The Cassidy Incident: What Really Happened


Wow, this is some ill shit right here. Fellow blogger Jerome Baker has posted an IM convo he had with a friend of his who happens to work with the father of Desmond Hawkins. Hawkins is the dude Cass was accused of murdering. Here’s an excerpt, but be sure to go to Jerome’s site and read the whole sad  thing:

dewpmenage: Cass and bul ride up to nyc to swizz. Hiphop cops rushed the truck while cass is upstairs. Bul took the rap from hiphop police for cass’ weed and gun. Cass agreed to lookout on the bail and case money.. Never did. Got confronted about it. At his crib. They get into…
Jerome: Ugh
dewpmenage: Scared cass let’s off in van
dewpmenage: Kills his homie
Jerome: Damn
dewpmenage: Ak rifle round to the chest at point blank range. Two from a 45
dewpmenage: Ak was cass
Jerome: Hot damn
Jerome: Cass let off in him like that
dewpmenage: Yeah
dewpmenage: Didn’t mean to. They grew together
dewpmenage: Old head showed me youngbul pics of them
Jerome: That’s f-ckd
Jerome: Cass not allowed in old hood?
dewpmenage: Naw maybe not the city

Now assuming this is all factual, this raises alot of questions of how Cass beat that charge. People like to say it was the money, but I don’t care how much money you have, PA doesn’t play when it comes to murder charges and Cass was a young black male facing a murder one. Whatever, I don’t know enough so I won’t play myself and speculate, so I’ll just say: R.I.P to Desmond Hawkins, it’s a shame he had to lose his life over such an incredibly aviodable situation.

DISCLAIMER: Despite the title of this post, obviously this is hearsay. However, I’ve been checking out Jerome’s site for a while now and I take him to be a man of his word, and I don’t believe he would post something he felt might be inaccurate. In any event I just want to be clear that I can in no way corroborate anything that is said above, so just keep that in mind before coming out your face at me.

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61 Responses to “The Cassidy Incident: What Really Happened”

  1. Luis Says:

    WOW!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

  2. plug industries Says:


  3. eskay Says:

    Disclaimer added, just in case…

  4. The Cipher Says:

    if that shits true then damn i feel bad for cass… tht shits fucked up, its bad enough he shot his boy, but in that case scenario its gotta be worse man… shit like that hits home with anybody, cause just as easy as cass got shook and let off, could be any of us with a loved one or homie… shit makes you think

  5. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah man. first and foremost it was a knucklehead situation in the first place. Cass shoulda paid dudes bail, court costs, etc. But even if he didn’t do that, the nigga should be trying to stay as far away from a situation where a gun might be drawn as possible. But whatever, like I said I wasn’t there so I don’t want to speculate. But damn that is some fucked up shit to live with man, losing a friend is one thing, but being responsible for that loss is a whole ‘nother story. I can’t even imagine what he must feel like now.

  6. AGeezee Says:

    That’s prolly why he looked so harrable in that mug shot. That was the look of a killer, or a nigga heavily remorseful.

  7. ONE Says:

    I thought I had problems

  8. Brooks Says:

    MAn …yall gotta think aobut where the story was coing from…. supopsedly the father who sjtu lost a son, of course he gonna make it sound bad, Its not like he was there how would he know what gun cass had and this and that. And how u letting off scared into a truck…. yet it say he hit him point blank…. Whatever… jsut sound like a nigga heated about a situation… imagine hearing the story of a fight from a friend of the guy who lost.. if u wasnt there u dont know what really happened.

  9. G Off Says:

    Is it just me, or does the timeline here not really add up? He gets confronted at the crib, but then lets off from the van? What else happened right there? You can’t yadda yadda that part (couldn’t resist the Seinfeld reference, sorry)…

  10. KingML Says:

    Whatever happened to people just fist fighting why do people always gotta have heat buncha skinny bitches shooting scared.


    cass didnt get off cause of money he got off cause there was no case against him. now as for this story i need more proof than he said she said over the internet before i believe someone killed another man. but people say cass got off cause of his status and money and i tell you his status only hurt him. the philly courts and politcians wanted cass behind bars and bad because he was a rapper they knew nothing else about the dude but he rapped, and the high profile could help some but they would have to be mad rich, o.j., diddy, michael jackson, they got crazt cake cass doesnt have loot to beat a murder 1 wrap.

    the thing it came down to was the prosecution had no case whatsoever. i mean anytime they drop a charge from murder 1 to manslaughter it means they have no case at all. the main witness changed his mind more than mase and game combined tellin all different stories and they didnt have anything substantial and indisputable so they offered him a harmless charge he took it, just to be safe and still help his street cred, and he served his little time and got out.

    the main thing about this story i disput is the fact that dude says cass aint allowed in philly anymore and i just dont buy that, cass has to have had some friends that will still fuck with him, and no disrespect but i dont think desmond hawkins was known ALL over philly like that where everyone would be coming for cass’s head, and im in jersey i got some people in philly and im not gonna say they know all of the specifics but they damn sure would know if there was some sort of ban on cass in philly my boys are in the hood there and im not aware of any crazy reckless im kill cassidy talk, but ill ask my boys bout that shit later.

    plus id think philly heads are still trying to focus their attention and hat on T.O. look out when he comes back to town, he probably has a price on his head

  12. jersey Says:

    Brooks man you make a valid point …..M8nfuckas will take a situation and spin that sh*t in their favor….true its an unfortunate and tragic incident no one would argue that but, there is two people who know and i repeat know exactly what went down. Thats cass and cuz. Not saying cass hands be almighty clean cuz none of our hands are totally clean. that said we all know there are three sides to a story my side, your side and the truth!..whoever lost their cool doesnt matter because nobody wins on this nobody……..(pours out one for dude)

  13. jersey Says:

    TO gonna dance all over the feild…lol

  14. Ieshoua Says:

    Hi Eskay,
    Do you happen to have a link to the Drama Lil’ Brother tape ?
    I like consulting your blog, some interesting and funny discussions at time. Unfortunately, not easy for me to participate at time with the time difference (I live in London).

    Jah Guide

  15. Blood Hound Says:

    If that’s the truth I feel sorry for the Hawkins fam and for Cass. It hurts having a love one killed senselessly and it hurts taking a life… Even if it was an accident… Let me rephrase that it hurts more so if it were and accident.

    So now Cass can’t go back to the hood? Hell the city! That’s fucked up too, that means even the guys he called “friend” want him dead… Sad sad case… ;(

  16. jersey Says:

    Eskay How did cass version differ from this one?…anyone know?…..

  17. babyGirl Says:

    yea… when I heard it was like his best friend I was shocked.. obviously it was an accident so maybe they just let him off… either way we all know Cassidy isn’t a murderer!! I just don’t see him in that light.. and rich folks or people that are freshly minted should KNOW not to be fucking around in the dark in some alley in the hood..! wwhat was he doing.. he should have paid the bail and the bills and called it a day.. that’s probably like one show for him.. not a big deal!

  18. Juss.Ten Says:

    JUSS SAY NO !!! TO GUNS good lesson taught here.

  19. ageezee Says:

    I’m just sick an tired of everyone being a killer and being a “real gangsta” on wax, then when shit goes down we want to have sympathy for these muhfuckaz. RIP to the dude that passed, for real but the power of the toungue is real… Fuck cass AND C murda, lol.

  20. ageezee Says:

    …And especially Young Cheezy

  21. MaddenMaster Says:

    well thats what happens when kids play wit guns….

  22. E From BK Says:

    babyGirl Says:

    March 24th, 2006 at 6:53 pm
    yea… when I heard it was like his best friend I was shocked.. obviously it was an accident so maybe they just let him off… either way we all know Cassidy isn’t a murderer!! I just don’t see him in that light..

    Did you hear Cass’ freestyle from jail? He had a line where he said; “I don’t spark in the air, my bullets scared of hights.” What is implied here? I’m not saying he is guilty because of that line because I know it’s just Hip Hop, but still in jail and spittin’ gun talk?

  23. Benzino Says:

    If i was still at the source cassidy wouldnt of went to jail, i was his mentor.

  24. The Cipher Says:

    @ biggums… T.O. as stupid as he was, should of got payed more… he carried that team on his back and we all know it… check out the stats… even with his stupid lil stunts that he pulled, but we cant be surprised hes been like that for years, on the field he did his job… thats all i gotta say…

  25. The Cipher Says:

    cass is stupid for spitting gun talk in jail… dude should just sit down like a good lil boy and wait for the clock to expire so he can leave… not give the prosecutars more fuel for the fire



  27. TL Says:

    “so I’ll just say: R.I.P to Desmond Hawkins”
    I aint no Cass fan but this is a Sad situation

  28. Timothy O'Riley III Says:

    Cassidy is gonna go to jail for trying to kill his friend, there is just no doubt about it. He’ll probably do life in the cell for being an a-hole.

    P.S: S* has a bunch of racists(against whites), thats why I like this site.

  29. Lotionbottle45 Says:

    I want justice. I don’t want a “good” rapper to be free just cause he can rap. I want justice. We got black people killing black people more often than any number of KKK. If Cassidy did it then I serioiusly hopes he can go to jail for some time.

    If he didn’t do it, then good luck on the career, doing his punchlines and whatever.

  30. Demiks Says:

    Reading that is hard to stomach.

  31. Blood Hound Says:

    If Cass did it he should be punished. Just because he is a rapper doesn’t make him above the law… Hell they just excuted a rapper…. Ya boy that robbed the bank and mercked that guard *trying to think of his name* damn…. Ummmm…. Umm…. Ya boy man, fuck it yall know who I’m talking about. If ya do the crime man the fuck up and do the fucking time… BITCH!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!

  32. Blood Hound Says:

    Damn is Benzino cracked out or something?

    That dude said he was Cass’ mentor…

  33. TESTING Says:

    This is only a test


  34. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Honestly my first thoughts on this cass situation. Were that cass was being targeted because of his persona and the fact he is rapper, like they targeted C-Murder… I know for a fact C didn’t kill Steve but at the sametime C was there and with the guy who did. So I thought that was the case with Cass but that IM has really changed my out look…

    So Cass should either get hit with 2nd Degree Murder or Negligent Homicide… Manslaughter isnt really the issue here because:
    1.dude wasn’t the target.
    2.Although it was in the heat of blood or out of sudden anger. It was intended by the shooter to kill someone.

  35. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    ^^^^Correction dude was the target*

  36. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    He’s home

  37. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Just wanted to be the 1st to say that!


  38. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Now “if” he did it this is another case of our courts failing us…

  39. Enraged White Man Says:

    Timothy O’Riley III

    Yo man, your right, there’s still alot of racists towards whites on that site, check the Paul Wall blog, they sayin racist shit so bad man

  40. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Cassidy is home… He will be on 106 and Junk tomorrow

  41. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Monday I mean



    fuck “z-no”

  43. Benzino Says:


    March 25th, 2006 at 2:51 pm

    fuck “z-no”

    HaHa !! Your askin for too much !! I’m coming back on a fuckin horse.




  45. Fe Says:

    Z-no, what kind of horse?

  46. Benzino Says:

    A black horse.

  47. Benzino Says:

    And yeah i do get respect in the rap game !! Umm does 5 mics in The Source ring a bell !!?

  48. The Truth... Says:

    I would take this shit off the site if I were you, eskay. The disclaimer only saves “your” ass in case shit goes down….not cass. Not a good move. Mad people on the internet…
    I’m sure if anyone here was accused of something, they wouldn’t want to see shit like this on the internet!

  49. Ricky D Says:

    It doesn’t matter for Cassidy – he was already tried, convicted, and served his time. He DIDN’T get away with murder, he was convicted of killing the dude. He just got a very light sentence. Why? Because as Biggums said, the DA had a weak case.

  50. The Truth... Says:

    ^ I guess….maybe I’m just too paranoid..

  51. nation of thugacation Says:

    1. i didnt understand that lil discussion but ill reread it cuz im fucked on that goose right now…
    2. that “testing” guy fucked up the whole frame…

  52. Demiks Says:

    ^ Yea, I fuckin hate when people like testing go in blogs and make one word long enough to fuck up the whole page. Thats what those kids on do.

  53. TESTING Says:

    @ demiks

    I apologize… I didn’t know it would do that.

    And to everyone else I’m sorry. :(

  54. TESTING Says:

    I was only running a test.

  55. Da_Realiest Says:

    CAss is a bitch 2 do dat shit 2 his homie like dat…….. dats som lamww ass shit rite der………. i thought dat nigga would have snitched he did sumthing……. 8 months 4 murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aint neva heard of dat nigga talkin 2 da jakes

  56. Ricky D Says:

    He didn’t get convicted of first degree murder, he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, which is a much lesser charge, and got 11 months.

  57. Doc Flav Says:

    Dont Ever Be Foolish Enough To Take Somebody Elses Charges, Just Dont Talk, I Got An 11/29 Probation W Random Piss Tests For 2 Oz Being Loyal To A Wack Ass Nig, Mutha Fucka Didnt Even Have A Bottle Of Liquor For A Nig When He Got Out.

  58. G-town G Says:

    Yea man fuck that shit u should neva take a kase for anybody! Have u lookin str-8 dumb

  59. bias Says:

    Cass is done.

  60. Hip benzinos a fake Says:

    now dont these motha fuckas sound like some niggas with no loyalty yall pussy niggas cant even get clos to me mit start snichin. and anit that what we need more of some pussy ass snites want to mroll like gs but cant be real enuff

  61. Larsiny Family Member Says:

    To all yall niggas talkin down on my nigga cassidy just need to shut the fuck up fo real because I am gettin tired of this shit. Yeah what my nigga did was wrong and my nigga cass apologized sincerely for that but that still does not bring the nigga back yeah bitches I know that but the nigga Des Hawkings was my nigga cassidy’s Dog he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time dammit and it’s my nigga cassidy that has to carry that burden around not yall so fall the fuck back marc ass niggas.

    Full Surface, Bitches niggas betta breathe easy

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