Busta’s XXL Cover


Here’s Busta on the cover of the June issue of XXL. I’m curious to see how he’s gonna address the shooting in this interview.

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52 Responses to “Busta’s XXL Cover”

  1. bxconnect Says:

    i wonder who they name as jmjs killer?

  2. Hashim Says:

    that’s an excellent cover.

  3. Foekist Says:

    Yeah this will be REAL interesting.

  4. jersey Says:

    Hip Hop cops curious too……thought they were on it like uh hornet?…lol

  5. Foekist Says:

    Busta is a wild dude. From what I saw on that youtube joint when o boy crashed his Ferrari, Busta ain’t that nice of a dude. He was buggin. Actin like that, I can SEE how a situation could arise where a nigga wanted to plug his ass (no homo). Especially with the stuff that jumped off with Dave, this dude has a problem. Who would wanna fight Dave Mays ass anyways? His BALCO ass wouldn’t have done that shit to a stronger personality like (here we go) 50 CENT, or MOST other cats.

  6. Luis Says:

    cool cover!

  7. MaddenMaster Says:

    Cool cover!!! Personally I don’t want to hear him dance around the questions because he can’t speak on it without telling on someone he’s cool with which is why I don’t think he’s going to touch it….

  8. Foekist Says:

    MaddenMaster Says:

    April 10th, 2006 at 4:20 pm
    Cool cover!!! Personally I don’t want to hear him dance around the questions because he can’t speak on it without telling on someone he’s cool with which is why I don’t think he’s going to touch it….
    Right, anyone with common sense should know that he ain’t gonna say anything worth any substance. Hmmm, sometimes any press is good press when it comes to selling rekidz. You think this unfortunate event will boost his career? For some reason I have to say no. I can’t put my finger on the reason…

  9. eskay Says:

    yeah I doubt he’s gonna run from homicide detect’s for months then spill his guts to XXL.

  10. Plug industries Says:

    Forget the shootin. I wanna see if his album actually comes out on aftermath. It will be the first one since Ems first album 1997.

  11. Fresh Says:

    that cover is kinda nasty to me. not basty as good but nasty as why-the-fuck-do-you-have-them-stank-ass-dreads-in-your-hands.

    but maybe Im being too literal.

  12. Fresh Says:


  13. Foekist Says:

    eskay Says:

    April 10th, 2006 at 4:25 pm
    yeah I doubt he’s gonna run from homicide detect’s for months then spill his guts to XXL.

    Yo, if he did something stupid like that (and then have his words in PRINT), he would DESERVE to get wacked, lol.

    *imagines the Trix cereal kids snatching Busta’s ghetto card*

  14. Foekist Says:

    Yo, he don’t look as big (no homo) in that picture as he do on TV. I’ll have to take back my steroid accusation. Busta got some problems right now. I pray for ANYBODY that has beef with Benzino!

  15. doc holiday Says:

    damn they just came out with the lil kim and shyne joint.

  16. eskay Says:

    Here’s a link to the Prelude to The Big Bang EP if anybody’s interested. I wasn’t.


  17. Ana Says:

    The Godfather was a work of fiction, not an autobiography. (And if you read it, you know that it was not very complementary in its descriptions of blacks.) So fuck “omerta,” the code of silence, or what the fuck ever. Busta has been making money for too long to fear maligning his “street” image by cooperating with the police. This idiot should not be getting magazine covers after failing to cooperate in the investigation of his friend’s murder.
    After reading about his homophobic comments, I was pissed I’d paid .99 for “Touch It,” and now this…I’m sure Busta is rich and doesn’t need any of my little chump change; neverthless, it gives me a little bit of satisfaction to know that I’ll never spend another cent on anything with his name on it. And that includes XXL, and any other magazine that gives this fool any press for his cowardly behavior.

    Not directed at any other commentors. It’s just nice to have a forum where I can vent.

  18. G Off Says:

    This whole situation will help his career, not directly, but just by being in the media a lot more than he would have been (which is sad, because he doesn’t deserve shit after handling this the worst way possible).

    That cover is gross- put your damn hair down and put a shirt on.

    I agree with Ana, except I doubt Busta is rich (not counting “loans” of record deals). I remember reading that he was excited about going to Aftermath because he couldn’t recoup from all those expensive videos he had on previous albums. I’m sure he is doing fine, but it’s not like he has been bringing in a lot of revenue since the late 90’s.

  19. nu Says:

    I think Busta got everyone right were he had to get em. I ain’t sayin the shooting ain’t real but damn homie instead of doing some real shit he coming with club records. Come on remember this another dude that be clownin on the mic, so I got him beneath Luda on the mic. He tired man, come on how you gonna buy into this new busta image. He was doing cartoon videos last yr. LOL. Gimme a break, marketing is a crazy thing.

  20. D. Billz Says:

    “Cool cover!!! Personally I don’t want to hear him dance around the questions because he can’t speak on it without telling on someone he’s cool with which is why I don’t think he’s going to touch it….” bring it – babe – watch it -turn it – leave it – stop – format it.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


    im gonna keep this short and sweet, well not sweet

    FUCK BUSTA can we all say BOYCOTT

  22. Darth Cipher Says:

    i miis old school busta man, the busta that not only brought the club shit but had some real substance to his work, the tribe busta, thats the one i miss… this new busta is just becoming something i wonna kick lol… like i got no problem with change, none at all, i mean everyone should be aloud to change, but when you change so much to the point where everything that made us respect and admire your talent is gone, whats there to care about you feel me???…

  23. Bugsytheboss Says:

    Busta will go platinum and anybody who fucking blames busta for the shooting death at the touch it remix video shoot is a damn fool. Dude that got killed was a bodyguard ,he knew what he was getting into. So no pitty for bodyguards besides get a day job if you scared

  24. eskay Says:

    ^wise words from Bugsy as usual. he’s right about one thing though, don’t blame Busta, blame Tony Yayo!

  25. joe 88 Says:

    where’s the ole busta, the yah yah yah busta, the little race car jacket number# 11 jordan rocking busta, get loud on R*B collabos busta,

    *thinks to himself everybodys gangsta now*

    *thinks about Mc Hammer gangsta album “The funky headhunter” *

    *leaves cpu to inhale sampson’s finest cheeba*

    *laughing at the nigga that asking me do I want the lows, mediums, or highs*

    *I want the highs*

  26. Darth Cipher Says:

    seconds bugsy…

    laughs at yayo plug…

    there hydroponics, see those right there, thats the crystals, gives it a certain zest LOL

  27. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *wants a Nas/sir mix a lot collab*

  28. tyronebiggums Says:

    I got those highs homie I stay smoking the highs

  29. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I thought Tyrone Biggums only fucked with red balls and peanut butter & crack sandwichs

  30. Darth Cipher Says:

    red balls… its crack in a can baby… humina humina humina *steals radio from car*, people still do this you know *runs away*

  31. tyronebiggums Says:

    well I mean I never miss a 5’0 clock free crack giveaway but I smoke that piff to calm the nerves and go to sleep. * gets up and goes to make a peanutbutter and crack sandwhich right now * ummmmmmmmmhhhhh ummmmmmmmmhhhhh baby

  32. smokie Says:

    Great cover. (I’m a woman; I can say that.) Busta has flow, but he doesn’t use it wisely. His radio “tunes” are trash.

  33. smokie Says:

    …and he can’t snitch. No matter what we say, his career would be over if he huddled with the cops. Crazy as it sounds, he wouldn’t be respected by many within 10 seconds after XXL published “BUSTA TELLS ALL”. He’d stick out of Hip Hop like a sore thumb.

  34. Da Newz Man Says:

    Word on the srteet is that…Bustas dreads is the murderer. The dreads was going after Busta during the shoot, but the dreads only found the bodyguard. Dont know if its true, but it does sound alittle fishy to me…….

  35. Darth Cipher Says:

    @ Da news man… i dunno what kinda shrooms you on homie, but i think you need to hook a brother up… shit must be boom if it got you thinking like that…

    *reaches for chappelle dvd so he doesnt get a bad trip*

  36. Da Newz Man Says:

    @Darth Cipher

    Yes, i will agree. My mind is sometimes out there, but when i hear something from the streets or get information, i tell the masses about it.

  37. Darth Cipher Says:

    aiight homie… jsut making sure

  38. KingML Says:

    I hope they ask Busta if he and 50 do steroids together and work out together?

    I think Busta knows hes scum and those bullets were meant for him so hes mad guilty and all the pressure on him already is going to start causing him to wyle out even more than he does.

    Hes gonna be in jail before the end of the year no doubt but im sure it will be exciting and his album will sell well so all in the life of a rap star.

  39. Cape Town, South Africa Says:

    busta fell off, straight up ..

  40. Foekist Says:

    He sure did.

  41. Ricky D Says:

    “Word on the srteet is that…Bustas dreads is the murderer. The dreads was going after Busta during the shoot, but the dreads only found the bodyguard.…….”

    Busta’s dreads are bing monsters, they were locked up for 15 years.

  42. Damu Says:

    damn busta look kinda like dr dre in this pic lol

  43. Da Newz Man Says:

    If you still dont think that the dreads could be the suspect, look at the hatred that Busta has for those dreads. Busta isnt telling everyone the truth…….

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  45. lar Says:

    …nice ‘tribals’ bussa bus
    hope you got some konji too, and maybe the tazmanian devil someplace if you got the room

  46. Lili Says:

    LOL@ “Busta on…Defying the law”. Like he’s some damn rebel or something. XXL is wylin.

  47. shythappens Says:


  48. B-HEEZIE Says:


  49. brotha DARKNESSES Says:

    Busta needs to stop all the bull ish and jus tell the po po who shoot
    his man, then maybe he’ll will go platinum.


    oh yeah why is his mans and ’em from L.O.N.S. going at him hard,
    dinco’ just might let out some secrets huh bus.
    wheres brown’ and milo flipmode and rampage at.

  51. stimo Says:

    eager to read the interview. iwhile u wait for the magazine u can check out the best flipmode site online http://www.geocities.com/bustaunofficial

  52. winstrol Says:

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