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Star Fired From 105.1


Star is an idiot. Power 105 fired his ass today after he threatened to "R.Kelly" D.J. Envy’s daughter’s face. Envy of course works at Hot 97, Stars former home, and Power’s main rival. I had heard about his little tirades earlier this week, but I never had the pleasure of catching one live. If you can stomach it, Jay Smooth has posted a transcript of some of his on air remarks. 

In addition to the threats, he also offered $500 to anybody who could provide the name and location of Envy’s daughter’s school. The little girl is 4 years old. Now I know we’re supposed to be trying to rid hip hop of violence and all, but if I was Envy this dude would have to catch it. I’m not saying shoot him or anything, but he would have to pay some kind of retribution for coming out his mug about my kid on air.

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185 Responses to “Star Fired From 105.1”

  1. nation of thugacation Says:


  2. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo i hope this guy catches a MENSE-proportion beating

  3. goreman Says:


  4. benhameen Says:


  5. benhameen Says:

    and I always stuck up for star but that is just retarted. damn shame. i could care less bout envy too but I would wallop dude.

  6. MaddenMaster Says:


  7. nation of thugacation Says:

    is this how you cross strike something out

  8. Adam22 Says:

    that’s horrible. why was he mad at envy? what caused him to say all that?

  9. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    He got to put hands on dude.

  10. Sour D. Says:

    i used to think star was a funny dude who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. there would be times where he would be too much i.e. the aaliyah plane thing, but this takes the cake. now i’ve heard envy before air out a dude who called in hot 97. this guy was in his late 20’s and he was dating a 15 yr old or some shit. envy was trying to get dude to give up his address cause he was so mad thinking about if a man did that to his daughter. i honestly think that this won’t be the last we hear of this. and star shouldn’t be killed or anything, he needs a backhand to the jaw. the shit that makes someone’s eyes tear up and remind them of what happens when you curse in front of your pops as a kid.

  11. iniquity Says:

    He needs to get shanked …

  12. Big E Says:

    iniquity Says:

    May 10th, 2006 at 8:53 pm
    He needs to get shanked …

    ^^^I second that. What an asshole.

  13. Big E Says:

    Why the hell would you say that!?!? On a major radio station too! What the fuck is wrong with this nigga!?!?!?

    It’s all fun and games till his daughter or little sister gets R.Kelly’ed. The he’d be mad.

  14. skaliva Says:

    star is real talk and I admire him for what he said. I have done that before to a dude’s little girl and it felt good. This is what cats need now a days to teach them a lesson when they run their mouth.

  15. Sour D. Says:

    skaliva, you need a good smack in the teeth. just for lying about doing that.

  16. skaliva Says:

    no its tru homie, I’m really gangsta like that

  17. D. Billz Says:

    Envy should STOMP… HIS… ASS… OUT. There’s absolutely no excuse for the foul shit he said. I didn’t even read the article or know what was the reason for him saying it, and I don’t care. This is highly unacceptable. Jay-Z almost put hands on him but he had a lot to lose as far as a court trial. As others have already said, I’m not saying he should die by any means, but he should have a high ass dental, hospital, and therapy bill when it’s all over.

  18. G-town G Says:

    This nigga would have got his ass beat the fuck up and skaliva u should get it too for even sayin some shit like that

  19. skaliva Says:

    wait why did Jay almost put his hands on him?

    ha ha “skeeted in the jeep, left condom’s on the baby seat”

  20. Sour D. Says:

    jay was talking about leaving semen on baby furniture. star talked about

    “Mr. Torain has produced and broadcast comments over public airwaves
    expressing his desire to have sex with, ejaculate on, and urinate on
    Ms. Casey’s young daughter (age 4). He has also offered $500 to
    anyone with information about the school that the girl attends”

  21. D. Billz Says:

    Btw, does anyone know why this was provoked?

  22. SANGANO Says:

    I laid waste to Eskay’s girl last nite…he didnt seem to mind…just kleenexed her up

  23. swisstopher Says:

    this shit is ridiculous. if u got beef w/ somebody, don’t involve people who have nothin’ to do to it. he should get worse than a gang initiation beatdown.

  24. skaliva Says:

    I’m confused what was the reason jay almost put his hands on him again?
    that explanation wasn’t clear.

  25. eskay Says:

    SANGANO = eskay Stan

  26. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    star really need his head whooped fo that foul shit. i mean we talking bout tha mans daughter here an this stupid ass nigga gets on LIVE RADIO an says this shit. what a shame

  27. Big E Says:

    skaliva, you disgust me. that is all.

  28. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    damn he even wants tha name and location of tha school.i would beat that nigga like a hebrew slave

  29. skaliva Says:

    Eskay note: Rapid share sucks

    Big E- apparently your kids and mom wont say that

    Iniquity- holla at me if you need someone shanked

    made in milwaukee- yeah i would whoop his ass then rape his wife

    Madden- dont you let 50 rape you?

  30. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    star look like he just got done snort-n a few lines in that pic

  31. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    now i want to knw why jay almost put hands on dat nigga

  32. eskay Says:

    over the Aaliyah shit

  33. eskay Says:

    Now Star is mad I won’t grant him a interview
    Now he’s dissing me cause he dissed you
    Can you believe the nerve of this dude?
    Cause of your memory I won’t bring in the pistols
    (Wondering if your the same and who’s been with you)
    But he got issues enough of that lame

  34. nation of thugacation Says:

    es what did he say over aaliyah? lol i was like 9 and not in touch with hip hop then

  35. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:


  36. iLL Change Says:

    this dude’s a loudmouth and he never says anything of importance anyway.

  37. skaliva Says:

    eskay was that lyrics by jigga?

  38. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    classic case of sticking yo foot in yo mouth.stupid ass nigga trying to say some shit to look cool or real.now his dumd ass aint got no job.how he gone explain dat shit to the next station he goes to find work at?

  39. Amped Says:

    That’s mad fucked up.

  40. iLL Change Says:

    did star want to lose his job? i mean what the fuck u think would happen after sayin that u lookin for another cat daughter? if u really bout it, u dont announce on syndicated radio that u gonna get foul on someones daughter. this girl four years old, what the fuck man. how did this beef start?

  41. skaliva Says:

    there’s always sirus satellite

  42. jones Says:

    skaliva, those were jay’s lyrics from the Missing You remix. Dame Dash was going out with Aaliyah when she died, so she was down with Roc A Fella. Jay got heated after Star did a skit on Hot 97 making fun of the airplane crash. Everyone on Star’s show except Miss Jones was fired for that.

  43. SANGANO Says:

    he’ll be back on the air one way or another…

    oh and

    Sangano = tha Kelsey Grammer of this shit

  44. eskay Says:

    >>es what did he say over aaliyah? lol i was like 9 and not in touch with hip hop then

    wow I feel fucking ancient. when Aaliyah died he played plane crash sound effects on his show

  45. Demiks Says:

    His mouth kept going after he finished talking. That is some rude shit, I mean, if someone threatened to “R. Kelly” my little cousin, I would have to “Cassidy” that man! (No manslaughter)

  46. G-town G Says:

    LMAO thats some funny shit man: (No Manslaughter…)

  47. nation of thugacation Says:

    damn thats cold…
    thats from the Jay-Z version of MISS YOU
    damn how shitty does dames wife feel not to be able to fill in aaliyahs shoes… like i was watchign dame talking about aaliyah, and hearign dame on those interviews must make rachel feel liek the runner up

  48. nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay, if it makes you feel better… i was 12 (no rkelly)

  49. bxconnect Says:

    i liked star and buc wild when they were on cable acess in manhattan.they would sit there get there drink on and talk mad shit.star will i repeat will catch serious ass whipping for this one.the niggas might go old school on his ass.give him the universal beatdown.im talking stomped out with the 40 belows on.he crossed the line with that shit.

  50. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    star and buc wild just got a afternoon spot on power 99 down here in memphis
    and i was on they shit.but after that yo. i cant fuck with dude.and its fucked cuz buc wild is loseing listeners cuz of dis asswipe. if u ask me buc AND envy should deat his ass like them lil niggas did jodi in babyboy

  51. HennyCognac Says:

    I heard he was suspendened pending a full investigation. He’s been suspended a few times before so I’m sure he’ll be back(somewhere). Also his 20mil is gauranteed. He don’t give a shit one way or another. Shoulda left the kid out of it though.

  52. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Obviously I ain’t from NY or the US but I’m tellin you straight if a nigga said some shit like this on a UK station his ass woulda definitely been fired so good looks to Power for slingin his ass out. Now as dude’s have said before me this punk needs to get seven shades of shit kicked outta him, DJ Envy need to find this nigga and serve him up a traditional ass kickin. What time does this show air anyway? Is it mornin or evenin?

  53. HennyCognac Says:

    6am to 10am est.

  54. SANGANO Says:

    just saw Envy’s fee on UPN…shes looking yay Manish.

    as killa would say, a “Sturdy Chin”

  55. Meccadon Says:

    Peace, The Mecca has found a new website. R. Kelly his daughter, Whoa! That’s some shit right there. Catz get gassed and loose their head & careers. Damn fool move. But that’s corporate America for you. Catz think shit is sweet because their on the radio BUT reality will slap you like a written notice or a pink slip in this case

  56. HennyCognac Says:

    When you give a cat 20mil upfront he’s bound to say some foolish shit just to get fired and go spend his/their money.

  57. HennyCognac Says:

    When you give a cat 20mil upfront he’s bound to say some foolish shit just to get fired and go spend his/their money.

  58. Meccadon Says:

    that’s some NFL signing bonus shit. 20 mill? that’s crazy

  59. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    damn i know they gave dat nigga dat much yo

  60. EnglandRepresent Says:

    What? This nigga talkin shit like that at 6am to 10am? Thats fuckin crazy and since when did fuckin DJ’s get 20 mil for talkin shit on the radio? Damn, what the fuck is goin on Stateside? I don’t know who’s more stupid, the radio station for employing this fuckwit and givin him 20 mil for the pleasure or Star for talkin all that bullshit.

  61. HennyCognac Says:

    Since Howard Stern

  62. Front Says:

    I don’t know about NYC, but out here in Cali, that is some serious shit. Defintely wouldn’t try that in Modesto.

  63. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    nowonder dat nigga making fun of aaliyah and talking bout r.kellying niggas 4 year old kid. ..the white guy paid him 20 mill to do it

  64. Meccadon Says:

    Wowzers. Too much. Everybody has a price.

  65. MD-DC Says:

    No disrespect to NY dudes (I got family in NY), but does it seem like NY rap/ culture is taking a turn for the worse. Upon further review, I’ve noticed that Ny niggaz is deep into this gang bangin shit, so indulged are they that niggaz is claimin turfs n’ shit. NY niggaz is tryna make crunk music n’ jackin down south culture. It seems like New York is no longer trendsettin but following trends. It’s sad cause NY used to seem like the biggest state/region when it came to innovations and creativity…. I no longer feel disrespected by NY niggaz personas or lingo cause it seems so borrowed now, talkin that “ya dig” shit. NY is no longer a champion but more of a competitor……………….. THIS IS NOT A DISS, BUT A THOUGHT!

  66. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    the only price i have has been paid to me already

  67. MD-DC Says:

    aint Star and Buckwild’s job descriptions include shocking and inappropriate comments/ behavior. Aint they supposed to be shock-jocks???….. I read about dude in an old XXL magazine and noticed that he was really consumed in his job when on-air, cuz in the interview he aint seem offensive, he seemed more realistic and explained his reason for beefin with Q-Tip….. aint no unity in NY, huh?

  68. GET Says:

    Star is that nigga

    DJ Envy is Pussy, and has his Wife fighting his battles.

  69. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    retribution ???? ill kill dat nigga for free…………. a 4 yr old little girl ?
    MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    fuck dat he a nigga befor he’s a “shock-jock” an a real nigga aint bout to say no shit about another mans kids.shit like that get u killed where im from

  71. Big Boi RI Says:

    Eskay, anybody what started all this?

  72. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    i wonder what envy has to say or is he playing it quite till he see that nigga

  73. SANGANO Says:

    MD-DC your really breaking new ground here (well maybe if this were a year ago)….great original thoughts, its only been said about a million times

    and i still dont agree with most of the garbage that people like MD-DC are spewing. what people dont understand is that NYC is the financial, marketing, fashion capital of the WORLD of course our media is gonna be verrrrrryyy commercial and appealing to the general public…EVEN HIP HOP..lets not forget HIP HOP is business and where better to do business than NYC?!!! its like MTV here 24/7 you hear the same shit over and over and over again in major media until the trend dies out not only here but all over the country…what cause WERE the focal point. i still havent met a person that is down with D4L, laffy taffy bullshit or any other wackness…of course we co-sign Outkast, and yes i even show love to paul wall, pitt WHOEVERS fresh..niggas can all shine…but to say that NYC RAP fell off and that were mindless nut swingin drones is completley FALSE were the originators of this shit and 99.9 percent of your niggas cant touch 99.9 percent of our bitches.

    o and

    Front fronting like Modesto the hardest place on the planet…riite…NYC and Modesto PLANETS apart don’t even utter that bullshit in the same sentence as NYC

  74. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    can niggas stop talking bout other people cities caues nobody know shit about tha city they talking bout except niggas who LIVE IN DAT CITY

  75. MD-DC Says:

    yeah aight…. guy….. I tried to keep it very very technical, but fuck it…. as of right now, NY is dick suckin….. how long has gangbangin been prominent in black n’ spanish neighborhoods??? and why is it that NY seems to hope on it at this point in time????? how long has the south been rockin??? and why is it that NY seems to acknowledge their existence now?? Acknowledge to the point of dick suckin while hatin at the same time….. AND I though Paris was the “fashion capitol” of the world fella….. Ya’ll got niggaz in NY who’s rockin button-up’s and Bape’s now, when the Clipse been rockin Bape’s (virginia niggaz at that) and Chicago niggaz such as Kanye and Common made button ups the shit…..

    LETS BE REAL, BROTHER. NY is not a focal point anymore…. your media is relaying old news becuz NY is old news……….. BROTHER….

  76. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:


  77. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    dat arguement is old as mississippi dirt

  78. Meccadon Says:

    NY is done.

  79. spanish jay Says:

    goes to show you, for the right amount of money dudes would stoop to any level. flash a couple of bucks and shiny rocks and dudes will go to war with each other

    shame thou, i liked his candidness, it was needed, but when you go at peoples fam for money you a ho ass dude……….similar to cam

  80. MD-DC Says:

    Though, I’d be a lier if I was to say that I aint believe in New York. I think ya’ll niggaz solidified your spot by ya’ll distinctive cockiness and flashiness. I think New York will someday get a grip of reality and get back they own style…. Plus, I think Saigon is the next coming of ______ (place true NY rapper here) or any other real ass lyricist with a real message….. Good Luck to ya’ll niggaz out NY who aint with all the hype and mirages that’s floatin aroound

  81. Darth Cipher Says:

    someone needs to put a cap in this niggas ass man… give him that gravy treatment, cant believe he said that shit on air, is he losing his mental man… thats fucked up still… envy should come through on tyhat nigga and give him that maino to lil cease treatment too… shit double up on the nigga… dumb ass motherfucker

  82. SANGANO Says:

    lets make this very clear …JIGGA that NIGGA hooked the hip hop world on “button-ups”

    are you sayin that nyc doesnt have “black n spanish” neighborhoods?

    and if you wanna take BAPES yalll suckin JAPAN cock after pharell took the cock outta his mouth and passed it on to your niggas…BAPES have been rocked in JAPAN 4 yrs strong now…yall niggas claimin it as your owwnnn! lol whos suckin dukakis now?

  83. Da News Man Says:

    Bape is a Japanese product i believe.

  84. MD-DC Says:

    Ay cuzzin, stop replyin to my shit, cause you slowly but surely losing the point of this discussion….. readin/postin shit like a blind dude

  85. Meccadon Says:

    Peace. I’m out. bx, i think the blogs on sohh.com are better BUT this is good for a change. Seems to be more up-top catz in here than the other site. I’ll be back to teach the masses when there is a masses. Peace

  86. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    bapes are the shit i got like 20 pairs. but only becaues i support tha underground and nigo is underground as opposed to uptowns(air force 1’s fo u slow cats)plus females are attracted to tha colors

  87. spanish jay Says:

    what does a jersey kid from the ‘burbs have to do with hip hop?

    so lame to to say new york is done

    what is sad is that is the spanish dude is the one who played the air plane sounds

  88. Meccadon Says:

    BTW, In the words of Daz Dillinger “you ain’t never comin back!”. Sorry NYC, it’s a wrap. Now I’m going to The Peacock for open mic nite.

  89. MrFan Says:

    I go to school at that time and heard Star talking shit two days in a row. I mean that transcript does not do justice, Star was calling him a bitch saying he would be in front of the studio at 11:15am for 10 minutes and that Envy could come see him- and I think Envy did not show or respond so Star went off the deep end. I have to say even though his comments were distasteful I think Star is gully and he really does not give a flying fuck.

  90. Meccadon Says:

    See if I can catch Puffy next signee for Bad Boy South.

  91. SANGANO Says:

    what do you have Internet immunity cum guzzlin? u put ur thoughts out there and i’ll reply….as far as “losing the point of this discussion”…i’m afraid i have it set squarley in my sights…your on some lil brother claiming victory when big brothers not watchin…but just wait and watch us come back home and smack firre out your asses….and as far as sales go the top selling artists in the game still mostly east coast cats…dont make me start namin names….so if you think the east coast is gone cause Funk fliggidy pumps D4L non stop or because Shit Set thinks theyre in compton..ur sorely mistaken

  92. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    fuck tha souf and new york and anyone who think they region is tha shit cuz i have lived on all three coast and niggas do the same shit listen to the same shit an talk about the same shit.it aint bout where u from long as u hot

  93. EnglandRepresent Says:

    ‘NYC is the financial, marketing, fashion capital of the WORLD’ – To whichever nigga that put that in their post, you straight trippin son. London ain’t far off bein the financial capital of the world and Paris AND London is the fashion captial of the world. And marketing? Yeah probably NY got that on lock but thats because the US companies don’t need to crack overseas market cos you got so many people in your country. As far as hip-hop goes, as afr as I’m concerned NY run shit and thats comin from a UK nigga, watch out for that Klashnekoff and Sway comin outta Hackney, London. I’m puttin you niggas onto some heat.

  94. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    u can be frm spitbucket mississippi an have a hot record and make some money. now u got every BROKE rapper makeing spitbucket shit

  95. SANGANO Says:

    yeah ill be waiting patiently for Klashekenkoff and Sway…..

  96. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    i jus seen that nigga sway video and he hot

  97. Da Supa Emcee a.k.a DA Villan Says:

    i jus got a 2-way from dis indian jump off next door(an she likes to gag)nuff said 1

  98. shes a fresh one! Says:

    does star got kids?

  99. SANGANO Says:

    i duno but im bout to make some lol…salsa nite @ halo 1

  100. EnglandRepresent Says:

    SANGANO : Fair enough son, dismiss that shit without hearin it but if you wanna open your ears to something different them niggas bringing the heat. Gotta recognise good music no matter where it come from. Hackney stand up.

  101. SANGANO Says:

    ha i feel ur point…dunno if hes considered good/trash over there but i heard some Kano trax a whiiiile ago i was feeling em..thanx for the info…now 4 realz im out

  102. Da News Man Says:

    >>In addition to the threats, he also offered $500 to anybody who could provide the name and location of Envy’s daughter’s school. The little girl is 4 years old.

    Thats some fucked up shit.

  103. tekwun Says:

    1. Star is gully, but stupid, aint no way in the world imma get on the air and threaten niggas, pre bin laden, mabye, but 20 mil aint worth it, 2. All yall talkin shit about new york, yall wasn’t sayin that a few years ago, when yall was on our dicks for real….in essence, why are we even on it like that (no homo) don’t none of us own any of the blocks we stand on at night, so why go at it like that, point is shit moves in cycles, the south seems to be doin their thing, but that’s aite, I’m glad, everyone gets to hold the ball, u can’t be on top forever, all we (new york) is doin is taking a breather. But to count us out is a bitch move…we started this shit, and don’t ever forget that….and 3, who gives a fuck who’s a fashion capital, we still look fly in whateva we rock!!!! NEW YORK WHERE U AT??

  104. swisstopher Says:

    he should get a don’t be a mencace to south central while drinkin’ your juice in the hood beatdown as a matter of fact.

  105. Ox Amillion Says:

    I can even fuck with this dude star no more man(no homo),he went too far man,i got a lil daughter and if a nigga even breathe wrong in her direction i’d body that nigga,much less saying you gonna R.Kelly my daughter.On the real if this nigga star was from where i’m from(kingston,Jamaica),niggas would walk right in the radio station body homes and walk right the fuck outta there,believe me niggas get that gangsta.

  106. Ox Amillion Says:

    oh yeah and come outside and shoot it out with the cops.dem nigga down there dont have shit,they dont care bout nothing,they’ll killa for ya cell phone if they want it

  107. e-dubbs Says:

    Envy not gonna do nothing, he soft. Even if he was somewhat of a tough guy Star would crush him.

  108. e-dubbs Says:

    sidebar.. Yes, Kanye put Jigga on to buttonups. Jigga had the influence to brainwash everyone into wearing it.

    AirForce 1’s are trash (so damn generic and played out), Bapes are fake AirForce 1’s which make them even worse. How let an Asian dude (culture vulture) come in and tell us what is poppin’. Get the eff outta here.

    I’m from NY and got no problems aknowledging when another region of the country got things on smash. Life is full of cycles as is music/entertainment. Just enjoy it while it last. Stop riffin’ over who city is better. Dudes be dying over a block and dont own ONE BRICK that makes up the buildings on the block they dying for. Wise up, youngin’s.

  109. Reninatronix Says:

    England Represent
    What? This nigga talkin shit like that at 6am to 10am? Thats fuckin crazy and since when did fuckin DJ’s get 20 mil for talkin shit on the radio?
    1. Star will land in LA, Philly or Chicago. Money talks
    2. $20M is nothing to a radio station who earns hundred’s of millions on ads.
    3. Whats great about the media is that radio personalities/actors/rappers who do not affirm ANYthing positive about black people tend to be rewarded.
    a. Halle had to f*ck ol boy in Monstors Ball.
    b. Denzel, who wouldn’t take off his SHIRT in Mo Better Blues sex scene, had to be Corrupt as Popo.
    c. The Known World, a book about a BLACK MAN OWNING SLAVES won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

  110. E From BK Says:

    Isn’t what this guy said labeled as “terrorist threats?” Isn’t that aginst the law?

  111. E From BK Says:

    Shit is getting worst by the minute!


  112. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    lololololo this his 88898 time getting fired from RADIO that nigga is serious crazy

  113. D. Billz Says:

    “c. The Known World, a book about a BLACK MAN OWNING SLAVES won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.”

    Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body — OLD Mobb Deep

  114. D. Billz Says:

    e-dubbs… Spoken like a true revolutionary. Couldn’t have said it better.


  115. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    I am a bigfan of sayin out of bounds shit to niggaz that u want dead
    have even told fools that I will kill their momma so they will suffer longer
    that being said if this dude can think of some sick shit like that to say
    he is in some way willing to do it…and should be dealt with accordingly
    his family should definitely update his life insurance policy

  116. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    He should get some time for that. What radio station lets someone play that. Thats gotta be on xm

  117. D. Billz Says:

    Yo, one of my homies from L.E.S. Manhattan has a brother who went to Hampton University with Envy. He said that dude was kind of a softy then so I believe what e-dubbs is saying. BUT… come on mannnnn, this is the nigga SEED we’re talkin’ about.

  118. D. Billz Says:

    “plus females are attracted to tha colors”

    ^ Kill yourself.

  119. Blue Says:

    I don’t know what he was thinking. How many people actually thought that was funny?

  120. TRU Says:

    Great, now this jonsy( hot 97) bitch wont shut up..All the racist shit she said she aint get canned…Star gunna go straight to satelite..then we gunna see who laughin..

  121. frank lee speakin Says:

    you niggas are sooo ignorant with this new york vs south shit. when will you all realize that you dont own any of it. most of ya’ll are renting space from someone else. and why is it that niggers can be so devisive with everything. new york niggas vs down south niggas. and people question why there will never be unity….

  122. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ preach! we fall victim to the divide and conquer theory easier everyday. “black people unite and lets all get down” – ed og

  123. Numbers Game Says:

    D. Billz, Plug industries,E From BK,e-dubbs,swisstopher, skaliva
    All you need realized that your feeding to what the Skull & Bones planed in the mid 90 just waiting for Hip hop to be filling there piggy bank for them and control the fools whole air the music. So who Gives fuck what Star, Jones, envy and newly want money Gia Casey bitch are saying you just feeding there Ghetto Celebrity pockets so they can snort it up in there condos. Believe me I’m the main suppler getting there paper. Is all Numbers in this Game

  124. MASSES Says:

    going over this dudes credentials and Oh Looky Here This Guy Made Fun of a sister who’s body went up in an Airplane Fuel Blaze……….LETS HIRE HIM HE’S GOT WHAT IT TAKES………hmmmmmmm…….You cant blame one without the other….Then you have the people who listen………AGAIN IF THE MASSES DIDNT SUPPORT WHAT THE MASSES DONT LIKE THEN YOU WOULD SOON SEE IT FADE…..The masses who tune in every morning are just as much to blame….

  125. ? Says:

    What a Pedophile. They should lock him up for expressing his fantasies on air. Sick Fuck.

  126. speakinmymind Says:

    wow…some of you sound really stupid!!

  127. speakinmymind Says:

    i’m referring to @$$holes like skaliva and the other ignorant @$$es posting comments about where they’re from, their “hood”, etc. that ish sounds really stupid and reinforces what “other” races think about the African-American community and hip hop as a whole.

  128. kindanice Says:

    I hope they string him up by his toes. And I don’t feel sorry the the station either, they backed him up all these years. For him to say that kind of stuff, it was already on his mind, in his heart. Perv!

  129. JAY K Says:

    Im sooooooo glad this jerk star got fired……what took so long….his show was garbage….i would listen to his show and wonder what all the hype was about anyways….i mean all he did was bully his so called co-workers and come off like he was superior than everyone else….. also the latest ratings showed that morning show was ahead of hot 97 by maybe a half percentage point….hardly a ratings beat down like he was potraying….but i was alarmed maybe a week or so ago when i started hearing promos which featured actors talking bout miss jones’s son….i thought then that he had gone to far….then i heard his comments wed about dj envys child and knew that if something wasnt done it was gonna get even uglier……so now star is fired……wonder if he still has that superior ass attitude now.

  130. Bugsytheboss Says:

    Star is a joke and a gimmick radio DJ and thats how he stayed on the air so long cuzz some old cracker likes what he says plus he is black and makes hiself look ignorant.But to me that aint even Star thats Star trying to get this money so he over the tops every topic he talks about with his outrageous opinions.

  131. jersey Says:

    Neva liked that show ……. he needs some serious help……

  132. sTEELSKITCHEN Says:

    “bacon eggs and hot sauce”

    “i makes it like that all the time”

    star is hilarious

  133. jersey Says:

    Damn I just read the transcript….Wheeew!!….Dogg this n*gga aint playing with a full deck…Hes a few beers shy of a six pack…4real!…aint nothin funny bout that shit..as a matter of fact thats suicidal!!!!!!

  134. eskay Says:

    why do down south niggas feel the need to come in here and start shit all miscellaneous? then NY niggas are wrong when we talk shit right? aight, keep it up..

  135. Jamz Says:

    How stupid can you be???? This dude has taken power of radio too far! Glad to see him go! I won’t miss him because I’m not a listener!

  136. doc la familia Says:

    thats crazy.

    oh yeah and star didnt get fired because of the aaliyah thing.
    he was still working…they just suspended him. he worked there for two more years. there was something he did behind the scenes that got him fired.

    hot 97 wants to up their ratings…thats why they didnt fire him then.
    he went waaaaay 2 far with this one though.

  137. Engineer Says:

    I think Star when too far with that one. Stupid comment. I think this is at the same level of idiocy that Miss Jones with the Tsunami song. This just shows that standards are a bit higher at Power 105. I believe Star getting fired is justified because quite honestly, if someone even says some shit like that to me or around me, that nigga got problems with me from that point on. I think Hot 97 should get rid of that bitch Miss jones for the Tsunami song, that is unforgiveable as is this Star situation. The difference is that the bitch is still on the air.. ….on the home of ignorance, Hot 97

  138. sTEELSKITCHEN Says:

    “bacon eggs and hot sauce
    i makes it like that all the time”

  139. I'm scooping Biggums in a coup, while he fixes his pants and undies let's roll Says:

    star doesnt make 20 mil a year what are you talking about?
    he probably makes near or over a hundred thou. he’s a radio announcer. come on they dont make big bucks.

  140. She is bak in da buildin. Says:

    i just don’t understand how we all (black people ) can’t still get along.its sad.niggas hatin on niggas.

    and as for star that was disrespectful.

    eskay Says:
    May 11th, 2006 at 2:14 pm

    why do down south niggas feel the need to come in here and start shit all miscellaneous? then NY niggas are wrong when we talk shit right? aight, keep it up..

    ok…i’m from the south but i ain’t hatin..or is someone usin ya name

  141. eskay Says:

    Nah ma, it’s just some niggas got hate in they blood.

  142. e-double Says:

    Star didnt make $20 million a year but he had a $20 million dollar deal over a 5 year period (i believe 5 years) He claims the money was guaranteed regardless of ratings or if he got fired. If thats the case, good for him then. He collected all his money by doing 1/4th the work. Genius I tell ya! Genius!

  143. I'm scooping Biggums in a coup, while he fixes his pants and undies let's roll Says:

    since when did a radio announcer get to make 4 mill a year? I know white political commentators make millions but they have nation wide audiences. How does a local guy make 4 mill a year?

  144. catch 22 Says:

    co-sign the boredom, disgust, hate for the “NY v. everyone else” beef. i’m not innocent of feeding into it, but its getting tired.

    bapes? come on those shits are ugly. the only reason people buy that shit is because you heard it in a song. think for yourself for once and don’t run out and buy whatever a rapper tells you to. bapes are like uggs for guys. ugly but for some reason trendy. i’ll keep my wallys.

    star was funny and i used to like the fact that when he was on hot 97 he played and said whatever the fuck he wanted. sometimes he didn’t even play rap if he didn’t want to. respect for that… but as much as i am against censorship, there is a line you shouldn’t cross. trying to be the black howard stern. i guess for some, any publicity is good publicity.

    “how can black people rise up and overcome?”
    “by stop cuttin’ each others throat.”
    “that is correct”

    – i know black people!

  145. Joe 88 Says:

    Fuck star his shows was garbage anyway. that aaliyah shit was fucked up he deserved a rick james bitch slap off T-O-P for that. But this envy shit whoa i would personally be riding around looking for dude if i was envy taking shots at my wife, my kid, come on it’s just some thing you don’t say without expecting some type of retaliation. Like the cam vs nas situation cam deserve to get the cowboy shit slapped outta him too for the comments he made towards nas daughter. i don’t know if star was tryna be funny or what not but when words are exchange like that death is usually the final results

  146. Kev Says:

    All you motherfuckers on here are dumb. You mention peoples kids, mothers and family to show them how pussy they are and how much you want to fuck them up. Yeah Star said it, but hello did he do it? No stupid he did’nt do it. Envy got called out by DJ Kay Slay and Kay Slay even put it onto his mixtape, so what did Envy do? Nothing. Cameron sayed he wanted to R Kelly Nas’s daughter and what did Nas do nothing. So lets see Star said he will R Kelly your kids and did’nt do it, Cameron said the same and did’nt do it. But Bush dropped bombs on Iraq killing hundreds of kids, families and soldiers and what did any of you say or do about that? Oh I thought so!

  147. catch 22 Says:

    its not a matter of doing it or not. he said some real racist hateful shit on the air. if someone got on live radio and offered money for info on where your kid is, you wouldn’t bug the fuck out? star didn’t have to do anything more, but envy’s fam could be in danger from some crazy star super fan.

    and thank you captain obvious. george bush is a dick. we know that. talking about that is like reminding someone to breathe. we got that covered already.

  148. Some White Guy Says:

    So you niggers ask how does a white guy know about hip hop and why is a white person on a so called black website
    Now listen up real close that’s right get real close to your computer speakers so you can hear me loud and clear!.
    LoL i bet you niglets were actually adjusting your sound cards to hear me.
    I know about hip hop because i was born and raised in NYC the mecca of everything.
    NYC is saturated with hip hop even vietnamese people in NYC are hip hop literate, also geniuses did it ever occur to you that i might of liked hip hop at one point and time, and used to listen to hot97 and actually bought cd’s that helped you apes get rich?.
    Shit i might know more about hip hop than you niglets, shit i even attended an original park jam in 1979 where Afrikka Bambaataa and D.J. Red Alert were playing.
    I used to support the black cause but i no longer support you animals because you bite the hands that feed you and then you talk trash like star and bucwild from power 105.
    Those 2 jigaboos have insulted a myriad of races with their hate and ignorance, actually i am in the process of suing clear channel with a class action suit fot putting illiterate ignorant spook jigaboos on national radio to spew hatred and violence.
    What star and bucwild said falls nothing short of pedophilia and they should be charged to the fullest esxtent of the law!!!
    It is 2006 why have’nt negroes evolved into civilzed human beings like the rest of the civilized world?.
    I wish pfizer would make a drug that can excel the evolution process of the modern day nigger so that he and she can be a productive citizen!!!!.

  149. Some white guys best friend Says:

    hey some white guy:
    more questions.

    Who’s hand do we bite?
    Did blacks not feed you with rap?
    White people made raps so they are the hands right?

    Why do you feel the need to be hip hop literate? It’s ape music right? there is no literacy involved in it right? How does one be literate? Why are you admitting this? You dont like apes.

    Why do you want a class action law suit on free speech? The very thing your race advocates they want to strip it from blacks why?

    Is free speech only for random white guys like you?

    SHould we go back to slavery? Segregation? If we do, does that mean you are banned from listening to hot 97?

    Why are they jigaboos? Did they strike a nerve.

    I thought you were a racist, this guy is comitting black on black violence, shouldn’t you be glad?

    SHouldn’t you be happy when black men are killing each other? why are you mad over that?

    You dont qualify as being a racist cause you’re mad that someone is talking about harming another black person, why?

    We dont believe you, you need more people.!!!!!

  150. Some white guys best friend Says:

    Hey somewhite guy that was me that asked that.

    So are you stupid now for listening to hot 97?

    So how did you let animals and apes fool you? Don’t you feel stupid that you were tricked by them?

    What type of music do you listen to now?

    Is president bush a civilized human Being?
    DIck cheney? Do you like Condi cause she’s white now?

    Its a lot of white people who live in NYC that dont know nothing about hip hop. How did the animals suck you in? Was your IQ low at that time? Did
    you come from an illiterate family, that told not to listen to ape music?

    Why do you admit to know more hip hop then us Niglets? Isn’t that embarrasing for KKK members to admit? Isn’t that like saying you molested children?

    So you just all of a sudden turned racist after the star incident?

    If you are racist, how do you know about the star incident, that happened recently, how?

    So you just turned racist within a few hours? Did pfizer give you a drug?

    We dont belive you we need more people.!!!

  151. chucky Says:

    This is off the topic – and I don’t even know where to begin on this one (we’re actually spending time discussing, and at times defending, a radio DJ who threatened a child) – but Kev, if you think the number of dead soldiers and Iraqis is in the hundreds, you’re sorely mistaken. We have killed tens of thousands of people over there. And just to take that back to the topic…

    Peoples, there’s a war going on. This Star nonsense is not even worth the debate. This grey area nonsense, “he was just joking”, “he’s paid to say that” stuff is just meaningless when all our brothers and sisters in the military, the REAL melting pot, and Iraqis too, are getting killed over lies.

    You want to know what’s real? That’s real. Think on that, brothers of all colors. Put your mind and your voice on that. Speak. Vote. Act. This Star stuff…you might as well be reading In Touch Weekly and gossiping about Ashlee Simpson’s dog. And our brothers and sisters keep on dying for a big lie.

  152. Damian Joel Says:


    What you said was down right IGNORANT!! And it’s not Gangsta it’s WANKSTA to even elude to such an act.

    Perping a Fraud!! And for Star to get fired it’s about time, that lil short rollie pollie, has been bullshitting his way on the radio for years!!

    Every morning he’s denouncing this nigga shit and nigga shit and at the end of the day he’s pulls some low life bullshit to say I’m gonna go after some lil girl. WHAT? that knucklehead got’s to GO…coast!!!

  153. Atyson Says:

    Star wanted to get fired! He is too intelligent to do some stupid ish like that! He must be about to sign a deal with Satellite radio – probably XM – Howard Stern’s rival!!!

  154. You're too funny! Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! “Some White Guy”, I have not laughed this much for some time. You called the DJs on Clear Channel “ignorant” and “illiterate”. If only you yourself weren’t one of the most illiterate posters that I have ever had the displeasure of reading, then perhaps I would find it easier to listen to the crap that you were saying.

    N.B. “I might of” should be “I might have”. I’ll overlook your lack of spelling accuracy and poor use of punctuation in general.

    This is just to aid you in answering the questions that “Some White Guy’s Best Friend” posed.

  155. What you thining Says:

    Man. Yall cats are tripping for real. What if that was your mother or sister, you really love them you would be mad. Some of yall dont know about being a so call ” gangsta”. You need to get at me then you get at me words or war. Dont but my family in it. That some think Im just can rule the world. Remember one is all that is needed to kill you. So you can act all hard but if a cat catch you, then its over. If you said you did that before you are a very sicked minded person and thats why when you go to jail they put yall nasty ass in a specail floor. One guy attacked a mexican and him and his homeboys left him for death. News say he just have a busted eye and fucked up jaw. Real gangsta know the code, we have only the cats who aint to bright go to jail. We still do our thing. HAHAHA. About this whole Star thing, all yall know that cat got behind that mic with that fake pimp kango and was a studio gangsta. I wouldnt take up for the cat for anything he would be the one always starting fights. Remember he said all this behind a mic. I seen radio Djs get there ass kicked in there office building and start realizing this shit is real. Different culutures do things different, think about that. But one cat had to hold back and calm cat like that too and know you do this. Dont bring that down to a real cat area

  156. dat chick Says:

    yo envy is straight butt u can tell that dude is not hood cuz ni69as would have took it to the street not run to no police fucc miss jones and dj envy and everybody that cum wit them stay up Star

  157. eYeCaNdI Says:


  158. eYeCaNdI Says:


  159. eYeCaNdI Says:

    So this part of the story comes from ‘word on the street’.. Miss Jones went on a wild tirade cursing Star out over the-air which was so prolonged it overtook the delay radio stations use to ‘dump out’ curses. Star would get back at her on his station the next day, the back and forth continued. Somehow, Envy a member of Miss Info’s morning show got involved. Star probably called him out too. So Envy called out Star saying he wasn’t that gangster.. I know you cause they worked together when Star was at Hot 97. Envy talked about how Star needed to watch his mouth because he has goons, etc, etc.

    In any case, one morning Envy didn’t show up for the morning show. The word was that he was waiting at Power 105 with those “goons” to give Star a nice beating.

    I’m guessing they didn’t bump heads on the street, but Star got on the air this Monday and delivered this little tirade (courtesy of hiphopmusic.com):

    Star: Somebody holla at me and tell me about his whore wife and his kid. 866-678-8270. … Somebody get at me about his whore. His whore wife and his kid, this little ugly ass kid, I hear. Where does this kid go to school? I got five hundred bucks for that information. Somebody email me or gimme a call. Just tell me where his kid goes to school. Let’s see who’s really gully on the microphone. Five hundred dollars, in my pocket, right now. I need to know the school, this faggot ass nigga, DJ’s kid goes to school. Star: I’ve got information on DJ Benji, aka… what’s his name again? Envy. I’ve got information on his gook. His baby’s mother.

    BucWild: A gook?

    Star: Hemp University, uh, cats used to run trains on her. Green BMW. I’ll get to all this in a few minutes.

    Star: OH! And I got the information, the school his kid goes to.

    [Woman’s voice] Really?

    Star: Yeah, I’m savin’ that one. That’s, that’s the one I’m gonna pull out if I have to. If I have to. Oh yes, I’ll, I’ll come for your kids. I will come for your kids. I finally got the information on his slant eyed, whore wife. The information on his slant eyed, whore wife. Yes. A cat who actually ran a train on her, contacted me. [chuckle] Allegedly ran a train on her once upon a time. Allegedly. Once upon a time. Ejaculated all over her face.

    Star: No, let me just touch on this real quick, But there’s a woman out there right now who pushed out a little lo-mein eater by a DJ down by the sloppy station. I got at this alleged slut whore, heh, and this little half a lo-mein eater. … Yes, I disrespected your seed. If you didn’t hear me, I said, I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your little baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her.

    Call the cops? Nigga, please, there’s no bodyguards. I carry the 9. Most of the cats that are with me, have felony convictions, they can’t carry. I’m disrespectin’ your seed. I would like to skeet on the face of your seed. Now that’s, that’s real talk dawg. You have to come holla at me now. Call me, I’ll meet you somewhere, but don’t act like you were waiting in some parking lot with like 50 niggers. Please.

    Now, again, to the woman, who carried that little mongrel for 9 months. … I’m coming for your seed. Did you hear me? (*thump, thump, thump* noise) I want to do an R. Kelly in the mouth of your seed fem? You holla at me now I’m the easiest man in the world to find. *snickers* And my name is The Hater. You holla back now, DJ Envy.

    Star: Let me see now, uh, DJ Benji attention! In case you didn’t hear me, I said, I want to put some mayonnaise in between your baby girl’s ass crack and take a bite.

  160. eYeCaNdI Says:

    as u know if u listen to star in the mornings he was totally tryin to piss DJ Envy off. Both sides are responsible for this. Its just not one sided.

  161. eYeCaNdI Says:

    WWPR New York’s Fired Morning ‘Star’ Apologizes
    May 12, 2006
    By Sven Philipp

    Two days after his dismissal, the “Star” in Clear Channel R&B/hip-hop WWPR (Power 105.1) New York’s Star and Buc Wild Show, apologized to the victims of his on-air threats.

    Troj Torain was fired Wednesday (May 10) for threatening Gia Casey, the wife of rival weekend personality DJ Envy of Emmis R&B/hip-hop WQHT (Hot 97), and the couple’s 4-year-old daughter. Torain issued a statement on Friday (May 12) through his attorney Benjamin Brafman.

    “Mr. Torain offers his sincere apologies to DJ Envy’s wife and child for the comments he made which were unsuitable and inappropriate,” the statement says, but also insists that Torain was “threatened repeatedly on air” by WQHT’s DJ Envy and Miss Jones “to the effect that Star would be harmed upon leaving his place of employment.”

    In addition, the dominant player in one of New York’s top-rated 18-34 morning shows assured that “DJ Envy’s wife and family that they have no reason to feel threatened or insecure,” and that he never intended to do them any harm.

    Torain’s attorney says his client’s tirade was “made under great duress and at a time when he was fearful for his safety and the safety of members of his staff.”

    “Star,” who calls himself “the Hater” and allegedly carries a gun, launched his on-air tirade against DJ Envy’s wife and daughter on May 3. He reportedly said, “I would like to do an R. Kelly” on the couple’s daughter and called Casey a “slant-eyed whore wife.”

    The rest of his four-member crew remains under suspension. Power 105 went all music Thursday morning (May 11).

  162. eYeCaNdI Says:

    Former ‘Power’ Jock Arrested
    May 12, 2006
    By Ken Tucker

    First he lost his job and now he’s been arrested.

    Former Clear Channel R&B/hip-hop WWPR (Power 105.1) New York personality Troi Torain, the “Star” in the Star and Buc Wild Show, has been arrested on charges of harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Associated Press.

    As previously reported, Torain was fired for on-air comments he made about Gia Casey, the wife of rival Emmis WQHT (Hot 97) weekend personality DJ Envy, and the couple’s 4-year-old daughter.

    “Yes I disrespected your seed,” Star reportedly said. “If you didn’t hear me, I said, I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her.”

    The contempt got more serious: “Where does this kid go to school? I got 500 bucks for that information.” And, “I will come for your kids. I finally got the information on [DJ Envy’s] slant-eyed whore wife.”

    After the incident, police officials launched a hate crime investigation of Torain.

    He was arrested after he being contacted by police and ordered to surrender a 9mm handgun and target practice permit at police headquarters, according to the AP report.

    The DJ had previously apologized for the on-air tirade through his lawyer.

    Torain’s lawyer called the remarks “unsuitable and inappropriate” and assured Envy’s wife that she had nothing to fear. But he also claimed his client was the victim of threats by her husband.

  163. Concerned Mother Says:

    As a listener, I am totally appalled at what transpired this week on the air. Star, you do realize you’ve put yourself in quite a compromising position that money cannot easily fix. Our children, regardless of who they come from, are our most precious gifts in life. For you to even conceive of such an idea stated on the airwaves is replusing. As far as it being considered “for entertainment purposes”- I think not! If you made your statements for “shock value”, you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams but now most people will view you as a pedophile based on the mere fact you “vividly thought about it”. I have my little 2 year old girl standing right next to me, who is innocent as well as precious. I keep her very close to me because of people who share your same thoughts and views. As someone previously stated, it would be really interesting to know what sites you have visited and what’s on the hard drive of your computer at home. Inquiring minds would like to know and I wouldn’t be shocked of the outcome…….

  164. Big Bear Says:


  165. big dee Says:

    first of all u idiots, star never intended to do any harm to envy’s wife or daughter. he was just trying to lure envy to REALLY come get him and not lie on radio and say he went to power 105 to do so. Envy is a bitch, he let his wife go act like she was scared and go to the councilman and not even the cops. so this was a way to get STAR fired and not get real justice if she really felt her daughter’s life was in danger. anyone would go to the cops first. most people cant even find their congressman. If envy was a real man he would have stepped to Star and not get the cops involved… We are really going to lose an intelligent man on radio. Star was informative and used hate to motivate the black man especially. now u can listen to miss jones while she coons and buffoons and keeps black people looking stupid and inferior. power 105 will fall behind hot 97 in the ratings again. Star was the reason why power 105 started winning arbitron ratings slots. Dont 4get , its still all about money. But Star will be back, clear channel has to wait till this quagmire blows over…Big tigger cannot fill stars shoes….. LONG LIVE THE HATER. …by the way f!@# that lo mein eating B!@#$

  166. big dee Says:

    to the concerned mother: u probably let your kids watch R rated music anyway and listen to all the sexual songs and watch all the sexual movies and videos on BET and MTV. I dont care what Star said, but all is fair in love and war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if anybody claims their bringing 40 n!@#s to my place of work, its not for a one on one, its to kill me. If 5 dudes are beating u down ,they can kill u. thats right , i’m talking about your mother , your kids and your family and your peoples. ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when these bombs are dropping in Iraq, its killing women and children and y’all aint protesting. and clear channel is fake because none of them did nothing until that gook congressman from queens came out and called for STAR to be fired. STAR WILL BE BACK AND I CANT WAIT TILL THAT DAY!!!! LONG LIVE THE HATER……..

  167. big dee Says:

    i just love a black man who can get on radio and call every ethnic group by their racial slur name, since everybody wants to use the term nigga. y’all should be praying STAR comes back. he was to smart to try and be the white Howard Stern. Howard was dumb and offered no intelligent conversation. and please, miss jones only knew how to give away summer scam tickets and be a loud mouthed, neck snapping, gap toothed fat black b!@#h who gave away prizes to ignorant listeners. I can tell most of u never listened to Star’s show everyday and if u did , u would know how smart and real he was and how much he wanted the man of color to wake up. u read one article in the daily news or read an article by the RACIST NEW YORK POST and roll with anything. u fly by night black people and ignorant spics should start standing up and let people dictate who should be fired. I think clear channel should have let the listeners decide if they still wanted STAR, not no congressman or hot 97 listeners. LONG LIVE THE HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. jefferson davis Says:

    Y’all just a bunch of dumb niggers. If my side had won the Civil War, let me tell you things would be different. Y’all want freedom, but you don’t want to exercise any responsibility

  169. eskay Says:

    ^ but ya’ll lost cuz your a bunch of inbred rednecks.

    and yo big dee, you have no idea what you’re talking about. the same way you’re saying we read one article in the Post and start assuming, that’s exactly what you just came in here and did.

    how the fuck you know what Concerned Mother let’s her kids watch and not watch on TV? And how the fuck you know whether or not we’re protesting against the war in Iraq? Seriously you just came in here doing the same shit you’re accusing people on here of doing. I actually agree with you that all is fair in love and war, which is why it would be fair if Envy ran up on Star and put a couple in his FUBU.

  170. ed Says:

    I listened to the statement that star made early in the morning, c’mon do we really take it serious? i thought it was pretty funny… it was meant to be funny and if you listened to the show even when it was on 97, he’s not that type of dude anyway… his show is the best in nyc and all i’m left with is ed lovers show at 2.. bring star back, that big fag and that ditsy white whore please..

  171. ed Says:

    besides don’t be a punk dj envy, take it to the street if it offends you that much.. you cop callin punk faggot assed faggot..

  172. Shonda Says:

    How disgusting! I don’t give a fuck why he said what he said. The fact is that he said some pedophile shit like that and it will NEVER be accepted in any case for any reason. As for any sick ass people that read or heard these comments and decided that it was ok – they need to hang like strange fruit and be tortured and burned. I hate people that speak or do things against children. YES HATE!!!!!

  173. ed Says:

    disgusting? no one said much about clinton sticking his cigar in a fat jew pussy.. catholic church is banging kids all the time but people still go.. federal government is buying a cases of coke for $200 each but people still pay tax everytime it goes up… give the guy a break, besides what am i suposed to listen to in the morning? that stupid black bitch on 97? those 2 fags seth and todd? pay for punk ass howard who flipped on his fans? the z morning gay zoo featuring a bunch of yuppies? those 2 white cracker devils on 101.5? Star was just keepin it real, not like we never made comments similar to what he did.. ok pissin on a kid might be extreme but it thought it was funny as hell..

  174. big o Says:

    u a dick ed

  175. bkg Says:

    all ya niggas is dick

  176. dillinja Says:

    Come on! what Star said ever the air,one can not take seriously. Because
    if he was for real about what he said about DJ ENVY”S daughter, he would
    have not said it over the air. If he was serious he would have done it already. So! like you all know he said it for ratings thats all, and instead
    of getting props he got the can. In reality star is a punk and not this gangsta that he portrays to be. I dont think that he had the balls to carry out and harm Envy’s daughter, they arrested him for nothing. Only crazy
    and sick people do things like that and those type of people do not tell their
    plans to nobody, they just do it. So please people stop throwing this out
    of proportion.

  177. big dee Says:


  178. Tone Says:




  179. melissa Says:

    Are you guys serious!! Everyone knows that he was not serious, he added to the DJ take the publicity I’m giving you and run with it!! My god this is the worst thing that happened to radio, they will never replace that show. Everyone will go satellite, and the regular listeners will be stuck listening to the boring guy and corny chic give absolute no news cuz they are afraid to report it> I have no idea where Star is now, but best believe where ever he goes I will follow, I will buy satellite for him. Clear Channel sucks, and I promise that they will regret this one. I honestly can’t believe he is gone from radio!!

  180. Acl Says:

    Goodbye Star! It was nice while it lasted. Those commets were a career buster. He’s not going to recover from this. That 20m that is owed to him will soon enter into a court proceeding, in two areas. The first will be Envey blasting him on a host of charges and second his former employer will fight having to honor thier agreement for breach of contract and not fullfilling his end of the bargin. I only wish that Helen and his other side-kicks had enough guts and backbone to stop him before it came to this. Now thier out of work with no future because they will always be connected to this situation by association.

  181. JLAYDIE Says:


  182. JOANN Says:


  183. JOANN Says:


  184. Not a player hater Says:

    The JOKES on all the STAR player haters. HAHA the case got dismissed!! Fuck ENVY his stupid bitch chink wife and his little LO Mein eater. I’ll piss on him!!! Anyway he is suing the hell out of the NY councilman for 55 mil. What yall got to say about that. DISSMISSED. CASE DISSMISSED!!!!! LOL LOL LOL NO money for ENVY or his fuckin bitch ass family. HAHA. I’m gon piss on you, piss on you, pee on you. Give her some doodoo butter!!!

  185. Cocca88Crazy88Since88 Says:

    …on this day, 1 year from now, i say this.

    “in parting i sometimes say…Run Nigga Run!”

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