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No More Russell and Kimora


I usually leave this kind of news to those of us who are properly trained to handle such hot topics, but Russell being the legendary hip hop figure that he is, I figured I’d give it a shot. Rumors have been circulating about this breakup for a minute, and it was recently reported that old Rush had taken up with some model chick who in my opinion, has nothing on Kimora (even though I can’t stand her golddiggin’ ass.) And of course there have been rumblings for some time now that Baby of Cash Money was smashing that on the low (Kimora, not Russell you sickos..no brokeback.)

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101 Responses to “No More Russell and Kimora”

  1. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Baby of Cash Money cant rap

  2. eskay Says:

    ^ and the stating the obvious award goes to….

  3. KLO Says:

    LOL…ya’ll are crazy! Man, it is what it is…I saw this sh*t coming a mile away! Hope duke signed a pre-nup!

  4. Timothy O'Riley III Says:

    Dont tell me Kimora left Russel for Sam Cassell

  5. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Yeah, i like to state the obvious, it makes me feel like tough guy.


  6. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Timothy O’Riley III

    Yep, its all true man, Kimora is with Sam Cassel now. Crazy, huh?

  7. D. Billz Says:

    LOL @ Es for puttin’ chief on blast. But yeah, I did find it strange that she ended up in one of Baby’s videos. Of course she’s a gold digger. That dude old enough to be her father. What else could she see in dude besides the dollars? Nothing against the homie, but he knew what it was about from jump.

  8. XXL REP Says:

    They both knew that it was going to come to an end. Russell Was probably doing his dirt and Kimora was doing hers. But I cant stand that bitch, and the way she be acting. She a rachet and she only go after ugly dudes with money( no homo). But If I am Russell Simmons I would be damned if a woman cheated on me If I made that kind of money, and she aint even making one tenth of that. You can just see Gold digger written all over her face. Its just something about her that I dont like. If I was Russell’s friend I would have told him not to marry this girl. She just trying to use him for his money. I really doubt if it was sincere love anyway.

    He would be a fool, if he didnt know that she was kicking it with baby like that with all the contacts he has. But he was probably doing his dirt too. I knew this was coming sooner or later, and it happened way later than it should have.

  9. reggaetonslasher Says:

    eskay you said has nothing on kimora, are you kidding me? shes bad as fuck!

  10. Luis Says:

    oh well shit happens!!!!

  11. Luis Says:

    i agree with reggaetonslasher!!!!

  12. Luis Says:

    watch 12 maybe 13 years from now…..jay and beyonce a.k.a. russel and kimora part duex lol

  13. SOSA 420 Says:

    Kimora is smokin, I refuse to believe that Baby could be hittin that…hard to feel bad for them since they both got piles of money to sleep & on at night.

  14. ONE Says:

    Like Chris Rock said… U shouldnt get a prenup if you’re worth 20mill(I know Russ is worth more), you should get a prenup if yo ass only makes 20 grand. cuz you can live with 10 mill, but you cant live with 10 g’s

    Another thing is, if you feel the need to get a pre-nup, DONT GET MARRIED!

  15. eskay Says:

    ya’ll really think that chick is badder than Kimora?

    “half black/half oriental, in 86 she got me rentals”

  16. eskay Says:

    >>Dont tell me Kimora left Russel for Sam Cassell

    lmfao. Russell does look like an old ass Sam Cassell don’t he…

  17. G-town G Says:

    Shit I dont know man that other chic is fine as fuck too

  18. reggaetonslasher Says:

    ^^word ONE…the only thing about that ONE. is that satans daughters are very skillful in the art of trickery. and that power U, is slept on alot, no pun intended. Once a chick knows the power of her Unit, she can take the hardest nigga and make him a fuck boy. she can also exalt a man from lowest form of living to umeasurable heights.

  19. G-town G Says:

    To whoever that is talkin bout they cant believe Baby hit that, u would be surprised what MOST of these hoes would do for a stack on money… I know all girls aint hoes but shit its alot of hoes out here dawg

  20. uneckbone Says:

    ^one of the few good nas songs from later in his career “Pussy Kills”

  21. G-town G Says:

    damn I type too fast I was tryin to say a stack of money up there. And I know she sittin fat rite now too but shit that nigga Russell may not have been hittin that rite and its a damn shame if he aint!

  22. reggaetonslasher Says:


  23. BBN2 Says:

    Kimora Lee is a “Bad Bitch” but u know Russell got paper so he always gon encounter bad bitches. Nigga be at all the fashion shows an shit. Kimora Lee is young an intrigued by street niggas runnin around with the rappers. Russell probably aint trippin he ballin got$got hoes it’s hand&hand. Now Kimora free to roam now I can shot at her ha ha!!

  24. Jesse Says:

    cosign reggaeton. new chick > kimora. kimora looks like a man

  25. ageezee Says:

    Eskay, if its rumor, why u headline it as if its fact? (Other than the fact that its your site) :-)

  26. Bugsytheboss Says:

    Kimora been fucking other industry niggas, rap dudes, and basketball players she’s the princess of gold diggas russell knew it now he made that bitch even richer Lets see who she fucks with now

  27. G-town G Says:

    Bitch need to let me fuck

  28. Dumb Nigga Says:

    ageezee Says:

    March 31st, 2006 at 1:51 pm
    Eskay, if its rumor, why u headline it as if its fact? (Other than the fact that its your site)

    It must be true, cuz SOHH is talkin bout it too.

  29. ONE Says:

    Main, Kimora can deep-thoat Ciara… you dont leave a bitch like that!

  30. Bugsytheboss Says:

    I think Russell can do better he should just get with a straight up black sista.. anybody got any good canidates that would fit as queen of def jam?

  31. MaddenMaster Says:

    Both them bitches ugly if you ask me Russ da man but shit him and Flava Flave the only two former crack heads from the hood chasing damn near white woman!!! But StanKmora aint leaving Russ that bitch aint dumb!!!

  32. ageezee Says:

    “Old ass Sam cassell” yall almost made me bust out loud in this boring ass meeting! Haha

  33. ageezee Says:

    Man, everybodys getting divorced. Wonder why divorces are so common nowadays. Is it not taken as seriously as back in the day?

  34. ONE Says:

    Flava Flav… a ‘FORMER’ crackhead???

  35. ONE Says:

    Marriage is the biggest reason for divorce

  36. MaddenMaster Says:

    my bad my bad that nigga flav still on that shit!!!

  37. reggaetonslasher Says:

    ageezee Says:

    March 31st, 2006 at 2:11 pm
    Man, everybodys getting divorced. Wonder why divorces are so common nowadays. Is it not taken as seriously as back in the day?

    the reason is because these bitches dont know their place, back in the day they used to hold ish down, and if they caught their husband cheating it was unerstood that we’re men and we make mistakes. and they wouldnt flip out just tell em to be careful and dont make any kids during their affairs

  38. reggaetonslasher Says:

    theres also a scientific explaination. its has been discovered that encoded in a mans dna is a gene that makes him the aggressor a conquerer, in other words its natural for a man to want to plant his seed in fertile soil ya dig. Its very unatural to turn down pussy, chicks dont understand this phenomenom. this fact is backed by the teachings of the bible. God wanted man to populate the earth and spread his seed.

  39. E From BK Says:

    Russ is okay. Like the saying goes; “if you got it then it ‘aint trickin'”

  40. E From BK Says:

    reggaetonslasher Says:

    March 31st, 2006 at 2:21 pm
    theres also a scientific explaination. its has been discovered that encoded in a mans dna is a gene that makes him the aggressor a conquerer, in other words its natural for a man to want to plant his seed in fertile soil ya dig. Its very unatural to turn down pussy

    So you would fuck Missy?

  41. CBRIZZLE Says:

    i heard russel was gay? i think star said something about it one mourning (ALEGEDLY)

  42. reggaetonslasher Says:

    lol^ nah i’d rather be on 24 hour lockdown for a year and be forced to listen to reggaeton albums allday

  43. Bugsytheboss Says:

    Halle Berry,Vivica Fox,ester,buffie,tyra banks does any of these names sound good for russell????

  44. E From BK Says:

    Nigga you betta hit that if she want you to!

  45. E From BK Says:

    I know you got bills!

  46. reggaetonslasher Says:

    ok ok maybe after a few shots of henny, no I mean a pint, i’d tap it.

  47. Blue Says:

    I heard Russell likes to take it up the ass (no homo).

  48. E From BK Says:

    ^How would you know. Do you run in that circle?

  49. Lili Says:


    Knew our “place”? Nigga sit DOWN. Back in the day women depended on men to take care of them, so they didn’t call their significant others on their bullshit because they had no where else to turn. Just because women became educated and starting doing things for ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t love as hard and as strong. We simply won’t tolerate being mistreated. Yes, men and women make mistakes, and if we’re truly sorry there should be an effort to keep the marriage together, but don’t think that it’s ok to act an ass just because you’re “a man”. That’s one double standard that I cannot stand. It doesn’t work that way darlin.

    Now, Russ & Kimora…

    Look here. Is she a gold digger? YES. Was Russell a man out to buy a pretty wife? YES. I’m sure they’ve both been doing serious dirt, but don’t blame it all on her.

    Her personality didn’t just develop after they got married. Russell Simmons is a mogul, a very, very smart man. He knew EXACTLY what he was getting into. Most women going after him are in it for the $ and he knows it. He could’ve looked past the dimes with his $ in their eyes and gotten with a good girl who cared about him, or searched even harder for a good girl who happened to be a dime AND cared about him, but no…He went after what he wanted.

    Short and wrinkly with a gorgeous model on his arm. Russell knows what’s up! He wanted a trophy wife and got one.

    For his sake, I do hope they signed a prenup.

  50. plug industries Says:


  51. D. Billz Says:

    I’d hit Missy. Wait, let me think about that one……..

  52. Lili Says:

    BTW…Denise Vasi could give Kimora a run for her, well, Russell’s money…lol

  53. eskay Says:

    yeah Lili’s on point about Russell knowing what he was getting into.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Denise Vasi is smoking, but if you put both of ’em in a room I’d be inclined to gravitate towards Kimora.

  54. E From BK Says:


    What about Rage?

  55. reggaetonslasher Says:

    Lili Says, I see my what i said went over ya weave, oh I mean head, ” women dont understand that men are battling nature when the make a concious decision no to seize the opportunity of some freash new womans organ.

  56. reggaetonslasher Says:

    excuse all the errors

  57. Makeup Specialist Says:

    Take off that make up and weave on Kimora and that bitch look like a sea turtle with a fat neck. Why that bitch’s neck so fat??? She ain’t all that, His kids gon be ugly.

  58. Blue Says:

    @E from BK

    I don’t know, that’s just what I heard.

  59. G Off Says:

    Vasi>Kimora… no doubt. But ain’t nothing wrong with a little Kimora.

    lol @ dudes not believing she would get with Baby after she married Russ. Dude is like Yoda.

  60. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Wasn’t I just talking about these two yesterday?

    *sues eskay*

    Everytime buddy…err’time

    I’m calling Morris Bart because he’s on my side.

  61. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Ya think they read what I wrote a split up?

    Do you think one of the members of Nah Right snitched?

    *traces eveyones I.P.*

  62. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    a = and

  63. eskay Says:

    lol @ this nigga Beast macking on mami in the Autum Ashante thread:


  64. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    player style niggas, won’t be tha first time i met a bad bitch by accident. somethings be blessings in disguise. i might just shock tha internet wit this one.

  65. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that 65% of the women on the turn out to be a fat guy named Carl, or Dusty, or patrick

  66. uneckbone Says:

    i don’t know who said it, but i agree that kimora got a fat good year neck and a big shovel head. the new bitch is on point. and i believe after 10 years a prenup doesn’t matter (don’t hold me to it, just what a lawyer friend mentioned to me. )

  67. Lili Says:

    Thank you Es…Russ is no fool.

    Eh hem, Reggaeton, I feel you, really I do. However there is something called self-control. You need to decide if new pussy is worth jeapordizing what you’ve built with the woman you love. No one is saying one can’t have fun, but get it out of your system…don’t get married early. If you really can’t resist temptation then don’t settle down. But it’s not a woman’s fault if her man can’t keep it in his pants.
    Well, unless she isn’t handling those wifely duties.

    Besides that though…don’t get hitched if you’re still itching to hop in the next hot chick that gets at you.

    And yea, it looks like K had work done on her neck. It’s not as wrinkly as before.

  68. uneckbone Says:

    i mean michelen man neck. sorry, not a mechanic.

  69. Lili Says:

    BTW Makeup Specialist, their daughters are beautiful.

  70. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah I meant to add that too, those little girls are mad cute.

    Ok, after some investigation I’m gonna renege on my previous statements, and give it to Denise Vasi


  71. reggaetonslasher Says:

    lili point taken, and your right, with the exception of getting it out ya system no such thing, theres only supressing the urge and all know that affects ones health.

  72. AGeezee Says:

    *After googling to see who and what Denise Vasi look like*

    Denise Vasi straight, but she ain’t got nuffin on Kimora.

  73. AGeezee Says:

    Makeup Specialist Says:

    March 31st, 2006 at 3:00 pm
    Take off that make up and weave on Kimora and that bitch look like a sea turtle with a fat neck. Why that bitch’s neck so fat??? She ain’t all that, His kids gon be ugly.
    Yo, she DO kinda loop like a turtle though…

    *still buggin off the Sam Cassell look alike comment*

  74. AGeezee Says:

    After I looked at the Denise Vasi link you posted, I’ve been thinking again about who looks better, and they both have their strong points. Right now I gotta call it even.

  75. reggaetonslasher Says:

    that chick denise is fiya, what race is the bitch

  76. thekid10705 Says:

    One way or another good for Russell..I never like Kimora Lee in my life..I think the marriage was arranged since day one , she’s been in the take since day one, and with that said you know she’s been fuckin all them dudes…Maybe Russell’s a fruitcake like a lot of these BIG money guys, maybe she was a front to keep the press away ( just like the whole J Lo & Puff thing) with that siad she was never happy …The money kept her “happy” but it it was only a matter of time…

    Not to sound gay myself but the reason most of the marriages never work out is because the people are getting married for all the wrong reasons…So, it’s only a matter of time for things to fizzle out…

  77. T Nelson Says:

    Anyone who though Kimora was in it for anything but money is just dillusional just look at the two of them if he wasnt loaded do you think he would actually stand half a chance…models are just strippers with a vocabulary thier principles are the same and you know what happens when you wife a stripper.

  78. thekid10705 Says:

    word up, T Nelson….

  79. jersey Says:

    Wish Russ the best man..he has kids and thats who’s gonna be affected the most. If she is guilty of F*ckin w/ baby then mannn she gonna reap what she sews period. And look russel knows that……Let me say something a ole man once told me..lol…He said always remember son a old man can always get a young woman but its not always the same for a old woman to get a young man!…I know there is exception to every rule and that exception is almost always has to do with “MONEY”….hmmmm…..Cut that chic loose and support your seeds, thats all….

  80. jersey Says:

    And by the way she comes across as fakester……..drinker……talk too much……..aint nothin worse than a woman that runs her mouth too much…..

  81. eskay Says:

    damn the Dips went and got one of their shows cancelled.


    Jay probably made a couple phone calls.

  82. Lili Says:

    T Nelson has just made a bunch of strippers upset. lol

  83. reggaetonslasher Says:

    does kimora own baby phat??

  84. reggaetonslasher Says:

    the hip hop version of donald trump

  85. UrMans&Thems Says:

    Lights out niggas

  86. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    that nigga busta smacked mays on tha dome wit a bottle!!ha ha ha *wonders if busta acting more gangsta since his man got killed in front of him*

  87. hip hop since 1988 aKa nation of thugacation Says:

    it doesnt matter if kimora owns baby phat… PHAT FARM belongs to russell… i god sure hope he got a pre-nup..
    but you es, the pics of vasi on google are sick( like her face) the website u posted actually scared the shit outta me…
    the reason why you would gravitate towards her: the moneyyyyyyyyyyyy and the golden pussy
    good looking on the jay quotes…

  88. KingML Says:

    Kimora sucks I’d dump her ass for that model anyday.

    Trust me if the girl isnt as hot it typically doesnt matter, I’d dump a hotter girl for a slightly less hot girl if she was better in bed, better at making me happy and complained less.

    Besides im not all about asians anyways

  89. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    me either. thats tha only pussy i havent hit. everything else except a oriental. them bitches stick to they race and if they step out its wit a whiteboy

  90. Lili Says:

    Damn….why do women have to be bitches….whhhhhy…..

  91. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Not all women are bitches, if you need rememberance, just listen to NWA’s A Bitch is a bitch. That explains which women are bitches and qhich ones are well…..

  92. yeahisaidit Says:

    cosign wit’^^^ “marriage is the biggest reason for divorce…” not to be cynical but the shit is a business arrangement…we want to make it about love so we feel it’s sacred, but real talk, that’s a standard we strive for…the shit is about brass tacks…a contract involving money, security, power and respect…love ‘s easily lost in this shit…that’s how the cookie crumbles..if you don’t know, now you know ni99a!

  93. The Cipher Says:

    no doubt i’ve never been for marriage, cause its lost its meaning over the years… if people gotta sign prenups or worry bout how the moneys gunna be handled during marriage, then theres something wrong, money should never be an issue unless its about how much the wedding will cost, other then that it shouldnt come up… who says you need to go through a ceremony to prove you love someone… if they truly want a ring, by them one, fuck by them more then one if you can…

  94. Art Chic Says:

    In my world men are the bitches
    talking shyt about puzzy all day is boring.

    Hit and and shuttup.

    p.s. straight. hair long & nappy.
    hot and arty. gotta man, bitches!!!

  95. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    talkin about pussy might be boring but gettin it ain’t.

  96. Lili Says:

    Oh, I know the difference between bitches and women, but for someone to say that “…[Asian] bitches stick to their race…” is obviously a reference to all Asian women; i.e. a generalization and an insult, not to mention unnecessary…….

    Yea, marriage is a business, ppl do forget that….you should love who your with, but it’s really about uniting and building wealth and culture(s). I have no issue w/interracial relationships at all, but I just love my ppl and I love seeing Black unions; it’s so important for us to keep wealth within the community.

  97. Jade Star Says:

    For real who should really give a fuck? What impact does thier marriage have on me? On Hip Hop? Why do we care about this? If someone could tell me why( and it must really be valid) then maybe I could muster up some interest in this other than the fact that it is being publicized to make me care.

  98. The Landlord Says:

    @ E from BK-posted 3/31/06E From BK Says:

    So you would fuck Missy?

    yes. i would definitely fuck Missy….Rage can get it too…EARLY



  100. olina Says:

    Denise Vasi is Dominican born and bred in NYC.

  101. caryl Says:

    Holla and Happy Thanksgiving. nokia6630

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