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Playoff Predictions Part 1: Eastern Conference

sheed_1.jpgDetroit Pistons vs Milwaukee Bucks – I really like alot of players on the Bucks (Redd, Ford, Simmons) but let’s be real. It’s just a tune-up for Detroit. Bogut a rookie and should get abused whenever he’s on the floor by Detroit’s frontline.  Magloire is a pretty solid center for Milwaukee whenever he decides to put forth effort but that isnt too often.  Detroit is primed for a championship run, Milwaukee is just happy to be in the playoffs. Detroit wins this one 4-0.

bullsheat.jpgMiami Heat vs Chicago Bulls – Miami is pretty much in the same situation as Detroit.  They are ready for their championship run but Chicago is ALOT better than Milwaukee so this playoff series could manifest some interesting games and matchups.  Shaq will probably force Tyson Chandler to miss the rest of next season by the time the series is over but the matchup I do want to see is Dwayne Wade vs Ben Gordon. Dwayne Wade is clearly the superior of the two but BG is no pushover.  I think the games overall will be tight but Miami will win them down the stretch.  Miami wins 4-1.TJ.jpg

New Jersey Nets vs Indiana Pacers – This matchup will probably be the best out of all the matchups in the East.  I dont know who has a bigger head these days, Nets fans with their dreams of making the finals or Jason Kidds son? I know realistic Nets fans are thinking they can atleast make a run to the Eastern Conference and they just might but Indiana is as hard a matchup as any first round opponent in the Eastern playoffs.  If there is to be an upset in the first round, I think this will be it. If Jermaine O’Neal is somehow healthy, there is NO ONE on NJ who can check him. The X-factor for Indiana is Jamal Tinsleys health and conditioning and if Peja can somehow rewind back to 2002 and get himself going.  On the otherhand, NJ has one of the most electrifying players in the L with Vince Carter and we all know what he is capable of doing both in the regular season and the post season. I’m going to go against the grain with this one and say Indiana upsets NJ 4-2.bron-playoffs.jpg

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Washington Wizards – Do you really think David Stern is going to allow his golden boy ‘Bron to get cooked by Gilbert and get sent home in the first round? Hell nah.  I mean technically, Washington should win this series but them refs got the call from Stern, they know what time it is.  I wouldnt be suprised if a player on the bench gets called for a foul on Lebron during this series.  Cavaliers win 4-2

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64 Responses to “Playoff Predictions Part 1: Eastern Conference”

  1. Joe 88 Says:


  2. Lp Says:

    Wizards beat Cavs.

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    i Agree wit most of the playoff predictions you made but the cavs beating the wizards & indiana beating the nets? I don’t think so. The cavs would make a convincing first round apperince but compared to the wizards they look like what they are, novice to the playoffs. Big paychecks aint the only thing k garnett & lebron got in common. Wizards in 7. next the pacers ah the pacers one of my fav teams. to bad there not gonna make to the second round, and the way the nets are playing right now I don’t know, this time around they got rj wit him 100% & vince is playing like he got something to prove. You’re right about j o neal at the top of his game being a factor but when was the last time you seen o neal at 100% in the playoffs? Nets in 6

  4. the Landlord Says:

    …indiana is not a legitimate championship contender anymore without Ron-Ron to hold down the half-court defense…we all know Peja pussies up in the playoffs…Nets might sweep…not sure if Bron has enough help…if hughes is healthy and can slow down arenas and caron butler Cavs will be ok…


    ok see i had a feeling you were gonna say it check the rae thread i told you. damn eskay you sleepin huh ? ok i know yea the pacers were defintely the hardest draw but first off jermaine o’neal really hasnt dominated shit in a couple years wheather its cause he’s always hurt or he just is that dominate anymore kristic can force him outside and with kidd rj and vince penetrating jermain o’neal aint stoppin them himself. im a realistic net fan ( i was just gettig that d-troit stomp fool gassed because of that deeeeeeeeeeeetrrrrrrrrrrrooooit baaaaassssssssskkkkkkeeeeeeeetbaaaaaaalll thing i cant stand that shit its the most annoying shit that guy should be smack silly everytime he says that. i think we have a realistic shot of beating miami ( if shaq is dominate shaq who knows what we will get ) and we could i repeat could beat the pistons because they have no depth im not sold on them as a given coming out of the east i think its either them the heat or the nets its possible for them all. and the pacers can pray for the old peja but he’s gone he isnt near what he was.

    also if the nets do make it to the finals and play against a healthy spurs team they wwill be lucky to win 1 or 2 games against them but i do think another trip to the finals is possible


    o yea the answer to your question is still t.j.’s head man. kid looks like an alien with that shit he is the ugliest little kid on the planet, he has basically a full mustache already thats what happens when you mix kidd with joumana god damn see looks good

  7. Dumb Nigga Says:

    ahaahhahaha!!! Jason Kidds son’s head is huge alright!!!

  8. GET Says:

    I think Chicago is going to Give Miami more trouble then People think.

    And one More Thing

    The Lakers are going to upset the Sun.

  9. the Landlord Says:

    ….man, i have a one-month old son, so im scared to talk bad about a childs appearance…..BUT…..that boy looks like one of those Mardi Gras floats or whatever them shits is in those parades with them giant heads…that being said, let us pray that he doesnt hurt himself or anyone else…Allah forgive me….please?…

  10. e-dubbs Says:


    I do the sport pieces on the site, not eskay. Just though I clarify that. You mentioned the lack of a bench for Detroit, good grief. NJ bench is god-awful. I much rather have McDyess and Tony Delk than Robinson (who was a very good player years ago) and Vaughn.

  11. G Off Says:

    Wiz will definitely beat the Cavs.

  12. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Dumb Nigga says:
    April 20th, 2006 at 5:55 pm

    ahaahhahaha!!! Jason Kidds son’s head is huge alright!!!


    Umm no Homo?

  13. Dumb Nigga Says:


    No homo for what? I was referring to the size of his cranium.

  14. D. Billz Says:

    Detroit vs Milwaukee… Chauncey, Rip, and Tayshawn are gonna have a frickin’ field day.

    MIA vs The Chi… yeah, everybody waiting to see BG match up against Wade. But who in the hell is gonna guard The Diesel? Not to mention the Heat has a deeper bench. Daaaa Bulls can chalk this one, but it should be entertaining.

    Jersey vs Indiana… damn e-dubbs, you gave the Pacers 2 games? That’s mighty generous, lol. Like dude said, without the Problem Child (Ron Artest) presence there for defense, Kidd will be oop-in RJ and Vinsanity all fuckin’ night. O’neal can’t contain them by himself. And Tinsley won’t be dishin’ dimes like that if the Nets strap up on D.

    Cavs vs The Baltimore Bullets (yes, I from B’more and hate D.C. and still can’t let that go)… lol, nah, just bullshittin’. A healthy Hughes and LeBron means hell for Wizards lackluster defense. Not to mention Hughes has something to prove because he’ll be playin’ his old team. And we know damn well the whistle will be blowin’ in King James favor the whole fuckin’ night.

    P.S. Yo, if you ever catch the roast that Shaq did for Emmitt Smith, where Guy Torry was takin’ shots at J. Kidd’s son… fuckin’ hilarious. Fucked up, but hilarious.

  15. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ I seen the that roast.. it was crazzyy/

  16. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ Dumb Nigga

    I know what you meant. I also agree… But c’mon even before nigga started puttin (no homo) behind everything it was already understood that you specified the head on someones shoulders when ever you mentioned “head”… At least that’s how it was round here…

  17. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Aight man, atleast you understood what i meant lol. But for some of those cats that might try and turn it around

    Dumb Nigga Says:

    April 20th, 2006 at 5:55 pm
    ahaahhahaha!!! Jason Kidds son’s head is huge alright!!!

    NO CAM’RON!!!

  18. c0l0mb14n1116 R.I.P Proof Says:

    ^^ lmfao @ dat no cam’ron

    iim a dipset fan, but i respect wut most of yall cats think bout dipset, but damn, this video is from a true hater!!!!


    probably a white kid from the burbs……….

  19. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Yeah, i’d agree thats definitly hating.

  20. Dumb Nigga Says:

    But Hell Rell and 40 are good on the mic though. Only two members of Dipset that i actually think are good anymore.


    I think the Bulls will definitly give the Heat a run for their money though man. But sadly, i think we all know whats gonna happen in that series……..

  21. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    ^^^^ co-signs

  22. jl3969 Says:

    the east is irrelevant save for detroit. what a piece of shit conference.

  23. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    Detroit Pistons=best startin five alive…dont sleep on our bench ethier
    they may not household names but they ball…think about it …the same goes for the starters before the championship run(except Sheed)
    in the east new jersey is a problem
    Out west i would never put my money against kobe …especially in the first round of the playoffs

  24. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    The Pistons are the only team I’ll play with on live… Real talk

  25. Darth Cipher Says:

    well i cant argue with that prediction, im thinkin same with them all

  26. bo0st yAa Says:

    dawg theres no way the nets r chokin against the pacers… theyre defense aint good enough

  27. Darth Cipher Says:

    i see it going to seven… but ultimately pacers take them… if not, whoever they face next takes em out

  28. bo0st yAa Says:

    i could definately see that happening but i like nj cuz theyre a playoff tested team inna weak conference. The only team thats been proven thorough is the pistons and i know the nets would be heavy dogs but they also were 2 years ago when they almost beat det in the conf chip series which det won 2 or 3 inna row w/theyre backs against the wall and went on 2 beat the star studded lakers 4 the chip…the nba is so unpredictable u would never expect that the biggest margin of victory this year would be nj beating the suns by 38

  29. Darth Cipher Says:

    im liking the way jersey is playing too, but i just dont see it happening…

  30. bo0st yAa Says:

    me neither i think the pistons r gonna reclaim the throne but im rootin 4 the nets

  31. RUBE Says:

    Wade county all day, everyday!!! Heat vs. Pistons…u already kno…

    Forget jason kidd son…have u seen his daughter…?

  32. Darth Cipher Says:

    man i’d be surprised if the heat made it too conference finals, the way they be playing lately, and with all these injuries, i hope they get healthy in time and can do some damage, if not i see them getting knocked second round

  33. RUBE Says:

    Everyone on heat roster healthy…they just been sittin out to prevent injury..I don’t kno bout jwill tho…and zo should be ok by now….if shaq and zo could last a whole game man…whoa! Unstoppable forces….ben wallace is fuqin scared of shaq…..antwoine walker has to step up….d wade been in playoff mode since season start BOI!!! Heat all the way….

    Btw…u heard shawn kemp gunna play…mavericks r interested in him….wtf….

  34. bo0st yAa Says:

    yo u just sound str8 retarded….the heat r nice but they aint nowhere near as dirty as det…and ben wallace must really b scared of shaq seein that he abused him 4 the chip 2 years ago when shaq had kobe, payton, and malone surrounding him and that det took the season series from the heat again…cmon boss

  35. Darth Cipher Says:

    you serious bout kemp… man i miss that dude from back to the sonic days, him and gary payton used to kill it…

    but seriously, heat cant take pistons, the only nice game heat had against pistons is that one where D.Wade had the powers of the bball gods in him lol scoring the last of the heats 17points… which was pretty sick i must say… but in playoffs detroit gunna merk everyone

  36. KingML Says:

    pistons over bucks 4-1 (at best)

    heat over bulls (4-2)

    nets over pacers (4-2)

    cavs vs wizards (4-3) cavs in overtime bad call… lebron shoots… stern ejaculates..

    we should maek a pool for end of playoffs

  37. samantha Says:

    ::stands up for the Bucks::

    ::sits down cause i haven’t watched a game since 2001::

  38. concerned (citizen) Says:

    all you fucking idiots above stick to the nba predictions, leave the little kid out of it >>>>>>>if you seen his dad in person you fucking homos would be on his dick for an autograph>>>> fucking lames LOL

  39. chronIcLLee ILL Says:

    cleveland in the house……WE ARE ALL WITNESS….cavs in 5

  40. RUBE Says:

    Lol @ cipher—–

    I kno the heat aint gonna beat detroit but hey imma heat fan so wut else can I say?

    Fuk j kidd….that wife beatin bastard!!!

  41. cklhiphop Says:

    haha… Lebron is not gonna be pleased when he sees this post.

    Cav n Wiz is a good series as well, i definitely think a upset could be happen here. G.Arena is basically unstopable right now.

  42. Foekist Says:

    Yall really think Stern be makin calls like that?

  43. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    pistons in 4
    miami in 6
    jersety in 7
    wash in 7

    San AN in 4
    Phinox in 6
    Clippers vs Denver–Best series. could go either
    Dallis in 5

    “Put ya money, fu*k it put ya honey up, better yet put ya ragaty house up, or shut ya mouf up”-The original papoose

  44. real1 Says:

    ^^of course stern’s gonna make those calls. he’s already having them ectch lebrons name on the finals mvp trophy. d-wade all the way for me. i want a heat-pistons conf game. cant have the playoffs w/o the diesel.

  45. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    e dubbs – my bad i didnt know you did this shit, but yo your sleeping on cliff yea he aint what he used to be he is still capable of dropping 20-25 on any given nightand jaque vaughn is a perfect complimentary role player who has no problem getting the ball to rj or vince. and my point about the pistons bench is there not invincleable by any means

  46. DBrown11 Says:

    Buffalo’s own Cliff robinson still got game!

  47. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ yea he most defintely still does. like i said he is still easily capable of dropping 20 on any given night people sleep on old man if you want but he will still do some things and he is still a great hustler/defeneder/rebounder

  48. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    concerned (citizen) Says:
    April 21st, 2006 at 2:44 am
    all you fucking idiots above stick to the nba predictions, leave the little kid out of it >>>>>>>if you seen his dad in person you fucking homos would be on his dick for an autograph>>>> fucking lames LOL

    ^^ not true i see him in person all the time at nets games and im always trying to holla at JOUMANA forget jason what the fuck do i want to talk to him for just give me JOUMANA and ill be happy

  49. Darth Cipher Says:

    Concerned… were not all dick riders like you just because a celeb is around lol, fucking groupie, just cause you do something doesnt mean were gunna do it… personally i think that big headed full sucks, the only thing hes good for are assist, so why the fuck would i want his autograph

  50. J. Kellz Says:

    The Pistons will be champions once again!

  51. G-town G Says:

    I dont give a fuck man my fuckin Houston Rockets is out so it really dont matter. Im gone ride wit my nigga D Wade and Shaq in Miami tho I know they got that first round.

  52. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    I don’t understand whats going on in houston they got a big man and an all stat point/foward. They need to decide who they are going to build the team around.

  53. DBrown11 Says:

    T-mac is definately that dude but his career is in jeopardy with his bad back

  54. Luis Says:

    Detroit, Miami, N.J. and Washington are mypics!

  55. bo0st yAa Says:

    i think because most ppl didnt follow the nets games down the stretch of the season especially during the streak that theyre gonna b suprised at how focused they come out against indy…its a perfect match 4 them 2 showcase vince and rj w/the drive and dish against a weak interior d w/really only 1 effective big man in j o’neal…the pacers arent what they used to be n i think it all started w/the infamous det brawl which ultimately got rid of 1 of the most defensively talented players in the league in ron artest

  56. ONE Says:

    E dubbs you’re fucked up for enlargin the kids head in that picture

  57. ONE Says:

    ohhh wait, nevermind… howd you predict the playoffs??? rub on the kids head?

  58. KOBEBRYANT Says:

    what the f&ck is up people!

    detroit and miami eastern finals…………detroit in 6!

  59. Rav Says:



    I’m a wizards stan… i can’t help it. I can’t really predict this series, cause the Wiz only have 1 player with any mental toughness: Caron Butler. I can easily see these guys gettin as soon as calls start goin cleveland’s way and have that “the refs are cheating” chip on their shoulder. Some cats thrive off that shit (sheedy) but most just get distracted and blow games.

    Huggies was my man when he was on the wiz, i was sad to see him go. Gil has a lot more to prove against him though, so I see his motivation outweighing larry’s.

  60. e-dubbs Says:

    I didnt enlarge his head, thats really his head.

  61. real1 Says:

    from watching espn this morning you would think they would give the wizards some benefit of the doubt. they won the series 3-1 during the reg season and they talking like the cavs ’bout to come in and sweep them out the 1st round. its about to be some fucked up calls against the wiz today.

  62. rube Says:

    How bout my heat bitchezz!!!! Had a hard time against bulls but still managed to win….udonis throwin his mouth piece…fuqin hilarious man…wat an ass…!!!

  63. e-dubbs Says:

    told ya NJ aint got it for J Oneal.

  64. so-ill Says:

    leave TJ alone. y’all wont be sayin that when he’s older and beatin ur asses at ball. he’s cute…….besides all children/babies have big heads. it will be in proportion to his body as he grows…..remember that all of y’all had big heads at some point in ur lives…..u can’t deny that..

    J-kidd—–best point guard alive (assists determine whether ur a good point guard or not….for ur info).

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