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Archive for April, 2006

Field Mob Cops A Plea

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006


It has come to my attention that there is a brand new blog entry on Field Mob’s Myspace page in which they attempt to dismiss that video of them making fun of New York as "fake." The statement, presumably written by one of their publicists, can be read here.

The writer claims that the clips were taken from a Raw Report DVD Magazine and that the video currently making the rounds is somehow false, and a link to the actual footage is given. 

Well, I watched the original video clip and there are in fact some differences. For one, when Smoke and Shawn J are doing their little New Yorker impersonations, text was placed over the scene that read: "Poking fun at NY slang! LMAO!!" In the original video, that text was not there.

Also, certain scenes were taken out of context such as the freestyle at the end, which was probably not directed at New Yorkers, although the editing gives that impression. 

While this is all well and good, the claim that the original video is somehow "false" is absurd. Whether or not the video was edited does not change the fact that Field Mob made all of the statements we saw them make on the original. It’s not like the audio was changed to make them say something they didn’t say, all of it is authentic. 

My big problem with that video isn’t the fact that they are making fun of New York slang, because honestly we make fun of Southerner’s slang all the time up here. My problem is with the statements made about the phrase "Let’s bring New York back."

For whatever reason, some people tend to interpret that statement as a subliminal shot at the South, which seems to me like a sign of insecurity. If ya’ll run shit the way you claim you do, why even worry about what others are saying? Is it that serious that you have to pick apart and analyze such an innocent statement in order to find an insult? 

I mean I see ya’ll are running around showing an awful lot of pride in your region, but when we do the same it’s a problem? If so then that’s your own goddam problem, because I’ll tell you right now, our sense of pride isn’t going anywhere. 

Truthfully, I would’ve respected Field Mob more if they would’ve just stood by their statements. If you’re gonna talk shit then talk it, but don’t try to cop plea after you see a backlash brewing. Talking about "Field Mob in no way has beef with anybody in NY." Yeah, whatever, you probably should of thought of that before you came out your face sideways.

Anyway, in the interest of improving East/South relations, I think we should all just forget about all of this nonsense. The truth is we’re arguing over shit that we will never agree on. New York will always feel it is the premier region in hip hop and so will the South. We should be spending this time and energy doing something constructive rather than bickering over greasy comments and creatively edited DVD’s.

Lupe’s Food and Liquor Delivery On Schedule

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Although his debut album Food and Liquor leaked almost 2 and a half months prior to it’s official release date, Lupe Fiasco wants his fans to know that the album will not be pushed back and will still hit shelves on June 27th. Above is a preview clip of a recent conversation he had with SOHH.

Mobb Deep To Ride NY Subway System

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006



XXL reports that Mobb Deep will be trading in those brand new Porsches that we’ve heard so much about for the good old New York Subway system. Hollywood Hav and l-m-n-o P will be riding the train all week as a promotional stunt for their upcoming G-Unit debut album, Blood Money.

A couple of questions immediately come to mind: Will Prodigy be wearing all of that flashy new jewelry he’s been sporting around town lately? And if so, will the these two animal thugs be accompanied by the world famous G-Unit security team that their lord and savior brings with him everywhere he goes? 

I’m just saying because these two are each about 5’5 and look like they weigh all of maybe 300 pounds put together, and while it’s not the 80’s, or even the 90’s anymore, those New York City high school students have been known to not fuck around.

Shit, kids have been laid out and even killed over $300 Ipods so Ballerina P, who’s been known to have a bit of a problem holding onto his jewelry, might want to leave those bracelets that cost more than the homes some of these kids live in, back at the mansion.

Jay’s Boy Ty-Ty Cops To R.Kelly Attack

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006


Jay’s childhood friend Tyran "Ty-Ty" Smith pleaded guilty yesterday to disorderly conduct for the October 2004 macing of R.Kelly and 4 of his bodyguards during the Best of Both World’s Tour. He recieved 4 days of community service.

Media think I’m fakin like Mason
But when it come to Ma$e fuck R. Kelly I don’t take it in the face
I find out who sprayed and I’m puttin you under the pavement
No buddhist priest, catholic, or baptist pastor can save him


Daily Headlines 4-25-06

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

BET is developing a reality series involving football player Vince Young and rapper DMX.

Marc Ecko is felling very litigious this month. He just filed another lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg and the City of NY.

Bush orders probe into Gas prices. I wonder how much that’s gonna cost taxpayers. If they want to get to the root of the high prices, they could probably save alot of time and money by just propping a mirror up on the President’s desk.

Cassidy Freestyle on Rap City

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

“I’m definitely not gonna water down my lyrics cause of what I’ve been through. If anything, my lyrics gon be even harder than ever. Cause I got a lot to get off my chest. I got a lot to talk about.” – Cassidy during a recent interview with SOHH.

‘Cuz when I had my last trial it was a fast trial
my lawyer said he’ll spank the case like a bad child
wow he was bonafied
I was found not guilty on both of my attempts and a homicide
I’m in the hood like Rambo, so I got involuntary manslaughter ‘cuz of the ammo
But I don’t really feel it’s a loss
I was facing life and I’m home now so I feel like a boss

Stray Shots

Monday, April 24th, 2006


A Great Day in L.A. 

Whoo Kid is heading back to Bahrain in a couple of weeks to pick up tracks from Michael Jackson for a possible 50 Cent collaboration. If he’s not working with exiled pedophiles, you might just catch Curtis chatting it up with the ladies on The View.

Dre was probably dreading the day we’d find out about this

Cam pulls off another surprise signing

Tom Breihan breaks down Saturday night’s Ghostface show that I missed like the procrastinating idiot that I am. As a result my New York Hip-Hop pass has been temporarily revoked, but I plan on redeeming myself next month when I will witness a certain little band from Philly tear down Radio City Music Hall.

I had never heard of this kid Joey Jihad until a couple of days ago when a video of him getting sucker punched showed up on the internet. Now some boxer in Philly got popped and some people are saying he was the same guy who knocked out homey.

The sucker punch video has been removed from Youtube for some reason, but you can download it here. Here’s an article about the dead boxer and a discussion about the whole situation on the Max Boxing forums.

**More new Joe Buddens – New Jerz Shit** 

Daily Headlines 4-24-06

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Family of Slain Bouncer ‘Terrified’ For Safety, Struggling To Pay For Funeral

New Orleans Hip-Hop Is the Home of Gangsta Gumbo 

How Marc Ecko Tagged Air Force One 

Bush’s Surprising Choice for New Press Secretary 

Soldiers in Iraq Rap About the Battles, the Danger, and Their Emotions on New CD  

Cameron Giles and Mason Betha Ballin’

Monday, April 24th, 2006

In Killa Season they used some old footage of Mase and Cam playing basketball during a flashback sequence. Here is that scene from the movie.

The Clipse – Money Talks

Monday, April 24th, 2006


Well what do you know, another song with a Jay-Z sample on the chorus. New Clipse featuring this kid Jiggolo from Suave House 2.

Clipse ft. Jiggolo – Money Talks