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Treach & Lord Jamar On The Sopranos


Treach of Naughty by Nature and Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian are scheduled to appear in at least one upcoming episode of The Sopranos on HBO. According to this reviewer the two rappers are really going to get to flex their acting muscles and step out of their depth in their roles as…thugged out rap stars. Gee, I wonder if they can pull it off. It’s great to see the producers are utilizing them for their respective talents and not just typecasting them [/sarcasm].

Treach and Jamar both previously appeared on HBO’s hugely successful, if completely inconceivable prison drama, Oz. Not for nothing, but Treach has always been one of the hip hop’s most underrated lyrcists in my opinion. Jamar and them always got a certain amount of respect, but Naughty was always kind of brushed off as being somewhat gimmicky, which they did bring upon themselves, but it’s still too bad. 

Sidenote: Anybody remember when Treach did that porno flick? Well it turns out that there are alot of screenshots from that bad boy floating around the internet, so you may want to tread carefully if you ever do a image search for Treach. I’m just saying. Nullus.

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16 Responses to “Treach & Lord Jamar On The Sopranos”

  1. p1 Says:

    love and a bullet wasnt bad, either

  2. dCs Says:

    yo eskay would you honestly expect them to want to take the role as the respectful father figure in some ABC made-for-tv movie? no one forces them to take the work, man. they aint gonna be cops, they arent gonna do romantic comedies, they arent gonna be in a comedy (well, maybe), so they should do what they know. im sure theyre feelin what youre sayin too, most rap stars are type-cast like that. but, that feelin probably goes away once theyre next in line to see the bank teller.

  3. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:


  4. eskay Says:

    Ice-T makes a slightly believable cop. I really don’t care, I just have a problem with sarcasm.

  5. Big Grizz Says:

    Has anyone seen or heard anything from Sadat X.

  6. The Cipher Says:

    yeah, dudes got a nice flow… not much dep to his name though, but he’s a sick lyricist

  7. G Off Says:

    LOL @ eskay hitting “Back” on his keyboard as quick as he could to get out of the Treach porno pictures!

  8. DA_REaliest Says:

    they suk who cares!!!!!!!!!!

  9. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah this dude is definitely 12

  10. KingML Says:

    As long as they can act better than Ludacris I’ll be happy.

  11. D. Billz Says:

    Yeah, Ludacris has to be one of the worst rapper actors @ King ML. I think he’s right up there with Nas’ performance in Belly (remember the scene when Nas got shot?). I mean, if I get shot I think I’d be a litte more emotional than that. But anyway, I guess Jamar and Treach figure that work is work. Btw, anybody know if that Jamar album dropped that was mostly about 5 Percent Nation? And yeah, Treach is/was definitely underrated as an MC. Off the subject, but not really: anybody who wants to be on The Wire should check out HBO and take the short trip to B’more. You might actually get casted for the show. Being that most of the actors aren’t even from my city anyway (go figure). I think that’s why I don’t watch it, because it doesn’t seem authentic to me. The accent, mentality… nada.

    Did I just go on a tangent? Lol.

  12. Luch Says:

    Sopranos is the shyt!!! best show on TV!

  13. cbrizzle AKA nujeru zalim Says:

    thats whats up. for some reason when i see treach all i see is chain around the neck, bandana, and baseball bats. i gotta admit duke is gimmicky as fuck


    luch – its a great show defintely one of the best but god damn if the last episode wasnt garbage

  15. Luch Says:

    yeah last weeks episde (s6e2) was wack… its all good, episode 3 looks crazy..

  16. MySteeK Says:

    chea the buildup for week 4 looks good . haha, last week dude got shot in the ass to jump-off his rap career….lol

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