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Benzino Gets Aired Out

From the same guy who brought us the Jim Jones and Dame Dash interviews, here is a clip of some dude from the Bean airing out Benzino. The guy talking, Paul Johnson, is billed as a "Boston O.G." and “the former West Coast assistant manager” at The Source, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

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97 Responses to “Benzino Gets Aired Out”

  1. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    First Losers! “Detroits not feeling you” -Obie

  2. Amel Says:

    “You know what I’m sayin..”

  3. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    yeah man yo i know what what you sayin nigga man y’know what im sayin…^^

  4. DaReturn Says:

    WOW! all these niggaz snitches.

  5. Supreme Hustle Says:

    How is he gonna say Benzino is a snitch and then get on camera and snitch on Benzino? I know the degree of snitching is different (snitching to the police and sending people to jail vs. snitching on someone’s personal business and getting them fucked up) but still, it’s hypocritical.

  6. eskay Says:

    ^ and be wearing a stop snitching shirt to top it off

  7. Dong Done In A Knot Says:

    This beef ish is seriously wack.


    “rap dues is a crying shame/
    and yall dudes belong in the crying game/
    but they dont dare speak mine in vain/ WHY NOT?
    im still a felon/ i’m still rebel/
    they wearing stop snitching shirtS and STILL TELLIN ” – JOE BUDDENS

  9. jan Says:

    I hate to see black men embarrassing themselves. These men sound like fucking idiots. “and the nigga said this, and the nigga said that, nigga, nigga, nigga, snitiching this… snitching that”. For fuck’s sake, grow up!

  10. MaddenMaster Says:

    Seriously them dudes do sound stupid and everybody knows I’m the most pro black mufucka in the world!!! Dude sound real stupid….. and he on some pop shit and apologize shit hahaha not cool

  11. T. Okes Says:

    Yeah, fo’real…dude needs to ease up on “nigga” and “you know what I’m sayin’?” Not a good look.

  12. T. Okes Says:

    & LMAO @ the opening pic of Benzino…I almost wanted to put my own fist through the screen when that came up.

  13. boston george Says:

    yo eskay….this is part 2, there’s another clip on “HOODZ: STREET ARMAGEDDON” it’s part 1. that they air benzino all out. benzino got the bean lookin real fucked up in the game. 617 niggas can’t stand him. the dvd even got pics of zino range rover after niggas from the bean gave it a molotov coctail makeover. the shit is alott funnier too. damn, i found it once but can’t find it anymore. maybe u can dig it up. its worth it…and T.OKES if u think thats funny…u should see the still pics they got in the 1st one, with captions. fuckin hilarious!!! bostongeorge a.k.a slickerthanmost out!!!

    R.S.O’s “one in the chamba” is my shit tho til this day

    “pretty boy” in 7!!!

  14. Darth Cipher Says:

    yo man watching this shit made me realise how dumb some people can be, as you guys pointed out already with the snitching shit… like yo i would have to kill a dude for telling my business like that… specially if i fuck a mans woman and you go telling everyone so i can get a price on my fucking head… shit before i go i gotta take you out, cause you know if that shit is true(which im sure it is) suge is going to want some type of revenge on dude for pulling that shit… some mo’fuckers make me sick man

  15. steve Says:

    yaddamean knowwatimsayin, son

  16. KingML Says:

    is this like .. highschool all over or something?

    isnt making a video and talking about someone else and what they do pretty much being a snitching bitch?

    “benzino did this and benzino did that”

    like shut up and deal with it

  17. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ kingML

    Yup saying anything about anothers actions ie saying what they don’t falls in the snitching catergory..

  18. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Don’t = do…

    I was talking to some else while typing

  19. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:





    *stops smoking weed*

  20. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *notices the Ode to Cam’ron placed in last post*

  21. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Is it just me, or do stans speak their on language?

    Example this is a post from those assholes I mean from those dudes over at XXL (I still don’t know why Es deals with that site)

    chip Says:
    April 8th, 2006 at 10:26 am

    G-Unit number 1 fuck game his hoe nigga all faggots that ridin i feel sorry for ass clowns game ain’t real nigga if he was a real nigga he would have be for g-unit be the nigga run like the bitch he is so fuck wack wall them nigga won’t come city cause these nigga killa and they don’t like game we’ll kill u nigga and yo hoe crew
    Can anyone make that out???

    He or she or it for that matter is supporting Blood Money… (Snob Shallow’s) new album… The same album that’ll come out the same day Joe Budden drops.

  22. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *looks for something to wear*

    *looks for baggies at the sametime*


  23. cyde hustla Says:

    how ironic was it that the o.g. cat, was snitchin’ on niggaz with a stop snitchin’ tee on…

  24. liveabovemediocrity Says:

    somebody count how many times this guy says ‘you know im sayin”

  25. MaddenMaster Says:





  26. MaddenMaster Says:

    Dear 50,

    I wrote but you still ain’t callin I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got ’em There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot ’em but anyways; fuck it, what’s been up? Man how’s the G-unit? My friends pretend to be hard too, I’m bout to be a father If I have a son, guess what I’ma call him? I’ma name him Jeffery I read about your Mommy too I’m sorry I had a friend(Luis) kill himself over some rapper who didn’t want him I know you probably hear this everyday, but I’m your biggest fan I even got the underground shit when you snitched on Sam I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man I like the shit you did to Havoc too, that shit was fat Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back, just to chat,

    truly yours, your biggest fan This is Madden!!!”

  27. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Wow! Talk about honesty?


    *leaves house again*

  28. Da Newz Man Says:

    liveabovemediocrity Says:

    April 9th, 2006 at 12:12 am
    somebody count how many times this guy says ‘you know im sayin’’

    I lost track after the fisrt 10

  29. BigEd Says:

    All these niggas are damn near 40 years old and they have nothing better to do than play “I bet you won’t hit me” in front of a camera. The shit is sad. Benzino is a joke. I think we all realized that about 5 or 6 years ago when the nigga punked Dave Mays’ ass and started using The Source as his personal promotional tool but still couldn’t sell any records. And this retarded sounding cat on the video is a straight up snitch. All these niggas are wasting God’s precious oxygen. Is it any wonder why the south is running hip-hop right now?

  30. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:




    I promise to never betray you, and never turn you away. I promise there won’t be another to get in your way. I shall remove all seeds and all sticks from the bag. I shall keep you happy I don’t like when you’re mad. I will roll it perfectly everytime. I will shop for you because I know you hate lines. I shall speak for you when you feel you’re too important to answer. I shall not mop your floor with ajax because you think it causes cancer. I shall wash all your cars and keep them filled with gas. I shall not sneak in your parties though they are filled with ass. I vow to carry the baggies the blunts and your keys. I know my main goal is to carry your weed. I’ll always be there when you need a shoulder to lean. I’ll never listen to Benzino or say “Ya-Nah-mean?”. I’ll be your ash dumper til your blunts at its end. I’m more than a “Weed Carrier” I’m also your friend…

    In Honor of Memphis Bleek and other weed carriers in the world…

    *bows and leaves*

  31. Meccajj Says:


    haha HILARIOUS

  32. T. Okes Says:

    Yo, as a black dude, I’m embarrassed after watching that. Busta’s ass needs to chill with that off-the-wall shit.

  33. Meccajj Says:

    normally black people shit bothers me too, but that was funny, I want to know what that dude was doing with his ferrari to get it in the bushes…and he’s right, if that was him, somebody would have been there with a camera and we would be laughing at him….let that guy see what it feels like

  34. Vince Says:

    Hey that’s them dudes from Almighty RSO (group Benzino was in)…aren’t they?

  35. nyquil Says:

    put this ‘stupid-black-men’-debate aside for one second and someone please fill me on this benzino hittin’ suge’s baby momma’s ass. if that’s true, of all people in the world you can fuck over, of all the people in the world you can play like that, that idiot sleeps with suge’s baby momma? damn. we’re talking suge knight. that’s one motherfucker that ain’t soft. fill me in on this one.


  36. nyquil Says:

    yo eskay, this has nothing to do with this thread but i thought you’d be interested anyway.

    this is the clip where a ferarri spider has crashed outside scott storch’s house and busta’s runnin’ around with a camera actin’ like a fucking idiot. make sure ya’ll watch the end! busta’s is fucking embarrassing.


  37. MaddenMaster Says:


  38. el_feces_loco's Says:

    @Paul as O.G…hahaha these niggas used to work at the source too aka party central,..shit’s funny how when you make it and you try to carry niggas from the hood with you to show em another life and it dont work out…its amazing how niggas turn on you, Benzino made his way into this game…Yall praise suge for bitchin up vanilla but shit on zino for doin it to dave?…Man without zino these niggas would be and are nobodies..niggas sittin in ashbury park on a bench..zino sittin on some ole exotic animal skin in his modena in miami..Yall niggas get on yalls jobs..yall grown men zino showed yall the door now walk thru it and go do you or sit the fuck down and shut up.

    @my nigga zino hittin suge’s baby moms…thats how we do nigga..if suge woulda fucked zinos moms or baby moms niggas would be laughin at zino… niggas mingle with killers, kidnappers, rapists all day, that nigga aint special..all he ever did was hang a white boy out the window..since then niggas been actin like suges god…just to prove my point watch how many posters after me say dumb shyt like “you better chill suge gone get you for typin bout him” or some shyt like that hahaha niggas more scared of suge than soap and water..you dirty ears mofukkas….I bet suge 400 pound azz got him a lil 88 pound bitch named Ms.Damu or some shyt too..anyone got pics?

    @Busta…what a clown..He automatically assumed that dude was a fan and gonna be a dikkrider just cause he said “hey youre busta rymes” …fuck you nigga move away from my car..before it gets shot up…Nigga talkin bout “This how it feels when “yall” be comin at me”..that white man could probably buy busta rymes a whole police department to roll with…Get the fuck outta here with that lime green and fuschia shit.

    P.S. Yo es watch how many bloggers flip when you get your first IPO check from nah right..hahahaha…Niggas kill me with that lazy feeling of entitlement..just cause you know a nigga dont mean he should put you on..put yourself on..if he show you some light learn something, If Paul would have learned somethin being west coast manager then he could try and get a gig at xxl or wherever..but nahhh..niggas wanted to smoke weed party and tote guns up in the offices..Why? ..cause zino paying for it…Who’s payin now?…

  39. nyquil Says:

    damn, it’s embarrassing when busta tries to beef with the white dude and all of the sudden the dude’s girl gets in between and out of nowhere busta starts runnin his mouth about his rides and his money. nigga please get the fuck out off here. just as i thought this nigga couldn’t get anymore stupid he starts shouting and calling the girl a bitch, in front of the cops – priceless.
    poor scott storch had to be ashamed …

  40. nyquil Says:

    by the way, dude in the video is a famous doctor. just saw pictures of three of his estates. one on beverly hills and two in miami. this guy supposedly has the biggest collection of lamborghinis in the U.S. he could buy busta’s ass ten times without wink.

  41. joe 88 Says:

    “this my scott storch right here he banging out hits right now say what’s up baby”
    Scott storch *just waves*
    “yeah you know what im saying he did you know he did uhuhuhuhuh beyonce shit uh he did uhuhuhuh jada shit uh uhuh he uhuh he did lean back *stops to lean back* yeah he uhuhuhuh
    Bmore quiet

  42. nyquil Says:

    all that coke and no sleep makes busta a dull boy.

  43. KingML Says:

    1 more thing to say about this “airing out”.

    What kind of person who is going to do anything seriously criminally would want to flaunt their hatred or their opposition to a certain party they wish harm?

    That kind of thinking is backwards. You don’t want anyone to know you, you don’t want anyone to think you hated the kid you just clapped. NOBODY should know.

    That’s why you know these cats are just bullshitting looking for their spot in the light just like Benzino did in the first place, he hustled his spot into the limelight through the source and now EVERYONE in the rap game knows who he is, even though he was never a “good” rapper.

    Whereas… “pauljohnson” uhh… distrcit junior west coastassistant ass kisser, has no shine, no spot, hes looking to get on by dissing benzino when hes weak and after he just lost control of the source. Benzinos only method of attacking his enemies came through the source and its affiliate organizations.

    But we all know Paul Johnson is about as gangster as Vanilla Ice being held over the balcony by Suge Knight.

  44. D. Billz Says:

    That Busta shit was ignorant, embarrasing… yet, hilarious. My people never cease to amaze me anymore. Welcome the Minstrel Show…

    *B More Nubian*

  45. D. Billz Says:

    Correction: Welcome to the…

  46. reggaetonslasher Says:

    anyone ever hear the lil nigga named NH from philly spit, hes a problem, philly is breeding alot of fierce mcs

  47. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    fuck that…yall aint got a problem wit busta wildin…just got a problem wit him doin it outside of the hood…soon as he call a white woman a bitch its disgusting…and this white man can buy him ten times over…
    Get some self worth Bitches!
    Imagine crashing yo ferrari and havin some 250 pound rapper wit dreadlocks call yo white woman a bitch… fucked up day for you
    comedy for me

  48. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *feels like everytime he sees a :) it should be follow by “no homo” because the :) isn’t gangster the :) is gay* (no homo)

  49. tyronebiggums Says:

    ok first of let me just say its offical I now HATE BUSTA WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING. also obviously this means nothing to him but I used to like duke like 6 months ago [ although always hated how he did charlie brown and the rest of the leaders of the new school ] but he literally makes me sick everytime I see him. he becomes more and more of an embaressment with every move he makes. weve seen hom since he was like 18 dancin in all different costumes and not having even slightest bit of gangsta in him. now those steriods and this quasi thug hip-hop culture have gotten to him and now in his 30”s he all of a sudden becomes superthug. he is an embaressment himself hip-hop and life its self

  50. tyronebiggums Says:

    l.p. crooks – why are preaching pure ignorance. first off most of us have been calling busta disgustin since izzy died r.I.p. and fuck that shit man busta had no busy doing what he did. he says he doesn’t like people up in his face all the time but he has to act all gansta and tough in front of this old white guy ( yea real tough and ballsy getting in his face ) who just crashed his ferrari. dudes friend was mad respectful about asking for some space because he was pissed he just ruined his whip and busta takes his frustration out on the. acting tough getting in their face and that’s gangsta? i’m supposed to respect that?

  51. boston george Says:

    that shit was funny…and sad. U know busta gonna put the act on for the camera yo. he went over board, but then tried to save face by puttin on his thug-act. “back in high school, u were the man homie, the fuck happened to you?”

    *scratches head at the realization of the 50 line popping into brain*

    the funny part tho, cop says: get on the sidewalk *cop walks away*
    *busta gets on sidewalk, when cop is out of range* busta says: dont fuckin talk to me about get on the sidewalk

  52. beastnigga Says:

    i’m back niggas. let me help tha site out lil bit. yall niggaz movin slow as tha rate increase on minmum wage. meaning it ain’t never gone be what it can be without tha right people pushin.

    i know i’m a target at times so i expect you niggas to come wit .

    maybe not, i hurt ageezee and luis feeling and shit. them niggas was talking about callin tha police on me, but i talked em out of it. but igot some other haters tho.

    i been gone for a minute, but i’m back.

    *thinks of naming names but waits and see*

    off topic: who has ever watched flavor of love? well the episode where pumpkin spits in new yorks mouth? yall talkin about busta, but that bitch new york didn’t handle here business correctly. how can she have the nerve to call herself new york and let that lil bitch diss her like that. if that was girl that happened to,that bitch name would be pumpkin for real.she woould swoll her shit up big as one.

    *laughs thinking how he would help stomp the bitch on g.p.*

  53. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    @ tybig not preachin at all homey just dont give a fuck if someone cusses out a white couple…but I dont remember saying to respect bustas gangsta…but a good little negro will always check how a rebellious negro acts in front of massa…”yeah real tuff and ballsy”


    ^^^ i just dont find it cool to while out on them just cause they some old white dudes they didnt say nothing to set busta off they didnt do anything this was all busta acting reckless ( i mean busta causing the scene and it happened to scott storch house and he didnt seem to give a fuck he just seemed like ” yo get busta’s crazy ass away from me i dont wanna get caught in some bullshit ” ” ) listen a racist white dude or evil white dude deserves to get aired out all day but i dont respect and laugh at the fact that some huge black man was intimatdating them and calling his wife a bitch. saying its cool becuase they are white is no different than the reason why you hate “the white man ” you dont know if this guy is a racist ass or not and either did busta and the saddest thing is if these people were even the slightest bit racist all busta did was throw more fuel on the fire, all he really did was further portray the image that blacks are savages and animals if thats what they thought to begin with then thats really what they are gonna think now, and a rich famous black man acting that dumb and ignorant to ???? im sorry i dont find it funny and neither should anyone else especially any other black men or women because trust me this is not a good look

  55. nyquil Says:

    @ l.p crooks,

    dawg it has nothin’ at all to do with person being white. dude could have easily been asian, black or mexican, dun matter.
    the only fact is that busta’s actin like a unrespectful & loudmouthed piece of shit who doesn’t know when to stop. if you’d just crashed your $9 00 000 car, believe me, the last thing you want is a camera shoved in your face and a idiot running around you screamin like a madman. and trust me, if you can afford a ferrari spider, you sure as hell have a big-ass insurance on your whip . now the fact that dude was white, wealthy and didn’t give a shit about who busta was only makes the whole scenario hilarous. standing there bragging about his insurances … damn embarrassing.

  56. nyquil Says:

    co-sign tyrone.

  57. beastnigga Says:

    busta looked like a complete idoit. a fool on the loose. i agree wit you ty. he gained no prop and lost all his cool points. thats why all this shit is happening to him. homeboy fucking up real bad in the eyes of the people that helped him get to where he’s at.


    imagine what would of happened if busta had been the one who had crashed his crazy whip and there was some news guy there shoving the camera in his face how would he have handled it ( the same way he handled that gay fan asking for an autograph? ) and busta is someone who is a public figure and has to deal with that shit, this dude is just like man im pissed i crashed my whip just give me some space,from what i saw they handled it mad respectfully why couldnt busta? thats all im saying

  59. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    whoa let me clarify…I can dig it that bust was wildin… Im just sayin dont be all…”This white dude is a doctor and he can buy you ten times”…cuz that like sayin that if he was wildin on some black dude that worked at mc donalds it would have been cool…

  60. Darth Cipher Says:

    aiight yo… i just watched that busta shit and honestly, how can anyone take him seriously on that, he was obviously joking around, dude was chillin out with a whole bunch of his boys you know he was crunk then shit happened cross the street, so yo im not affended by this at all, i seen people do worse things… plus busta’s a showman and we all know that, he’s the only person who can do something like this and seriously no one would think less of him… i mean for people to say hes not coll now, cmon give me a break, you never been crunk and just start wild’n out when opportunity strikes people???… and dont lie to me and say you wouldnt

  61. Darth Cipher Says:

    though some of the things he said, were out of line… i must admit

  62. beastnigga Says:

    yall still talkin about that busta shit. fuck him and how he acted. the white man didn’t care thats why he said shut tha fuck up.it was no embrassment for the white man at all. nothing physical or confrontational. i’m still on that bitch pumpkin spitting in new yorks mouth.

    you can’t even imagine how that has reduced black women that talk shit and so on. now every blondie-lock will be trying them up. a car crash and a nigga acting a fool is one thing, spitting on someone in public view is insane,let alone spit in they mouth. you niggas debating about a fender bender.

    whats up with respect and integrity? i swear, niggas on here argue you about the dumbest bullshit!

    if it was me , i would have made that bitch a legend. famous forever. she would have received the worst ass whippin ever recorded on film outside a boxing ring.

  63. 757defpoet Says:

    Most nigguz is ig..nunt


    darth chiper – yea he was joking at first but when they polietly asked for space he flipped and was like ” IM BUSTA RESPECT ME AND I DEAL WITH CAMERAS IN MY FACE EVERYDAY NOW YOUR GONNA GET IT ” i mean thats basically what he said more or less like its this dudes fault busta is a rich famous rapper who has had his bodyguard shot, flipped on a gay dude for touching his shoulder/ being involved in the dave mays shit ( even though i cant front im glad it was him who caught that wrath to bad izzy couldnt of just gotten snuffed from behind and mays could of been shot or better yet benzino )and now this. and really this just shows how ignorant and dumb he is he is getting sucked into this mixtape dvd prove how hard you are shit ( i watched the smack dvd with redman and all his boys were throwing every gun they had in the cameras running their mouth ( and i know that those dudes are serious they really run like they i know dudes in the bricks the know red, red stays around ) but i was like what the fuck i mean i expected all the weed shit hell i wanted to see the weed shit but i would of figured red would of been like im not having this im not getting caught up in this shit ( now i realize he didnt have a gun the whole time , atleast i dont think, ) but i just figured he would subhect himself or a better word PROMTE himself that way. im a huge reggie noble fan have be since day one no one repped jersey harder when i was growing up ( and best believe there was plenty of talent besides the obvious like naughty by nature, fugees, but you also had the artifacts, the outsiderz and mad others doing their thing but none held it down like reggie ) but that shit was just disappointing to me.

    take note stans this is the problem i have with the 40 cents and the rest of the fake thug shit they glorified it so much to a point where that so called street cred is all that matters in the sales department ( now matter how manufactured or blown out of proportion it is ) that the people who have been around forever never having to subject themselves now find themseleves basically being forced to do this shit to even be able to get their albums out * wondering when is that red gone wild coming out ??? *
    now like i said some are real like red really is in the hood and chills with people who really hold it down but red never promoted that side of him he really just promted the crazy comedian but he needs to cater to the masses who fell in love with a lair named 40 cent

  65. Darth Cipher Says:

    good points made Ty… i should of added the things he did were out of line… i never seen the smack dvd with redman… i’ll check if youtube got something

  66. nyquil Says:

    @ l.p crooks.

    your not gettin’me dawg.
    what i’m sayin is that bustas runnin his mouth about his lamborghinis, his insurances and his cash when the dude his bragging to is a billionare! now ain’t that embarrassing? dudes race has nothin’, let me repeat n o t h i n’ to do with the situation,like i said earilier he could have been black, asian or mexican. we got busta bragging about his riches to a billionaire who could buy his ass, thats the fact, not that the rich dude is white …

  67. nyquil Says:

    and ain’t it funny when some cops just don’t know or/and give a shit about black celebrites? if busta would have pushed, they’ve would lock his up without a doubt.

  68. beastnigga Says:


    i think you been drinking to much of that stuff. you don’t know what you talking about. you don’t even know who that guy is. you on his dick harder than tha stans that be on 50 shit. what’ s his name nigga? how do you know him? what proof you got so we all can go and see for our selves?you screaming billoionaire and don’t even know who he is. save that for them lil kids nigga. you just so happen see a blurry face and automatically know this motherfucka? c’mon now. be for real. quit trying to diss busta and get off tha white mans dick. do you even know what a billon dollars is? you are one suspect motherfucka

  69. nyquil Says:

    @ bestnigga

    damn. hostility rising. first of all this is not a person i know personally. had the info mailed to me by one of my homeboys. and second of all, me being a stan? nah. all imsaying is that busta’s actin like an asshole and i even agreed with your previous post :

    beastnigga Says:
    April 9th, 2006 at 5:20 pm
    busta looked like a complete idoit. a fool on the loose. i agree wit you ty. he gained no prop and lost all his cool points. thats why all this shit is happening to him. homeboy fucking up real bad in the eyes of the people that helped him get to where he’s at.

    this was you, right?

  70. e-dubbs Says:

    what did he say more “yo” or “knowhatimsayin”? he snitched benzino out then called benzino a snitch.. this shit is worse than the WWE.

  71. beastnigga Says:

    yea that was me. i truly doubt that dude a billionaire tho. millionaire maybe, thats what was making the story shaky

  72. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *speaks in stanguage*

    Yo on the real homie knowhatimsayin? shits fucked up yo. Real talk knowhatimsayin? Yo knowhatimsayin ya-na-mean? Word!

  73. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I saw a Ferrari in the hood once… But “SHE” was pregnant… Welcome to the hood, I saw a Porshe, Lexus, and a Mercedes also… And they probably had kids but now also…

  74. beastnigga Says:

    that some good ass weed you smokin over there huh, blood?

  75. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I saw a Ferrari in the hood once… But “SHE” was pregnant… Welcome to the hood, I saw a Porshe, Lexus, and a Mercedes also… And they probably had kids but now too… And maybe one for me but that’s another story.

  76. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Yeah weed is good weed is very good

  77. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Damn this shit reads the post quick! As soon as I tapped submit I pressed the stop tab… That always happens!

  78. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *Bumps Scarface’s snitch nigga*

  79. BigL fan Says:

    “hes on now you see me, now you dont shit”

  80. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I got into it with this bitch ass stan today, who just so happens to be my boy.

    I made a comment about the G-Unit reebox and shit like that, saying that the shoe is fucking garbage. And that got us fussing about 50. I told lil homie nobody that’s really in the game fuck with 50 unless they’re label mates. So he said Jay fucks with 50(on the strenght of a commercial they did together). So I shut that bullshit down and asked him if 50 and Jay had any REAL songs together… Then I asked this fag if they are even on the same ALBUM being feat. on somebody elses shit. You know what this clown had the nerve to say? A fucking DJ Clue mix tape. I forgot the name of the bitch but its A FUCKING MIXTAPE!!!! I’m trying to get this nigga to see that no real legend will ruin themselves and do a song with 50 unless they are label mates.

    Any stans beg to differ?

  81. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Here is a link to a wanna be blog


    In that thread it says something about 50 call Hov a bitch because he didn’t respond to cam… Can you believe that?

  82. beastnigga Says:

    this shit is crazy slow today. i might just fuck wit it tomorrow

  83. tyronebiggums Says:

    no doubt beast its mad slow today. eskay’s a bastard the boys got me hooked and I mean hooked like *chris rock voice* herion I need my fix. like the other day I was in my boys whip and I was checking out this site on my treo. *rick james voice* nah right’s a helluva drug

  84. London-BRIDGES Says:

    @BLOODHOUND LEGENDS DO ALIGN THEMselves wit 50. hov working wit 50 on freeways album

  85. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I read that also but that’s not what I mean… Its not a Hov album or a 50 album… Its freeway “If El Plaga wants me out, I’ll be out.” -freeway

  86. Luis Says:

    “You know what I’m saying” multiple times blabbing it over and over again lmfaoooooo CLASSIC!!!!

  87. Combat Jack Says:

    Nigga, you know what I’m saying nigga, even with or without the pohlice involved or not and this that and the the third, nigga, its that that video right there, you know what I’m saying nigga, is an effin classic nigga, with or without the pohlice nigga.

  88. Roxbury All Day Says:

    That dude in the video aired “himself” out. lol Snitching on fucking camera and had the nerve to have on a Stop Snitching T-Shirt. The fucking irony. Basically he’s a broke ass nobody. You could tell he was leaving alot of shit out from the true story. But basically the fact is he was a nigga Zino took care off like he’s done with a whole bunch of street niggas. Zino’s a real street nigga that’s why a whole bunch of the staff at the source were street niggas from the block or niggas who just came out of Jail from doing a bid and Zino hooked them up with a easy job to make paper. And some niggas after having a hand reach out to help take advantage and pull they weight. And some niggas Fuck up a good situation and instead of being a man and aplogizing and asking for help they go the homo route and try and shit on a nigga.

    This dude basically fucked up his position. Now he’s crying because he’s broke. Going to sleep everynight dreaming that he could be back with Zino. And from his actions I’m glad Zino kicked his disloyal ass to the curb. Let this be a lesson you can’t drag everybody out the hood. Some niggas carry they weight and some are just some jealous ass niggas that don’t know how to follow their role and just stand around doing nothing expecting a free handout. You have to cut them disloyal ass leachers off quickly. And Zino ain’t shook of him. He’s been to Boston alot recently. Right after this DVD almost like he was trying to make a statement he spent alot of time in Boston, partying and making it know that he still runs shit. Slaped up Chubby Chub and DJ Enuff on two seperate days. And I ain’t no SNITCH like Paul Johnson is but somebody in that video got ran up on by Benzino recently(after this video was shot) and checked. Any real nigga from the bean knows what I’m talking about. lol So he ain’t shook of this broke nobody.

  89. Stephen C. Says:

    i hate benzino…*Fowards Benzino’s address to SugahBear@Bankrupt.com

  90. OSOsexyJessica Says:

    This is not a funny question…

    Who is Benzino ? I really dont know who he is I’ve been hearin a lot of stuff about him But I’ve never heard a song by him…

    Can someone tell me a song he on

    Please Holla back


    ^^^ you are kidding right ? please tell me your kidding? * thinks to self why am i bothering she has to be kidding *

  92. eskay Says:

    lol she’s probably serious Biggums. I think its entirely possible that someone could go their entire life and never hear a Ray Ray joint.

    OSOsexyJessica, if you’re serious, the one song that Benzino had that I ever heard on the radio was the I See Booty remix and they only played that because Fab G Dep and ironically enough, Busta were on it


  93. eskay Says:

    ^in case you can’t figure it out, he’s the non-rhyming ass nigga after Fab

  94. tyronebiggums Says:

    I could understand not knowing he rapped but how could you not of heard about the source or any of his other antics or atleast how could you have not heard em destroy him

  95. B-HEEZIE Says:

    YO………. Not for nothing, but when the Boston O.G. went on to talk about Benzino hittin’ Suges Baby’s Mamma…… THAT WAS TRULY SOME B*TCH A** SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. OSOsexyJessica Says:

    Oh ok i know who he is Thanks i just need to back track

  97. VISAR Says:

    Benzino got smacked buy that boston OG right? Men he got beef with suge eminem and this nigga. Fuck benzino s mom hope he gonna die! HOLLA!!!

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