Cam Signs Money Mike


According to SOHH, Kat Williams aka Money Mike aka A Pimp Named Slickback, has signed an album deal with none other than Camron’s Diplomat Records. I remember reading an interview with him where he said he was recording a rap/comedy album, and I heard the Dipset rumor, but now it appears to be official. Cam is said to have sealed the deal by blessing Williams with a custom Dipset chain recently in Atlanta. 

If you’re curious about Mike’s lyrical abilities, you need look no further than Game’s Ghost Unit mixtape from last year, where  Pimpin’ hooked up with the Compton rapper for a dis track aimed at Rocafella artists the Young Gunz: 

Chris and Neiffy I’m all in you sweety
Y’all can’t beat me
You’ll see when you meet me
And I’mma say it real clear so you niggaz understand
Fuck the Young Gunz and both of your fans
Somebody in your camp should’ve told you to stop it
And now you two rappers gettin’ fucked by a comic
I done been to New York
You niggaz aint a factor
How does it feel to get dissed by an actor
And y’all can’t really diss a nigga at all
I made one fuckin’ movie I’m more famous than y’all
And it’d take more than some Young Gunz to hurt me
I put your momma on the stroller bitch aint but thirty
Y’all just got mustaches how y’all gonn burn me
Two young gay virgins a Bert and Ernie
You don’t concern me cuz y’all aint hot
Y’all the only girl group Rocafella got
Now the fact just don’t say my name no more
And try to keep your CD out the 99 cent store

Not bad for a comedian huh? D4L better watch out or they might end up on the wrong end of a Money Mike dis next. In the same MTV interview he said "I’m not gonna ever be a great rapper…But I can flow better than 36 percent of the rappers out there. As long as ‘Laffy Taffy’ is out there, I could be a genius, lyrically." He ain’t lying.

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72 Responses to “Cam Signs Money Mike”

  1. Dumb Nigga Says:

    OH NO!! Now Cam has the lyrical genius of Money Mike!!!


  2. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Chris and Neiffy I’m all in you sweety
    Y’all can’t beat me

    Now that he’s in Dipset he needs to make sure shit like that gets a no homo!

  3. Des of The Killaz Says:

    sheeeit i thought that was snoop at first

  4. sam cockadoo Says:

    hahha, yo that bert and ernie line was good. I have to admit that was pretty funny though.

  5. ONE Says:

    After years of ghostwriting for Cam’, Cam’ finally signs him!

  6. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:


  7. jersey Says:

    lol aint that cuz from Friday who was playing that fucked up part?….Cam Buggin 4real….

  8. D. Billz Says:

    Know what’s really funny? The possibility of him actually droppin’ a album before JR Writer, Hell Rell, or 40. Cal… that’s hilarious. And is Duke Da God actually coming out with an album? You know your team is hurtin’ when the A&R gotta rap. LOL.

    Imagine Havre Pierre puttin’ an album out titled, “Bad Boy? Bad Choice”


    first off i like money mike i think he’s a funny ass dude he was great in friday after next and i think he is hilarious on wild’n out and i heard that diss track to the yg’s i just never really understood why he felt like he had to diss them, he was mad cause of young chris’s line line ” fake as pimpm like money mike ” but why should he get pissed at that ? his character ” money mike ” was just that a fake ass pimp they were talking about his chracter in a movie why get all bent out of shape about it,

    why would cam do this how is cam think this will be such a great power move? what is he gonna get money mike to diss hov now ? maybe kat could actually get a response cause we know cam’s bird ass cant

  10. eskay Says:

    yo Billz, that Duke Da God shit dropped this week and went double wood. they only moved like 23k copies…

  11. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    More like double glass

  12. dubble13 Says:

    More like “double ass”

  13. eskay Says:

    hey MadeInMilwaukee,

    Are you paying attention? do you see me criticising NY artists? ok good, remember that the next time you accuse me of hating on the South but letting NY niggas slide.

  14. Darth Cipher Says:

    shit didnt even go sewing thread lol… when your A&R drops you know your squad needs some help… and i gotta admit some of them rhymes were pretty sick, but its true, dude shouldnt be saying shit just because they dissed his character, those kinda comebacks make a man look insecure… would i buy his record, fuck no, dude needs to stick to comedy, any comedian can make a diss track, cause all diss tracks are about are punchlines, the masters of which would be comedians… so im not even gunna give him a second wiff… Cam’s an ass if he truly thinks this dude is gunna help out dipset, he needs to focus on his dvd rappers before he starts getting other niggas on his label…

    lol speaking of Cam, i made a camron character on fight night round 3, i beat the shit outta that nigga so bad haha, since i cant do it in real life, though if giving the oppurtunity i wouldnt hesitate (and this is for the 4mins of my life im never gunna get back wathcing you piss on a nigga, fucking faggot *hits him in the kidney*)

  15. eskay Says:

    go here now:

  16. jan Says:

    This is the last thing the Young Gunz need. Their last album bombed, they have no money and they are back living in their old neighbourhood. And now to top it of they have some comedien making diss records aimed at them. Life just isn’t fair….

  17. buppy Says:

    i bet they swap threads


    lol speaking of Cam, i made a camron character on fight night round 3, i beat the shit outta that nigga so bad haha, since i cant do it in real life, though if giving the oppurtunity i wouldnt hesitate (and this is for the 4mins of my life im never gunna get back wathcing you piss on a nigga, fucking faggot *hits him in the kidney*)

    o shit that shit was funny as fuck i think i might just go do that myself right now.

  19. KingML Says:

    Looks like all they need now is some talent.

  20. Darth Cipher Says:

    lol i encourage everyone to do that, my friend gave me the idea(i was surprised i didnt think of it myself) im currently making a 50cent character as well, and im gunna enjoy breaking his nose…

    eskay thanks for the link, that is one sexy mama, i would love to give her the marriage and children she seeks in the next five years… women like that will make a man settle down, whether hes the player type or not… so damn beautiful

  21. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    I see you Eskay!! But we all know he a clown.

  22. KingML Says:

    RE: Eskay: on that Maliah: “Tattoo on her lower back, might as well be a bullseye.”

  23. E From BK Says:

    Money Mike is Dipset’s GOAT now.

  24. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Yesterday i saw a commercial for Killa Season! I’d have to say it looks like a masterpiece(garbage)

  25. reggaetonslasher Says:

    That chick is on fiya, but later its fri time to get it in Peace!

  26. Darth Cipher Says:

    i want the nice 45″ booty… i would serious kiss that thing if i could, rub some flavoured massage oil that heats up when its rubbed in… mmm mmm mmm, that must be jelly cause jam dont shake like that WOOO!!!!!!

  27. Darth Cipher Says:

    that nice***

  28. Amped Says:

    I thought it was Snoop at first, too.

    I like that rap and that shit he said about Laffy Taffy.

  29. the Landlord Says:

    …chris and little neefeeeee, my son loves them, he’s 7…that was some funny shit…he bodied them…

  30. D. Billz Says:

    @ Eskay… double wood? That shit shoulda went styrafoam.

  31. D. Billz Says:

    @ Ty… I agree chief. That nigga was disgruntled about a line that wasn’t even a dis. You played a fake pimp in a movie, and he was comparing that to how guys act. It had nothing to do with Kat Williams as a person.

    “sensitive thugs, yall all need hugs” — Big Homie

  32. Sour D. aka uneckbone Says:

    i don’t have much time but to say two things.

    money mike is hilarious.

    biggs, you can’t see me in fight night 3.

  33. D. Billz Says:

    @ Es… good lookin’ on that link posted with the chick. I think that’s the shorty I kept rewinding the video to see who it was in the yellow draws with her cheeks. I read the article. Too bad she only like thugs… damn.

  34. D. Billz Says:

    cheeks out**

  35. c0l0mb14n1116 R.I.P Proof Says:

    i rememba wen dat ghost unit shit came out, dis was da funniest shyt in da tape besides dontcha => (wish your unit was blackwallstreet)

  36. c0l0mb14n1116 R.I.P Proof Says:

    i rememba wen dat ghost unit shit came out, dis was da funniest shyt in da tape besides dontcha => (wish your unit was blackwallstreet)

  37. tyronebiggums Says:

    sour d. I’d gladly accept that challenge ill body anybody in that shit aint nobody seeing me

  38. Jopo Says:

    I thought he says…

    “Fuck the young guns and both of their fans.”


    “Fuck the young guns and vote for your fans”

    Like, the second one just doesn’t make as much sense, but I haven’t heard it in a while.

  39. eskay Says:

    ^ you’re right, I just copied and pasted and didn’t even notice that. fixed

  40. byak Says:

    i’m so sick of cats dissing cats for lyrical ability ….everything is not lyrical…some simple things sound hot….fuck haters, half the cats who diss D4L is one dimensional as hell…..what yall know bout Jlive, Juice, Murs, Justus League, MF Doom, and underground cats…its all guns with most cats or straight up old music…music is music…fuck what they say…..most cats dont live it anyway whether its positive or negative…they only one i fuck with on a personal level is dead prez….but to get amped off what the stupid ass that manage this site has to say would be pointless…must be a young cat or some cat dat only listens to old music…i go back from Roy Ayers, Isleys, Zap Mama, the Moments to anything….music is music….damn i would come back to see what the stupid ass has to respond from this but i can’t stand it anymore….besides there other things to work on….get ya mind right…..if a nigga aint braggin he’s either bringing you down so for me to say this would be hypocrital but fuck it, it needed to be said…cats hate and diss on more black people doing something more than anything…it aint like d4l rapping bout coke all through there songs…its just a dance..but what a nigga gonna do..hate on that….shit…..i love black people but i hate niggaz…niggaz will find a way to ruin a niggaz fun…..its too many mad rappers and too many niggaz that gotta rap about they problems to get acceptance from most dumb ass niggas like yall….on that note…peace…i wish some of yall can read this and open yall mind ….peace and love…



  41. eskay Says:

    ^ you’re an idiot.

  42. Big E Says:

    Thats a good look for Cam. I’d buy a Money Mike album waaayyy before I buy that d4l gawwbage.

  43. D. Billz Says:

    Pointless, sensitive niggas go that-a-way ——->

    Byak, that means you.

  44. Big E Says:

    OH…..MY……..GOD………I know I’m late but damn that Malia girl is thick as hell!

    *Nuts in jeans*

  45. 911 Says:

    Eskay how is he an idiot? I clown d4l as much as the next nigga but I understand what he’s saying…….besides the God himself part……all hip hop can’t be ……..for a lack of a better expression hip hop I don’t know what to call it I guess its rap but just a different kind. Everybody can’t sound like Nas, Pac, Big, Jay and them……or can they?

  46. Big E Says:

    ^^^no. They can’t.

  47. eskay Says:

    He’s an idiot because he comes on my site callin me an ass like somethings sweet. Kat Williams said it, not me, even though I agree with the statement. If you wanna stick up for bullshit that’s on you but be easy when you’re referring to me little homey.Since when is it a fucking problem when somebody likes lyrics? Niggas can’t be serious.

  48. 911 Says:

    Now I got your angle it’s was a tad bit deeper than what I was reading maybe know byak understands your angle. I’m more into lyrics myself to, but of late I’ve been trying to not be such a skeptic of those who lack lyrical abilities just been accepting these guys for what they are. My girl kind of likes some of these guys music so when this songs come on and she listens to them and I’m around the house acting like hip hop is to me what the ring was to smigel and frodo….haha… I been trying to loosen up about it.

  49. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *can make Jay-z, Nas, and Jada sound like D4L compared to his abilities*

    *boosts swag some more*

  50. Sour D. aka uneckbone Says:

    911, thats pretty wack that your girl is getting you at of lyricism and into d4l. but now at wack as your lord of the rings referance.

    biggs, you online with fightnight?

    ^^this dude katt williams is fuckin hilarious

  51. wireless giant Says:

    Mike epps………………..

  52. Darth Cipher Says:

    well to comment on the hiphop is… D4L has on more then one occassion stressed the fact of “snap music”, so we can safely say there not “hip hop”, there snap music, if you like put the in the strain of “club rap music”… same way i say 50 is a gangster RNB singer/Rapper…(stans shut up im making a point)… everybody wants to be hip hop but on the real they arent, look at rock n roll… they have so many branches, emo, hard, soft, indie it goes on… why is it hip hop cant do that have the fucking branches… everybody wonna be hip hop but no ones really being hip hop, there being gangster or club or snap get what im saying… we gotta start putting emcees in a cataglory and keep em there… no sneaking off, and no trying to be what your not, T-Pain is stripper RNB(bitches work the pole to his music)

  53. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:


  54. c0l0mb14n1116 R.I.P Proof Says:

    ^^ co-sign dat

    im alryte as long as nobody starts frontin sayin dat dey lyical, dey can do their club muzik n im cool wit dat, but juz dnt b sayin u changin da game & dat u lyrical wen ur dat type of artist datz not lyrical, besides dat itz all good, erybody should have a chance to make their paper

    im out


  55. vince Says:

    “Cam is said to have sealed the deal by blessing Williams with a custom Dipset chain recently in Atlanta.”

    What’s this? I’ve seen it so much the past few years and it’s some strange shit. Normal people sign a contract have a drink a dinner, and a line of coke if you want to take it there (rip Len Bias). No fucking chains, that’s some native tribal shit like Catawba or Iroquoi shit. Stop that.

  56. Bhopal Says:

    He’s a funny dude, I remember when dude was on “My Wife & Kids” he had a nigga rollin.

    Congrats to Money Mike.

    As far as Cam & Dipset, fuck em, “A!”


    sour d. – naw homie i dont have the wireless modem shit, i always say im gonna cop it but there always plenty of people at my spot who always wanna play i wouldnt even be able to get any online shit on, but i do need some better comp. cause * THE CHAMP IS HERE *

  58. 911 Says:

    Be easy Sour D, I didn’t say I was not all about lyrics anymore I said that I was accepting those who didn’t bring that to the table….not the same as liking them, more like just not caring about what they do…….in reference to my reference mufuckas at my job*USAF* was talking bout lord of the rings I saw similarities and wrote what I wrote u don’t like it what u gone do write about me…….fag

  59. Doc Flav Says:

    Len Bias, Vince Went Back. D4l Whole Album Aint Snap Music, Btw. Every Rapper Is Lyrical Since The Definition Of Lyric Is Basically A Word Or Phrase In A Song Or Poem. Sometimes Complex Lyrics Are Boring, While Simple Ones Are Entertaining. It Takes Creativity To Make Simple Lyrics Dope. You Can Dis Simplicity, But If Its Dope, Your Point Is Moot.

  60. ricco Says:

    More pics of that shorty with the .45 here:

  61. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    lol MONEY MIKE = GOAT! lol at his lyrics really had me laughin! wow! but why would he waste his talent with the dipset

  62. ProbleMatic Says:

    Des of The Killaz Says:

    April 21st, 2006 at 4:39 pm
    sheeeit i thought that was snoop at first


  63. Darth Cipher Says:

    FUCK YOU!!!

  64. That NI99A Says:

    stop fakin on cam

  65. Lili Says:

    Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:
    April 22nd, 2006 at 7:11 pm

    lol MONEY MIKE = GOAT! lol at his lyrics really had me laughin! wow! but why would he waste his talent with the dipset

    Cuz no one else would waste their $ on

    Good luck to him tho. Don’t think the Dipset alliance will garner him any real sales, but hey…get it how u live……….

  66. Luis Says:

    who cares!

  67. southern boi Says:

    the song is called palm pilot. yo i heard that shit and the song is straight raw! it goes in my book for one of the greatest diss tracks of all time. especially by a comedian/actor. hell his verses was even better than the Game’s to me.that stuff was tight. and of course money mike is better than d4l. he’s ten times better than all of them combined. but money mike was wrong he ain’t better than 36 percent of the rappers in the rap game he better than at least 50 percent and all of texas.

    so in the words of paul wall, “ALREADY!”

  68. eskay Says:

    ^ damn Texas, ya’ll gonna let southern boi play ya’ll like that? he said Money Mike is better than all ya’ll rappers? daaaamn…

  69. biggumskiller Says:

    instigatin ass nigga

  70. biggumskiller Says:

    mike epps is funnier that ol boy any way

  71. LiLms gubbster Says:

    yea he is funny i dont personally know y u would put his name in yall song they is stupid and poor

  72. Boosie Says:

    hey what up fam

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