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DJ Envy and Big Mike – Myspace Massacre


I got this last night and I wasn’t going to post it, but it’s kind of a slow news day so here goes. This mixtape is real Dipset heavy so consider yourselves warned. I guess that’s kind of appropriate when you consider the average age of the typical Myspace user.

Interestingly enough you’ll find that track # 9 is a brand new G-Unit dis from The Game, who I guess had a Change of Heart about ending the drama after the 360 freestyle. Some standout tracks are # 12, a new Beanie Sigel freestyle and # 2 which is a different version of the Shotgun Season track from Green Lantern’s latest featuring Styles P and Team Arliss standing in for Fat Joe. 

1 – DJ Envy & Big Mike – MySpace.com Intro
2 – Styles P feat. Team Arliss – We Gonna Shoot Em
3 – Cam’ron – White Chicks
4 – Jim Jones – Jimmy Blanco
5 – Hell Rell feat. J.R. Writer – Moovement Is Moovin
6 – J.R. Writer – Its Dipset
7 – 40 Cal – Ryder Muzik
8 – Max B – Birgang Herd Em Say
9 – The Game & Riz – All For Sale (produced by NJ Devil)
10 – The Game feat. J-Hood & Riz – On Dblock (produced by NJ Devil)
11 – Nas feat. Nayshawn – Level Seven
12 – Beanie Sigel – The Warning
13 – Freeway – Never Testify
14 – Young Newz (Blok Gang) – Left Stankin
15 – Lloyd Banks – U Already Know Part Two
16 – Mobb Deep – Watch Ya Self
17 – Mobb Deep – The Death Of Me
18 – Purple City feat. Jim Jones & Max B – Knick Knack
19 – J.R. Writer – Rumble Young Man Rumble
20 – .40 Cal – Bang Mine
21 – Styles P & Killa Clumps – Hard Shit
22 – Fabolous Ft Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch & J-Hood – The Hitmen
23 – Skyball feat. Hell Rell – Direct Connect
24 – El Dorado Red – Fuck That
25 – Berg – Shot Gonna Pop Off (from Carmelo Anthony’s new label)
26 – Riz – Gift To The Street
27 – Smoke Fam – Freestyle
28 – DJ Envy & Big Mike – MySpace.com Outro

DJ Envy and Big Mike – Myspace Massacre

UPDATE: According to Mixunit.com, the purpose of this mixtape is "to promote the launch" of Envy and Big Mike‘s Myspace profiles. I can see that this whole Mixtape/Internet marketing trend is going to get completely out of control this year. What’s next, a DJ Clue mixtape celebrating his new Gmail account?

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93 Responses to “DJ Envy and Big Mike – Myspace Massacre”

  1. Damu Says:

    Thx G

  2. Damu Says:

    1st post y’all literate wanksters :-D
    ..all day baby!

  3. DBrown11 Says:

    J.R. Writer is like a baby cam

  4. eskay Says:

    ^ you ain’t lying. I think he takes his lyrics a little more seriously than Cam does these days though. you won’t find alot of ra-ra-la-la-ca-ca stuff in his lyrics. I’ve never been a big fan but I’ll admit he’s kind of talented:


  5. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ive said it before and ill say it again hell rell is the only one from dip-set that is actually nice

  6. DBrown11 Says:

    J.R. is still hungary unlike cam

  7. Ieshoua Says:

    Thanks for the JR link Eskay, I think the kid is talented however he needs to get out of Cam umbrella to express his true potential.
    I have seen this post about the Ghostface album on SOHH, I’d like to know ur thoughts….

  8. eskay Says:

    ^ I think it’s well written and makes a very good point.

    Of course I should feel that way seeing as I wrote it ;-)

  9. DBrown11 Says:

    I know yall seen when Hell Rell lost on 106


    ^^^ sorry no i didnt see hell rell on 106&park in fact i have never watched more than 12 seconds of 106 & parkl all i know is when i listen to the dips hell rell is the only one who comes hard more often than not

  11. DBrown11 Says:

    its mad old I saw it on youtube

  12. MOFO Says:

    rofl @ Clue celebrating his Gmail account…

  13. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Eskay…… U replaced MR. IRREVERENT or you’ve always written for SOHH.com??????

  14. joe 88 Says:

    hell rell got ate up by postaboy.

  15. D. Billz Says:

    Backland represented on 106… ay yurrrrp! B’more, figadil me?

  16. D. Billz Says:

    Bossman getting signed to Virgin = good look for B’more hip hop

    Carmelo Anthony owning a record label = bad look for B’more hip hop

    Los from Da Bloc signing to Bad Boy = good look for B’more hip hop

    Young Leak getting signed to Def Jam = bad look for B’more hip hop

  17. DBrown11 Says:

    Who’s the top 5 cats in the game?

  18. Tipple HC Says:

    Alright you motherfuckers. I visit this site quite a bit, but I’ve never said shit. So here it goes.

    First of all, FUCK Luis. You’re nothing but a fucking bitch. You come here on eskays site and start to try shit. I realize that you have your own opinions, but your opinions fucking suck, and you’re nothing but a fucking clown. You gonna get all butt-hurt now? HAHA! Like I give a fuck. It’s the internet bitch! This ain’t real life. I’m calling you out. Faggot.

    I’ll be completely honest about who I am. I’m a white dude that lives in Spokane, Washington. You’re god damn right thats where I live. Proud of it bitches! I’m no gangbanger nor do I try to be one, but I will fatten your fucking lip if you wanna talk shit.

    So there’s my introduction post. Expect more from me, cuz I ain’t done yet!

    Tipple HC
    Doja, ya heard?

  19. eskay Says:

    lol ^ that’s real talk right there.

    B.Heezie, nah I didn’t replace anybody.

  20. Ned Says:

    i heard that the game track is actually just an old track that they released now

  21. UrMans&Thems Says:

    Your man big mike be doing big thangs, B. Don’t under estimating the power of myspace, it happen to be a great club promotion tool since everybody is on there.

  22. Blood Hound Says:

    Wow I think he actually scared luis off…

    This was already a Luis bashing weekend, now its spilling over into the week.

  23. Blood Hound Says:

    Now as for the mixtape it looks hot just by the line up.

    And as for Dipset there break goes like this:

    Cam’ron= Boss; meaning he lost the love of the game because he knows that he’ll get richer if the others sell.

    Jim Jones= 2nd in command, so he is basically like Cam, but Jim actually try’s to rap he puts heart into it and although he isn’t that talented its still the fact that he tries.

    Santana= Pre-madonna; so he thinks he is the greatest emcee to touch the game (he couldn’t be more wrong) if you heard his latest album it sounds like he freestyled the whole thing, the concept sucks the beats are garbage and the hooks don’t contain the subject of the song. And honestly 2 of the songs on that cd are actually pretty good but that’s bad becuz the cd contains 23 songs.

    J.R. Writer= Talented artist, as long as he doesn’t stop being hungry he’ll be big shit one day.

    Hell Rell= Talent artist, Hell Rell is a strong book end for Dipset because he has his own style he raps like no one else on dipset, he’s a grimy rapper that can flow.

    40 cal= under estimated, he is a good lyrical rapper but he uses cam’s technique when it comes down to punch lines he needs to be more original.

    SAS= BK’s only most talented rap group so far.

    Ur Mad= Cam’s left nut, this guy is a difficult subject he loves Dipset and even dedicated his whole site to them. That’s kinda scary, he also said he is the newest member and that’s hard to believe unless he is a freestyle rapper that doesn’t write rhymes, all in all I think Ur Mad is Cam’s cyber stalker. But he’s still entertaining.

    Bezile= ….

  24. Blood Hound Says:

    Oh yeah I forgot bout Max B and that chick.

    Max B= Ghetto r&b, He really just harmonizes everything he says there’s not much singing going on. 50 actually singings more but the stans call it rap.

    That Chick= the sound of her name alone is enough to make me wanna start killing people again. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalk board. Although on paper her lyrics are ok…

  25. London-BRIDGES Says:

    What Happened 2 Hell Rell On 106

  26. eskay Says:

    you tell me:


  27. D Brown11 Says:

    One 30 sec round ……. corny

  28. PerForce1 Says:

    ahhaa thought you guys knew, “The CHick” is JHA JHA, she is garbo tho.

    I gotta agree on JR aka The Dominican Prince, he got talent, really he does remind me of old killa cam. Not saying I dont like Cam now, but Old killa cam is eating Cam’ron and spittin out the bones…

    oh yeah, and actually I do find myself likin Hell Rell which kinda surprises me but hey. And on that Hell rell tip, yeah I’d say that was an L on 106 and Park. But Hell Rell can make a track, whereas last track i heard from Postaboy was on Soul Survivor 2 and I hope I never hear a track from that bug eyed dude again.

  29. PerForce1 Says:

    ps thnks for WB3 eskay, WB2 was crack

  30. UrMans&Thems Says:

    “Santana= Pre-madonna; so he thinks he is the greatest emcee to touch the game (he couldn’t be more wrong) if you heard his latest album it sounds like he freestyled the whole thing, the concept sucks the beats are garbage and the hooks don’t contain the subject of the song. And honestly 2 of the songs on that cd are actually pretty good but that’s bad becuz the cd contains 23 songs.”

    Your boy Juelz Santana be making a lot of club hits though, Ai.
    Sometimes, the rhyme can be wack as hell (like most of Lil Jon’s song), but if it makes the girl drop it like it’s hot and get freaky on the dance floor, than I’m about that. Don’t tell me y’all be sitting at home and listening to your Cassidy freestyle.

  31. Blood Hound Says:

    I agree with you on the club part, but he designed his whole album on that level and aint cool.

  32. Sickness Says:

    Hell rell is sick da kid doesnt even write his shit down, B.I.G style. His a monster, also i mean 106 park is a joke i mean immortal technique got totally raped in there as well, the thing about it is hardcore rappers will never prevail there no matter how much talent they got. Its for more toned down rappers only like jin for example.

    Here is a link to Hell rell interview after he got out of jail:


    Hell Rell: I don’t event write, I’m a monster. I just go in there, throw the beat on. However I’m feeling or whatever comes to mind. I don’t go in the studio thinking, “I’m going to make a party song, or I’m going to do a diss song.” I write in my head. I actually developed that around the way; being on the corner hustling waiting for fiends to come through and cop my s**t, I was standing there would coming up with rhymes in my head. So by the time I got to where I had to go to lay it down, I had already memorized it.

  33. Blood Hound Says:

    Thanx to perforce1

    I just killed 3 people.

  34. PWalker Says:

    I gotta say that Cam has NO SUSTAMCE TO ABOUT 65% of his raps!
    His topics are so generic-he has NO VERSATILITY!! He makes songs about exactly what Bill O’Reily said “PIMPIN and BITCHES” and “DRUGS”!!! Lol I listen to the dipsbut Most of the time I try to make the best out of it and just enjoy the beats. But 40 CAL and Hell REll are the serious rhymers but it seems like they dont get as much said as they should. Its all about the WADK ones!! Anyway the cd was hot nonetheless!

  35. PWalker Says:

    S.A.S is some Sure SHIT! Them niggas>>The entire dips in america including groupies. Jha Jha is ok, she got her own lil style even though she look like lady saw. lol
    The dips just really need for Camron and Jim to stop rappin and stay behind close doors. Then maybe people can move with the movement

  36. KLO Says:

    This mixtape is some sh*t…I had it for about 4 days now and thought it was going to be better than this! The only songs I like it Level 7 by Nas and Nashawn, and the Beans freestyle…the Game diss song was aight too…but this sh*t as madd dipset on there and they are PHUCKING WACK! I heard Hell Rell on way better songs than the shit he is on on this mixtape. Cam….is wack, Jimmy is wack, and Jr Rider, I always thought he bit Cam, so that ultimatly means he’s terrible as well!


  37. Blood Hound Says:

    @ pwalker

    I kinda agree with your last statement…

    BTW Is that your name or do you just walk in public restrooms?

    You know pee walker?

    Forgive me I’m tired…

  38. Fury Says:

    Hipe hop is on a treadmil right now.I think niggas be in such a rush to flood the streets with product,that they just be puttin any ol garbage out.There’s no classic songs being made no more.All these cats give uon tracks is the 6 million way u can die.What happened to the storytellers?? I’m starting to believe that game is head of promotions over @ G-unit as much as he been sayin they names.They gonnna go platinum off game alone.(Dont take that literally,it was just a statment)All of them Dip set nigga sound like the son,nephew,niece,cousin,of Cam.The way hip hop is goin now,it’ll all be underground in a few years

  39. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    i just saw this shit over at allhiphop.com jr writer’s following in cam’s footsteps to career suicide before he even gets anywhere.

    DAMN JR GOT @ da roc too
    “I flare at your peeps, you weirdos are weak
    Who you gonna send at us, Tiara and Bleek?”

    “I will cook em today, push it and spray
    He ain’t got to be near for me to put him away”

    “I break down the Roc (rock) like I’m bout to set up shop”

    “That goes for you and the rest of your crew (why?)
    Throw up your diamonds, now you’re biting wrestlers, too?”

    my favorite is the” who you gonna send at us tiera and bleek”

    yea ill admit it is a pretty hot line except for one thing hov aint gonna send anyone at you he isnt stressing you at all he is retired you can throw rocks at the throne all day it wont get them anywhere.

    jr writer = jae hood

  40. PWalker Says:

    @ Blood- No my first name is Paul, but dat was an interesting as hell assertion u made. lol. I figured if i put Paul Wall then someone might catch feelings and think im sweatin him or a fan

    @ T- damn, i didnt even hear that one, nor did i listen to funk flex show! i guess nothin happened cus we would have heard already! I actually think that jr. writer “rhyme^ ty posted” was wack ass! Am I the only one who misses lyrical battles?? Forgive me,I always say something is wack especialy if i feel like I can do better myself and im not a rapper or lyricist!

  41. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    no you are not alone pwalker and i agree this shit is pretty weak, how many different things are these clowns gonna try when hov isnt even responding to the first thing yet. they look more and more desperate with every move the make and everytime they fail to grab hov’s full attention they are embaressing themselevs even more. i would love for them to get jay excited and bring him out so i could hear jay smash him so cam, dip-set step your shit up and atleast come with something half decent

  42. KLO Says:

    I did not know that JR Bitter went at the ROC neither…LOL….Jay is going to phuck around and unleash Sigel on dip-shit!

  43. Blood Hound Says:

    I kinda feel sorry for J.R. cuz he is caught up now… He fucked himself up Jay is gonna use a candid one line subliminal hell it may even be one word, and its gonna stop J.R. from growing as an artist… He is gonna Canibus that dude like LL did.

  44. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^LL didnt ruin canibus’ career, He ruined his own career going to the Army.

  45. T Nelson Says:


  46. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ll defintely didnt end canabis’s career, bis just wasnt cut out to make songs, he killed his career way before the army. his albums were trash he was a freestyle battle rapper and he got way to into complex metaphors it was like he didnt want ANYONE to have any clue what he was talking about towards the end of his career, but in all seriousness the one reason why people still respect bis is because of the way he killed ll on that second round k.o. shit, that shit is still a waaaaaaaaaaaaay better diss than 95% of the diss track ever he ripped it.

    and t-nelson : this mixtape shit will never end because its the only place you can find real true hip-hop where people arent worried about sales. i very rarley buy studio albums anymore i buy mixtapes weekly if i wanna hear good real rap i have to either go old school or mixtapes thats the way it is

  47. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    The Roc only has kanye (and i don’t even feel him) everybody else is shit, and can somebody tell me why Jay ain’t letting Joe Buddens come out instead we gotta listen to shit like ne-yo “i’m so sick” of the whole defjam movement…..jay a’int no respect for rap coz if he did he would’ev made sure joe would’ev come out already instead he want to hang wit ne-yo and nigga cry about there no real rap out there its niggas like jay fault coz they the niggas in positions to change shit….jay should be ashamed

  48. Blood Hound Says:

    *pretends to be Jay*

    Hell on the rell (real) you fuck boys is nothing to me, I’m dynomite like JJ evans so how is you coming at me? You flock of pigeons (byrd gang) just shitting all aimlessly, so pawn your juelz (jewels) before your body gets special k (cam old name) in the street, you and your junior writer (J R) better get a spell check from you exec’s, before I send beans out to poke holes through your connects…

    Well we all know Jay would come harder, hell in not a rapper and besides I like Dipshits… I mean dipset but the truth is the truth jay could kill them if he wanna…

  49. Blood Hound Says:

    *pretends to be Jay*

    Hell on the rell (real) you fuck boys is nothing to me, I’m dynomite like JJ evans so how is you coming at me? You flock of pigeons (byrd gang) just shitting all aimlessly, so pawn your juelz (jewels) before your body gets special k (cam old name) in the street, you and your junior writer (J R) better get a spell check from you exec’s, before I send beans out to poke holes through your connects…

    Well we all know Jay would come harder, hell I’m not a rapper and besides I like Dipshits… I mean dipset but the truth is the truth jay could kill them if he wanna…

  50. PWalker Says:

    I think the QUESTION OF THE YEAR is: “Why are they getting at Jay-Z, NOW?” Of all times “NOW” while the ‘old man’ has claimed retirement. If Cam and them been beefing since way back, when Jay “supposedly” didnt want Camron to be the president of the R.O.C., which was about 2 or 3 years ago!!! Why now?? Niggas is coming out of the woodwork with shit now! Thats funny! Because I think Camron has bad planning. Could you imagine what would have happened if “Im Not A Writer…” came out when Jay was doing his goodbyes, last concerts, and videos! That shit might have been poppin back then. But what the fuck does the public care now, if Jay is a biter! We don bought half his shit already and most ppl got Biggie shit too! Fa real He is killin me with this shit, his whole team is fuckin up!

  51. PWalker Says:

    damn. Blood Hound thats wut im tryna say. u came harder than Jr! lol they need to step the fuck up, im getting bored, im bout to delete they songs and shit. They disapointing me

  52. Blood Hound Says:

    I know he didn’t ruin it but I hate to use 50 as an example… The 2nd round knock by canibus was dope as hell.

  53. Luis Says:

    HAHAHAHA, I see I have a fan who will shortly turn into one of my stalkers hahahaha, well allow me to comment on this fagg Mr.Tipple HC LOL!

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to notice that ESKAY and TYGUMS went and possibly cried to a family member/friend (brother, cousin or best friend possibly?), and that you are in all likelihood defending their ignorance because of that fact alone.

    Look HC, I am just stating my opinions just like everyone else, and I don’t hate on ANY comments made by others….on the contrary, I get dicapitated as soon as I give in my 2 cents about ANYTHING especially a G-Unit comment. Look Tripple H lol, you are one funny dude from Spokane Washington haha. No seriously people…..for the first time in my life… I really was “laughing out loud” while reading this man’s post. Uhhh, you’re calling me out over the internet hmmmmm let me guess…..I have struck a nerve in your little body correct? I do beileve I have achieved that since you are coming at me the way you are hahahaha very pathetic.

    Look bro, the bottom line is that you certainly cannot win an argument that I am in control of; and you certainly cannot drive me up the wall and hurt my feelings the way I am doing to you and your buddy eskay and gums.

    Unlike many others, I am emotionally unfazed by discussion of any kind (discussion, not argument, there is a distinct difference) and what we have in my eyes, was certainly not an argument – unless there was one sided on your part……oh that’s right……you’re calling me out hahahah what a clown!!!!

    I will give you exposure just ONE TIME and then I will brush you off my shoulders. Even typing/replying to me on line directly is something you shouldn’t be doing. You sir, are my comic relief and nothing more. And for that, I thank you. Now fuck off and get off my dick you prick!!!!

    P.S. http://www.gunitworld.com
    just to piss you off even more haha!!!!

  54. Luis Says:

    P.S. And eskay, thanks for being a little instigator and building up the whiye boy from Washington by replying back after he made that poor comment hahaha, I was actually MORE motivated to write back to your boy after all HAHAHAHA!!!!

  55. Blood Hound Says:

    I still think internet beef is like the special olympics

  56. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ you got it twisted luis your riding that short bus and you are our comedic relief, we laugh our ass’s off at your expense my momma always taught menot to laugh at retards but you are so ridiculous i cant control my self, im sorry mom. you dont come in here and state your opinions if you said it was opinion we wouldnt care but you are the one always saying I SPEAK FACTS ONLY. what now that i exposed your so called facts as lies your gonna switch it up and say you only say your opinion damn you be flip-floppin all day like them chacletteas hov be rocking and just like them you be getting walked on all day long to homie. you dont pjase anyone on here you trying to come at eskay is like cam trying to come at HOV, you just cant compete homie and you dont come with anything hard at all, in all actuality you dont even notice how much you play yourself just like cam, you should hook up with ur-mad and go work promos for that dude

  57. Attila Says:

    There’s a track on here from D-Block Feat. Fabolous & Paul Cain – Hitmen

    On the track, Fab throws this left-hook at Mase:

    Niggas might be diming, I ain’t gonna end up like lefty
    But trash talkin – make a nigga end up in a Hefty.
    A nigga say “F” me? They find him on the FD
    A day or two later they bury him 6 FT
    I’m definitely, waiting for the day Mason Beth be
    Riding through the city and forgot to wear his Tef-T
    (take that, take that, take that)
    I heard L.A. Reed wanna Def me.
    Tell him I need a manion in Bel Air with a Jeffery…

    Not subliminal since he used his name, but a lot of people slept on this. Give it a listen :)

  58. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    fab has been killing mase alot recently and we have been talking about it alot so thats probably why it went unmentioned but the shit is hot

  59. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    the ignorant nigga in me love the dips, although i don’t think it was a smart idea for them to go after jay but then again the lil nigga in me is like “get him”…i feel jay coz i felt b.i.g prob coz jay bit from him so much…i like jay the emcee i hate jay the executive.

  60. eskay Says:

    yeah he threw a bunch of not-so-subliminals at the Pastor on Loso’s Way. I could of sworn we discussed those, but maybe not

  61. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    we did eskay im sure atilla just missed that thread.

    “daddy. i mean diddy to be logical/ fifty’s your step pops puffs your biological”

    “and usualy the niggas i be throwing slugs at/ aint ever dance in videos with rug rats”

    killed him with those 2 lines

  62. PWalker Says:

    Fuck this im listening to Guerilla Black!!! That song with Beenie Man! This nigga is Biggie REincarnated! He got shut the fuck down quick

  63. PWalker Says:

    That song was crack

  64. eskay Says:

    Internet Arguments

  65. Blood Hound Says:

    THANK YOU ESKAY!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Luis Says:

    yeah oh tygums, whatever you say hahahha, you make me laugh lol, and eskay you never seez to amaze me hahahaha!!!! I uppercut that ass with facts that you cant take as usual…..but it’s all good fam.!!!!

  67. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Luis Says:
    March 15th, 2006 at 1:04 pm
    yeah oh tygums, whatever you say hahahha, you make me laugh lol, and eskay you never seez to amaze me hahahaha!!!! I uppercut that ass with facts that you cant take as usual…..but it’s all good fam.!!!!

    see what did i say in my last post you stay flip-floppin all day homie. first you say you only spit facts then the a couple posts ago you said you only speak your opinion and now you only speak facts again???? what facts are those again do i need to shut those so called facts down again because the only real fact you have ever stated on fif was he makes LESS money than puff, so go for it hit us with some facts.

    and i may be retarded for continually getting sucked into this shit with luis but its fun watching him squirm his way out of shit, the boy is all over the place and i get bored at work sometimes so i like to have some fun and entertain myself

  68. Luis Says:

    bro, I am not squirming over anything……after my last reply you had to add your opinion hence that reply was made out to your man tripple H only, so uhhhhmmm yeah ok I’m squirming alright hahahaha lmfao, afraind not gums hahahaha!!!!

  69. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    damn your dumb. i didnt mean squirming like your scared you shouldnt be scared of me i dontknow you or where you are at nor do i care enough so i pose no threat to you so i would hope i your not scared of me homie. i meant squirm as in try and wiggle out of your own comments. you cant make up your mind all im doing is exposing your lies

  70. Blood Hound Says:

    *imagining Luis winning the silver metal*

    Ur-Mad has the bronze locked.

    And that Canada chick most certainly has gold…. That bitch is dumb. I mean bitch in a good way.

  71. Blood Hound Says:

    I actually think Luis is cool despite his bad taste in music….

    Fuck 50

  72. B-HEEZIE Says:

    “That bitch is dumb. I mean bitch in a good way. “….. Hahahahhaa……Blood, that sh*T was hilarious dawg…..

  73. Luis Says:

    dude I didnt mean it like that kind of squirming yo relax it aint that serious bro……but is damn funny though hahahaha! And you’re not exposing ANYTHING playboy, you’re just a hater………”PERIOD” hahahaha!!!!

  74. Luis Says:

    hey blood hound thanks for the medal lol. Nah bro…..I’m saying though…..I think EVERYONE on this site is madd cool, but you’re gonna have the haters and the people who will value their opinion more than others but it’s all good!!!!

  75. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    well luis then five us some of these so called facts of yours again or is just your opinion now?


    ^^^my bad i meant give us some facts

  77. biggumskiller Says:

    doesnt that mean you and eskay are retards too since you riff on hear everyday?
    p.s loks like yayo is gonna beat that body haha izzy r.i.p

  78. eskay Says:

    biggums, you’re e-famous now. you’ve spawned a knockoff alias. congrats

  79. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    thank you thank you eskay and these clowns are saying they got me mad yet they spawing into biggumskillers thats shit hilarious. yea i admit i get into it on here but its a way for me to have fun and kill time at work homie in between busting my ass all day, i dont threaten nobody i dont really say shit but point out the flaws in people dumb ass theories as to why cam’ran and 50 are supposedly the shit but its just my opinion and you fools are so heated and caught up you named yourself biggumskiller damn i really got to you, which one of you is this luis? nyc? maybe luis’s sibling has returned? UR-MAD i know this isnt your rap name that would be some shit yo eskay there might be a supposed rapper just signed to dip-set named biggumskiller how would that look?

    see i just love to have fun with you fools while trying to school you young’ns fron idaho about real rap 50 and cam’ran are a disgrace to hip-hop, now have fun trying to sleep thinking about me talking about your masters like that


  80. Tipple HC Says:

    Stalking you? HAHA! I don’t even know eskay or biggums. They didn’t run and tell nobody shit. You think you’re hard Luis? I’m just a white boy huh? You’re talking to a white boy that’ll fucking eat your fucking face. You ever wanna come over to the West? Come over to Spokane. Planning a trip to Seattle? I’ll meet you there ya fucking punk.

    Luis thinks he’s hard cuz he’s black. In actuality he’s nothing but a trolling ass bitch. You sitting in your mom’s basement right now? Ha. I used to live in San Bernardino, CA and I used to know bitches like you. So hard when they talk, but the turn bitch once they step into the hood. Shit, I don’t live in the hood anymore. I made it out bitch! But that don’t mean that it ever left me. I’m realer than you can ever think of being Luis. I’m on this internet shit just for fun. But in real life I don’t fucking play.

    HAHA! I love this internet shit. I never knew that it could be this much fun.

    Tipple HC
    Doja, ya heard?

  81. How to Get the Girl of your Dreams Says:

    Jr and team arliss are stand outs..

  82. IllyRap Says:

    I just wanted to add that the Outro on Dj Envy and Big Mike Myspace Massacre vol 1. is CRAZY HOT take a second listen and get back. ~1~

  83. A tribe called quest Says:


  84. A tribe called quest Says:


  85. A tribe called quest Says:


  86. A tribe called quest Says:


  87. A tribe called quest Says:


  88. A tribe called quest Says:


  89. A tribe called quest Says:


  90. A tribe called quest Says:


  91. A tribe called quest Says:


  92. A tribe called quest Says:

    “If you can name an MC flamer than me you high as hell

  93. A tribe called quest Says:

    Bob jumped UNDER the fence

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