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Daily Headlines 4-7-06

Bush implicated in leak on Iraq intelligence 

Kim Airs Em Out, and he responds

Beyonce offers to help Whitney with her crack problem 

This Zab Judah Mayweather fight is gonna be so hip hop 

Along with Katrina and Rita, Stan will also be retired from use as a potential Hurricane name

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93 Responses to “Daily Headlines 4-7-06”

  1. Damu Says:

    1st beeeeeeatchz

  2. Damu Says:

    Damn, i gotta say i feel 4 Em. That bytch has done fucked his head up one too many times. I was reading in here a few days ago about someone say that they know a lot of strong hustling nigguhz that they only weakness is women. Think of how he feels right now. Damn… Hold yer head son. Plenty mo fishez in da sea, wigga. lol

  3. G-town G Says:

    Damn shame if u ask me he neva should have gotten back with her but fuck it, it aint me! And yea DAmu niggas weakness is women but shit u gotta know when to hold em, fold em, or throw they ass away…

  4. Damu Says:

    fo real fo real…. find them fuck them and flee son

  5. rube Says:


  6. Dong Done In A Knot Says:

    Beyonce gonna help by feedin her popeyes…

  7. Dong Done In A Knot Says:

    ^ or a dong

  8. E From BK Says:

    You’re man Scooter Libby is a funny dude. He’s like that Co-D you would hate to have. It’s crazy. I’m no Bush supporter at all, but his man straight ished on him. It’s whatever though. Your man Slick Bill Clinton got in trouble for a little dome action. What’s going to happen here?

  9. Damu Says:

    Beyonce is one gal u wouldn’t running away from. Hot damn, jigga man one lucky mo fo

  10. bo0st yAa Says:

    em is one of the most talented rappers but i cant give him respect outside the booth cuz 4 how much he got he still cant handle his personal life which is classic baby mama drama …………….. on n by the way FUCK BUSH HE COULD SWALLOW BABIES THAT DUMB COCKSUCKER http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2691534

  11. reggaetonslasher Says:

    Its a rap for the administration, ruining America… and on whitney well I just feel bad for her, Em we all fall victim specially when kids are involved if you a good dude you want the best for the seeds and get blinded by the thin line between love and hate.

  12. T Nelson Says:

    who gives a fuck about him and his publicity stunts (oops i mean marriage)…. i got 200 on Zab get at me

  13. MaddenMaster Says:

    Esgay: stop acting like a little fucking girl….. We had a thread a few days ago about all types of sports shit and I ask you to post the Zab V. Floyd shit and “its so hip hop” is apart of the headline… Thats bugged out!!!

  14. Plug Says:

    Em should have stayed away from Kim…..nuff said!

  15. E From BK Says:


    You are right about what you said about the seeds. These chicks will drive a brother crazy behind those babies. The crazy thing is that the “good dudes” I know go through alot of BS in those situations, but cats I know that don’t give a fuck and wild out don’t get the grief.

  16. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    i would be liable to pop a few pill if i was wit that bitch

  17. G Off Says:

    Mayweather is gonna kill him, T Nelson.

  18. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    ^^^true story
    zab = model = lol

  19. reggaetonslasher Says:

    E From BK i agree, thats the weired shit, the good dudes always get the shaft, couldnt of said it better myself

  20. SANGANO Says:


  21. D Brown11 Says:

    Did Zab knock out Busta?

  22. G-town G Says:

    Fuck Rita and Katrina man I dont ever wanna see them hoes again…

  23. eskay Says:

    *stares Madden down

    *keeps it moving

  24. G Off Says:

    Madden is so worried about what gets posted… Homie- get your own website if you want to post your own shit. Quit begging another man like a child.

  25. G-town G Says:

    Oh and I got my money on Pretty Boy Floyd

  26. AGeezee Says:

    I think what whitney needs is TyroneBiggums to pay her a visit.

  27. AGeezee Says:

    bo0st yAa Says:

    April 7th, 2006 at 11:30 am
    em is one of the most talented rappers but i cant give him respect outside the booth cuz 4 how much he got he still cant handle his personal life which is classic baby mama drama ……………..

    Just b/c you got millions and are a talented rapper doesn’t mean you aren’t the same stupid poor white trash mentally that he was when he was growing up. I mean, it’s obvious the dude don’t got em all… Just like how you can’t take the hood out the coon, but you can take the coon out the hood. Same ish different toilet.

  28. AGeezee Says:

    Well since they can’t use the name Stan no more, I’m hearing they’re just have to replace it with LUIS

  29. Lili Says:

    Hm…..both Kim & Em have issues, but she’s mad foul for discussinh whatever the problems may have been on the radio (especially so soon). That should tell him what kinda chick she is……Like I said in another post, they’re prolly one of those “can’t live with you/can’t live without you” couples…but he’s gonna have to get rid of her for good.

    LOL@ B helping Whitney get off coke. That’s a damn shame man…Whitney needs to leave Bobby and get it together. She prolly could be on top if she cleaned up her act. Mariah came back and bumrushed all the young girls in 2005.

    Yo, this administration has bamboozled 1/3 of the nation. The other 2/3 don’t care or realize we can’t do shit because the Repub’s control Congress and the White House. These ppl will literally be getting away with murder until he’s out of office.

    As much as he needs to be removed from Office, it’d probably be better that he stays in place. If not Cheney won’t just be the puppeteer anymore. This is a CATCH-22 if I ever heard one….

  30. Lili Says:

    “Just b/c you got millions and are a talented rapper doesn’t mean you aren’t the same stupid poor white trash mentally that he was when he was growing up.”

    –GOOOOOOTDAMN. lol “..the same stupid poor white trash”….that’s the quote of the day.

  31. AGeezee Says:

    …and I don’t really like calling anyone that, but I think it’s obviously somewhat true.

  32. eskay Says:

    >>Well since they can’t use the name Stan no more, I’m hearing they’re just have to replace it with LUIS

    ^damn that was a good one

  33. AGeezee Says:

    True story.


  34. G-town G Says:

    U know Im thinkin, yea niggas get dumb ova pretty women but shit Im a firm believer of the phrase: “Theres plenty other fish in the sea”

  35. G-town G Says:

    And yall just dont know how I hate that Bush kat man, he wuz governor here before he was pres so shit Im just sick of his ass. He didnt do a good job then and he damn sho aint doina good job.

    But I do agree wit Lili up there tho, aint shit we can do about it now but let him fuck himself up. Too much goin on rite now involving his ass for him not to be pres. Let him TRY to klean up his own mess…

    Please ppl vote in 2008 man I know it seems like it dont matter but shit we gotta at least try.


  36. Plug industries Says:


  37. MaddenMaster Says:

    Eskay: Jump nigga Jump!!!! c’mon……..


    YOU ESKAY – have you heard anything else about the main-o cease shit, i know most people dont care about this, and i dont really care about cease but miss info said “main-o clocked ceases manager then jumped on cease and shit got real ugly. ” like i said im a main-o fan and dont get me wrong snuffing cease dont mean shit to as far as proving yourself but 2 things that make me care. 1) main-o has BEEN saying when he see cease its on and apparently he held to his word unlike pretty much every rapper out ( not that im promoting violence but no one got shot everyone needs a good ass whipping every now and then ) 2) this shit has got to funny as fuck i would love to see how this went down *pictures main-o saying to himself “is that cease rat ass? it is his ass” then main-o darts after cease snuffs his manager tackles cease and just starts stompin on dude thats got to be some hilarious shit to see ( and miss info said some of junior mafia was with cease )so just wondering if you heard anything else?

    o yea and i know you busy dude but its been a minute since i sent you those tracks man try and get to them weekend let your capo know whats really good ( just listen to “good die young” “the answer to why?” “in my life” and “my son” ) i mean its only 4 songs holla at the CAPO ( FUCK JIM JONES FAKE CAPO BITCH ASS ) * starts laughing knowing he just got the dip-shit stans all hot and bothered *


    AGeezee Says:

    April 7th, 2006 at 2:31 pm
    I think what whitney needs is TyroneBiggums to pay her a visit.

    true story my cousin lives in the same town she does in new jersey ive seen their house. supposedly they dont stay around jerz to much they usually be in the A now i guess but im only about 20 minutes from the bitch house



    we were talking about these 2 at work today and i decided as much as a retarded cowboy bush is cheney IS THE DEVIL REINCARNITE

  41. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Beyonce gonns cater to whitney! But all whitney gonna ask for is crack! mission impossible! nice try though

  42. eskay Says:

    Yo Biggums, I just listened to a few of your boys joints. he’s nice. I’m feeling everything I’ve heard so far definitley.

  43. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *ran out off piff*


    *resorts to smoking regular*


    *ran out of phillies also*

    My day sucks so far!!!!

    *rolls a joint*

    Thank god for zig zag!!!

  44. eskay Says:

    *is lit off piff

    nothins worse than regs

    *lights clip

  45. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *smells like a pound most of the day*

    One time I got pulled over by a cop just as I threw a roach out of the window… The truck was smelling like a hippie festival. Anyway the cop smelled it and asked me to step out of truck, saw one of my guns lying across the back seat, his partner cuffed me, and the searched and found a pistol in my glove box. So they pulled my guns out by this time I was in the back of the unit. Then they came pulled me out of the car, and asked to see my paper work for the guns, so while I was showing them my paperwork they ran my name and shit. But anyway to make a long story short it doesn’t matter how much weed you smell like, if you were pulled over by a cop that just so happens to be a war vet. he’ll let you go!!!!

    That’s why I said the other day that SOME cops are cool.

    The G-Unit Crips aren’t they probably would’ve arrested me and shit!

    FUCK 50, Bush, FEMA, Bol, Kim Mathers, Russel Crowe, Statefarm, T-mobile, Young Buck (simply because he is better than anyone else in G-Unit but won’t leave), A.J. From 106 & park, clowns, Elvis imposters, niggaz screaming thug life but don’t know what thug life means, niggas with tear drops under their eyes but won’t even kill time, My BC & XO, Pizza Hut, Nelly, Luis, and last but not least bugsy!

  46. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *plans to jack eskay’s piff

  47. eskay Says:

    *finishes off clip

    ain’t got no more (through a mouthful of smoke)


  48. eskay Says:

    *still has a 20 piece on the low

  49. tyronebiggums Says:

    no doubt eskay. I thought you’d like him once I get some of his sicker shit on my comp. ill send it to you. how’d you like the answer to why? shit. ‘kobes crazy I don’t hit shit raw’ ‘ and as far as the cure for aids you should holla at magic/ and the right diseal could still turn a pissy hall into a matress/ slug or the heart shit it really dont’t matter/ and as long as you got new york shit it really don’t matter’

  50. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Eskay’s holding out huh?

    That’s cool Eskay… IF THAT’S YOUR REAL NAME!!!!!!!!!!

    Real talk that dude dumb nigga put me on some dude the other day (extra no homo) I think his name was cyssor or some shit like that.

  51. eskay Says:

    >>and as far as the cure for aids you should holla at magic/ and the right diseal could still turn a pissy hall into a matress/ slug or the heart shit it really dont’t matter/ and as long as you got new york shit it really don’t matter’

    ^that’s crazy, cuz those were a couple of the lines that stood out to me. yeah that shit was hot. I see what you mean about listening to Why first though. even though I know that whole song, it’s kinda hard to follow what he’s answering.

  52. The Cipher Says:

    man that shit withthe administration makes me feel good to be canadian *Oh Canada*… i cant believe my friendly neighbours havent impeached the mother fucker yet man… this shits getting outta hand and its making america look bad…

    after reading all your comments i took it upon myself to take a look at the article and i too agree, good dudes got it bad, he just wants to have a happy family along side his success, thats grown man business right there and we really cant hate on a cracker for doing that, hes taking care of what he feels should be taken care of… it sucks that the bitch is fucking with him like that but damn what are you gunna do…

    Mayweather is gunna fuck Zab up and the undefeated streak will live on

    big up to beyonce stepping in, whitney needs all the help she can get, i respect mary J to the fullest but actions speak louder the words, fuck prayer and go to whitney hands on and help the woman before shes lost forever

    i second changing stan to Luis

    as for madden… quit bitching

  53. eskay Says:

    cyssero? Game’s man? (no homo)

  54. tyronebiggums Says:

    I got thaaaaaaaat sour diesal ‘ you don’t smoke that sour diseal like us ‘ also got that kush and some ill haze. * feels for you people smoking on some beast lights up the deez for you *

  55. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *wants to smoke with Bush one day*

    I’ll have the oval office smelling like a snoop after party. (No homo)

  56. eskay Says:

    damn this thread went fucking wood

  57. tyronebiggums Says:

    yea jada asks so many questions its hard to follow but I’ve been listening to it for god knows how long and it still impresses the shit out of me.

  58. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ eskay

    Yeah that’s him…

    @ The Cipher

    Didn’t Prophet B tell you Canada was going to be invaded by america?

    *plans to invade Canada*

    Luis would be a much more fitting term for nut hugger/dick rider/stalker/cyber stalker/sex slave/..etc you get the point stan is so out dated and over used.

    *places vote*

  59. The Cipher Says:

    @ Blood… yeah he did… but he doesnt realize that not all canadians are softies, me for example… im prepared for the invasion, my paranoia has me prepared for anything… *puts camo paint on his face*, i mean shit from the stan wars to the jealousy of peace in my hood by the americans, i wouldnt be surprised if you guys were at the border now… *looks at satelite overview ofthe borders, sees long line up of cars*… so come to canada, but i garentee you… if you cant take us over by winter, your done for!!!

  60. tyronebiggums Says:

    ” its like cyssero where you been/ as soon as cassidy got locked up his skin you jumped in. “

  61. eskay Says:

    Jr Writer stole that ninja turtle dis to g-unit offa cyssero

  62. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    lmao @ Cipher

    I know man those winters in Canada suck ass, I went to canada one summer and needed a wind breaker so I know!

    Canada is a lot cleaner than america also, and a lot more friendly.

    Canada is basically a watered down America….

    12% of non law enforcement Canadians own guns…

    In america…. Lets just say thank God for our constitutional rights!

  63. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Jr. Biter!

  64. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *from the south*

    *is afraid of snow*

    The shit looks bad for you!

    *only snowed twice in new orleans in my life time*

    * was in New York when a blizzard hit*

    It was tooo fucking cold…

  65. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *pulling for this thread to go plat*

  66. The Cipher Says:

    lol @ blood on the jr.biter and the fear of winter… winter is shit too me now, i hate it but i can walk outside with no jacket in the winter for awhile and be ok… so we defitnitley have advantage in our home turf…

    so true, canadas a beautiful place to live… shit and it seems everyones a stoner these days… i dont think theres a single person in my college(teachers included) that dont bun some herb… specially when my boy got some from vancouver… shit was stanky, had my mine blown into orbit… maybe thats why everyone is so nice, we all fucking blazed and when were not were just happy

  67. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ Cipher

    its true homie… When you’re high you don’t think about fussing and shit cuz it’ll blow your high…

    Increase the peace… Chief the green!!!

    *wonders if Cipher uses terms like “ehh?”, or “aboot”*

    *singings “Blame Canada*

    *gets a phone call from a TRUE friend offering me some spiffy piffy*

  68. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    lets see if we can make it plat. i’m here playa. aye yo blood whats up nigga? you aint hollared at ya boy in a minute. get at me dog.

    yall niggaz get to have all the fun. why is it when i come up on this everybody vacate?

    *thinks about switchen to the darkside*

  69. The Cipher Says:

    i dont use the term “aboot” but i have caught myself sayin “eh” a couple times, but it aint no thing, cause a couple boys that came up from the states say “eh” too… so i dont know why its a big deal when canadians say it… but i gotta admit, sometimes i wonna put my knuckels through a tourist from the states head when they ask for my help and anticipate the EH… almost like my sentences arent done til its said… some americans are fuckfaces no doubt

  70. eskay Says:

    yo Beast what it do

  71. The Cipher Says:

    dog i been on the darkside for too long… i got darths homie lol… red sabers all day, choke force, im on it… anyone who dare take on the darkside shall perish

  72. Da Newz Man Says:

    Man the news has been slow today, i need to do some more interviews.

  73. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    my heart is strong over here. but the pull of the darkside seems to grow.

    i am one of the downest niggas on here. period.

    *their is a disturbance in the force*

  74. The Cipher Says:

    give in to that pull within you… i sense the force within you is strong, but could be stronger… let Darth Cipher train you and in return i shall show you powers beyond that of which yoda could ever dream of teaching you… plus you get a pretty sick nick name… Darth Beastnigga, thats some fire right there man imagine that name, long black cape, red light sabers, fuck i wouldnt wonna fight you man

  75. Darth Cipher Says:

    ok man im changing my name… i actually like the sound of Darth Cipher

  76. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    *yes my emperor*

    we shall rule tha gaxalzy. nahright will be the 4 deminsion. my fury will eradicate all that invade.

    *launches whole battilion*

    may god have mercy on they soul, cuz we ain’t got none

  77. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    What up beast nigga? Been cooling out homie? I see you’re ready for WWIV huh?

  78. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    For you stans with a 50 cent education. That world war 4… IV = 4.

  79. Da Newz Man Says:

    Maybe soon i should drop my Dipset interviews. Cam’ron sure does do good interviews(no homo)

  80. Darth Cipher Says:

    Darth beaastnigga and myself have aligned to set a battalion on all stan, sorry luis’ that dare impose the new order of the nahright galaxy… those who choose too join us are welcome, but know this… wedo not accept irrational comments that judge on personal taste rather then critical common sense and understanding of both the good and bad… show no mercy to the enemy of the darkside… and plus you dont gotta add the darth if you dont want too i mean, i just like it cause shit its grimey… the empire shall rise again

  81. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    blood i’m ready, but its nuthin 2 feed on .they all watchin but don’t step.

    this is called the shut down.

    *passes out candy and a dollar to all the lil kids, watch em skip home happy as christmas day*

  82. Darth Cipher Says:

    cam’ron shall be the first to face my rath as soon as the killa season album and movie are sent out… if it gets sent out, he knows im waiting and keeps pushing it further and further cause he knows the only thing that can save him is an overwhelming anticipation… and as i see it, it wont help

  83. Darth Cipher Says:

    the luis’ are scared… come out bitches, i know your watching and reading this

  84. Da Newz Man Says:

    I dont see any Dipset groupies though, so i dont think dropping a Dipset interview would be appropriate at this time. Maybe i’ll save those until the next Dipset blog.

  85. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Yeah Da Newz man,

    I think you should do a joint interview with Game, 50, Cam’ron and Jay…

    That should be fun

  86. tyronebiggums Says:

    yo I’m out boys and bitches ( luis nyc bugsy aka 50 left nut ) just tossed out the blunt hoping out the whip and about hit the club peace hold this shit down family the stans are depleting by the minute

  87. Da Newz Man Says:

    Game, 50, and Cam? Hmmm, that might be hard, i’ll try and make it happen.

  88. boston george Says:

    Darth Cipher Says:
    April 7th, 2006 at 11:00 pm
    the luis’ are scared… come out bitches, i know your watching and reading this

    LOL….yall niggas kill me callin niggas “luis'”lol….i think yall mighta ran them niggas to exit stage left.

    @Newz u should interview jim jones, that nigga talk more shit than a little bit

  89. T Nelson Says:

    like i said i got 20 on zab


    ^^^ ill take that bet like mayweather says he is that fo sho money

  91. MaddenMaster Says:





  92. T Nelson Says:


  93. tyronebiggums Says:

    you boys is pathetic 50 says he appreciates the support but now that he has been all oiled up by now he wants his dick and balls back cause yayo and banks want their turn. who cares that 2 boxers came out to his songs so the fuck what. I mean mayweather came out to ill whip your head boy cause that just so happened to be what he planned on doing ( that’s the only semi hard track 50 has done in forever and it was garbage I can show you 10 mixtapes where different rappers destroyed that shit so much harder than that rat ) and also for the record I don’t care what any boxer thinks about rap does that mean cause they like him I have to? *snaps fingers and slaps these stans hoping to wake them up out of their hypnotized state * you should decide what music you like on your own. try just listening to the music and judge it on its own merit ignore sales ignore hype ignore what a boxer comes out to and just listen objectively and decide what you like based on what you like. thats how we do and that’s why we say fuck 50 cause ‘fuck sound scan I aint buyin that/yall sell em to the stores then buy em back’ . the fact is most people who buy 50 cent albums don’t listen to other rap ( just more poppy rap. truth is the 50 cd’s sit next to nelly cd’s mixed in with that punk and hippie shit ). they buy it to play at parties and shit but the real hip-hop heads stay away cause we haven’t been brainwashed like yall fools

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