Bad Influence


Ok, Lupe let go of his hand and back away. This is not the type of guy you want to be seen around town with, trust me. It starts out with a simple handshake and next thing you know you’re singing hooks and rocking dress shirts with the sleeves cut off.

More pics at the ‘Loop.

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123 Responses to “Bad Influence”

  1. Sour D. aka uneckbone Says:

    i feel you. thats why i always buy two pairs when i go. i’ll procrastinate so long before i go back. but i been good for the last couple months. constantly re-upping.

  2. Sour D. aka uneckbone Says:

    and the bad part about anything. the ny is usually mets or giants. been dying to find a yankee anything shirt.

  3. Darth Cipher Says:

    you serious bout it being mets or giants… shit you need to come to montreal then, for some fucking reason its like every sports store is on the yankee dick… cant find a mets fitted anywhere, always the fucking yankees, im sick of them i dont even like that fucking team, fuck the yankees yeah i fucking said it, fuck the yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A-rod aint shit

  4. Sour D. Says:

    Cipher, i was talking about a company called aNYthing. they usually incorporate a ny franchise to be the letters NY in aNYthing. and i personally haven’t seen any t-shirts that use the yankee style lettering.

  5. Darth Cipher Says:

    oh my bad homie

  6. Darth Cipher Says:

    shits maDD epensive, can you say rip off

  7. bo0st yAa Says:

    damn that anything line is hot def gonna cop me a shirt or 2 or 3

  8. eskay Says:

    28 dollars is mad expensive?

  9. Dumb Nigga aka Milk Money Says:

    LUPE!! WHY!!?

  10. Sour D. Says:

    seriously. i don’t think i ever bought a shirt that was cheaper than $25, not including the 4 for $20 at foot locker.

    boost, if your in or around bk, go to my boys store, sneak tip. its no bootlegg store, sick collection of kicks, hoodies, and t-shirts. it took me a good 20 min to find just a pic of those vandal canvas kicks i posted up earlier. good luck finding them anywhere but there. say roger sent you and it will get you a free anything shirt with a pair of kicks from the exclusives display. he’s got hypebeast and thehundreds behind him if that means anything to you about the quality of his store.

  11. Sour D. Says:,-95.677068&sspn=33.489543,58.535156&q=sneak+tip&latlng=37062500,-95677068,1619017750769041533

  12. Darth Cipher Says:

    the BBC shit is expensive… should of been specific

  13. Sour D. Says:

    i don’t even see BBC on that page, but next time i’ll make sure to say its the big picture in the middle of the page with the company logo i was just referring to.

  14. Darth Cipher Says:

    yeah i figured

  15. D. Billz Says:

    That 10 Deep shirt is a beast. They got a hoodie just like it.

  16. Lili Says:

    Detroit is the last place I’d want to live I’d rather live in Africa or even Russia.

    ^^ @ King ML: Wow. That’s the quote of the day.


    it took me a good 20 min to find just a pic of those vandal canvas kicks i posted up earlier. good luck finding them anywhere but there.

    ^^@ Sour D: U still have a link to the pic? Vandals are my thing….I’m not really a sneaker chick, but Vandals have a spot in my heart and I try to collect em, but they are virtually obsolete in dc/md so I have to stick to ordering em…my cuz says they’re all around in Va but I have yet to go get some where he stays…..

  17. rudegal@aol Says:

    We are here and QUEER -getusedtoit

  18. Sour D. Says:

    yeah billz. i always liked 10deep and i was the only one. i had a shirt back in the day with brass knuckles in the middle and in script on top it said “problem solver”. now they have it in a hoodie but it says “problem solved” too bad its sold out.

  19. gunitgroupieforlive Says:

    that ficture is straight gangsta tip drill,50 rules the popskchart with ganxta mack music all ya snifer and sit back while jezus I mean 50 is takin over.

  20. rapgod2003 Says:

    Why wont conscientious rappers stand up and fight against the-powers- that-be, instead of always kissing ass! Rappers like Common, Kanye, and Mos Def could destroy a fake nigguh like Jay Z or 50 with one stroke of the pen! But what do they do! They shake fuckin’ hands with the nigguz cause they don’t wanna make waves. Remember Tupac! He even dissed Dre and showed how you don’t need million-dollar producers to make a classic record! Lupe…when you get your weight up…will you make a move?

  21. Deshawn Says:

    50 cent is a bitch… how in the fuck do you get rich and leave ya grandmother in the hood??? thats some hoe ass shit… and his cousin should do what 50 did…. come in the game on some beef shit.. beef withthe biggest name… OMG, that would mean beefin with 50… and if he does, ill go buy his cd… just on GP that i dont think he’d leave grandma like little bitch ass 50 cent has… yanno what 50… ya days are numbered… and all this tuff talk will soon be put o test when ya security team aint there to protect you…. i cant weait to see what hapopens in this next year.. i predict that someone will eba t the shit outta 50.. i got $100 on it!!!

  22. gunitkillaz Says:

    fuck all yall faggots, theres only 1 group that is as good as gunit – dipset….everyone has fallen off, and cant do shit anymore….name one artist or group thats on the way up??? i can only name one, lil wayne…other than that, there aint shit…lloyd banks is the best rapper out…..the game,,, terrible…yall are just a bunch of dick suckin faggots, cause yall know that 50 and banks are the best…

  23. The Advanced Soul Says:

    Is it just me, or has Larry King had like 5 heart attacks and 5 divorces. I guess that’d be a broken heart for each.

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