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T.I. – King Back


Here’s a track from T.I.’s upcoming album, King. This is called King Back, is produced by Just Blaze and samples the theme from The Exorcist. Between this and What You Know, I’m looking for this album like Kennedy Jr.

T.I. – King Back 

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181 Responses to “T.I. – King Back”

  1. Blood Hound Says:

    This album is gonna be crazy, TI is making a nice come back since he was on BEEF III with Lil Flip making themselves look gay (no offense g-unit stans)

    TI is not the king of the south but I’ll give him the Knight title.

  2. Damu Says:

    Nice. Just Blaze is on fire right now. I heared the new Ghostface album. (I would post links 4 it, but i don’t think tha boy would have that.) Even though the advance version of, ‘The Champ’ is better that the one they have submited 4 Fishsclaes, Just Blaze is Blazin’ niguhz right now. Word!

  3. 613's Natural Born Hustla Says:

    ^ya that beat is too ill

  4. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    whut happend wit tha ni99a lil flip i aint seen beef III yet….

    T.I.s last album was good on under&over ground level…so dis album shud cement him even futher in hip hop history

    T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally)
    aint scrface that tru king tho!

  5. el_feces_loco Says:

    Fuck T.I’s music…Im not on no global love shit this mornin, Im from NY, I am tired of this bullshit..niggas make a whole 4 minute song and all the words on all 3 verses rhyme with “tylin” or “shinin” or “fantasy island” this shits not rap this is a fuckin recital or some shit. Im not hating on T.I. as much as Im hating on change..I used to think hip hop would live forever,..now with all these southerners startin “snap music” and “hyphy” and “crunk” hip hop will be dead in less than 10 years..Rap right now is like coke back then ..it could be %80 percent pure when it leaves here but by the time it gets to charlotte, or arizona it will be like gold medal flour, been stepped on and mishandled so many times, ..the other institutes of “hip hop” have been killed(dj-ing, b boying, tagging etc), we dont even dress the part of hip hoppers no more…these niggas look European more than anything, big stupid lime green glasses, tight azz silk shirts and jeans with glitter paint and diamond colored fake diamonds mixed in with rubys…this shit is sickenin. …so no T.I. you aint King of shit with those tired azz raps, I cant recite one line from all of T.I.’s albums that ever meant somethin to me, or taught me something I didnt know…these mofukkas runnin round with grills like they invented the shit..man the south had the rap crown for the last 5-6 years and aint doin shyt with it but dancin round and chewing laffy taffy…give it back to the real KINGS.

  6. Blood Hound Says:

    TI and FLIP had or still has beef with one another. It began when Lil Flip did a show in atl while TI was in jail. Lil Flip told the stans at the show to tell TI game over, then he opened the show up with “Game Over”.

  7. el_feces_loco Says:

    Im not anti south(crap)..Im just pro north(rap)….I know someone gonna call me a hater or ignorant or whatever…SO ILL SAY THIS…I love scarface, lil webbie,(Im actually knockin him and boosie as I type) UGK, the old 3-6’s MUSIC. This new crunky hyphy shyt is kiddy porn to me.

  8. Blood Hound Says:

    @ El loco

    You have the right to your own opinon, but once you start saying shit like “these southerners” is when you cross the line home boy, I was born and raised in the south and I feel if you can’t keep up with this so called change get the fuck outta the way. If you don’t like TI’s music good for you, but don’t ever insult the south…

  9. Blood Hound Says:

    True lovers of hip hop… Love all hip hop not just music from one coast….

  10. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    see all this crunk,hyphy,snap dat shit gona break hiphop apart…..right now in london they rap is just takin off……but they doing it backwards

    we started hiphop as a whole but its breakin off into its own lil pieces

    in tha uk rap isnt anything big ..yet. they all got they own lil pieces, grime which is more of a dance genre but is big overthere, den they got rap which isnt big because of tha uk market but by tha time they mix it all an work out a way to really make money..we might be lookin to tha uk soon for that ‘real shit’.

    i just came back from london da other month an they underground rap shit is raw like 80’s n.y. rap….but more londonised if u get whut i mean
    oh yea an S.A.S. dont get love in london either!…i was as shocked u

    T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally)

  11. distinkt Says:

    T.I.’s lyrics aren’t that bad by today’s standard, but he needs to work on his flow. At times, I can’t help but think that other rappers in the game could make a much, much better use of the beats he gets.

    The beat is definitely hot on this song, but a rapper can’t spend like half of a minute just talking right in the middle of the song. Save it for the end, or if needed, at the beginning. T.I. does it at the beginning, middle, and end.

    Beat saves the track. The track as a whole gets a 3/5.

  12. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    @ bloodhound

    so yr sayin laffy taffy is hiphop?…made for us by us??

    naw homey

    T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally)

  13. Blood Hound Says:

    You can not compare d4l to TI they suck, that’s like comparing Yayo to a real rapper. Yayo also sucks…

  14. Blood Hound Says:

    I once said I would love to see D4L, Yayo, and Silkk the Shocker make an album together feat. Afroman and Chino XL. In my opinon they are the shittiest so called rappers out…. And it’ll be cool if they had a track with 50 singing the background, along with Ja.

  15. the green eyed bandit Says:

    I have to disagree with el loco on the statement that the other elements of hip hop are in decline (paraphrasing). If you take a look they have all evolved and gotten crazy ill! case in point b-boying. check out some vids. yeah you may not be seeing dudes doing it on every corner in whatever block you live on but there are way more people doing it – and inovating – on a worldwide level. This can be said for djing and graf as well. the only difference between these aspects and rappin is that you cant walk 2 feet without stubbing your toe on a rapper, video, song on the radio, etc. Its SO out there and in your face that its easy to forget the other shit is alive and well.

  16. joe 88 Says:

    i dont know how ya’ll feel but to me T.I is 1 of the hottest if not the hottest thing out period. north south east west for real dude hasent dropped a bad album yet. and alot of thest artist that be getting treated like superstars drop wack albums im not a dip hater or juelz hater but truth be told his new album is garbage yayo album garbage beans last album (forgive me beans i still rocked the hell out of it) garbage compared to his lyrical abilities. getting to the point what makes you an complete artist isnt JUST how many battles you won or how many mixtapes you got or where your from its about composing a group of that sounds good together so people won’t be dissapointed when they spend 13.99 for your cd. and in my opinion T.I does that very well.

  17. D Billz Says:

    I’m not gonna front, the beat is sick but I would have rather heard someone else kick a few verses on it. I agree with distinkt and el_feces_loco to a certain degree. I’m not anti-South either but I just miss the East Coast lyricism that was made a staple in hip-hop when it first begin. B-boying, DJing, and Graf does seem to be a lost art these days. But a lot of this stems from the big part that corporate America plays. Maybe I’ll elaborate in a later post.

  18. AK Says:


  19. AK Says:

    @ Blood Hound

  20. AK Says:

    Haven’t heard the song yet, but the album cover is pretty nice.

  21. R.P. McMurphy Says:

    “B-boying, DJing, and Graf does seem to be a lost art these days”

    Jesus Christ shut up.

  22. Raz LDN Says:

    datz y i think green is the greatest mixtape dj of our time. the format of his mixtapes is what hip-hop is all about. Like dj premier said ”if u dont have scratchin, mixing and other forms of DJing………then all u got is a compilation”

  23. el_feces_loco Says:

    @Blood..Imby no means a real hater Im an objective hater,I didnt mean to generalize the whole south but its not that easy not to….I remember when west coast rap took off, even though there was king tee and nwa screaming fuck the police and that real nigga shyt there was also a KAM or souls of mischief(tho corny) there were other topics that they spoke about besides gangsta shit and even tho most of the conscious shit back then was corny there was still a BALANCE…..Where is that M.C. from the south thats rappin about down south slave shit, and black togetherness?….Of all people southern cats should be making some crazy rebelliuous raps right now, given the shit yall goin/been thru…but Nah Right?…niggaz wanna party and go get grillz with there F.E.M.A checks …All the shit yall do sound the same..same shake booty bounce shit..basically what Im sayin is the southern MC’s have no balance. Coprorate America is feeding off you guys cause yall too busy dancing, watchin dancers, fallin in love with dancers, dancin for dancers or letting dancers sip outta your pimp cups….where is the BALANCE?..I know street gangsta (NY) rap can be weak too but, I admit, but at the same time I can maybe rap about violence from a million different angles, both negative and positive…I can either rap about shooting or getting shot at….selling crack or smokin crack….how many angles can i rap about strippers, candy paint and drinkin?,….Yall adding too much water and not enuff sugar to this drink we call hip hop.

    PS..I normally dont care about sharing my opinions on music online but after seeing/hearin “what you know bout that” (t.I. other single) I just dont get what the fuck yall tryna add to the game…that shyt is corny.(to me)..this whole im a king shit is corny(to me)…

  24. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    HAHA…………is b-boying and graffin relavent to hiphop these days??

    i mean if i see someone b-boying on my corner i might watch fa a hot minute then im bouncing….and tha only graffers round here are youngers tryna make a name for themselves but they aint got real graf skills…some heads will look at you like ” whut tha fuk are u sprayin and gettn chased about trainyards for? dats some young shit”

    T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally)..heading fa 5x

  25. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    el_feces_loco Says:

    March 19th, 2006 at 2:32 pm
    All the shit yall do sound the same..same shake booty bounce shit..basically what Im sayin is the southern MC’s have no balance. Coprorate America is feeding off you guys cause yall too busy dancing, watchin dancers, fallin in love with dancers, dancin for dancers or letting dancers sip outta your pimp cups….where is the BALANCE?..I know street gangsta (NY) rap can be weak too but, I admit, but at the same time I can maybe rap about violence from a million different angles, both negative and positive…I can either rap about shooting or getting shot at….selling crack or smokin crack….how many angles can i rap about strippers, candy paint and drinkin?,….Yall adding too much water and not enuff sugar to this drink we call hip hop.

    [ill co-sign dat too….T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally)]

  26. Blood Hound Says:

    @ el

    BOY WHAT!?!? You can’t be serious. you actually believe the only things southern rappers talk are dancers and candy paint?

    True SOME of the rappers down here focus on the things the managed to come across either before or after they got a deal. But that’s just like you bragging about your car to your friend particularly if you came from nothing, you just want everyone to know you made it, and at the sametime eastcoast rappers do the samething, that’s what you call being happy about your accomplishments.

    But rap in the dirty is just that dirty, grimy, hardcore, violent and drug focused.
    That’s why its called the Dirty South.

    And that lil FEMA statement you said was fucked up and a low blow that real talk.

    Only a bitch made ass nigga would say some shit like that. If this were a face to face convo I probably woulda shot you or somethin. Alotta people died down here from that storm it flooded my city killed a few of my family members and you have the ignorant mind set to say some shit like that?

    And BTW not everyone got FEMA money, I know I didn’t and I’m still doing it big. And for the ones that did get it, let them get grillz let them party, if that’s how they wanna deal with it so be it. Let something major happen to NY so I can see how you deal with it El. (Not putting a bad omen on NY)

  27. AK Says:

    Both Blood and El have valid points.

    Can we come to a comprimise?

  28. joe 88 Says:

    ^^^preach brotha

  29. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    Only a bitch made ass nigga would say some shit like that. If this were a face to face convo I probably woulda shot you or somethin. Alotta people died down here from that storm it flooded my city killed a few of my family members and you have the ignorant mind set to say some shit like that?

    DAMN!!…..tru story! r.i.p to your peeps blood..i lost a couple of my real ni99az in that fucked up situation…still aint heard from em, dats fuckd!

    T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally)
    south still fuckin up hip hop tho……

  30. Conan Says:

    “so yr sayin laffy taffy is hiphop?…made for us by us??”

    If that’s the standard you’re going by…hip hop hasn’t been hiphop since Public Enemy. You just called Tupac, Biggie, and Wu Tang non hiphop.

  31. Fait Says:

    its pretty good, i got this album while back pretty sure gorrillarms had this album put up awhillllle ago.

  32. reggaetonslasher Says:

    did i hear somewhere in there a subliminal shot at jeezy, kinda sounded like him on this one too. hmmm.

  33. Blood Hound Says:

    TI and Jeezy fucks with each other hard.

  34. catonic Says:

    I can feel a lotta people’s pain who are from east or near their with the south’s brand of music today. It’s not that we mind niggas from the south getting they grind on, its just that a lot of the music is poluting what in general the streets consider real hiphop. The essence of Hip hop is not supposed to made just to get money, but you have to be true to it. The same goes niggas in the east coast. Yeah you sold drugs but talk about how you evolved from it and how it effected your community instead of just glorifying it.

    I’m living in the south right now but I’m from up north and all these niggas want to to is dance, and sing lullaby’s and shit. Its real corny. I’m tired of hearing how many cars you got and how many white tees you rock every day its getting ridiculous. Its like they dont know that they are selling their souls to this white corporation. Thats why Nwa was revered, cause hip hop is supposed to generate controversy and make you think. Its suppose to start change. Hip hop right now is no different than slavery. White people is making more money off you, thjan you are your own self. This southern rap is just playing into their hands, because they know this laffy taffy bullshit will sell more records. There has to be a balance. Why dont ya’ll rock with dead prez? what about scarface? Chamillionaire lyrics is improving, he is touching on different topics. Ya’ll settling for bubblegum, you are playing right into the devils hands.

    Same goes for east coast niggas, stop rapping about how many biscuits you got, and how many ak’s you spray cause 90 percent of ya’ll aint got that. We need to take a real look at this rap game in general. We need a true hip hop summit, not some phony ass bullshit, where niggas just want to be on tv. But let some pioneers address the issue and how it is going down right now, cause on the whole, its falling in the dumpster.

  35. Da_Realiest Says:

    1st dat hatin ass nigga need 2 get off da south dick……..u a fuken hater cuz dat how things are now…….. i like new york rap but wtf is da south supposed to rap like da norf HELL NAW…….. VARIETY IS A BLESSING U ASSHOLE……….. who wants 2 listen da same thing again and again. new york shit b da same, south shit b da same, wesr shit b game lol, and den u got da rest which varies………. stfu wit yo whining cuz u aint sayin shit u bitch(el_feces_loco)

    if hatin was crime de arrest ya niggas)
    (da hood cosigned and gave me mu stripes)

  36. T.R.T.O.N.R! 4x platinum (8x globally) Says:

    looka at all these wannabe’s tryna trash talk like me!………..neway

    i just write tha realest shit i ever wrote but my computer crashed……damn!

  37. Robbie Says:

    “TI and Jeezy fucks with each other hard.”

    ^ Nullus?

  38. G Off Says:

    Hating on a whole region makes you look jealous (that’s a female trait). If you aren’t down with it, whatever. Let it run it’s course and keep doing you and listening to what you want to listen to. There are plenty of good and bad artists from every part of the country now that hip-hop is available everywhere and anyone with a computer can create it.

    Wishing it was like the old days makes you seem like an old man talking about the good ol’ days. You know what you do when you hear him right? Roll your eyes and laugh because he is out of touch with what is going on now.

    Do you prefer the days when the most talented artists weren’t making any money because the labels owned everything and there was no way to break into the business without giving up your rights? Don’t you think the era we are in now is what artists were working towards back in the day? People from within the culture are starting to run the record companies (or at least people who know and respect the culture to a degree).

    D4L is not ruining rap… they are a joke and should be treated like it. Vanilla Ice didn’t ruin rap and neither did Paperboy. There are always going to be gimmicky songs that do well on the radio and TV, but it’s not the end of the world.

    Respect the South for their hustle and they do bring good music to the game. Hope that NY rappers can use some of the South’s creativity to spark their own situations. Maybe we will get better music out of it for our own enjoyment.

  39. jersey Says:

    El Loco…..he he he …dogg I dont totally agree wit ya but i c how you come to your opinion and like i always say on my post understanding is the key. I myself with family in the south from virginia to fla some of ur opinoins do bare fruit. I myself enjoy some of the southern music although i gotta be honest i only buy mostly lyrics from up here. Thats what i grew up on. 4real I can remember Mr. Magics Rap attack…lol…Man look I couldnt wait for fri and sat nite wbls Marley Mar….MC shan..Boogie down Production..I still buy old school sh*t with Super Rymes …..Yeah yeah Sh*t has took a turn …the words and lyrics lack substance and adds negativety and thats up here in the north as well………but i see where you coming from dogg…..

  40. jersey Says:

    By the way when is Rakim dropping his new Sh*t??????

  41. GET Says:


    You Heard that T.I. Joint “Im talking to You”

    Sounds like he getting at Ludacris on that Joint



  43. eskay Says:

    yeah, that shit is fire too. def coulda been talkin to Luda


    some asshole has the whole King and is leaking it a track at a time to torture people

  44. GET Says:

    He has to be talking about Luda he says:

    “Anybody that knows somebody that spits that shit behind there back”

    “Im Strapped Now pussy nigga, this aint just Word of Mouth”

    Luda’s Album was called “Word of Mouth”

  45. GET Says:

    Are he might be talking about Flip I dont Know.

  46. Blood Hound Says:

    He may be getting at both of them

  47. Blood Hound Says:

    Hell, he likes neither of them.

  48. Damu Says:

    eskay Says:
    some asshole has the whole King and is leaking it a track at a time to torture people.

    Oh yeah? Will you post it then for us once u get it? :-)

  49. eskay Says:

    ^ no, I’m gonna be an asshole too, but I’m just saying. actually I don’t think it leaked yet, cuz that last track is from the new Kay Slay

  50. reggaetonslasher Says:

    say names my nigga, that subliminal shit went out the window after Jay-z TAKE OVER.

  51. reggaetonslasher Says:

    he aint talking about luda, he said he had it out with chris and squashed it in this song

  52. Blood Hound Says:

    Yeah and it got ran over when Nas shat out ether…

  53. yeahisaidit Says:

    co-sign with g off…that post is real talk…!

  54. reggaetonslasher Says:

    i dont even listen to radio anymore, at any given time you can tune in to NEW YORK radio, and hear every southern rapper, its sickening.That real hip hop is like therapy i need it, its very necessary. I know nothing about electronics but it forced me to install a cd player in my 92 buick. It was torture hearing 5 seconds of d4l, then turning the dial only to her them other wack mofo’s with jamaine dupri rat lookin ass on the hook. some of them dudes can get a pass cause real is real but for the most part if i was forced to listen to reggaeton or d4l, i’d pull the rusty 38 special, that was handed down from my pops and end it all right there.

  55. Tipple HC Says:

    i agree with what uneckbone said about this site. i also found a different site that better suits my tastes, being from the west and all. sucks this site is being over-run with clowns though. good luck eskay.

  56. Blood Hound Says:

    People people people please don’t confuse D4L or J. Dupri and his clique with hip hop down here. I agree with you they suck, besides when I defend southern rap I mainly defend New Orleans rap. I defend Soulja Slim, P, C- Murder, Fiend, BG, Juvenile, and a few other both famous and unfamous.

    We are finally getting some love and the fucking haters can’t take it.

    I don’t like all east coast rap but I won’t come on here bashing them either. Honestly if you really wanna know I don’t like Wu Tang but I respect them, I don’t like AZ but I respect him, I don’t like 50 and I hate Yayo….(not saying anything bout respect). I hate mobb deep, cormega, nature, I could really go at it all day. Anyway my point is I won’t bash new york style of rap because I like choice like options I like west coast east coast 3rd coast and mid west at times, I like music and the art of it,

    I like artists, I hate critics.

  57. Blood Hound Says:

    Hip hop is like beer there are many different kinds of beer but you’d rather drink one type. Its an acquired taste.

  58. Demiks Says:

    es, you should make a blog on that free internet mixtape Ghostface Killah and Green Lantern are providing. This shit is craaaaaazy!

    Link: http://www.myspace.com/internetinvasion

  59. eskay Says:

    ^ I posted that shit forever ago in the Fishscale post


  60. Demiks Says:

    Wow, I’m late.

  61. SF Says:

    Just is about to take the title. Just Blaze you killin em, easy.

    Incredible shit.

  62. cklhiphop Says:

    Im hatin on him or anything. But Im just tired to hear him calling himself King.

    Jin just went at Jay people. hahah… funny stuff


  63. GET Says:

    “Im not talking about Jigga thats my nigga
    the real president carter”

    T.I. taking shots at Lil Wayne too LOL

  64. Ricky D Says:

    Back in 99 you couldn’t get away from Cash Money on NY radio… that passed… now after several high profile NY flops like Fat Joe etc etc etc… NY radio can be excused for playing whatever dumb shit is popular elsewhere, can’t it?

    When NY rappers besides 50 make some good club/radio records the Laffy Taffy will fall by the wayside.


  65. The Cipher Says:

    damn a lil behind getting at this page but lemme see what i can say that hasnt been watered down by you guys already… the way i see it, hiphop is its own form, people need to stop mistaking hiphop and rap… rap is souly corporate and controlled by the label and heads in the companies, hiphop is the voice of the artist saying what he/she thinks needs to be told to the people… the way i see it, all the regions got rappers and hiphop artist, D4L shouldnt of even been brought up in anything there not rap there video game music(mario bros., snap to that) and i think the elements are being repped pretty hard, there not dead, im from montreal( for those that dont know that in canada) we might not have the biggest scene like NY, Cali or the dirty south, but theres maDD b-boys, djs, graphers all over the city doing there things hard holding down there part in the hiphop world… so theres no lost are in the elements, we just dont see it anymore cause we got stations like BET which thrive on showing off how big someones belt buckle is… hiphop may have started it all, but it branched out other styles, some of which im not the fondest of, but hey thats what it is, whether you like a lil dancehall vibe in your hiphop, or your straight underground all bout the flow and wordplay(immortal technique, talib kweli) we just gotta accept, theres branches to hiphop(rap, crunk, snap, grime etc.) and its gunna keep going whether we accept it or not…

  66. The Cipher Says:

    i wonna add… in the good words of Dead Prez “turn off the radio, turn off that bullshit”

  67. Phil Says:

    Seems like The Shithead is in need of A Dirty South Perspective A.S.A.P (pun intended…)

    First off, I hate people who say stern shit, then back off thinking about how others will take it. If you have some bullshit to say, stick by your thoughts, however thoughtless, ignorant, and moronic they may be. i.e. To come out strong with “Fuck T.I.’s Music” and go to “I’m not hatin on T.I. but…” To say you’re not a hater (after hating) and how you love Scarface and old school 3-6 (even though you’re on a no “global love” tip this morning ) to saying how you’re listening to Boosie (even though you HATE change in Hip-Hop).

    Then to spend three subsequent comment posts trying to go in depth about how you’re an “objective hater” which by definition means you’re going off of appearances and not depth.

    Here’s some depth folk… You are going through the same shit so many kids growing up in ATL, Texas, Florida, and Louisiana were going through about 8 years ago…

    We used to say to ourselves, “damn, why the hell is Outkast getting booed in NY?” “And why aren’t they selling like De La Soul and ATCQ was?

    “Why does no one care about these So So Def All-Star albums other than us?”

    “Why is Goodie Mob’s Soul food not regarded as one of the best albums ever for the way they speak of black people needing to better ourselves?”

    “Why is it everytime I go to NY to visit Pops, no one knows about the work, lyrics and sweat Eightball and MJG (AKA Living Legends) have put into the game.?”

    UGK is as respected Down South as George W. Bush is to someone from Wyoming, and they have told the story of the negative and positive aspects of Texas/Southern life like no other, but no one gave two bits of a shit outside of The South about them until they get on a corny ass Big Pimpin’ song.

    It gets on my last nerve to hear people speak about The South and have no context for the shit they believe to be intelligently discussing. I’ll usually hear the obligatory “except Outkast” after some Southern hate comment, knowing good and well the hater doesn’t own ATLiens and has never too much given a real listen to Aquemeni or Southernplayalisticaddilacmuzic. You’re just saying what’s PC.

    If you really gave a shit, to ask where the Southern MC that’s spitting shit about slavery and whatnot, one need not look further than Andre 3000 who is by far the most profound MC in the game.

    But to be honest with yourself outside of being PC, you know you’ve never truly sat down to listen to what Andre 3000 has to say… Otherwise, when you’re getting in the argument about the best MC ever, Andre could more than easily squeeze in the whole Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas discussion. All people like Shitface see and hear are d4l and they start the generalization machine at that point. Before d4l provided a specific name to reference, most generalizations consisted of “all they do is crunk.” Before that, “they’re not lyrical.” Before that, “country ass niggas.” Etc.

    True Hip-Hop is not in anymore if people hadn’t noticed. It has nothing to do with the South shining right now amongst horomone raged teenagers who love the way Southern Music makes girls dance like they can’t to “A NY State of Mind.” It started with NY MC’s putting out shit such as “Put It On Me”, “Oochie-Wally”, “Big Pimpin'”, “You Owe Me”, etc. Dipset is just as colorful and corny if you ask me as d4l. They aren’t Wu-Tang. They aren’t De La Soul. They’re not Outkast or the Nappy Roots. But no one hates on them like they do ALL music from the South, “except Outkast…”

    I can go on and on, and I prolly will this upcoming Wednesday. But this is just a touch of how sick many people Down South are getting about the constant “Mad Rapper” hate. Too say we’re summed up by d4l like Ghostface did and most other blog commenters, is such an insult to the work Southern MC’s over the years have put into this artform against all odds (such as record labels ignoring the movement and definitely everyone else outside of the South/Midwest).

    Radio 1 decides what people will hear, and if they see d4l is bringing listeners and more importantly, advertisers, that’s what they’ll go with. I can’t help that… But what I can help, is to not have an entire movement I grew up listening to be demeaned and belittled by people who have no clue about it prior to 2003. The same way Papoose can’t get on the radio yet Jim Jones can, is the same way lyrical cats Down South can’t get exposure nationally over d4l. Hip-Hop has turned into a corporation, and unfortunately for radio listeners, we aren’t the CEO’s, some cat with the last name of Bernstein is.

    You want some context, come to ATL and I’ll give you some. From some of the best spoken word competitions on the planet at club Apache to Earthlink Live to the damn Tabernacle. You want it on disc, then get game to the Gangsta Grillz series which is beyond on fire because even true Southern Hip-Hop fans can’t stand all the snap shit, we like listening to stories about our situation just as well. After that, we can go get crunk while some Down South trick bends over and you can understand why people fall in love with strippers and/or club hos so easily down here.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to turn Eskay’s shit into an external server for my shit, I’m just tired of anytime something about The South is posted on any site, the haters come from all angles, especially when they come to talk shit on mine.

    Well, to sum up everything as I tend to get long-winded sometimes from my irritation of some people, I’m looking forward to The King too. Hopefully, it will be more reminiscent of Trap Muzick than of the Flip hating-oriented Urban Legend. Peace…

  68. BBN2 Says:

    That nigga T.I. Tight an niggas complainin about the way music is hyphy,crunk,snap music u got ur good an bad n every genre but hip hop has to evolve so that’s not bad at all I’m feelin all that shit because it brings sumthin fresh as far as sound. Lyrics an subject matter that’s totally different but the majority of niggas is livin street life I believe there’s way more grimey niggas out there then kanye west niggas so niggas not gon get tired of that kinda music. In my opinion it’s how you package it. Oh yeah that Young Jeezy Can’t Band the Snowman & E 40 Ghetto Report Card both them shits bang!!!

  69. jersey Says:

    I bounce to alot of the southern rap especially Norleans rap….but all thats shit aint slamming just like all northern rappers lyrics aint slamming…its according to who you asking!…I was in North carolina a little while ago and they litsen to both…there is enough dough out there for everybody to eat…N8GGA’s got twisted why you think there is as much collaboration as there is….actually there is only a major difference and lack of collaboration between rappers who cant get their foot planted and got no cash flow….because if the dough is coming in like a water faucet then i wouldnt give a fuck if laffy taffy collaborated with me or a horses ass….u feel me?….The bottom line my freind is, can you generate some cash?….if you can then im rollin wit ya …ride or die…alot of artist, im not mentioning any names, have blocked their selves wit that hate mentality..and this aint just ny rappers..hate spreads from east to west..north to south…so the southern rapper is just as guilty especially being the new kid on the block…lol

  70. jersey Says:

    While i was in Carolina visiting my peeps, Man even though they listen to alot of crunk and shit which is not a bad thing, when i put in some loyd banks niggas was flipping…i was like this shit is old…but they aint care dogg…but that goes to show NY still got love and nobody can replace that they can add on but nobody can erase the history NY laid down and im proud to say igrew up in the euphoria of not only NY rap but the SOUTHERN rap also…dont hate CONGRATULATE!

  71. jersey Says:

    NY rap has Passed the baton to Southern rappers!………Southern rappers need to take that shit and run wit it, but dont fall cuz your daddy (NY) is watchin………..lol……..NY is SOUTHERN raps Biological Daddy!………Whos your DADDY?……….

  72. el_feces_loco Says:

    @jersey..good look

    @Phil..I respect your opinion….thats all i wanted from you all was respect on my opinions…If you knew me you’d know i dont think I own rap, or NY, or rap artists and realistically I could give 2 shits about what yall do to/with hip hop, Im satisfied knowing I saw real authentic hip hop, I am content going to my grave knowing i saw 1 mc with 2 dj’s, or 2 mc’s 1 dj, actual scratching and cuttin on records, actual street battles, actual niggaz spinnin on linoleum and cardboard…. someone asked “Do you prefer the days when the most talented artists weren’t making any money because the labels owned everything and there was no way to break into the business without giving up your rights?”..and honestly I can say “Yes I do”…we wasnt makin as much as we do today but we gave back a whole lot more to our community, I was here for the golden era in hip hop..callin me names does nothing to better the state of hip hop…check yourself my brother…Im not anti you…Im just pro me…

    @Blood..”But rap in the dirty is just that dirty, grimy, hardcore, violent and drug focused”..I disagree…While the south itself maybe be grimey…most of your music…or the music yall push the most is shake booty shyt..not no dirty shyt….

    All you Capt-Save-the-South niggaz need to fall back, I understand balance I didnt say fuck down south (I lived in ATL for 4 years )…being “objective” doesnt mean you see shit on face value without depth…thats straight hate..like what you did….. I think I may have to “dumb down” some of my lyrics on this post for some of you slow azz niggaz …kinna like yall music. I understand resentment to NY all the years we shined and yall didnt, I have no problem with the south runnin shyt ….just teach me something besides guns, grills..strippers and candy paint…this goes for all rappers also…Once again…Fuck T.I.’s music.

  73. jersey Says:

    Im down wit my southern brothers and obviously im down wit my home town brothers gotz fam in from texas to ATL to FLA to tar hills to Cali…….But….But…..my blood flows empmd, pete rock…Rakim….Whodini…Kurtis blow…..LL….kool G…….Boogie down…kool Moe Dee…..Grand Master flash….tribe Called Quest…….2 Pac….biggie….M C Shan…..but check there was some southern rappers, dont forget that came in the game a while back…criss cross….arrested development…Rage…..and on and on…….I must admit the stripper shit to me must be new to the southern generation because although strippers have played a role in the social element for sometime in the North east rappers never really implemented it in their lyrics. This speaks volumes about the originality of the content of their work. Southern rap is cool although it needs to be like everything in life improved and perfected for the betterment of the business for future generation and that goes for the north as well.

  74. Blood Hound Says:

    @ phil

    Well said you understand hip hop globally.

    @ el

    Motherfucker I am not a capt-sav-the-south ass nigga. But I’m nt gonna sit here and let you talk bad bout the south either, just like you wouldn’t sit back and watch anyone diss NY rappers. Now if you take your head outta your fucking ass and sit down and really listen to the southern art of rap and not D4L you might learn something, the east coast isn’t the only coast with hot spitters. I personally know dudes unsigned that spit on Hov level, but even if they do get signed they won’t get recognition because of closed minded niggas like you.

    If you knew anything about the south, you’d know that the part of music we love the most will have to be the beats, not saying shit to make bitches dance although no one can do it like us but santana puts up a good fight.

    A few years ago niggas in the south thought NY niggas had a upity, stuck up, dick in the ass attitude, and I didn’t understand why they felt that way. But now I realize they all were talking to you.

    You don’t like hip hop, you don’t like rap. You like NY plain amd simple.

    And the fact you lived in atl 4 years doesn’t mean shit.

    That’s like a undercover racist white dude saying he has 4 black friends.

    If its not in your heart its not in your heart but don’t bash true hip hop.

    And don’t compare it with D4L.

    BUCK holla…

  75. E From BK Says:

    Not to take anything away from anybody else stic.man is the truth of the South!

  76. el_feces_loco Says:




  77. D- Says:


    You already know how I feel about You-Know-Who, but check out what he has to say about the subject…

    50 says he feels hip-hop needs the new G-Unit releases, as the genre seems to be stuck in a creative rut.

    “A lot of the music that comes out of the South is kind of simplified and I think it’s kinda ’cause they just wanna have a good time,” he explained. “They don’t wanna think about what [they] just said. … They really didn’t make sense, but they made sense in a way and they just wanna hear something while they’re actually partying and it works for them. But when they don’t take the time to make it the highest quality possible, it hurts the actual hip-hop [genre]. People wanna make music they can get away with as opposed to the best possible music they can make.

    “They’ll lower the grade of music,” he continued. “It changes the range you can go and then it causes confusion amongst artists that don’t have their own direction at that point and they all start making music that is similar. Like if the record comes out and it’s a hit and it’s the simplest thing on the planet, all of a sudden the new artists start writing records that are similar to that hit. Their motivation is to have a project that’s successful and that will allow them to move out of the financial situations that they’re in when you’re in the ‘hood or in the ghetto. They make it sound like the record that they hear playin’ on the radio as opposed to just creating their own lane.”

    This is from an article on mtv.com. Check out the whole thing at

    All I have to say is I wonder if what comes out of his mouth truly makes sense to him b/c some of this shit doesn’t quite make sense to me.

  78. D- Says:

    ^^^If I was from the south, I would be offended.

  79. jersey Says:

    (jersey pulls his cell phone out) D*mn it thats it!(Calls brand nubian and gets gangstar on the horn wit da three way on the celly)….(hollars @ da forfathers to save hip hop)…..lol……..

  80. jersey Says:

    update: ganstar contacted chuck d and public enemy they gathering the original soldiers of hip hop although regrefully have tell ya…lol…Flavor of love is unfortunately not able to come …he has commitments with some ladies and a spitter…..lol

  81. Blood Hound Says:

    @ el loco

    Like I said before I feel some of your points also I’m attacking that. I feel personally disrespected when insult southern hip hop cuz that’s my culture I can’t relate to all the shit NY niggas rap about b cuz I’m not from there. And if that makes me a Capt Save the south, it also makes you a capt save NY. I stand by what I believe in I won’t eat my words, Fuck you if ya don’t respect it. I’m a grown ass man also. You took it to the next level. I won’t back down from how I feel.

    Its not what you said hommie its how you said it, maybe I took it the wrong way, oh well, deal with it like you expect me to deal with the fact your bad mouthing the south.

    That FEMA post was a fukk bloodhound post because I’m so New Orleans, that I can’t hide it. So if you don’t think you offended my whole city with that fuck you again.

    Don’t get this confused this aint beef this is a convo hommie I don’t have a scratch on me. You have a right to express yourself, just like I have the right to express myself, this thread won’t change how I agree or disagree with you in every post. If you make a valid point or say something I was thinking about I may add to what you said or co-sign it. But if you say some offensive shit I’ll speak on it.

    I’m not trying to change how you feel nor make you agree with me you are your on man I’m just trying to show you southern rap is not what you think….

    Holla El feces loco…

  82. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    I know I am tried of dudes from the east HATIN HARD on any nigga who ain’t from the east. The nigga T.I. be spittin hard as well as a host of nigga from the south and everywhere else. There are a lot of nigga the get love from the east and on these blogs that suck,but because of where there from they get love. It’s like some dudes from the east try to push any rapper just so it can be said the east coast is back, which is lame. I am not trying to force anybody to like T.I. or anybody else, all I am saying is offer a real reason for your dislike. Anything else sounds like hatin, which grown men shoukdn’t do.

  83. E From BK Says:

    I definitely understand the discord with the culture as a whole. The music that is getting the majority of airplay is just terrible. This includes music from all over the country. Me myself, I only listen to a few artist. There are some “mainstream” cats I enjoy; Nasir, T.I., Jay, Face, Game, Kast however, the bulk of what I purchase these days comes from the lesser known. I fuck with Dead Prez, Joell Ortiz, Rhymefest, Haziq, 4 Ize and Ghost. Notice that everybody I mentioned is a person that pays attention to their lyrics. What’s fucked up about what is going on in the South is that mostly the ignorant shit is getting the airplay and since the South is in the forefront right now they are getting the bulk of the criticism. The West had to deal with that when NWA hit. The East had to deal with that from the very beginning. Remember, people were going around saying that the genre wouldn’t last it’s just noise. We have to start demanding our radio stations do a better job at representing what we want to hear. Maybe we are. Maybe people want to hear non-lyrical rappers. I don’t know, but I do know they don’t get my money.

  84. Luis Says:


  85. el_feces_loco Says:

    First off…with the hate shit..I dont have no hate towards anyone that feeds they family from collectin cans to sellin crack…I do however have opinons..as most humans do..I have agreed to disagree with Blood on some man to man shit, MADEINMILWAUKEE if you pay attention you will see where I also opininonized my dislike for east coast shoot em up raps which we do now, we need more creativity..from all coasts..please dont personalize what i write in here..Its just an opinion…Im from Jamaica which is more south than down south so please..dont think Im trying to “claim” any parcel of land or state or country that I dont own. I used to live in ATL. I know what the fuck I’m talkin about, when goodiemob dropped “lookin in my window” and outcast dropped “atliens” and “southernplayalistic” I was there..that was good well rounded music..name a group or rapper out from down there now thats spittin like they was back then?..Thas all Im sayin..we need balance… If T.I. is JAY Z then who is nas?…Whose album from the south do I buy if I want music thats gonna make me think?..and Not just dance.?

    @ Blood..its all peace homie..Ill agree to disagree.

  86. eskay Says:

    Yo E from BK, I fucks with that kid Joell Ortiz…I’ve been meaning to do a Beneath the Surface on homey for the longest, but I want to post his mixtape and I can’t find it anywhere.

  87. E From BK Says:

    I was actually able to pull some music off of his website. I don’t know if it’s still up there but you can check. If it’s not, holla at me and I can send you what I have.

  88. eskay Says:

    yeah I donwloaded a bunch of stuff there too, but he had a full mixtape a while back I haven’t been able to track down…I’m gonna get on my grind this week though and do a thorough investigation

  89. E From BK Says:

    Are you talking about the “Who the fuck is Joell Ortiz” mixtape? I think Big Mike hosted it.

  90. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    My thing is that I feel people are just biased without listening at all. I didn’t understand everything the Wu used to say back when, but I know good music. I would put T.I.’s work up against anybody from the east and I am sure he would hold his own. I would put Papoose’s work up against anybody, anywhere and he wold hold his own. If you wack, you wack. Can’t no coast hide that fact. People complain about D4L getting play and spins, but wont buy the albums of there favorite artist. Ghostface, Papoose or anybody will blow if you go out and buy there shit.

  91. eskay Says:

    >>Are you talking about the “Who the fuck is Joell Ortiz” mixtape? I think Big Mike hosted it.

    yessir, that’s it

  92. E From BK Says:


    It’s the radio too man. They dictate what is hot and since most of Amerikkka are robots they then follow.

  93. E From BK Says:

    I’ll look for it. I just got married and all my shit is in boxes. I’m sure you’ll be able to find it though.

  94. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    Loco, all Iam saying is just cuz it’s not your cup of tea don’t make it wack. I do feel you as far as lack of creativity in rap. When we find artist that are bringing something new to the table we have to push them to the front.

  95. MadeInMilwaukee Says:

    NWA went double platinum with little to no radio or video, so if people support good music artist can blow. I don’t have as much of a problem with a group like D4L getting spins as much as I have a problem with Dead Prez not getting spins. To me everything serves a purpose.

  96. E From BK Says:

    Most definitely. I think that’s what most people want and that’s diversity. As far as NWA is concerned, you are correct, that sold records without radio, however, they didn’t have to contend with the Internet, bootleggers, and 1,000,000 who think they can emcee.

  97. Blood Hound Says:

    @ el feces loco

    I respect that homie and I have mad respect for you.


  98. The Cipher Says:

    @ Phil…
    i was gone for a bit now im back got a chance to read what you said and its straight goods… people been blowing off the south because such places like BET and american radio stations only wonna play the shit that makes people dance, they dont wonna let the people hear the consciouse stuff that should be played, and its not just the south that this happens to(talib kweli, immortal technique, akir, jean grae, dead prez, K’naan for some example) these people got alot to say that could not only boost confidence into the black community and turn people heads away from the whole gangsta, hustler profile that seems to be pumped into the TV screens and radio air waves of todays society(fuck grillz, get a book)… i for one went out of my way to get the old school outkast joints and the shits insanely tight i recommend everyone cop there stuff, but they didnt get the love they deserved cause people werent hearing it… believe it or not its all politics… if ya’ll seen “boys n the hood”(which i have no doubt you all have) they made a good point bout how in the ghetto’s of america you got more guns shops and liquor stores then anything else… young people be watching the bullshit they putting on tv and at young ages believe this is right, but when someone like dead prez says the truth we never hear it aloow this for example…

    “Uh, who shot Biggie Smalls?
    If we don’t get them, they gon’ get us all
    I’m down for runnin’ up on them crackers in they city hall
    We ride for y’all – all my dogs stay real
    Nigga, don’t think these record deals gon’ feed your seeds
    And pay your bills, because they not
    MCs get a little bit of love and think they hot
    Talkin’ ’bout how much money they got; all y’all records sound the same
    I’m sick of that fake thug, R&B-rap scenario, all day on the radio
    Same scenes in the video, monotonous material
    Y’all don’t here me though
    These record labels slang our tapes like dope
    You can be next in line and signed; and still be writing rhymes and broke
    You would rather have a Lexus? or justice? a dream? or some substance?
    A Beamer? a necklace? or freedom?
    Still a nigga like me don’t playa-hate, I just stay awake
    This real hip-hop; and it don’t stop ’til we get the po-po off the block
    They call it…”

    something so deep hardly anybody knows bout and its all truth, but once its told and black people start thinking before buying guess who loses out… the government, those mo’fuckers are the reason why we got people hating on styles they arent educated on… well i tihnk i’ve said enough if not let me know i can go on for days…



  100. she Says:

    if yall eastern rappers quit your egos hip hop be the shit again….my opnion.

  101. The Cipher Says:

    not just eastern, all rappers in general

  102. BBN2 Says:

    D as far as 50’s comment on southern hip hop that’s a publicity stunt waiting to happen he taunts them they respond now he got his buzz back b4 he drops his next album smart dude but,real niggas see through that shit

  103. Blue Says:

    I hate to say it, but lets face it: Hip-hop is not quite dead, but the shit has terminal cancer. The corporate machine has pimped it out, removed all the pureness and realness from it and made it into the wretched, dumb bitch that it is today. You can’t really it blame on any region. Niggas from N.Y. didn’t just all of sudden forget how to rhyme. WE don’t love that snap shit down here!!! Maybe the kids do – but fuck they aint exposed to anything else so they don’t can’t recognize the bullshit. We already know what the problem is: we really don’t control what we hear/see.

    There aint no more Run DMC, Slick Rick, Rakim, BDP, EPMD, Public Enemy, Tribe, Wu, Pharcyde, Geto Boys, Pac, BIG etc. Today’s best rappers are really run just run of the mill when you compare them to those of hip-hop’s golden age from 1986 to 1996. It’s really hard for me to discuss who’s the better than who nowadays because compared to what I grew up on (and I’m just 26) most of it is garbage. You almost have to be a fucking detective to hear some hard shit nowadays (thank God for the internet and mixtapes). Most of the cats I like are 30 and up, which is pretty much retirement age in hip-hop.

    So the next generation of rappers will be inspired by the shit they are hearing now. From shit comes more shit.

  104. joe 88 Says:

    T.I playing wit fire lol are you stupid T.I is to diverse and to skilled for goldmember my bad luda. i dont know bout yo hood or where your from but round here we dont listen to luda. have you ever heard trap music? classic. what does luda bring to the game? chicken & beer. when you listen to luda albums ANY of them what do leave wit homeboy NOTHING. he dont get into details about hisself on his albums every song is either about girls parties or money. in a million years goldmember couldnt dream about making songs like praying for help, doing my job, still aint forgave myself, motivation, he put his soul in his music. but i know what you like listen to hollywood sticky icky icky oh oooooh its saturday. B more all day

  105. Luis Says:

    “I’m looking for this album like jfk” oh man what a waste of time you’re doing by looking for this, I mean c’mon this fag dissin Luda and others on that song “i’m talking to you”…..as I recall them cats were shaking hands on that ”My BLOCK ATL” shit… they’ve squashed their beef……BUT now 3 years later he’s trying to re-surface the bullshit situation. t.i is pulling a CAM’RON.. I don’t respect that shit… JUST BLAZE MADE THIS SONG EVEN LISTENABLE.. THAT BEAT IS FIRE….BUT this faggot is garbage with that STACCATO flow..

  106. eskay Says:

    actually we already established that he wasn’t talking to Luda so your comment, as usual, is irrelevant.

    and T.I. got more flow on that one song than your boy has had in the last 3 years

  107. Luis Says:

    word of mouth homie!!!! and t.i. is NO king, wait till YOUR MAN BUCK comes out!!!!

  108. eskay Says:

    T.I. > Buck

  109. Luis Says:

    HAHA BUCK g-unit south/platinum ALBUM BIATCH t.i gold album(S) nuff said

  110. eskay Says:

    ^ I’m pretty sure T.I. is platinum guy, but even if he’s not, you act like Platinum = better artist.

    Oh why do I even bother..look who I’m talking to…

  111. joe 88 Says:

    Trap music = platinum
    urban legend =platinum

  112. Luis Says:

    no no no eskay let’s get this straight guy lol, if you’re a KING, you would have what BUCK has, so you mean to tell me that t.i. is in fact the “KING.”of the south?……because you are so wrong on that opinion!!! 2 albums and not a platinum plaque but 1 album for the BUCK’ster and its a wrap!!!!

    p.s. to Hoe69, oopss I mean Joe88
    Trap music gold
    urban legend gold……both have NEVER gone platinum….just ask your man lil flip!

    Welcome to Ca$h….2.5 plat. ALONE, oh and just to piss ya ni99as off….Beg For Mercy 4x’s plat.

  113. eskay Says:

    I honestly don’t know what numbers T.I.’s albums have done so I can’t really argue it, but I’m sure at the end of the day, he’s sold way more records than Buck. I’ll wait for somebody who’s more of an authority on Southern hip hop to come in here and air you out.

    sidenote: you’re such a flagrant g-unit stan dog, how do you sleep at night? I mean seriously. what are you gonna do when they fall off?

  114. biggumskiller Says:

    you talk abot gunit in posts that have nothing to do with them
    these gunit niggas are like the rolling stones because of you idiots
    they can never really fall off now because the haters have made them so popular
    twenty years from now their careers and back story will be what they remember about this decade
    hate it or love it

  115. Phil Says:

    Lyrically, Buck or TI is definitely a fair argument/discussion. But when you do so Luis, come with correct facts my friend. Urban Legend went platinum. Trap Muzick went gold, and I’m Serious didn’t even do that, BUT, then again TI came out when The South wasn’t mainstream yet and he didn’t have the help of 50, who even with that, Buck didn’t go platinum with Straight Outta Cashville. Only gold…

  116. eskay Says:

    how is it possible that this drops on Tuesday and hasn’t leaked yet….

  117. E From BK Says:

    Stic.man best Southern rapper. Period!

  118. Luis Says:

    Buck didn’t go platinum with Straight Outta Cashville. Only gold… uhhhh yo PHIL YES HE DID 2.5, get YOUR facts straight dog!!!!

    ESKAY, sidenote: you’re such a flagrant g-unit stan dog, how do you sleep at night? I mean seriously. what are you gonna do when they fall off?
    well they will never fall off and trust me bro I’m living good with myself!

  119. busco Says:

    Is T.I. gon Ever fall off?

    I dont know but there has been a lot of speculations on the monies he’s stacked, niggas he clapped, How is he for real, does that nigga really trap? Trappers he dealt wit, bitches he slapped, Is he true he slayed flipperachi, and slept wit a gat? Whats the position he holds, is he truly the king of the south, with no golds in his mouf? If that trap shit die, and he stuck under the sky, Is it back to Atl, selling biscuits and pies?…..

  120. NY MEANS NOT YOU Says:




  121. joe 88 Says:

    i usually dont do this but uh, fuck luis & fuck ny means not you. ice t said it best hip hop started in the bronx and if it stayed like that it would have died in the bronx. why cant no one respect what the next man doing?

  122. cyde hustla Says:

    yall NYC niggaz lame az fuck! el_feces_loco stop baller blockin’ , yall NY lame niggaz kill me with that real hip hop shit! yall niggaz lame as a fuck! yall niggaz heated that NY aint had the game since ’94?yall niggaz aint been the same since Pac diss B.I.G, and Snoop knock down yall building! now yall knocking the south cause we came through, and holding it completely down! Stop fuckin’ hatin, Life simply nigga…if you dont like it, dont Buy It! but dont hate cause the hottest niggaz in NY on South coast dick! Step yall rap game up! how you gon’ knock T.I. when he hotter than 98% of yall rapperz? yall got wordplay but yall songs weak, and fucking boring! Nobody feeling yall niggaz since Jay retired and Nas on def jam! All of yall NY niggaz been on the south dick since geto boys, ugk, eightball & mjg & outkast! stop knockin’ the best coast bitch and watch us, run this game for another 10 years lame azz nigga, and watch my nigga T.I. go double platinum, and ghostface go double wood! Yall niggaz lame(yall better hope jay make another album!)

  123. cyde hustla Says:






  124. eskay Says:

    Yo cyde hustla, for real fall back homey. Its southern niggas like you that make me wanna talk shit. I run this site and I’m from NY, and I posted this TI song cuz I got love for him. Now here you come talking greasy.

    Just remember that we birthed yall niggas, fed and we burped yall niggas and just like that we will earth yall niggas…

  125. cyde hustla Says:


  126. cyde hustla Says:

    @ eskay:

    say my dog: it dont matter what coast was hot, we hot not, and been holding it down for 6 to 7 years now… yall swag gone! its ova! just deal with it… and the line you took at the end was beanie(that’s philly),i got love for any coast or person that shows love, but that NY arrogant is lame, cause yall time over! it’s never gon’ be the same! NY was Doctor J of the game, now the south is mike jordan! real talk…

    Yall swag, is gone! i respect you got love for T.I., cause he killing the game right now, but to say NY fed us? nigga yall was never on the south level, yall just learning, about how the bay, and south making more money independently than a platinum artist is… yall cats are nice with wordplay but besides that…ya creativity is lame, it’s gone! all yall cats are the same just different burough! deal wit the south! and to all my south chatter http://www.wordofsouth.com holding us down! yall dont have to deal with bias NY niggaz…oh by the way thats my site!

  127. eskay Says:

    >>nigga yall was never on the south level, yall just learning,

    how you sound? you just murked yourself with that statement. be clear dog, yall don’t run shit. not lyics wise, not sales wise, not swagger wise. nothing.

    you damn right NY niggas is arrogant, we the center of the universe. why you think Juvey, E40 and TI come up here to have their listening parties, and press conferences for they albums? cuz if you can’t make it here you just stay local, like most of yall do anyway.

    I love how niggas say yall on top, please explain to me how?

  128. cyde hustla Says:

    @ eskay:

    my nigga:

    I could never kill myself with my statement cause it’s the truth, your shit is opinion!
    be real with your self: lyric wise? sales wise? and yall swag is gone big dog! who representing for NY beside fifty who sales outdid outkast? luda? or t.i.? and i can go on & on… we come to NY for listening parties, cause thats where the companies reside, but after their company listening party they come back to south! believe that!

    yall fell off! you got rappers from NY that saying NY dont have it’s swag anymore! yall don’t ,that facts: just pray Nas album is the best album of the decade cause yall need it, and watch t.i. new album out sale any NY rap artists this year….
    yall niggas arrogance is over nigga! the south got this rap game on lock!
    we getting oscar right now! tell your coast to catch up!
    Don’t body urself – NAS… LOL

  129. eskay Says:

    ^ that’s what I thought, no explanation as to why you’re on top. well you sure ain’t on top in the world I live in. I fucks with some down south shit cuz i’m a reasonable dude who’s a fan of all types of hip hop. 95% of the motherfuckers I know wouldn’t be caught dead listening to ya’ll shit, not even the good stuff.

  130. cyde hustla Says:

    @ eskay

    My dog…did you read the reply or skim thru it? i just gave you the reason why NY will never be on top, and why we are! I got love for rap period…all genre, all coasts cause we all got something to say, but yall NY niggaz really got life and bullshit mixed! 95% of the motherfuckerz I know wouldn’t use a burnt cd on yall shit! real talk, like fifty said “yall niggaz is local”..

    The south has all the radio stations on lock, all the magazines have south artists on them, and mtv & bet, play all of our videos! thats how the south on top: mtv had 4 my blocks and three were in the south alone!

    Honestly NY has lost its swag….when yall get it back then come holla at me! and maybe you can convince me that yall good! in my eye and the rest of the world: NY has lost yall crown, yall use to be hands down trendsetter, the rest of the game used to look at NY as the big brother of rap, and right now the other coast have grew up, and have adapted and surpass NY, and right now the south is the hottest coast! hands down, you dont have to like it, but you gotta respect it, we did it our way: cars, teeth, slang, and swag…its all ours!

  131. eskay Says:

    doggie, all jokes aside, 95% of the shit on the radio is garbage no matter were it’s from. anybody from the South, who knows hip hop, will tell you that. the southern sit they play on the radio up here is trash. straight garbage.

    magazines put whoever is hot at the moment on their covers because it sells magazines. the same way TRL has whoever’s hot at the moment on the show. just cuz teenagers who weren’t even born yet when NY was revolutionizing hip hop are feeling ya’ll shit, you think that puts you on top?

    oh and teeth? please, NY started that shit before ya’ll were even rocking jewelry.

  132. cyde hustla Says:

    come on big dog:

    you just played yourself! you just verify everything i just said, which was THE SOUTH IS THE HOTTEST COAST!LOL…. that other miscellaneous shit you saying is nonsense, and opinion, big dog, honestly….

    yall swag gone, man! The south been has gold in they teeth, and im pretty sure a NY cat came to the south, saw cats with golds in there teeth, jocked it, and said he was the first one to do it! yall need to catch up, forreal! I really like the originator in NY: like KRS-ONE, OR Rakim, fuck it to keep it real with you my favorite NY album ever is JA RULE VINNI, VENTI, VINCI hands down, but yall dont have that swag no more at all: The South got it Lock right now…

    but I do appreciate you showing love to the south(and verify by your previously reply that the south is the hottest right now),and that t.v. watcher cant even remember that NY was trendsetter for hiphop years ago…Now the south is that trendsetter, we have different sounds, different music, each state has a different vibe, thats why the south will never die, and never fade, we constantly reinvent ourself, or a new region has something else to offer(ex:houston)…its time for NY to step there game up, or they will never see the top again…again yall nice with wordplay but songs and creativity lacks…

  133. eskay Says:

    ok, I see you have no argument, it’s all good, but you shoulda just said that from the get go.

    >>my favorite NY album ever is JA RULE VINNI, VENTI, VINCI hands down

    you lost mad credibility with that statement right there dog. damn no wonder you think the south is the best, you’re delusional…ja rule!? oh man, I’m gonna sendmy man Biggums in here to holla at you, he’s gonna get a good laugh outta that one.

    peace homey

  134. cyde hustla Says:

    big dog:

    that album he did was raw and uncut…now afterthat… it went downhill real talk…but that was a solid album, that murder inc. with him, jay-z , and dmx was fired, and story to tell was hot…but no i dont got beef with NY! i got beef with south haters…to me this hiphop shit is bigger than what people take it to be, they have all types of genre in hiphop alone, and most NY cats believe it should be just a certain way or its not hiphop, but most cats from the south dont do hiphop, but that doesnt mean we dont have the most upright respect for it…it all for the same cause my nigga real shit…

  135. E From BK Says:

    Eskay, why would you even give Duke the time of day? You already acknowledged that the South is having a pretty good run commercially. You even listed the artist that you respect and all Duke wants to do is brow beat you about who is the best. He is even saying some off the wall shit. I was cool with alot of the shit he was saying until he started to discredit himself. I agree, it is totally retarded that NY has Bloods and Crips. It’s the worst backwards shit I have ever seen. I say this because out of the gang culture NY CREATED Hip Hop. Bambatta was a heavy hitter on the gang level and decided to organize the youth into something more productive. So now when I see that shit in NY it turns mt stomach! But guess what? There are Bloods and Crips in Atlanta now! What kind of bullshit is that? The home of MLK turning into some fuckin’ gang bangers? These little bitch ass kids running around Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County, Dekalb County and Clayton fuckin’ county. The whole gang shit is stupid. Then Duke made the comment about the gold teeth. True indeed cats in the South have always been rocking gold teeth. I say teeth only because more than one cat had one. However, NY cats started rockin’ grills in like 1978. Duke don’t know his history. Paul Wall even admitted that the first cats he saw rockin’ grills were Flava and Slick Rick! The first cat I saw with a grill was in 1978. Older fly cat I knew had his name engraved on the top row and champagne glasses on the bottom half. I was always in the South during that time and in the three Southern states I visited I NEVER saw anybody with that shit until the fuckin’ 90’s. No disrespect to anybody out there, but that style is 30 years old. Also, when did the South become a coast? Did you pass geography? The South is a region! Eskay, I respect what you do with this blog. The shit is hot! But some of these cats are too emotional. ‘Aint that a female trait too? There are some dope cats out of the South, most of them are 30+, but truth be told, the best rapper in the South is not getting love from his own region. Stic.man is one of the hottest cats, period! Duke said that NY was never on the South’s level. That’s a retarded statement right there. First he admitted that NY was always looked up to, but now they were never on the South’s level? What kind of backwards shit is that? Also, do people still say lame? The South will never die? NY has never died, Cali has never died, the Mid-west has never died. What the fuck are you talking about. If you are trying to say that the South is on a pretty good run right now and you hope it will last longer then cool. Understand though, nothing lasts forever. Everybody has a run. Stop being so emotional, it’s not good for your health. That man eskay did not say anything negative about the South in particular, I know I never said anything negative about the South. The problem is with Hip Hop as a whole. 92% of this shit sucks. Just because you think Laffy Taffy is some genious shit don’t mean it is. You probably loce Camran and that dude is wack as hell.

  136. down south sniper Says:

    Why all these nothern niggas hatin’ the south because they ain’t gettin’ no burn, no shine or whatever. TI is the king because he claim that shit and he proving that shit. Fuck ya’ll niggas if yall can’t feel that shit. We don’t feel all that shit coming from the north, that papoose nigga ain’t shit so fuck ya’ll hatin ass niggas. That just like northern motherfuckers, start gettin’ out shined and ya’ll start bitching. You can’t feel us because you don’t understand us bitches, but we don’t feel that shit you put out either. Hatin’ on our shit all the time I guess that’s why all ya’ll fucking artist jumping on our songs, put us on ya’ll tracks punk motherfuckers. Hate ya’ll bitch ass motherfuckers. Ya’ll jealous ass niggas knocking our slang and our hustle our music because ya’ll can’t compare. No money getting motherfuckers fuck ya’ll. you see me in the street nigga talk that hatin shit. These comments especially go out to el_feces_loco bitch ass nigga. I don’t even visit this website nigga i just ran up on it and found ya’ll hatin ass motherfuckers. Can’t none of ya’ll up north rappers fuck with TI, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Scarface, UGK, Eightball and MJG, Lil Webbie, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Juvenile, Ludacris, Young Buck so fuck up North music give me these niggas CD and Im cool. HATIN’ MOTHERFUCKERS

  137. eskay Says:

    ^ I swear ya’ll must rehearse what ya’ll are gonna say to New Yorkers every morning ‘cuz all ya’ll comments are identical:

    blah blah ya’ll hating blah blah new york fell off blah blah no radio play blah blah blah…

    yo E, you speaking the truth brother…and you right, I need to stop acknowledging these fools.

  138. eskay Says:

    the problem is, niggas are coming in here and reading el_feces_loco’s comments and taking shit to the chest like he was speaking for the whole 5 boroughs. then they want to get all all emotional…

  139. Diamond Says:

    What exactly is the North doing or New York I mean I don’t see anyone besides 50 doing something and all his stuff is commercial, I guess maybe jadakiss.I would also like to see what Nas is goign to do now that the DEVASTATING beef between him and Jay is over (zzzzzz) As a matter of fact most hip hop mowadays are commercial. I like Kanye,Common people who actually have messages in their music. It is not like the music a while ago , Rakim Pac and Biggie, Bone, NWA . A lot of artists are not doing anything revelent including r7b and hip hop form all over the country. I do thik T.I. is not as bad as D4L or dem franchize boys or Nelly.

  140. joe 88 Says:

    ja first album was a great album (not my fav but a great album). that shit was better than banks,50 last album, tha soundtrack, & yayo album combined

  141. Busco Says:

    I understand the pain, but it is unfactual to say that T.I. is garbage, wack, sewage or trash cans. He has skills, maybe not like a jadakiss or a mos def or a scarface, but he is pretty decent or adequate in his rhymes.

    The word king doesn’t neccessarily mean that you are the best lyrically. It has to encompass the whole aspect of Mcing. What carries T.I. Is that confidence and swagger, and the realism he portrays when he raps. There is nothing phony about him. Honestly, cassidy is a better lyricist than T. I, but he just doesnt have the whole package. Cassidy can only freestyle and write punchlines. It’s more to it. With being a king you got to start a movement and you have to be believable. Cass is not believable, he only became a thug when he fame.

    I’m not comparing Ti to Cass I’m just stating that To be king, lyrics only play one part. True, Ti has to step his lyrics up, but at the same time he isnt all that bad. Ti just has the makings of a king, the charisma he portrays just draws people toward him.

    But with Ti as the forefront maybe this will start a movement of niggas in the south who claim they thugs, will stop dancing and shaking and shit. The two best lyricist in the south are probaably Dre and scarface, but they just dont have the charisma like Ti. maybe cham, lil wayne, slim thug will give em a run for his money.

  142. down south sniper Says:

    fuck you to eskay nigga ain’t emotional we want mother fuckers to know all the shit up there ain’t just popping. ya’ll motherfuckers act like all ya’ll shit just the bomb. we don’t just love that snap your fingers shit down her that d4l put out or franchise boys nigga that ain’t the south. ya’ll see all that shit on tv that comes out but them niggas don’t get embraced down here. we just use they shit for the club some shit to dance to nigga. We don’t even buy they albums nigga. We bump TI, Jeezy, UGK, Scarface, Lil Wayne. the shit ya’ll mother fuckers see yall think yeah nigga that’s what the south is about. Nigga we diverse all that shit from NY sounds the same to me boring. So FUCK YOU TOO ESKAY BITCH NIGGA. YA’LL NIGGAS TALKING BOUT ALL OUR COMMENTS SOUND THE SAME. ALL THAT HATE YA’LL MOTHERFUCKERS PUT OUT SOUND THE SAME.

  143. down south sniper Says:

    Dre ain’t from the south busco

  144. eskay Says:

    yo, down south sniper, lemme guess….

  145. uneckbone Says:

    damn E, i enjoyed that.

  146. Busco Says:

    Proves that this down south nigga dont know nothing about hip -hop, Errbody know I’m talking about Dre from outkast. The first thought that came to ya head was Dr. Dre. It should of been dre from outkast who are legends in the rap game. Niggas down south ain’t even really feeling them, when they making GREAT music. This an ol laffy taffy, white tee dancing ass nigga, dont try to correct me nigga, I know what I’m talking about.

  147. cyde hustla Says:

    Im back haterz:

    oh! i love the way yall quick to say all of the southern response sound the same, and repeatly say the same things: E From BK: come on my dog! you dont know the south, big dog: half of the shit you saying is b.s.! real talk! You hatin’ my nigga(that’s a hoe trait, dog!)…All im sayin’ is this…give props where props due! eskay we good my nigga, you love your coast i love my coast , i respect that, like a man, but for these other cats knocking SOUTH COAST(which is how it’s said in the south E from BK)…Stop fuckin’ hatin, and step yall game up! you was right stic.man he’s nice forreal i fuck wit them cats to…but knock niggaz from the south cause most south cats aren’t punchline rappers…that dont sell units my nigga! If it did canibus or postaboy would be the hottest artists…I agree with you E from BK, that its the swag you feeling, and thats the problem right now with NY! yall lost yall swag, the only squad holding it down nationwide with that in NY is Dipset! real talk….

  148. the landlord Says:

    these bammas that post here, (cyde hustla) have no idea how this shit works. Just because you see your clown ass homies on tv, and hear their shit on the radio all day, dont mean they’re running shit, it means that they are the images that “coporate america” want to represent hip-hop and black and latino culture in particular. 1.-Then they can in turn say “see, look at these ignorant monkeys and fools. 2. -It reinforces negative stereotypes of us and gives our youth some fucked up role models so they too can become ignorant monkeys and fools. Meanwhile these corporate pimps are getting money and throwing crumbs to the artists. The more intellectual and thought provoking MC’s (deadprez, wutang, talib kweli, pharoah monche, immortal technique, P.E.) will never do big numbers because they point the finger right back at the same assholes who REALLY run hip-hop. This Bamma-rap phenomenon is setting hip-hop back and may kill it all together, if it hasn’t already. The south is getting pimped, y’all have a chance to make some serious statements, but y’all just want gold grills and spinning rims while shit gets worse in our communities, north and south! Banner tried to do right, but as soon as “the man” started hearing what he was saying his airplay slowed up. Real hip-hop artists refuse to dumb down to please the powers that be, therfore they dont get the shine the monkeys and fools get. It’s the modern day minstrel show and these bamma rap acts are putting on the blackface for massa. What a shame…get your knowledge up , your 15 minutes is running out….

  149. the landlord Says:

    ….actually in the picture it almost looks like TI is actually wearing blackface! lol…and the shame is, dude IS kinda nice with his…… for a bamma…lol

  150. cyde hustla Says:

    @ the landlord

    Say my dog: where this bamma shit come from? you outta control my nigga! you internet hard! but back to the facts, say landlord i can tell your pussy ass aint from the south, cause most south rappers dont deal with major record companies…down here we real big on independent status, such as no limit , cash money, rap-a-lot, swisha house, thats why cats like slim thug got bentleys with no albums out…Step ya rap history up , u fuck…and that bamma shit , you yellin’, keep that dumb shit in your mouth…(you fake ass nigga)…lol

  151. the landlord Says:

    cyde hustla , fix your dress, your pussy is showing..btw, im in greenville, SOUTH carolina..is that south enough for your slow ass…you swine loving fool…no limit? over!..cash money only getting money cause lil wayne studied the ROC and stepped his game up NY-PHILLY style.. them ad-libs that Jeezy’s known for (yeeeaaah!!!) thats FREEWAY’S shit..I was a full grown man listening to to spoonieG and the treacherous 3 in ’79 before you probably existed..ask your moms, she may have known me.. Ive fathered AND sonned clowns greater than you..Read a book bitch

  152. cyde hustla Says:

    @ landlord:

    my nigga you that old, and you still stupid as fuck, huh! lol… my nigga i was just giving you facts fam, the shit you saying is opinion, and thats something a bitch would do…and jeezy ad-libs(yeaaahhh!!!) that’s pastor troy, pussy!…my nigga i live and breathe hip-hop, sit your fake ass down!

    And you from south cak, calling cats from the south bamma? so u all the the way Uncle tomming? U a bitch forreal! my nigga , u fell short! step your hip-hop history up…pussy! I hope the clowns you fathered, aint as stupid as your fake south Uncle Tom ass!

    I destroy and rebuild nigga, all day- Nas

  153. E From BK Says:

    cyde hustla Says:

    March 23rd, 2006 at 5:26 pm
    Im back haterz:

    oh! i love the way yall quick to say all of the southern response sound the same, and repeatly say the same things: E From BK: come on my dog! you dont know the south, big dog: half of the shit you saying is b.s.! real talk!

    Number 1, what did I say that was not fact? Number 2, what city do you live in? Number 3, when did I say anything bad about the South? Number 4, I KNOW for a fact that I know the South more than you’ll ever know. Understand Duke, I have spent significant time in most of the Southern states. I bet I know more people on your block than you do.

  154. E From BK Says:

    I just though about it Cyde. Don’t even answer my post. It would really just be a waste and I am not going to go back and forth with an irrational person.

  155. cyde hustla Says:

    @E From BK

    first off my nigga, you took half of my shit out of context…second Baton Rouge, Louisiana, houston,TX…Third, i wasn’t addressing just you, i was stating to anyone who got plex, against the south! Fourth, i doubt forreal you know more about the south than me my nigga, so save that shit!…Understand this my nigga…It’s doesnt matter how much time you spent in the South, my nigga! It’s if you bad mouthing the fact the south doing they thing, then I got a problem wit that, just like if I bad mouth and down yall niggaz, im pretty sure yall have a problem with that…real talk!

    My nigga I doubt you know half the shit i know, are my ‘rillaz: real shit, big dog…just relax homie…

  156. cyde hustla Says:

    @E From BK
    you right dic:

    it dont make sense to chat back and forth, wit me my nigga! I cutz up nigga! real talk… like T.I.P. said “you dont know me”…peel off my nigga!
    dont just response to sumthin’ i said by co-signing wit the next man when me and the next man, finally saw eye to eye…you lame my nigga! and oh, yeah, down here we still holling out you lame!

  157. the landlord Says:

    @cyde hustla

    i said i’m in the south, not from the south (im from Brentwood, N.Y.-home of EPMD). As for the uncle tom shit, if you could read between the lines from any of my posts, you would notice in my rhetoric a leaning towards 5% and Nation of Islam ideology. While I practice as a sunni muslim, I am FAR from an uncle tom. Dont let the good spelling and grammar fool you dog, I have NO love for massa. You accusing me of tomming is so typical of ignorant cats who cant communicate on an intellectual level, so they get frustrated and call names because thats the only way they can express themselves. Intelligence aint owned by the white man. We (the black man) taught them mathematics , sciences, and languages . We are the original intellectuals…me an uncle tom?, never that…step your wisdom up homie…there’s more to life than what your favorite rapper is talking about..and THATS real talk

  158. E From BK Says:

    @the landlord

    Civilize those 85ers!

    Wisdom Culture/Freedom

  159. Trouble Maker Says:


    i feel your thoughts and ideology, but the convo is about the narrow minded views of NYC cats. The fact of the matter is this (without running down the history of hip-hop) NY had it a long time ago. I will give them that. They brought hip-hop from its infancy and made it a culture of its on. (thanks NYC) But at this moment the South is running the show. Everybody knows that the easy way to break into the market is to be around the major players in the game(e.i. major labels) so if you want to get on go to NY or Cali. But in the South we don’t have that advantage. We make millions on indy labels. Industry rappers(NYC cats…mostly) only have to rap….everything else is right at there finger tips. Down here we produce, rap, engineer, master, distribute, and promote our music. Which is a big reason for our large chunck of the pie(no middle man) and our hesitation to sign to bigger labels. Now weither or not corporate america is using the images on BET & MTV to sub-consiously influence the black youth(which is a great topic for another disscusion) is irelivant at this point. What you should be looking at is the fact that we are getting it done. We kicked the door in and forced everyone to look at us(Southern Artists). Hip-hop is much like everything else….the only constant thing about it is that it is subject to change. So what most people call “hatin'” i see as an unwillingness to change and/or admit that someone else is doing better in the industry. So instead of saying congratulations the narrow minded man downs what we have accomplished. I will admit that bothers me. In all actuallity this whole convo is irelivent because weither you(narrow minded/ arrogant people) believe South music is garbage or not we are still out selling and out showcasing 95% of the east coast rappers. We are on all the radios and the industry is playing all of our videos. So from a financial stand point there is plenty of money to be made in the South and we are making it.
    P.S. Please don’t think that we only rap about “Glitter and Gold”. Or be under the misconception that there are no lyrisist in the South either. Andre 3000 is one of the best to ever do it…..where is he from? Goodie M.O.B? Big Boi? Geto Boys? Lil Wayne?
    Y’all have a nice day!

  160. eskay Says:

    ^ Ok now, cyde hustla you should take notes from the homey Trouble Maker on how to have a constructive argument.

    Props Trouble, even though I gotta disagree with you dog. So the South is on top because radio and MTV/BET play your music? No offense, but like I told this other dude, 95% of the shit played on radio and TV is garbage and I’m including the East and West Coast in that too. Corporate radio and tv are pimped by record labels to play whatever they’re putting out at the moment. Right now that happens to be a lot of southern music and a little east west stuff. I often wonder how much of the stuff I hear on radio I’d be hearing if some program director didn’t just receive a free trip to Hawaii. I also don’t see how the use of negative imagery is irrelevant. If your artists are perpetuating sterotypes for the sake of a quick buck, how is that irrelevant?

    >>what most people call “hatin’” i see as an unwillingness to change and/or admit that someone else is doing better in the industry.

    How are ya’ll doing better in the industry? I always ask that, but nobody ever answers. Southern artists really aren’t selling as well as people would like us to think they are. If you check the Soundscans most of the big recent southern releases haven’t even cracked gold yet, so that kills the myth that the South is killing us in sales. As much as I hate 50, he’s a NY nigga and he is the top selling rapper out right now. When Hov drops his inevitable album he’ll either surpass 50 or take the #2 spot right behind him.

    If you read this site on the regular then you know that I personally don’t think all ya’ll rap about is glitter and gold. Thats a popular misconception among non-southerners, but you really can’t blame them, because 85% of ya’ll stuff does focus on that type of shit.

  161. cyde hustla Says:

    @ landlord:

    okay my dog: you fraud my nigga…its an intellectual level now! when a post ago I was a pussy who needed to pull down my skirt! make your fuckin’ mind up my nigga, and quit contradicting yourself, and thats real talk!…and eskay my dog trouble maker(actually my dog, and godson to my child), feel the same way he just a little more open minded than I am….I am repeatly saying the same thing, i got love hiphop in a whole, but when people hollin’ bammas(landlord you fuck!) or that south shit is weak than of course Im going to that offense and state my case, like a man… like i said eskay: i respect what you doing, but 90% of the shit NY doing it exactly the same as well…and eskay like trouble said: we make more independent money! we make the beats, rap over them without a major deal, and can you please recheck soundscan cause im pretty sure you will find more southern artists “crack gold” than you think, on there own record label(more money)….

  162. eskay Says:

    ^ its all gravy, but I don’t know why you guys are so excited about independents like ya’ll the first to do that. Ever heard of Rawkus? mid 90’s? no, doesn’t ring a bell?

    Anyway, we can recheck soundscan whenver you want homey, I’ve done the knowledge. As an example, this dude Paul Wall had the number one album in the country when he dropped. dude is still sitting at like 440,000 to this day. Tell him get his weight up. And the funny thing is I could care less about how much an artist sells. That’s the last thing I ever want to argue, but ya’ll stay brining it up so i have to kill your arguments.

  163. the landlord Says:

    @trouble maker…….thank you brother for engaging in grown man talk, and perhaps i did go astray somewhat from the original topic, but i felt the lil homie cyde hustla needed some tough love and some guidance, although i respect his heart.. while i disagree with you somewhat , i do acknowledge there are a select few from the south that should be acknowledged as artists, but the ones who are celebrated just aint getting it done on an artistic level. They seem to be following this growing trend of formulaic, predictable topic matter.. i mean damn, i can finish lil flip’s rhymes before he does and that’s on the first listen. But yes, lil wayne IS the most improved in the game, BUT listen closer, the ROC influences are too obvious. Listen close to TI..He has and continues to display subtle Dipset (juelz) influences…Im just sayin..as for Andre 3000, even he overstands whats going on in the game. that’s why he’s exploring other media outlets such as acting, tv and movie production and even “rock and roll”. Hip hop it in current state is too limited for him, as for goodie mob and geto boys..what have they done lately? I dont want to sound like i’m hating on brothers for getting money, but at what costs? The majority of us aint getting money in the rap game but the negativity it perpetuates affects ALL of us….Thanks for the feedback though….ONE

  164. cyde hustla Says:

    @ eskay:

    No…your wrong paul wall went platinum, go check http://www.riaa.com, please! get your weight up my dog…

  165. eskay Says:

    Actually Soundscan says otherwise: 124 WALL*PAUL PEOPLE’S CHAMP 8,516 4 8,178 679,119

    So I was wrong, he’s over 440, but he still ain’t plat.

  166. cyde hustla Says:

    right…that “cracking gold” thing…but according to recording industry association of american which is in association with billboard…he’s platinum….

  167. E From BK Says:

    Why eskay?

  168. eskay Says:

    It was a setup E, his man came in here talking sense and I got caught up.

    correct me if I’m wrong but as I understand it, RIAA awards plat and gold plaques for number of records SHIPPED. So you can ship gold, never actually move gold units, but still get awarded a plaque. Soundscan represents actual sales as recorded at the time of sale.

    So obviously: Soundscan #’s > RIAA #’s.

  169. cyde hustla Says:

    come on eskay:

    setup? it’s never that serious, my nigga i dont get paid for this! my nigga share the same opinion i share and wanted to express himself, come on! and the riaa and soundscan is irelivant at this point…the point is he crack gold and you said he didnt…im good with yall niggaz…

  170. eskay Says:

    of course it’s not that serious my dude. but gold? come on yall niggas are running shit, and all homey did was gold? when did that album drop anyway, last summer?

  171. cyde hustla Says:

    eskay who was the last nigga in ny to go gold? juelz santana right! and dipset yall bread winners….is wasn’t tony yayo, it wasn’t fat joe, it wasnt remy martin, is wasnt memphis bleek, or and i can go on & on…but wayne surpass gold, chamillonaire surpass gold, dtp complation surpass gold, mike jones went platinum, bun b surpass gold, slim thug surpass gold, 3-6 surpass gold…do you really want to continue my nigga it really looking bleek for yall….

  172. eskay Says:

    i don’t even really like any of those new york people you just mentioned except for Remy and Bleek and it doesnt matter anyway because I would never sit here and argue over who went gold. who gives a fuck. how ‘s the music, that’s the question. Understand, I don’t work in the undustry so I could care less who goes gold or platinum, the only reason I’m even talking about this shit is cuz you brought it up.

    oh, and if Juelz went gold (i honestly don’t know) then he did it alot quicker than paul wall did. (not that i give a fuck)

  173. cyde hustla Says:

    my nigga im just giving you facts thats it… dont be bother by the truth and for the record no…he didnt get there quicker than paul wall(no. 1 on the billboard remember)but i could give a fuck either…i like good music dont matter the side, person, or genre at all…period!

  174. eskay Says:

    aight so we’ll just agree to disagree, but just say one thing for me though:

    “New York is my home state’s Daddy”

    go head say it. Do it. Do it. [/starsky]

  175. Trouble Maker Says:

    Wait i am confused…what are you judging the term “hot” by? I was going off of record sells….air play….and media coverage. But if you(those of you who this applies to) are going off of weither it is good music or not, then we can no longer have this disscussion. Because “hot” is a realitve term. Because to be honest i have always had a real hard time listening to east coast rap. (before you get offended) The reason being; is because i am a lover of rich, full beats. As a matter of fact the first thing i hear is the beat. East coast rappers are Notorious (no pun intended) (Pun get it…lol…anyway) for there word play, but the beats are very simple and empty, at least until recently. So i my mind alot of east coast coast rap was garbage to me….in my younger days before i could respect the skill. Now weither or not Wayne or T.I. sound like some one else they are still lyrisists. Which mean they can combine the rich melodies well known is Southern music with east coast comparible word play. I think that makes for a pretty good combo. Also a trend that may or may not disturb the local east coast rapper is that more and more lyrisist are emerging from the South. Now true the images that young black america see is your typical “cars, clothes, and hoes” video( at least most of the time) but since hip hop is a musical expression of the world around the artist we are at a chicken or the egg delima( a catch 22 type thing). Now i disagree about the free vaction analogy for our music being on the air all the time. I believe it is because that sound is what the masses want to hear. I say that because the industry big whigs only care about making money so if little jerome wants to hear ” M.C. Shit Head”(i hope no one really has that name) then they are going to sell him just that. It is simple supply and demand. Now true, people can be brainwashed into liking a song if they hear it long enough; but claiming that it is a corporate plot to futher destroy and confuse the image of the black man is not only unprovable but tittering on the border of a conspiracy theory. (although sometimes i feel the same way) So if we are discribing industry success as being “Hot” then the south is hot, but if we are using “Hot” to describe an opinion of the quality of music then we are all barking different trees.

  176. TIBABYMAMA585 Says:


  177. loudmouthsouth Says:

    Stop hatin da south has takin ova. y everybody tryin 2 do our dances n shit

  178. try one Says:



  179. try one Says:

    SORRY THAT’S http://www.soundclick.com/civilize


  180. ish jay Says:

    all i have to say is that new york rappers are either played out or dead. just like biggie

  181. gboogie Says:

    ti is an ok rapper. http://gboogie.net

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