Video: Carlos Mencia Vs. Kanye West

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233 Responses to “Video: Carlos Mencia Vs. Kanye West”

  1. j ricky Says:

    “lets try leading by example, then see what they will call us then”
    right on, my nigga (hahaha sorry too temptin, im wit you on that one though). white people dont call each other cracker or wasp cause its just some shit we try to push on em. they dont have no stigma attached to it, ya dig, its just food. i say we either stop usin it all together, or use it all the time, use it to death, in everyday life, but STOP RESTRICTING IT for black people only, ya feel me? like, mencia, a fake-ass mexican with a made up name disses kanye for not bein real and making up his past. for that, mencia is a nigger. larry the cable guy is also a nigger. i know its an unusual position to take, but fuck it, i just want to be rid of the word that gives tha haterz so much power. BTW if anyone dont aggree with this, you a fuckin nigger ;b.


    “lets try leading by example, then see what they will call us then”
    right on, my nigga (hahaha sorry too temptin, im wit you on that one though). white people dont call each other cracker or wasp cause its just some shit we try to push on em. they dont have no stigma attached to it, ya dig, its just food. i say we either stop usin it all together, or use it all the time, use it to death, in everyday life, but STOP RESTRICTING IT for black people only, ya feel me? like, mencia, a fake-ass mexican with a made up name disses kanye for not bein real and making up his past. for that, mencia is a nigger. larry the cable guy is also a nigger. i know its an unusual position to take, but fuck it, i just want to be rid of the word that gives tha haterz so much power. BTW if anyone dont aggree with this, you a fuckin nigger ;b. ”


  3. j ricky Says:

    excellent contribution. all caps, too. your momma must be proud.

  4. DaNigga Says:

    fuck all of you white ass punk bitches if i had a fucking choice ide pop all of ur asses….

    and fuck u carlose….pop ur ass with caps to

  5. Chula Says:

    LOL that ws tooo funny!

  6. Rod C. Says:

    First of all, You guys sound like a bunch of Pu$$ies “Hey said the “N” word, so many times” in the Golddigger parody Shut the hell up You guys gotta take those sticks out of your a$$e$, seriously This was a parody on Kanye West, cause he seriously sounds like a total jackass, saying He’s the greatest of all time, saying that he should be in the bible, saying that the gramys owe him an award He sounds like a crying little girl I’m a Latin singer/songwritter (vocals, guitar) & I don’t give a $hit about the grammys. A real serious musician doesn’t care about the gramys cause old rich white people vote who wins anyways, not the fans, just rich celebrities vote too Kanye West needs to calm down like Carlos said. There are other great performers out there, who aren’t totally in love with themselves like he is. They write and perform music with the love for their fans and for the music. Carlos is one funny as spic LoL Black & White people talk racist $hit about spanish people all the time behind their back all the time, I’ve heard it myself, cause I don’t look spanish, but they didn’t know I was spanish, so freely talked a lot of $HIT !!!!!!!

  7. JJ Says:

    Mencia is the last greatest “KING” of comedy.
    I’ve never laughed so hard.

  8. BoricuaX Says:

    I got alot to get off my chest after reading through everyone’s comments here.

    #1 Kanye West – While I like his music, he tends to put his big @ss foot in his mouth all the time. So what if he’s from the suburbs… and, I’ve never heard him say that he’s from the streets. So at least he not fakin’ the funk on being gangsta. Everyone is talking about racism coming from many different directions other than Kanye, no one is looking at him. While I wouldn’t call him a straight up racist, there have been quite a few times where is lack of exposure to society as a whole, has shown that he holds a strong bias (more like prejudice) towards non-nubians.

    Oh, and he is an arrogant, whiny bitch. If I could give him some advise, it would be to stick to music Kanye, and don’t say anything unscripted, or say anything that wasn’t approved by your PR rep/ manager.

    2. Don’t hate on Mencia. He’s a pale Dave Chappelle, he uses the “N” word too much. You know what? He has a very lucrative career making fun of people, and he will continue to do so as long as people like to laugh and have thick skin. I was a fan of Mencia years ago. I saw his HBO half hour special, I also saw his stand up on Comedy Central. He is a talented comedian who doesn’t have to stoop to humor that put’s grins on clansmen’s faces. I think, Carlos ended up with the same writers that Chappelle had. Therefore, I think Mencia just took the reins and rolled with it. Few people complained about Chappelle’s humor before (outside of the Dark Crusaders, see, I think it’s BS since there’s no substantiating evidence, but it’s quite plausible). But, now that it’s coming out of someone’s mouth who lacks the melanin Dave has, it’s offensive. It was offensive before. So what’s so different now?

    @Marco – I’m feeling you on what you said about giving our Grandkids a future without the stigma of such a word.

    #3 I’m Puerto Rican, the man that raised me is black. My Dad is a well-educated successful brotha who spends much of his free time expanding his knowledge of cultural history. Not just Black/AFRAM history, but all cultural-ethno-religious history. I’d like to add that he is an entrepeneur and a “Rich Dad” (we both have read the series). I’ve faced racism from other latinos, from Black people, and from white people too. It wasn’t easy for me. But, I love it when I see my brothers, Latinos and Nubians, pushing towards independence, breaking the stereo-type and handling their finances. Being entrepeneurs, brokers, getting an education (while it doesn’t gaurantee success, it’s a very useful tool towards acheiving success).

    #4 Funny is funny. Bear with me here, it’s a bit long, but there is a point to it. That is, don’t take yourself to seriously. Laugh at what is funny.

    Here’s where my life story gets better, I have two kids that are half black and puerto rican, and a third who is half PR, 1/4 white, and a 1/4 Mexican. 3 kids, 4 different races (I’ve been busy). I’m in my mid-20’s, at first glance, most people think I’m 20, and once they have a conversation with me, they think I’m in my late 20’s. How do I do it? Because I don’t take myself too seriously.

    My wife is half Mexican and white. Her mother, I’ll say it, is a wetback. But she doesn’t think it. She is one of those people in the world I look at and can’t figure out, “how the hell did they get that way?” She is scared of black men(but gets wet looking at Shemar Moore), doesn’t trust white people(but refuses to see a doctor that isn’t white), thinks black women are bitches(when she is the bigger bitch), and thinks all typical Mexicans are Wetbacks, and not her(she needs to look in the mirror). This woman calls herself a Texan. But let me tell you, she is a grade school drop-out, sunburnt, FOB (Fresh Over the Border), “7 Days to Wetback English” passing Beaner (she’s in denial). Plus, she looks sixty, but is only 42, and acts like a fucking bitchy ass teenage girl. I’m sure you have all seen some movie like Desperado, where there is some old, wrinkled old, fugly Mexican woman… Well, that’s her, just uglier and more ignorant ( I guess you have all figured out I don’t like her).

    But I digress… I know it’s not easy to listen to someone make racial jokes about people that he/she doesn’t share a culturo-ethno-religious common ground. You have to delve a bit deeper into their intentions. Just like when I’m poking fun of my wife by making Mexican jokes, and my mother-in-law gets pissed off about it. Delve deeper… Is it in the name of pure humor? Or as it really meant to be overtly racist with the intentions of offending?
    If it’s meant to be funny in the name of humor, then take it for what it is, FUNNY.

    People, don’t take yourselves to seriously. You will have a richer more fullfilling life that way.

    I’m done.

  9. KW Says:

    -CLAPS- nice 1, I didn’t really get offended after watchng the clip and I’m black.

  10. DEE DE DEE Says:

    I odnt give a fuck what u niggers think and say u fucking beaners.
    Carlos mencia is the best, so is his show.
    I odnt give a fuck that he says nigger nor do i give a fuck when i say nigger.
    Yes i am white but i dont give a flying fuck that its racist.
    So go fuck your nigger selfs!

  11. DEE DE DEE Says:

    I dont*

    I dont*

  12. eskay Says:

  13. JimmyMackYYC Says:

    Wow – the entire race debate is sooooooo alive in the US. Here in Calgary, AB, Canada, it seems that it is Chinese and Indian culture that is influencing our work ethic, it is Afram culture that influences our youth, and it is profit that influences our working class. European culture is the foundation, but gradually, we are all becoming beige…

    …and I, as a honky, am loving every minute of it.

  14. NamelessZero Says:

    First off one must distinguish that the word nigga and nigger mean two different things. But i suppose in some circumstances one must analyze the context of which it is being used in. So peace out niggaz!!

  15. Ristocrat Says:

    I keep hearing about this pass, what pass, they hand out passes as to who can say what now??lol Carlos will say anything just like me if in the process niggaz get offended so be it.

  16. doesnt matter Says:

    carlos knows what he is spittin yallz i dont kare the racial profiling he is mexican kanye is black as i
    kanye is a baby every 1 knows that

    long live
    rosco’s chicken and waffles

  17. Evil Homer Says:

    All of you that say hes saying nigger too freely need to shut the fuck up. Hes not racist and its just a fucking word you pussies. As for Kanye West, his beat for Golddigger is good but the lyrics suck and Kanye sucks so thankfully Mencia put in some better lyrics and made this tune one catchy song.

  18. Crazybeast Says:

    We all need to stop saying it i mean if we say it other people start saying it so best of all stop saying it. It was funny as a prep acting like hes ghetto, i love the show tho….

  19. Roberto Says:

    to j ricky

    Carlos Mencia’s real birth name is Ned Arnel Mencia – He got the name Carlos from his Uncle Carlos – He went by the name Ned Holness early in his life in honor of his father, Roberto Holness. His mother is Magdalena Mencia. With that said, what the fuck are you saying he’s fake pretending to be Mexican? If you seen his stand up like you say – he’ said that he’s from Honduras. His Gradfather was born in the Cayman Islands and his last name, Holness does come from Germany. What that means, like many Mexicans, who along time ago in their history were fucked by the Spanish and thats why we have last names like Diaz, Ramirez, Sandoval, and Gonzalez; sometime in his family’s history someone fucked a German and what do you know the name Holness was passed down. Now, FYI – Other people in show business have changed their names – Jon Stewart is Jonathan Leibowitz. You talked about the context of how the ‘N’ word is used, What’s the context when you used the word beaner in your post. From the post it seem like you’ve got some hate in you against Latinos and you’re trying to justify it by going against a ‘fake-ass beaner’ as you stated. He’s still from Honduras and is considered a Latino and he grew up in East L.A. and he went through the same hardships as other Mexicans. You say that Mencia’s stand up is the same all the time, listen up dumb ass, almost all comedians repeat their same fucken material. Get a Clue and get your shit straight. And it’s not Duh Duh Duh! It’s DEE DEE DEE! Pendejo! And Yes, I am Mexican!

  20. Faith Says:

    Think it’s funny that j ricky can do nothing but talk smack about Carlos Mencia, when he doesn’t know shit about him. Carlos has NEVER claimed to be Mexican. He’s always said he’s from Honduras. But I guess unless you knew of him BEFORE Mind of, you don’t know SHIT, LOSER!

  21. Doube Standard Pussies Says:

    Mencia isn’t doing anything chris rock or chappelle aren’t doing except he’s not black. And so because of this, he’s not suppose to be funny and has to be racist?? Well, FUUUUCK YOUUUUUU. If you have a problem with his comedy FUUUUUUCK YOUUUUU. If you have a problem with the N word FUUUUUUUCK YOUUU. Carlos isn’t white he won’t be apologetic for every single whiney bs you come up with.
    And since when did the bitching minorities become the majority in this country. Listen very carefully, EXCEPT LIBERAL WHITIES (with no real concept of real life), NO CARES SO STOP BITCHING. Like Carlos said it perfectly, and I totally relate, “I’m not white, I don’t apologize for what my country did to become great”

    That clip was hilarious. Kanye needs to be put back in his place. Stop pretending you’re stepping up for black rights by defending that arrogant, pampered pseudo-fag. Someone had to say it, good shit Carlos.

    Mencia goes too far sometimes but thats what break-through comedy is all about sometimes. If you’re offended by it, then ignore and move on. If you’re gonna speak up like and bitch about it then FUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU, because you’re a hipocrit. You double stardard, libery pansies are whats wrong with America noadays not Mencia.

  22. QUba Kallas Says:


  23. JC Says:

    I do not think it is right to exclude any race or ethnic group from saying a word, If they can not say the word why should you. Besides race is stupid anyways, there is only one race to me, the human race. There are different ethnic groups though, each with their own culture. That is what makes us different. Skin color, hair type, and facial structure are only visual our culture & personality is what makes us who we are. It should not matter is a white person or a black person laughs at a joke, a person is a person and a joke is a joke. Everybody needs to calm down and try not to let their prejudices get in the way. We have divided people into sterotypes with our minds which is normal in most cultures, but we must learn not to let that control us. We control our minds and be logical.

  24. Attack Wit the Mac Says:

    carlos mencia aka ned holness is only funny to right wing white people who love to see minorities sell their race out for a laugh. he is the hispanic version of the modern day uncle tom. As a comedian he falls short. how long is his racist and stereotypical brand of comedy gonna take him? the funniest comedians (richard pryor and co.) didn’t even need to use profanity in their punchlines, much less racist and self degredating rhetoric. Long story short, don’t support this asshole, ignore him and he’ll disappear for good

  25. glenn Says:

    thought it was fucking funny hes just telling the truth about how all niggers think they think white people owe them something tell them to start acting right instead of stealing everybodys shit and causing all these problems worldwide and get off of fucking wellfare so my check that i work for will go to a better cause

  26. Colombian projex Says:

    Hol……..on there buva, Ricans can use it but colombians cant? Colombia has Second Largest population of Africans outside of Africa(brazil has first) and this aint includin folks who are justt mixed with some african like PRs, PR on the other hand acourding to their census stats (the last onee they did in 90s) are mosttly “spanish” ie white caucasians, what gives them a pass,so ricky martins a brutha now? what gives americans solle right to use the term black? they dont even know what tribe they are,most Colombian blacks are Yoruba, it still survives in creole form in parts and Yoruba religion is still plenty present as “Santeria” or “hispanic cathoolicsm” somehow americans are ignorant enough to call it hispanic nonesense as apoused to the “blackness” of baptiism, not knowing most latiins practice some form of yoruba rites

  27. Julien d'Auvergne Says:

    You people are beyond retarded. You don’t give somebody a ‘pass’ to say a word. What are you going to do to Mencia? Turn off the TV? Christ, anybody can use that word if they see fit and there is not a damned thing you can do about it–except gripe. The word is latin for black, if it’s okay to say “Black,” then why is saying it in Latin so much of a bigger deal?” Grow the fuck up, and get over the ‘race’ card. You’re just as well suited to succeed in this economy as anyone else, despite your hundred year vacation from working.

  28. lukelaaaa Says:

    i got to say you should not dis kanye ,
    hes the best rapper out there i dont care what none of you say,
    just because your a fat mexican and he make more pay,
    you shoudnt write a racist song the probably took you all day.

  29. lukelaaaa Says:

    i got to say you should not dis kanye ,
    hes the best rapper out there i dont care what none of you say,
    just because your a fat mexican and he make more pay,
    you shoudnt write a racist song the probably took you all day.

    and its still not funny but it will make u some money and you can give some to mommy cos mommy probably aint got not money cos she probaly illegal and cant get a job

  30. Victor Says:

    Carlos Mencia is a funny person in a retarded and ignorant sort of way. He is also an idiot. He tries to sell his ideas on his show to a, lets say, lower level of audience. And they applaud his political a racial views… WOW!

    First, he is not Mexican. And just because you grew up around them, does NOT make you one. He is not Black. So why does he get away with using the N word? This man has no knowledge of his own culture (He is from Honduras by the way) but makes it a point to stereotype everybody else’s?

    Hey, I’m all for diversity. I love United States for its people and multi cultural background (Can’t say much for your government.). But I can laugh at myself. And I can also laugh at some the things we are stereotyped for. But, NOT from this wanna be Mexican, who only pretends to know what we are about. He only makes jokes to make people laugh at us and uses his (half) brother as an example to try and sell it. The poor guy doesn’t even know his brother is using him. How low do you have to be to use your own flesh and blood as the butt of your joke on Television? Would you sell out your family?

    Carlos Mencia is missing 2 key elements on what makes a real Mexican-American. And those are Self Respect and PRIDE!!! He tries so hard to fit in with every one else but can’t find himself.

    So yes, Mencia is a sellout. He is a disgrace to all Latino’s. And I hope he pick’s up a clue some day.

  31. beaner Says:

    You guys are a bunch of pussies. Ofcourse he makes jokes to make ppl laugh… that’s what a joke is for dumbass. That is the purpose… of a joke. What really pisses me off is retards who think they’re intelligent and try to make even stupider ppl think they’re intelligent by using big words and intelligent sounding phrases. Then they try to sound more intelligent by giving a seemingly intelligent and deep point of view that is total bullshit. And how many times does he have to say it to get through to you ppl? He’s not talking about real mental retardation, he’s talking about morons like all of you. Look anybody can say any word, okay? And who says he “needs” to use profanity? That’s the only way to get throught to dumbass ppl. Dumbass ppl need to be yelled at and called names or they don’t listen. He’s trying to tell them to stop being pussies and suck it the fuck up, cuz the world honestly doesn’t give a fuck. Stop bitching and moaning about how it hurts your little homo feelings. (no I’m not a fucking homophobe, I have more than one gay friend(no I’m not gay either, I know how you morons try to look for flaws and jokes you can pull about ppl who dis you or disagree with you and frankly its pathetic)) And how the fuck can you claim to be mexican and even begin to question the government of the United State? Have you ever lived in EEUM? (Estados Unidos Mexicanos, meaning Mexican United States). Do you have a clue what it’s like over there? How just about every cop wants bribes for anything and sometimes for nothing? How Carlos Salinas de Gortari stole millions of dollars and left the country, but now freely goes in and out of the country no questions asked? How the last assassination of a president elect was in 1994 when they assassinated Luis Donaldo Colosio? Good ppl who want to change the corruption over there are afraid to run for office. It’s getting better… but no where near the US. Why does they’re government and economy suck? Cuz of all the greedy and corrupt fucks in office. So don’t, DON’T come here and question the government! Mencia isn’t a disgrace to anyone, all of you are a disgrace to your cultures. Oh yeah and there’s no such thing as “african american” or “mexican american”. If you were born in Mexico you’re mexican, if you were born in
    Africa you’re african, if you were born here… then you’re fucking american. You can not take the adjective for 2 cultures alright? And Mencia wasn’t dissing black ppl or anything, so why are so mad? He was just pointing out how Kanye West is a dumbass. You don’t compare yourself to a religious diety… that’s celebrity fuck suicide. And you don’t lie about street rep. Cuz as soon as you become a celebrity, suddenly your whole past becomes the number one seller in Barns and Nobels accross the country. And if any word is acceptable… for any group of ppl… then it’s acceptable period. Honestly… it’s unconstitutional to say otherwise. It’s prejudice. You’re fucking segregating saying “these ppl can, but these ppl can’t”. That is fucking bullshit. And you know what? No body’s being racially profiled now-a-days. Why? because everyone is, and when everyone is, NOBODY IS! So all of you shut the fuck up and stop being jealous cuz all your jokes suck and you can’t make any money off of them. If you wanna contact me for any reason, then e-mail me at And I know many of you do, you wanna bitch at me. I’m not coming back here cuz reading this crap is lowering my IQ by 10 points every minute so if you’re gonna bitch at me or talk shit about me then atleast have the balls, decency, and self-respect to tell me aswell. Late Bitches.

  32. lil mig Says:

    where can you get a download to this


  33. beaner#2 Says:

    yea beaner is right.. u ppl cant take any jokes u lil puzzies.. leave carlos alone.. if u cant take his jokes jus change tha fukin chanel … no la mamen pinches perros chillones

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