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Foul Shot 3-10-06


James "Flight" White – I’ve been following this kid since I seen him get jerked (no mo) in the McDonalds High School Dunk Contest when he lost to his then to be Florida Gator teammate David Lee who now plays for the NY Knicks.  Since playing for Florida, White has transferred to Cincinatti and you might have seen him in the NCAA dunk contest this year where he got robbed AGAIN.  He has some of the sickets hops I’ve seen bar-none.  Just peep the youtube videos to see for yourself.

jhodge.jpgJulius Hodge Shot – When I first heard about this story I figured the Harlem native was walking around his old block acting like he wasn’t in the NBA and everything was sweet.  Not the case, he was actually in Denver (home to the Denver Nuggets which he plays for incase your an idiot) and was on his way home from a club when a car pulled up next to him and let off a few shots.  Hodge was caught in the legs but is expected to make a full recovery. I’ve watched Hodge since high school also because he is a local guy and know a few people who grew up with him.  I really hate the fact he is in Denver and cannot show case his abilities.  I can’t blame Denver, its not like your gonna sit Carmelo to play Jewels but hopefully he can get traded and get some burn. 

jbutler_1.jpgJackie Butler Reads Nah Right – I received an email from NY Knicks Center/Forward Jackie Butler last week who thanked me for standing up for  him when fellow readers on NahRight insisted he could not play @ the NBA Level.  I told him no thanks were needed, just go out and have a good game.  He followed up by having his best game of the season, 22pt and 8 rebounds in limited action.  Do the damn thang, J.B! I might also point out, although not confirmed that Lebron James might read here also.  After I abused him for not stepping up in the 4th quarter, he put the Cav’s on his back and carried them to victory over the 14 game winning streak New Jersey Nets. 

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32 Responses to “Foul Shot 3-10-06”

  1. Luis Says:


  2. Luis Says:


  3. MaddenMaster Says:

    That dude a fucking BUM….. And shit Vin Bakers and Bad Back Juwan Howard still gets 20 and 8 in the league big deal..The kid lazy and sloppy and should be somewhere taking a reading and speech class… I can’t see him get it in the head with the ball one more time!!!! UGLY!!!

    Hes a friend of a friend of a friend Deal… which means he got his deal because he’s somebody friend….

  4. MaddenMaster Says:

    Yea James White is sick I hope he gets a shot at the Pros….. He probably could have went out of high school and had a shot but college exposed too many of his weak spots!!! but damn the kid can fly..

  5. doc holiday Says:

    nah right is huuuuuuuge! hte only hip hop blog i read.

  6. eskay Says:

    We major

  7. gift Says:

    You cant be serious gettin on LeBron? You see his supporting cast. He’s the best player in the NBA hands down….

  8. e dubbs Says:

    ^ crack kills.. Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant would disagree with you. He is definetly 10 top maybe even top 5 but I do gotta get on him for being scared when it comes to clutch situations.

  9. MaddenMaster Says:

    Labron will be MVP this year for no other reason than fact that he stepped up his play big time as of late to will his team into the playoffs and hes Avg 30 a game whic is stupid!!! But think for the historical reason he will win… and thats the fact that he’s going to be the yougest player to ever win league MVP….. The kid is special and with no Shaq or White Choclate or Ant. Walker he’s doing the damn thing!!!! AND HE’S DOING IT ALL WITH A SMILE WHICH MAKES IT EVEN BETTER…. SHIT IMAGINE IF HE WAS ICE GRILLED UP ALL GAME LIKE D. WADE, SHIT HE WOULD AVG 40…. THE KID IS NICE!!


    The first time since 83 that 3 players have avg 30 a game in one season and the other two on that list with Labron has done it before… think about that..

  10. e dubbs Says:

    I got $100 cash saying he doesnt win MVP. Steve Nash gonna win MVP again. I still can’t figure out how people say he doesnt have any players to help him. Yall actin’ like he on the damn Bobcats.

  11. killa bh Says:

    “(home to the Denver Nuggets which he plays for incase your an idiot) ”

    Speak proper English before you accuse someone else of being an idiot because that sentence is all messed up.

  12. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ i was 100% with you on that comment last year but if he deserved it last year ( which i dont think he really did close but not ultimately ) than he defintely deserves it this year ( i mean the suns are playing better this year than last his stats are better than lasts and this year he doesnt have joe johnson q rich ( even though knicks fans know he was overrated but he was perfect for the suns ) and most of all no amare stoudamire so again if he deserved it last year then its hard to make a case he doesnt deserve it this year.

    ( now dont get it twisted people my vote would go for bron bron but following last years logic i dont see how it wont go to nash again )

  13. DBrown11 Says:

    Lebron gotta shine in the playoffs before he gets the MVP

  14. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    god damn im fucking slow the arrows were for e dubbs

    and o shit KILLA BH whats good homie you in the studio working on that new album, im waiting for that new shit cause we all know your shits hot like yellow sneakers fam

  15. MaddenMaster Says:

    100$ Oh thats easy money I’ll take that bet…. King James is going to win that is it a forreal bet or just bullshit talk because I swear I will set my PayPal up right now to take that money!!!

  16. DBrown11 Says:

    This year is his first taste of the playoffs, the NBA would catch a lot of flack from fans and media if Lebron won MVP….Nash got it locked

  17. MaddenMaster Says:

    Ok I’ll take your money……… Listen Labron is the future of the league, he’s the 50 Cent of the company and for the company it makes more sense to let the kid win from a marketing stand point then it does the guy out west that does the same shit every year…. I bet if Labron don’t win it out right he’s going to be CO-Mvp this year………put something one it!!!

  18. e-dubbs Says:

    Lets get the paypal money locked in. foward it to Eskay to hold. I’ll do it right now.

  19. rube Says:

    Get off lebrons dick…if he wins mvp(which he’s not) then melo should have got it his rookie year becuz he carried denver to the playoffs…nash hands down gonna get it…if chris paul did his thing all season then he would have gotten it…boy is sick!!! If nash don’t get it then dirk definiteley got it…..EASY

  20. eskay Says:

    I’m waiting for the Paypal link Madden, don’t bitch up now nigga.

  21. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    best teams usually have the mvp..so that would make it between chauncy, dirk, and evas man… lebrons stats are retarded enough to throw record out the window…nash aint even mvp on his squad…wade nice season…kobe been the illest but not the mvp

  22. e dubbs Says:

    ^ just curious, who is the MVP for the Suns if not Nash..?

  23. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    e dubbs.. shawn marion

  24. MaddenMaster Says:

    I’ll post the link after Labron wins some part if not all of this years MVP award…….

    And again is anyone else here seeing the pattern? I respect the fact that Labron is doing his thing and I’m on his dick hahahahahahah you kids boy you kids!!!

  25. Darth Cipher Says:

    james white got robbed i was so vexxed when that shit happened the other dude had nothing on homie and thats real…

    lebrons good but he aint gunna be no mvp, have you guys seen how dirk nowitzki is playing, he’s killing cats all around, points, rebounds, assist… right now he’s heavy favourite for mvp, and if he doesnt get it, billups will cause fuck detroits killing it and he’s leading the way, and no one can argue that cause its the truth… so either dirk or billups for mvp, sorry lebron your good but your not that good yet…

  26. Darth Cipher Says:

    nash isnt gunna get it cause if a guard wins its gunna be billups… nash is playing amazing no doubt dudes got skills holding it down for us canadians, but if he wins over drik or billups theres something wrong


    james white lost cus he just couldn’t make the dunk that counted, while D Noel did. he didn’t get robbed, it’s just when u try insane dunks, ur bound to miss some of them, and he missed at the wrong time. think of a home run hitter who either strikes out or crushes the ball 500 ft. i love flight white tho, been following him since his HS days, i see him as a good athletic defender in the L, kind of like Carney from Memphis


    Darth Cipher Says:

    April 10th, 2006 at 6:28 pm
    nash isnt gunna get it cause if a guard wins its gunna be billups… nash is playing amazing no doubt dudes got skills holding it down for us canadians, but if he wins over drik or billups theres something wrong

    ^^ i agree but if he won last year he has to win this year what he is doing this year is way more impressive than last year

  29. Darth Cipher Says:

    yeah thats true, but he’s not the only person who stepped there game up in the guard position, and billups is the prime example of someone who stepped there game up heavily, honestly you take nash outta suns for a game, and i garentee you they still do well… you take billups out of a game and detroit will not do so well

  30. e-dubbs Says:

    Billups is a canidate but he not better than Nash.. Just my opinion.

    Maddenmaster, who is Labron by the way?

  31. Darth Cipher Says:

    i think he is… nash lately has only been getting assist, billups been getting assist and points, dudes best clutch shooter in the league, other then ray allen who seems to do it on every close game the soncis have(do any of you guys think ray allen and mos def could pass for brothers??? or is it just my crazy ass thinking it???)

  32. rube Says:

    Don’t 4get about ma boi d wade…carried his team since rookie year to playoffs…should be most improved player…not stat wise but skills wise…past 2 years couldnt make a jumper….this year shootin bout 52% with ease…he is the future

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