DMX Goes Wild?


From AHH Rumors:


OK, I admit sometimes the rumors can get wacky, but I will put this out there anyway, even though I seriously question the validity. Apparently, there is a local rapper from Atlanta named Skits and DMX is out there promoting his upcoming album and the rapper. So Skits is featured on this DVD called Crackheads Gone Wild, a really scary look into the world of a drug addict. Anyway, the dude gives X the DVD as an example of his resume and work. It seems that DMX took offense at the DVD and strongly suggested that the guy was trying to be funny or something. I heard there was some type of altercation and they got into a scrap of some sort –ironically over a DVD called Crackheads Gone Wild


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59 Responses to “DMX Goes Wild?”


    China Doll I love what you said ma!!! You a true fan. And for all you ignorant Dirty ass niggas in front of the buildings suck my dick. The Dog is on the RISE. “We in Here” Scared ass bitches.

  2. dynasty Says:

    Please believe that x has some serious inner demons but don’t get it twisted some of the smartest people in the world also have these inner demons and if its drugs that keeps his mind going then so be it because if it was not for the drugs we might have never heard this genius speek!!!!!!!

  3. Hip benzinos a fake Says:

    yo that is not the real benzino we all know that shit first of all. see i smoke a lot of weed and if x wants to smoke crack shit let him put the hole damn side walk in a pipe. drugs anit nothin but posin its like raid and a rouch u can keep runnin in the shade but soon yo ass will get spraded. so dont ride his dick. dont even pop jokes cuz if it anit drugs everyone got they own raid and soon u will get spraded. but those jokes were funny. so is death. hahahaha haters get the fuck back 74 SC Mafia boss til death. and fore the last time benzino is trash on boss he like 50 with a 6 year old son talk about a mid life crisis

  4. No Cd Crack Says:


    Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

  5. hoodatiz Says:

    sup mang, can anyone please tell me what is the tittle of the song durring the 25:24 min of the movie with the ice cream beat that shit is sick


    You know what this is some funnyshit. There are alot of lies going around about the movie CrackHeadsGoneWild. Darrly Smith and skitzo are a bunch of liars. Everyone knows that Mac Titan directed CrackHeadsGoneWild and anyone who had the original movie can see that. All of a sudden Mac Titan is no where on the movie credits. Darrly stop lying about the fact that you went around the hoods of ATL and got the footage, bitch made nigga, Mac Titan did all of that. You guys basically had him do all of the work while you sit back and get rich. Darrly Smith can not be trusted and does not handle business well. The truth will come out very soon!!!!!!!!!! FREE MAC TITAN

  7. chuckwood318 Says:

    hey yall that man is cool as fuck i wonder if that man was in your face right would u say all that shit that u put on the screen about him now answer that homeboy u heard me

  8. toy Says:

    yall motherfuckers need to quit hating if that man wanna do drugs let that man do that. is he asking yall for money hell no bitches

  9. maddam J Says:

    crack is WACK !!!! and so is DMX. They go hand-N-hand THEY MAKE AN AWSOME PAIR. I met him at the Hyatt in Columbus, Ohio back in 2000. My girl called me up to come meet him in his suite. She was geeked to be in his presence. I personally, after ten minutes was ready to go and did so. His eyes were bloodshot, His stupid pitbull was nabbing at my purse, and he was rollen mad weed and making bloodymarydrinks with some shit mixed. His possee had teenage ho’s in the room waiting to juice them up for the great Bang!. I am MADDAM J I dont sweat no one. I am a star in my own right, and mind. FUCK DMX! My girl was like wait, when I was leav’n talkin bout let me get a picture of you and X, she be sweaten me cause I rock flows at all the shows. (MADDAM ATTACK-BIYOTCH). I could care less to have a photo with a crackhead. I wish I could’ve had a shot with BIGGIE, now that’s a true rappin ass nigga! FOREVA Biggie BABY! He will never die.
    I knew his ass shouldn’t have went back to CALI. and for the record DMX aint even worth this cite for real-YO!

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