Feds Seek Death Penalty Against ‘Preme

Lorenzo "Fat Cat Nichols, James "Wall" Corley and Supreme in their heyday 

Damn, I knew the Feds wanted to put ‘Preme under the jail, but I didn’t think it was this serious:

The federal government is officially seeking the death penalty against Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff in his upcoming murder and racketeering case.

Prosecutor Roslynn R. Mauskopf filed a death penalty request notice yesterday (March 22) in the case, which charges McGriff with the murder of Queens, New York, rapper Eric "E Money Bags" Smith and Smith’s associate, Troy Singleton.

"The defendant [McGriff] possesses a risk of future dangerousness as manifested by a continued pattern of violence, lack of remorse and contemporaneous convictions for multiple murders," Mauskopf said.

McGriff is also facing charges for a drug-related double slaying in Owings Mills, Maryland, where police found $30,000 in cash in a stash house allegedly used by McGriff. 

For more on Supreme, his influence on hip hop, and his legacy in Southside Queens see my interview with Ethan Brown author of Queens Reigns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent, and the Rise of the Hip Hop Hustler.

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104 Responses to “Feds Seek Death Penalty Against ‘Preme”

  1. atl black Says:

    Man FUCK maddenmaster$ I’m a real street nigga, ya dig, it ain’t never easy to do what Supreme an his Crew did. Homes did what he had to do in a majorway. then muthafuckas like maddenmaster is the reason why it’s some real niggaz locked up today. Don’t hate real niggaz do real things$ a “G’s” up then A-town down

  2. Lord Scatter Dimes Says:

    Well I personally grew up watching Fat Cat and his crew get money Preme and Prince came along a little later although they were always invovled. Preme had been under the Fed microscope for years before Jah and 50’s beef, I can even remember Boo (50) when he was younger and believe it or not 50 a real dude. But what most people don’t understand is that in those days you couldn’t just up and sell drugs or do any criminal activity any where you wanted it would be a price to pay! 50 violated one of the most sacried rules So. Jamaica Queens dudes had loyalty to each other and respect for each other but even with that the law of nature still applies ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! Had Prince been around 50 would be dead period!!!! Also keep in mind that Preme had already done a bid and although he could of snitched on a lot of people and walked away with no time he held his head and most importantly his tongue!!! never even made a suggestion that someone else maybe guilty of any type of crime this is one reason Preme has the respect til this day that he does. However we can not deny the fact that he destroyed a enitre generation of children myself included but he also gave them more to inspire to be, they Fat Cat, Preme, Wall (J. Corley), Tommy Montana (Thomas Mickens), Charlie Brown, Paris, (RIP) Doc, Lefty, Jazz, RIP Black Just and the likes of them defined a generation made us want to hustle Legal and Illegal to provide more for our families! They changed the face of not only the City of NY, but the country. Young dudes listen they were the original Ballers before Alpo, Richie Po, etc. Life was good back then as long as you played your position and remained loyal, life was goooood!!!!! I feel for any innocent people who got caught in the middle of this but true story most people had something to do with it directly or indirectly grandmother who didn’t actully sell drug or murder had children that were involved and they knew it and spent the money the same way and indulged to what ever degree!!!!!

  3. Lord Scatter Dimes Says:

    As far as rappers being killed by Preme I have one name for you Colbert “Black Just” Johnson, this is why one particular rapper was killed AEye for an Eye. (RIP) Dennis Crosby, Paris, Doc, Pee Wee, Corey Dee, Black Just, Rome, Wighty, Iron Horse, Slave, Big Daddy, Smitty, and so many more I am for ever proud of SJQ THAT’S WHAT I REPRESENT!!!! LF FAM!!!!

  4. triniman101 Says:

    i have to agree with madden master,although i was a kid in the 90s where rappers were hungry to get put on,i remember hearing good music.music that had a real message to it,now it went from that to bling bling and i am gonna clap u up.to me thats bull.If you are a real killer,why would u come on the mic and brag about the negative things and make it sound like its a beautiful thing to do.whether we belive it or not the choices we make can determine weather we go to heaven or hell,and if bragging about killing somebody is a good thing to any body,then they seriously need some help.

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