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Em and Kim Divorce: The Sequel


Not to make light of anbody’s marital problems, but this shit is hilarious. Em and Kim have filed for divorce again after only 3 months of being re-married.

The filing on behalf of Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem’s real name, was confirmed by Eminem’s publicist, Dennis Dennehy, and two employees of the Macomb County clerk’s office. They didn’t provide their names, citing an office policy.

Dennehy had no other comment Wednesday.

The Grammy- and Oscar-winning rapper and Mathers remarried Jan. 14, a month after the couple announced they were getting back together.

Their first marriage ended after two-plus years in October 2001 in an ugly legal fight that included a custody battle over their daughter, Hailie.

Personally I’m shocked, especially considering the touching, heartfelt love song he dedicated to her on his last album. And of course who could forget Kim.   

"You’re a fuckin cokehead slut I hope you fuckin die/I hope you get to hell and Satan sticks a needle in your eye…"

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113 Responses to “Em and Kim Divorce: The Sequel”

  1. The Landlord Says:

    who cares B?…..those devils are irrelevant…1st?

  2. Plug industries Says:

    1st simpletons

  3. Plug industries Says:


  4. THE MAN DID IT Says:



    fuck tha man and his momma, uncle cracker

  6. bxconnect Says:

    damn em get back in the studio and hit us with that Marshall Mathers the eminem show shit.that last album was sanitation garbage.

  7. The Landlord Says:

    @the man did it………….if you’re referring to me, my wages being cut cant break me…widsom and overstanding is power, money aint a thang….massa cant take my power

  8. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I wanna fuck Kim… I like crazy bitches!

  9. Luis Says:

    hey that sucks!!!!

  10. Luis Says:

    old news I read this on http://WWW.SOHH.COM but thanks anyway esgay!!!!

    p.s. http://www.gunitworld.com

  11. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    http://www.gunitworld.com = a cyber gay bar!

  12. Luis Says:

    ^ blood hound there’s where I met your mom

  13. Luis Says:


  14. THE MAN DID IT Says:

    OK, OK I let you cyber spooks had your fun. But now its time to shut this thing you have going down…

    I honestly believe that luis is a homosexual too.
    No one can tell me any different either.

  15. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    once a crazy bitch always a crazy bitch

  16. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    i’m on my newyork shit hat to back on my newyork shit

  17. Plug industries Says:

    Kim looks kinda hot. I’d boink her

  18. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    are you a chick? i hope so talking kinda funny to me

  19. Luis Says:

    HEY “the GIRL did it”, hey asshole you’re the fag here not I, so get your facts straight you moron

  20. MaddenMaster Says:

    You can’t keep crack heads apart!!! Shit they should both just say NO!!!! But crack is a motherfucker….

  21. Des of The Killaz Says:

    damn, can’t someone just shoot feminem and get it over with?

  22. MaddenMaster Says:

    If that bitch would have cheated on me and I walked in on it I would have walked out and never came back Mr. Slim Shady is LAME……….

  23. MeccaJJ Says:

    she got a baby by another man, why the hell would this clown go back, thats tainted and used goods…


    maybe this will help get angry marshall back and we can get another classic from the boy.

    as for all the crackhead talk you people are ridiculous i mean yea she is obviously a crack head but becoming addicted to sleeping pills because of all the touring your doing is not crackhead in fact its the oppistie a crack head doesnt want to sleep they just wanna be fucked up all day and night those old rockers are still doping up everyday and touring em was doing it trying to get some peace and quiet and some sleep on tour o my god that white devil. fuck outta here with that noise

    also i know for some hits hard to get past your first true love ( especially for someone like em because lets face it who can he find who will treat him as a normal person now and not just want him for being eminem, he keeps slipping back to her because he knows she would rather he never blew up like he did, of course he would then still be going through these problems and broke as fuck and well he would probably end up becoming an actual crackhead at that point

  25. eskay Says:

    he’ll still hit it, he loves him some Kim

  26. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Damn Luis you little 50. Ride out bitch… I don’t like talking to YOUR kind!


    eskay – thats how it is man i know mad dudes from around me who are smart as fuck who made crazy money hustling would never get bitched by anyone but their weakness is the fucking bitches, thats where they fall, some people cant go without the crutch of always having a girl to lean on some just have one girl always in their head that they will never get out but honestly known of us can begin to imagine everything these 2 have been through ( and ill admit its gotten way past ridiculous this is like divorce number 37 ) and if there is one thing you can learn from em when listening to his music is how much he loves his duaghter and i wouldnt be surprised if the majority of why he keeps trying is for hallie’s sake ( shit my parents couldnt stand each other since i was in eigth grade but they wouldnt get a divorce cause they thought i would be torn and i didnt need any other excuses to act out. everyone got that one bitch who can get you acting unlike yourself and i do mean EVERYONE, now again not to this level but i know dudes who have been with the same girl for like 10 years and they both cheat like crazy they fight and break up and get back together and do it all over again and i know everyone hear knows people like that too so i think people just need to let him do him i mean who cares how many times he gets back with her does it affect your life?

  28. MaddenMaster Says:

    Yo am I the only one that notice that this dude always has something to say about everything I say??? Thats some gay ass shit!! Get off my dick!!! The bitch is a crack head junky I don’t feel bad for her I feel bad for the fucking kid so grow the fuck up!!! That bitch was gone do what she did drugs or not and that lame is always gone try to make that trailer trash hoe happy, it is what it is!!!!

  29. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    “Yo Em, you say your mom is a crack head, and kim is a known slut, so what’s halie gonna be when she grows up?” – Ja Drool

    As much I don’t like him… He ripped that bar… That was the low blow of low blows

  30. eskay Says:

    ^ it was and Em left himself wide open for it. speaking of which, anybody seen Ja? oh wait he’s doing celebrity cooking shows now. lol


    thats the one line i gave it to ja on, it was a hard line but that was also the same line that ended his career cause if ja never brought hallie into it,em would of never gone off on him like he did thus completely destroying him.

    and madden who was you talking about with dude always have something to say in response to you? i hope it wasnt me cause i sure as fuck wasnt responding to you in this thread maybe you said somethings that apply to what i said, but i just scrolled and saw theses crackheads this these crackheads this, maybe it was something you said that got me going but really i was responding to everyone talking like the know how much drugs em is really doing, i mean if your checking yourself into rehab for sleeping pills i would say it safe to say that you dont have a crack problem but hey thats me i use logic.

  32. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    lol Ja the chef?


  33. KingML Says:

    Poor Marshall man, his hearts gotten be broken by now. Fuck that I don’t care. I just hope he signed a prenupt so Kim doesnt get shit.

    That bitch has a big head, learn to get over your bitches Marshall, I know it must be nice to have a woman that knew you before you were famous so you can actually have a semblance of a normal life outside of superstardom.

    But I don’t think that bitch Kim has loved Em since he met Dr Dre, the second marriage was so she would get some money I think.

    Madden you been smoking that crack again? going all nuts and shit foaming at the mouth.

    Eminem will come back in the rap game when everyone starts dissing him with lines about his 2nd divorce.

    “Eminem looking mighty feminine beside his big headed Kim/ must be weak behind the sheets to marry a her that looks like a Him//” -DirtyML

  34. Bugsytheboss Says:

    I swear this website is getting weaker and weaker by the day. You better post up a 50 cent or g-unit blog soon to get your “hits” back up

  35. eskay Says:

    ^ fool I did more hits yesterday than I’ve done all month and I didn’t even hardly post shit. you’re one of like three G-unit fans that come here.

    *two middle fingers to Bugsy*

  36. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    I Hope i never see a blog saying something positive about g-unit in this site,
    by the way eskay, is abn hosting good ? i was thinkin about putting up a site with music videos and freestyles from smack that ive been collecting for over a year.

  37. KingML Says:

    gunit doesnt have fans only stans. who have dreams of being the person in the g unit fictional tales.

    pathetic people with nothing left in themselves so they are desperately looking for somewhere to fit in, something to allude to beyond their own worthless existence.

  38. G-town G Says:

    Had to be Bugsy to bring up the gay unit…
    Thats a damn shame tho Eminem should have learned not to trust that bitch the first time. Fuck is wrong wit his ass?

  39. bxconnect Says:

    i agree with KingML i see there stans on blogs taking up for them like gunit is there cousins.there favorite line is “your mad you dont have money like 50” pathetic lil niggas.

  40. luis Says:


    April 5th, 2006 at 4:43 pm
    maybe this will help get angry marshall back and we can get another classic from the boy.
    Ty I agree and blood hound can eat a dick, and eskay”^ fool I did more hits yesterday than I’ve done all month and I didn’t even hardly post shit. you’re one of like three G-unit fans that come here”

    uuuh maybe because WE g-unit FANS help you out all the time by reaching platinum status so if I were you I would HUSHHHHHHHHHH….(while doing the Yayo dance)

  41. The Cipher Says:

    seriously why you wasting good thread space with this bullshit… no one gives a fuck bout there relationship… and when will they realize its not gunna last shit… i hate the fact thay were even talking about this shit… damn it

  42. eskay Says:

    >>(while doing the Yayo dance)

    ^ you’re a goddamn fool

  43. eskay Says:

    I always wonder why people who say they dont care about something, take the time to type out that they don’t care.

  44. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    I always wonder why people who say they dont care about something, take the time to type out that they don’t care.

    this shit is to funny 2nite, on about three threads. 2 of the niggas in here might be mad. i expect backlash in a few. i know ty and blood pass out cookies, well i aint go no sweets, but i do got some hot grits to throw on ya ass

  45. Benzino Says:

    “You’re a fuckin cokehead slut I hope you fuckin die/I hope you get to hell and Satan sticks a needle in your eye…”

    I like how the Devil talks bout his ugly ass girl.

    This Blog pains me. I must go brush off my horse and go plot ways to regain the Source.

    P.S. I fuckin murked Feminem !!

  46. rube Says:

    Fu*ck Gay Benzino….

  47. tyronebiggums Says:

    I heard day mays was called in the star & buc show and said busta started running his mouth poppin off and he got clocked from behind. he said he got 4 stitches it wasn’t a bottle probably just a big ring or some shit. now I’m not one to back dave mays I’m just saying what I heard

  48. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah I heard about that too. he probably has a piece of glass lodged in his brain, cuz there’s a big difference between a bottle and a big ring.

  49. Ski-MaskMan Says:

    Eminem’s a dumbass. Marryin the bitch again, then they get another fuckin divorce!!? Thats the type of shit that makes BAD tv.

  50. tyronebiggums Says:

    yea but he said there was no glass in his head at all. but this is dave mays he could be in a full body suit and have made that call from the hospital spearphone

  51. reggaetonslasher Says:

    I think I mentioned in another post the power of the PUSSY, for those of you who missed it here it is again, great men have been ruined by pussy, ancient empires destroyed, fotunes lost, wars waged, and many men have lost mental health due to satans daughters…The key to not falling victim to the allmighty POWER U, is to not let satans daughter take your power during SEX. You must remain in control at all times even when the bitch is on top, also never have sex when you are feeling down, because then the PUSSY will become the cure to all your ailments. TAKE HEED TO THESE WORDS AND YOU WILL NEVER FALL VICTIM TO SATANS DAUGHTERS.

  52. Ski-MaskMan Says:


    I get you on that. That shit you said is true.

  53. The Cipher Says:

    good words reggae…

  54. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    if yall was wondering why jimmy b lookin extra dusty, check out how many blunts he smokes during a video shoot.

  55. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    jim jones is a bum. flatout. i just peeped the video. that nigga just need a good ole fashion bath. stop puttin on new gear when you aint fresh and clean.thats why he always say “you smell me”? cuz he be smellin his own ass. ya dig? he wanna know if you got a whiff of that shit yet. all that weed and drink clinging to his ass he subconscience. a good wash cloth plus a new bar of soap will stop all that shit. fuck stop snitchin, stop stinkin!! let me quit talkin tho, i need to hit tha water myself now. b back in a minute. going to wash yesterday off me.

  56. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    ya was knew bout that stunt puple city byrfgang pulled, apparently un kasa had left pcp & dissed shiest bubz on a song, and now he comes back with an apology song, something smells fishy!!! is it jimmy ???

    here sumthin ya can laugh at, is not the real un kasa page but dis shyt is funny!!!


    Your Fears: killa cam
    Your Perfect Pizza: watever jimmy buy
    What do you want to be when you Grow Up: killa cam
    What country would you most like to Visit: mexico

  57. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    boooooo……!!!! that was garbage to look at.

    aye what ya name? R2D2-..C3P0, NIGGA YA BUGGED OUT.

    *wonder if he smokes that haze and shit wit jim b* ya smell me? (haha)

  58. Ski-MaskMan Says:


    That shit was funny as hell!

  59. Ski-MaskMan Says:



  60. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    i cant believe a nigga callin himself ski mask found that funny!
    * must be wearin tha mask cuz its cold outside*

    are you sure you aint got panty hose on ya head?

  61. Ski-MaskMan Says:

    No its a skimask.

  62. Ski-MaskMan Says:

    Oh and i’m not wearing a ski-mask coz its cold outside, its actually fairly warm right now where i stay at. But thanks for wondering though.

  63. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    You I know I’m late but that un kasa my space is funny as hell yo!

  64. MEGA' Says:

    Trailer Trash at it’s finest; only the best double wides will do.

  65. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    crack heads give the meanest brains maybe thats what has em hooked

  66. Damu Says:

    Big up TYRONEBIGGUMS. u always talk sense, playboi.

  67. Plug industries Says:


    Another day another dollar

    *thinks about how he can livin up the site since eskay ain’t on his job of keeping me entertained*

    *decides to go on concrete loop and look at brandy’s ugly crackhead looking breast to grt rid of his early morning woody*

  68. Plug industries Says:


    Dam concrete loop is down again

    *uses another web site to cure his morning element*


  69. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    reggaetonslasher Says:
    April 5th, 2006 at 11:10 pm
    I think I mentioned in another post the power of the PUSSY, for those of you who missed it here it is again, great men have been ruined by pussy, ancient empires destroyed, fotunes lost, wars waged, and many men have lost mental health due to satans daughters…The key to not falling victim to the allmighty POWER U, is to not let satans daughter take your power during SEX. You must remain in control at all times even when the bitch is on top, also never have sex when you are feeling down, because then the PUSSY will become the cure to all your ailments. TAKE HEED TO THESE WORDS AND YOU WILL NEVER FALL VICTIM TO SATANS DAUGHTERS.



  70. T Nelson Says:

    who cares

  71. JK Says:

    Tell me, Tyrone, that you are joking.

  72. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    why would i be joking you know how many dudes i know that have been locked up because of the girl they was fuckin with for one reason or another they got caught up and slipped, i know mad dudes who cant be fazed by any situation or any dude but that pussy will have them hypnotized, now who here doesnt know people like that?, yea it was a joke when i said pussy is man kyrponite but there is truth in jest and men will do some crazy things for pussy

  73. KonishiwaBitches Says:


  74. KonishiwaBitches Says:


    you sound like u have some personal experience in this area

  75. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ESKAY – go check out the eulogy i just left for luis on the stray shots thread with the nas pic. i think i might of finally sent him jumping off a cliff last night with that buddens line about smurf throwing piss at 50 i dont think his little head could handle it

  76. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    konishiwaBitches – i will admit i was sprung like fuck on my first girl, of course i was 14 when i started hooking up with her we were on and off until 17 and i was caught up i did some dumb shit because of her i let her get in my head and push my away from my friends i did have all that happen, but since we broke up i havent been through nothing like that ( i havent talked to her in years ) after that i decided i wasnt getting wrapped up in any girl unless i actually felt like i wanted to spend every day of my life with her, now i dont treat girls like hoes i tell them where i stand, i’m with 2 girls right now ( one has a boyfriend and i hook up with her and the other i see about once or twice a week but they both no about each other, and i wont get caught slippin because of them at all. i dont let my emotions get caught up in the pussy anymore but i still know mad dudes that never learned that lesson dont you?

  77. The Landlord Says:

    damn plug!??!??!…why you do that?! my woman is pregnant, you got a brother all terrified looking extra hard at the ultrasounds and shit……im shook

  78. Plug industries Says:

    I think Tyrone biggoms is an english teacher or somethin. Dude be writin novels. And he be spelcheckin and proofreadin his ish——-DAM

  79. Plug industries Says:

    @ The landlord

    Realaxe whoady, thats a one in a billion finominum (I’m positive thats not spelled right). Thats was the first time ever that happened. Just tell ya girl not to Smoke or Drank and you should be ah ight.

    That ish was carazy, right. Some “dickhead” sent it to me this morning.

  80. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    actually plug im an architect and if you read most my post there is mad shit spelled wrong and i use crazy punctuation. i just try to make sure my point gets across. but obviously it doesnt always come across perfectly

    i also tend to go off on rants i wont lie when i start to speak on something i speak on it

  81. joe 88 Says:

    Pussy is a helluva drug ;-(

  82. Plug industries Says:

    @ ty,

    My cousins an architech. He designed a couple of things in Ford field (Where the sorry a$$ lions play).

    what do you design?

  83. JK Says:

    Just like men, women get hurt in love. “Pussy” doesn’t have some special power. Most people have probably experienced relationships that they can’t quite get over–that have basically scarred them for life. And also, I don’t think it’s cool to refer to women as “pussy.” I know that’s the language of a lot of young men and I’m not making any demands because this is not my site, but I’m gonna just do a little witnessing and say that I think it’s a lame way of referring to another human being.

    And on that note, Eskay, have you ever addressed hiphop’s treatment of women? I know there are no easy answers, but these days, the genre is catching a lot of heat for the way women are portrayed and talked about in the music, which, in some cases–not all–I think is justified.

  84. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    i do residental and commercial architecture so i do mostly houses condos and commercial buildings i aint ever get into anything like a stadium thats some crazy type shit i get enough headaches with small additions

  85. Plug industries Says:

    Any man that thinks Poonany doenst have any special powers is either a virgin, a metro sexual or worse a homosexual

  86. Plug industries Says:

    @ jk

  87. reggaetonslasher Says:

    Women are wicked, thats why Arab nations wont allow them to get a strong hold on life in their regions, they keep em opressed for reasons. Not saying I agree with the tactics, but …. I gotta jet, my boss just called me in for a conference will make my point later peace

  88. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    jk i feel you and i could see why use refering to it as stricly pussy would offend you, but this real talk we try and have here. listen agan i never mistreat a girl i dont play gilrs or bullshit with them i 100% honest, but the fact is lots of dudes gdo get wrapped up in the pussy, i know mad dudes who are with girls and all they do is complain about them and when you ask why they still with them its either the pussy or the brains ( again im sorry but its real talk this is how most dudes are )

    i also agree that women get caught up too and they tend to more so women or more emotional so being emotional wont fuck your shit up, it wont have you buggin not knowing what to do, when a man gets really caught up he is shocked and doesnt know how to handle it, it eats at him and CAN turn him into a completely different person.

    also what i was talking about before isnt about all men and women or even most men and women im just saying we all know people who get to caught up in their signifigant other, i know some dudes that always need a girlfriend doesnt matter who they always need a girl as their cruth, i also know dudes who cant get past this one girl they keep going back, on the same note i know girls who keep going back to their man who treats them like that too so it works both ways, and really all i was trying to say is what going on with EM and KIM is going on everywhere at this very second with thousands and thosuands of other couples all around the world and some of them we know. basically just saying this shit happens on a regular basis everyday

  89. Plug industries Says:

    *Laughs at reggaetonslasher for thinking people actually care that he’s leaving*

  90. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ damn see there i go ranting again

  91. Plug industries Says:

    *Gets irritated that Tyrone keeps writing novels*

    *Reads the first 3 sentences*

    *Desides to do some of the work that has piled up thruout his cubile from spendin to much time on the internet*

  92. JK Says:

    @Tyrone: Lol ’bout the rant. Actually thanks, I appreciate your take. I was feeling a little speechless after the “women are wicked” post. But oh well, yeah, I think, I’m gonna have to just sort of accept the language used here. I have in the past, I dunno, I’m think I’m a feeling a little defensive lately. There’s been a lot of talk about racism on the political blogs I visit and language and all that shit.

  93. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    jk – well like i said your on a male dominated hip-hop site so the laungage is pretty much par for the course, you just gotta take it for what it is most of of the time its just men flexing their anger behind a computer your gonna get mad reckless talk

  94. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    *could care less if plug is irratated or not*

  95. JK Says:

    Heh–very true about flexing anger behind a computer.

  96. Plug industries Says:

    JK Says:

    April 6th, 2006 at 11:41 am
    Heh–very true about flexing anger behind a computer.

    Don’t take nothin on this site personally. Most of us just use this site as a way to make the time at work go by quicker. I know I do.

  97. reggaetonslasher Says:

    plug Industries, hmm let me ponder that name for a second.. oh ok I get it. anyway my rhetoric my be too much for some people to follow, and ashamed that they cant relate usually make some snide remark. Its alot easier to laugh somthing off as hearsay rather than do the math and accept the truth. I happen to agree with ty, and his thoughts on how some dudes fall victim to a chick. What I’m trying to PLUG you into is some real talk. I’ve sat with elders on this subject and their wisdom is vast. A very wise man once broke it down for me like this. Without me getting too heavy on the religion thing or science here it is. In mans dna encoded into our genes is the will to bring forth life, this is no accident because God gave us this drive to populate the earth, and offcourse he had to make a woman feel good, some argue he made it too good. Moving forward after the world became populated sex became a sport, and was used for pleasure, thats when women realized the power they had, and man would do almost anything to aquire to them…its at that point when the minupulation begin, and the whoring started, brothels began poping up everywhere, and this is before money existed and could be exhanged for sexual favors, so a man would be vulnerable to the command and demand of the exhange, which usually included things such as getting rid of an enemy to providing food for a widowed woman. Since them some of us have done the study and realize relationships are all about power, and its exchange/shifting energy. If you allow a woman to gain power and keep you subdued then thats a hard trap to get out off, I’ve been there WIDE OPEN and aint ashamed to say so, and I also know the secrets of releasing its hold.

  98. Plug industries Says:


    *reads the first 3 lines of raggeonslasher*

    *realizes that raggaetonslasher is a panzy with no balls*

  99. reggaetonslasher Says:

    ^^ lol therapy

  100. Plug industries Says:

    Ha I’m fuckin with you, Raggetonslasher. I feel you. On some real talk, I too have been wide open. And it seems that what you are sayin is what I am saying. But what people don’t realize about love is that 99.9% of the time is that they are in LUST. they really don’t love te person they love the putang. Thats where prostitution and brothals came from. Women and Men realizing that that can profet from the power of a women’s vagina

  101. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    plug you need to stop reading only 3 sentences because that dude just broke it down. i mean i couldnt agree with you more reggeatonslasher. and like i said before ill admit i fell into the trap too but know ive realized how to control it. the number one thing on a straight man’s mind is sex all day, and if he is thinking of something else a hot girl can always derail his train of thought. yea men want and are concerned with money and power but why because thats what attracts females the most money and power, yea pac and many other sais m.o.b. ( money over bitches ) but thats because they mean if you get mad money there will always be more bitches so dont let the money hungry ones get you.

    *realizes plug industries has some real insecurity issues he might want to address*

  102. Plug industries Says:

    @ ty

    I read his post. I was messn with him as I mess with everyone to help the time go by faster while I’m at work. On some real talk when two people are in love its a beautiful thing. But a person can fall in love with a person sexually or fall in l……

    *realizes I’m wasting a perfectly good lunch hour talkin about some soft ish *

    *Carefully thinks of a comback for Ty saying one has insicurity issues…*

  103. Lili Says:

    @ Tyrone, that’s cool…my grandfather was an architect and my uncle is one…

    Also, you do make good points. I tend to get a little offended when I read shit on here (as a female), but then I appreciate the honesty that flows…when I’m with my boys they speak the same way and I’m glad I’m not a female who can’t recognize that men and women view things –and each other– differently. It’s just important that we communicate and see things from both p.o.v.’s.

    @JK, I most certainly feel you. As a woman, right now, it can be very hard to listen to some things that are said about women (in hip-hop), and, although we all have bad relationships and interactions with the opposite sex, hip-hop is a male dominated genre and if it’s somehow deemed cool to disrespect women on even a small scale, that outlook is only going to grow and get passed on to listeners of the music.

    We do need to get a handle on this because a LOT of ppl, including other races, look at hip-hop and the Black community (because they think they’re interchangeable but also because it’s our genre) and say how Black women are disrespected in our music (hence the needs for Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y.” all them yrs ago). I’ve got nothing but good Black men in my life, so I know that most certainly isn’t the case all across the board, but there really is a negative tone toward our women in hip-hop.

    My thing is…we all have bad memories. Just because men choose diabolical, untrustworthy women, doesn’t mean we’re all “wicked…daughters of satan” (although only reggaeton made that comment). There are still a lot of good girls around, but dudes get caught up with the wrong ones and then you write women off all-together and just see us as “pussy”, “bitches”, etc, and THAT bullshit needs to stop.

    Guys do get caught up in good pussy. SO WHAT? It’s good! To be frank women get caught up in good dick too. What’s important is that you’re getting it from a GOOD PERSON who has good traits other than what they can do for you physically.

    I don’t care how good it is; if you’re weak enough to let someone with some good stuff change you or control you, you prolly deserve what happens to you (emotionally, not diseases or anything serious like that).

    If we can all elevate our thinking and see ppl as more than just someone to have sex with, then we can see each other for who we really are and move forward from that point.

    Plenty of guys get caught up with females who are straight bitches, but are hot, and then if they put it on em, they put up with their bullshit just cause of the pussy. These cats are simply weak-minded individuals.

    Now, find a hot girl, with a good personality to put it on you..you’d have more than one reason to stick with her.

    OR, recognize that ONE particular woman may in fact be a bitch, and don’t get hung up over her. That way, when she does you wrong, you don’t feel the need to curse ALL women –just the ones with attitude problems.

  104. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    plug – im doing the same thing killing time at work, but shit if i dont have to actually get some work done now

  105. reggaetonslasher Says:

    lili you always make good points, and I agree with alot of what you said, but the part your over looking is the trickery, A woman would present herself in a certain light, but have ulteria motives, and once the dude has put his gaurd down she will manipulate him, and in most cases leave him ruined. I do know there are some good girls but very few.

  106. Lili Says:

    But Kim & Em..prolly 2 of those ppl who can’t live with each other, but can’t live without. They prolly need to just be together, but not be married. That actually works for some couples.

    Plus it’ll save them for having their shit in the streets like now.

    I guess we will see a return of the angry Em. Poor Hailie..It’s toughest on the kids.

  107. Lili Says:

    Well, I just speak for the good girls with a positive outlook on these issues. I.e. I’m an idealist with realistic thoughts.

  108. Lili Says:

    Reggae, what you don’t seem to acknowledge is that trickery and deceit don’t just lie in the hearts of bad women, but bad MEN also. Like guys don’t play games too…come on. That’s why you have to look a life a journey to learn lessons and learn people. When someone does you wrong you learn from the experience and apply that newly gained knowledge to your next encounters.

    You can’t tell me there are a lot more good guys than girls, just like I can’t say their are more of us than yall. That being said, there’s no reason to single out the triflin females and act like there aren’t just as many good ones out there.

    What you said:
    # reggaetonslasher Says:
    April 6th, 2006 at 12:44 pm

    lili you always make good points, and I agree with alot of what you said, but the part your over looking is the trickery, A woman would present herself in a certain light, but have ulteria motives, and once the dude has put his gaurd down she will manipulate him, and in most cases leave him ruined. I do know there are some good girls but very few.

    My revision:

    lili you always make good points, and I agree with alot of what you said, but the part your over looking is the trickery. A MAN would present HIMself in a certain light, but have ulteriOR motives, and once the GIRL has put HER gaurd down HE will manipulate HER, and in most cases leave HER ruined. I do know there are some good GUYS but very few.

    SEE DARLIN, it works BOTH ways. So you shouldn’t make statements like that that can be easily flipped.

  109. reggaetonslasher Says:

    typical woman^Anything can be flipped if you deny or resist truth, I expect that from a woman a (smart woman), most women want to be right all the time. Thats why a dude should never settle with a smart girl, find you a destitute chick who will hang on your every word, thats the key to having a sucessful relationship, although I must admit its good to sharpen wits with a smart girl, but that leads nowhere at the end of the day.

  110. Lili Says:

    You want to talk about resisting truth?

    LMAO Ay yo, just because you’re insecure doesn’t mean men out there don’t appreciate smart women. That’s the fucking problem man. You’d rather get a stupid chick to hang on to your every word to make shit easy for you.

    How selfish and immature is that.

    A smart man appreciates a smart woman (just as she’d appreciate him) because they can grow together and help each other reach new intellectual plateaus.

    “Thats why a dude should never settle with a smart girl, find you a destitute chick who will hang on your every word, thats the key to having a sucessful relationship…”
    – That is so demented and sick.

    I’m not trying to be “RIGHT” reggaeton; I’m simply saying to see things from BOTH perspectives.

    You can’t sit here and say “oh, most women are deceitful” without saying “most men are deceitful” as well. That’s an unfair blanket statement. That’s like someone saying “all Black ppl are loud” or some bullshit like that. It’s unfounded and unfair.

    Like I said, you wanna talk shit about women, like there aren’t a lot of deceitful guys. Being a “pimp” or “playa” is something that so many young men strive for. You think cats aren’t being deceitful, playin girls, a lot of times naive, innocent girls, just so they can add one more “pussy” to their list? You want to tell me only 1 in a 1000 guys has that mentality? That few?

    YES, their are bad woman. But we ALL don’t need to take the rap cuz you’ve had experiences with triflin chicks.

    If I got on here and said “all dudes are pigs, assholes, and just want to fuck and duck”, yall would tell me how one-sided my argument was and how idiotic I sound. Then you’d prolly go on to say that I can’t classify all men as dogs because I was stupid enough to fuck with bad guys repeatedly.


    But I’m not saying that shit cuz I don’t hate men and I’m not stupid enough to think that way.

    So all I’m saying is don’t go around saying most women are deceitful. That’s insulting. If you had a good woman raise you, have good aunts, sisters, cousins, etc, then it’s possible that there are quite a few other good women in the world too.

  111. reggaetonslasher Says:

    If I got on here and said “all dudes are pigs, assholes, and just want to fuck and duck”

    lol I would tell you your right.
    I know exactly what type of chick you are. 1st let me clear somthing up, I’m not imature and I dont hate women, I love women. I just know how to handle them…Take a woman like you for instance, you like to hear yourself talk, so the way I would handle you if I was your man, I would listen to every 6th word you say just to act like I’m following the conversation, and I would furnish that with an occasional nod meanwhile I’m tuning you out and thinking about what movie I’m going to see this weekend.

  112. JK Says:

    @Reggae: if ever there were a dude who has big amounts of hate in his heart for women, you are most def it. But it’s cool, you’re way out in the open with your ish so now I know I don’t have to waste anymore of my time reading your posts. Thanks for throwing all your dysfunctions out there like that!

  113. reggaetonslasher Says:

    @jk: you write it off as dysfunctions let me repost somthing i said earlier just for you, then i’ll continue the lesson

    “anyway my rhetoric my be too much for SOME people to follow, and ashamed that they cant relate usually make some snide remarks”

    Ok now back to the lesson. It takes too much energy to hate, and while I’ve masterfully and skillfully used women for the only thing theyre good for, I can assure that i love them. I think men should take some blame why women such as yourself are lost, and have taken on these pseudo characteristics. I mean usually all it takes to get a girl like you is a few compliments and a few promises of an exurberant lifestyle.

    I know you likei it..

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