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Daily Headlines 4-14-06


Eminem Breaks His Silence On Proof

DMC Speaks on violence in Hip Hop 

New Film to Portray Jesus as a Blackman 

A Police union in Florida takes out an ad blaming cop shortage on a hip hop concert.  

I don’t know if I’m feeling these outfits they rock in Spain during Semana Santa or "The Week of The Saints."


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25 Responses to “Daily Headlines 4-14-06”

  1. reggaetonslasher Says:


  2. reggaetonslasher Says:

    hahahahahaha finally, this is some right of passage type shit

  3. happycat Says:

    if it makes you feel better, they’ve been wearing those outfits for centuries. the klan are some swagger jackers for real yo

  4. reggaetonslasher Says:

    F the clan and for that matter f all the racist bastards out there. On Proofs murder like every other senseless murder in hip hop, we will never know the truth about what really happened. And like Uncle murder said in a freestyle, “you’ll be famous for a week, then a month later no one will know you, and refer to you as that dark skinned guy”…

  5. uneckbone Says:

    lol @ “the clan are some swagger jackers”

  6. Spliff Huxtable Says:

    ^^^ Swagger Jackers….priceless

    Anyone remeber the Southpark Episode about the clan?


  7. uneckbone Says:

    ^^^loving the name “Spliff Huxtable”. and i watch south park pretty often, i don’t remember that episode.

  8. Demiks Says:

    Yea, those Semana Santa outfits make me reeaal uncomfortable.

  9. Lili Says:

    Nice there’s gonna be a movie w/a Black Jesus. I know they’re tryna encourage Blacks and Jews to look toward our similarities and unite, but REALLY….guess we’ll have to show support cuz as many Black folks saw Passion of the Christ (as devoid it was of any minorities), there won’t be ANY White folks tryna see this……

    I think I remember that episode of SP….you see the recent one? With Bush, Jesus and what I can only describe as IBS…. lmao Can’t say it really sat well with me, but I respect the hell outta that show & it’s creators.

  10. LouBANG5 Says:

    them suits kinda look like a kkk outfit

  11. Foekist Says:

    LouBANG5 Says:

    April 14th, 2006 at 12:24 pm
    them suits kinda look like a kkk outfit



  12. Foekist Says:

    And DMC is basically saying what I was saying earlier in the week about how the music is creating an endless loop of violence, or at least inspires it. I hope Plug’s hoe ass reads it, he was the main one arguing against that point.

  13. Kornphlake Says:

    Did anyone see any of the new ten commandments on ABC this week? They still won’t even let the Egyptians be dark skinned on there. This movie will have the most limited release ever. Millions of Protestant Quackers will question there religion when they find out that Jesus wasn’t white. Don’t these film makers know that white people as a whole can’t handle any truth being told to them?

  14. eskay Says:

    >>them suits kinda look like a kkk outfit

    *blank stare*

  15. Timothy O'Riley III Says:

    the suits also look like them outfits those people who burn crosses wear. Fucking cone heads

  16. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    It Aint Juzt In Spain, Dey Do dat shyt in almost every mainly catholic country.


    The K’z B Swagger Jackin 4 Reel!!!!!!!!

  17. Plug industries Says:

    Screw the KKK.

    Now down to business. According to friends of Proof he has been wildin out the past couple months. Someone said if he didn’t get popped then it would have happened sooner or later. These are not the statements of me but of someone who is a good friend of proof. He had been callin himself the king of Detroit and his ego grew to an enormous size leading to his death. Rumor has it that it wasnt the first time he drew on someone.

    These are not the words of me but the words of someone close to him.

  18. Plug industries Says:

    Oh and beast, it aint have nothin to due with no RAP WARS or YBI on nothin. It was over a dumb ass arguement.

    *rolls eyes*

  19. D. Billz Says:

    I know this loss has to be earth-shattering for Em. For those who don’t know, Proof and Em used to battle cats all over the Midwest back in the day. Proof put him on to MC’ing, and as usual the student outshines the teacher: Em > Proof, Jay-Z > Jaz-O, Chris > Neef, etc.

    DMC definitely made some good points. That’s why I HEAVILY support cats like Lupe Fiasco, Joe Budden, Saigon, and Papoose who can lyrically show both sides of the coin. As I mentioned in the last topic, the hood intellectual is definitely missing in hip-hop. But I got a feelin’ this will change in ’06. Talib, Common, Mos, and Nas did all that they could for our generation when we were younger lookin’ up to them as teen. Now we need the guys in our age bracket to do the same.

    Last time the portrayed Jesus (or God rather) as a Black man it was a comedy (the Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman movie). Last time a Black man played the president, the world came to an end (“Sum of All Fears”). No matter what, white people will not except the truth even when it’s written in their own testament (“feet like bronze, hair like wool”). That’s why a major motion distributor wouldn’t pick this movie up and never will. Sometimes I know I sound like the Black William Cooper, but THE TRUTH is that much harder to digest. There’s an original book of the Qur’an that exists. Ask someone where the original Holy Bible is located. Mannn, I could go on for days about this subject, but I digress.

    Not enough FL cops on patrol for a hip hop concert, huh? I wonder if there were any complaints when acts such as Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, or Kiss came to visit? They have much bigger venues, but you’re tellin’ me that they don’t need as much police or security as our small event? Anybody remember Woodstock that went down in West Bumble Fuck, NY a few years ago? Total debacle. Or how about that rock concert in Connecticut 2 years ago? Tragic. But now you wait until a rap concert to stress the need for more cops on payroll? That shit was just plain racist, point blank… period.

    Those outfits that they’re wearing for Semena Santa were around LOOONG before KKK even existed. Wanna hear something shockin? BLACK PEOPLE WERE THE ONES WEARING THE EXACT SAME GARMENT. A Muslim friend of mine showed me a book about it 2 years ago. I think the group were some Ethopians, but I’m not sure so don’t quote me. But I can attest that Blacks rocked that garment first. Exactly who, I don’t remember. But if anybody want to reference that info, I can definitely ask the homie which book he showed me.

  20. Darth Cipher Says:

    its sad cause in spain thats a holy suit to be rocking, KKK gave it a bad look and burnt the cross with it… i would say fuck racist people, but that statement would be racist within itself and wouldnt make me any better, so im gunna say, i hope god provides the ignorant souls out there with some knowledge, before i beat it into them :D…

    seriously we all been saying what DMC said, im so glad he finally was able to catch up with us on this… i mean shit it doesnt take a rocket science to realize the loop that hiphop has gotten because of the industries need to produce this imagery that gangsterism is all about guns and drugs… but im glad he’s getting the word out, maybe someone other then us will listen to him and do something about it, cause im getting sick of mainstream hiphop, if its not bout guns and drugs, its bout cars and ice, and all them fucking diamods are coming from lil african kids digging in crappy conditions… im gunna stop there…

    as for that movie, being a black man i would love to say jesus was black, but who are we kidding, he wasn’t born in ethiopia, he wasn’t black, us black people need to get over that… but i am happy they will incorporate more black people into the film around the city and within the disciple crew(Jesus – Original Gangster)

  21. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    plug i never said anything about proof being in no rap war . or anything about the YBI, yall niggas be puttin words in my mouth. whatever he was doing or how he was acting only he know. remeber today is friday.

    now watch tonight.


  22. The Landlord Says:

    chuuuch!!!! Civilize ’em Brother….the statements about the bible and Qur’an are so important and overlooked…

  23. Plug industries AKA the Regulator Says:

    @ beast ah ight

  24. the milk's was chocolate, the cookies; buttercrunch Says:


    So those cops printed the ad just to “let everyone know there was a rap concert going on” huh? Well that’s very thoughtful of them to spread the word. Im sure they had the best intentions within this publication, and they were not trying to stereotype rappers or the actions of rap fans in any way, shape or form.

  25. Cochese2k Says:

    Cause dude is with Shady/Aftermath doesn’t mean he is Bullet-Proof. Just mean he can get shot. LOL, let someone pistol whip my man and I got the burner. See what happens to him, I predict it will be very similar to Proofs Situation. But Violence is violence, hip hop related or on Cops. I’m just keeping it real. I won’t mourn a fake ganstas life, why didn’t he shoot the fare one? Hip hop can save the youth, but not by glorifing street life and ignorance, but by trying to enhance our culture and no submerge us in the filth.

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