Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops


Check out this documentary that will be dropping sometime in the near future about the battle between rappers and the hip hop police:

Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops is a documentary that claims U.S. police have been keeping secret dossiers on rappers and hip-hop executives.

Filmmaker Don Sikorski interviews Russell Simmons, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg and Damon Dash for his film, which also includes performance footage from Eminem, Fat Joe, Judakiss and Lloyd Banks, Daily Variety reports.

Police in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency have compiled an amazing amount of intimate, private information, Sikorski told Variety.

I was amazed at the volume of intimate, private information that this national network of police had gathered, Sikorski said. But the more I talked to artists and cops, the more I understood that this is a situation with few heroes and plenty of villains on both sides.

You always hear about these guys, but it really hit home when I was watching Game’s Stop Snitching Stop Lying DVD. Those dudes were following homey around the whole time he was in NY, I couldn’t believe it was really that serious. 

At some point I’m gonna do a more in depth post about the hip hop cops, but not today.

On another note, while I was looking for more info on this documentary I came across this story about a DA in Arkansas who not only spits, but actually battles dudes, some of whom he put in jail at one time or another. What could possibly be next.

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80 Responses to “Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops”

  1. uneckbone Says:

    before i even read what you wrote i wanted to same the same shit eskay. i heard pap holler all about hiphop police. and it made sense that they exist. but i had no idea what kind of presence they had until i saw that lame game dvd. shit is as bad if not worse than TNT

  2. grendel Says:

    Busta got some nerve appearin on that video…

    I need not elaborate.

  3. AGeezee Says:

    Man, who gives a crap. Rappers (and I’m a hiphop head (no homo) brought all this on themselves. You talk and glorify puttin a couple in a nigga and how many birds you move, now you wanna complain that the police is following you? That’s hilarious.

  4. Stone Says:

    >Rappers (and I’m a hiphop head (no homo) brought all this on themselves.

    True, but you don’t see cops following around the Klan like this, do you?

  5. eskay Says:

    so Ageezee, it’s acceptable to target a group of people because of their line of work? it’s acceptable that because some of them get into trouble they should all be followed around and have personal information collected on them? that shit ain’t cool for regular citizens and it shouldn’t be for rappers either.

  6. T Nelson Says:

    if you got Comcast On Demand there are snippets of the DVD under QD3

  7. zoid Says:

    performance footage from Eminem, Fat Joe, Judakiss and Lloyd Banks, Daily Variety reports.

    ^ is it jadakiss or ludacris ? *lol*

  8. eskay Says:

    ^ lol @ judakiss…I didn’t even notice that.

  9. Luis Says:

    Yo Ageezee I couldn’t agree with you more bro!!!!

  10. eskay Says:

    lol @ Luis entering a thread, looking to see who disagrees and co-signing them. it never fails.

  11. The Cipher Says:

    now man im sorry but these hiphop police are losing there minds… theres a thin line between surveillance and stalking… just cause a dude says “i will” doesnt mean hes “going to”… its ridiculous what the gov’t will allow… its not only an invasion on a persons personal life, but its just straight up discrimnation… why sugar coat it

  12. TheCipher Says:

    Co-sign with eskay.

  13. The Cipher Says:


  14. Fuego Says:

    I dont know why everyone is so suprised. The government is the biggest gang out there. They break the rules harder than anyone. So if they are out there putting survalence on rappers and the rest of the community, (Keep in mind thats only what you see, or dont see) imagine all the rest of the shit that goes on behind the scenes. If you think we’re entitled to privacy, Then im guessing you believe they really tax the nation to help the people. HAHA some shit need not be mentioned. Any time you making money or you become a voice others listen to Know that you will be a target. U have no rights, they just make you think you do. If the system want you bad enough you can kiss your ass goodbye.

  15. Fuego Says:

    sheek louch pun intended

  16. The Cipher Says:

    thats true dude… gov’t got our asses on lock… and thats real life shit right there… from out cellies, home appliances, computers, even when we walking in the streets… they know everything about us before we know it about us…

  17. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Hip Hop Police are gonna be after Eskay in a NY minute if he keeps posting sh*t like that……Eskay and dude from dallaspenn……..Biggums might get snatched up as a CO-D, just off G.P……….lol.

  18. TheCipher Says:

    He’s got him from behind.


    damn never thought about it like that (peeps out my window to look for surveilence vans ) naw im good for now damn never thought the hip-hop police would be coming for me but they might be now FUCK THE HIP-HOP POLICE all it is, is a group of angry white men that all these balck people are making money and influencing the culture of america, hip-hop is as big in the burbs as anywhere, yea some rappers do dumb shit and deserve to get popped ( dmx ) but some just get in trouble because the fuzz is like look there goes some rapppers lets pull them over i bet the got some refer and guns on them

  20. jersey Says:

    If you fightin crime Imean doing what your paid to do…then you shouldnt have to generalize or target a specific profession mainly hip hop……Sh*t wreaks of bias, and way of intimitation to bleed Bro of their cash…dont get me wrong…right is right and wrong is wrong, but really what is the real motive of creating special 50 to watch artist?…..Hip Hop has reached heights no one ever dreamed it would so im not the least bit surprise and nobody else should be…….guard your cash and yo ass!!

  21. jersey Says:

    very true fuego…very true!!

  22. jersey Says:

    Biggums if you gotz cable or satellite…they watching you type…lol

  23. Hulk Hogan Says:

    Irv is kinda cute in that pic

  24. jersey Says:


  25. Blood Hound Says:


    The gay wrestler speaks again.

  26. Blood Hound Says:

    If you haven’t noticed The G-Unit Crips are actually the Hip Hop Police.

  27. Blood Hound Says:

    If you haven’t noticed The G-Unit Crips are actually the Hip Hop Police.

    That’s the 50 in the background.

  28. Blood Hound Says:

    Now that time it wasn’t my fault

  29. Blood Hound Says:

    A screen popped up and called me a cowboy.

    It made me feel like that dude from nappy roots.

  30. beastnigga Says:

    where all these motherfuckaz at? well since i don’t give a fuck about flav, irv, cas, already said some shit about rakim , i’m gone post this. don’t fault me y’all started it earlier. the game comes on in 19 minutes. detroit is about to spank miami’s ass. detroit never shoulda lost to wack ass knicks but thats the nature of the BEAST.

  31. Damu Says:

    Lets be honest. If it weren’t for these punk ass hip hop cops, half the gangsta rappers out here would pack up and head home. Most these dudes talk the talk and walk the walk coz they know them fools (read: hip hop cops) got they back. Or at least watching.
    Shit, man…. I dunno… maybe they a good thing. lol

  32. Blood Hound Says:


    What the fuck is the world come to?

    Well I guess he could make it big 50 has.

  33. beastnigga Says:


  34. The Professor Says:

    The shady business of the corrupt NYPD cops (see: mafia cops) is really just an overarching problem of the entire police system, especially in NYC. There are underlying tones ranging from jealousy to racism.

    As a law student, a goal of mine is to openly challenge the hip hop cops in court starting by defending those arrested like Fab. Granted he was caught with guns several times, but I’m sure there were times when there was no warrant or voluntary consent. I think piece by piece dismantling the hip hop cops will not be impossible, and maybe then cops can go back to what they’re supposed to be doing (which in this day and age I’m not sure what that is exactly).

  35. eskay Says:

    ^ that’s what I like to hear Professor, break them fools down using their own system.

  36. TL Says:

    Yo Professor
    get your degree , pass the bar
    then tell me about your goals and aspirations

  37. beastnigga Says:

    is it just me or is hyphy music tha wackest form of music in tha rap genre? ” tell me when to go” (e-40) is tha stupidest shit i ever heard. no wonder big wasn’t feelin that nigga. he rated that bustah a zero on a scale 1-10. they love that dumb shit. and rock dreads like they just came out. they need a nigga like me out there to regroup. but fuck cali, them niggaz lost since they lost pac. all they shit garbage. hyphy,crumpers,clowners,tha slang all azz. niggaz fell off big time.

  38. eskay Says:

    yeah hyphy might be the only thing worse then snap….actually that’s a tough one…I can’t call it.

  39. eskay Says:

    actually lemme not prejudge, I’ve only heard maybe 2 hyphy songs…but damn if that tell me when to go isn’t the most awful thing I’ve heard this year.

  40. beastnigga Says:

    ha ha …. i know es, what tha fuck is that nigga talkin about? and tha video worse than tha song.!! i’ll tell ya when to go.NOW NIGGA !! RIGHT NOW!! THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT RIZE WAS THE BITCH WIT THA FAT AZZ!! livin out there must be like a zoo.

  41. eskay Says:

    ghostride the whip!

  42. Kornphlake Says:

    Where the fuck did this hate come from? Hip Hop cops to hatin on the west? You have to admit this is kind of a hard left turn here. Lets get back on the subject here, there is alot of potential in this thread. Let me learn sumthin.

  43. eskay Says:

    once again, not liking something has to = hate? why can’t we just not like it…

  44. The Professor Says:


    No need to worry, I’m almost there. I already go to the #1 human rights school in the country, so there is no better place to learn and strive for human rights on all levels, and this hip hop cop issue is one of my several passions. My big dreams are for equality and justice, not the paper chase. I’ll be aight being poor in some ways but wealthy in others.

  45. uneckbone Says:

    i feel you on everything except being broke professor.

  46. BBN2 Says:

    Nigga you entitled to ur opinion but fuck cali nigga is a overstatement I ain’t goin to stoop to ur level and diss a whole city because that’s pure ignorance on your part but yeastnigga EAT A DICK UP TO U HICK UP U BITCH ASS NIGGA!! Bring yo ass outhere poppin shit an get sent home stiff as a ironin board INSTIGATOR ASS NIGGA! KILLA CALI the place where B.I.G &PAC both got they life tooken nigga(no disrespect to the greats)but that’s truth. U DUMB ASS NIGGA BLOOD! It’s niggas like you that make black people look stupid Go head get your internet bang-on WE KNOW HOW U DO p.s. FUCK THE POLICE like KRS 1 WOOO! WOOO! That’s the sound of the POLICE WOOO! WOOO! That’s the sound of the BEAST!

  47. yeahisaidit Says:

    @once again, not liking something has to = hate why can’t we just not like it…?

    its not that some just don’t like something, (not meaning you personally eskay, i dig how you compose your blog), it’s that many are prone to go on an on about what they “don’t like” putting all this time and energy into that point of expression making it seem a little suspect, like there might really be something else to it…if you don’t dig something say so, move on and get to something you feelin’ and promote that shit or something…it’s kinda like meeting someone and they tell you what they don’t like or don’t do and then that’s all they speak on ad nauseam and you realize to get the hell away from their negative energy in favor of comrades who talk about and deal in what they care to do and are busy doing that, allowing a mutherfucka to soak up knowledge and learn, providing somethin’ useful to feed off of, progress with, and to pass on and shit…and let me clarify here, somethin’ as in real shit, not some corny ass shit… so yeah to state ain’t necessarily to hate but on the other hand if hatin’ is all you ever be statin’ get the fuck outta here…some fools mistake being critical with having a opnion and when you run into that type you have to feel sorry for ’em as you walking the fuck away from their ass…

  48. lone Nigerian Says:

    How do these hip hop dudes still manage to get in so much trouble with the cops on their arses?

  49. beastnigga Says:

    ha ha ha !!!! now how did you know i was a instigator? see look at this bitch!! i know who b on here even when u ain’t postin. i know who lurkin. i knew to call on my ole’ schizophrenic bitch, just to make it hot. you a pawn nigga. drop tha bbn2 and tell tha new niggaz why i call you schizo.(BENNY BO AND NUE 2) ME AND U DONE BEEN THROUGH THIS BEFORE. FUCK U FUCK CALI, AND IF I WAS OUT THERE I WOULD MAKE IT WHERE U AND PAC COULD SIP THUG PASSION AND HIT A L TOGETHER NIGGA. IF YOU GET MY DRIFT. U ONE PREDICTABLE AZZ NIGGA. THATS WHY U WOULD LOSE FUCKIN WIT ME. I KNEW U WAS THERE ALL ALONG. HOPE U LIKE YA EASTER PRESENT, YOU JUST MET CHRIST MOTHERFUCKA!

  50. BBN2 Says:

    This my last comment on you nigga then I’m done U a str8 coward nigga! Come to Cali nigga an pop that shit nigga! An stop hidin behind that keyboard. Nigga you get off on fuckin with people on the internet you must of been 1 of those niggas who suffered a lot ass whippins an rejections as a kid. Ur new name is posterboy(not the rapper)this is where u stick ur chest out. Instigator! That aint nothin to b proud of bitches instigate players congraduate nigga need I say more suck a dick an holla when u out WEST PEASANT!!!

  51. GET Says:

    Why do People Act all Surprise that Cops are following Rappers.

    95% of Rap Glorifies Violence and Drugs.

    Rappers Claim Gangs, Dipset, Jezzy, Snoop, Suge, Game, Spider etc.

    Rapper Stopped with Guns on them, Diddy, Fabolous, Banks, Buck, B.G., Jeezy, Prodigy, Master P etc.

    Rappers involed in Crime AFTER being Famous already, Tupac, Diddy, Shyne, Yayo, Buck, Cassidy, C Murder, Turk, Jezzy, Gucci Man, Jay-Z, Snoop, Eminem etc.

    What a Surprise Cops are following Game in NY, there’s a unsolved Crime that he was a part of, when some Gunit niggas shot his Boy.

  52. Blood Hound Says:

    Rappers, exec’s, or druglords that were envolved in a criminal case after beefing with 50 or someone he knows. Bangum smurf, irv gotti, Baby, supreme, cassidy, bmf niggas, the black dude from the brady bunch, the guy hunting with Dick Cheny, etc…

  53. Blood Hound Says:

    I know the paly by play just by looking at the photo.

    The detective escourts Irv outta the car and says “isn’t that Mr. Jackson or 50 cent”

    Irv looks and says “yeah. Why is he here?”

    Det “well he is the arresting officer. I’m only escourting to him.”

    Irv “What the fuck? Are you saying 50 is a cop? Does he work for you?”

    Det ” Ok. Lets see… 50 is not a cop he is a G-Unit Crip. And he does not work for us… We work for him…”

    Irv *with a stunned look on his face* “So Curtis is….”

    See how the cop is pointing at 50?

  54. joe 88 Says:

    ^^^^that’s some funny shit blood hound

  55. AGeezee Says:

    To Eskay:

    You said: so Ageezee, it’s acceptable to target a group of people because of their line of work

    I didn’t say that it was or wasn’t right, but it is what it is. If I’m going around claiming I’m a terrorist on my songs all day every, how can I complain cuz the police are watching me. It’s not necessarily a black/white thing, I mean, they wasn’t watching Luther Vandross or Will Smith like that. Rappers bring that on themselves. Then you have idiots like Young Cheezy and Cassidy that justifies the feds watching rappers like that.

  56. AGeezee Says:

    This street cred ish is causing self destruction to our people. I love hip hop, but the messages in the music is creating and endless loop of self destructive behavior in our community. Please don’t get me started… Rappers claiming they’re “reporting what’s going on in the streets” (one of the lamest excuses to spit “gangsta ish” ever), as if the 11 oclock news isn’t already doing a great job of letting everyone know how “ignit” we get in the hood.

    The kids see this on BET when they come home from school and they think that it’s really all about rims, expensive foreign cars, bangin model chicks with fat butts (ok, well, even I like to bang chicks with fat butts :-) , and selling weight. Over 70% black kids don’t have a father there, and mom’s is at work, so all they know is what they see on tv.

  57. DaReturn Says:

    It should come as no surprise, they been following influential BLACK voices around (notice I said BLACK) for years. From the black “terrorist” group the Black Panthers to Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, to rappers today, most famously 2Pac. Al l I am saying it will never change because of this country’s rich history of trying to destroy anything that don’t fit into their agenda; (Malcolm X’s assassination, Dr. Kings assassination) and even though Pac’s and B.I.G’s assassination on the surface had nothing to do with hip-hop police you know they could have done something to avoid it. I am looking forward to eskay future post on the Hip-Hop police.

  58. AGeezee Says:

    Man I’m so tired of people complaining about the injustice black people have in America. Like this isn’t the best country in the world, with more opportunity than any other country in the world. I’m not being nieve (sp) and saying that absolutely no injustice that exists, but we are a MINORITY. This is a WHITE MAN’S country. That will never change, B. Just accept it, smoke ya weed, raise your family, get rich (or die trying), and live a good life. At least that’s what I’M going to do. Much respect to our grandparents that REALLY had it bad, who couldn’t even take a s— in a clean bathroom, or couldn’t go into a white folks bar (I’m SO thankful, cuz drinks are mad cheaper at white bars).

  59. Luis Says:

    eskay Says:

    March 22nd, 2006 at 5:42 pm
    lol @ Luis entering a thread, looking to see who disagrees and co-signing them. it never fails.
    HAHAHA whatever man the facts hurt you always!!!!!

  60. cbrizzle AKA nujeru zalim Says:

    ageezie, thats some shit homie wowowowowow, sounds like yessa massa shit to me. fuck them. i will never accept this being a white mans world. shit homie we have more control over shit than u think. and and shit at any white spot around me cheaper than in a “MINORITY” spot.

  61. AGeezee Says:

    I’m not doubting that we have alot of control, there’s no question about that, if that wasn’t the case they wouldn’t be following the rappers, hiphop has an EXTREME amount of power in today’s culture, no question. That’s why they used to watch the black panters so close, because of their POWER.

    And I wonder why drinks are always cheaper at white bars… Anybody know?

  62. eskay Says:

    ^ cuz white people don’t treat a glass of Hennessey like its fucking holy water

  63. Ricky D Says:

    I think what some of you are missing is that NYPD has these various investigation squads and the “hip hop cop” squad (and yes it really exists) is probably a GREAT assignment for the cops on the squad, because all they do is follow around and try to gaffle a bunch of people they hate (young black men from the hood who are not only arrogant, but justified in their arrogance because they’re paid). Low impact, not much work too.

    So they have to make work for themselves to keep the hip hop police squad from going out of business. How do they do this? By arresting a lot of rappers and telling their superiors about all the crime the rappers are involved in, to make sure their sweet assignment persists for years.

    Hear me now and believe me later.

  64. BBN2 Says:

    Rap music is probably the most profitable genre right now as well as the most popular. The trip part about it is that they target rappers on a regular u got all type of government officials attacking our music but, it does’nt change the fact that they kids love it an love to emulate it. I think after BIG & PAC got killed that made the hip hop cops more relevent an, 50 added to that as well. The police don’t give a fuck about rappers killin eachother any niggas for that matter but, they don’t mind lockin our asses up forever. It’s like killin two birds with 1 stone. Reason I say that if they was so on they job then why do industry niggas an high profile mufuckas still get touched? I’m pretty sure there was some in the vicinity when Busta potna got touched. They trail niggas waiting for them to flip so they can lock they ass up. PoPo is definitely watchin & listening to hip hop an they taking that beef shit between rappers more serious then the actual rapper’s. The PoPo aint shit but a organize gang they got artillery,the right to whip yo ass,rob you, trained to kill you,yo hood is they hood. Where I’m from though when they get to grimey niggas pop on they ass. They jus killed 1 of my homies not to long ago. Rapper’s need to keep they nose clean an stop puttin all they personal beef on front street. Keep hip-hop hip-hop!! Anything after that take up in a undisclosed location an squabble or shoot it out. Jus make sure PoPo aint watchin

  65. G-town G Says:

    Shit it aint like they aint lookin at everybody info… If u a black man in America I honestly think they watching u in some way. Shit if I get pulled over for a DWB then shit u know the world is fucked up dawg u think it gets any better kuz u rap and got money? These mothafuckas dont wanna see a black man make it and they hate the fact that poor young blacks are gettin rich off this rap shit. They actually hate us man the system is against us. This DVD is great because it will expose the hip hop cops just the way they needed to be exposed but the shit wont just go away. We as black men need to start bein smart and not lettin them ppl fuck us over like that. NIggas just be worried bout gettin money and shinin and fuckin hoes dont nobody really care about makin a difference…

  66. DaReturn Says:

    They traded in the white sheets, for the blue suits.

  67. G-town G Says:

    ^^^^Aint that some shit…

  68. AGeezee Says:

    Yo, that was deep shun. But the main reason all we care about is sex, money and fame is because that’s all we see on the TV when we watching videos! It’s an ongoing loop. To the youth, and us grown ups alike, it makes it seem like that’s what it’s all about. It’s just how the subconscoius mind works. If JayZ and rappers decided to break the loop and start rapping about growing your net worth and saving and not splurging, everyone in the hood would follow suit.

  69. Aurock Says:

    On the last note, I knew this shit was coming. Like what gimmick comes after cartoonishly gangsta rapper? Answer: vigilante rapper (Death Wish-style). I mean, homey would last about as long as a Black president, but still, it’s gonna happen.

  70. E From BK Says:

    AGeezee Says:

    March 23rd, 2006 at 9:54 am
    Man I’m so tired of people complaining about the injustice black people have in America. Like this isn’t the best country in the world, with more opportunity than any other country in the world. I’m not being nieve (sp) and saying that absolutely no injustice that exists, but we are a MINORITY. This is a WHITE MAN’S country. That will never change, B. Just accept it, smoke ya weed, raise your family, get rich (or die trying), and live a good life.

    Why do you think this is the “best” country in the world? Is it really the best country in the world? If it is the best country in the world; who backs was this country built on? How do you know you wouldn’t have more of an opportunity somewhere else? Have you lived in another country? Why is this the white man’s country? Do you believe Columbus discovered it? Just accept it? Accept what?

    I ask all of those questions because to me it seems as though you have lost hope for yourself and your race as a whole. Imagine once the slaves gained freedom and they said; it’s all good, we are free now, let’s just chill. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? I’m not accepting shit! What good is me living a good life when my brother is struggling? We have alot of fun on this blog and go back and forth at each other. East vs. South, West vs. Midwest etc., but to be honest, if my people are doing bad in New Orleans I’m not going to be indifferent to their situation. When I see kids in my community fuckin’ up, I stop them and kick it with them. Imagine if I just decided, I’m living the “good life” fuckem. That shit will revisit you in some way or fashion. If you plan on having kids they may have some then so on and so on. We can’t just fall back man. If Nat didn’t complain, if Harriett didn’t complain, if Martin didn’t complain, if Malcolm didn’t complain then where would we be? Imagine if the just wanted to live the “good life?” I’m not saying action is for everybody, but don’t discourage the next person if they want to see change and are not content with “living the good life.”

  71. eskay Says:

    >>Why do you think this is the “best” country in the world? Is it really the best country in the world?

    Agreed. I hate when people say shit like: “Oh if you don’t like it here then move” Fuck you, I was born here and I have every right to criticise my country (not talking to you ageezee, just saying). Like for real, my family is from Barbados, and sure there aren’t as many economic opportunities there, but you can bet your life that if I could I’d go live there in a heartbeat. motherfuckers be acting like if you go to any other country in the world you’re gonna be oppressed and lose all your civil rights. Shit man, I’ll fuck around and go to Canada and get my free healthcare on.

  72. babyGirl Says:

    the dossiers are REAL I saw it on the smokig gun site a few years back or so. THey had e’rybody on there jay, diddy the works.. lil kim all of them.. and even fabolous! it’s nuts.. Fab raps about them too so lookslike it’s real. But we already kow it’s real it’s like they visit nahright and SOHH and allhiphop and just trail these guys.. or maybe they trail them before they’re major rappers and they don’t stop because they sold a few hits.. but ever notice as soon as someone makes it big they catch a case? Jeezy, T.I. Cassidy and so on? Notice they never explain why exactly they catch these rappers or why they were in the vicinity at all to catch someone with an illegal weapon or driving drunk or something or the other? it’s bullshit as far as I’m concerned.. I mean most of these aren’t even serious crimes ( aside from Cassidy ) take lil kim for example… 1 year for tellign a lie?

  73. E From BK Says:

    We might be cousins Eskay. I have that Barbados background as well.

  74. eskay Says:

    ^ Oh word? It’s always good to connect with a fellow Bajan. I knew there something extra official about you dog.

    Did you catch my post a while back about the 10 most influential West Indians in Hip Hop? We hold down two spots on that bad boy.

  75. E From BK Says:

    I’ll have to check that out.

  76. eskay Says:


  77. Blood Hound aka Slum Lord Says:

    Hell what about Latinos in hip hop? Es pop it off one day for a nigga…

    Isn’t Olivia 1/3 west indian?

    See’s like Cuban, west indian and something else…. Oh yeah MAN!!! Just kidding but there is a 3rd race in there somewhere.

  78. E From BK Says:

    Thanks eskay. Oh yeah, what Blood Hound mentioned would be hot. That’s my other half, viva Honduras!

  79. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Rap Sheet: Hip Hop And The Cops Trailer Says:


    Rap Sheet: Hip Hop And The Cops Trailer

    I posted about this back in March. It finally drops this week.

    This […]

  80. maatsword Says:

    the dossier may be real, but the filmmaker is a fake. he bootlegged his own film – its out now as “Hip Hop Police” – screwed the producers, the crew and much of the talent out of credit and money. he also claims the IRS is investigating him because of the dossier, but he was being investigated long before he got the dossier for questionable amounts of money passing through his accounts. he’s a white dude who claims he’s an investigative reporter but never made a film before this, and lied about basically everything in his past. his credibility is whack and he’s now doing an exploitation film called Joe Homeless, one notch above bum fights.

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