Comedy Central To Air Chappelle Season 3


SOHH reports that Comedy Central will finishing up production on the 3rd season of Chappelle’s Show over the next couple of days:

They will be taping the live studio audience segments of four episodes. In place of Chappelle, who used to introduce all the skits, the last episodes will be co-hosted by "Chappelle’s Show" co-creator Neal Brennan, and cast members Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings. 

I know Dave fell out with Brennan after he took his little vacation, but I wonder how he feels about Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings contributing to this season? He made it pretty clear in his recent interview with Toure on BET that he wasn’t at all pleased with the idea of them airing the partially completed season:

TOURE: Because they see you as more human?

DAVE CHAPPELLE: So much of our culture’s based on celebrity worship that it’s hard to remember that celebrities are just people, I think.

TOURE: What do you think about Comedy Central airing season three?

DAVE CHAPPELLE: I didn’t want it to be aired, obviously, or I wouldn’t have left in the first place. I feel like I’m being disciplined or perhaps bullied.  And if people don’t watch it, I’d be more than happy.  I’m not gonna say to boycott it.  But if people don’t watch it, I’d be more than happy.

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77 Responses to “Comedy Central To Air Chappelle Season 3”

  1. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ another stan who makes mobb deep look defiant. damn your pathetic there are other rappers besides 40 cent. buddens ate 50 and the whole 5 heartbeats alive, dont believe me go to and go to the artists link go to page 4 and check out joe buddens vs g-unit ( a history lesson ) you will learn something little homie and that something will be just how much nicer buddens is then your hero

  2. Bugsytheboss Says:

    2pac-this aint no freestyle battle while all you niggas gettin killed with your mouth open. stop thinking inside the box homie. this is more than just rap its a way of living and buttons my friend aint doing nothing(big money moves) but waiting for jigga to put him on the shelf dude is hott garbage and he made a name for himself by dissin gunit

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    Bugsytheboss Says:
    ^ old dude will have a heart attack after listening to a whole mixtape of joe buddens next time do the old man a favor and turn him on to some real shit that GGGGUUUUNNNNIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE RUN NEW YORK

    ^^^Spoken like a true stan

  4. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    for you to say buddens is hot garbage just proves you know nothing. GO AWAY LEAVE NOW DONT EVER COME BACK BITCH GO LEARN YOU SOME REAL HIP-HOP FOR REAL CHECK OUT THAT MIXTAPE AND PEEP HOW BUDDEN KILLED THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. ITS NOT ABOUT MONEY AT ALL ( AND BY THE WAY LISTEN TO BUDDENS “NO SUBLIME YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ILL END IT BEFORE IT GOES TO FAR/ YOUR BUZZ STILL FUCKED YOUR A LIAR MONEY/ IM STILL SPENDING PUMP IT UP FIRE MONEY ” maybe he aint never gonna be paid like 50 but dude can eat and feed his kid thats all he cares about. see what you have twisted is real hip-hop has nothing do with sales talent lyrics and skills is all that matters. first off dumbass if you knew anything 50 started the whole beef with buddens, buddens already came out with his debut album when the beef popped off 50 choose to try and attack him before he really blew up thats all that was but thats why i say you need your history lesson homie. check out the mixtape it has 50 and the rest of the g-unit groupies trash responses on it as well but you can see for yourself how bad your boys got murked

    ” fuck sales you hear your boss on a d-block hook ” – jada

  5. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    and the true esscence of hip-hop a true test is a battle not a challenge as to who can make the most 12 year old white girls from idaho shake their ass if that was what hip-hop was about then i would give 50 the crown but since its actually exactly the oppisite of what hip-hop really is 50 is a pop star not a rapper. buddens is one of if not THE best rapper alive 50 is trash and so is mushmouth banks and the worst ever yayo and spider joke

  6. Bugsytheboss Says:

    Thats all you guys know is what is on a mixtape fuck a mixtape homie. If Buttons got skills and has a fan base(i think you guys are the only button fans) jigga would have been put his album out Trust me when i say this there will never be a Def Jam Joe Buddens album. if ghostface did 100,000 in the first week and he has a way bigger fan base than buttons what do you think he will do the first week (5,000)

    JOE BUTTONS=not a factor in the rap game, barely a factor in the mixtape game

  7. Joe 88 Says:

    Bugsy you gotta be the biggest 50 stan i ever seen since luis.

    >>That’s all you guys know is what is on a mixtape fuck a mixtape homie.

    ^^ um where do you think 50 got his buzz from?

  8. samida Says:

    I am thinking that Charlie and Donnell are being paid so thay could care less. No matter how much of a fan we are of Dave Chapelle, that show was funny and we will watch it anyway! Plus, Dave is still going to get paid off those episodes.

  9. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ dog he is the king of mixtapes what to see who whens mixtape of the year dog.

    moddo musiz 2 > than 50’s entire catalog true story

    you keep bringing up sales again but sales never matter back in the day in real hip-hop and it still doesnt matter especially since sales dont mean shit especially with bootleggers and cd burners

    ” Who’s fly in rap? I in fact/
    By myself, no one behind the attack/
    And fuck Sound Scan, I ain’t BUYING that/
    Cause y’all sell em to the stores then buy ’em back ”

    the rolling stones sell more than 50 also so does celien dion why because she has a wider audience that can and will buy her shit just like 50 does ( but most the people who buy 50 cd’s dont even like rap they just want the cd to be cool so it sits in there collection right next to the nelly cd’s ) buddens might not sell like 50 ( although going gold on your debut with vurtually no push from the label is actually impressive )

    ill say this one last time rap lyricism and talent dont translate into success you need to transform to pop to have success in hip-hop if you can go gold and still stay 100% unadulterated hip-hop then you win

  10. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    great point joe 88 i forgot to add that shit in there. also joey’s debut album shit the song 10 minutes was better than 50’s entire catlogue

  11. Bugsytheboss Says:

    joe 88 says
    >>That’s all you guys know is what is on a mixtape fuck a mixtape homie.

    ^^ um where do you think 50 got his buzz from?

    mixtape game is to get exposer and your name out. these niggas are dropping mixtapes only like its there fucking L.P. or something all im saying is get a rap budget put your shit out on the shelves and see what it can do you can’t judge a major studio album vs a mixtape dont work like that. A studio album is made for everybody to hear as verses a mixtape that was made for the street only learn the rap game then preach my brother

  12. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ right but when a mixtape is better than any studio album to come out in years then you have to switch your thinking and start to respect the mixtape and the skills of dudes really killin it. and mood music pt 2 is the best album put out in a long ass time and again far superior to anything 50 has ever done

  13. D. Billz Says:

    I also think people fail to realize that some of the most intricate, and introspective songs aren’t going to make the album. You have to realized that most of the songs on Joe’s Mood Muzik 2 aren’t going to make his album because they aren’t commercial. So the best thing for Budden to do was to drop them on a mixtape.

    If you Stans had half a brain, you will realize that is why 50’s ORIGINAL FIRST ALBUM “POWER OF A DOLLAR” got shelved because of the same reason (besides that fact that he got shot and they didn’t want to promote it). 50 didn’t have any songs on his first album besides “How To Rob” that were going to be commercially successful during that point in time in his career. Therefore he released numerous G-Unit MIXTAPES THAT HAD MORE BUZZ IN THE STREETS THAN BOTH OF HIS ALBUMS COMBINED. Even Banks, his Best of Banks mixtape had a better response on the internet and on the streets than his debut album. His album only did the numbers it did because it was co-signed by the machine itself (Interscope). If Joe had the backing of the machine like 50 did and a president who wasn’t consumed by makin’ his own music, then MAYBE that would happen.

    I said MAYBE because Joey’s best songs aren’t the commercial shits that all you young ass kids are so infatuated with.

    Yo, this M.O.P. mixtape on Datpiff is FIYAAAAH! But, I’m still gonna cop the official Fight Club: Best of M.O.P. It’ll probably be better. The DJ for this Datpiff joint SUCKS. He didn’t make the tracks cohesive.

  14. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    yea that shit is fire m.o.p. = only group i g-unit i respect i cant lie i like buck too

  15. D. Billz Says:

    ^^^ Co-sign

  16. Bugsytheboss Says:

    You guys only repect backpack rappers and have no respect for the game thats why down south is taking all your favorite m.c.s contracts rap budgets and shine you say they ohh so deserve then they would have the ability to make cross-over tracks as well as street cuts Just a bunch of dummies

  17. eskay Says:

    >>You guys only repect backpack rappers and have no respect for the game

    ^you know that’s not true, stop making shit up moron


    really since when did jay-z eminem jada buddens az ghostface when did any of these people fall into the backpacker category?

  19. Bugsytheboss Says:

    But you hate underground artist who do commercial tracks???? i mean make yourself clear


    what are you talking about? i dont hate commercial artist i like some hate others what are you even saying? your saying those artist i named are underground?


    i think your the only one confused little homie ever one else understands me but none of us can figure out the nonsense your bitch ass is always yappin about

  22. Happy Go Lucky Says:

    Yeah, isn’t the authority in breaking industry news. I too have a story where posted inaccurate information, and did no justice to resolve the issue, even after I emailed them…

    However, Season 3 i don’t kow…It’ll be love hate for me, cause I surely will watch it, without hesistation. Especially since Dave said don’t boycott the show.

  23. Sugagirl Says:

    I don’t believe that at all. I saw the white boy from the Mad Real World Episode and from VH1 ( I don’t know his TV name) b/c he was at my school for the Best Week Ever Live show… anyways, he said that he doesn’t think that those episodes will ever air. He seemed definately positive that they wouldn’t. And after 2 years, why should we believe them either?

  24. eskay Says:

    Beleive it. and SOHH isn’t the nly news outlet reporting it either, go get your google news on if you don’t believe me…

  25. Asbury Says:

    I agree Dave should be happy his Black ass had a job. He’s nuts.

  26. nonix Says:

    any news when they’re premiering it yet?

  27. Chappelle’s Show with no Chappelle? : The Couch Sessions Says:

    […] Nah Right reports that Comedy Central is currently shooting the live studio audience segments of the “new season” of Chappelle’s show this week. Instead of Chappelle, co-writer Neal Brennan will host, along with Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings. […]

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