The Cassidy Incident: What Really Happened


Wow, this is some ill shit right here. Fellow blogger Jerome Baker has posted an IM convo he had with a friend of his who happens to work with the father of Desmond Hawkins. Hawkins is the dude Cass was accused of murdering. Here’s an excerpt, but be sure to go to Jerome’s site and read the whole sad  thing:

dewpmenage: Cass and bul ride up to nyc to swizz. Hiphop cops rushed the truck while cass is upstairs. Bul took the rap from hiphop police for cass’ weed and gun. Cass agreed to lookout on the bail and case money.. Never did. Got confronted about it. At his crib. They get into…
Jerome: Ugh
dewpmenage: Scared cass let’s off in van
dewpmenage: Kills his homie
Jerome: Damn
dewpmenage: Ak rifle round to the chest at point blank range. Two from a 45
dewpmenage: Ak was cass
Jerome: Hot damn
Jerome: Cass let off in him like that
dewpmenage: Yeah
dewpmenage: Didn’t mean to. They grew together
dewpmenage: Old head showed me youngbul pics of them
Jerome: That’s f-ckd
Jerome: Cass not allowed in old hood?
dewpmenage: Naw maybe not the city

Now assuming this is all factual, this raises alot of questions of how Cass beat that charge. People like to say it was the money, but I don’t care how much money you have, PA doesn’t play when it comes to murder charges and Cass was a young black male facing a murder one. Whatever, I don’t know enough so I won’t play myself and speculate, so I’ll just say: R.I.P to Desmond Hawkins, it’s a shame he had to lose his life over such an incredibly aviodable situation.

DISCLAIMER: Despite the title of this post, obviously this is hearsay. However, I’ve been checking out Jerome’s site for a while now and I take him to be a man of his word, and I don’t believe he would post something he felt might be inaccurate. In any event I just want to be clear that I can in no way corroborate anything that is said above, so just keep that in mind before coming out your face at me.

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61 Responses to “The Cassidy Incident: What Really Happened”

  1. nation of thugacation Says:

    1. i didnt understand that lil discussion but ill reread it cuz im fucked on that goose right now…
    2. that “testing” guy fucked up the whole frame…

  2. Demiks Says:

    ^ Yea, I fuckin hate when people like testing go in blogs and make one word long enough to fuck up the whole page. Thats what those kids on do.

  3. TESTING Says:

    @ demiks

    I apologize… I didn’t know it would do that.

    And to everyone else I’m sorry. :(

  4. TESTING Says:

    I was only running a test.

  5. Da_Realiest Says:

    CAss is a bitch 2 do dat shit 2 his homie like dat…….. dats som lamww ass shit rite der………. i thought dat nigga would have snitched he did sumthing……. 8 months 4 murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aint neva heard of dat nigga talkin 2 da jakes

  6. Ricky D Says:

    He didn’t get convicted of first degree murder, he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, which is a much lesser charge, and got 11 months.

  7. Doc Flav Says:

    Dont Ever Be Foolish Enough To Take Somebody Elses Charges, Just Dont Talk, I Got An 11/29 Probation W Random Piss Tests For 2 Oz Being Loyal To A Wack Ass Nig, Mutha Fucka Didnt Even Have A Bottle Of Liquor For A Nig When He Got Out.

  8. G-town G Says:

    Yea man fuck that shit u should neva take a kase for anybody! Have u lookin str-8 dumb

  9. bias Says:

    Cass is done.

  10. Hip benzinos a fake Says:

    now dont these motha fuckas sound like some niggas with no loyalty yall pussy niggas cant even get clos to me mit start snichin. and anit that what we need more of some pussy ass snites want to mroll like gs but cant be real enuff

  11. Larsiny Family Member Says:

    To all yall niggas talkin down on my nigga cassidy just need to shut the fuck up fo real because I am gettin tired of this shit. Yeah what my nigga did was wrong and my nigga cass apologized sincerely for that but that still does not bring the nigga back yeah bitches I know that but the nigga Des Hawkings was my nigga cassidy’s Dog he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time dammit and it’s my nigga cassidy that has to carry that burden around not yall so fall the fuck back marc ass niggas.

    Full Surface, Bitches niggas betta breathe easy

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