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Daily Headlines 4-4-06

Radio commentator Neal Boortz says Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney looks like a ‘ghetto slut’

Diddy opens the NYSE 

Karl Malone bulldozes over FEMA 

There could still be hope for Russell and Kimora (Don’t do it Russ, cut and run)   

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50 Responses to “Daily Headlines 4-4-06”

  1. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    Somebody better tell Russell it’s cheaper to keep her! You see what happened to Babyface!

  2. Luis Says:

    WOW great news!!!!

  3. Luis Says:


  4. Luis Says:

    p.s. that dominican chick who simmons is involved with is hottie!!!!

  5. E From BK Says:

    Neal Boortz is another Rush Limbaugh. I tune into him every now and again to hear what the “Conservatives” are talking about. I put “Coservatives” in quotes because people use these labels erroneously sometimes. I don’t think anybody can be 100% Conservative or 100% Liberal. Back to Neal. It’s nothing new under the sun. It’s the same thing with the Duke Lacrosse squad. I tell you what though, they got the right one when they picked on Congresswoman McKinney. Remember, she was the one that exposed the current administration about 9/11 and everyone said she was a crazy lady then turned out to be correct. I would definitely like to see the video tape of that. As for Boortz, he is nothing more than a shock jock dressed up like a talk show host.

  6. Buscoliti Says:


    he already apologized son, but this fool is still a racist. Its old news.

  7. E From BK Says:

    She was correct about 9/11.

  8. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ Luis

    All Dominican chicks are hot…

  9. dCs Says:

    was the problem with boortz that he said ghetto, slut, or a combination of both? gheto shouldnt have been used at all, i dont think. if the new hair-do he’s talkin about is the one on her website, then hes just bein a fuckin douchebag, cause its a normal hairstyle. but honestly, if this woman had a big ass weave like u see the women in the audience of the Queens of Comedy havin, then he might be right, not sure about the slut part, but it would be ghetto as hell.

    honestly though, is “She looks like a shih tzu!” offensive? ive heard less flack for all the hatred hot97 spews out. the only bad thing i think boortz said was ghetto slut. the rest was just commentary of a bad hair-do (i dont even know if its bad, though, so i cant really say). he was fuckin outta line there. u can call whoever a slut, but when u put the term ghetto in front of it, we know what ur talkin about, and ur gonna get shit for it, especially if ur an old white guy. no one is gonna give HIM the benefit of the doubt.

    by the way, ive never found neal boortz funny. his racism that ive heard from him is never funny, its usually just blatant. people like opie and anthony are the “shock jocks” that can actually do good racial humor, especially since they have dudes like patrice oneal and billy burr (yeah, hes white, but he knows a lot about the culture and dates black women constantly) on the show to talk aobut some real issues. yeah, that ends that shameless plug…

  10. Stephen C. Says:

    Concerning the Cynthia Mckinny story…Let me first say, that guy was wrong for making the comments he made, but…her new hairstyle is awful…It doesn’t make her look like a “ghetto slut”, like he suggested…but rather a person who makes poor hairstyle decisions. Maybe that is what here hair looked like when she took her braids out. However, her hair has nothing to do with the way she does her job…alot of black women are going natural, so as not to conform to the so-called “white society-influenced” perm. The comment they made about her braids were wrong to. To me they look normal, a hairstyle befitting of a woman her age. Women use to wear that type of hair-style in the 40′ and 50’s. I believe that guy chose his words perfectly before he said them…he used the term “slut” becasue she was a woman and “ghetto” because she’s black. So his comments weren’t random that were premeditated.

  11. MaddenMaster Says:


  12. MaddenMaster Says:


  13. Stephen C. Says:

    http://boortz.com/nuze/200604/04032006.html: Link to Boortz’s apology

  14. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    man another white dude calling our black women “slut” that shit gets me so heated fuck his apology do him like they did Socrates

  15. eskay Says:

    word up, fuck his apology and whether or not he knows her and her father. that shit was uncalled for. These dudes love saying shit like this then taking it back like it’s all good. fuck that, only a closet racist fool would ever utter the words ghetto slut when referring to a black woman, and no fucking apology is gonna change that. its like when a defense attorney says something out of pocket in open court then retracts it. it doesn’t matter if they withdraw it, it’s already said, the jury already heard it. same shit here. he said what he really wanted to say then was like “oh sorry I was wrong, I didn’t mean it”

  16. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    You can’t give a person like that The attention they seek. Best thing to do is not hit up there website and not tune into his radio show. He knows what he said was offensive, thats why he said it. Lets not feed into his BS.

  17. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    You can’t give a person like that The attention they seek. Best thing to do is not hit up there website and not tune into his radio show. He knows what he said was offensive, thats why he said it. Lets not feed into his BS.

  18. Stephen C. Says:

    ^ for the record I just posted his apology, so it could be criticized, not as a form of acceptance…u can read my above post for my view. I to believe his his apology is not truly sincere…. but an apology was needed…Mrs. Mckinny deserves it. What do you all feel her quote,unquote assault case…where she hit the police officer? Click my name for the Story, if you haven’t heard it.

  19. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    ^I feel you and I understand where your coming from.

  20. Kornphlake Says:

    I understand your resentment for what that old honkabilly said, he was clearly out of line and he knew it befor he said it. But does the fact that she struck a police officer bother you at all?

  21. E From BK Says:

    The same thing that happened to that guy who called Rice a coon needs to happen to Boortz.

  22. Luis Says:

    bloodhound I know ALL D.R. chicks are hot dude!

  23. Philip Says:

    Neal is always being racist I listen to his ass on Thursdays (You got to know what the enemy is thinking) man he dogs the Katrina cats down in the NO. Fuck Neal he calls the people down there worthless and pieces of trash. I don’t think he’s a closet racist he is an out in the open racist. That nigga that’s on the show with him is a real Uncle Tom in the true sense of the word. He didn’t even say shit.

  24. eskay Says:

    >>But does the fact that she struck a police officer bother you at all?

    Not even a little bit. If you ask me she shoulda spit in his face.

  25. Kornphlake Says:

    Is this in general or just this specific situation?

  26. tyronebiggums71 Says:


    Rakim Speaks out on Dr. Dre
    Monday – April 3, 2006

    Rakim recently broke his silence on his relationship with Aftermath Records and Dr. Dre.

    It seems that creative differences and an undesired image change led to one of the greats breaking away from the good Doctor. Here are some highlights from the interview which can be found on XXL’s web site.

    ”The artist that I am is the artist I want to remain” he says of himself. ”My integrity and my pride for my craft, hip-hop and the hood is something that I don’t want to play with Dre, I respect him. He’s a smart cat, man. He knows what’s in the mainstream. But at the same time, picking the guns back up and talking about a lot of the dirt that I’ve been around and seen, I don’t think that’s a smart move for me right now. I respect the people that I been around. I respect the neighborhood too much. I don’t want to play myself short with that. The things that I’ve seen and the people that I’ve been around is real people. I respect them, and I’m not going to do nothing to put them out there.”

    Rakim went on to say that he felt some pressure from Dre to conform to today’s Hip Hop standards when making music.

    ”Dre got his people around him that would speak to me, or they would ask my manager to ask me. Sitting down in the studio and speaking to Dre, he would most of the time say, “Well, that’s what I want you to talk about, Ra.” Things that go on in the ’hood, things that I’ve been around—that’s what he wanted me to speak on and that was clear. And [from] some of the people at his label, that was they message as well.”

    While the emcee can still keep it street, you won’t see him going the way of the G Units and Young Jeezy’s. At this stage of his career, Rakim needs a purpose to go there.

    ”I do grimy records, but it has to have a purpose. One of the grimiest records I did was “Juice,” and that was for a movie. Its purpose was to show you the difference between what you think juice is and what happens if you take the wrong road.”

  27. caliatlchick Says:

    That chick Cynthia McKinney has been acting like a fool for years. She should have been wearing her ID and the incident would not have happened. SHe need a Hoe Sit Down Card. And yes, she does look like a straight up ghetto idiot with that hairstyle. I don’t know what’s worse: her nappy ‘fro or those Nettie braids she use to wear.

  28. Plug industries Says:




  29. reggaetonslasher Says:

    any of you dudes ever check out uk hip hop, its not bad quite refreshing it reminds me of the tribe called quest days…they do have a few gangsta rappers its funny hearing em talk about glocks and drugs. The police dont even carry guns in England, they have billy clubs

  30. blackrob Says:


    what are you listening to over there the streets??


    the only thing about uk hip hop that would refresh me was if it ceased to exist

  31. jersey Says:

    suge filing for bankruptcy?……..lol

  32. philip Says:

    Now they talkin about arresting Mckinney I say fuck that…..you all remember ja ja gabor or however you spell that woman’s name, she slapped a cop at a traffic stop……they didn’t do shit to her and it was on tape so why the fuck are they making a fuss over Mckinney? Like Jada said she’s BLACK

  33. jersey Says:

    of course

  34. jersey Says:

    they figure humiliate her and thats the ultimate disrespect to not only black america but the black specifically…..she will handle her handle…sista iz strong, she aint no fool…she has my support, no doubt!

  35. jersey Says:

    not only black america but to the black man specifically….

  36. MaddenMaster Says:

    Yea “Ghetto Slut” was too much… why does her hair make her look like a slut when it’s the queen white bitches that are on the GIRLS GONE WILD SHIT!! But hey the world know who the real sluts are…… and it aint sistas

  37. dCs Says:

    haha come on, u know the only reason there are no black girls on GGW is cause most of the people who buy it are white males, and a lot of them are just fuckin shitheads. how many black girls do you see at cancun anyway? cause lets face it, ALL women are sluts, except for our moms. it dont matter the color of the skin or how fat or how skinny.

    as for someone up there who said that it makes them sick when a white man calls a black woman a slut, whats the big deal, my dude? that woman most likely aint no slut (we dont know how she rolls in the private life), but you mad cause he called her a slut? what if someone on hot97 called hilary clinton a slut? it wouldnt be a big deal, just like the word slut used against this woman shouldnt. its the term “ghetto slut” i think you should be mad at. hes callin her a hood rat when this woman is definitely anything but. thats what made it kind of racist, that he basically generalized a black as a ghetto girl.

    but anyone think it would have made a difference if he was talkin about some female rapper instead of a congresswoman? what if he was talkin about someone like remy ma? lets face it, remy is mad ghetto, and she loves to gobble dick. would he be out of line if he saw remy with a big ass weave and called her a slut? im tryin to figure out where the line is with some of you dudes. if its just hatred for this man’s words or general hatred for him bein white, talkin about ANYONE black.

  38. E From BK Says:


    I don’t know what your race is or even if you are a woman. I hope to God that you are not a Black woman or even a Black man talking about her hair. Your references to her hair deeply disturbed me. If you are a Black person the only thing you are exhibiting is the fact that you hate yourself. You believe what the White media has dictated to you about how you should wear your hair. It is sad how many of our brothers and sisters hate themselves for the fact that they are Black. I feel sorry for you. I hope that one day you will realize that it is okay to be Black and you don’t necessarily have to conform. I remember when my mother first dreaded her hair back in 1983. It was like some big to do. Everybody had a comment. However, my mother is always the consumate professional and she kept doing her thing. Congresswoman McKinney is not a fool. She is a down to earth sister who looks out for her community as a whole. She is strong and outspoken. If you think she should sit down then you probably subscribe to being a good little nigger and doind any and everything the White man tells you to do. Again, I feel sorry for you. Also, if you are White. You are probably a Bush supporter and very angry that she called yall out about 9/11.

  39. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    ^^ second that shit

  40. eskay Says:

    ^ I 3rd it

  41. E From BK Says:


    If you like UK Hip Hop then you should check out this site. They have some pretty cool battles.


  42. The Cipher Says:

    well i havent read what you all have to say, im just gunna put my lil 2 cents in and read on from there… boortz is an idiot period, the fact that he doesnt like a hairstyle is fine, but him describing her appearance as being a ghetto slut is unacceptable, theres alot of people at my college that i talk to and chill with that i have certain oppinions about, but know to keep it to myself cause there a fine line you dont cross regardless of what your position is… what was the point of the diddy news??? lol… and as for russell… cmon russell…

  43. KingML Says:

    I really don’t care about some guy calling a woman a ghetto slut.

    People just make it into a race issue. Then it becomes sensational and newsworthy, when in reality its just as unnewsworthy as a white guy calling a white girl a ghetto slut.

    Just because you’re black doesn’t make it any more offensive. I personally don’t give a fuck, she isn’t ever going to get elected with a fucked up haircut like that anyways. If she wants people to take her seriously, DRESS LIKE A BUSINESSWOMAN. Not like a “ghetto slut.”

    People don’t say things like that for no reason, and if this radio host was just a straight up racist he would have dropped the n bomb.

    I’ve never met a racist that didn’t drop the N bomb on me in traffic or whatever, the first chance he got.

    But, onto P Diddy ringing the stock bell, I have to say I am impressed they even let him up there, seeing a black guy at the NYSE bell is like seeing a white guy host the BET awards show, but still, it’s progress.

    And as far as Kimora and Russ, fuck that bitch Russ, you only live once and you’ve had that pussy for too long, I am sure she isn’t giving it up routinely anymore you been married too long, get some younger impressionable pussy and hit it continuously and then get a new one when you get bored of that.

    Take Kimora back in a couple years when you retire from the ho game, cause I’m sure no one gonna want her after you done with her.

    She tired!

    And that Karl Malone story tops all the rest of the things I read today, makes me happy the mailman cares. That is the kind of shit that impresses me, how many pro athletes retire to their riches never to be heard from again? This man is rich as fuck and he went out of his way to work for nothing and lose his own money and use his own tools and vehicles to help people he never even met cause he felt it would be the right thing to do.

    that is something you should all never forget, good examples are hard to find. Props to the mailman.

    “Karl Malone cares about black people. – The Cipher”


  44. eskay Says:

    >>But, onto P Diddy ringing the stock bell, I have to say I am impressed they even let him up there, seeing a black guy at the NYSE bell is like seeing a white guy host the BET awards show, but still, it’s progress.

    yeah it’s too bad he was late and didn’t actually get to ring the bell. smh @ a fucking multi-millionaire still running on CPT.

  45. The Cipher Says:

    omg ok i just seen the girls hair lol… thank you daily show with jon stewart… she really did look likea ghetto slut man… closer to a crack whore though who was on a crack rage lol… shit had me laughing… she should of stuck with the braids cause damn… she brought black womens hair back 300 years with the display i had seen

  46. lone Nigerian Says:

    since when do wite ppl get an opinion about black hair? Except when they are jackin’ the style. Black ppl’s hair is unique; unlike any other type of hair in the world. You’re supposed to do what’s right for your hair. It’s us (black women specifically) who go out of our way to try fit in with everyone else, esp. when it’s obvious we are NOT like everyone else. At the very least when it comes to hair. Perms/relaxers are not healthy for anyone’s hair.
    I hope Boortz’s son comes home with one side of his hair in dreads and the other in cornrows and that gives Boortz a heart attack

  47. caliatlchick Says:

    @E From BK

    Spare me the whole “Your probably hate yourself…” diatribe. I am black and blacks don’t all think alike. Surprise!

    When did it become your job to monitor the opinions of other black folks? We’re not in the Soviet Union or China, so mind control doesn’t work on me. Sorry, I didn’t go to Re-Education Camp 101 for negroes.

    “It is sad how many of our brothers and sisters hate themselves for the fact that they are Black. I feel sorry for you. ”

    Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for yourself. Especially, since you feel the need to re-educate blacks who aren’t black enough according to your standards. Trying to control people can be exhausting. The fact of the matter is McKinney looks like a straight fool and acted like a fool. If you like looking like a banshee or wearing Nettie braids, so be it. I don’t. If you don’t agree, get over it. That is the beauty of living in a free society. Everyone can freely express their opinions. I don’t like the fact that our “black leaders” are up in arms over Boortz comments, but have little if anything to say about the degradation of our culture, the rising rate of children born out-of-wedlock in our community, or the lack of fathers in the home. There is a sick racial double standard in our community.

    “I hope that one day you will realize that it is okay to be Black and…”

    That sounds like the same garbage black children are told when they excel academically, except they are told they are “acting white.”

    “…you don’t necessarily have to conform.”

    I didn’t know I needed your approval. Oh, wait, I don’t. I’m an individual not a conformist dear. Therefore, I will not conform to what YOU deem as right for the sake of the Beloved Community.

  48. E From BK Says:


    Again, this is why I feel sorry for you. You must be hanging out with the wrong people. If you would stay out of 112 then you would know that there are many Black leaders standing up for the community. I’m not monitoring anyone, I am stating the facts. You are the one doing the monitoring by trying to regulate the sister’s hair. Being Black enough is a state of mind not a hair style, but if you feel the need to insult a powerful sister then no, you are not Black enough. They would have had to kill you in the Underground Railroad. There is nothing wrong with empowering our youth and teaching them they are great. YOUR statements are one of a conformist.

  49. E From BK Says:

    I’m not going to make this about insults so I apologize if you feel insulted. The fact of the matter is that I know the Congresswoman personally and I know that she is not a fool. I know she is a brilliant mind and a that she loves her community. She has a deep concern with what goes on in her community and she is active and gives back in more ways than you will ever know. She is an uplifting individual who will put her life on the line for you. She stands up when alot of our so called male leaders will not utter a word. So forgive me when I get upset when people insult her……..especially another sister.

  50. pj Says:

    maybe neal should worry about his own hair first and than talk about cynthias. btw there is nothing wrong with his comment but also IMO there is nothing wrong with someone punching him in his face.

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