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The World According To Pretty Toney

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I’ve been waiting to see these on Youtube since I first peeped them over at Styles By The Gram way back when. Ghost is one of those EF Hutton rappers, when he’s talking you need to listen. This are a series of clips from the first round of public service announcements he did for MTV2 a minute ago. (via Spinemagazine)

You can also see the 5 newer clips here.  

Daily Headlines 5-31-06

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Proof’s shooter will not face murder charges

Star (Troy Torain) argues that if his rant about Envy’s daughter was criminal, Ms. Jones should also be arrested since she "claimed Torain "liked boys," called his mother a prostitute, and insisted her toddler son’s penis is "about the same size" as Torain’s." The article also mentions that the Sanitation union will be protesting outside Hot 97 today because Jones called them ‘dumb’ after she recieved a ticket from them last week.

According to an AHH source, Game is Negotiating With Interscope For a Black Wall Street Label deal

Military Inquiry Contradicts Marines Account Of Haditha Deaths 

Concealed firearms may be scarce in the U.K. but they’ll carve you up real nice

Cam’ron – It’s Going Down (New Jay-Z Dis)

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006


After dissing Jay and seeing absolutely no benefit to his first week sales, even with a response record that dropped the same weak as his album, Cam is still at it. This is over Young Joc’s It’s Going Down beat, which automatically increases it’s corny factor by 15%, although he does get a couple of decent jabs in. 

"Sign a rapper from the borough, get off Jeezy’s dick and Rick Ross…shit"

Cam’ron – It’s Going Down remix – Dissing Jay-Z (via

In case anybody is interested, Killa Season moved just under 40,000 units this past week, which is about a 68% drop from the previous week.

Beanie Sigel – Why Wouldn’t I

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006


New Mack Montana, fresh from the stickup.  

Beanie Sigel – Why Wouldn’t I  (Clear version, no DJ)

Daily Headlines 5-30-06

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Apparently the correction officer mother of "G-Unit rapper" Jesse Brown Jr. returned fire at gunmen during that barbeque shootout.

Man stabbed to death in Miami club

Boot Camp Clik Plans the Last Stand

And for today’s completely random coupling of artists: Rhymefest and Biz Markie to collaborate on some ‘Gnarls Barkely’ shit. Also, info on the new Em mixtape, and DMX talks about how Puffy once fronted on giving him a deal.

Hip-Hop’s Most Violent Music Videos 

Silicon Valley Fight Club 

Luke vs. Death Row

Monday, May 29th, 2006


Luke recently released My Life & Freaky Times a soundtrack and 2 disc audio book detailing some the wilder moments of his legendarily filthy life during his 20 years in the entertainment business. I need to hear this. In the following clip he talks about a confrontation him and some of his peoples had with Suge and Snoop at Jack the Rapper in Miami. Judging by the track list, I’m guessing this is one of the milder stories in the collection. 

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Foul Shot: 5-29-06

Monday, May 29th, 2006


Okay, I know I’m super late on my NBA Conference Final Predictions so I will not bother dedicating a section to them, but will just include them as part of my Foul Shot multi-subject post. I’ve been hella busy with work and as I write this piece I’m in the middle of grilling some cajun catfish outside, setting up my daughters pool, paying some bills online and trying to entertain and piss you off all at the same time. David Blaine ain’t got shit on me.


Grilled Caucasian: I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I watch any type of Nascar or Formula one racing but being that its Memorial Day Weekend and anyone who’s ever been outside their bedroom (which isnt that often with some of you internet folk) knows Grilling and Memorial Day go hand in hand.  I think racing and hockey are very similar for me. I never ever ever ever will watch either one unless A) It’s highlights of a great accident or B) It’s a highlight of two caucasian men in skates trying to kill each other.  Nothing better than White on White crime. (notice they never start a fight with one of the few brothers who play?) Anyway, if your wondering who that is trying not to be part of the Memorial Day festivites in that picture it is Buddy Rice who was participating in the Indianopolis 500 on Sunday.  All you Jeffrey Dahmer types, put the BBQ sauce away, he escaped the firepit.


Babe Ruth Is Dead!:  GOOD! Barry might not be playing great due to injuries but he still passed that old woman beating, alcoholic, overrated sloppy bum. Barry Bonds is possibly the greatest player EVER and he has never been found guilty of any type substance violations.  So save the gossip for someone else.  If he say, she say made someone guilty, D.C. police be looking for people from Roc-A-Fella for involvement with the Cam shooting.  I will even go one step further, let’s say Barry "The Greatest Player Ever" Bonds did use steroids, its null and void because the fact that Babe Ruth did not have to play against any minority players during his career cancels it out!


Jermaine Taylor vs Winky Wright: Not much hype has been made about this fight. For what reason I cannot figure out.  Jermaine Taylor beat one of the best fighters our era has ever seen in Bernard Hopkins.  Winky Right is one of the most technical fighters of the era and has beaten just about everyone who’s stepped in front of him.  Sounds like the makeup for a great fight.  So why has the promotion has been that of a backpack underground indie hiphop album? I don’t care about the two billboards above McDonalds on 125th street.  You know damn well we don’t order pay-per-view in the hood, we use the bootleg box.  Wise up yall! Anyway, I’m gonna run with Jermaine Taylor on this one.  He already beat a great technical fighter than Wright when he defeated Hopkins twice, plus he’s stronger than anyone Winky has faced.

Nash.jpgNBA Conference Finals: I hate the fact that I’m late with this and don’t want to go into each series that much.  I can tell you I did pick Miami over Detroit before they were up 2-1.  I also picked Dallas over Phoenix.  Miami just looks like their chemistry picked up against NJ and the fact that Detroit went 7 games with Cleveland + the fact they have Flip Saunders coaching and not Larry Brown AND Miami happens to have a coach by the name of Pat Riley.  No way is Riles getting outcoached by a dude named after a dolphin.  I’m rooting for Phoenix but I don’t see them getting by Dallas.  I’ll go one step further than normal here though.. If Dallas players Detroit in the finals, I got Dallas.  If Miami plays Dallas, I got Miami.  If Phoenix makes the finals, I got whoever they playing.

Video: Loon Dissing Mase & More

Monday, May 29th, 2006

If you’re into this sort of thing, which most of you are, here’s some video of Loon talking about Mase finding God, the real reason he left Harlem, and calling him out for claiming he wrote Big L’s lyrics.

But that’s not all. Here’s Loon dissing Jay and Nas’s I Declare Peace Concert, claiming Crip and talking shit, and Lil Cease talking extra greasy about the Kim situation.

And just for good measure, here’s some random dude who’s been shot like 25 times.

Chappelle’s Show – The Lost Episodes: Uncensored

Monday, May 29th, 2006


Here’s the cover for the DVD release of what would have been the 3rd season of Chappelle’s show. I would imagine Dave’s lawyers are putting together some kind of lawsuit as we speak. More info on the DVD here.

Daily Headlines 5-29-06

Monday, May 29th, 2006

18 year old Destin Mills was paralyzed after gunfire erupted at a holiday barbecue allegedly attended by Lloyd Banks.

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas and forward Awvee Storey and Pittsburgh Steelers first-round pick Santonio Holmes were among the nearly 600 people arrested in Miami Beach in connection with Memorial Day festivities as of Sunday morning.

Raekwon Signs to Aftermath?

French rapper faces jail time for calling the country a "slut" among other things.

Not satisfied to make a mockery of only one artform she has no business going near, Paris Hilton will also incorporate Reggae into her upcoming album. *dry heaves*

What does it mean , this Memorial Day, to die in a war so founded on lies? (via GNN)

Bush ‘planted fake news stories on American TV’ 

Scientists shed new light on invisibility