Stray Shots


Look at Just Blaze beaming dudes in the head with that vintage ‘Lo Golf piece at BET’s Spring Bling. It’s a shame that you can rock something like that nowadays and nobody even appreciates what you’re wearing. Well almost nobody, some of us still understand. More pics at C&D.

Kay Slay and Busta join forces to get Papoose’s career popping.

Spike Lee lets a subliminal fly at 50 in his new flick, Inside Man.

The lucky bastards at The Fader got to hear some tracks from the Idlewild soundtrack.  

The entire Boot Camp Click are in the studio working on their upcoming group record The Last Stand with the likes of Pete Rock and 9th Wonder. Meanwhile Sean Price promises his follow up to Monkey Barz, now titled Jesus Price: Super Star, will drop in September.

Michael Jackson, DJ Whoo Kid, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ‘just chillin’ in Bahrain

Video of Joe Buddens performing Dumb Out live. Not really the best song to do live, but if you’re a fan you can appreciate something like this. 

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92 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. The Cipher Says:

    @ Damu… where did you hear 3000’s going back to rapping??? got a link or anything, cause man i love(no brokeback) 3000s style

  2. ageezee Says:

    I’m sorry… But will someone please share with me what’s so nice about Papoose? I’ve seen the Smack Dvd joints and I wasn’t that impressed with the verse on Touch It, OR the Hustle Harder video. He’s wack to me, what’s about him that’s so unique?

    Speaking of Smack dvd, these freestyle battles are getting old quickly. Maybe I’m gettin old, but I was watching a couple of the dvds at my boys crib, and I was literally ready to throw up after hearing suburban kids repeatedly talking about how much weight they push and much of a murderer they are. Will there ever be any new freestyle subject matters?

  3. The Cipher Says:

    fuck the freestyle battles on smack… there was only one pap rap on smack that i liked and it was when he did that alphabetical slaughter to the letters S.M.A.C.K…. other then that, fuck smack dvd it really aint shit but a beef encourager… plus have you heard his song, “born to win”… its a pretty nice track you should check it out…

  4. The Cipher Says:

    i think pap is good but the person we should really be looking forward to is lupe fiasco… dudes got a nice style and can switch a flow on command and still keep a crisp flow going… whenever his album comes out this year, i know its gunna be a banger man… he killed kanyes track without a doubt… and his track “kick Push” is pretty smart metaphorically when you listen carefully…

  5. eskay Says:

    The Touch it remix is garbage, don’t ever use that as a reference for anybody’s skills. If you have to ask why pap is nice, you’ll probably never get it, so don’t even stress it.

  6. plug industries Says:

    Sorry fellas I still think Papoot is overated. He’s not doing anything that somebody hasnt already done……….RIP BIG L




  8. PastorOfTheWeakAtChurch Says:

    Niggas, we need to stop usinthewordnigga. The word nigga, was made by white people to keep niggas from gettin high payin jobs. Me and my niggas at my congregation beleive that the word nigga should not be a word used in someones vocabulary.

    So my niggas and niggarettes, what i’m basically tryin to say is, can you niggas please stop sayin the word nigga? Ok my niggas?

  9. eskay Says:

    How are you gonna compare Spellbound to Alphabetical Slaughter? Get a grip, they’re not even in the same league.

  10. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:


    I think The Pastor of weak is really the game, Cuz that dude is contradicting himself one step at a time.


    I think I’m the only black dude that uses the word “wow”

  11. eskay Says:

    I say wow all the time. matter of fact, I started the Cassidy post with it.

  12. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    There is a dude named Mr. Serv-on that raps the same way.

    He spells everything out, but he sucks at doing it.

    He was on NO LIMIT

  13. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Oh yeah that’s right…

    I remember @ the wow statement

  14. Luis Says:

    damn, what a bunch of haters lol. b4 I forget, to the wannabe asshole that tried to air me out on the 3rd post of this topic……FUCK YOU, you’re the homo from this site you moron hahahaha!!!! Well, I still rock old polo gear and all my shit looks mint from top to bottom. As for the other articles…….shit happens!!!!

  15. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Polo is the the shit Lu Lu

  16. DBrown11 Says:

    I’m still the Lo champ

  17. AGeezee Says:

    Polo used to be THAT DEAL, right along with Hilfiger and Nautica. I still rocks it every now and then. No purple label yet, but I’ll get there. Polo joints were really popular during the era where a Pathfinder with some 17’s on it would enable you to post up in front of the club and floss. haha That was right after the fat tire era.

  18. eskay Says:

    chill don’t put ‘Lo in the category with Tommy and Nautica.

    “Nauticas, not for all of us…” – Thirstin Howl III

  19. p1 Says:

    blackalicious did an alphabet song, too, but the full version of it is harder to find than the shitty half version

  20. plug industries Says:

    None of those designer make that for brothas… I aint been able to fit none of the ish since highschool. The largest size they all come in is a smedium. I’m not even big like that but that ish be alittle snug.

  21. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I rock roc, coogi and evisu…. But my fav is R O C YEAH!!!!

  22. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^ 4 sho

  23. AGeezee Says:

    Evisu… Were you wearing that before Jay Z started talking about it?

  24. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    I got put on Evisu when I was over seas

  25. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Sometime in 02 or 03 can’t remember

  26. plug industries Says:

    I wear it cause the Fraudilent Braudulents like it… I can get a nice boot leg pair for $20 bucks on 7 mile (for those who know about the d) Every thing Every one wears is because they seen someone famous or popular wearing it. Otherwise we wouldnt have this conversation and we’d all be wearing the cheapest clothes we could find.

  27. RIches Says:

    That shirt is crazy….
    i found some old ones in a thrift shop in queens.

  28. MeccaJJ Says:

    I been wearing some express for men and some banana republic, I also like Le Tigre…and yeah polo being snug is good…clothes should fit, Kanye movement, except what he had on at the grammy’s…

  29. Benzino Says:

    I wear white tees, black tees, blue tees, red tees and some thugged out pair a jeans, and when i’m feelin like robbin a nigga, some dickie suits and a ski-mask

    ZINO 4 PRESIDENT IN 2008 !!

  30. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^Wit a statement like that he got my vote!!!! Still think he sucks as a rapper and businessman though

  31. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Benzino… Shut your dick suckers you fag!

    Scary ass bitch you wouldn’t shoot up a ladder, you dumb fuck.

    Scary ass wouldn’t steal a base if you were on 3rd.

    Scary bitch wouldn’t punch a clock.

    Talking all that gangsta shit bitch you fight a cold.

    Coward fuck you wouldn’t kill time.

    Go fuck dave mays or something!

    In fact go fuck your horse…

  32. D. Billz Says:
  33. D. Billz Says:
  34. D. Billz Says:

    My bad Es, Nahright wildin’ out again on my posts.

  35. D. Billz Says:
  36. AGeezee Says:

    Man I can honestly say I was rockin button ups before Jay was talking about it, but I give him props, he DOES start all the recent trends from what I’ve seen. By the way, if ya’ll see a nigga STILL rockin Mitchell and Ness jerseys, slap the shit out of em and tell him AGeezee told you to do it!

  37. XXL REP Says:

    Niggas wasn’t wearing evisu before jay mentioned it. Ya’ll know how much how them joints cost?? Like 250 plus. Most niggas just ain’t got that kind of money. I was wearing button ups, before he mentioned, BUT Most niggas including me, wasn’t Rockin em like the way he did, with the elegant sneaks and everything. He had the cuff link joints on them too, now niggas want to put cuff links on their shirts, when before they didnt even know what they were.

    Its funny how like 90% of niggas got rid of their jerseys, when he said to change clothes.

    Niggas still wear polo, and sometimes Nautica, but that Tommy Bullshit got to go, cause that fool was a racist. Now his clothes are catered to beachy middle class white dudes.

  38. eskay Says:

    >>but that Tommy Bullshit got to go, cause that fool was a racist

    Don’t tell me people still believe that urban legend.

  39. XXL REP Says:

    Okay maybe racist was too strong of a word but, He even said that his clothes was not meant for that demographic of people. But he catered to that style because it was selling really good.

  40. eskay Says:

    nah, try again. he never said anything of the sort:

  41. XXL REP Says:

    Yeah I think you should try reading it again too. You dont know if he said it or not.

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