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Questions About The Brooklyn Riots


Yesterday I posted about this incident that went down in Brooklyn where a old Jewish dude got roughed up and the choas that ensued. Here are a few questions I have about this whole debacle.  

Why are some media outlets referring to this event as a ‘protest’ rather than what it really was, a riot? Cops were injured and things were set on fire, including at least one police car. How would they be describing the same incident if it had happened in Harlem or Bedstuy?

How is it possible that these riots went on for several hours and only 3 people were arrested? Again, what would the arrest numbers look like if this was Harlem or Bedstuy?

How can the NYPD, with a perfectly straight face, justify their light handed approach to such a volatile situation in a community that has clashed with the police before? Why do the leaders of the Jewish Community get a breakfast meeting with police the next morning to talk things over?

Why is hardly anybody talking about the fact that the victim claims one of the officers told him he was being treated "the way we treat niggers"? Why would a 75 year old Jewish guy make that up?

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150 Responses to “Questions About The Brooklyn Riots”


    first motherfuckaz,!! don’t even try to play me niggas!

  2. ming Says:

    b/c we need somebody within the media who is going to take this story and all these issues and talk about them in a forum where more people can be exposed to them. btw, if you’re going to be first try and post an actual comment, instead of just being annoying.


    ming…ming ding,chicken wing,ming chinese food dynasty

    look you new. don’t make me shrimp fried ming 2nite! ok?



  4. bxconnect Says:

    i cant lie jewish people stick together.i saw that shit on the news they formed like voltron on the cops.when they see you fuck with one of them they just click up and forget it.

  5. eskay Says:

    ^ hell yeah bxconnect. we (blacks, latinos) could learn a thing or two about the way they roll

    but I meant to say in the post that I’m not at all naive about the ‘special’ relationship that the Jewish communities in brooklyn have with the police, I’m just posing these questions to spark a discussion. Unfortunately, I also did a G-unit related post today, so I’m sure thats where everybodys attention will stay.


    i deroit where igrew up and became a man at they had a jewish community right next to where we lived. the other side of tha tracks. they was some nasty motherfuckas. i’m not talking about hygeine but attitude. didn’t want you to just walk thru they streets. we fucked many of them up over their too. it was insane. jews on one side , italians on the other, poloks bringing up the rear. niggas caught in the middle. i am not a race hater, none what so ever. i just speak on tha truth. they didn’t want us there. we ran they ass out by force. now i live in new york. its a little town where i live thats all jews. i dont live there but its about 15 mintues away. they all got million plus homes, own businesses, and shit. but these are hasidic jews. not only are they nasty in treatment of they fellow man but they nasty physically. garbage and shit out on the sidewalk. it look like a trailer park but its crazy money there. i don’t break no bread wit none of them. i don’t even have to pay for ya disrespect. can’t shake my hand , don’t worry about no money being put in yours. 4 real

  7. eskay Says:

    where in NY you at Beasty? general area, you don’t have to shout out your whole 20, I know the Federalis is watchin

  8. MaddenMaster Says:

    Niggas will Riot in BK for anything them niggas crazy and its usually over some shit the popo done did……. But hey right is right and wrong is wrong!!!!

  9. eskay Says:

    Madden, first off you need to change the allhiphop.com link you have for your name to motherfucking nahright.com nucca…

  10. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    i’m in the mountains what they say, shit i don’t know. but up state,kinda quite. heres a clue. the nigga from the movie BLOW is locked in the pen right down tha street. i don’t remember his name in tha flick but johnny depp played his character. i just found this out yesterday and i been here 2 yrs.almost. out the clear blue sky at 3 in the afternoon somebody told me this. i was like oh yeah?

    *thinks to self heavy, heavy, eyes around this bitch*

  11. eskay Says:

    George Jung. that nigga moved some weight.

    “you cant do nothing other than flow Life’s a bitch like the mother from Blow, lets go…”

  12. bxconnect Says:

    whats the name of that jewish rapper i think it starts with a m. he has a reggae type flow.i peeped his video that song is decent.that motherfucka can flow i cant even lie.he rocks all black with the headpiece?

  13. Meccajj Says:

    trying to get boston george and diego money, stack it on up like lego money…

    Its pretty obvious that the situation in brooklyn, they would have have 100 black people lined up with the tie cuffs, blinded by tear gas, with dogs barking in there face

  14. eskay Says:

    Matisyahu. but yo, you ain’t lying, I saw that nigga on something, and I was ready for him to be a fucking wack ass gimmick, and I can’t even front, he wasn’t that bad.


  15. E From BK Says:

    What up yall. I wonder if this post will have some longevity. Let’s see.

    The reason the media is calling it a “protest” is because the Jews ARE the media. Yes, they have a great relationship with the cops. I grew up in Flatbush right by Brooklyn College on Ocean Ave and I remember how on Saturdays the cops would be escorting 100’s of Jews to their synagogue. That shit was crazy. When niggas broke into my crib and stole my 1200’s I couldn’t get the cops to do shit. Those cops that assaulted Duke must be on some Hitler type shit because most of them know the power the Jewish community yields. I think the Black/Latino community’s problem is that we don’t talk with our dollars. If we did, the powers that be would respect our “protests” more. They look at us and say; “they don’t have money” or “they don’t vote” so fuckem.

  16. Doc Flav Says:

    “Dont Even Try To Play Me…” Lol @ Beast That Was Hilarious

  17. GET Says:

    Good Post

    I heard Star talk about this, he basically had the same point of view as you on the situation.

    But I do give it up to Jews because they do stick together. This small incident caused such a big reaction.

    Which Means next time Cops try to fuck with someone in that neighborhood, they’ll think twice about it.

  18. Ski-MaskMan Says:

    That shit aint no protest, like Eskay said. But i do have to wonder why when colored’s do shit like this its a riot, and when whites do it, its a protest.

  19. L Boogie Says:

    what up Eskay.Damn thats some real shiznit.But you know thats how they do us….Dirty

  20. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    where i live es, ALL the big niggas from the city live up here. they got cribs and shit. i’m talking GAMBINO niggas , i dont worry abuot the feds seening this cuz they already no where they at.

    you right…thats his name george jung. the real man responsible for the epidimic. where i’m at is where niggas come to live a life outside of life. i really don’t like it tho. i’m going back to atl. start up this restaurant. me and my girl and this jamacian lady.

    i look at these mafia punks up here and be like damn, yall ain’t shit. they tried to get me a year ago on some rumble shit. i shut they ass down. no heat needed, beat tha brakes off a nigga wit a chair. since then i move lovely, before then it was what tha fuck you doing here? go back to where you came from. now no problems.

    that shit happened in brooklyn last night aint shit .rip yusef hawkins

  21. G-town G Says:

    Thank you my nigga Es man these niggas need a post like this. Same shit I been talkin bout all week so you know I had to comment….

    And thats bullshit it was a riot but u know what the Jews handle their shit better than we would and thats why they are dealt with that way. Sad but true my niggas!

  22. BronxRap.com Says:

    And they will continue to do what the fudge they want…Until we wake up and stop letting the powers that be blindside us with tactics of brainwash.

  23. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    when colored’s do shit like this its a riot

    what decade do you live in nigga? “coloreds” i think you might be on tha wrong site

  24. GET Says:



  25. bxconnect Says:

    BEASTNIGGA i swear i was wondering the same thing.

  26. E From BK Says:

    Damn Beast! You got me thinking about the homie Yusef Hawkins. I remember that shit like it was yesterday. I didn’t even know homie, but me and my friends rode around Bensonhurst for a few weeks. That shit was a ghost town.

  27. slickerthanmost Says:

    to answer the questions….they’re jewish, we’re black/latino. our history in america is different. we were forced into labor. jews came on their own and fueled an industry that is one of america’s biggest export. entertainment. they run hollywood, im sure u already knowin. E from BK hit it right on the big jewish nose. they are the media.

    media says: blacks in new orleans were “looting”. whites were “doing what they had to, to survive.”

    its all the fuckin same. they look at us like animals. yet and still they swagger jack our cultures and sciences, follow the trends we set, got their kids wantin to be like us, but yet we dont get respect. people always fascinated with those who are tortured. why u think wolverine is the most popular x-man? cuz he a tortured soul…but yet he survives.

    the cops gonna treat them different cuz they have a bigger stake and claim in the american economy.

    BOSTON george. that might just have to be my new name.

  28. E From BK Says:

    Oh yeah Beast. What side of town are you opening the eatery?

  29. boston george Says:

    alias “slickerthanmost”

  30. Ski-MaskMan Says:

    I’m living in the 1950’s still, sorry man.

  31. T. Okes Says:

    Co-sign w/ sickerthanmost a.k.a. boston george…that’s real talk right there, like it or not.

  32. KingML Says:

    when i was coming home today it took like an extra hour cause of all the police, but i saw some jewish kids throwing shit through a window right infront of the police.

    im not going to get into this history debate about who had it worse over the years.

    but i feel real bad an old man got his ass beat adn if i saw that shit i probably would have been burning stuff too.

    and since when is burning shit, assaulting cops and vandalizing private/public property a protest?

    those are the kind of protests we needed to see at wto/iraq war.

  33. E From BK Says:

    Yo Eskay you see this BS? When you post on subject matters like this that force people to think on their own……………no love. Half of these cats are not real Hip Hoppers. If they were they would know that Hip Hop is about politics as well. These cats can only regurgitate a thought that they heard on a song. This is the problem with the music these days. These people’s brains don’t get any real work out. Also, because they don’t read they don’t know any history.

  34. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Niggas, things like this shouldnt be happening in any part of the world. Riots were made by the white man, to keep all races down.

  35. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    E From BK Says:

    April 6th, 2006 at 10:03 pm
    Oh yeah Beast. What side of town are you opening the eatery?

    first stop. decatur where its greater. i’m gone try and do my thing down there like THIS IS IT. i can cook too my nigga. i do more thang drugs, shoot niggas and shit. my grandmomma taught me how. the girls wanna name it after them. some shit about TRISH N WINNETTES iaint feelin that yo. my girl cousin will be here in a coupla days from texas. i’m so happy i don’t know what to do. one more year or maybe less i will be in BLACK ENTERPUNER MAG all you niggaz get to eat free!!!( once motherfuckasz don’t get greedy)

  36. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Riots are made by racist white people. I believe the KKK was the inventor of riots. Its a conspiracy made by the racist white man, to help keep blacks down.

  37. boston george Says:

    PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:
    April 6th, 2006 at 10:34 pm
    Niggas, things like this shouldnt be happening in any part of the world. Riots were made by the white man, to keep all races down.


    @E from BK i hear u on that. a lot people let televsion & entertainment form their views for them. not sayin on this site particularly, but just in general.

  38. E From BK Says:

    That’s what’s up Beast. I rock out at Gladys Knight’s at least once a month.

  39. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Riots were made by the racist white man. Trust me on this one. Why is it that cops are always at riots? Beating people? I beleive that the racists are trying to kill off blacks. Its just like the word nigga. The racist whites thought of something that would keep most blacks to get high paying jobs.

  40. E From BK Says:


    What do you think is our role in it as Black/Latino people. Why do we fuck up our own neighborhoods in these riots? What does the Whit man have to do with this? I remember the NY blackout in ’77. I was young but I remember it like yesterday. The morning after, me and moms went to 125 and all those Black shops were broken into. Store fronts were smashed and those merchants were ripped off. My point is that it was only a blackout. Why were we rioting?

  41. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Hmm. I cant really tell you, that. But i can tell you that the white man put liquor stores on almost every corner to make niggas be influenced to do things like that. They are trying to kill off every black man. Thats why they stuck so many blacks in the hood. Dont get me wrong io dont have problems with whites. Its just the racist ones.

    But the blackout thing, my theory would be that….The white man turned off the power on purpose. And paid someone money to start trouble, and then other caught on, but i’m most likely wrong on that one.

  42. G-town G Says:

    Do yall know what happened at THE REAL BLACK WALL STREET? Im not talkin about Game’s record label either. Check that shit out its a must know for black people

  43. eskay Says:

    >> i can cook too my nigga. i do more thang drugs, shoot niggas and shit.


  44. eskay Says:

    yo 77 was a wild year. the blackout, Son of Sam, the Bronx was burning and I was in my moms belly.

  45. G-town G Says:

    Eskay I respect Yonkers just kuz of these niggas. The Lox is too fuckin real man its gonna be a sad day in gunitland when they really really dismantle 30 cent

  46. G-town G Says:

    I wasnt born until 79 but that at least lets me know yall niggas know what yall talkin about. Knowledge

  47. eskay Says:

    lol @ 30 cent..I didn’t know he dropped another dime

    and yeah G-Town, that Black Wall Street is crazy. incredile the shit that has gone down in this country.

    btw – I wouldnt pay the Pastor of the Weak up there any mind, I’m pretty sure he’s some white dude trying to clown us.

  48. E From BK Says:

    I see that Eskay. I just wanted him to talk a little more. I actually find him amusing.

  49. G-town G Says:

    Yea Es he may ACTUALLY be 50 cent by the summer…

  50. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    aye es, for real . i can put my foot in some shit in the kitchen. my grandmomma raised me and made sure i know how to do all that shit.

    sometimes i dazzle bitches!talkin about good eaten (you from ny) so i know you don’t know what i’m talkin about( no offence) but give me a kitchen and pots and some shit to whip up .i’ll blow ya mind . all SOUL FOOD i’m experitmenting wit this curry shit but ain’t got that down yet. thats why i got a old ass jamacian str8 from tha islands teaching me. i wish i could imitate her accent. shit to funny. sound like miss cleo.

    “CALL ME NOW” ha ha she sweet as hell.

  51. G-town G Says:

    Everytime I seee shit like that black wall street shit it pisses me the fuck off man and I could do something real dumb. Then I think about it tho u know it wouldnt help shit. I try to educate these niggas tho kuz that shit there will neva be in a book

  52. sphinx Says:

    ey so you actually WANT people to be arrested for defending themselves against police violence? i say MORE RIOTS

  53. E From BK Says:

    Yeah, that Black Wall Street shit was crazy. It’s crazy the amount of destruction that went on in Oklahoma. That was an extension of what they did after reconstruction. Black people were doing their thing then all of a sudden……… bam! Jim Crow!

  54. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Ya’ll think i’m amusing? Thats what i wanted.

  55. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    But on a serious note, i’m tryin to start a stopusinthen-word campain.

  56. G-town G Says:


    Thats the type of nigga I am.

  57. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    I see that. I aint trying to force anything on any of you, if thats what your thinking.

  58. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    I was just trying to bring up points. Some of them are true, others arent.

  59. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I co sign with bxconnect and with eskay on them joints bout clicking up and uniting…

    That’s real talk homies!

    I co sign with E from BK on the voting issue we all ways scream we want change but we don’t go through the process

  60. G-town G Says:

    Yea Blood I agree this will be a real good post. I doubt if the stans will wanna come thru here, but hey I could be wrong

  61. buppy Says:

    ai yo
    its basically like do the right thing, but in this essay by Claude McKay i had to read once (ha), he’s basically pissed that back in the Harlem Riot in the thirties, blacks were letting themselves be exploited on their own turf by the white mans terms, or at the time, by jew business owners. ANyways this is going back to what BEAST is saying in terms of how a disunified group in the face of voltron stands no chance. I dont know how i feel about groups of people rallying together. I donno, ideally people should be able to kick it like it isnt shit and mind their p’s or whatever, and i understand the desire for people to retreat into their communities, esp immigrant groups because you grow up attatched to that shit, and you want to preserve your culture, but its a damn shame that the disparities b/w how these groups are treated is made so obvious, esp how its seen in the media, which i think we’re all able to call bullshit on

  62. buppy Says:


  63. E From BK Says:

    That’s what’s up Blood. I think alot of us don’t want to go through the process because it doesn’t benefit us. We have to deal with the double standard in the penal system(time for crack vs. cocaine), our votes discounted, allkind of BS like that. It can be disheartening but we have to press on.

  64. eskay Says:

    >>ey so you actually WANT people to be arrested for defending themselves against police violence?

    believe me, that’s not what I’m saying

  65. boston george Says:

    As George Jackson pointed out:

    All black people, wherever they are, whatever their crimes, even crimes against other blacks, are political prisoners because the system has dealt with them differently than with whites

  66. eskay Says:

    “All I know, niggas give me all my dough
    Like Boston George comin through with all my blow”

    sorry I can’t help it ^ his screename makes me think of lyrics

    resume rational discussion

  67. The Cipher Says:

    big up matisyahu… that dudes crazy man, holding it down for the jews everywhere… first time i heard that song i went insane and had to dl the single… i put that shit on repeat cause i was stunned at how nice his flow was and how pure his words were… its amazing how someone whos jewish brings out the unique feeling most emcees dont have in hiphop… king without a crown man, some wicked stuff

  68. boston george Says:

    “Right now I’m tryin to charter a jet
    Fuck this hit the Panama Canal and get a harder connect”

  69. E From BK Says:

    Is that cat doing anything concrete? The last I saw of him he was sort of like a side show.

  70. born7allah Says:

    The whiteman is the devil but yall don’t get it. Yall say the man is doin this,the man doin that. What man and why? Yall said if this had went down in the hood ………………. Yeah I know and u know what would have went down. So sinc e we know what are we gonna do . Nothin! Just keep waitin for that mystery god(that don’t exist) to come and save us while the devils that know(10% not these devil u see but the one running shit) the truth about who god and the devil is got his soldiers erasin us of this planet. You dumb nigga wake up. Stop believing in da bullshit. The blackman is god the whiteman is devil point blank. Stop that religious b.s. Blacks walkin around sayin u christian or bapist or some other bullshit. Those religions was forced on us check you’re history. But yall so scared of some so called holyghost. Stop believin and start knowin. Yall know a little bit or else u wouldn’t have said what yall said but at the same time shit aint gonna change unless u change stupid. Give the devil his religion back and pinpoint youre enemy like u already have and don’t even know it. The whiteman is you’re enemy,u know it and I knowit stop actin like he’s you’re friend and look at it from the perspective of him being the devil of the planet earth then you’ll start 2 understand why he do what he do. For all those that say blacks do this or that is because we trying to b2 just like are enemy and kill ourselves. Take this test to see if you a nigga(ignorant black)or not. Are you still callin akibuland africa( a name givin to it by a whiteman john africanus a french explorer)? Is you’re last or first name johnson,jackson, williams or some other white name? Is you’re girl walkin around with lye(lie)in her hair? Are you walkin around wit earing in one or both ears(niggas will say well we wore earing when we was in africa. So why don’t u got a bone thru you’re nose if u wanna argue you’re point. Those so called africans that u seen doin that were the ones who got exiled from civilization. Those aren’t the kings and queens that are talked about that just the images the devil fed us about our people). Have you noticed homosexual shit is on the rise. That not buy coincidence. Hip dudes started doin that shit in the early ninetys plantin the gay seed in the mind of the masses. Now its 2006 and all the seed are grown up and gay like a mutha. Have yu failed the nigga test. I bet at least 85% of u have.

  71. boston george Says:

    born7allah Says:
    April 7th, 2006 at 12:57 am
    “….Have you noticed homosexual shit is on the rise. That not buy coincidence. Hip dudes started doin that shit in the early ninetys plantin the gay seed in the mind of the masses. Now its 2006 and all the seed are grown up and gay like a mutha…..”

    I dont agree with EVERYTHING u say god, especially the way u present it but i will say this…

    Homosexuality, which denies the love relationship between a man and a woman, prevents the love in the family to create life, thus ending the lineage of that family which has existed for hundreds or even thousands of generations. In other words, the result of Homosexuality is the destruction of the family. Once the family structure is destroyed, society soon follows.

  72. E From BK Says:

    I can appreciate your point of view and your effort to civilize the 85ers. I’m with you with alot of what you said, but I don’t think we should be giving the White man that kind of power. In my mind when I come across that 10% I definitely don’t empower them. I am aware of them, but as a Black man I focus on my inner being. This is how I feel like we as a community need to nourish ourselves, our families and friends. You are absolutely right. “The Black man is the original man and we just can’t escape our destiny”

  73. buppy Says:

    nah i dont by that destruction of family unit= destruction of society bs. people have been divorcing like crazy for the past half century and society is just as fucked as ever, but i doubt divorce is the reason, and i doubt gays are either, who often tend to be liberal minded people, and that shit usually spells a concern over social well being both globally and in smaller communities.


  74. boston george Says:

    In conclusion, anything that goes against natural, scientific and family laws is destructive to the existence of the family, which is the cornerstone of civilization and the universe.

  75. buppy Says:

    cornerstone of civilization what D;
    what about societies where polygamy is standard or how about ancient greeks adopting mentorship where basically aristocrates picks the most nubile young boy he can find and teaches him how to make sweet sweet music. and this is from the so called cradle of civilization. family means nada and humans just like fuckin’ and thats the long and short of it lol

  76. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    *notices non-violent non-hip hop convo*

    Damnit I’m impressed keep it up guys!

    *points gun at everyone bumping Biggie*

  77. born7allah Says:

    E from bk what is our inner being? And boston george said he don’t agree. If u don’t agree with truth then u just express opinion and I don’t deal wit that. Mathematics never lie. 1+2=3 not 1+2=5. And that regular math. I got supreme math. Knowledge + wisdom =understanding . I got the knowledge so I widom it 2 you so u can get understanding. You also said the way I present it. No need to sugarcoat shit in these days and times. My said keep it simple. The blackman is god. That word came from the greeks when talkin bout the blackman but got hip and told us that god is white or u can’t seehim. Cut da bullshit blackman(god). And to all you pussyhearted dudes,the only curse is the blackman who don’t know who his self is. The opposite of belief is knowing. Stop believing and acknowledge the supreme being. Peace

  78. eskay Says:

    I don’t know, I smell an awful lot of opinion in this thread.

  79. buppy Says:

    we’s keeps it gully though
    everyone has an opinion but us kids are just shootin the shit

  80. boston george Says:


    i hear u god body. i overstand knowledge – wisdom – and understanding (1+2+3). and still buildiing every wisdom culture/freedom of the year. best knowledge god-cipher-divine aint trapped in tripple stage darkness. i did the math kiid. dont get it pretzled. im glad u studied ur lessons. 120 is healthy. im universal, king. i reiterate; I dont agree with EVERYTHING u say. true story. knowledge this tho in re: to your presentation. people dont listen when preached down to. especially when the preacher comes with ‘self righteousness’ and speaks down to others he tryin to enlighten

    @ buppy – u make a good argument kiid. fyi, kemet was the true cradle of civilization….

  81. buppy Says:

    so true

  82. R.P. McMurphy Says:

    This whole thing is getting tired. Maybe the Christians, Jews and Muslims can kill each other off already?

    The problem is people can’t step outside of literal thought…think abstract for once. There’s no holy land. The holy land is in your soul, its metaphysical. People get all caught up in their own personal version of whats right without realizing its all the same.

    I can’t handle this religious shit anymore. If I hear white devil one more time I’m gonna freak out. Actually no…whatever…I’m not. I don’t care – you can live trapped in your shitty little bubble of hatred.

    O yea – and that dude talking about gay people shouldn’t exist because it destroys the family. Gimme a break man. How many straight relationships are really raising kids properly right now around you? You really think its cause dudes are fucking too many other dudes? Shit man. Just let them be-this fucking planet’s overpopulated anyway.

  83. R.P. McMurphy Says:

    Oh yea – I was VERY happy to hear about how this incident was handled. Fuck a pig.

  84. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Fuck a pig?!?

    As in like fuck a cop?

    If so o fucked one before… She was hot too… But her eyes were cocked like 2 pistols.

  85. boston george Says:

    c’mon dude….i never said they shouldn’t exist dog. that aint my stance. everyone got they own life to live yo. and who i am to judge? i’m a drop in the quantum soup. im stating, from a historical context, that its a sign that symbolizes the fall of an empire. as well as other factors. the problem is when there is no balance…..*sighs* u know what dog? its too late in the night to deal wit it all like that….fuck it like blood & “ms piggy” (no muppet)….shit that sound like a good idea….

    *lets go mouse, picks up car keys*

  86. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ born7allah

    You wanna know the inner me? (No homo)

    I’m the destroyer of man, woman, and child. I invade dreams, crush all hope of a better future. I am the itch you just can’t reach. I am a flat tire in the middle of the night, on a dark rural stretch of highway, when its 30 below with no cell phone or a spare. I am a lost soul misguided and scared, in search of the light at the end of the tunnel, only to find there is no light. I have issues. I am a warrior. I am a soldier.

    I AM THE USMC!!!!!!!!

    FUCK WITH ME!!!!!!!!

    SLUM LORD!!!!!!!!

  87. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    LOL @ NO MUPPET!!!!

    *removes caps lock aka stan yellers*


    ok its really off now!

  88. steve Says:

    i wish they fucked up those rioting jews..

    *throws on Dead Prez very loud*

    .. these arrogant brooklyn jews need an equal opportunity at getting violated and oppressed

  89. born7allah Says:

    @boston george
    Speakind down to peopl brings them up. Like somebody callin u a punk when u young or somebody callin a girl a ho,they’ll wanna change the way people percieve u. And overstanding is masonic talk. U said u overstand know wisd and understanding. If u over where I’m standin I’m your foundation, and if u understand what I said you’ll know where that mason shit come from . And I’m not godbody. Only 85%s and people aint really intune wit my nation call us,like some still call is fivepercent. I’m Allahs mind,that god body shit come from the 10% tryin to label us along wit that 85% gang shit. They’ll state what are u blood ,crip, god body. Stop let 10%control ya thinkin. We aren’t no gang but they want yall to think that so the truth won’t come out that the blackman is god and the whiteman is devil period. Peace

  90. chi-canery Says:

    Nothing new, and maybe it’s been posted already, but:


  91. E From BK Says:

    @ born7allah

    My inner self is my knowledge of self. That’s what keeps me going on a daily basis. I know many ideologies about the different aspects of our being. I’ve studied Supreme Mathematics along with most of the ideologies that make up our world and through a basic understanding of history, I am able to decipher for myself what I believe is right or wrong. One thing that I have learned through age is that to get the best results you should meet people where they stand. When Jesus walked the earth he didn’t just deal with all the “good” people or should I say his faithful. He hung around the thugs as well. (that’s not Christian talk either). By the way, it’s all opinion because everything is subjective. Yes, even numbers! 1+1 does not always equal 2. I work with numbers on a daily basis and I know that you can manipulate numbers to suit what it is you are trying to portray. I see it everday.

  92. That*itch Says:
  93. D. Billz Says:

    @ E from BK and born7allah

    I like the breakin’ down of science to knowledge that the two of you are exchanging. I’m intrigued to understand what yall are talkin’ about though.
    If yall got emails or websites to refer me to, let me know.

    On my way to work, for the M-A-N, gotta love the good ol’ gov’t…

    *hears the crack of the whip from afar*

  94. chucky Says:

    “The white man invented riots to keep us down…”

    That’s the funniest shyte I’ve read in a long time. How do you live in this world?

    Sorry for all the correct spelling and grammar – I’ll try to be more gully or whatever next time.

  95. E From BK Says:

    D. Billz Says:

    April 7th, 2006 at 9:58 am
    @ E from BK and born7allah

    I like the breakin’ down of science to knowledge that the two of you are exchanging. I’m intrigued to understand what yall are talkin’ about though.

    Real talk or just joking us?

  96. Ricky D Says:

    Keep in mind that there is more than one kind of Jewish community or religious practice… big difference between a random Reform or Conservative guy from NYC named Goldberg or Weiss and a Hasidic or an ultra-Orthodox type… The latter, I don’t want to disrespect but in Brooklyn they come at you in such a weird way, NOT neighborly, but I guess that isolation is the foundation of their unity, which gives them the power to have their own city councilman and fuck shit up and get away with it… you know they try to keep crimes in the community out of the knowledge of the police and mete out their own justice, right?

  97. DaReturn Says:

    not to sound anti-semetic (how ever you spell it) but the media is controled by Jews, they will not potray them in any bad light, so what the rest of the world see as a roit, they see as a peacefull protest. its all in the eyes of the beholder and right now the beholder is the jewish media.

  98. D. Billz Says:

    @ E from BK

    A crack a few jokes or two in here. But those who have read my posts or certain threads know I don’t joke about knowledge. But I know one thing is for sure, I can’t wait until the next Chris Rock stand-up special. Being that he’s from your neck of the woods, he’s gonna have a blast with this one.

    *B More Nubian* —> “The Zulu Kid”

  99. Ricky D Says:

    I mean, it IS anti-Semitic to say “the Jews control the media.” It’s just not true and one of the most common anti-Semitic beliefs is that Jews have some sort of secret control over various industries.

    The fact that “when black people riot, it’s a riot; when white people riot, it’s a protest” is another issue entirely. I mean, you CAN say the media is “white-controlled”; I don’t know anyone who would argue with that.

  100. D. Billz Says:

    *Correction* “I crack a few jokes…” typo

  101. Marco Says:

    why do people always write ‘black/latino’…, like they’re thesame people???
    blacks are people with african descent, latinos are all over the place. shi*t. there are even white latino’s.

    do we need to tag on to Latinos? whats the problem, my people? you can’t hold out on your own now??

    i don’t hate latinos, don’t get me wrong, but this ‘black/latino’ sh*t should stop. they (latinos) got their problems (immigration, english language etc) we got ours.
    Wake the f*ck up!!

  102. E From BK Says:

    I write Black/Latino because that is what I am! I also write it like that because we are all in the same boat as far as these inner city communities are concerned. Many of the Africans that were on the shores of Ghana went to South America and Central America. That’s why we write Black/Latino!

  103. PhillyRep Says:

    Well.. Marco. I 2nd you.
    give these ‘latinos’ three or four generations of growing up and living in these U.S of A, enough time to learn the language and mannerisms of the whiteman, and they’ll team up with him.

    take my word: you heard it from me first!

  104. E From BK Says:

    Damn! T.V. really does brainwash people. All this immigration talk is up in the air and now people are separating the Latinos from the hood. This is insane. Latinos have been here for way more than 3 or 4 generations Duke. You think all of Cali and Texas was always US properties? Study your history B! You think the African only went to North America? I bet you believe Chris Colombus discovered this land. That shit is absurd as him believing the world is flat. Come on people! Turn off the television and pick up a book. Let’s try and educate ourselves beyond this public school education most of us get. You know how alot of people when they go to jail they start to read and get a thorough overstanding of things? You are in jail B. Maybe not physically, but you are in jail. Free your mind. Do something with this jail time. Pick up a book. Break the fuckin’ chains!

    Yo, I’m growing weary behind this shit. The deaf, dumb and blind mentality makes me wonder if we will ever prosper as a people.

  105. boston george Says:

    i write black/latino cuz thats who i am also. we cant forget that africans, now in the diaspora, were taken to certain regions that were colonized by spain and now speak spanish. regions such as panama, dominican republic, hondurus, costa rica ect…

  106. boston george Says:

    boston george’s booklist (havent finished all)

    1. The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon
    2. The Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron
    3. A People’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn
    4. The New World Order by Ralph Epperson
    5. The Emerging Police State by William M. Kunstler
    6. Shadows of Power “America’s Hidden Oligarchy” by James Perloff
    7. Lies My Teacher Told Me By: James W Loewen
    8. Behold The Pale Horse By William Cooper
    9. Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life By Jon Lee Anderson
    10.The Taoist Classics –
    The Art of War – Sun Tzu
    The Lost Art of War – Sun Tzu II
    12.seven spiritual laws of success – deepak chopra
    13.autobiography of a yoga – paramahansa yogananda
    14.animal farm – george orwell
    15.dark alliance – garry webb
    16.fat cat, 50 cent and queens reigns supreme the rise of the hiphop hustler – ethan brown

  107. E From BK Says:

    Thanks boston george. You had some titles I never heard. I will definitely research them.

  108. The Landlord Says:

    visitors to this thread really need to look deeper into what brothers born7allah and bostongeorge are discussing and then go further. These brothers have been exposed to TRUE enlightenment. Whether you like their presentation, whether you believe it or not, is not irrelevant. Truth and time waits for no one. Behold the Pale Horse by William Cooper is a great book, as is message to the blackman, the holy Qur’an, and the holy tablets of the Nuwabians. There is so much we dont know. And the real shame is, we dont know that we dont know….our ancestors and our descendants are depending on us …. ONE

  109. eskay Says:

    I didn’t really want to get involved in this discussion, but fuck it.

    So since my moms is half white, does that make me a quarter “devil”? If so what exactly does that mean?

  110. boston george Says:

    @ born7allah

    im not gonna debate semantics. but i will drive my main point home. when spoken down to, people tend to resist what information is being shared. theres a difference between being blunt and arrogantly exhibiting an attitude of superior virtue. addressing people with insulting condescensing and patronizing tones makes one suspect of your “understanding”. i have been a teacher in various schools over the years from the hood’s “so called” at risk youth to priviledge youth with silver spoons, and one thing i’ve learned, people tend listen more when they feel you respect them. they will listen for days. thats been my experience…..Malcolm x was re-born as el malik shabazz. his outlook on life broadened with his experience of life, which is the best teacher. books go but so far. i feel that my mind is infinite. as it represents time and space. i cant restrict it to one angle of thought. i sell myself short if i do so. i can respect that u doin the knowledge comrade. my instincts tell me you are a younger cat who is begining to seek knowledge, and whether i agree with u (which in some points i do) or whether i dont, has no relevance to u and your path. im just sharing my opinions (which are and will forever be in growth) btw, if someone called me a punk when i was younger? i stole on him NOT because i wanted to prove to him that im not a sucka, i dont live by the perception of others. i stole on him becasue he disrespected me. i believe in not what people percieve me as, but how i percieve self. one.

  111. G-town G Says:

    damn man I kant fuck wit this one, I dont have time to type essays and shit. I feel yall tho, once again Im glad to see niggas talkin bout some shit of value and not about….
    I aint even gonna say any names fuck that I dont want to get the stans started

  112. PhillyRep Says:

    .. just wait till these mexicans learn how to speak english without an accent.
    just wait.

  113. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Fuck I’m late.. Oh well.

    But I’m black/latino. I love my culture and my people, AND every other race out there. If you wanna know the truth… some people hate to admit this but if it weren’t for the throwback white taking our people from the motherland we would be just as bad off as those who haven’t been blessed with the curse. Ya understand?

    We might be living in extreme poverty, we might have polio, aids, or some other illness that’s common over there in Africa.

    Everything happens for a reason, but we americans are too stupid to see that. What if God wanted us to come as slaves and suffer only to realize we all need to grow up and get along? This is one of the only countries in the world where you can find someone from every race, from every country in thw world.

    I’m all for that black power shit, but power doesn’t start with hate it starts with love.

    Now go read a book, and tell me you would rather live in africa than america.

  114. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I’m LATE on everything man………..DAYUM……. I MISS THIS SITE……..I Gotta get my PC runnin’ at home, cuz this checkin’ in during lunch at work ain’t satisfying my nahright fix…….

    Man they were really rioting out there…….. I heard they were Throwing MOZEL TOFF cocktails……….LOL LOL……hahahahhahaha……

  115. boston george Says:

    B-HEEZIE Says:
    April 7th, 2006 at 2:24 pm

    Man they were really rioting out there…….. I heard they were Throwing MOZEL TOFF cocktails……….LOL LOL……hahahahhahaha……

    now thats funny. fucked up. but funny as hell.

    i think fast and type faster.

  116. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    What’s up Boston George I have 16 cash right now what’s poppin?

  117. The Landlord Says:

    yes, i would rather live in africa, if possible..Books or tv dont paint a true picture of the totality of Africa. You are being fed certain negative images of Africa in order to stifle any residual pride a displaced African may still have for their homeland. If Africa is so poor and forlorn, then why do you think many of the countries of white and asian world have always been interested in colinizing them? It’s because of their vast NATURAL resources. Africa is not the poor wasteland you have been led to believe. Everything here is available there…good and bad

  118. The Landlord Says:


    mozel-toff cocktails *classic*

  119. The Landlord Says:

    had to spellcheck myself *colonizing*

  120. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ the Landlord

    I’ve been to africa plenty of times homie… I’m not being fed shit, I’ve seen it first hand dude.

  121. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Wow the Slum Lord talking to the Landlord

  122. boston george Says:

    @ blood
    LOL….east coast prices too high, comrade…might wanna hit memphis, tenn-a-key

  123. The Landlord Says:

    me too and i still say i would rather live there(Dakar, Senegal-Mopti, Mali,etc.). Nothing ive seen there compares to the self destruction we expose ourselves to and surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

  124. The Landlord Says:

    damn, i just noticed that homes…the irony of it all

  125. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Don’t get me wrong Landlord…

    Africa is a beautiful country but A LOT of things need to change, the tribes need to become more civilized not saying they are like cave men and shit, but they need to catch up to today’s world, health wise

  126. boston george Says:

    @Slumlord and Landlord

    (that IS funny)

    ya’ll cats might dig this, might not…not tryna comment on y’alls africa debate, its a tad bit off topic…. just thought it was kinda ill.


  127. boston george Says:

    ^ my link is a tad bit off topic, not yalls debate

  128. The Landlord Says:

    @ boston george

    that link gives new meaning to the phrase “ride or die bitch”

  129. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Women have waaaaay better aim than men do. Its a fact.

  130. The Landlord Says:

    as far as the growing health problems, some insiders would would suggest that they are a result of numerous so called “european missionaries” who under the guise of giving vaccines and experimental medicines, are actually giving out doses of e-bola and aids viruses, this is not a conspiracy theory, but info from the transcripts of the trials of nelson mandela and other prominent affrican freedom fighters. But these health problems are isolated to certain regions in africa, just like america has locations where aids rates may be substantially higher…shit, some of us live in those communities, but our local government and press doesnt give us the actual numbers

  131. eskay Says:

    I wonder why everybody ignored my question.

  132. boston george Says:

    yall should check out the flick “the constant gardener”

    @ eskay….i didnt ignore it, thats just not my mentality. i figure its best answered by those who take that stance.

  133. boston george Says:

    @ blood

    why do women have better aim? its weird. i took my homegirl out for target practice, she never fired a gun b4. but her skill level was a way up, way better than mines when i was a beginner. like naturally sharp. i told her how to hold it (the pistol also) and she hit her mark in less than 1 clip. i mean a bullseye….whats the science?

  134. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I can’t explain it BG but when I was in ROTC there was best bitch I had to shot against and when I tell you that bitch whipped my ass! Believe me… I was number 2 in the state and she was number 1… And she wasn’t half bad in the bed either!

  135. The Landlord Says:

    1. because some things are better left unsaid.
    2. this is your “house” and i would never direct anything at YOU PERSONALLY, that could be construed as disrespectful to you or your family in your house
    3. blackman = god , whiteman=devil…..while i overstand the basic premise, it is deeper than that….there are people of “white” complexion who try to live outside of that paradigm. And there are blacks who act like some of the worst “devils”….in due time ALLAH will answer your question best

  136. Marc Says:

    take a look at the REAL Africa.., not what the media wants you to believe.
    Give us your feedback.


  137. The Landlord Says:

    good link marc…i wish more people were exposed to these portraits of Africa….Everyone falls for the starving baby pictures (complete with the everpresent flies circling baby’s eyes and nose), increasing aids rates, civil-war torn countries, and other negative images of Africa..pure tricknology…Africa’s image will be resurrected, and yes i will return…insha ALLAH

  138. Lili Says:

    On Africa- There are millions and millions of ppl dying each year from diseases and complications that can be cured or treated in more developed parts of the globe.

    HOWEVER, there are many ppl in Africa who are prospering. Don’t get it twisted.

    The problem is, a portion of the media wants to report about the problems in Africa, but NOTHING is done about the problems. NO ONE in the media wants to talk about the positive things going on there. There are a lot of college educated, successful ppl making more than a decent living for themselves and their families. There are also a lot of ppl who come to the US, go to Europe, etc, for an education and return to their nations to make a difference.
    We are given a very skewed view.
    SLUM Lord, I feel you:
    “If you wanna know the truth… some people hate to admit this but if it weren’t for the throwback white taking our people from the motherland we would be just as bad off as those who haven’t been blessed with the curse. Ya understand?

    We might be living in extreme poverty, we might have polio, aids, or some other illness that’s common over there in Africa.

    Everything happens for a reason, but we americans are too stupid to see that. What if God wanted us to come as slaves and suffer only to realize we all need to grow up and get along? This is one of the only countries in the world where you can find someone from every race, from every country in thw world.” —>
    The truth is, we really don’t know what could’ve been. We don’t know the great secrets and possibilities of this world. Maybe that may be the case. Who knows what state Africa would be in.


    BOSTON George– I feel you on #14, Animal Farm. I read that in grade school and I remember my teacher tried to tell us its importance and how it would mean more to us as we aged. He was so right. Ppl need to know how easily societies can be manipulated and controlled. No matter what we think, there’s always someone pulling the strings and running the show.

    Forget about JEWS running the media you guys—-> WHITE ppl run the media. Like Chris Rock said: “Black ppl don’t have time to break down White ppl into different groups; [we hate all of you]!” NOW, I don’t have White ppl, but you get the point.

    You think if a bunch of Polish, Irish, or Italian ppl caused a scene (rioted), it wouldn’t be classified as a “scuffle” or “protest”? Sure, the Jewish community has power, but don’t lose sight of the truth: WHITE ppl control the media and minorities don’t. So we’ll never get a fair rap and they will.

    One more thing. The Jewish community sticks together. In fact, most other communities stick together more than ours.

    One thing that we NEED to do is get money in our communities and behind our names. I’m not sure if money is the root of evil, but I’m certain of one thing: money TALKS. When it’s talking, ppl are listening. We shouldn’t have to bribe our way into justice, but dammit…if society sees us as a contributing portion of this country that VOTES, they’ll have no choice but to pay attention to us. After that, republicans and democrats won’t just will be fighting for our votes to get in office and forget about us, they’ll be fighting for our votes and making moves on our behalf because they NEED our support.

  139. Jared Says:

    While talking to a friend about this I said, “If these ‘rioters’ were black they would have been shot at and trammpled by the NYPD’s mounted unit [horses]”

  140. E From BK Says:

    eskay Says:

    April 7th, 2006 at 3:25 pm
    I wonder why everybody ignored my question.

    Yo Eskay, though I believe that the White man has raped, pillaged and murdered on every land he stepped on I do not subscribe to the devil mentality. I think there are evil people in every race so I can’t go there.

    As for the Motherland. I will be in Ghana towards the end of the year and I am looking forward to the education.

    I don’t believe that if we were still in Kemit that it would have the issues it has now. Overstand that the land was pillaged of it’s most precious resources…………………..it’s people. Remember, the Motherland is the cradle of civilization.

  141. born7allah Says:

    @ D.billz my email be http://www.imvizible@tmail.com this knowledge is free(dom)(dome)

  142. born7allah Says:

    I know I’m a day late on face value but to those that know like rakim said its time to build(todays mathematics is build or destroy, 8) . As far as u dudes sayin black and latino there is no such thing as far as cubans, p.r,dominicans and so forth. They all black but the devil got yall callin each other all type of other shit. Divide and conquer. If my moms got pregnant here and took a vacation and had me there would that make me japanes. Would I be a african japanese or black jap. Neither one I’d be a blackman man no matter where I’m born. I see socalled cubans darker than me dominicans darker than me me and so on. There only to people on this planet black and white god and the devil. Our complexion go from dark to yellow. The same as the sun. The center black outside yellow. That why the devil admire us like that also. He only got one skin tone. Tha albino race. Look up that word albino in the dict. And see what I mean. Yall bein tricked blackman. Give up that religion. @ boston george u said u studied supreme mathematics. That’s past tense. Elijah once said once u forget u become one of them(85%). That’s why u sayin thing like I can decipher what I believe is……………… If u got knowledge of self then u don’t deal with belief when it comes to truth or lies. The differenc between my nation( NGE) and other is that belief bullshit. Tbe blackman is god actual facts not my belief. Whiteman is the devil,not a racist statement actual fact but some of yall now hearin 4 the 1st time and like that nigga crazyier that richard p. @eskay u know who u are. If u don’t then take hallie berry and tiger wood down south where them up front devel will tell u what u are. They hate us(black ,brown,yellow) man its not a joke duke shit gettin crititical while yall niggas worry bout what rapper beefin wit who. Entertainment is just put here by the the devil to take yall frum real(ality)
    The reason the call it hollywood is because merlin the magician wand was mad from hollywood. For those that don’t undersatand why the 10% use that on u 85% that just means them masons got yall tricked. There some devil readin this thinkin to himself is this really tru what this guy is sayin. Devil don’t ask stupid questions caus e yu gonna still get smart answer from GOD .

    Peace to my people death to anyones my people enemy point blank

  143. D. Billz Says:

    Good lookin’ out @ born7allah

  144. D. Billz Says:


    Great point about the PR, DR, and Cuban thing. I bought that up in another topic about the dude Mencia and why he doesn’t get the qualified “pass” to say the N-word (because of him being Mexican). Last time I did the homework, those 3 ethnicities aforementioned have always been been classified under the Negro column. Their roots are tied to Africa’s just as much as any other West Indian country.

  145. D. Billz Says:


    You say the Masons are evil. But what about the Prince Hall Masons? Those lodges were discovered by a Black man and designated for Black men. And what about OES? As far as my knowledge goes, Masonry contains knowledge that was put here by the Egyptians. If you do your homework, you will know that the longitude/latitude of Washington D.C. and Kemet are EXACTLY the same. All the symbolisms of Masonry was taken from Heiroglyphics (the all-seeing eye, the pyramids, etc). Whites adopted them and use them for their own purpose in their lodges (Scottish Rites, Knights Templar, etc). I just find it baffling that a group of Black men across the globe would allow themselves to belong to a organization that has evil intent.

  146. born7allah Says:

    @ d billz
    The prince hall masons don’t hold the truth. Prince hall was G.washingtons slave. So he got as much knowledge as the devil gives him but not the whole truth. Just like those college fraternitys and shit like that, they lookin to the greeks 44 knowledge while at the same time the greeks are lookin to us. The prince hall mason(blackmasons) aren’t aloud inside the white mason lodge because then they would know the truth that they worship the blackman. Behind closed door they study the science of islam while the muslims study the religion of islam,that’s why they runnin shit cause religion is 4 fool and science is for the smart. I’m tryin 2 explain to u 85%s but some just don’t get it cause they stuck on religion. The reason them blacks join those lodges is cause the white masons look out 4 them and not other folks. The problem and don’t get it twisted is those black masons are basically soldiers helpin them other motherfuckas to bring us down. Like the socalled black leaders we have aint really down wit the truth but they front like they areat the same time workin wit the enemy. Ex. Jesse jackson, bill cosby, david dinkin and others to long to mention here. M.Jordan magic johnson and so forth. Fuck prince hall mason and all mason cause they just hidin tha truth from da masses that tha Blsckman is God

  147. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Born7allah dude, you really got your principles fucked up homie, you are contradicting yourself in so many ways dude. I get the argument you are TRYING to make but I don’t agree with it. You say black man is god, and then turn around to say fuck black masons, You also say black man is god but you say religon is for fools, last time I check religon is the belief of good, its a sign of faith. Also that science is the belief good doesn’t exist… So which is it dude? If everything you say is true… BLACKS DON’T EXIST!!!! The last time I checked I was real.

    As for the argument on people calling themselves black latino is simple. Black is a term for African americans… Meaning blacks born in america.. Then you have those of us who weren’t we aren’t disowning our blackness, we are claiming ALL of our heritage homie. Don’t get it confused… I’m Black/Latino that’s darker that Shaka Zulu and Wesley Snipes put together!.. Ok I’m not that dark but you get my point huh?

  148. Scion of the Berhane Selassie Says:

    It comes a time when we need to stop recoginizing whats fake and start patronizing whats real… This Jewish mutha fuckaz got money. The police didn’t fuck with them because they own the damn police. Which ain’t shit but a military force in this stolen mutha fuckin country to keep itz natural occupants in check and oppress at the sametime. Cuz I know these kracker ass jewish cops that dont stay in my neighborhood stay harassing me and my peoplez. Lil do they know, WE gave them that religion to ease the transition from cavern darkness to the Light of the cushite dynasty. if two white beat each other they’ll both become black. Now we can’t have that, naxt thing you know jews gone be Krumping…

  149. Scion of the Berhane Selassie Says:

    Berhane Selassie the Light of the Trinity, Father, Son, Mother….

  150. Scion of the Berhane Selassie Says:

    Mother equal Holy Spirit maybe?…

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