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Playoff Predictions: Round 2

I know I’m a day late on predictions (maybe 2 days depending when this gets posted..stab) but truth be told besides the Dallas/San Antonio series, I expect these match ups to be less interesting than any of the first round.

New Jersey Nets vs Miami Heat – I Know Nets faithful will sit here and say they can beat Miami. Yes, they can technically.  But I can also will Lotto technically, guess what though? Neither of the two are happening. Yes, I do hate the Nets, yes I picked Indiana to upset them. No, I didn’t pick Indiana do beat them because I hate the Nets. I picked them because I thought they would win (and I felt pretty good after Game 1 might I add) but I was wrong though, lucky for me that I live to make another pick.  The Nets should find success with their guard play thanks to the lack of perimiter defense that Miami showed against Chicago.  NJ and Chicago are pretty similarly constructed teams that depend on their strong guard play and lack a true inside presence.  I give credit to Kristic, he is a better low post player than anyone on Chicago but still not enough to mix it up withe the likes of Shaq and ‘Zo diggity.  Miami wins 4-2.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons – I think yesterdays thrashing pretty much summed up this series for the Cavaliers.  Lebron was the best player in the post season during the first round but he did it against a swiss cheese defense.  I don’t say that to discredit Juwanna Man’s (aka Lebron) un-human like performance against the Wiz but just to point out that you will not see him doing that again this round. Detroit prides themself on defense and best believe they are focused on bringing Juwanna Man back to reality.  Tell Kenny Smith and them to get the boat ready because Juwanna and friends are ‘gone fishin’  Detroit wins 4-1.

Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix Suns – Let me say this right now.  The Clippers are good! Damn good in fact! I want them to win, I really do.  I never rooted for a Duke player prior to Brand and C-Maggs but things change.  Let’s thing about what Phoenix did last round.  They were down 3-1 and on life support with Phil Jackson standing over the hospital bed ready to pull the plug but then Tim Thomas decided to hit the most clutch basket of his overrated career. Dumb question, why did John Paxson not play this guy all year? Well, he is inconsistant as a train schedule but he knocked down the shot that saved The Suns post-season.  So how good does a team feel after coming back from 3-1? Damn good with a swagger that Jay-Z couldn’t jack.  They sent one LA team home now they ready to send another.  The Clippers being a young team besides Sam I Am are probably just happy to be here and we all know when you overcome a 3-1 hole, you’re not ready to go home.  Phoenix wins 4-2.
San Antonio Spurs vs Dallas Mavericks – Let’s get ready to rumble! Don’t you hate when the Conference best two teams meet a round early? You too huh? This really throws a monkey-wrench in the gear shaft for me. These two teams are suppose to meet next round not now! Oh well.  This is one hard prediction.  Part of me really feels like it is finally Dallas turn and thanks to their improved defense, they are primed to finally make it passed the Spurs. The other part of me says the Spurs are too seasoned, too ready, too conditioned for playoff basketball.  Duncan got a bad foot (although he didnt look like it yesterday), Ginobli got a bad ankle, Tony Parker is one Eva affair from losing his concentration. It can happen! I’m wondering what will happen first, Dirk scoring 40 in a win or Robert Horry hitting ANOTHER clutch 3 pointer? I’m really 50/50 on this prediction, yall. Since I’m a parttime Spurs fan,  I have to say Spurs win 4-3.


Previous Round Side Notes – I wanted to take some time and point out what some of the teams that got sent home last round need in order to make sure this does not happen again.
Denver Nuggets – Get some damn shooters yall! Wally Sczerbiak, Kyle Korver, Peja, shit, Steve Kerr might be willing to come out of retirement.  Melo needs help! He got more double teamed last round than Heather Hunter! Get some shooters that can spread the floor and allow him to see some man to man coverage.
Washington Wizards – Interior defense! Geezus! No way do you loss 2 games in one series on drives to the basket.  They have to be the worst defensive team I ever seen. Antwan Jamison is more worried about how his eyebrows look than rotating on defense. Eddie Jordan is a great offensive coach but a horrible defensive one.  They have some defensive players in Haywood, Ruffin and Etan Thomas (aka Loyd Banks with Dreads) but don’t use them well enough.  I say they take a page from the NFL and hire a defensive coach. Let Eddie Jordan run the offense and get a special coach to teach them team defense. They should have won that last series, dammit!
Memphis Grizzlies – Fire Mike Fratello! They have talent, they should not be getting swept out every damn year.  Plus he works better with Marv Albert and his wig is an embarrasment.
Chicago Bulls – They are one big player away.  I say if Isiah doesnt find a way to land Kevin Garnett, John Paxson better do all he can to get him.  KG  played High School ball @ Farragut anyway.  You get him and your back in contention.  Second option might be Jermaine O’Neal if he becomes available.  Get someone dammit!
Los Angeles Lakers – They choked dawg, bad.  That being said, I would not make a major overhaul on this team. I like what Kwame Brown showed for most of the playoffs, Smush Parker can improve, Luke Walton has a great basketball IQ and Lamar Odom is an excellent Robin to Kobe’s Batman.  Shake up the bench a bit, get rid of Jay-Z nose Devin George and see how next season shakes out.
Milwaukee Bucks – I wouldnt do much right now with this team.  They have alot of room to grow together.  They first year to the playoffs since G-Rob, Ray Allen and Sam I Am left.  Let them develop together. Only make a trade if its for a superstar.
Indiana Pacers – I don’t know what you do with this team.  Peja probably leaving, Jermaine O’Neal don’t wanna hang around Larry "The Liar" Bird much longer and Stephen Jackson ready to run into the stands and fight some more fans.  Blow it up! Send Jermaine to New York, not because its a smart move or because Jermaine loves ‘Zeke but because it would make me happy! Do it Bird, your pretty dumb. Do it!
Sacramento Kings – Do Not touch this team! I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH THIS TEAM! Make sure you retain Bonzi Wells and make your run.  This team is good! Bonzi and Ron Artest like to dish out punishment all game long, something the Kings never had.

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56 Responses to “Playoff Predictions: Round 2”

  1. busayo Says:

    first post

  2. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:


  3. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    I think da pistons might go at it again

  4. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    ^^ datz sarcasm……..

  5. iLL Change Says:


  6. Devious Says:

    Smush Parker can IMPROVE, I hope you r kidding he was the reason the Lakers so called choked. He went 0-5 shooting in game 5 and he had 4 fould starting the 4th. quarter. He looked like he belonged back in the D League. Give me a break !!!!

  7. G-town G Says:

    San Antonio goin all tha way again baby!

  8. spanish jay Says:

    y would some one talk about another man’s seed?

  9. Front Says:

    Ever seen Toronto play defense. Everybody knows Kobe scored 81 on them, but what is sad is that they were trying.

  10. CCR Says:

    his kid’s head is bigger than his head

  11. Front Says:

    Rick Adelman finally left the Kings, thank god, he brought them into contention, but I’ve seen that guy give up games way too many times.

  12. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Yeah the Bulls most definitely need another big man on the team.

  13. iniquity Says:

    Seriously, whoever does the sports shit for nahright SUCKS! Dude tries to be funny & fails miserably. Please STOP! STOP NOW PLEASE! ( Spanish ) ESTOPE NOW PLIS! … =/

  14. Captain Georgia Says:

    The NBA finals are going to be boring again “detroit vs san antiono”. The commissioner has to do something about this because this lowers the ratings of the nba finals, little kids didn’t even watch it because it was so damn boring. Fuck boring nba teams, and fuck the teams that they beat.

  15. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ last years NBA finals was one of the best in recent years. How can a 7 game series be boring.

    Yes, Smushed played on both ends of the spectrum in that series. Very good to very bad.. That means he can improve.

    Iniquity, your mad.

  16. the Landlord AKA Conspiracy Brother Says:

    …speaking of people’s seeds, I wanna be LeBron’s stepdaddy…his moms could get it…EARLY…and often…

  17. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    *Pulls into eskays driveway*

    *knocks on door to chat about the papoose is better than wayne statement*

    *Eskay pretends he isnt home*

    *Plug bangs on door angrily and wakes Eskays neighbors*

    *Notices Eskay peeking out of bedroom window at Plugs entorage of goons all wearing Rasheed Jerseys*

    *Eskay threatens to call the police*

    *Plug starts up Black tinted Suburbin and does donuts on Eskays freshly cut lawn*

    *Knocks over Eskay’s trashcans and drives off*

  18. eskay Says:

    *comes out of house shooting*

    *hops in Lambo and goes after plug*

  19. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    ^^^yea i’m bored too


    Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    May 10th, 2006 at 9:46 am
    *Pulls into eskays driveway*

    *knocks on door to chat about the papoose is better than wayne statement*

    *Eskay pretends he isnt home*

    *Plug bangs on door angrily and wakes Eskays neighbors*

    *Notices Eskay peeking out of bedroom window at Plugs entorage of goons all wearing Rasheed Jerseys*

    *Eskay threatens to call the police*

    *Plug starts up Black tinted Suburbin and does donuts on Eskays freshly cut lawn*

    *Knocks over Eskay’s trashcans and drives off*

    eskay Says:

    May 10th, 2006 at 10:18 am
    *comes out of house shooting*

    *hops in Lambo and goes after plug*

    damn the both of you cats is wildn out early this morning huh?

    o by the way plug if your in yonkers trying to get at eskay you might as well come through jersey cause pap IS way better than lil wayne, shit beastniggas as nice as lil’ weezy come on dog lil wayne is garbage.

    * invites and lil weezy fans to come on through the block me and the homies will be waiting timbs laced up and everything *

  21. Foekist Says:

    *sneaks into eskay’s crib while he’s chasing Plug*

    *steals ALL his beer and the 20 sack out his dresser drawer*


  22. Foekist Says:

    Man c’mon, man! Papoose is trash dude. His voice is nothing short of irritating, and his flow is urky jerky. Lil Wayne got swagger, he’s relaxed on the mic. Comfortable. I give him MAD props for being a southern rapper that’s actually went to work to get better lyrically. Most other cats (including) East Coast, normally fall off lyrically as they start to gain more commercial appeal.

  23. Filth Says:

    what is this nba.com? fuck all that basketball shit.. Im trying to hear about some hip ho shit….


    o yea back to the sports shit.

    its good too see you admit your hatred for the nets atleast your honest. and you shouldnt hate us though ( i assume your a knick fan ) for the same reason i dont hate the knicks now, i feel for you, ive been a nets fan my whole life that means i dealt with yinka dare, ed o’bannon, derrick coleman, van horn, and scary skittles, shit dont you think i know what its like to have marbury ? damn the only good player we had in my life before kidd was drazen and he died in a car crash between seasons ( of course the year after we finally made the playoffs and got swept in the first round by jordans bulls r,i,p, drazen ) so it wasnt until kidd got here that we had any success we were the laughingstock of basketball us and the clippers, but now its the kniks and both the nets and clippers will be in the conference finals despite rj ankle, again i feel for you knick fans i do you dont think i know the pain of being a fan of the worst team in the league?

  25. Foekist Says:


    I hope yall win that series, so yall can come to Detroit and get Pist-on.


    foe- thats some funny shit, dont try that shit i my crib i got watchers on my stash.

    i dont even like pap like eskay does ( although i think he is real nice, i do like his quieter tracks. i agree his voice can get irratating when he is yelling and screaming into the mic, but dudes sick wit it lyrically weezy has nothing even close to equal value of monoply hip-hop sharades, law library 1 and 2 or most of his shit ) also you wanna talk about annoying voices but say lil waynes hot ? thats a bit contridictory if you ask me.


    foe – if rj is healthy you wont have as easy a time as you think. id still say the pistons would win but i think we got a better shot than people think, and if i was you id rather play the heat, d-wades hip shaq’s old hobbling and whining about every elbow he throws and then theres a bunch of ballhogging selfish asses that make up the rest of the team, shit i was glad to see miami instead of chicago i think the baby bulls would of been a tougher match-up for us

  28. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    I agree Nets Pistons will be a good series. They had Rich Jeff on crutches last time i seen him.

    I also think the foe should give back eskays stash as it obviously has embalming fluid in it.

    It boggles me how he could say that Weezy getting better every year is a bad thing. He is the only person whos lyrics get better every lp.

  29. ONE Says:

    I guess NY can be proud that Bloodmoney only sold 106,000 copies…I aint to big of a fan of the new mobb deep. But I’d listen to that shit anyday before snap or all that other bullshit. It just sucks that this gives the south another reason to say they are on top.

  30. e-dubbs Says:

    ty.. Kenny Anderson was a damn good player before John Starks tanked his knee.

  31. Foekist Says:

    So that’s what soundscan says, 106,000?

  32. ONE Says:

    yeap… 106&park

  33. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    I guess that guarantees gold status……….

  34. Foekist Says:

    I guess… Eventually. I thought they would do gold, just because of their name and the fact that they’re running with 50, which probably gave them access to a crowd that normally didn’t check for them.

  35. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    But if all they go is gold it wasnt worth changing there image.


    e-dubbs – thats why he wasnt on the list cause he was actually good for us

    plug – that was some funny shit with th embalming fluid shit but your cracked can you really say lil wayne has made anything near monoply sharadaes the law library.

    faces of death > better than weezy’s whole catalog

    * disclaimer faces of death probably not even in my top 10 pap songs either *

  37. ONE Says:

    The album might not pick up in sales. But, who knows, mariah carey’s last album took more than 3-4 weeks to go gold… and it ended being the most selling of the yr. But we know mobb deep aint gonna pull off that shit, maybe platinum. They still probably have a larger audience for concerts and shit… but still.


    i always thought they would go gold. if they dont go gold under g-unit thats an embaressment but they still wont reach plat.

    and im damn, serious album leaked couple weeks ago been out in stores for a week and i dont hear anyone bumping it anywhere no lie i dont know a single person who bought it ( even some of the younger g-unit head i know said they havent copped it some had it bootlegged but most said they didnt like it this is real talk )

  39. ONE Says:

    I didnt buy it… but I was hoping other people would lol….
    just to have a good sellin artist in the East. I mean, Youn Joc might go platinum, and no matter how disgusted ive been with mobbs latest moves. They deserve better. If we were in a age of hiphop where only good and real hiphop was selling, then I wouldnt care.

  40. e-dubbs Says:

    TY.. I was pointing out Kenny because you said we havent had a player besides petrovich and jkidd..

    I think the reason I started hating the Nets was back when the Nets sucked and the Knicks were good, I used to go to Nets home games vs NYK because it was so hard to get Knicks tickets and going from MSG to Continental Arena was like two different worlds. Everything they do @ CA and Nets games are so damn corny. Please tell me what Sly The Fox has to do with the NJ Nets? I could never make the connection.

  41. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:



    d-dubbs – yea but kenny was never near drazen or kidd level.

    ill give you the shit about the arenas and sly the fox but i grew up in jersey i aint letting no damn mascot get in the way and damn dont look at the fox look at the nets dancers or look at B on the sideline.

    but come on what do you expect the knicks play in THE GARDEN the most famous arena in the world the nets play in a swamp in the medowland and have only been good the past 5 years or so you cant expect much else (giants stadium is a dump too thats why they are building a new one)

  43. Bugsytheboss Says:

    I Dont know how the Lakers Choke a 3-1 series with the Suns. We need Kevin Garnett badd

  44. G Off Says:

    Mariah Carey went Gold first week, not in 3-4 weeks.

    If Mobb did 106 out of the box, they will struggle to even go Gold. I would guess they won’t within a year.

    Saying Pap is better than Wayne is like saying OJ Mayo is better than D. Wade… you can’t say that until they prove themselves in the bigs. Potentially, sure, but not now. And he has a long way to go.

    Dubbs- another sucker for Bonzi, huh? Didn’t you see his series with Portland against Dallas a couple of years ago? He was due for a contract then too. He’ll always be inconsistent and a bad seed in the locker room. He just can’t help it.

  45. thekid10705 Says:

    Shocker w/ Rick Adelman…I can see the pro’s and con’s but I think with the addition of Ron Ron and a healthy rooster he could make some noise next year..Whatever, business is a mother….

    Dubbs, NJ had a squad in the early 90’s! Special K at the point , Draz at the 2 , DC on the block…If DC didn’t like to party so much he could of been great….You’re right about that arena, that shit feels like outter space…If you put today’s Nets in the Garden shit would be banan’s right now…Their winning on the other side of the river and they stilll are no where to be found in the papers or National TV…Let’s hope the Knicks do something this summer..Shit, with the money there handing out I think I may tryout for them this summer….

  46. D. Billz Says:

    “ive been a nets fan my whole life that means i dealt with yinka dare, ed o’bannon, derrick coleman, van horn, and scary skittles, shit dont you think i know what its like to have marbury ?”

    ^Lol @ “scary” skittles. Whatever happened to Kerry anyway? I thought he was a great 3 point shooter. Lakers was in a dilemma: let Kobe take over the game and win yet complain about his ball hoggin’, or play a team game and lose. I guess we know which one he chose. That’s why I say, and yall can say whatever, Kobe will NEVER, EVER, EVER be Jordan. Not because he lack the skills or stats. But because he lacks the ability to make people on his team better. Jordan didn’t have any star players on his team yet they came through in the clutch every time. Kobe doesn’t have that quality and will not win another ring without Shaq until he obtains it. And lets be real. If the Suns had a healthy Amare, he would have gave Big Softy (Kwame Brown) HELL! He woulda got banged on more than a $2 hooker. What did MJ see in him anyway? #1 Draft pick? Fuck outta here! I hate the Lakers so maybe that’s why I’m raggin’ on ’em so bad. Btw, I hope Kobe gets a foot fungus and the crabs.

    NJ winnin’ over the Heat without a legit big man? Unlikely. But, they do have a chance.

    The Detroit/Cleveland games looks like pick-up b-ball for the Pistons.

    I hate San Antone and hope Dallas win just off the strength of my hatred.

    Btw, I got the Kings being division Champs next year.

  47. thekid10705 Says:

    I like Dallas vs. Detroit….My money is on dallas with 10-1 odds to win it all so you know who the kid is rooting for….San An is beat up, they don’t have it this year….Dallas will steam roll over the Suns in the next series…

    I like NJ to play DET in the east…MIA is M I A…..Shaq is an old man and D Wade can’t do it with that supporting cats of has beens….MIA is missing my man Eddie Jones right now…He would make Vince’s job a little more difficult right now….So, DET vs DAL and I hope it is competitive and worth watching….Unlike the reck league game DET is playing vs. Bron’ Bron’…

    sidenote : the NBA needs to get off my man Lebron’s dick…Big Up to Steve Nash for the back to back MVP performance….Holla!!!!

  48. Shaft Says:

    Nice predictions man..i like how you think…*sigh*…my Lakers did choke…but your right…other than that..they played pretty damn well…and they areimproving..but they definitely NEED more experienced..proven players…

    NOW YOU KNOW…the NBA doesnt want Pistons/Spurs in the finals again..bad ratings..but…i have a feeling…

  49. alex.2.0 Says:

    i think the nba should forfeit on behalf of the cleveland lebrons…oops i mean cavs. its obvious we’re about to “witness” a sweep.

    why put them through that kinda misery? detroit’s making ’em look like a jv squad w/ that one kid who got left back 3 times in the 8th grade so he’s bigger and better than everyone on the team.

    i wanna see a pistons-spurs rematch. pistons in 7.

    oh and why is lebron’s nickname juwanna-man? not getting that one.

  50. Darth Cipher Says:

    yo detroit is making a mess outta the cavs… DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!, for all the people that hate that saying…

    dallas put a nice punishment for what happened in game 1 on the spurs, letting them know whos really the rulers of texas

  51. Reagan didnt end the cold war Says:

    it dont matter if there was a game 7 nobody wants to see the spurs and pistons play. I rather watch a game 6 of clippers versus lakers, but I guess because I hate spurs and pistons with a passion.
    Even if they were exciting teams I would still hate these teams, can’t stand chauncey rick or prince, or duncan bowen and ginobli.
    I’d rather watch the old jazz play.

  52. e-dubbs Says:

    Ty, The Nets being corny has less to do with the location of the arena and more about what goes on inside the arena. From having Joe Piscipo being the announcer to this gay host they have now. Their half time shows are embarrasing to the point where you feel embarrased for the team.

    Another thing that used to make me crazy and lead to my hate was when they had the old dude as the commentator on TV. Jordan would come down dunk on 4 players and he would say “Jordan dunks the ball” then Keith Van Horn would make a layup and he would be like “Oh my good! The Ut (for Utah) with the amazing finish”.

  53. e-dubbs Says:

    Honestly, the whole Juwanna Man thing started as a joke. I said it one day to a few people and they started rolling. So the name stuck. We be watching the game like “Juwanna” this and that.. We so stuck on it that we get confused when ESPN calls him by his goverment.

  54. the Landlord AKA Conspiracy Brother Says:

    Another thing that used to make me crazy and lead to my hate was when they had the old dude as the commentator on TV. Jordan would come down dunk on 4 players and he would say “Jordan dunks the ball” then Keith Van Horn would make a layup and he would be like “Oh my good! The Ut (for Utah) with the amazing finish”.
    …lmfao!…true story…i thought i was the only one that felt that bastard was racist as HELL…

  55. mfizzel Says:

    mavericks all the way baby :D

  56. blackjack ballroom Says:

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