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Video: Lupe Fiasco – Kick, Push

Little known fact: eskay used to be a skater.

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82 Responses to “Video: Lupe Fiasco – Kick, Push”

  1. MOFO Says:

    april fools again?

  2. HennyCognac Says:

    Word!? 2nd

  3. old dirty bucket Says:

    first. like i care. just wanted to do it once.

  4. E From BK Says:

    This video has me crazy nostalgic. I was like eleven and me a my crew used to go down to Grant’s Tomb. All the real skaters know!

  5. E From BK Says:

    But a grown man?

  6. tobasko Says:

    man this shit is dope,

    I thought there could have been some more skatin in it, but man this is definitely on some nostalgic shit right here

  7. slickerthanmost Says:

    that shits aiight. i aint mad @ fiasco…aint my thing, but i aint mad…

  8. slickerthanmost Says:

    …kinda refreshing

  9. OneTwo Says:

    Not everybody will relate to it, but what’s important is that someone is finally rapping about something different. Ish is gettnig so repetitive in the mainstream.

  10. slickerthanmost Says:

    true indeed. hence the word “refreshing”.

  11. jersey Says:


  12. distinkt Says:

    When I first heard the title, I thought it was another dance/club song.

  13. the green eyed bandit Says:

    my first setup: vision psycho stic, ventures, powell crossbones. those were the days………..

    i love the song. going on the next mixtape

  14. OneTwo Says:

    Slicker, my comment was not directed at you, just a general statement.

  15. slickerthanmost Says:


    in tony montana a.k.a scarface’s voice: “im…how u say?…pawanoid”

  16. goreman Says:

    shut da fuck this shyt is wack hard body

  17. slickerthanmost Says:

    ^ fag

  18. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    Eskay , you should post da htwon allstar mic pass video ova here , with chamilionaire, chingo bling, trae, n others, its on youtube

  19. reggaetonslasher Says:


  20. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    lil flip garbage and so is blingo *whats up wit tha bobble head?*

  21. eskay Says:

    >>Eskay , you should post da htwon allstar mic pass video ova here , with chamilionaire, chingo bling, trae, n others, its on youtube

    chingo bling? uh yeah, I’ll pass.

  22. Rizz Says:

    haha even though i think the song is kinda lame im gonna use it in the next skate video i make because it will sound funny

  23. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:


    I don’t know how high I am but, I just saw a Lambo with Handi cap plates…


    But I am high as hell so it was prolly just the purp

  24. bo0st yAa Says:

    lupe the killer…lu lupe the lu lu lu lupe the killer

  25. fletch Says:

    ripped by: http://www.therootslive.com
    upped by: http://escobartheory.blogspot.com/

  26. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    I don’t know how high I am but, I just saw a Lambo with Handi cap plates…


    I Think is worth checkin dat shyt out for trae & chamillionaire & magno

  27. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    is it me, or fiasco kinda looks like un kasa on some parts of the video ?

  28. AK Says:

    This song song is hot. I’m definately checking for that Lupe album.

  29. fletch Says:

    at least credit the links. shit

  30. Dude_Nelson Says:

    Chicago baby

  31. c0l0mb14n1116 Says:

    i aint gonna front like chingo bling can rap, but he is fuckn funny

  32. Adam22 Says:

    that was dope. very refreshing and hot too.

  33. Angel La. Says:

    Eskay me & you are likethis. I use to skate a little bit back in high school too.

    Lupe is dope, and like Adam22 said, he is refreshing. Perfect road trip song.

  34. nation of thugacation Says:

    so much for skateboard p…
    damn lupe fiasco made a song abotu skateboarding… hes gonna kill the industry, hell have hip hop heads and skaters bumping his shit… something pharrell is losing his grip on
    it wasnt to clear on my computer, but is he doign any skating? or is he just talkign about it
    he sorta looks like an intertwined cassidy and unkasa intertwined
    “watchu think im some 4-eyed fool!?!”

  35. slickerthanmost Says:

    you know what eskay….puttin tru life was a good touch. i just thought about it… that was the “coupe de gracie”….it would make a ill dis track cuz tru life keeps it waaaay gully. cam’s career would be “smashed to bits on the rocks below”….but on the real, i fucks wit dipset music…imma heatmakers fan yo. they sound is so eastcoast crunk. they got a real big sound….i’d miss that if dipset was dismantled

  36. P-Matik Says:

    That was jive tight. I used to skate too but that was way way back.

    “…married to these aerials and varials…” Hahaha.

  37. slickerthanmost Says:

    ^oops…wrong spot…juxtapose this to the “april fools joke”…psa *drinking impairs your judgement kiddies*

  38. The Cipher Says:

    pharell lost it cause he went commercial on them skaters, and skating is an underground world… Lupe’s nice on the track 06 rookie of the year, sorry papoose… this videos tight, and the tracks hot, even though i been bumping it for a while, it still feels brand new everytime i hear it…

  39. nation of thugacation Says:

    pharrell lost it because hes now the ice cream man

    wtv… in other news, im i 4 years late or is this funny:

    theres teh full episode if u search it

  40. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Pharell the ice cream man?


    *over the ice cream theme song*

    “You see these ice pops? See these ice cream?”

    *is very high!*

  41. KingML Says:

    I like Lupe

    makes Kanye sound like Lupe after he got hit in the head with a bottle like David Mays…………..word busta!

  42. nation of thugacation Says:

    guys.. sidenote… wtf is 50 cent thinking when he makes songs like best friend? like honestly, stan business aside, like wasnt his premise of beating on ja cuz he was singing with ashanti… wtf are him and oliver doing… wtv i find 50s a great rnb singer, liek i love his songs… but he isnt a g
    “when u bubble bath, i can wash your back” ???
    fuckign marketing

  43. Raw-b Says:

    Juelz DIP DIP Santana SET SET
    this kat’s looks remind me of choclair, and as for his raping skill, meh hes aiite.

  44. Dumb Nigga Says:

    nation of thugacation

    Its cuz 50 is what i would call a hipocrite. He talks about niggas doin somethin and calls it gay or wack, then he goes and does it himself. Plus he just wanted publicity, cuz we all remember how mainstream Ja was, and Ja was a easy target to get at.

  45. rob Says:

    LUPEEEEEEEE. It’s cool to rap about something besides the same ol’ same ol’. Hopefully it will get the same burn as the other side of hip hop (drugs, violence, women, etc.)

  46. e-dubbs Says:

    he’s dope.. i didnt watch the video but I like the fact that he’s not the cookie cutter artist that we have become acustom to.

  47. the green eyed bandit Says:

    what is the name of that track he did where he rhymes in two different perspectives about the same thing back to back? i think from a backpacker point of view as well as from the commercial, label owned, artist point of view. i think it may have been over a gorillaz beat.
    I am sure eskay knows what I am talking about. anyone?

    the word everyone keeps saying is refreshing which I can’t agree more with. this is the kind of song I can see myself listening to for years….just like that song “I used to sell…..mixtapes……but now im an emceeeeeeeeeee” by the nonce. I hope peeps buy this shit so we can encourage grown men to speak on things other then beef, death, how many drugs I got, how many diamonds, you know the rest.

    I gotta give a shout to eskay for putting this up. I had it on repeat for a while. showed it to my boys and they had it on repeat too. took me back to that 94 95 vibe. im waiting for the large pro remix.

  48. MaddenMaster Says:

    Avril Lavigne rap COOL!!! He should have just sampled skater boy!!!! Its the closest thing to real hip hop I’ve seen in a long time because its some rhyming dude doing him so thats cool but shit that skate board shit is gay.. niggas I knew didn’t have that shit as youngins we stole bikes from the burbs…. but the fake tuff kids always had them shits and those was always the dudes gettin punked fa they cookies who played double dutch with the bitches!!!

    The shit gay but I respect the movement!!! but hell eskay pull the skate board out at 30 and ride that shit through the hood!!

  49. nation of thugacation Says:

    ok if this site is still alive… i just wanna no…

    how did everyone stumble onto this site?

  50. wireless giant Says:

    how is this guy


    ive been hearing how nice thsi dude is but havent heard much but i defintitly fuck with this song. i;m no skater by any means ( no hating got love for anything that takes talent ) but i just think its real hot this dude has the balls and indivuality to make one of his first big videos about skateboarding, the songs hot and i dont think we have worry about him switching up all fake gangsta on us this type of dude is really something hip-hop needs

  52. SOSA 420 Says:

    The Revenge of the Nerds mixtape, the whole 1/15th mixtapes are all dope…check ’em, somethin new for change.

  53. Jason Says:

    The song where he raps form multiple perspectives is called: “Switch” is on a midwest invasion mixtape.

  54. D. Billz Says:

    @ green eyed bandit

    You can peep his Guerillas mixtape (A Rhyming Ape) @ Datpiff dot com.

    @ Es

    Ok, ok… you definitely made up for that April Fool’s Dips diss with this one. So now I won’t have to tackle you in the streets when I see you, lol. But on the real, Lupe to me is what Pap is to yall. Personally, I think Pap would have to share the Rookie of the Year award with Lupe (like Steve Francis had to do with that other dude). The kid is SICK. His mixtapes are available on line and he’s definitely the leader of the hip hop skateboard movement. Pharrell must now pass the torch and just become his mentor more than a competitor. As a matter of fact, Lup’ got a song produced by Pharrell called “… And He Gets the Girl”, over a rock beat. The Kid’s perspective on life comes from a thousand angles. A Black skateboarding nerd who was raised in the hood: that’s a lot to talk about. And that also proves that just because you were raised in the hood doesn’t mean you have to become a product of your environment. Yet, he didn’t abandon his people and embraced it because it made him who he is today.

    All I got to say is watch out for this guy. This year belongs to Lupe AND Papoose.

    @ Ty Biggs

    Yo, I’m tellin’ you… a song with those two on it? RI-DIC-U-LOUS, chief!

  55. D. Billz Says:

    @ Ty Biggs

    That joint Jason is talkn’ about is the one I was tellin’ you about last week.

  56. D. Billz Says:

    (I’m starting to sound like this guy’s promoter)

    And that joint he did over Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” titled “Mohammed Walks” (The Ahk-A-Fella Version) is dope. He talks about religion from a Muslim perspective.


    o shit i was just thinking how great it would be a track with lupe and buddens and damned if i didnt find one im downloading it now ill be back in a minute

  58. D. Billz Says:

    Word, where at? @ Ty Biggs


    ok i cant lie i was disappointed in the track the is some bullshit r&b group tha rayne on it and neithe one of them real comes with it, damn thats not what i was looking for from them


    i found it on limewire

  61. D. Billz Says:

    If that’s the case, the fuck it @ Ty Biggs. Lup’, Pap, and Joe on a song together… when that does actually happen (it will, trust me… I’m a hip hop psychic lol), that will shut the industry down!

  62. D. Billz Says:

    *then fuck it* correction

  63. Blue Says:

    Hey something different. Perhaps hiphop aint dead after all…

  64. Lili Says:

    fnf up!

  65. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    fuck yea d.billz that would be whatsup. these dudes could take the fuck over

  66. D Rugs Says:

    This video is very refreshing considering the garbage that we are exposed to today i hope he just keeps making good music and hopefully sets the trend with other young emcees

  67. the green eyed bandit Says:

    thanks for the info D.Billz, jason

  68. Hashim Says:

    wow, that was boring. Didn’t Kanye teach him anything?

  69. Luis Says:

    This video/beat/rhymes took me back!!! I was zone coasting like L.O.N.S.

  70. NYC!!! Says:

    I like the shyt………..Shyt is sooo Different than everything out there…….
    This shyt took me back to wen i was a little kid in Queenz…….Skating in da park……I’ll look out for his album!!!….Cause if all his tracks sound like this song…..Shyt should be great!

  71. T.Soprano (Part of the New New York Movement) Says:

    This sh*t is hot…ya’ll got to listen to the lyrics and the meaning to this song, for real!

  72. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    This dude is the truth!! The farenheiht mixtape series is classic.

  73. Dru Says:

    At least the guy isn’t affraid of doing something different ya know? Hell, he’s got flow, better than nearly 80% of the guys you been hearing fr the past 2 years.

  74. Buscoliti Says:

    real niggas who like real hip hop can appreciate this because its different which should be the norm. why does everything have to be about the streets, when it comes to rapping? Thats why I like this site, cause a lot of niggas on here know true hip hop. White people got all kind of music, we only got two rap and r&b which eventually turns into pop. We got blues and jazz and gospel but as far as mainstream music, why music companies want everybody to sound the same. But there is only room for one talib, one common. But there are a thousand D4L’s hundreds of nelly’s but nooo, that is alright with them. Its pitiful son. one luv

  75. thekid10705 Says:

    “Little known fact: eskay used to be a skater. ”

    Es, once a skater always a skater , kid….Shit is a frame of mind not just steppin’ on a board, you know what I mean…you still got it kid…LOL!!!

  76. blue Says:



  77. AllChemist Says:

    This is hot, glad to hear something fresh. This dude caught my ear on that Kanye track with that Thundercats reference. I think I’ll go snatch up that mixtape. And is it me or is there an overall metaphor that he’s kicking around in there? I’ll have to give it another listen.

    Lotta misconceptions about skating. I’m a grown man and I still drive around with my board in my trunk. Haven’t used it in over a year, but you never know when you gonna get the right vibe. True story: I skated to a local bar once, walked up to the bar with the board in hand and pulled a chick; largely due to corny dudes openly hating on me (“you like that shit? that skateboarding shit?”), thereby drawng attention to me.

  78. rush3k Says:

    yo the video’s here


  79. May Says:

    The video was hot,but was that a cigarette?

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  81. Sera Says:

    this song is the shit… usually not my style of music but its so chill and refreshing. makes me appreciate (good) hip-hop! the whole food & liquor album is amazing.

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