?


  15. nation of thugacation Says:

    ^^thanks for reminding me !!

  16. Front Says:

    DMX is America, Cam is England


  17. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    Ya es…. u gots to do a mothers day post……… this a family website :p

  18. MaddenMaster Says:

    First Diana Ross
    Then Snoop Dog
    Now DMX

    Man the UK don’t like us!!! They do have that monkey chant over there and they are a really racist country BUT aside from all that I think they might just be madd at the fact that RICKY HATTON GOT HIS ASS WHOOPED LAST NIGHT BY A NEW YORKER!!

  19. nation of thugacation Says:

    dont forget the shooting IN FRONT of a kanye concert… the UK is getting gully

  20. swisstopher Says:

    to me the uk has always been gully, but they don’t brag about it like we do in the US. anyways, crack kills.

  21. mattdm Says:

    Madden – get your facts straight. Hatton put Collazo down inside TEN SECONDS and then unanimously outpointed him to win – bear in mind this was his first fight at welterweight.

  22. Filth Says:

    They should do society a favor (and music fans) and just lock him up forever! haha.. Get at me dog.. grrrrrrrr

  23. Demiks Says:

    Dark Man >>>>> _____

  24. B-Heezie Says:

    Luv X man, but WTF?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    “IN THE NAME OF JEE-SUS!!!!”….haha……

  25. MaddenMaster Says:

    MATTM: Please that knock down didn’t hurt that kid he was tripped and pushed and as soon as he went down he yelled at the ref. go watch the post fight press confrence and listen to the kid explain it….

    Hatton was doing more holding than John Ruiz….


  26. T. Okes Says:

    “At this point, is it even news anymore when this guy gets locked up?”

    My first thought when I saw the headline. Nigga ain’t happy without his pipe…and even then he’s just moderately & momentarily content. Co-sign with Foekist, X’s self-deastruction sequence has begun.

  27. Darth Cipher Says:

    damn UK showing you americans whats good, they dont take that kinda shit in there hood lol… if it was a canadian im sure it would of been a slap on the wrist and a walk away with a warning…

  28. EnglandRepresent Says:

    MaddenMaster : Son in what way did ‘The Hitman’ Hatton get his ass whooped last night? He won the fuckin match, admittedly he did sustain some beats but he was fighting a class above what he is used to, Callazo is way taller than dude so he got a better reach. Hatton comes from Moss Side in Manchester which is as gully as it gets in the UK, ain’t no way he’s takin a beatin from anyone without dishin some back.

    And to the dude who said this :’swisstopher Says:

    May 14th, 2006 at 4:25 pm
    to me the uk has always been gully, but they don’t brag about it like we do in the US. anyways, crack kills. ‘

    Preach on breh, real talk.

  29. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    yo………. the site is floppin… not even da cam post went platinum…………… its a sad week in bloggin history

  30. Ox Amillion Says:

    DMX is a grown ass man approaching is 40s and still getting himself locked up,he’s a fucking bum yow.Leave the wilding out to the young bloods.

  31. Darth Cipher Says:

    yo hatton vs. mayweather… i think hatton can take him, cause his inside game is untouchable, and floyd aint ready for the kidney stones he’d recieve by hatton… only way floyd could win is if he manages to maintain a stick and move type approach with some fist of fury moments, which i dont see happening against a guy like hatton who takes a series of punches while walking inside and give s you the proper knuckle to kidney treatment you deserve

  32. bizzzy Says:

    dipsetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……………… d.m.x. you just need to join dipset .. no homo1 trust me you will sell more records….. dippppppppppppppppppppset

  33. bizzzy Says:

    dipsetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……………… d.m.x. you just need to join dipset .. no homo1 trust me you will sell more records….. dippppppppppppppppppppset

  34. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Darth Cipher : Real talk son, Ricky Hatton is a Manc (lives in Manchester) born and bred and them kids don’t fuck around up there. He could take the biggest punishing and still come out with the big shots, thats the thing he’s just a little nugget, he’ll take all you’ve got to give, soak it up and then give you the biggest hiding of your life. Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton gonna serve up old Mayweather a good old English beat down, I know niggas is sayin Mayweather’s the nicest for a long time but he ain’t got that grit like Hatton. He might be a white boy but Hatton is the definition of gully, it don’t get anymore gully. Can’t wait for that fight its gonna be bananas.

  35. MaddenMaster Says:

    PLEASE KID!!!! did you watch last nights fight???

  36. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    This nigga turning into Bobby Brown.

  37. nation of thugacation Says:


  38. EnglandRepresent Says:

    MaddenMaster : Who you callin kid? And yes son I did see the fight last night. In no way am I sayin Hatton kicked Collazo’s ass cos he did’nt but it was his first fight in the welterweight division. Collazo had at least 3 inches on him in height and Hatton went straight up a division and into a world title fight which he won so I don’t understand what you’re sayin? Yeah Collazo gave him a run for his money but in my opinion Hatton should’nt even be fightin in that division he should stick to light welterweight. Either way the boy Hatton won, he’d still run the welterweight division, just needs a few more fights against welterweight opponents. He’s still WBA welterweight world champion so props to ‘The Hitman’ and its just another Yank to hit the floor, Hackney stand up.

  39. spanish jay Says:

    seing as “cocaine is a hell of the drug” angle is taken i will remind yall that this dude has to worst luck at airports

    he gets arrested,0,7072069.story?coll=ny-main-tabheads3


    and now arrested again

    how sad

  40. Darth Cipher Says:

    yeah for real, last nights fight wasnt his best, but he still punished the dude just as well ofr changing divisions, mayweather cant put a beating on him like he did judah, just aint gunna happen

  41. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Darth Cipher : Son I remember when America used to turn out some of the best fighter’s gettin around but they all run their fuckin mouth too much like this Mayweather dude. Hatton will knock dude into the middle of next week, not neccessarily cos he’s but because he’s gangsta in a way Mayweather could never be. Son gets on his grind, kicks the fuck out of anyone who gets in a ring with him and does’nt say shit about it, no big talk, no bullshit, just gets in the ring and lets his fists do the talkin. He’s a fuckin legend, a true Englishman, he’s a British bulldog, ain’t no one seein Hatton. This article on the HBO site sums it up perfectly :

    ‘At a time when more and more American boxing champions act like prima donnas, and think trash talk is a second language Hatton still hangs with the same buddies he grew up with, is polite with strangers who approach him, and signs everything thrust his way. ‘

    Hackney stand up, Moss Side, Manchester I see you niggas, The Hitman Hatton doin big things, stay tuned to see more cocky Yanks get their asses handed to them.

  42. D Says:

    I think X must have much deeper internal struggle than anyone knows. He has this insane duality between the holy and honestly what seems to be a heavy long time addiction. I would think getting locked up a few times would provide some clarity. Still, not one to kick someone whose down I hope he digs himself out of the horrendous hole he’s digging for himself and his career.

  43. Darth Cipher Says:

    yeah couldnt agree with you more on the shit talking, but i seriously think that fight would go to 12, only cause ther eboth very good boxers, talk or no talk, cant deny the skills mayweather has!!!

  44. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Between DMX and Cam’ron, i think those two need their own t.v. shows. They both are a joke but are some funny people. Kind of like when Cam and Dame Dash were on Bill O’reilly, now that was some funny shit!

  45. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Darth Cipher : Yeah I agree with you son, Mayweather can box don’t get me wrong, I just think Hatton will take him down. Hatton’s got the grit and determination and he’s got a big enough heart for 2 men, I think Maywether is gonna get beat. Hatton reminds me of how American boxers used to be back in the day, Jack Johnson, Dempsey. Ali really started the whole shit talking in boxing which was fair enough cos dude was one of the best to ever pick up some gloves. And now it looks like the American heavyweight boxers are bein picked off too, Rahman bein the only one left standing and if Lennox Lewis was still gettin around he’d have knocked him out too. There’s nothin better than a good box up between the ‘Limeys’ and the Yanks, Hatton gonna carry the whole of England on his back when he goes up against Mayweather and he gonna do us proud. Do you know where the fight is bein held? Is in the States or the UK? If its in Manchester I’m goin, a Ricky Hatton fight in Manchester is fuckin crazy, dudes goin off big time, by the end of the fight there’s more blood in the stadium than there is in the ring.

  46. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    word up dumb nigga……

    Cam’s Quote of the day : “U maddddd doggie!!!!!!!”

  47. Dumb Nigga Says:


    This shit was just TOO funny….

  48. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Dumb Nigga : Oh shit, this was funny as fuck. We don’t have this ignorant cracker Bill O’Reilly in England, and I heard niggas talkin bout this dude. This bitch is as racist as it gets, the way he was conducting this discussion is a joke, he was tryin to make Cam and Dame look as ignorant as hell. Good looks to Cam for clownin this wanker, the only decent thing I seen him do in a minute cos he sure as hell ain’t makin good music.

  49. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    I Got It Saved on ma pc Dumb nigga!!!!!!!!!!!! lol it sounds like i was really telling u ur a dumb nigga. WTF????
    yeah dat shyt is funny……fuck o;reilly

    im out

  50. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    yo.buffie betta watch her bootylicious ass……..
    this bitch got a crazy ass too………….

  51. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Be glad you ain’t got Bill on t.v. in England that dude racist ass HELL. Cam and Dame did get at Bill though. I just thought it was funny as HELL!

    “u mad doggy! u mad doggy!”

    When i heard that, i couldn’t stop laughing. And when Bill announces Cam it was funny as hell the way Cam was acting

    “pimpin and bitches”

    But on the real, that shit was mad funny.

  52. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    Oreilly = 50 cent ……. bitch,fucks wit da gov. , gots lots of groupies & cake pretty damn good eventho most of people wit common sense dont like them…..

  53. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    Bruce Willis and Halle Berry are co-starring in a new big-budget movie called Perfect Stranger. Anyway, these two were supposed to get it on in a steamy sex scene. Well, when its supposed to go down (I don’t mean that literally, Bruce) Bruce backs out, I heard! Apparently, Bruce didn’t feel that he was able to go through with it, because Halle was “too sexy.” Illseed to Bruce, illseed to Bruce – what the devil is going on in your brain? According to lore, Halle did the scene under the covers alone, moaning like a lunatic. Meanwhile Bruce’s voice was inserted on a vocal track and they digitally enhanced the bed.

    Lmao…. Bruce almighty couldnt handle it………

  54. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Dumb Nigga : lmao! Yeah when Cam was callin him that he did’nt know what the fuck he was talkin bout!Yeah it was all basically a platform so that O’Reilly could slam Cam and Dash and hip-hop in general. When Dame was sayin ‘Bill, oh so its your show now Bill’ that was fuckin hilarious too.

  55. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Thats one thing i’ll give credit to Cam, he’s a fuckin hilarious guy. He just makes it hard to take him seriously, but Dame was bringing up some good points though and Cam when he wasn’t making a clown out of himself(EVEN THOUGH IT WAS FUNNY AS HELL!) brought up some good points too.

    But yeah Bill was just trying to slam hip-hop as a whole by having those two on there show, but the way Cam and Dame acted on it was hilarious! When he was talkin about the school shooters(which wasn’t the funny part of this) he did that rocker type hand thing, that was funny.

  56. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Dumb Nigga : Hell yeah that was funny, the whole attitude with which Cam and Dame were treatin old Bill cracked me up, they just did’nt take his racist ass seriously. When the other dude who was the school principal started questionin Cam and sayin he was makin millions off of these kids Cam was like ‘How you know how much money I earn doggy’, the dude started gettin really riled up makin an old puckered up face and shit, it had me rollin. But on the real fuck Bill and his lame show, racist muthafucka, that cracker would’nt get on English TV.

  57. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Yeah that shit was priceless. Thats why i think Cam, Jim Jones, and DMX should get their own t.v. shows, because that shit would be nothin but pure comedy.

  58. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    lmao….mike jones gonna sign d4L…..all da wack rappers getting togetha….. What’s cracking with Ice Age?

    Mike Jones: I’m with Warner and Asylum, but now that everything is up I’m going to get a big Ice Age deal. I’m about to get a 20 million for this Ice Age deal! It’s going to be crazy. We in talks with [Lil’] Mo, I got King Mello, he up next. We had the D4L which was really really big [with “Laffy Taffy”].

  59. Dumb Nigga Says:

    >>lmao….mike jones gonna sign d4L…..all da wack rappers getting togetha…..

    Thats how wack rappers get put on.

  60. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Ice Age and DFL belong together, they can get all Mariah with their wackness. Yeah Cam should definitely have his own show, he’s an out and out clown. Right I’m outta this piece, stay up Dumb Nigga. One.

  61. Front Says:

    I was laughing my ass of when Dame tried to argue the fact that the Terminator wasn’t a cartoonish movie and that kids couldn’t tell the difference, that it had a bigger impact than their music.

    Yeah right, I see kids impersonating robots sent from the future all the time. Never seen anybody wearing a “Stop Snitchin'” tshirt though.

    Was suprised O’Reily didn’t crush them on that one. He usually latches on to one simple mistake you make and just pound it for the rest of the show. You should see how he dismantled Luda on his show.

  62. nation of thugacation Says:

    wasnt mike jones already down with d4l…

  63. nation of thugacation Says:

    you guys need to peep

  64. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    What a loser :-(

  65. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    dam those faces are gay…..

  66. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    Eskay, itsm Monday, I’m bored as hell and its been raining for 2 weeks where I’m at. Please entertain me by updating the site. I didn’t mean it when I said that you Papoose and joe buddens were butt buddies. You can even post another picture of buddens if you want. I dont care just update before I’m forced to go to that bitch site reachnyc.

  67. nation of thugacation Says:

    ^^ co-sign
    es whats really good with a post?
    but i guess hes busy with work and all…
    lol and he doesnt make the news himself

    and blood money did better than reachnyc will ever do

  68. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    what cracking today, no updates?….is there a papoose marathon on tv or something

  69. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    The only thing Pap does is think of metaphors to use in rhymes all day. His voice is irritating, and his flow is urky jerky. I haven’t seen a mixtape metaphor guy make it in the mainstream. Look at Lloyd Stanks. Mixtapes are all about making somebody say “ohhh, you hear what he said?” over and over again. Whoever’s considered the best is the one that makes you say that the most.

  70. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:
    May 15th, 2006 at 10:40 am
    Eskay, itsm Monday, I’m bored as hell and its been raining for 2 weeks where I’m at. Please entertain me by updating the site. I didn’t mean it when I said that you Papoose and joe buddens were butt buddies. You can even post another picture of buddens if you want. I dont care just update before I’m forced to go to that bitch site reachnyc.

    thats shits too hilarious ESKAY you know you need a new post new plug is asking for another buddens pic.

    but seriously get a hold of yourself plug dont do nothing drastic like going to that site. that reach shit will rot the inside of your head out shits awful

  71. She's So Real Says:

    In my best kanye voice, “Eskay does not care about mother’s day.”


    just fucking with you, boo.

  72. Bugsytheboss Says:

    Does anybody else think Sony fucked up by signing DMX when they see his sales for the first week

  73. Fait Says:

    No, cause its gonna be top album again nigga.

  74. eskay Says:

    I honestly meant to post something for Mother’s day but I was kinda busy, you know, actually spending time with moms and baby moms….

    but much love to all the moms out there who read Nah Right! (all 3 of you)


  75. » Blog Archive » Londonblog 2 Says:

    […] d verwirrt von drei Leuten gen Ausgang geleitet werden muss, das sei mal dahin gestellt. Cocaine is one hell of a drug. Wie auch immer, […]

  76. bonnie Says:

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  77. rutledge Says:

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