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Dave Mays and Benzino Lose, For Good This Time


I hope Dave Mays is happy now. Dude built this damn magazine from a newsletter only to throw it all away because of some lame ass psuedo-gangster.

The state Supreme Court ruled yesterday in favor of the magazine’s investor, Black Enterprise/Greenwich Street Corporate Growth Partners, which last month took control of the magazine from its founder David Mays and its president, Ray “Benzino” Scott.

The Source has had problems with both circulation and advertising in recent years. Mr. Mays began losing his grip on the magazine after defaulting on an $18 million loan from Textron Financial Corp. last year.

The court denied Mr. Mays’ demands that he be reinstated at the magazine, citing the Greenwich Street fund’s right to take control of The Source if he defaulted on his debt. That ruling opens the door for the Greenwich Street group to buy Mr. Mays’ shares in The Source, which now belongs to Textron. 

I don’t know why but I kinda feel relieved myself, as if this has anything to do with me. I’ve held off on buying any of the new issues, even though they’ve been certified Benzino Free, lest any of my money finds it’s way into Ray’s grubby little hands, but I think I might just go out and cop the April issue when it drops. Actually, Nah, I’ll wait until some East Coast dudes are on the cover…..I’m kidding!


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159 Responses to “Dave Mays and Benzino Lose, For Good This Time”

  1. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    first beehotches

  2. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    the Source is no longer relevant(sp)

  3. eskay Says:

    ^ why not?


    the source wasnt relevant and still has some work to do but its still got the name so if the make a couple hot issues it will be back, cause honestly i still find interscope magazine i mean XXL entertaining but its like god damn enough already you guys like interscope/aftermath we get it. its like nyc is elliot wilson

  5. D. Billz Says:

    Personally, after reading XXL for the last years, it’s hard to read the Source again. I know Benzino tarnished its image because of his beef with Interscope. But compared to the layout and scheme that XXL uses, the Source seems generic now. They need to start from scratch with new covers, coverage, articles, etc. It needs to be original. For instance, after Bonsu made Eye Candy popula, Source attempted the same thing. But it came out corny. I still won’t be coppin’ the Source until I see some major changes.

    Actually, I don’t buy too many mags these days because I’m trying to cut back on my spending (used to clock around $30/month). Nowadays, I just post up in Barnes & Nobles or Borders and read them shits for free. Unless it’s a classic-type joint with really good articles in it that I must have.

  6. D. Billz Says:

    last few years**

  7. uneckbone Says:

    man. the source used to be the shit. i really loved that mag. didn’t miss not one issue. but its garbage now. nobody gets the respect they deserve and its a big fucking joke. i know there is new management now and shit is supposed to be different but it would take alot of convincing for me to buy it again.

  8. D. Billz Says:

    All off the subject: Did anyone see that dumb ass video clip on the Allhiphop rumor column about the frikin leprechaun (I know that’s spelled wrong). A bunch of bama (literally) Black people from Mobile, AL gathering for a sighting. *shakes my head*

  9. the landlord Says:

    good, now ray-ray can put all his energy into his thriving rap career! lol… ray-ray where’s that white horse you was supposed to be riding in on? or was he referring to his bitch Mays?..Stupid ass Ray Scott..It’s over B!

  10. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    @ es..maybe just here in the D… after the eminem beef these young cats just wasnt effin with anything benzino-related…(detroit)waited too long to get any kind of foot on the door

  11. The Cipher Says:

    i say give them 3 months and they’ll be in good shape again… i just hope now they take the time to really focus on whats good in hiphop and not what “they” believe we wonna hear… i got sick of XXinterscopeL magazine man… always on the interscope dick, theres other labels you know shit got me vexx like no other… but still ima give them(the source) a chance once they really get there corporate people together and do whats good not only for the mag, but for the information we deserve to get…

  12. SnitchyMcRat Says:

    well hopefully this will restore some power..b/c Source was so anti-Interscope that i dont blame XXL for taking all tha tmoney…


    @ L.P.CROOKS – it wasnt just the D that felt that way it was all over, i mean i know some people who fully supported them at first cause they have always been looking for a reason to hate eminem but after a couple of months even they were like damn this mag sucks its turned into benzino’s personal vendetta/promtion diary and lost everyones respect.


  14. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah definitley not just in the D. But I say why because honeslty when’s the last time any of you actually looked at an issue? I know I haven’t so I cant really say that it’s awful. I know they have some pretty good writers on staff and now that they don’t have these two idiots looming over them maybe they can put out a better magazine.

    Really though, if I buy any magazine, its probably gonna be for the cover story and nothing else. Being a hip hop blogger, I fucking breath hip hop 24/7 nowadays so really what am I gonna read in there that I don’t already know? I have a xxl subscription and all I read in the last issue was the T.I. story.

  15. D. Billz Says:

    I haven’t copped either magazine in a minute. I usually read joints along the lines of Mass Appeal who have no real competitors, and therefore aren’t afraid to give certain artists shine who night not be featured anywhere else.

  16. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    wtf happened to murderdog? that mag was the ish

  17. cbrizzle AKA nah......right???? Says:


  18. The Cipher Says:

    ^^it begins

  19. D. Billz Says:

    You just had to say that, huh? @ Cbrizzle. You know those dudes got an alert on their browser that goes off every time certain “key” words are mentioned. They could be watching tv, but when that alert goes off, the Stan Clan forms as a team and infiltrate blogs.

  20. The Cipher Says:

    seriously man… the last thing we need is those Stans coming and ruining what seemed to be a stan and susan free day… if they come here im blasting you

  21. cbrizzle AKA nah......right???? Says:


  22. The Cipher Says:

    for some reason that what completely necassary

  23. GET Says:

    I dont buy Mags so I dont care

  24. G Off Says:

    Es- I haven’t actually read the Source in a looong time, but I have picked it up now and then to flip through it and see what it looks like. It’s been terrible.

    The font they have used is ugly, the layout is trash, the pictures are low quality and even look a little bit pixilated… there just isn’t much quality work being put in. I don’t know what was happening behind closed doors, but it seems like the talented people there must have left and some people that weren’t ready yet took over.

    XXL at least gives you quality writing and makes you feel like you actually got something out of it.

  25. Adam22 Says:

    i’ve read every issue of the source for many years now and it has been awful for the best few years. the latest issue was pretty good though, i think that they can definitely pull themselves together if that dude who took over knows what he’s doing.

  26. TL Says:

    Actually, Nah, I’ll wait until some East Coast dudes are on the cover…..I’m kidding!

    funny sh*t

  27. TL Says:

    D. Billz Says:

    March 23rd, 2006 at 5:54 pm
    All off the subject: Did anyone see that dumb ass video clip on the Allhiphop rumor column about the frikin leprechaun (I know that’s spelled wrong). A bunch of bama (literally) Black people from Mobile, AL gathering for a sighting. *shakes my head*

    Whats wrong with these country bamas????

    March 23rd, 2006 at 5:54 pm
    All off the subject: Did anyone see that dumb ass video clip on the Allhiphop rumor column about the frikin leprechaun (I know that’s spelled wrong). A bunch of bama (literally) Black people from Mobile, AL gathering for a sighting. *shakes my head*

  28. uneckbone Says:

    i swear, i have never, ever, ever laughed so fuckin hard. it had to be a bunch of people get in on a joke. fuckin hilarious

  29. Blood Hound Says:

    I like Bezino bout as much as I like 50 cent…..

  30. eskay Says:

    somebody sent me that yesterday, I was gonna post it, but I was like naaaaaaah

    “it could be a crackhead!”

  31. uneckbone Says:

    no, my favorite part (by far), is the look on the guy’s face after he says ” errbody who seen the leprechuan say YEAH” wow, everyone’s gotta see it eskay, that post will go plat.

  32. uneckbone Says:

    and the dude whose great great grandfather from thousand((s) of years ago gave him a leprechaun flute

  33. The Cipher Says:

    i cant believe i just watched that stupidness… the leprechuan vanishes when you shine light on it, some people are just stupid

  34. G-town G Says:

    Eskay I feel u man all I do is read about hip hop and shit so I mean it aint really shit in them mags I havent read already

  35. G-town G Says:

    And Im gonna have to check out this leprechaun shit yall talkin bout

  36. E From BK Says:

    I’m probably three years clean. Those magazines are not impartial.

  37. luis Says:

    I’ve NEVER purchased a SAUCE magazine EVER and I don’t think I might in the future (XXL BABY YEAH YEAH) BUT how sick will it be and how fucked in the head would “bend over zino” and “gay mays” would be if they would see a cover of the SAUCE with Eminem and 50 cent together HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA WOW now that’s a must get cover LOL!!!!

  38. lone Nigerian Says:

    No seriously y’all, what is Benzino going to do now? besides calling ppl “slut monkeys”. I although I gotta give him a C for creativity on that one.

  39. lone Nigerian Says:

    didn’t need that “I” at the beginning of my last sentence

  40. uneckbone Says:

    luis, i believe both 50 cent and gunit along with eminem have all benn on the cover of the source under the ownership of benzino and mays

  41. timevslife Says:

    I cant wish any ill will on anybody, but they really fucked the magazine up.At least now maybe that shit will be worth reading.Dave Mays should have bought out or dumped Benzino a long time ago.A rapper/owner was a disaster just waiting to happen.He took his lil beef with em and turned it into the collapse of many careers.

  42. Kornphlake Says:

    Maybe now that Dave and Ray ain’t fuckin with the finances the Source can finally hire some proofreaders. Lord knows they needed some (they still may, I ain’t read it in a while).

  43. el_feces_loco Says:

    *crosses Mobile, AL off his list of cool places he’d probably like to visit one day*…I fucks with Zino..thats my dude, ….from smoking that sourdeez up in Harlem wit zab, huddy and geezy… to beefing with niggaz up in 1ii’s… to hangin out south beach burnin that lil haiti haze haha..you know that shit was green crack…you’s a cool paranoid azz dude…niggaz think companies run themselves, niggas dont realise the effort you put into that magazine..niggas take shit on face value….*Pours out a lil chamomile tea*…R.I.P my dude’s magazine…they killed the messenger and the message…niggas fear what they dont understand, hate what they cant conquer..If its one thing america loves more than a falling hero it’s… a hero that falls then gets back up…Zino if you reading this get back in the studio my nigga…Fuck Eminem…He gave us 50….Its disgusting how passive we ve become..white boys call our women bitches, call us niggas and we tell you(benzino) to shut up when you object to that…..theres 45 posts here if I take a poll and ask em why they hate you so much 30 of em will say somethin about how you look or rap, 15 of em will say because of how you ran the Source…but none of them will really know… Shouts to all my Mass niggas, R.I., murdapan niggas, the Rox.

  44. JB Says:

    who needs the source when you have websites like http://www.allhiphop.com


  45. KingML Says:

    i just read the unsigned hype section and throw it back on the rack

    fuck the source its boring

  46. Blood Hound Says:

    I love the Eminem and Benzino diss track even though it wasn’t a fair fight.

    It was like a Pitbull going after a toy poodle it just wasn’t cute…

  47. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  48. plug industries Says:

    Changing ownershop don’t have nothin to do wit the writers Dave Mays didn’t really have anything to do with the magizine.

  49. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ no benzino did, benzino actually went back and changed reviews his writers had given

  50. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    and on a side note, some of the guys in my office have been busting my balls recently about rap and they started cracking jokes about EM and asked me to play some for them so ive been listening to EM all morning ( you know the slim shady lp, marshall mathers lp and the eminem show ) and really all i have to say is god damn i miss that old eminem, the boy uses to spill his heart and soul out on every track, and came hard as fuck with damn near everything

  51. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    I have yet to really see a in depth discussion on here about EM yet, so ive grabbed some sharp objects and something to duck and cover with if some haters come at me hard, but its all good im like BUSH always ready for war.

  52. eskay Says:

    ^ we’ve gone at it about Em in some older posts before alot of you dudes were around. If you search his name you’ll probably find some. That reminds me, I just found a video of him taking dudes to school at the rap olympics back in like 97

  53. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    yea i was listening to that shit this weekend that shit was CRAZY

    i’ve got so many ways to diss you/ that i’m playful with you/
    i’ll let a razor slit you/
    till they staple stitch you/
    and everyone in this place will miss you/
    if you try to turn my facial tissue/ into a racial issue/
    nobody’s hearing you/
    you’re a wack liar
    damn, all your white jokes just backfired!/
    cuz bitch you walking up the wrong street
    go turn around and tell all your boys you were beat by a honky

  54. The Cipher Says:

    i tihnk its safe to say none of us hate benzino… we just think hes a joke… we cant take the guy seriously cause his raps are flop, he destroyed what was the best hiphop magazine point blank, his beef with em just made him look even worse then he already did… i mean cmon, how can we take someone like that seriously, and he dont even get love in his own city, wtf is up with that, i mean if he came with some rhymes that were worth listening to them maybe we would have something good to say, maybe if he didnt destroy the source by using it to hold his vendetta(and fail at that) then maybe you would hear something good about him out of us… but nope he doesnt have any of that… i never even heard bout the dude til he started fucking around with the grace and glory that the source was

  55. eskay Says:

    That nigga Benzino is the worst. He has the nerve to object to Eminem, and look at how he’s hurt hip hop. Is anybody that dense to think Benzino actually gives a fuck about Em’s influence on the black community? What the fuck has he done for the community? We all know dude is a fucking scumbag that I’m sure has done more damage on the streets of Boston than Em could ever do with his lyrics. Dude turned the magazine that pioneered hip hop journalism into a worthless rag. He drove away some of the most talented writers to ever write about our music with his antics because he can’t seperate the corner from the boardroom.

    Look at his reaction to the whole Julia Beverly situation. Not saying Julia was completely innocent, but that’s how a boss conducts himself? By calling up a chick and acting like a 14 year old? Everthing dude does is transparent, I don’t know how anybody can stick up for this guy.

  56. babyGirl Says:

    lol @ east coast dudes.

    well, I’m sure the staffis happy, hopefully the staff will keep the dream alive.. the Source used to be the shit..! They’ll have a fight cuz right now XXL is KING

    Anyway, I’m happy Benzino is out of the magazine business, I love the way he acted like it was his choice… it’s about time and I can only hope his music career exits just as shamefully… their whole hate campaight against eminem and Aftermath was just insane.. no merit it was a personal campaign and I didn’t appreciate them trying to make it seem like they are hip hop evangelists preaching that shit.. glad people saw through all the propoganda.. the last straw was when they took it upon themselves to bring back Ja Rule.. it was just nuts! I haven’t bought or stolen a source magazine in about 2 years.. I think this news is encouraging enough that I might pick up a copy…

  57. Luis Says:

    yo ukneckbone…..I understand BUT throughout the years you know there was ALOT of hatred towards one another so like I said, IT WILL BE SO SICK IF THEY WOULD BE ON THE COVER NOW HAHAHAAH!

  58. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ it would be the ultimate slap in the face in to dave and ray-ray

  59. The Cipher Says:

    ah i longed for the day the source would be able to start over and lose that fool who ruined it, and while bringing it back to the deserved title of the hiphop bible, it would disgrace the likes of which had tathered its beautiful reputations by bringing what those fool would call them enemy as a front cover of new hope… i tihnk we can all toast to that… *cheers*

  60. BBN2 Says:

    I don’t fuck with Benzino I bought 1 of that niggas albums an was hotter than fish grease. I really don’t condone talkin down on nobody less their bein offensive but that nigga shit is wack. I subscribe to both magazines some years ago when I was doin my bid an to see what the source was to what it is now is very unpleasant. Dude gangstered the white boy(mays)tried to market his music through the mag by dissin Em only to fuck hisself an make Em bigger. This the kinda shit that happens when niggas don’t keep it business. That magazine at it’s best was gauranteed money that niggas rappin was similiar to a side hustle(not promising). Now he done fuck the magazine off an I don’t think he’ll break any barriers musically. So basicly he fucked the money up not smart. Hopefully he has some side ventures that are lucrative.

  61. The Cipher Says:

    “what those fools woulc call, the enemy, as a front cover”… bad punctuation

  62. eskay Says:

    ***Real Talk Alert***

    From Part 2 of the Rakim interview at XXL:

    “That’s the main thing that me and Eric B used to do when we did our album; we didn’t sit down and try to make a single. We did 12, 13, 14 records on an album and after we finished the 14, we sat down and picked a single. But I think nowadays, people try to reach for a single or try to make a single. I just like to let it flow, man. I like the beat to tell me what to do and I take it from there. When I walk down the street for a young kid to say, Oh, that’s one of the greatest ever right there. That’s enough for me. I don’t have to reach.”


    Ok, carry on.

  63. MeccaJJ Says:

    Didn’t he give himself like 5 mics…LAME

  64. Benzino Says:

    Niggas talkin about Zino The Great? Slutmonkeys i’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

  65. The Cipher Says:

    HAHAHAHA… whos the imposter

  66. D. Billz Says:

    Slutmonkey… is that some Beantown slang?

  67. Benzino Says:

    Fuck Eminem, that bitch will never be, I, Zino The Great, right now i’m grooming my horse, but once I regain The Source, i’m coming back on a fuckin horse, just watch.

  68. Blood Hound Says:

    “Real rappers don’t respect you or take you serious, its not that we don’t like you we hate you period…” EM the great wrote that…

    *wipes tear from eye*

    I miss the old EM too…

    *cries like a Jada did while he was writing” Why?”*

  69. Benzino Says:

    I run Boston, aint no rappers come out of the bean unless i say so, i’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

  70. Blood Hound Says:

    I would never claim to be no Ray Benzino an 83 year old fake Pacino…

  71. D. Billz Says:

    *listening to Black Buddafly first single, not understanding why they didn’t pop*

  72. Blood Hound Says:

    Em the Destroyer…

  73. Benzino Says:

    I run the bean, aint no one gettin in unless i say so nicca, once i regain The Bible of hip-hop, which Jeremy Miller ruined, i’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

  74. KonishiwaBithces Says:

    take that horse to the track its over jokey

  75. Benzino Says:

    Me and my horse will never give up, i’m coming back on a fuckin horse. Eminem is a bitch.

  76. plug industries Says:

    hot lines from off the top of the dome,
    Check the web for the download to your cellular phone,
    I’ll be on top of the thrown,
    caddy brome sittin on chrome,
    million dollar home,
    sippin puple stuff out of stirophone,
    rhymes a thousand times hotter that benzihoe’s,
    feel me holmes?

  77. SoundNexx Says:

    The Source used to be just that when it came to hiphop! Whatever the Source said, hiphop heads believed. With all of the poli-tricks and sabatoge over the years, it is no longer credible at this point. Yes, there is may be hope for the mag if they covert from a fashion/advertisement mag, back to music?? With the large amount of hiphop sites (Allhiphop, HipHopSite) that have popped up over the years, magazines are not as important as they used to be. I am interested to see what the new and improved version of the Source will be like?

  78. eskay Says:

    *loves the Benzino alias*

  79. Benzino Says:


    The new and improved Source will have me, when i come back, the issue is going to show me riding my horse into the Sources offices

  80. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I cop XXL and The Source on the regular, for train reading material if nothing else, but they’ve both been kind of weak lately.

  81. eskay Says:

    yo ‘Zino, are you gonna actually ride the horse into the building and get on the elevator with it, or are you just gonna park him outside and stroll back in?

  82. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    I ain’t gonna eat/ I ain’t gonna sleep/
    Ain’t gonna breathe/ til I see, what I wanna see/
    And what I wanna see/ is you go to sleep/ in the dirt/
    Permanently/ you just being hurt this ain’t gonna work
    For me/ it just wouldn’t be/ sufficient enough
    Cuz we, are just gonna be/ enemies/
    As long as we breathe/ I don’t ever see, either of us
    Coming to terms, where we can agree/
    There ain’t gonna be/ no reason, speakin wit me/
    You speak on my seed/ then me/ no speakin Englais/
    So we gonna beef, and keep on beefin, unless/
    You’re gonna agree/ to meet with me in the flesh/
    And settle this face to face, and you’re gonna see/
    A demon unleashed in me/ that you’ve never seen/
    And you’re gonna see/ this gangsta pee on himself
    I see you D-12, and thanks, but me need no help/
    I do this one all by my lonely/ I don’t need fifteen of my homies/
    When I see you, I’m seeing you, me and you only/
    We never met, but best believe you gon’ know me/
    When I’m this close, to see you exposed as phony/
    Come on, bitch, show me/ pick me up, throw me/
    Lift me up, hold me/ just like you told me/
    You was gonna do, that’s what I thought, you’re pitiful/
    I’m rid of you/ all you, Ja, you’ll get it too!

    Now go to sleep bitch!
    Die, motherfucker, die! time’s up, bitch, close ya eyes
    Go to sleep, bitch!
    Why are you still alive? How many times I gotta tell ya, close ya eyes?
    And go to sleep bitch!
    Die motherfucker die, bye, bye, motherfucker, bye, bye!
    Go to sleep bitch!
    Why are you still alive? Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah…
    …Go to sleep bitch!

    and then obie comes in and spit the verse that really sold me on him being nice, i really thought obie was a just another d-12 clone until this beef popped up and he killed this and shit hits the fan

  83. Benzino Says:

    Dunno yet Eskay, i might do both, but when it happens watch out.

  84. SoundNexx Says:

    Thanks for the “real” froot loop scoop Benzino! U are one of my favorite rappers! :(

  85. Benzino Says:

    Go pick up my newmixtape

    Return Of The Horsemen, its fire

  86. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  87. Blood Hound Says:

    Ya gettin too close lil homie Blood got a complex,
    start shooting at bitches like three point contest,
    underestimating the kid,
    you gonna make pic and roll right stop and pop like jason kidd,
    And Eskay be a 100 and 10% behind me,
    in a Magnum behind tint doing 90,
    Gettin higher than Jordan in 90s,
    Gettin lit with a quarter of weed and a quarter of dro,
    Hollering at Luis trying to get up some mo,
    he told me to holla at plug cuz he only bout white like he is Kobe Oh!
    I could spit this like cam fa real,
    Make it nursery rhyme and talk about jack and jill,
    But I’d rather be jacking Jill,
    Cuz I heard from a bird that the word is she be packing pills…

  88. plug industries Says:

    dude these ain’t no written lines
    these is magical rhymes
    they was destined to return
    check the 17th sign
    sippen sutters home wine
    stayin on my grind
    f#ck what nas said dog, THE WORLD IS MINE


  89. Benzino Says:

    A horse is symbolic, i feel i will grab attention very well, wouldnt you be suprised if one of your old bosses came to the office on a horse? I know i would. I’m coming back on a fuckin horse, fuck the g-unit and eminem.

  90. The Cipher Says:

    hes gunna be on a horse cause thats the only thing that will stand by him these days lol… he’s prolly fucking the horse, making some animal porn for those cracked out perverts who are into that shit… run alongwith your stupid slut monkey saying horse riding gimmiky ass… benzino aint shit never will be shit, and the only reason we talking bout him is because were glad to see him finally go the fuck away and hopefully never come the fuck back… dudes wacker then to asians at a ping pong tournament putting it all on the line in a sudden death… stop dying your hair let the greys come in and stop faking yourself your old and useless, this is one dude who should know when to end his career… andi hope the real benzino sees this and take my advice

  91. Benzino Says:

    Benzino dont take no mans advice, i am above any man

  92. The Cipher Says:

    so your admitting you go on top LOL

  93. Benzino Says:

    I”m the best rapper ever fuck 50 cent

  94. The Cipher Says:

    so are you saying you were on top when you fucked 50???

  95. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  96. eskay Says:

    Zino, what you think of that Em dis track Biggums posted above? You’re better than Em lyrically right?

  97. Blood Hound Says:

    @ Plug

    It only is written When I’m listenin to nas,
    I spit so hot its used to heat up spas,
    Plus your girl givin me top in the cockpit,
    She wanted to stop get on top and see how the cock fit,
    I could sit all day talk about what ya wife did,
    But I’m gonna save ya the trouble & end ya so called life kid,
    We spit and post all day talking bout with the artists did,
    But I don’t spit cuz I slob like retarded kids,
    If I offended you ya should probably sue me,
    But its not my fault ya girl will probably do me,
    I feel I could fuck anything stroll pass me no braggin,
    Big dog dick swag is the status…so nasty,

  98. Benzino Says:

    eskay Says:

    March 24th, 2006 at 3:13 pm
    Zino, what you think of that Em dis track Biggums posted above? You’re better than Em lyrically right?

    Yeah i am, Eminem bites off my style, Jay-Z bites off me and Biggie

  99. The Cipher Says:

    omg, ben, how did you manage to go on top when 50 likes the top… lol hahaha fucking faggot

  100. Benzino Says:

    Benzino is the realest nigga in it, no nigga is like me, i’m so gangsta, i make Al Capone look like a cop.

  101. Benzino Says:

    50 fucks bros, i fuck hoes, get it right

  102. Dave Mays Says:

    Quit hatin on my good friend Benzino, he’s the the best rapper ever.

  103. eskay Says:

    Dave and Zino, SOHH just put up an interview with Jeremy Miller where he airs ya’ll out. Go read it and come back and give us your thoughts:


  104. Blood Hound Says:

    Lmfao @ Benzino

    Benzino>50? That just doesn’t add up as much as I dislike Mr. Cent I must say his skill far surpass Benny Boo Zino

  105. Dave Mays Says:

    My title is “Zino The Great aka The Best Rapper Alive” I’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

  106. Dave Mays Says:

    I alreay read that interview, i almost threw up, Jeremy Miller is a bitch, he aint down with the hood, i got love worldwide, fuck Jeremy Miller.

  107. Benzino Says:

    What Dave Mays said, that white boys down with the hood, unlike Eminem.

    Dave Mays Says:

    March 24th, 2006 at 3:18 pm
    My title is “Zino The Great aka The Best Rapper Alive” I’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

    Damn aint that the truth.

  108. The Cipher Says:

    ok theres mays

  109. Benzino Says:

    Well i gotta go brush my horse off, he’s been into alotta scraps lately, yeah niccas, even my horses are thugs.

  110. plug industries Says:

    dont make me blow the tec at chu
    in a all tan business suit just to confuse you
    open the beiefcase, dang what is he gone do?
    start poppin off yellow flames at cats…call me pikachu
    poppin pellits at ya top all the way down to ya tennis shoe
    you collapes only to notice yo babe’s right next to you

    nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, ni99as wont learn
    d4l dont care cause now they got money to burn

  111. eskay Says:

    # Dave Mays Says:
    March 24th, 2006 at 3:18 pm e

    My title is “Zino The Great aka The Best Rapper Alive” I’m coming back on a fuckin horse.

    ^^ looks like somebody forgot to change their alias name back huh?

  112. Benzino Says:

    My new album is coming out soon, i plan on selling 1,000,000,000 copies.

  113. Benzino Says:

    ummmmmm no…..

  114. Benzino Says:

    I ummm gotta go ummmmm, damn look at the time

  115. Benzino Says:

    But seriously though, know rapper can match my skills, i got what it takes to pay the bills

    WHOA! Zino the freestyle king!

  116. Blood Hound Says:

    If I remember correctly Hulk Hogan said he had a thing for Benzino….


  117. Benzino Says:

    When i’m back from going and plot ways to get back the Source, i will come back and ask you guys what you think of it, i tried that on SOHH.com but some EnglandRepresent homo keek on tellin me how much he likes my music and that i’m his role model.

  118. Bugsytheboss Says:

    bitch-ino and David Gays should have been kicked to the curb along time ago. But now there gone and get ready for the biggest come back starting with a G-unit cover with Mobb deep on it should get them back to selling and have the fans excited to read these mag again

  119. The Cipher Says:

    hulk hogans a fucking fruit

  120. Blood Hound Says:

    LMMFAO @ some one ACTUALLY liking benzino… Remotly let alone his music…

  121. The Cipher Says:

    eeewww mobb deep… there albums gunna flop worse then a fat kid doing a belly flop in a shallow pool… bloody money my ass… we all know its 50s money from those saburban wonna be gangster…

  122. Blood Hound Says:

    *laughing even harder at the fact MOBB DEEP has fans*

  123. eskay Says:

    I ain’t gonna lie, that Mobb Deep flop is gonna be the best.

  124. The Cipher Says:

    seriously… mobb deeps so fucking flop… ballerina P is just saying thingsto get into the lime light and assmuncher Havoc is clearly munching too much ass to realize how much shit hes really putting out there…

  125. plug industries Says:

    @ bloodhound

    You on top of my girl? Cool that gives me more time.
    CLick… Click… IM RELOADED. no dome shots Im aimin for yo spine
    now you ridin on 24’s
    but dog not the regular kind
    yeah you in wheelchair, cheer up, take it as a blessin
    What? You aint talkin now so I guess you learned yo lesson
    Oh and dont worry about ya girl, my stroke is impeckable
    Plug inc is the only man who can turn Queen latifa into a heterosexual

  126. Blood Hound Says:

    Belly Dancer P is only doing what the next man is trying to do…come up in life…its just a shame that he’s no good at it.

  127. Bugsytheboss Says:

    BLOODMONEY MOBB DEEP= platinum you heard it here first

  128. plug industries Says:

    Belly Dancer P. LOL

  129. The Cipher Says:

    platinum hahahahaha… thats if you buy all 1 million copies

  130. The Cipher Says:

    i’d be surprised if they sell 1000 more then yayo

  131. AGeezee Says:

    Man, that better be Benzino on there for real (as popular as this site is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a celebrity here or there behind these usernames), cuz it would take a SERIOUS homo to call themselves Benzino. Either that, or he grew up next to you and used to carry your mothers groceries or something.

  132. The Cipher Says:

    it was a stan… cause they messed up when there name was dave mays and said there zino the great

  133. Blood Hound Says:

    @ Plug

    Plug shut your mouth before I put a plug in that,
    Before I show you why they fear me and put a slug in that,
    When you was a kid you used to feel me where all the love went at,
    Wait I’m mistaking you for your moms what’s wrong with that?
    Talking bout wheelchairs you should feel blessed that YOU in it,
    Cuz I’m known to brake you off period and I aint talking a end of a sentence,
    I’m gangsta by nature been thuggin since it was invented,
    And what’s a heart of the streets if it aint got blood running in it?

  134. eskay Says:

    Luis is actually Yayo and BugsytheBoss is Spider Loc

  135. plug industries Says:

    Heart of the streets? naw dog I’m the brain,
    Ecxept I’m missin my ceribral cortex so,Ni99a I’m insane
    Yeah ya bloods in the streets literally, no body follows you
    Dude I’m sick, Imma rip your hair out folical by folical
    Mane, Imma sh sh shit on you like you was big Pun’s
    Blood Hound gone dog, Who’s next? I’m exepting applications

  136. The Cipher Says:

    this is the slowest moving freestyle battle ever

  137. Juss.Ten Says:

    i’ve been collecting the source magazines since they first started i got classic Source Mags im about to put on ebay for auction called “The Original Source” … lol I don’t give a fuck what happens now cause i ain’t got that same feeling I use to have back in the day.
    Snoop Doggy Dogg still in plastic, Ice Cube, Kriss Kross yeah way back when the graffiti on the trains and their comics if you know what im talking about…

  138. AGeezee Says:

    They both sittin up trying to think of something to say.

  139. Blood Hound Says:

    lol @ this being the slowest battle ever

  140. plug industries Says:

    @ Cypher

    uh oh Cypher up next to get it.
    He’s gonna feel the pain by plug pourin gas in his fitted
    Eat him flame broiled Thru my esophigas dam I just shitted
    Burp!! escuse me, Got heartburn due to my rhymes being the sickest
    I’ve been doin this for years dog, I didnt just get inlisted
    Dog let me slow down before eskay have me black listed.

  141. The Cipher Says:

    yeah as i said before… slowest moving frestyle ever… dont waste your time rhyming for me cause i really dont care what you gotta say… im here to talk bout hiphop not talk bout your flop ass trying to prove a point no one cares bout… aiight homie

  142. plug industries Says:

    ^^just tryin to kill time, holla

  143. The Cipher Says:

    aiight… i can respect that… still aint gunna battle though

  144. Benzino Says:

    I am hip-hop, I am blackness, I am darker than coal, and I’m gonna b like Moses and take all the black people across the Red Sea to a land where Chicken grows on trees, where Pac and Big still live, where Cristal flows out of the taps, where big booteyed hoes are plentiful and you have no fear of getting gonorhea, just follow Zino, the savior of black people.

  145. B-HEEZIE Says:

    BIGGUMS……….. OBIE’s ALBUM WUZ SIIIIIIIIIIIICK TO ME!!!!! I thought it was the best album of that year……….Cuento De VERDAD (true story)…….
    “Niggas when I step up in the bar, faggots wanna look
    like you motherfuckers got Obie Trice shook
    Like I’m gonna stand here as a man and
    let some queer ass funny looking nigga get the upper hand
    I got issues, got no time, got guns that mourn nigga’s moms
    shoot up clubs and destroy nigga’s vibes
    everybody running for their motherfucking lives
    Tough club niggas, we leave early, cock back surely
    open up your fade, your grey brain meets motor city pave
    your nervous system still twitch off Jay Z
    O’s an animals skirts get mirked
    don’t ever let a nigga tell you slugs don’t hurt
    don’t ever let a nigga tell you play the bar hard
    trust in guard it cause you’re about to catch a bullet scar
    I give a fuck where you from who you be with
    keep this a secret right by the nuts
    a 4-5 that’ll light niggas up and this 4-5 high make me not give a fuck

  146. B-HEEZIE Says:

    And I hate to Admit it, but even…(*whispering the next part) half a dollar spit some sh*t on that track……… (*looks around for Luis)………Peace Ya’ll……….Have a GREAT WEEKEND……. My Home PC is DEAD, so I only got access at the J-O-B. Later….

  147. eskay Says:

    Since this thread no longer has anything to do with The Source, let me tell you guys a good one.

    So waaay back in June when I first started this site I did a post about Superhead’s book right. So the other day this dude posts a comment on it and he’s one of these non-internet using motherfuckers who goes to a website and see’s a picture of somebody and assumes that it’s that person’s website and any comments he leaves will actually be read by that person. Yeah I know right, what fucking year is it.

    So anyway, I reply to dude with the name Karrine and a link to her offcial website. Dude fucking buys it, and emails me like ‘Yo what up Karrine, what’s popping”. So now I’m like damn, this bamma really thinks I’m Superhead. So of course I reply to dude, (now remember this is from my Nah.Right at Gmail address that has eskay as the name), and play along. Dude totally buys it and replies to me. So at that point, I’m like aight let me not fuck with homey anymore and I ignore him. Well today he emailed me again on some stalker shit, so I said fuck it, this fool is asking for it, so I replied again.

    Now my question to ya’ll is, would I be wrong if I kept money going for like a month and posted all of the emails here? I mean this shit has the potential for some real comedy and I just can’t help myself…

    *does Dr. Evil laugh*

  148. Benzino Says:

    Ok heres the scoop. i will send plenty of niggas with me, all on horses, than we will all stampede into the source, thats how we’re gonna regain it, sound good anyone?

  149. Lili Says:

    Es….keep playin him and post the emails on here….that’s the type of stuff I do cuz I have no problem broadcasting niggas’ stupidity.

  150. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Hey Eskay Do it Do it

  151. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    eskay ,”WHOOP THAT TRICK”!!! HA HA , and post that shit so i/we can humilate his freaky ass. fuckin nigga askin for it.

  152. Kornphlake Says:

    Yo eskay, you should get this douche to send you a pic of himself so when you post his emails and he goes apeshit, you’ll know who is comming to get you. Maybe you could send the pic to superhead so she can be on the lookout(on second thought let that snitch bitch get it).

  153. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Superhead took “care” of me once at my video shoot. But then I woke up and realized I was naked in bed and my dog was licking my balls…. :(

    p.s only joking people its a joke

  154. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    ^^^ I wasn’t sleeping!!!!

  155. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Ignore me people please I had a long night and I’m sleepy…

  156. plug industries Says:


  157. Jay Riches Says:

    My question is what kind of shit did BENZINO Have on DAVE MAYES? Anybody can see that Mayes Built that Mag, Not Benzino. So why did Mays let this Felonious Gangster come in and BOGARD shit ?

    Mayes, You gotta be a sucker for not Pulling Rank and Putting BENZINO IN HIS PLACE. Yo, he fucked your magazine up dog. YOU LOST ALL CREDIBILITY. YOU Went from a Pioneer to a pussy….. DAm

    You had mad love and respect from the industry, what happend? WHat does that bitch have on you – Cut his ass off B

  158. E to tha C Says:

    Umm…first of all, everyone spitting internet rhymes above, do you really think that cats are reading this board and checking your rhymes? Stop wasting valuable bandwidth – aint noone reading your bullshit.

    Secondly, cats surely know that XXL is nearly an arm of Interscrote itself!? Wilson even admitted he’s on G Units dick “Im down with G Unit.” he hollered in an editorial? So its the Source and Wackzino versus XXL and Shady/G Unit – and we know who won. XXL – theyre the same as the Source, pushing their own agenda – they just avoided scrutiny cos they were backing the winners (read: pop record sellers).

    And whoever said that print magazines were dead? What the fuck? Internet and blog bullshit can only take it so far – aint no fuckin way Im rocking my laptop on the train – fuck that, Im buying mags – and anyone who dont is a fucking BUM.

    Also, I admit it – I loved copping the Source shit while Wackzino was on his stampede – why? Cos this shit is part of hip hop history man – in years to come, cats will be talking about Em and the Source battle – and Ive got the magazines loaded with Zino articles from the era – they were hella funny, chock full of Zino and Made men ads n shit…

  159. VISAR Says:


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