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Theme From MI3, Really This Time


Remember when I posted the Theme From Mission Impossible that Kanye did for part 3 of the movie, and everbody was like "WTF?! this doesn’t have anything to do with the Mission Impossible?" Well that’s because that wasn’t the Theme From Mission Impossible. No, that was actually some original song that Kanye did for the soundtrack.

So now, for real this time, I give you Kanye’s rendition of the Theme From Mission Impossible.

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36 Responses to “Theme From MI3, Really This Time”


    first this time motherfuckas!!

    to bad i ain’t got nothin 2 say

  2. iKON Says:

    damn so close

  3. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Fuck that movie and theme song… Fuck Ye too… He pisses me off sometimes.

  4. Ned Says:

    this what i expected, i thought kanye would have put more of a twist on it

  5. cklhiphop Says:

    nothing special with it…

  6. Fresh Says:

    Eskay, Kanye gonna be in your comment section writing a fucking essay by midnight like Bun B did over at xxlmag.com, ha ha.

  7. smokie Says:

    He added the slightest twist. Almost don’t notice it. Ok, I DIDN’T notice it, but I’m sure it was there.

  8. Darth Cipher Says:

    im glad this is the theme though and not that other song cause fuck i woulda been pissing bullets on kanye (no homo, just in case you were wondering i was poking fun at cam’ron, i gave up the opportunity before but not this time) its not too bad though, im feeling it, i actually think im gunna go play some splinter cell and let this song play in the background while im breaking terrorist necks and sniping them of cliffs… lol good times with sam fisher(he’s the splinter cell just in case your completely lost)… i tip my hat to kanye on this one

  9. smokie Says:

    on second listen… pretty tight for a theme song.

  10. Da Newz Man Says:

    I dont invest in Tom Cruise movies.

  11. Odin Says:

    i told u that before!

  12. Darth Cipher Says:

    scientologerse are bitches, they can dish it out, but they cant take it… isaac hayes is a perfect example… dude played chef dissing so many people, they make one episode dissing scientology and the bitch starts crying( though he’s still a legend and musically i got so much respect for him) i tohught what he did was so hypocritical

  13. Darth Cipher Says:

    south park is the show just in case your lost

  14. miss shai Says:

    this isn’t that bad. Ye is out of his mind and he couldve put a lil more twist into it but atleast its this and not the other one. The other one had me sayin “well..I dont wanna hear this bullshit either, dumbass.”

  15. eskay Says:

    >>i told u that before!

    yes you did. for the record everybody, Odin checked me on the other post

  16. she Says:

    its putting me to sleep.

  17. KingML Says:

    I hate to tell you but this is fucking terrible.

    I normally have EXTREMELY positive things to say as you all know, but I didn’t have a problem until I heard the first year music student synthesizer job at the end, what the hell was that?

    It sounded like bass from a super nintendo game or some shit, just terrible. If you want to get someone to do a theme to a movie ,get a musician, not a producer.

    Kanye West = Producer
    Miri Ben Ari = Musician

    I am sure if you have heard both of them you can tell the difference.

    I hope they accompany it with some strings or something to mellow out the shittiness that is Kanyes attempt at being dramatic.

  18. Foekist Says:

    R.I.P. Proof!

  19. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    damm another one bites the dust….R.I.P Proof

  20. Amel Says:

    I just heard

    proof got shot


  21. Penny Woods Says:

    Heard that too but I can’t find any other news reports about it…the news people are seriously sleeping today…

    Back to this song…this has to be the wackest Kanye West song ever.

  22. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    RIP to proof from d12

  23. mac-daddy Says:


    fuck oF Mission impossible!!!!!!!!!1bitches!!!!!!!!!1

    proof is killed in detroit!!!!!!!!!!1

    and you’ral are talking about this shit!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUCK YA’LL!!!!!

  24. Foekist Says:

    I know Em is SICK right about now. Kim bitch ass, now his homey is dead. I could never figure out why he used to hang at all them wild ass after hours spots anyways. Nobody about anything ever goes to those ’round these parts.

  25. Fly Rizzle Says:

    I dont know if this is true or bot but I heard PROOF from D12 was shoot an killed last night

    Police Search For Gunman

    POSTED: 8:19 am EDT April 11, 2006

    A prominent member of Detroit’s hip-hop community was killed in a shooting at a Detroit night club early Tuesday morning.

    Rapper and producer Proof, whose real name is DeShaun Holton, was one of two fatal shooting victims at the CCC Club on east Eight Mile Road, near Gratiot Avenue, Local 4 reported.

    When police arrived at the scene, the club was empty, the station reported. Both victims
    had been taken to a hospital.

    Both victims suffered gunshot wounds to the head, Local 4 reported. The name of the second victim was not released.

    The rapper is a long-time friend of rap star Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers. Proof appeared in Eminem’s movie “Eight Mile” as Lil’ Tic, the station learned.

    Police are searching for a gunman. A description was not available.

    A witness was being questioned by police.

    The shooting remains under investigation.

  26. Fly Rizzle Says:

    ^^^ sorry didnt read the other post first R.I.P

  27. Darth Cipher Says:

    :O oh shit you guys serious… eskay get on the web and find more info!!! this shits getting outta control dog, too many niggas are dying man RIP Proof…

    as for the kanye song, listen to the original theme song, and then listen to this, its actually better im giving kanye his props on this, dont judge it as hiphop judge it according to the previous vers.

  28. Stephen C. Says:

    RIP Proof,

    At first I listened to this in head phones, and i was thoroughly disappointed, but after playing full-level on a stereo, its pretty dramatic, especially the break with what sounds like a distorted saxaphone of some sort. Kanye has a tendacy to usecertain instruments, that can’t be picked up tnrough head phones or small computer speakers…all in all I think its a win for hip-hop, because the drum pattern and the way the other instruments are used are
    definitely hip-hoppish (no-homo for putting ish on hip-hop). I don’t think Ye gave this as much attention as he did the production on his album, but its still a good look for MI3. I predict Ye begins to do more movie scoring, like RZA (Kill Bill).

  29. dwdw Says:


  30. SOSA 420 Says:


  31. D. Billz Says:

    Besides Madonna’s “Justify My Love” loop in the background and the tweakin’ of a few horns, it really isn’t much of a difference. I guess he wanted to stick with the original theme of the song. Nothing special.

  32. Luis Says:


  33. Luis Says:

    hoever the movie looks sick!

  34. Damu Says:

    Good lookin’…

  35. e-dubbs Says:

    pretty boring.. but it does sound unmastered so im sure it will probably sound dope in the movie theatre..

  36. rubyspirit Says:

    link is expired!!!!!

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