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Stray Shots


Look at Just Blaze beaming dudes in the head with that vintage ‘Lo Golf piece at BET’s Spring Bling. It’s a shame that you can rock something like that nowadays and nobody even appreciates what you’re wearing. Well almost nobody, some of us still understand. More pics at C&D.

Kay Slay and Busta join forces to get Papoose’s career popping.

Spike Lee lets a subliminal fly at 50 in his new flick, Inside Man.

The lucky bastards at The Fader got to hear some tracks from the Idlewild soundtrack.  

The entire Boot Camp Click are in the studio working on their upcoming group record The Last Stand with the likes of Pete Rock and 9th Wonder. Meanwhile Sean Price promises his follow up to Monkey Barz, now titled Jesus Price: Super Star, will drop in September.

Michael Jackson, DJ Whoo Kid, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ‘just chillin’ in Bahrain

Video of Joe Buddens performing Dumb Out live. Not really the best song to do live, but if you’re a fan you can appreciate something like this. 

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92 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. 613's Natural Born Hustla Says:

    FIRST Comment!.Only thing interestin is busta and kay slay deal.On the Threat and Promise Mixtape, busta was talkin bout putin a deal wit pap.Now he ain’t just a mixtape rapper.

  2. AGEEZEE Says:

    I AM GAY=)

  3. LUIS Says:

    ME TOO :-O

  4. Ned Says:

    i just got back from seeing Inside Man, whats the “subliminal”? i didnt catch it

  5. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    lmao @ Luis and Ageezee

    Ayo that spike lee joint might be pretty good. Even though I don’t like Spike Lee @ all..

  6. e-dubbs Says:

    there was no subliminal @ 50.. The little kid in the movie who had the PSP said something about 50 to the likes ‘you gotta get rich or die trying like my nigga 50 cent”. So the writer of that other blog is pretty much an idiot.

    BTW, Inside Man was decent just because Spike made it. The movie is pretty good but the ending blows.. Talk about anti-climatic. Guess we can always look foward to “He Got Game 2”.

    Anyone who doesnt appreciate Just Blaze Polo connection was either born in 1986 or later.

  7. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Ned you’re not really ‘posed to catch it. If ya out right caught it it wouldn’t be subliminal

  8. plug industries Says:

    weed is a hell of a drug!!

  9. plug industries Says:

    What does lmao mean?

  10. eskay Says:

    dubbs how is that not a shot at 50? Spike just finished criticizing him for the message that ‘get rich or die trying’ sends to kids.

  11. Ned Says:

    yeah now i remember, cuz the guy the kid talks to is like ‘I need to talk to your dad about that’, which is spike lee’s whole thing against 50. e-dubbs is right its not subliminal at all, its pretty blatant. But i really disagree about it being anticlimactic, i like the end, it was smart.

  12. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    here go a stray shot for ya ass. i got a problem with imaging on tv that supposedly depicts tha average black person. both male and female. the media/marketers that endorse different products always seem to use this same concept. what am i talking about? watch a commercial closely. i mean really look at it. example: mc donalds and others always show a brotha wit a mini fro ,lookin nappy,on the verge of being dreads. then they show tha sistas wit big boofounts ,all puffy and curly. why do they think all black people embrace that hairstyle? i rock tha waves and my woman rock str8 silky hair. i hate those images, but it seems like i’m tha only that notice or pay attention. whoever cast those actors all look for the same type of people.

  13. The Cipher Says:

    yo beast your on point with that… in my media & communications class i gotta watch commercials and check out advertisements for reasearch and its true… majority of commercials featuring black people have that same hair style… if not its braids

  14. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    That’s stereotyping homie… I’m black as shit but I have some curly ass hair. Hell my lil brother looks like he is kin to Osama *looks at big griz* hell he might be… I don’t like claiming him!

  15. The Cipher Says:

    lol thats just wrong

  16. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    heres another one for you. watch the news, whether its local or national. why don’t they allow black men to wear a mustach? on any reporter you won’t see any facial hair. i aint saying let tha niggaz rock goatees and shit or the sideburns all lined up. but they refuse to let you have upper lip hair. look at denzel, sideny poiter, james earl jones, keep that bitch naked. start looking around you. i will bet a weeks pay that the brothas on here (99.9%) got some hair on they face. but when it come to being seen on that scale , it seems they want to strip us and almost somehow recondition our mind that to be successful you got to look like them. i’m still studying this shit.

  17. E From BK Says:

    The movie was very good and yes, the subliminal was not that subliminal. Also, I never saw 50’s game; was the game the little kid playing anything like 50’s? I thought the ending was fitting with the movie. It was a smart movie throughout. I know alot of people don’t like Spike, but he has to be one of my favorite directors. He is definitely a student of film. You have to look at how he ues camera angles and background to get a message out. Did any of you get the Prescott Bush reference?

  18. The Cipher Says:

    i havent seen the film yet(im going this week for my movie review for my history of film class) i plan on taking alot of notes, so most likely i’ll see it twice(got a friend who works at the theatre nice lil hook up)… so i will let you guys know where i stand after i see and analyse the movie to the fullest of my intellegence… as for the mustaches, theres always been a certain hygene that most businesses make standard to all… so im not surprised bout that, especially if there in front a camera

  19. Kobe da rapist Says:

    Much love to Spike becuase he is one of the black directors (that hollywood will fund) that gets a real message out to his people, and his message is meaningful and of substance.

  20. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    @ beastnigga

    Damn nigga you find a conspiracy everywhere huh nigga?

  21. Benzino Says:

    Zino The Great is back for you bush whore pig slutmonkey bitches. I’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

  22. nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay the link for the pic of wacko jacko and whoooo yeeeeee is broken… lol theres spaces in the URL

  23. distinkt Says:

    That Papoose deal is crazy. I hope he starts getting recognition, possibly a little off of his verse on Busta’s Touch It Remix, which was hot. He killed everyone else on the track with like 8 lines.

  24. ShockWave Says:

    how sick is that graphic knit and you know JUST keep his sneaker game straight up crispino.

    good lookin’ out on them links eSKing

  25. Benzino Says:

    I, Zino The Great will be runnin for President in 2008, i believe i can change the world, but thats after i come back on a fuckin horse. Jeremy Miller you bitch nigga, you cant keep The Source forever !!

  26. nation of thugacation Says:

    no matter how much love(no brokeback) i got for papoose (^note the name), he was weak on the touch it remix and i dont think busta is worthy of gettign pap, because if you listen to pap you know why (he claims) he hasnt been signed yet…but its better if its more independant liek that like not something huge like papoose can get a nice slice off of that commercial shit,
    i heard that on a threat and a promise.. but i thought it was jsut dickriding because busta was late on the papoose being the shit tip
    [note: all that is void if FLIPMODE belongs to dr. dre’s sorry ass through busta being on aftermath… then its jimmy iovine pimpin his patna papoose]

  27. eskay Says:

    good looking on the whoo kid link NOT

  28. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo, i dont know about everyone else in here, but each time i read Benzino say something, i start fucking cracking up though, no joke… lol ending every post with coming back on a horse, lol that kills me…
    btw “Benzino” cant be a benzero stan because hes obviously mocking the shit outta rayrays loony ass and u guys are falling for it…
    btw what was that superhead comment, i didnt understand it
    wtv sall good in the hood… im going to bed… this young bucks got skool tomorrow…

    yo btw to all the nahrightERS im gonna change my name to hip hop since 1988 (Hip Hop since 1978 is kanyes a&r), cuz nation of thugacation is officially on its way to become the next ggggg – gggggg – ggggggg- gggggggggggg unit

  29. Benzino Says:

    nation of thugacation

    Nigga you a smart man, vote for Zino in 08 !! I’m coming back on a fuckin horse and sendin Jeremy Miller back to his rich suburban hood !!

    Zino The Great !! I’ll be back later, i gotta go brush my horse off, he be gettin into alotta fights !!

  30. hip hop since 1988 aKa nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay… isnt that ironic
    the king of pop might colaborate with the king of RNB… (other royalty like prince, queen bee, queen latifah and rev run & dmc and shaking their heads at this at this very moment… fuck it bb king is putting down his guitar)

  31. KingML Says:

    tahts all i need to see is 50 and Michael Jackson Waltzing together in a nice R&B hit together

  32. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Why do people bitch up when I’m behind them at an atm? Is it cuz I’m tatted up, or because I’m a giant black dude? Is it because I’m always mean muggin?

    The point is don’t judge a book by its cover just cuz ya see me don’t me I’m gonna rob you! Hell I have more money in my account than half of them upity bitches!

    *imagine all the in caps lock!*

  33. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Yeah he is making fun of Zino… But he is still nerve wrecking

  34. Benzino Says:

    Zino is a business man of his word, i will bring Amerikkka back to the promise land, niccas and bitches dont realize that Zino is the king of rap !! WHO THE FUCK GOTTA PROBLEM WITH IT !!? I run these streets, niggas gonna be ridin horses and shit when i get The Source back

    The Streets Is Watchin, and i’m coming back on a fuckin horse !!

    2008 will be the year of who? No not Mike Jones………BENZINO 4 PRESIDENT !!

  35. dj mirateck (Michael Miraflor) Says:

    e-dubbs- yo i take some offense to you calling me an idiot. have some respect, son!

    i never called the shot at 50 a subliminal. it was very blatant, but only a big deal to those aware of the spike vs. fiddy beef. for example i was one of like 2 people in the theatre that yelled an audible “oh shit” when spike went at 50. the white folks sitting next to me though i was having a seizure.

    BEASTNIGGA- i feel you on the news tip. just remember, major news outlets are owned by conglomerates that exist to make paper. journalism is secondary. i just ranted about that shit in my personal blog: http://www.xanga.com/mirateck

    eskay- the most important takeaway from these stray shots is the link to that Fader article that states that ANDRE 3000 IS RAPPING AGAIN.

  36. dj mirateck (Michael Miraflor) Says:

    another thing, e-dubbs you kind of spoiled the 50 thing for people who haven’t seen the movie yet (not that its at all significant to the plot, i’m just sayin).

    also, the movie was good, probably the best movie i’ve seen this year to date and 10x better than the wayy overrated V for Vandetta (that shit sucked!). if you think the end was a let down, well, you’re better off watching some bonehead bruce willis/steven segal/van damme action flick. okay okay, bruce willis ain’t that bad. but you gotta appreciate spike’s angle with this film- it surely ain’t the typical suspense film.

  37. the green eyed bandit Says:

    damn, eskay bringing NOT back.

    got any monkeys flying out of your butt homie?

  38. hip hop since 1988 aKa nation of thugacation Says:


  39. eskay Says:

    ^ No I meant NOT = nation of thugacation

    And yeah, I was the one who classified the shot as a subliminal, not dj mirateck. I haven’t seen the movie, but I heard about the scene so I knew what happened. I pretty much meant “subliminal” like how people still say “freestyle.”

  40. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    The last true freestyler is Eminem all the rest of those cats write that shit.

  41. Benzino Says:

    The last true freestyler is Benzino. All my shit is straight off the dome. I’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

    2008 is gonna be the year of Zino !! Is America ready? Who knows !! BENZINO 4 PRESIDENT !! YOU WONT REGRET IT !! I PROMISE !!

  42. eskay Says:

    ^ yo, do you sleep here?

  43. Benzino Says:

    eskay Says:

    March 27th, 2006 at 2:22 am
    ^ yo, do you sleep here?

    Sometimes, i’m on my grind, plottin on ways to get back The Source, and come back on a fuckin horse

    AWWW SHIT, my horse just pissed all over the fuckin place !! I gotta go clean that mess up !!

  44. Benzino Says:

    What plans do you suggest? I tohught of bringin my crew and a buncha hrses protestin The OSurce, to have no one buy it until me and Dave are back, what do you think?

    ZINO 4 PRESIDENT IN 2008 !!

  45. damu Says:

    Yo, ‘Zino… it’s wearin a lil thin now, son. Fo real fo real.
    Yo folks, I needs someone 2 tell me the name of the instrumental Jigga raps on in, Dear Summer. Please. Thank you.
    Andre 3000 is rapping again? Oh shit…. looks like 2006 is gonna be a year 2 remember. 1st Ghost sticks a fire cracker under and BOOM! Plus shit loads more cats be droppin like bird pooh. Wots really more interesting than professional wrestling is dat very few of y’all even commented on it. Damn, y’all be asleep. Dude is got to be in my top 5 MC’s. He is one of the very few cats out there that is staying original and constantly evolving as an artist. Not only do I love his flow and subject matter (no brokeback), but dude is one kewl mo fo too. Shit, look around us, too many dudes wanna dress the same and shit. Him and Common, and a handful of others, stay rock they own shit. That’s wot’s fuckin hiphop up. These corporate fucks dictate to the artists now-a-days wot to wear. Whats ‘hip’ and shit. Shit- they even be tellin’ artists wot to paint, and shit- you know? The audacity! That’s why all the shit sounds the same. And yo, I usually lay in the cut and read wot y’all be sayin about the shit y’all be sayin’! And I gotta agree, even though the south is makin a lotta noise, and they stick together like cheap rice, and what eva what eva… U gotta appreciate that, and not all of it is bangin’, at least its different. I’ve been down since, Don’t Believe The Hype. I love hiphop. Fuck- I am hiphop… But I am so tired of hiphop 2day.
    Phrases like, do u… and, keep it real, really crack me up. Too many niguhz do Jigga. Which reminds me, please remind me the name to the instrumental to, Dear Summer.
    B Mo Original

  46. joe 88 Says:

    benzino says
    >i run thest streets, niggaz gonna be ridin horeses and sht when i get the source back.
    i can’t lie thats was some funny shit






    “Mike was like, ‘Whoo Kid, come sit over here,’ the DJ said in a high-pitched voice, mimicking Jackson. “I was like poinng! He was supposed to be there for like 45 minutes; he stayed for five hours.”

    that has to be the funniest shit I’ve ever heard!!!!!

  49. Spliff Huxtable Says:

    Anyone else wonder why Jackson was so keen on meeting a DJ with the word “Kid” in his name?

    ***Below the Belt***

  50. The Cipher Says:

    oh spliff you dirty motherfucker, thats just wrong lol(no direspect)… well personally i think the best rhyme on the touch it remix was rah digga & DMX…

  51. The Cipher Says:

    @ Damu… where did you hear 3000’s going back to rapping??? got a link or anything, cause man i love(no brokeback) 3000s style

  52. ageezee Says:

    I’m sorry… But will someone please share with me what’s so nice about Papoose? I’ve seen the Smack Dvd joints and I wasn’t that impressed with the verse on Touch It, OR the Hustle Harder video. He’s wack to me, what’s about him that’s so unique?

    Speaking of Smack dvd, these freestyle battles are getting old quickly. Maybe I’m gettin old, but I was watching a couple of the dvds at my boys crib, and I was literally ready to throw up after hearing suburban kids repeatedly talking about how much weight they push and much of a murderer they are. Will there ever be any new freestyle subject matters?

  53. The Cipher Says:

    fuck the freestyle battles on smack… there was only one pap rap on smack that i liked and it was when he did that alphabetical slaughter to the letters S.M.A.C.K…. other then that, fuck smack dvd it really aint shit but a beef encourager… plus have you heard his song, “born to win”… its a pretty nice track you should check it out…

  54. The Cipher Says:

    i think pap is good but the person we should really be looking forward to is lupe fiasco… dudes got a nice style and can switch a flow on command and still keep a crisp flow going… whenever his album comes out this year, i know its gunna be a banger man… he killed kanyes track without a doubt… and his track “kick Push” is pretty smart metaphorically when you listen carefully…

  55. eskay Says:

    The Touch it remix is garbage, don’t ever use that as a reference for anybody’s skills. If you have to ask why pap is nice, you’ll probably never get it, so don’t even stress it.

  56. plug industries Says:

    Sorry fellas I still think Papoot is overated. He’s not doing anything that somebody hasnt already done……….RIP BIG L




  58. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Niggas, we need to stop usinthewordnigga. The word nigga, was made by white people to keep niggas from gettin high payin jobs. Me and my niggas at my congregation beleive that the word nigga should not be a word used in someones vocabulary.

    So my niggas and niggarettes, what i’m basically tryin to say is, can you niggas please stop sayin the word nigga? Ok my niggas?

  59. eskay Says:

    How are you gonna compare Spellbound to Alphabetical Slaughter? Get a grip, they’re not even in the same league.

  60. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:


    I think The Pastor of weak is really the game, Cuz that dude is contradicting himself one step at a time.


    I think I’m the only black dude that uses the word “wow”

  61. eskay Says:

    I say wow all the time. matter of fact, I started the Cassidy post with it.

  62. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    There is a dude named Mr. Serv-on that raps the same way.

    He spells everything out, but he sucks at doing it.

    He was on NO LIMIT

  63. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Oh yeah that’s right…

    I remember @ the wow statement

  64. Luis Says:

    damn, what a bunch of haters lol. b4 I forget, to the wannabe asshole that tried to air me out on the 3rd post of this topic……FUCK YOU, you’re the homo from this site you moron hahahaha!!!! Well, I still rock old polo gear and all my shit looks mint from top to bottom. As for the other articles…….shit happens!!!!

  65. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Polo is the the shit Lu Lu

  66. DBrown11 Says:

    I’m still the Lo champ

  67. AGeezee Says:

    Polo used to be THAT DEAL, right along with Hilfiger and Nautica. I still rocks it every now and then. No purple label yet, but I’ll get there. Polo joints were really popular during the era where a Pathfinder with some 17’s on it would enable you to post up in front of the club and floss. haha That was right after the fat tire era.

  68. eskay Says:

    chill don’t put ‘Lo in the category with Tommy and Nautica.

    “Nauticas, not for all of us…” – Thirstin Howl III

  69. p1 Says:

    blackalicious did an alphabet song, too, but the full version of it is harder to find than the shitty half version

  70. plug industries Says:

    None of those designer make that for brothas… I aint been able to fit none of the ish since highschool. The largest size they all come in is a smedium. I’m not even big like that but that ish be alittle snug.

  71. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I rock roc, coogi and evisu…. But my fav is R O C YEAH!!!!

  72. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^ 4 sho

  73. AGeezee Says:

    Evisu… Were you wearing that before Jay Z started talking about it?

  74. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I got put on Evisu when I was over seas

  75. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Sometime in 02 or 03 can’t remember

  76. plug industries Says:

    I wear it cause the Fraudilent Braudulents like it…..plus I can get a nice boot leg pair for $20 bucks on 7 mile (for those who know about the d) Every thing Every one wears is because they seen someone famous or popular wearing it. Otherwise we wouldnt have this conversation and we’d all be wearing the cheapest clothes we could find.

  77. RIches Says:

    That shirt is crazy….
    i found some old ones in a thrift shop in queens.

  78. MeccaJJ Says:

    I been wearing some express for men and some banana republic, I also like Le Tigre…and yeah polo being snug is good…clothes should fit, Kanye movement, except what he had on at the grammy’s…

  79. Benzino Says:

    I wear white tees, black tees, blue tees, red tees and some thugged out pair a jeans, and when i’m feelin like robbin a nigga, some dickie suits and a ski-mask

    ZINO 4 PRESIDENT IN 2008 !!

  80. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^Wit a statement like that he got my vote!!!! Still think he sucks as a rapper and businessman though

  81. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Benzino… Shut your dick suckers you fag!

    Scary ass bitch you wouldn’t shoot up a ladder, you dumb fuck.

    Scary ass wouldn’t steal a base if you were on 3rd.

    Scary bitch wouldn’t punch a clock.

    Talking all that gangsta shit bitch you fight a cold.

    Coward fuck you wouldn’t kill time.

    Go fuck dave mays or something!

    In fact go fuck your horse…

  82. D. Billz Says:
  83. D. Billz Says:
  84. D. Billz Says:

    My bad Es, Nahright wildin’ out again on my posts.

  85. D. Billz Says:
  86. AGeezee Says:

    Man I can honestly say I was rockin button ups before Jay was talking about it, but I give him props, he DOES start all the recent trends from what I’ve seen. By the way, if ya’ll see a nigga STILL rockin Mitchell and Ness jerseys, slap the shit out of em and tell him AGeezee told you to do it!

  87. XXL REP Says:

    Niggas wasn’t wearing evisu before jay mentioned it. Ya’ll know how much how them joints cost?? Like 250 plus. Most niggas just ain’t got that kind of money. I was wearing button ups, before he mentioned, BUT Most niggas including me, wasn’t Rockin em like the way he did, with the elegant sneaks and everything. He had the cuff link joints on them too, now niggas want to put cuff links on their shirts, when before they didnt even know what they were.

    Its funny how like 90% of niggas got rid of their jerseys, when he said to change clothes.

    Niggas still wear polo, and sometimes Nautica, but that Tommy Bullshit got to go, cause that fool was a racist. Now his clothes are catered to beachy middle class white dudes.

  88. eskay Says:

    >>but that Tommy Bullshit got to go, cause that fool was a racist

    Don’t tell me people still believe that urban legend.

  89. XXL REP Says:

    Okay maybe racist was too strong of a word but, He even said that his clothes was not meant for that demographic of people. But he catered to that style because it was selling really good.

  90. eskay Says:

    nah, try again. he never said anything of the sort:


  91. XXL REP Says:

    Yeah I think you should try reading it again too. You dont know if he said it or not.

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