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Foul Shot

This is my first entry of what I decided to call "Foul Shot".  I bring it to you in attempt to help Eskay balance out his site and bring so much needed Sport discussions.  I called it "Foul Shot" because of my love for Basketball (NBA and The Knicks to be exact) and because I plan on taking alot of Foul Shots at players, coaches, GM’s, fans, referees, and anyone else that I feel needs to feel the wrath.  Let us begin!

lebron_clutch.jpgESPN and their constant dickriding of Lebron James – Who is behind this shit? I mean this dude is on his way to being a great player but for fuckin’ crissakes! The dude finally made a clutch shot the other night for the first time in his career and ESPN got the nerve to show the shot 1,237 times in a 24 hour span and then follow it up by showing some of Jordan’s clutch shots.  Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony has hit about 14 game winners this year and doesnt get a mention.  And now he finally made the playoffs in a week conference and he is getting MVP nods. Excuse me? Again, Carmelo Anthony took the Denver Nuggets from the basement to the playoffs as a rookie and doesnt even get a peep from ESPN.  Con-spiracy theory? I’d say so. David Stern is a slick marketing bastard.



No More End Zone Celebrations – Looks like the No Fun Leage (NFL) is at it again! For those that don’t know, the NFL has instituted some stupid ass rule that doesnt allow you to celebrate after a touchdown.  Anyone who chooses to get creative after a touchdown gets their team a 15 year penalty on the following kickoff.  What the hell is this about?  I watch the damn games 1/2 the time just to see what Chad Johnson or Terrel Owens will do after a great TD.  Getting a touchdown and not being able to celebrate is like scoring with Esther Baxter and not being able to tell anyone.



Larry Brown & The New York Knicks – Why is Larry Brown given a pass? Why is everyone blaming Isiah Thomas? Isiah did his job, he got talent.  Larry coach the f*cking team and stop being a grumpy old man.  Larry is the only coach in the history of the NBA to take 42 games to pick a starting line up. Also, stop blaming Stephon for the Knicks losing.  Larry Brown can’t get along with himself never mind a young rich black male, just ask Allen Iverson. If you wanna point the finger, then use two hands and blame both Zeke and Larry. Not just Zeke!


zab.jpgZab Judah vs Floyd Mayweather – As much as I want Zab to beat the waves off of Mayweathers scalp. It aint happening.  Zab wanna be in rap videos, making rims for cars, drinking henny the night before the fight, get grills made by Paul Wall, hang out on 42nd with the Israelites.  He don’t care about this fight.  He gonna get his head beat in, get his check and go to the club. Sad but true.



bonds.jpgMLB To Investigate Barry Bonds – Aint this a crock of shit? I love how the MLB is investigating steriod use the cracker ass media will trick you into believing they are investigating Barry Bonds alone.  Bottomline, I don’t know if Barry did steroids. I don’t care and thats because as long as he keeps breaking records, it keeps white people mad. Few things bring joy to my life as a white person being mad. So when they dont find any proof of Barry being on the juice and he brakes Babe Ruths record, I dont wanna hear anything about an asterix being next to his records.  Deal with it!



proof.jpgThe Final Four – I’m going to take heat for this..  I could care less about the Final Four.  Uconn out, Syracuse done and UNC lost.  I got no reason to watch this other than because America’s most wanted is a repeat tonight and there aint shit on to watch Monday Night.  Anyone who really thinks NCAA is better than the NBA needs to check into a mental hospital right now.  No, I mean right now. I’m serious! Stop reading this, go check in! 

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87 Responses to “Foul Shot”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    First the NBA implement bullshit dress codes. Now the NFL bans touchdown celebrations. Are you serious??? I guess Massa gotta control these nigras the best way he can. And how come these issues weren’t voted on?

  2. nation of thugacation Says:

    wtf where did all of that come out of…
    guess i have to read it, be expecting another comment

  3. nation of thugacation Says:

    ah posted by e-dubbs, should be interesting

  4. nation of thugacation Says:

    pretty good…

  5. hustle Says:

    what no wwf rants? no badmitton articles? get on the ball kid


    barry bonds defff on steroids, fuck off wit the white people shit.

  7. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I’m too high to read all those words I’m shocked I can type this. Although its taking me forever to complete…

    *looks at dro and hash*

    *rolls up another*

  8. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ leeslutter

    E Dubbs is white

  9. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I think…

  10. 613's Natural Born Hustla Says:

    Dam these White team owners realli crackin down on niggas.FIrst no chains in NBA now no dancin in NFL. so who da guy runnin these articles to help eskay?

  11. Dumb Nigga Says:

    I think i need to go check into a mental hospital, cuz i think the NBA is better than the NCAA basketball……..

    But those celebrations bein taken away will just make NFL more boring!

  12. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I’m starting to hate the nfl… Those bastards are making this shit bout as fucking boring as flag football don’t get me wrong flag is fun sometimes but it doesn’t have the “I’m gonna rip your head off and take a shit in your neck” attitude the nfl once had,
    1st those fags started the “no looking too hard at the QB law”
    2nd those Benzino lovers stopped ya from spiking the ball,
    3rd those pillow biters enforce mandatory drug screening on all players.
    Now those deep throaters are stopping end zone fun?

    Fuck that I’m about to be a water polo fan!

    I look forward to silly end zone performances, they make the game fun…

  13. Dumb Nigga Says:

    I look forward to my team winning!

  14. DaReturn Says:

    i agree with u on the Bron-Bron dick riding, and how melo not gettin the props he deserve, but what about d-wade, he gets no luv, and i think he gonna be better than both of them….and on, if he was white his name would not be brought up as much… look at mark magurie(however u spell it) who admited he was on some shit… and on steph and LB, Steph is from da hood, AI from da hood, and if i remember he had beef with jamal tinsley when he was in indiana and that nigga is hood, so i guess LB has problems with people from DA hood.

  15. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    talkin about dickridin, fuck lebron james, espn rides no nigga like this one. i know this going to hurt you to ya heart es, but i gotta come wit tha real especially when its right in the face. SEBSTAIN TELFAIR is the most overrated player in the nba. even his bog ole boulder head cousin about to get tha boot. fuck tha boot , he needs foot put that ass. espn act like they trying to recoup some money for that lil documentary. no actors to pay, no sets , no budgets, etc…. just point tha motherfuckin camera and shoot. they tryin to slang through tha fire like tha whole tv stations future hinghes on it.

  16. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Whoa! Did anyone else notice that chad johnson shit??

    It’ll get you a 15 year penalty…. Just for celebrating!!!!

    That must be a felony sheesh.

    Nigga just can’t win for losing now a day.

  17. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:


    If I scored with Esther Baxter I’d tell everyone… Even Bush!

  18. GET Says:

    Good Sport Topics keep them Up!!!!!!!

    I dont like Lebron James, but I cant deny his talent being that he’s unstoppable, I never seen someone at his size have the speed he does, and in his Rookie year he couldn’t shoot if his life depended on it, now he’s hitting threes with the flick of the wrist. Yes I do agree they dont give Carmelo his fare coverage, being that he has gotten better every year, but once they think they have found there New Big Thing they’ll keep riding it. One more thing Wade has taken Carmelos spot, in the Best one on one match up of the new Young stars, Wade vs. Lebron.

    No More End Zone Celebrations

    I was Mad when I heard that shit, its suppose to be a Game let them have a little fun while they’re out there playing one of the most grueling Sports.

    The New York Knicks

    Fuck all them niggas They making the #1 basketball City in the world look bad.

    MLB To Investigate Barry Bonds

    Bonds did admit to unknowingly taking steroids in his Grand jury testimony that leaked. This steroids era fucked up his career and alot of others, anybody that played in this era will have doubt around them when historians look back on this era, even those that we know didnt take steroids will be in question.

    Zab Judah vs Floyd Mayweather

    I want Zab to Win so bad, but Mayweather is one of the Greatest fighters to Ever box, His speed, movement and defence make him untouchable, hopefully Zab catches him with one, because he is one of the most powerful punchers at his weight.


    Its not better then the NBA, but its just more consistently exciting then NBA Games. And people identify with the Schools in there area More, so that gets them even more hyped.

  19. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    rsther baxter really don’t have no as though, just big ass titties. she aight.oh yeah str8 from left field, did yall know condellza is a virgin? something about that makes her extremely sexy to me. i would launch al warheads in her ass like i’m tha secretary of defense. bush might not find osama but he would find condellaz pussy beat out in tha middle of my living room floor! p.s detroit won!!! we got this shit this year

  20. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    my bad on the typing today. i’m a lil tired. i’m gone double check b4 i send

  21. old dirty bucket Says:

    if they give barry an asterisk, they better hook one up for mark mcgwire, canseco’s stupid ass, and palmero, too cuz those three admitted it. some of those dudes on the red socks are lookin a pretty yolked as well. you dont get that swoll of eatin just bread and water.

    barry is playin his first game thurs, know bout it.

    ps. ima whiteboy thru and true and barry aint makin me mad, not one little bit.

  22. blackrob Says:

    i don’t know maybe it’s just me but i can’t sit and watch an nba game from start to finish…too many selfish players and a severe lack of defense. In college, basketball is everything to these kids and they play their hearts out night after night. The money plays too big of a part in their effort because nba contracts are guaranteed. Vince Carter even admitted to not playing his hardest for entire seasons because he wanted to be traded. Now don’t get me wrong, the nba has some tremendous athletes, but the nba lacks the excitement of ncaa basketball. Everytime March rolls around you can catch me with a tv at all times of day. When its time for the nba playoffs, maybe i’ll read the newspaper

  23. Doc Flav Says:

    Lol @ Blood Trying To Get His Thoughts Together, Dro And Hash? WORD!! Go Cavs! LMBAO!

  24. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    blackrob, you been reading the papers since been in them, talkin about you going to jail? why rob? why? i was like WHOA, when i heard you was stealing change and shit! wefare aint soooo bad, at least ya ass would be free

  25. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Rob needs a bail bondsman BIG TIME!

  26. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Oh and Black Rob, please stay out of jail!!!!!!!!

  27. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    aye my niggas , you know what a dopplegangger is? i just met j.lo’s the house i live in is being sold. tha real estate agent looked EXCATLY like jennifer lopez. not simialr niggaz, the same. the face, the hair, and tha ass was so fat i thought was gone shoot off in tha boxers just lookin at this bitch!! to no avail my girl ALWAYS got to be around when shit like this happen. the women make this place, never thought i would say it, but I LUV NEW YORK!!! ( tha women that is) but nobody can touch atl

  28. The B.I.G. Homie Says:

    E-Dubbs ur freebasing if u think that Carmelo deserves more recognition than Lebron, hes lived up to expectations and in some ways surpassed them. Carmelo has a better supporting cast than LeBron (Kenyon and Andre to Lebron’s Donyell and Damon). If you put LeBron in Denver than the Nuggets would be top 3 in the West.

  29. cklhiphop Says:

    I didn’t know you a big nba/boxing fan just like myself.

    About Lebron James, I somewhat agree with you, I mean its obvious that NBA is trying hard to promote Lebron as the next MJ and the icon of NBA. But, I think he is much better a player than Camelo. They both sorta single-handedly rescued their teams but I think Camelo had a few more good players to back him up.

    Boxing, yeah, its sad that boxers are more concern about money and fame instead of boxing. The idea of knocking the toughest/top guy doesn’t exist anymore, its more about marketing/money and carefully pick the right component.

  30. MaddenMaster Says:

    To address the first post please dont forget to add the NBAs new ban on leg warmers the shit never ends…. Let me drop science on you youngins real quick all of these sports are businesses RIGHT? Now why would you being a smart business man put a ban on something with in your business thats positively effecting the captol of your business? Case in point NBA merchandising, now over the last five years nba merchandising has sky rocketed to an all time him much larger than it ever was during the jordan era or the magical 80s of zek, and magic, and bird and the major reason for this increase is the jersey sales generated by the promotion of team jerseys by players at games and in public but you implement a a dress code putting a halt to the free publicity and the increase of revenue for your business and you say its not racial ha it makes no sense to me!!! the jersey culture is one part of our swagger that the crackers couldn’t successfully jack so they banned it or as HOV once said “the cut off the nose to spit they face”

  31. MaddenMaster Says:

    Now back to the thread……

    Labron is the fucking truth and he political thats why he gets all the press… He aint on a stop snitching dvd or out doing dumb shit not to mention the kid 3rd in the league in scoring and dropping dimes and he younger then all them dudes. But I do fee your point and some how I think in the long run I think Labron gone be Wilkins and Wade gone be Jordan and while melo is nice his teams have been a little more put together then the two of the EARLY ON and labrons overall team is still third on that list…. Its hard to argue that Melo is not as talented as anyone but at the same time he’s a shot hunter with a gang of moves and not really the same type of player as labron and D.Wade IMO is third on that list of overall talent but he just wont give up and he is developing that Jordan type fight in him thats going to over shadow both them dudes in a few year starting with him being the first to take a League MVP award home this year!!!

  32. MaddenMaster Says:

    Now to the NFL and they dumb ass bans!!!

    Again why would you ban something thats financially beneficial and add to the showmanship marketability of your business? Weather its the music, movies or sports industry ITS ALL FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT so why would you limit an entertainer for entertaining???


  33. MaddenMaster Says:


  34. e-dubbs Says:

    I’m going to kindly disagree about Denver being more talented than Cleveland. Kenyon Martin is a bum and might be .001 percent better than Drew Gooden. Kenyon been hurt all year too.. Marcus Camby is damn good when healthy but he only healthy 50% of the time. Dre Miller can be a good as PG but I swear that dude hates Melo because he refuses to get Melo the ball 5 x out of 10. Denver got NO SHOOTERS! None. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Cleveland got an allstar center in Big Z, a solid 4 combination of Drew Gooden and DOnyell Marshall. Eric Snow sucks but Damon Jones can stretch the defense all day because of his shooting. And yall got f*ckin Larry Hughes! Yeah, he aint play but yall also just picked up Ronald Flip Murray who is the reason why Cleveland headed to the playoffs. Yup, I’m watching dawg. He already hit more clutch baskets in Cleveland in less than 2 months than Lebron hit all year.

    Denver winning they division dawg, in the West! I know Lebron is an over all better talent but Melo still got the polished offensive game that Lebron doesnt. Lebron doesnt have any go to moves to score with in an 1/2 court game. Lebron scores 80% of his points off sheer athletisicm and scores 99% of his points in quarters 1-3 too.

    Last year I would have said D Wade as surpassed Melo but right now I think you can flip flop them because Melo is having an incredible year and is playing as good as any SF in the league. He gonna fuck around and make ALL NBA and not the allstar team.

  35. e-dubbs Says:

    also.. yall can read my other column on http://www.fiyastarter.com I do a weekly piece called “Loyal Knicks Fan”

  36. e-dubbs Says:

    Frye not Oakley but Frye damn good and might have made a run @ ROTY if Larry Brown aint sit him on the bench so damn much. Zeke knows how to make them draft picks work!

  37. OMANXL1 Says:

    Maddenmaster is right; those Knicks are too selfish; there is no chemistry; I haven’t seen them guard anybody all year; I had to put my Knicks gear up; I can’t walk around in that stuff embarrasing myself!!! Lebron has been ordained as the next; but D-WADE is the shizzle!!!!! But peep these young cats down here in Atlanta; Josh Smith; Al Harrington, Joe Johnson and Josh Childress; I saw Josh Smith swat a couple of Vince Carter’s shots Friday night(03/31/2006)…….I think the Hawks are like the Knicks though; they need a coach!!!!!!! Larry B should have gave it up after last year; I know he doesn’t need the paper!!!!!!!!

  38. MaddenMaster Says:


    WHOEVER THE IDIOT WAS THAT SAID THAT THAT SHIT SHOULDN’T BE ABOUT MONEY FOR NIGGAS THATS PUTTING THEY FUCKING LIFE ON THE LINE IS FUCKING STUPID….. LIKE BERNARD HOPKINS SAID “WHY THE FUCK SHOULD MOTHER FUCKERS WHO NEVER TAKE A PUNCH MAKE MORE THAN THE PERSON IN THE GODDAMN RING” THEM DUDES DESERVE THEY PAY AND SOME AND UNLIKE OTHER I LIKE TO SEE EVERYONE THAT PUT THEY LIFE ON THE LINE FOR A SPORT OR TO ENTERTAIN REWARDED A LUMP SUM!! And just like rap aint no fucking 401k plan of health insurance in boxing and in boxing one punch at the wrong point can fuck you up for life so shit they should be trying to get as much money as they can while they can because that shit don’t last forever…. so kiddys them niggas should get paid…… frow up

    I know Pretty boy a better fighter but some how I just think Zab gone win this fight!! I don’t know why and I really hope I’m wrong but I just got that feeling….. Floyd didn’t look to good to me in his last fight even though he won by KO it seemed to me that sorry ass Sambey Mitchell started figuering floyd out and matching his speed with speed and giving him problems as the rounds went on, Floyd really didn’t look good getting hit that much but that nigga is tough!!! and On Zab end of it I think not getting KO’d against that last dude really helped his chin get tougher if that makes any sense, I don’t think a on dinger gone put him to sleep anymore but then again I could be wrong… I think if the best floyd steps into the ring which I dont think will because the best floyd was about 2years ago and if the Zab that fought Cory Spinks and beat his ass gets into the ring focused then it could be interesting……. I really think Zab is going to win but Floyd could get in that bitch at his peak ready for a war and bang that boy out to the point where he gets frustrated and pulls a Mike Tyson! but thats the joy of boxing.. two talents can enter and only they deside who walks out!!!

  39. MaddenMaster Says:

    frye rookie of the year my ass I guess you aint seeing what them other rookies is doing… A few good games don’t make you rookie of the year kid…… and if he wasn’t soft and could bang maybe larry would have let him bang out more….. Personally I think the Kincks had a solid flow going with the young guns but larry pulled that shit Marbury is a fucking born loser he aint never made a team better dude a bitch… Q Richardson is NICE but he stinks dude is a spooty shooter but he a play ground player that works well in a run and gun system and looks like shit in a half court offense but some how last year with the suns he couldn’t find a flow so I just don’t get him…. Curry could be ok if he keeps working and if he really wanted it but he’s no PAT and Frye with all that limberness he still fucking soft and he’s no Tyson Chandler whos a big ass streaky 7 footer…. personally the Kinicks are in great position to make the right moves and get the guys they need in to fit around what they have and compete every year but they gotta let a lot go and they got a lot of names to sell in the off season so it could work…. Zeke got a lot to ship he just gotta ship it right and fucking lazy playing, soft ass JACKIE BUTLER GOTTA FUCKING GO!!!


  40. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    eksay – your a knicks fan. now you know what us nets fans know what it was like for so long, personally i hope they come out of this funk and atleast become respectable but they need to clean house and thomas needs to go first, yea larry hasnt done a good job and doesnt even see that interested, but how could you think that he would work well with the team he has ( larrys notorious for not playing young guys and butting heads with the star ) all this shit could of been avoided if zeke made atleast one decent move i mean
    ( Q rich for kurt thomas, when the biggest need they had was down low, eddy cuurry for this years number 1 pick, damn there some good players coming out this year, all he does is add more big money contract for players that play the same postions and dont like to play together and now they dont have any money to sign free agents and have nothing of value but channing frye )

  41. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    aye es, it seems you have seen ya time homie. tha last 5-6 threads don’t even hit plat,but you had a damn good run. i will admit that. you still the king to me my nigga

  42. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    also god damn the nfl for the celebration shit i mean i understand not wanting what t.o. does to happen but chad and steve smith those guys are just having fun putting on a show doing what they get paid for ENTERTAINING.

    and i dont really wanna get started into the crucifction of barry bonds cause its ridiculous and i could go on fillling up these pages for pages about what bullshit it is that this whole thing started because of barry, they turned a blind eye to it when mchwire was hitting 70 fucking brady anderson hitting 50
    “o wow these guys are that good ” but then barry breaks the record and its like an all out war to get barry. now ive been a fan of barry’s since i was a little kid and played for pittsburgh ( and i admit he must of taken soemthing ) but god damn it so did probably 70% OF BASEBALL FOCUS ON THAT FOCUS ON THE AMPHETIMINE USE, your wanna take away his records then go back and dif throigh everyone elses past ( fuck they held a celebration for palmerio for his 500th homerun knowing he had already failed a drug test, ) shit guys what babe ruth had a pretty big advantage over people today he used corked bats, he didnt cheat everyone did then but they cant now ( well maybe sammy sosa ) so how many more did he hit cause the bat was corked, also technical barry didnt break any laws the steriods he took werent illegal yet, they werent even known to have existed except for in the balco lab so there could be no law against them

  43. MaddenMaster Says:


  44. BEASTNIGGA Says:


  45. dCs Says:

    MLB To Investigate Barry Bonds – Aint this a crock of shit? I love how the MLB is investigating steriod use the cracker ass media will trick you into believing they are investigating Barry Bonds alone. Bottomline, I don’t know if Barry did steroids. I don’t care and thats because as long as he keeps breaking records, it keeps white people mad. Few things bring joy to my life as a white person being mad. So when they dont find any proof of Barry being on the juice and he brakes Babe Ruths record, I dont wanna hear anything about an asterix being next to his records. Deal with it!

    uh its not white people mad about bonds, just so you know. shit, this aint about fuckin race. hank aaron is black, what the fuck are you talkin about? its about him being involved with people who distributed steroids and him breaking a record that was made without any performance enhancing drugs. and they are using his name for everything because he IS the biggest name that is involved with using steroids. you think people care THAT much if someone like adam evrett uses steroids? please, give me a fuckin break. that shit has absolutely nothing to do with a fuckin skin color, just stop it.

  46. philip Says:

    Bonds aint fail a piss test…..if a nigga’s piss is clean keep him on the team.

  47. Sidz Says:

    Marbury is a punk bitch.
    That is all.

  48. philip Says:

    White peeps on this site quit being so bitch made and SENSITIVE u need a hug damn…..You’ve (your race) has fucked over all people of color for years and then some people say they like it when whitey gets scared or upset, agitated I mean this is all the retribution we get so let us run with it. This is a hip hop blog the last time I checked hip hop was our music….oh yeah all music is ours even country deal with it bitches I’m out

  49. e-dubbs Says:

    Check Frye’s stats when he started, over 18ppg. Chris Paul would be rookie of the year regardless ,he’s a rookie and is damn near top 5 PG in the league but atleast Frye could have made intersting. He’s far from soft. I believed that label when we drafted him but after watching him play, he far from soft. He’s not a back to the basket type player true but that doesnt make you soft.

    Jackie Butler is good too by the way. I’m doubting you watched every Knick game this season.

    And to whoever said they need to fire Zeke, hell no. Have all his trades work out? nope. But you gotta have balls to make ’em. It’s like Las Vegas, scared money dont make money. He’s a drafting genius but he is a little trigger happy on the trading side. But its definetly way better than Scott Layden’s ass. (no karamo)

  50. the green eyed bandit Says:

    to say zeke has no fault in the knicks plight makes no sense to me. didn’t he bring in Larry? Isn’t he bringing in talented players that have a me first mentality? Even if dude can pick well in the draft you HAVE to admit that your team is going to get a lot better faster with a top 3 pick instead of whatever else they are working with this year.

    Who is going to trade for any of the knicks contracts unless they getting Channing in the deal? Zeke aint getting rid of channing so I dont see any moves happening in New York until for a while.

    Help me out here, who plays defense on the knicks? I am not trying to spark anything. The bulls are my team but I check on the celts and knicks from time to time and try to stay up on what they are doing. Who on the roster is the defensive stopper? I am curious

  51. KingML Says:

    phillip wah wah, show some fucking back bone.

    stand up for yourself stop being a bitch and whining about ohhh the white man hurt me.. you are making me sick.

    go to africa get some culture and you’ll realize its black people that let themselves get shit on in the first place, it still happens on a daily basis in Africa, thats why in Nigeria you have people blowing up oil industry offices, thats why in Somalia you can’t walk down the street.

    How many white people are in Somalia? maybe 1? And hes probably going to be dead by the end of this post.

    You just can’t fight your own fights so you blame other people for your lack of success, “oh its the white man fault I cant get a job” whiteys holding you down eh?

    fucking bitchmade.

  52. philip Says:

    KING ML I never said the white man was holding me down and I can’t get a job…….bitch I got a degree in computer informationand i got a job in this white mans world…..nobody has ever held me down….I said the white has fucked over all people of color for years…..is that true or not damn read your history fool…all I got to say is the NATIVE AMERICAN. I say fuck whitey on the real I’m going to do me and get my money with the crackas or without them. Africa is a whole nother issue my boy that shit is a mess brothas and sitstas over here need to help in Africa those are our people…….Don’t wait on the white man to do it…….Bill Gates from Microsoft is one generous white dude though he gets my props check his resume on heloing Africa……..Oh yeah I fight my own fights……I was organizing vote drives I helped take people to the polls in 2004 to get Bush out of office it didn’t work but I fought get real you don’t even know me homey…..To sum this shot all up KINGML you put words in my mouth reread my post objectively if you’re white you were being SENSITIVE like I said if you’re black you’re just like the uncle tom on Boondocks oh yeah use your real name if you gonna talk real shit or are you a part time hoe and a full time bitch. KILL YOURSELF PLEASE I’m out……….FUCK WHITEY get yours my niggas.

  53. JIGRO Says:

    great post Nah’Right team

  54. KingML Says:

    Yeah right I live on Bergan Rd brooklyn NY come by and we’ll have a nice discussion about it.

    I know a lot about history, but I also know that white people have fucked over people of colour, but only be being better and more capable than the people of colour they were opposing. Maybe if the Zulus had guns instead of spears, it would be a different story today. I’m not going to get into the motivation or reasoning behind their actions(white people) but in terms of objective logic, they basically took what they wanted and “got theirs”.
    And what is it you said in the last sentence of your last post?

    Hiphop is international music, started by us but its everyones. Nobody owns an idea. But I don’t watch TV so I dont get your boondocks reference, I have heard of the show, never seen it though.

    Don’t hate on an entire race of people cause they “got theirs” and then turn around and tell your people to do the same thing. You’re just sour cause when someone else “got theirs” it came at our expense, thats life happens every day. Someones gotta suffer so someone can eat.

    Anyways its nothing personal just sick and tired of hearing people whine about shit instead of doing something about it.

  55. dCs Says:

    actually, the portugese were the first ones to get involved in the slave trade, if u want to get technical about it. when things started, blacks gave other blacks up for slavery to either repay debt, make money, etc. about 3.4 million went to the west indes, about 2.5 (i think?) went to brazil, and only about 350k came to the US throughout the entire slave trade. most of the time, it had nothing to do with guns. a good number of people taken over were children and teenagers, kidnapped by pirates, taken over to the places like the US, who sent salt to england, who i believe sent something like silk (it was something like that, maybe simple cloth) to africa? idk, i kind of wanted to throw some history out there for people, cause i notice a lot of dudes that i know say “the white man ran in with guns and took our people.” yeah, its true; it did happen sometimes. but for the most part, it was free will and just plain horrible child kidnappin from people like the portugese.

    if im wrong on any part of that, let me know. the #s are just an estimate, so im probably off a little. i used to know a lot about that time frame of history, i kind of forgot that shit over time. weird place to talk about it, in a sports entry tho…

  56. MaddenMaster Says:


  57. Dan Says:

    Thank you fou for this type of blog. This is a great additionto this site.

  58. E From BK Says:

    How can anybody say the witch hunt against Barry is not racial? First off the media never liked him from day one because he was not afraid to tell them to fuck off. Everybody knows that the media will build you up quick and the minute you fall out of their box then Bam! They will squash you. Barry did not want to be a puppet of the media and when he started making a run at the precious, racist, woman abusing, drunk of a hero Babe Ruth, the media made sure they would express their disdain for the man. Why is Barry the focal point? Because he put some salve on a wound? That is the only thing he admitted to. Let’s be mindful that the man has passed EVERY piss test that he took. Trust this; that salve did not help his eye hand coordination! Barry was hitting homeruns every since he came into the league. He started hitting more after some experience. This guy is the greatest player ever to play the sport!

  59. AGeezee Says:

    Barry is cocky and is an a–hole. I don’t really care what happens to him. His trainer was the dude that got indicted for crying out loud. There’s an 86.3% chance Barry knowingly took steroids, in my opinion. Nonetheless, he was a great baseball player before he took them. Now as far as how serious the steroid thing is or should be, you got me on that one. There are many different ways to view it.

  60. E From BK Says:

    Why do you say he is cocky and what makes him an a-hole?

  61. E From BK Says:

    Also, other than the salve it has been proven 100% that he did not take steroids! HE NEVER TESTED POSITIVE!

  62. the green eyed bandit Says:

    yeah well both the cream and the clear do not show up on tests E. you could take it and do a piss test and be fine. plus the old system for testing was so flawed. I believe there was only testing in the preseason, and random testing of 5% of the players during the season and get this, the results on the in-season testing was anonymous! three cheers for the players union everyone! I have seen specials on this on espn in which people had admitted to knowing whom was going to be tested months in advance. Even the current scheme for testing players is a joke.

    barry has been linked to balco through his trainer
    balco has been linked to distributing the cream and the clear to atheletes and claims to have given it to barry’s trainer FOR BARRY
    barry got HUGE late in his career

    those connections would warrent interest into the matter by myself and I would hope any sports journalist worth their salt would jump on this story.

    This story is the biggest issue in baseball and for good reason. Statistics are part of the fabric of baseball. Always have been, always will be. and more then any other sport I should add. Since Barry is about to break the holiest of all sports records he is bringing in a lot of attention to himself. Now add to that the fact that his best years were after the age most baseball players retire and that he has gotten big in the “steroid era” and you have a lot of people, sportwriters included, that wonder if there has been any “assistence” in his quest of THE RECORD in all of sports. People want to know, justifiably, if the HR record will change hands honestly or through cheating.

    personally, I could care less. I am more interested in knowing what selig and the rest may have known and done nothing about for the sake of advancing the games popularity in the post lock-out era.

  63. E From BK Says:

    You think the salve would make Barry bigger? Never mind that when asked, almost to a man they stated that Barry had a sick work out regimine. He said he had the salve and that is understood. It just was not proven that he shot or ingested anything. Steroids are nothing new in sports, however, let fair be fair. Probably 75% of the NFL should be investigated. If the rules and regulations in place did not find anything on him so be it. It is not up to the media to organize a blatant witch hunt against a man who is the best so far. As a matter of fact, it will be some time before we see this again.

  64. dCs Says:

    just so we can stop this now, he’s not makin a run at babe ruth’s record. he’s makin a run at hank aaron’s record. babe ruth’s HR record for one season was broken by 2 other people before bonds, and his total HR record was broken by aaron. it isnt about ruth, its about someone who might have given themselves an unfair advantage by usin performance enhancin steroids. that aint right, no matter what race. shit, i dont even like mcgwire or sammy anymore, as cool of dudes as they were, they were usin shit. the fact that they werent accosted by the media every single day (they were, but not as hard as bonds was) is because of the times. its more prevelant now and people want somethin done about it.

    as for E from BK…
    “First off the media never liked him from day one because he was not afraid to tell them to fuck off. Everybody knows that the media will build you up quick and the minute you fall out of their box then Bam! They will squash you.” i feel you. but thats got nothin to with race, dude just doesnt wanna be bothered by those faggots in the media. most people dont look at this shit as racial, i dont know why every time a black dude is comin under fire its gotta be somethin racial. dude was supposedly cheatin! its that simple! no one wants a cheater on top, black white or spanish.

    somethin aint right when someone at 39 and 40 can have more power than at 27. and everyones gotta agree with the green eyed bandit, “People want to know, justifiably, if the HR record will change hands honestly or through cheating.” its just how it is..

  65. MaddenMaster Says:

    Let me educate you real quick….. Dude is on pass to get Babe Ruths home run record which is second all time on the home run list and he’s 7 behind that right now!!

  66. jersey Says:

    well said eskay…well said..(Barry Bonds statement)

  67. E From BK Says:

    I hear you when you say he is chasing Hank not Babe, however, do you think they want him to even pass Babe? No, and it gets in their craw. I feel that race does play a part. Barry just did not want to be the good little nigger. It was the same thing with Reggie. Again, “supposedly using” is not the same as testing NEGATIVE. That is the bottom line. There is no gray area. However, forever Barry’s accomplishments will be tainted because he did not want to play “the game” and I think that sucks. Truth be told, I was pretty indifferent to Barry’s plight until the hate reached full peak. I can’t wait till he passes Babe and when he passes Aaron, I know Aaron will embrace him and give him his proper due as the greatest slugger in history. Hands down.

  68. jersey Says:

    Pardon me im given rpops to eskay when now that I look @ the post it appears that E-Dubbs did that properly written post..big up Dubb!!!…Hey eskay good lookin on lettin someone w/the a real eye post Sh*t!!!!

  69. jersey Says:

    Im gonna Put a Bigg Ass Poster of Barry Bonds In my sons room…Right next to his Old Negro League Posters!!!!

  70. MaddenMaster Says:

    Whats going on with barry is part racial and part BARRY…. Barry Bonds don’t give a fuck about the media and he’s good enough to say fuck you repeatedly and he’s big enough to say it to all reporters faces without anyone feeling big enough to jump!!! so with no POSITIVE TEST Its pure hate for Barry thats driving these people to come after him like this…. Now lets remember when hank was about to pass the babe he was getting death threats hate mail etc which is pretty much the same as what these writers are doing today they are just using another outlet to get at him… People don’t mind Barry passing Hank but Barry pushing Babe down that list making his numbers mortal and catchable is scary to some thats why they want to ban the fucking guy from the sport ASAP AND ALSO The fact that Barry is like the Jordan of his sport with only one ring and he’s the hardest dude to get along with because he saw how the league and media treated his father for so many years makes it understandable why a man would be so bitter his entire career but he has never taken anything away from the game just constant fuck yous to the media which makes me as a black man say hell yea because its assumed that if we as black people have any fucking success we have to bow down to the white man and that shit aint right so ever time dude does some crazy shit on the field and he says FUCK YOU to the media I love it…. that nigga is an ICON and they can’t do shit about it!!! All they can do is cry like a bunch of little bitches!!! I don’t know about yall but I read the book a million little pieces and that shit wasn’t nothing but a million littles lies so its not to far fetched to think that there are lies in a book anymore and with other white guys defending bonds right now everything is stupid hard to prove so while the defense rest yall crackers need to grow up!!!! Why is it that the only steriod Barry used is the one thing the world can’t test for? Like why didn’t he try a few different things first before the super stuff?? If he wanted to be Mcguire why didn’t he try the stuff Mcguire did?? STOP HATEN MAN AND UNLESS THE DUDE FAIL A FUCKING TEST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! And just because of the way yall haten so much dude can fail 10 fucking test and I still wouldn’t care!!! I’m sick of this Barry Bonds witch hunt solely controled by the haten ass media… shit the fucking commish of baseball didn’t even want to investigate the shit its like come on man stop it….. There used to ba an ERA in sports where guys like Dick Schaap was cool with the athletes and he traveled with the athletes and never did nothing more than report the fucking sport now all of these white male groupies are mad because niggas don’t kick it with them on that level no more because all of these fags are looking to launch they career by throwing somebody under the fucking bus so thats why its so much hate between the media and barry and Barry saying fuck you over and over again doesn’t help the issue at all……

    MaddenMaster AKA Thread Killer!!

  71. E From BK Says:

    Damn Madden! I think I’m going to listen to som Dead Prez or some Immortal Technique. Oh yeeeaaah!

  72. E From BK Says:

    One thing though, we have to relax with this “cracker” shit. That’s not cool. I’m big on respect until disrespected.

  73. Luis Says:

    uhhhh not for nothing BUT we already have ESPN.com Sorry buddies!!!!

  74. ej Says:

    does lebron has the talent around him like carmelo or d wade does….ill answser it for you HELL NO! of course he gets more publicity, check ya stats he has had a couple of game winners this year (i admit since everyone was on him about it)

  75. MaddenMaster Says:

    The reason I like Labron more is because as crazy as it sounds he gets to the cup better than wade does ad wade attacks the cup pretty well… I don’t think Wade can ever get what labron has but I do think Labron can eventually get Wades mid-range game which is a killer for wade… Its hard to say whos better than who but I love the fact that Labron plays the game like a happy little kid…. That dude is just having fun and I love it, yea D.Wade is more focused now but I think he’s going to burn out around the time Labron peeks but bith those dudes are monsters now…. They both Do it night in night out!!! and shit Shaq, and the Crew D.Wade has around him makes it that much easier for him!!! Again thats just me…

  76. dCs Says:

    “Let me educate you real quick….. Dude is on pass to get Babe Ruths home run record which is second all time on the home run list and he’s 7 behind that right now!!”

    i know my dude, i know. but its the overall record that people are worried about him chasin. i know he didnt fail a piss test but man theres a lot of shadey shit in this situation, u feel me? its crazy in the game right now. the only reason i think selig wouldnt want to investigate is cause san fran is barry town. hes the reason people go there. seligs out to get that money, and i dont blame him. but its like, yo barry, youre heads gotten dumb big, you look huge now compared to how you were when you were younger, your power is ridiculous at age 41 when the body is designed to start lettin go at 35, you acted mad shady about tests in the past… if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… thats how i feel.

    baseball’s just what i love so i obviously dont like it when dudes i see in my school doin roids and knockin the seams off the ball, so my personal opinion is that a piss test isnt enough. much respect to both of you (E and madden). its good we talk about it civilized, instead of bein like “fuck u, BITCH!” and callin threats out.

  77. MaddenMaster Says:

    Yea I hear you but player if you hit like 75 home runs and you got like 15 records and you were on pace to be the fucking best ever wouldn’t ya head be a little big???? That nigga nice and he knows it can’t hate that!!! But like I said before its a reason for dude being dude and thats because of what that little boy watched his father go through and thats real….. His father is in heaven laughing like hell right now that his seed is the best EVER to do soe shit that he loved!!! Think about it man….. the shit is crazy…

  78. E From BK Says:

    I agree dCs, thanks for the convo. It’s an agree to disagree situation. I definitely understand that his head is big, but which superstar doesn’t have a big head? Michael Jordan probably has the biggest head ever. Nobody gives him grief because he plays “the game.” It’s all good.

  79. dCs Says:

    haha i mean he literally got a huge dome now, besides the whole ego thing. seriously though look at that thing. i can see how his shoulders got big luggin that thing around… thats just one of the effects of the roids. thats why i was pointin fingers

  80. E From BK Says:

    That’s funny dCs.

  81. The Cipher Says:

    i cant believe i didnt read that stuff before… man NFL gets me angry sometimes… and i hope they continue doing celebrations… im pissed they wouldnt let chad johnson bring out his reindeer when he got that touchdown(we were promised something special and the man took it away from us*shakes fist in extreme anger*)… now there pulling this shit fucking fucks… as for the lebron and carmelo crap… its true as much as i like lebron more then melo, i hate the fact that every sports channel seems to be sucking king james’ cock like its gunna make ther eplace any better… this is one of the reasons im becoming a journalist so the truth is told and not what these money craving cock suckers think should be told…

    MAYWEATHER BITCHES… i hope Juda gets knocked out in 6!!! if not… gets a good beating throughout all 12… im more of a ufc fan but hey this looks like its worth the watch…

    Barry bonds cracks me up… that is a true nigga man, he always got them white people on edge and the second he gets in those press conferences he controls them like(sorry to use this simile) slaves!!!… i never seen a nigga make white people so frustrated by just being good… the only reason there hoping hes on streoids is because they dont want a black man taking the white mans record in the “american game”… well i hope for his sake he’s not on the juice so it’ll be that much more of a blow to those racist fucks that cant accept that hes better then the rest of them… always making him walk makes me sick…

    NCAA has more heart then the NBA… but NBA has more highlights… when money comes into play, the difference is apparent… do you think something like top seeds would get knocked off in the nba like in the ncaa??? fuck no and if it does happen they dont stand a chance in the next round

    im gunna end this with a… larry browns an idiot he should of stayed with the pistons that dumb fuck face and a half… the only reason he’s not getting blasted is because isiah thomas is black… and you know it

  82. rube Says:

    The NBA banned the leg warmers “stockings”……. wtf is that

  83. Blackimus Says:

    >Getting a touchdown and not being able to celebrate is like scoring with Esther Baxter and not being able to tell anyone.

    Quite possibly the best someone has ever said to make a point. really.

  84. Dumb Nigga Says:


    LMAO! But true.

  85. the green eyed bandit Says:

    yo e-dubbs:

    from espn.com and insider chris sheridan

    :If you go back more than a half-decade to the immediate aftermath of the Patrick Ewing trade, none other than Charles Barkley opined that the Knicks should be eternally confined to hell for dealing away a player who meant so much to the franchise.

    Fast forward to the end of Year 1 of the Isiah Thomas/Larry Brown partnership, and the Knicks indeed find themselves in the eternal torment of salary-cap hell.
    New York’s payroll is projected to be upward of $125 million next season, and the Knicks have no possibility of getting underneath the salary cap for the rest of this decade.

    Owner James Dolan has endorsed the string of trades that have brought more financial burden along with fewer victories, and there has been no sign whatsoever that the Knicks might stop perpetuating the formula of dealing off their expiring contracts for other high-salary players with multiple years left on their deals.

    It all might have been different, however, if the Knicks had allowed Ewing to finish his career in a New York uniform. His $14 million salary would have come off the cap in the summer of 2001, and the Knicks could have dropped below the salary cap and rebuilt the standard way.

    Instead, a litany of bad deals has flowed from the assets New York acquired in the Ewing trade, and that doesn’t even include other deals that brought in cap killers Malik Rose (under contract for $23 million through 2008-09), Maurice Taylor (owed $9.7 million in 2006-07), Jalen Rose (owed $16.9 million next season), the $57 million extension given to Allan Houston that is now being paid by insurance or the sign-and-trade deal for Eddy Curry that will cost the Knicks their first-round pick this year and possibly next year (when the Chicago Bulls will have the right to swap picks with New York).”

    my favorite part- “the knicks won’t be under the cap for a decade”

  86. water softners Says:

    water softners water softners

  87. ur retarded Says:

    WTF is ur problem man. Lebron James is a star and he makes plenty of game winners. Plus he’s a great team player… lok at what he did the the cavs. They were one of the worst teams in the league before he came along and now they are in the eastern conference finals. Ur full of crap man.

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