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Jay-Z ft. DMX – Cam’ron Dis


No, not really. Aries Spears impersonates Jay and X on this fake Cam’ron dis. Funny stuff. 

Jay-Z & DMX – Cam’ron Dis  

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32 Responses to “Jay-Z ft. DMX – Cam’ron Dis”

  1. S_Black_Photo Says:

    Numeral Uno

  2. The B.I.G. Homie Says:

    This dude is funny ya’ll gots to hear him do LL

  3. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    u scared me again dawg

  4. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    Eskay, you focker. You got me on that one fa sho.

  5. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    Yo who Cam talkin bout on that Stan joint?

  6. eskay Says:

    Stan Spit

  7. Reninatronix Says:

    @Eskay. Yall beastin’ this weekend.

    Stop making me feel sloppy ’bout my blog g just cuz I wanted to chill watch, watch the play-offs and get sloshed on mo-hee-toes.

  8. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    *listenin to Gang Starr “Mass Appeal*
    *realizes aint no real heads (no homo) on this site, who don’t know about “Hard to Earn”*

  9. The B.I.G. Homie Says:

    That dude Ricky Hatton is a monster

  10. Foekist aka The Cosigner Says:

    ^^*(meant who do know…)*

    *realizes shouldn’t have smoked 2nd blunt*

  11. The B.I.G. Homie Says:

    This dude Ricky Hatton is a monster

  12. Adam22 Says:

    i heard someone drive by my house in queens and i swear i heard jay z saying something about JR writer. checked nah right and it wasn’t up yet, glad you didn’t fail me completely.

  13. iLL Change Says:

    haha, aries actually spit a decent rap. this kinda shit would never happen tho, didnt DMX say on the radio that he was ridin wit Cam

  14. T. Okes Says:

    eskay that was shameless, man…lol.

    Shit was funny though. LMAO @ rhyming “case” over & over again at the end. NIGGAS NEED TO QUIT THAT FO’REAL. I’m glad Aries aired muthafuckas out on that bullshit. But why did his bored-ass do this entire joint in the first place? He get paid for this or what??

  15. Millionaire Hoy Says:

    nice empersonations even though the jay was off in the beginning but he got it downpacked at the end. For what is the real question … ?? lol i just guess aries was just giving us a lil bit of what we rlly wanna hear.
    honestly i sounded like a jay and dmx diss from ae=ries spears.

  16. nation of thugacation Says:

    yeah i was wondering when i saw the title, i thought dmx was england while cam was the united states… and jay was… IRAK?

    but yo aries got dmx on lock.. lol mad tv
    and hes got jays flow too
    oh and.. where did all these new stans come from

  17. Demiks Says:

    Anybody have that video of Aries on Rap City?

  18. Dumb Nigga Says:


    This one?


  19. Shaft Says:


    hahaha…i saw that last week…too funny
    i remember seeing ARIES do those impressions sometimes on MADTV…but its still hilarious!!

  20. Front Says:

    Check out Aries with Carlos Mencia (best comic out there today) impersonating Kanye West. Classic.

  21. D. Billz Says:

    Carlos Mencia? Best comic? I beg to differ.

  22. D. Billz Says:

    Chappelle is still the reigning king of Comedy Central, show gone and all.

    “Even in my absence you can fell my presence” — Mos Def

  23. Some White Guy Says:

    ^^^here go the niggers again hating on latinos^^^.
    I try to tell latinos everyday that although they live with niggers in the ghetto and they hang out, that blacks really talk greasy about them and they really are jealous of them!.
    Real talk …….

  24. Some White Guy Says:

    Shit talking about latinos i want me a latina girlfriend, latinas holla back at your whiteboy.

  25. e-dubbs Says:

    Aries Spears is funny man..

  26. Millionaire Hoy Says:


  27. Darth Cipher Says:

    Chris rock is the king of comedy, sorry chappelle you good but you aint on Rocks level, when chappelle can eduacate and still make you roll on the floor laughing, then i’ll say hes the king of comedy… yo just youtube aries spears dudes been doing those things for years man… to damn funny… and im sure he got payed for that, no way he would diss someone using another mans voice just fo the fuck of it… unless it was at a comedy show

  28. sssss Says:


  29. nation of thugacation Says:


    that shit is to funny, not only is there the track, but theres an interview from shade 45 with whookid tripping out over aries doing JAY, X and LL lol incredible

    thanks for posting the track eskay i fooled EVERYONE with it

  30. nation of thugacation Says:

    part 2 of the interview with LL is crazy

  31. Joe 88 Says:

    yo dude really sound like jay & x I wounder who made that beat???

  32. eskay Says:

    “Tell him to put egg on it”

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