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Used To Rock the All Black…


…Movado, all black Eldorado/
all that and a Bottle of Dom P.

I’m so mad he’s rocking that.


Courtesy of alltheparties.com as seen @ Concrete Loop

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50 Responses to “Used To Rock the All Black…”

  1. She's So Real Says:

    And with fingerprints all over the front of it. damn shame.

  2. Blood Hound Says:

    Flava done crossed the line yo

  3. The Cipher Says:

    man thats flav to the max… cant hate that shit right there… if it werent for him so many people wouldnt know how to read face clocks lol… and you know its true… lol

  4. Blood Hound Says:

    1st he tried to get his image back and do the sell out show “surreal life”

    2nd he tried to build on his sell out image and did the ” flava of love” show

    3rd he changed to big stop watch to a movado, and that’s truely some sell out shit.

  5. The Cipher Says:

    HAHAHA… what man cant get a nice designer clock… i admit the shows were a bit fucked, but this is aiight too me… every buddies aloud to step there game up, even old school dudes

  6. BkLyNMamii Says:

    I’m so mad at that dam oreo jacket

  7. Absent Says:

    he’s….wearing a coat of snack brands…

  8. The Cipher Says:

    you know, if you think bout it… i think hes trying to tell us something with that jacket… “Oreo”… the smart ones will get that right away

  9. Blood Hound Says:

    I feel cipher I just miss the old flava but I guess everyone is due to have a change once in awhile

  10. beastnigga Says:

    bloodhound why are u dbl postin’ it throw me off. i be thinking it more ppl on that might wanna get what we gone call from now on “THE RULES AND REGULATIONS”

  11. The Cipher Says:

    man if i rocked a jacket with cookie brands on it, it would have to be fugee’o… lol

  12. strong chef Says:

    yo i cant lie, his shows are funny shit

  13. sharonda Says:

    I like Oreos

  14. dCs Says:

    i got that hat. shit looks whack on him though…. he needs to start actin like hes 50 years old, man. this young dude shit isnt workin for him

  15. KingML Says:

    I cant hate on Flav cause if i was 48 and hadnt been making money since the late 90s id probably be happy as hell to have a tv show and be making money for doing stupid shit like that.

    he is probably making more now than with public enemy. mr christie (i think thats who owns oreos) probably paid him like $10,000 to wear that coat out

    like “yeah flav loves them oreos, everyone will be down with us!”

    so flav knows he is just selling out and knows its easy money and its no real harm so fuck it, a little integrity for some paper.

    isnt that what the “rap” game is all about?


  16. Kanye's tiny jacket Says:

    FLAV needs a tiny jacket

  17. nyquil Says:

    the nigga has gotta eat, right? what’s he suppose to do, start his own label? this poor old fart doesn’t even have the energy (or time left) to put out a couple of tracks. like every other used and exploited artist or athlete, even though he’s a delusional, weak, embarrassing, messed & washed up used-to-be, this fuckin’ circus he’s in, puts food on the table. (and maybe even some crack in his system).

  18. the green eyed bandit Says:

    why cant flava forever rock the outfit he wore on saturdaynightlive? jordans before they were out, nylon nike track suit, a decent sized white clock, and completing the ensemble…the whitch hat!

  19. jersey Says:

    All I gotz to say is …..YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH BOOOOOOOYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!….lol

  20. Raise_up_ent Says:

    flaor flav kickin it

  21. Preacher Says:

    Sell-out. Damn shame.

  22. plug industries Says:

    ****Any connection with the Oreo coat and dating a white women?****

  23. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    “crack is a hella of a drug”

  24. AGeezee Says:

    Quite possibly, you know Oreo nuccaz run in abundance where we went to college at. I don’t see nothin wrong with Flav taking advantage of the moment and gettin paid. He’s ugly, washed up, and says stupid stuff, which is one of reasons why people are intrigued to watch these doggone shows. That’s just called leveraging your strengths.

  25. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^ Flav went to college? Where at? Crack Cocaine Community College?

  26. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^^Dang I can’t read …….. Nevermind……….

  27. Raise_up_ent Says:

    lol@ crack cocaine community college

  28. eskay Says:

    speaking of minstrel shows, that new Little Brother and Drama mixtape is pretty hot.

  29. Luis Says:

    ^^^ yo eskay I agree lol. as for flavor flav lmfaoooooo wow what a gimmick!!!!

  30. Jellos Says:

    Flav is a hottie.

  31. D. Billz Says:

    I agree with green eyed bandit, dude used to be fresh… lol @ eskay, I need to go cop that and add it to my Little Brother collection. Who would of thought that at one point in Flav’s life, he could play 13 instruments?

  32. Ricky D Says:

    Believe it or not Flav is a college graduate. He has spent his life getting over on acting crazy but he is not stupid, or on crack (anymore).

  33. co sign Says:


  34. The Cipher Says:

    aiight well i just got out of a nice shower after a beautiful sleep and after some significant though i think the reason he’s rocking all this gear is maybe because these people are sponsoring his show… think bout it, they pump money into his show and all they ask is for him to rock there gear… it makesw complete sense and if anyone argues that i’ll kick you in the shin *pointing at the arguers*… as for the oreo comment no it has nothing to do with white women… keep trying… also little brothers some hot stuff man(im talking bout there music)

  35. eskay Says:

    I can’t believe ya’ll are reading so much into Flav’s jacket. It’s a motorcycle jacket, I know ya’ll have seen them before with the M&M’s and Nestle’s logos.

  36. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Good for FLAV……… dude got like 100 kidz man……he gotta do what he gotta do to pay that child support.

  37. The Cipher Says:

    its a nice jacket we all gotta admit

  38. the green eyed bandit Says:

    remeber when the flavinator broke both hands at the same time? imagine how much that would suck for you or me. Then imagine peeping him and his crew at olive garden (he likes the endless saladbowl) and his boys having to feed him. I dont wish harm on no man, but that image is priceless.

  39. D. Billz Says:

    The race car jacket movement kinda played now, but he a old head so he can get away with it. And what college did he grad from?

  40. eskay Says:

    lol @ (he likes the endless saladbowl)

  41. el_feces_loco Says:

    I’d fuck a hole thru the back of hoopz neck, put a shoestring thru the hole, then rock that…..The Hoopz Clock.

  42. eskay Says:

    >>And what college did he grad from?

    I believe he graduated from Adelphi. His pre-PE days are very well documented in Jeff Chang’s book Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (which is an incredible book BTW)


    Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  43. The Cipher Says:

    ^^ i might be reading that wrong, but that just seems kinda fucked up homie

  44. G Off Says:

    lol @ seeing Flav rock the same hat as you (keep your receipt)

  45. dascripta Says:

    i cannot believe anybody is even still using the term “sellout”. Fools only “rap” these days to get into movies, commercials and to get clothes and shoe deals….mchammer paved the way. Flavor of love was the highest rated show in VH1’s history, that’s pretty good for a “crackhead”.

  46. busco Says:


    Yo son, these jackets been out. Ya’ll act like ya never see these jackets before, like fo real son errbody where them. Some of you sound like school kids. Like really mad niggas is wearing these jackets. Like this is crazy. no one has seen the cingulars and the budweiser’s and the m&m jackets. Like, where have some of you been?

  47. UrMans&Thems Says:


  48. B-HEEZIE Says:

    5:04………it says so right under your name homie……..lmlao……

  49. Benzino Says:

    Flavor is so poor i had to buy him that jacket and hat.

  50. MySteeK Says:

    hes fuckin stupid

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