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Source Execs Sued Over Shooting


The two former Source Magazine "Execs" that shot up that bar in Chelsea last year, just got hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from the waiter who found himself in the middle of their little dispute with an "aspiring rapper" named Orlando Orenga. What can I say. How are you gonna be the President, and the Director of Marketing of a major magazine and be shooting at rappers in a bar? And catching innocent people in the crossfire?  Come on people, you can either be a thug or a magazine executive, but the two should be mutually exclusive. Then we expect to be taken seriously in the business world. "Yo, buy this advertising or I’ma shoot you!" Also, where was I when the criminal charges against them were dropped last month, and how did those two idiots get so lucky?

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27 Responses to “Source Execs Sued Over Shooting”

  1. holla Says:


  2. MaddenMaster Says:


  3. joe 88 Says:


  4. Janice Says:

    4th niggaz

  5. uneckbone Says:

    first off, fuck benzino, extra hard since proof is dead(no homo).

    now to go off topic. two things. first, i was at the corner store, and while i was waiting for the four 80 yr old men to get there 30 lotto tickets, i strolled over to the magazine section. shortly after going through the whole “Black Men Magazine” that was dedicated to Vida, i happened to see a “High Times Mag” peeking at me. i walked over and as i breezed through it, i found that another title has been given to NY. The strain of the year is “East Coast Sour Diesel”. now i don’t know anyone who refers to the east coast without directly referring to new york, so i see this as another crown that we have obtained. for years now we have been told that we got descent shit but not close to the best. that cali kush is the best out and that the strains from new york are wack. i proved to myself that ny treez were better on my first trip to amsterdam, but now we have been given a title. take a bow eskay and biggums, we did it again.

    second. i am embarrased to say that i was watching direct effect earlier, mainly because it was a surprise to see cipha sounds as a vj. didn’t think it would happen so soon. now oliver and mobb sleep were on and 50 called in. cipha asked 50 how come eminem told him to push his shit back and he replied the words that keep his ego going wich were “we decided it would be best to give other gunit artists the spotlight.” he also mentioned that his album was due to drop July 13th, ’06. now we all know that the “Doctors Advocate” is scheduled to drop 6/6/06. my question is could the artist eminem was directly reffering to be The Game????? also, as oliver’s video came on, just before i changed the channel, i saw the track listing with all the info appear on the screen. the label only said G-Unit/Interscope. has 50 gone so mad that he won’t even acknowledge the fact that he is an employee? not only by not mentioning shady/aftermath, but by putting gunit before interscope. just some food for thought.

    fuck benzino(gotta try to keep it post related. at least two lines)

  6. eskay Says:

    *takes bow

  7. tyronebiggums Says:

    yes sir ill take that bow. I’ve been tellin you people about that sour diesal that shits whatsup I stay smoking the deez. only problem it mad expensive

  8. tyronebiggums Says:

    and yea east coast they mean ny brooklyn specifically that’s where it started. there a bunch of different strains now nyc diseal plain diesal and the best that sour

  9. uneckbone Says:

    yeah, although i usually get a 1/2, most i’ll get of sour’s is 2 50’s. i might have dough but my habbit is bad enough without paying $550/z. as of last week, there seems to be a stronger grade of sours around too. man, can’t wait till friday.

  10. uneckbone Says:

    o that piny dank taste.

  11. uneckbone Says:

    piny = Piney

  12. MaddenMaster Says:

    G-Unit is its own label…. 50s’ signed to shady/aftermath and everybody he signs is G-Unit distributed by Interscope no shady or aftermath connection…. Them dudes don’t eat off of what Banks, Buck, etc does get it??

    none issue NEXT!!

  13. uneckbone Says:

    you know what, i’d believe you madden, if you weren’t a 50 stan. can we get a hiphopper to let me know if this is true?

  14. Darth Cipher Says:

    maddens right… everything there signed to is under G-Unit and the distributors are interscope… as much as i hate to help a stan, the is no issue here if it were 50cent alone then shady would be mentioned cause hes eminems bitch… but everyone else is 50’s bitch, or “toy soldier” as he likes to call them

  15. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah I hate to admit it too, but Madden’s bitch ass is right

  16. uneckbone Says:


  17. luis Says:

    ha ha 100% benzino free and the people/this magazine STILL gets shited/hated on……oh what horror lmfaoooooooooo!!!!

  18. luis Says:

    MaddenMaster Says:

    April 12th, 2006 at 10:52 pm
    G-Unit is its own label…. 50s’ signed to shady/aftermath and everybody he signs is G-Unit distributed by Interscope no shady or aftermath connection…. Them dudes don’t eat off of what Banks, Buck, etc does get it??

    none issue NEXT!!

    I AGREE!!!!

  19. eskay Says:

    Luis you little faggot, why you creepin through all late night when niggas ain’t around with your buster ass “I AGREE!!!!” shit.

  20. Darth Cipher Says:

    *jumps out of tree wearing full camo(even the bat is camo)*

    GET HIM!!!!

  21. Crip Cuzz AKA Ghetto Lord Says:


    Its time to get jumped into the g-unit crips homie.

    *oils himself to the YMCA*

  22. Darth Cipher Says:

    *in blurring speed, runs by and slashes oil bottle*

    *escapes without anyone knowing*

  23. Crip Cuzz AKA Ghetto Lord Says:

    Darth Cipher you’re ruining my fun!! i’m gonna tell my mommy on you!!

  24. Crip Cuzz AKA Ghetto Lord Says:

    *starts oiling himself up to 50 Cent and Olivias Best Friend Remix*

    i like how g-unit makes such gangsta songs like candy shop and curious

  25. Da Newz Man Says:

    *Breaking News*

    I beleive i figured out why Marvin Bernard put out Curious. When he was in jail he was obvioulsy curious………

    And when he made Pimpin, it was because he was getting pimped in jail……..

    Marvins one sick bastard………

  26. Darth Cipher Says:

    *stops running to think about what newz man just said…*

    *gets scared as he sees crip oiling himself again to that horrible song*

    *im blind!!!*

  27. Da Newz Man Says:



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