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Think B.I.G.


I remember the morning after Big died. It was a Sunday and I was at my boys house recovering after a long night of the type of partying 17 year olds do on Saturday nights. I was woken out of my stupor by our other boy who had gotten up early and was listening to Hot 97 in the other room. He ran in and woke us up and was just like "Yo…Big is dead."

"Dead, what do you mean dead?" Pac had been murdered less than a year earlier, but I still couldn’t rap my mind around what I’d just been told. There was no way Big was dead. So what he got shot, you can’t kill a dude of his stature with mere bullets. Shit, Pac’s little skinny ass took 5 and came out the hospital better than ever, there was no way the King of NY was going out like that.

Of course I was in denial, like we all were, and as we sat around and listened to the coverage we realized what we were hearing was true. It was over. No more Big. We played Ready To Die for the rest of the day and handled it like I’m sure alot of other fans did that day, by drowning our sorrows in malt liquor and weed. That was the end of an era. Man, that first Biggie album was a like the soundtrack to our lives. Give us Ready to Die, a 50 dollar Panasonic, a White Owl, a set of St. Ides 2 for 3’s and we’d go anywhere and do anything. For every song I could probably tell you 5 or 6 crazy stories. Oh, good times. Let my tape rock ’til my tape popped indeed. 

I posted this back in November but in case you missed it then: The Making of Ready To Die from XXL Magazine. Plus: The Making of Life After Death.

An oldie but always a goodie: Big freestyling in the streets of Bed Stuy at age 17. 

Big and Pac freestyling.  

Rare video for Party and Bullshit.

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62 Responses to “Think B.I.G.”

  1. Damu Says:

    R.I.P Big…. Damn, 9 years. It’s krazy its been that long.
    I remember sellin three bricks of straight flour
    Got my man a beat down to the third power
    He didn’t care, spent the money in a half hour
    Got some fishscale, rained on competition like a shower
    Got the coke cooked up, a crackhead Kevin
    In eighty-eight, when Kane ruled, with Half Steppin
    A thirty-eight, a lot of mouth, was our only weapon
    We was king till the G’s crept in
    And now I’m missin em

  2. doc holiday Says:

    is that the freestyle…where Big says,

    …if u had mc hammer and them 357 bitches/biggie smalls/ the millionaire the mansion, the yacht/the two week spots/the two glocks…oh my god im droppin shit like a pigeon/ i hope ya listening/ smackin babies @ their christining.?

    i dont have speakers, so i dont know.
    also, if u live in nyc u can listen to dj enuff he’s going in @ 5…on some BIG shit for real…same with FMF @ 7 and then him and mister cee are going in @ 10. this is going to be goood. one

  3. 613's Natural Born Hustla Says:

    R.I.P. B.I.G. a.k.a. Biggie Smallz a.k.a. Frank White a.k.a. King Of New York

  4. tyronebiggums71 Says:


    now i dont truely believe he was the greatest but dude was amazing sick flow sick clever lyrics and a fat ugly motherfucker talk about your underdog b.i.g. made it seem possible that anyone could really succed at anything they wanted to r.i.p. bi.g.

  5. D. Billz Says:

    Hell yeah @ Ty Biggs. Fat niggas was baggin’ mad hos after Ready to Die. You couldn’t tell ’em nothin’ lol.

  6. Miami Hustle Says:

    R.I.P- He influenced my life in ways I never thought another person could! His breathe on a track, was the like blowing a breathe of fresh air into hip hop! Much respect to the late great Biggie! This man has niggas arguing about being in the same CATEGORY as him and niggas taking his original words and using it for there benefit!

    R.i.P – Biggie
    R.I.P- To a great part of Hip Hop

  7. Miami Hustle Says:


    lol at my spell check

  8. joe 88 Says:

    R.I.P biggie. I am not the biggest biggie fan but i have alot of respect for the man. I mean if that dude was never a rapper chances are he would be still be alive today. thats real he lost his life as well as many other fellow artist because of there art. Dude influence many of your favorite rappers favorite rappers. so with dat said an done im gone finish my dutch. see you sept 13th.

  9. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    d-billz – he gave everyone that confidence to just rock it, if big could swing it why cant i. and trust me joe 88 ill be seeing you on sept. 13th as well

  10. cashmere Says:

    R I P daaaaamn im old

  11. SnitchyMcRat Says:

    Big’s personal was important he called himself fat and ugly..and you know what he had that swagger that camron runs around with. you got all these pretty nuccka out here..and that dude..was just like f*** it ,im gonna make ugly sexy..

  12. Rav Says:

    If you like youtube so much why don’t you just marry it.

  13. eskay Says:

    ^ uh oh guys we got a live one!

  14. Ricky D Says:

    BK to the fullest. RIP

  15. Blood Hound Says:

    I remember that shit like was yesterday, I was in juvy that was 2 days before I was sentenced to juvinile life (til the age of 21). I was sitting in my bunk thinking “It was all a dream” like you can’t kill Frank White, he was a lyrical Don and Don’s can’t be touched. I remember the smile the CO had on his face when he told us, he said “See that boys? If we don’t getcha in here we getcha out there, or you get each other.” I was in a state of shock like not B.I.G..

    I was down the street from slim when they killed him I heard the shots and saw the flash of the gun.

    I was never a Pac fan but I had some respect for him, and when I heard he was dead I didn’t believe it either.

    R.I.P. Big, R.I.P. Magnolia (Soulja) Slim, R.I.P. Pac, R.I.P. Big L, R.I.P. Gundy, R.I.P. Ill Will…. And to all the fallen soldiers who went un named R.I.P.

  16. Blood Hound Says:


  17. eskay Says:

    More Biggie goodness:

    Biggie interview where he rates a bunch of other m.c.’s

    What if Biggie never died @ SOHH:


    more on the upcoming movie about Big’s life @ AHH


  18. CBRIZZLE Says:


  19. babyGirlCanada Says:

    9 years??? could have sworn it was around like 5 or 6!

    Hey esk I’m with you on that denial tip.. Everybody called me to tell me, over and over.. they knew.. KNEW BIG was it for me.. even my mum called me.. they taped a CNN story for me.. I was just stunned.

    I was on my way home from my friends, we went out and I was doing her hair.. it was just weird.. I was on the bus like….”now what?” “what now?” what’s hip hop gonna do… the new album… Bad Boy.. they were runnign things back then.. I swear I thought about his whole family, the pac shit who would be #1.. everything ran through my mind and I was really pissed about some of what I thought would be my outcome of his death.

    For someone to die with only one album out and ompletely froze time for so many people I still think is amazing.. I’m over it partially now.. very partially.. I live in Canada, I ordered a Brooklyn Mint t-shirt over the internet like beginning of THIS year… 10 years later and BIG is still IT for me.. I suprised my sister with that t-shirt and she said something so weird “aaaaaw, I’m so happy for you” I’m like huh? But she knew how much it meant, I don’t even wear t-shirts like those so ofcourse one of the first had to be BIG’s head all sparkly on me.. I still haven’t worn it.. I don’t wanna have to wear it.. I’m such a nerd. I saw someone in a cheap knock off of the same shirt.. I had to stop and shake his hand, nod and tell him “nice t-shirt” I dunno what it is man.. maybe it’s because we were young.. or because he really was that good.. that BIG.. he’s just IT..

    Anyway.. it always makes me sad to think how much he would have loved the new hip hop… how much everyone’s still biting his shit.. he would have hated it but probably laughed about it… knowing it meant he was one of the best..


    yo first off shout out to eskay fir holding it down once again with that article with big rateing mc’s that shit was dope.

    second i feel all you talking about how you were in disbelief this could happen to big or someone of his stature, i was and still am ready for anyone to go at any moment since they actually got pac. i mean not just shot him but once pac was killed how could anyone else be invincable

  21. Blood Hound Says:

    The following quotes stand out the most.

    “Jay-Z wouldn’t have anyone to quote.” – ibeblunt, SOHH

    “Fat Joe and Biggie would have made a Twins album. I was gonna sign to Bad Boy when Biggie died and we was going do an album together. That’s when Atlantic signed me; they gave me my own label and stole me from Puff Daddy. But I would have loved to work with BIG.” – Fat Joe

    “Jay-Z and Cam’ron would have been in The Commission.” – Samm Wilson, fan

    “Shyne would have never signed to Bad Boy therefore making him a free man.” – Samm Wilson

    “The competition to be the King of New York would have been crazy. It would have been BIG, Jay, Nas, Jadakiss, 50 [Cent] …Imagine what it would have looked like!” – Lord Finesse

  22. Blood Hound Says:

    Why did he put Jada and 50 in the same category with those other guys?

  23. beastnigga Says:

    okay niggas… ihave layed off ya assez for a minute just to sit back and observe. today iz anniversary day. i guess all u motherfuckaz playin ya big and shit . reminincing and shit . probably going to church on sunday to thank the man upstairs for allowing you to be preserved. thatz all good playaz. do u. here is my point. u ready? u ready? u ready?…… biggie god rest his soul, was not the greatest of all time. he was great for the moment. he couldn’t even fuck wit pac. but that ‘z not really what i got on here to speak on. big signed his own death certificate. he knew the ramifications if he went to cali ( just like jfk knew what was up if went to dallas) he had something to prove. he lost. in his own words “STUPID MOTHERFUCKAZ”!! no need to cry and mourn even after all these years. let it be a lesson learned through history. STAY OUT THE WAY WHEN A NIGGA SAY DON’T COME HERE. HE HAD THE ULTIMATE “WARNING”!. TO BAD, SO SAD, GOODBYE MOTHERFUCKA.


    yo beast – you listen to your own advice dont ever and i mean ever come to a hood anywhere on the east coast and talk reckless like that on the streets in person because you wont make it back to the burbs homie. dont ever talk disrespectful like that shit man you should be embaressed, yea he wasnt the best ever so what he was still ill as fuck and still inspired millions, yea he shouldnt of gone to cali but does that mean he deserved to die because he was going out there to show his love for the west???? get the fuck out of hear. and dont think im trying to be a tough guy cause im not even talking about me, although i would smack someone silly for talking like that, but i know dudes that would end you right where you stand for talking like that show some respect

  25. Blood Hound Says:

    You actualy believe Pac is better than Biggie? You must be a 50 fan. Tupac was a walking contradiction he was a head of his time but he also was second to Biggie.

    B.I.G. Was the greatest rapper of his time, shit he is ahead of some of these little crumb snatching mc’s out here today, he is Rap he is Hip Hop he is the greatest he is BIG respect.

  26. deez Says:

    how can i get them .txt files to work? mine just scroll across the screen forever

  27. beastnigga Says:

    see let me tell you something right motherfucking now. I LIVE IN NEW YORK NOW!!! IN THE HOOD!!! i have been saying this shit for years and a nigga ain’t did shit to me or ever will. i speak on what i know not what i feel. that’s why niggas agree everytime on what i say. i gone tell you somethin else. big almost got killed in atl. leaving the hotel. it’s a long story but i would be happy to explain to you and the rest how it went down. i’m not embrassed nigga. i’m tellin tha truth. accept he made a bad move. it cost him his life. what was this nigga possibly thinking? apparantly he vauled his career more than his own life and being there for his kids. SLIPS COUNT, DON’T U KNOW THAT NIGGA!! he got caught up in all that reppin brooklyn bullshit until his vision was blurry or cloudy, and got caught out there hit wit lead 8 times wit a box of donuts on his lap. these are facts nigga. i been on this shit almost 10 years. sorry for ya lost playa, but ya man fucked up. quit blowin weed and burnin candles for his memory. teach the next nigga how not to die in a car like a safari hunt. one.

  28. Blood Hound Says:

  29. GET Says:


  30. MaddenMaster Says:




    ESKAY Thanks for putting that shit up, I really thought I saw it all but I never saw that stuff….. I miss big just hearing dude be dude takes me wayyyyyy back as well……..

    Well shit I respect niggas bulletproofing they wips now and security is a must!!!!! But man that nigga big was THE GOD not a GOD among gods THE GOD!!!

    I like pac but I don’t respect him that much and to avoid an argument lets just say I got my reasons!!!!

  31. eskay Says:

    Oh so this is gonna turn into a Big vs. Pac thread.?

    *takes off the gloves

    *throws up hands

    >>how can i get them .txt files to work? mine just scroll across the screen forever

    yo your best bet is to right click on them and save ’em to your computer, then open it and read it that way. if it still scrolls, click on Format and Word Wrap.

  32. CapoDituttiCApi Says:

    His wordplay was crazy. he repped Brooklyn HARD! greatest of all time ehhhh…but ready to die was the first casette that tought a young 13 yr ol nigga up on game. My particular favorite mc of all time wore thug life on his chest and I rep the brook. but can’t deny BIg’s place in history. wouldnt be no dip set, gunit, even jay, the west would prolly still be poppin. but the game would not be so saturated. since Big died, the Hip hop game’s growth has been stagnant. peace. Rip Big.

    “livin everyday like a struggle, anutha drug to juggle, anutha day anutha hustle…”

  33. MaddenMaster Says:


  34. beastnigga Says:

    I HAVE ALWAYS SAID PAC DIED BECAUSE HE WAS STUPID AND BIG DIED BECAUSE OF A PAC STAN > maddenmaster. only a fool would conjure some ignorant hypothesis like that. you know nothing about the street do you nigga? that wasn’t some john lennon , john hinckley jr. shit you disassociatied asshole. this is not a game. some of us niggas out here play this shit for real. as for ya killer of biggie. 4 names, suge, mac ,rahpele,and muhammed. as i was trying to tell that nigga biggum this nigga slipped. this ain’t no fan facination, this was a highly organized hit. stay off 50 dick for a minute and i can teach you somethin boy. this is tha way of tha world, and guess what? it’z a cold motherfuckin place 2 be. enjoy ya holiday.(big death) make sure you do the same in 6 months! (2pac)

  35. Phil Says:

    Get that White Owl Eskay, I’ll bring the Swisha Sweets… Peace BIG…

  36. MaddenMaster Says:


  37. bxconnect Says:

    rip big the greatest to ever do it.

  38. yeahisaidit Says:

    man…b.i.g. was just total charisma on that mic…mad and unbelievable wordplay plus that gangsta-lean flow…whenever i listen to him to this day it’s still breathtaking the way he destroyed the mic with his rhyme scheme…i used to be just an r&b cat…thought i was too upscale to listen to that “dirty” rap…then i heard “ready to die” and something snapped… with that raw ghetto poetry, style, swagger and lyrical grit, still the bar by which to measure all other’s sh*t…not yet equaled and still un-sequeled…def, dope, stupid, ill, the spirit lives on–real recognize real! peace…

  39. beastnigga Says:

    one thing thats for sure, before you niggas call tha next man stan, look in tha mirror. the majority jock biggie for lyrics,style, finesse, innovative word play, the rest on his dick because they either from ny or feel sympathy for a nigga gunned down. here go ya respect, did ya respect big when he broke a niggaz jaw and beat him down wit a b ball bat? no, you liked it and felt it. he was reppin what you feel inside but 2 scared 2 do. i like big somewhat on some songs but this nigga was not a angel. play wit fire long enough you get burned. do you think everybody will cry when you die? i speakin to all of y’all? son coulda avoided his situation. just like pac. 2 yung niggaz wit nuttin 2 prove but everything 2 lose. i’m still in tha hood tryin to keep these crackerz and po po off me. they threw it away. from me you get no sympathy ,and definitly no mercy. as black men we have to think. keep listening to that bs we kick on tha block. you gone be a dead motherfucka and nobody give a fuck about you unless u got grip. you gone be just another nigga deceased wit ya idols shit pumpin in ya ipod. death grip on that bitch as ya soul seep into tha ground.

  40. Adam Says:

    eskay got me on that youtube shit. i used to leave the house man :(.

  41. yeahisaidit Says:

    @beastnigga: what are you talkin’ on about…? are you tryin’ to give the inside track? if somebody simply rep’s b.i.g.’s music are you feelin’ that’s misguided? i mean, i’m not tryin’ to call you out, (i don’t play no internet beef or nothing) just want to gain some perspective on these situations you running down…i’m not a gangsta in the literal sense of the word and don’t reside in the hood, and although i do realize rap music artists’ lyrics are very topical according to their specific experiences, hip hop as a culture has grown way beyond the hood in many respects and has gone global. i hope that’s not a bad thing (i personally feel hip hop is deserving of the worldwide status it’s receiving) ‘cuz i feel i got mad respect and much love for plenty playas in the game, (old school through new school, too numerous to mention) according to the potency of the dope they sling on wax…so, while i can appreciate you pointing out the devil in the details about some of these rap legends it’s not meant to set you off by reppin’ b.i.g. to the fullest…thanks tho’ for your insights…

  42. beastnigga Says:

    inside track? hell yeah! in 1992, in atl at the jack the rapper convention(which is now no more ) west coast clashed with east. that scar you see on dr.dre face came from a 40 bottle. smashed by jt money of the poison clan. they stomped snoop ass too. but that mean nothing, this is how it all started. jd had a party, but the party moved from the pool to downtown. at the club suge knight best friend was beat to death.he swore revenge on the niggas that did it. the niggas that killed suges man was puffs b- guards,and entourage. the flame was lit. he took a tupac, who was sitting in jail and flamed the fumes. also iwas there when they attacked n.w.a. this is real. this particular beef had nothing to do with hip hop. biggie died because he wanted a nigga to feel pain like he felt. also i said nothin about you reppin ya mans music. he was a astronomical artist. but facts are facts. he died do to vengence,ego,and simple fucked up wrong doing by puff. he tried to use southside ridahz as security,then puff don’t wanna pay these niggaz. they put him in the hands of the sharks,and he never left alive. if you want real info,hit me back nigga. i’ll show you everything that you would never know about punk ass diddy and hoes ass suge. beware of you put on a pedistal. big and pac don’t belong on there. it’s funny how things work out sometimes ain’t it?

  43. Stop Snitching? Says:

    9 years later and we still don’t know the killer. I am glad we have adopted this Stop snitching to protect those who would tear down our communities to feed their own families. How many rappers have been slain and the cases unsolved?

  44. KLO Says:

    The REAL G.O.A.T! R.I.P to Christopher Wallace BKA The Notorious B.I.G! Brooklyn miss you my brother!

  45. E from BK Says:

    It’s amazing that after all these years there are people out there talking so much rah rah. Please get off of that “if you come to the east coast” shit! Duke, people do ignorant shit everywhere! Leave the 5 boroughs and spend significant time elsewhere. Nobody gives a crap about that shit anymore!

  46. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Stop Snitching? Says:
    March 10th, 2006 at 5:35 am
    9 years later and we still don’t know the killer. I am glad we have adopted this Stop snitching to protect those who would tear down our communities to feed their own families. How many rappers have been slain and the cases unsolved?


    i cant even respond to any of this nonsense coming from beatnigga, just damn why you have to be so disrespectful about it.

    MaddenMaster Says:
    March 9th, 2006 at 7:47 pm

    so now your a jaw millz dude, after all this talking about how he aint doing anything you quote him, guess dude isnt that trash after all

  47. Luis Says:

    R.I.P. BIG AND PAC, my 2 favorite rappers of ALL time. Words can’t describe how much I miss their music!!!! Let’s see…..what IF BIG NEVER DIED, what would have happened, well according to http://www.sohh.com they pointed out HUGE/GREAT FACTS about this, so check this out:


    P.S. AND I AGREE WITH THIS FACT: “Without competition, Jay-Z was allowed to build an empire… a monopoly, if you will. A Bad Boy label, with Biggie, would never have allowed that to happen so easily.” – Adrian Vicente, fan

  48. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ i dont understand that statment, big wouldnt of allowed it to happen, they were boys they would of ran the shit together yea he wouldnt of been on top all alone but its not like jay wouldnt of been anything its just it would of been them 2 alone conrolling the monopoly

  49. Luis Says:

    Yo Ty, meaning that it would have been HARD for the BIG HOMIE to blow up. bad boy would have been on top of rocafella because of the roster that they had. I mean they had the pastor which made 3.5 all by himself and then black rob 2mill, the lox 1.2, and then who knows what other artits would have loved to be a part of bad boy, and we all know them dudes were hot in the 90’s, what if man what if?!?!?!?!?!

  50. abce Says:

    BIG-UPS and much Love to Mrs. Wallace
    Still working to TRY and prevent more slaughter and the hands of ourselves for OTHER mothers.

  51. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    i agree and i can see that but you are trying to tell me that jay and big wouldnt of been the 2 biggest running shit together and shit you could say the same shit about big l i mean he was supposed to sign to roc-a-fella what would of happened if him and jay had been on the same label

  52. MaddenMaster Says:

    When did I ever say I didn’t like Jae Millz?


    I feel what yall are sayin..but picture this shit, imagine if Pac aint die and stood w/ death row. it woulda been a wristswrappery. the whole game woulda been like motown or some shit. word up.

  54. e-dubbs Says:

    I can tell you that morning I got a phone call from a friend and he is like “guess who got murdered last night?”.. Now mind you, that Sunday the Knicks were playing the Chicago Bulls and I couldnt sleep because of the anticipation for the game. So my first thought was “please dont tell me Patrick Ewing”.. He said “Nah, Biggie”.. I said “ohh, ok.. thank god, now I’m going back to sleep”

  55. Adam Says:

    When Biggie died, they came out with Biggie fries
    Big biscuits got me over, in the streets wide
    Prada gloves, layin’ for thugs, prayin’
    Drop a bronco buster, G-37 on the rap patient

  56. joe 88 Says:

    how was pac a walking contradiction?

  57. Dru Says:

    9 years? That’s alot longer than I first thought it had been seeing as it didn’t seem all that long ago. Pac die’n seemed like it was forever ago and it’s been a decade, which I guess is a while back if you think about it. As far as greatest rapper, how can we truely say he was the greatest when there’s so many we haven’t heard? To get big in the industry is to get lucky and be at the right place at the right time. But BIG sure did make an impact on his culture while he was around.

  58. Angel La. Says:

    crazy 9 years. I was in 6th grade when it went down. But don’t get it twisted, I was a biggie fan. My older brother use to play his shit all the time. I always wonder how the game would be right now if he were alive. IMAGINE..

    rest in peace.

  59. Starks Says:

    wtf? hehe skinny ass pac you said…he survive 5 shots, becouse we was a soldier, a warrior..big wasnt…big had better lyrics, but pac was a warrior keepin it real, he had personality, like no other in rap industry could ever had…



  61. MySteeK Says:

    I know its been a couple weeks er so since the 9th but i just seen this thread now. We all paid our respects for the late, great B.I.G on that thursday. Puffy led us in a prayer, tosted, and we took the rest of the afternoon off to celebrate. he got food catered from Justins and played Biggie joints the whole time. he blew up these pics and had um placed all round the sean john showroom. it was a nice surprise to see Puff turn the mourning of a bad memory into a positive outlook by moving forward in time rather than grieving. RIP Christopher Wallace “We’ll always love Big Poppa”

  62. eskay Says:

    ^ where you work Mysteek? Sean John?

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