Immortal Technique: The South Ain’t Cakin Like That


This isn’t any kind of shock post or an attempt to belittle the South, so if your a southerner think twice before you come in here talking about anybody’s hating. I just read part two of the Immortal Technique interview at XXL, and as usual he had plenty of interesting things to say. The following is his take on the notion that the South is making truckloads of money because they start there own labels and go the independent route rather than signing to a Def Jam or an Interscope:

But the realest thing I’m gonna tell you about hip-hop’s Southern power surge: niggas ain’t making money like that. I don’t care what you wore in your video, what you showed up to the Howard homecoming in, what you floss in the streets, or how many independent units niggas sold out they trunk in Alabama or Atlanta. Let’s not sit here and pretend that the big companies aren’t the ones making all the real money. The Southern push doesn’t reflect the growing living standard of Southern people as much as it represents a desperate effort from record labels to salvage their sales, which are in the toilet. They found a loyal market and they will now exploit it to the fullest. Your imprint means nothing, nigga. You own no masters, you split publishing. The dollar amount that the majors get from the distributor is the bottom line. You don’t even see that as an artist. We’re all still slaves, we’re just on different boats.

Take it how you want to take it, but that’s real talk. And if you think about it if they aren’t doing that well with independents, how are the rest of the artists doing with majors? Like I said above, if you’re not familiar with Tech and his outlook on the industry and world at large, make sure you get familiar before you come in here talking shit. At the very least read the rest of the interview.

Part 1

Part 2 

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171 Responses to “Immortal Technique: The South Ain’t Cakin Like That”

  1. Cosmic 5000 Says:

    Im just glad somebody from the south has spoken out. I get tired of going back and fourth back and fourth with people who don’t know a thing about down south rap.

    If I were a southern rap critic and judged east coast rap I would be wrong and eventually piss people like you off.

    I have a saying:

    “If it’s not yours, don’t judge it”

  2. eskay Says:

    there are plenty of good rappers down south, but Rick Ross ain’t one of them. I’ve heard two songs, but I highly doubt that the rest of his album is gonna be a 180 degree change from what he’s spitting on those songs, which means his album = garbage.

  3. Cosmic 5000 Says:

    “We don’t make hip hop, we make country rap tunes.”

    -Bun B-

  4. eskay Says:

    and I like Hustlin’, for what it is, a catchy radio song

  5. Cosmic 5000 Says:

    “which means his album = garbage. ”

    No its not, that was mean.

  6. T.Soprano (Part of the New New York Movement) Says:

    GOD bless that n*gga Immortal Technique…that was some real sh*t he gave ya’ll niggas!


    sexy and sweet….. ? lucky i was sleep when that went on. bitch would be sweaty and beat after i dragged her ass. glad she gone

  8. Doc Flav Says:

    Why Are Mexicans 3 Feet And Under Rotflmao That Is Not Sweet At All. Dont Do It Like That Baby. ET Babies… DAMN! Eskay Most Black People Stand Up For Themselves, Now He May Speak On The Struggle More Directly I Will Give You That.

  9. eskay Says:

    >>Eskay Most Black People Stand Up For Themselves

    never said they didn’t. just schooling that little whore.

    damn this thread died after I posted that Kiss and Styles shit huh

  10. Bruce Lee Says:

    i died cuz i thought i could beat chuck norris

  11. MEGA' Says:

    Any person that tries to belittle my brothers and sisters, and guestion their integrity based on unsubstantiated facts get no respect from me pappy! Just because you can string together a coherent thought and assemble few metaphors and syllables that hold no water, does not give you the right to generalize on a whole region of black people. Those are my people son, and I will defend them to the death of me; pen or sword. I meant what I said, and I said what I meant! If you are gonna speak like a devil, I’m gonna treat you like a devil and try my BEST to slay you!!! That’s what’s up!

  12. Cosmic 5000 Says:


    What region of black people are you talking about?

  13. GenerationX Says:

    Defend a region of black people, defend a part of the country.

    Dumb faggot check the technique website this nigga do more for black people, for my people than YOU.

    My cousin saw him w/ dead prez fundraising for the refugees in Sudan, nigga started a union that gives black and latino mc’s healthcare. You think swisha house got full medical coverage for niggas. This nigga aint broke and bitter he’s eatin…

    READ THE WHOLE XXL article he didn’t say that niggas in the south was broke he just said whatever they making the white label owner is making 10 times as much. He was saying that its just what it has always been. He stood up for niggas talkin about how the south got more racism, more poverty and that’s why they sound hungrier on tracks…how they not stupid they felt katrina and know the government don’t give a fuck about them.

    SMH@ you dumb fucks that aint read it, nigga I’m in VA and I stay in ATL durin the summer wit my son and I felt dude 100%.

    I don’t even feel most of dudes music, he got a hot track here and there. But what he said was real.

    And if we gon be respected as black people, then we can’t be talkin that mexicans are less than us. They are what we were 30 years ago in america.

  14. dominicanyork Says:

    Gen X : real talk, I like that obnoxious binladen and dancewiththe devil.

    And what you said about blacks respecting latinos is true but latinos gotta respect blacks, I’m dominican but I’m black and I get mad racism against me because I’m darker.

    Someone need to talk about it.

  15. eskay Says:

    Word Up Generation X, well said.

    and dominicanyork, I feel you on that. I got alot of dominican bretheren that I be trying to explain to them how they’re black too, but they resist it and try to seperate themselves.

  16. KB Says:

    How come I dont remember any southern rappers, or just southern niggas in general spending all their time analyzing how NY rappers was making money back in tha day. Yeah the south is independent. and they fanbase is loyal..Why do niggas gotta put they two cents in about why tha south is runnin(and has been runnin) the rap game? The formula is simple, It seems niggas up top is mad cause they aint take the same route that tha south took. All im sayin is Pick up a mic if u gon’ change tha world nigga. Otherwise, move around!

  17. E From BK Says:


    Come on man. You can’t be serious. NOBODY was concerned with or analyzing how ANYBODY made money back in the day. Don’t try and make this some hating on the South shit. Let’s be real. Only when the general public started being concerned with shit like Soundscan and other INDUSTRY barometers THAT PEOPLE STARTED THESE CONVERSATIONS. Now EVERYBODY no matter what region you are from is concerned with that type of stuff. It’s you Southern cats that are causing this divide. Stop being so EMOTIONAL! Duke, don’t act like you and your boys wasn’t talking about what numbers Jay-Z was doing. AGAIN, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH nORTH VS. sOUTH! iT’S JUST A DIFFERENT TIME WHERE THE CONSUMER NOW KNOWS A LITTLE MORE ABOUT THE INDUSTRY. Oh yeah, never mind the fact that the artists themselves talk about that shit on their records.

  18. ElCharua Says:

    Ey man much respect to I.t been listening to you for 2 years now cant get enuff of it still you gotta come to Canada make a show here all da latinos got enuff respects up here for you man haha still bigs ups to technique
    Peace respect
    El Charua

  19. immortal.Diabolic. Says:

    man fuckin immortal has gots it on fuckin lock man all yall that disin him need to back the fuck up ya-heard

  20. immortal.Diabolic. Says:

    yo TECH use gots to come up to canada and hit up a couple of shows all the cats up her bes showin mad love fo’ yo’ shit man. cant gets non of it outa my head u fell me so gets on up to canada and hit some shows up.

    it’d be appreciated

  21. Indigo Says:

    Immortal Technique is one of the greatest rappers alive. If lyrically value got you cash, he’d be richer than Bill Gates. The only reason he isn’t big time, and you faggots hate on him is because he hasn’t got a huge distribution chain, doesn’t have a major label and he hasn’t got the access to tight beats (most of his tracks have good beats regardless I.E “the 4th branch”, “Peruvian Cocaine”, “The cause of death” and “The point of no return”).

    However imagine “Fuck You” with a Swizzie Beat or “Internal Bleeding” with a Dr Dre beat. If Immortal Technique did the unthinkable and sold out, he’d be more well known then 50 Cent.

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