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Stray Shots

These 3 guys can buy, sell, and buy you back again. Of course, more at
C&D and Concrete Loop.

Lies, rumors, rumors and lies…

The dude who stabbed Bobby Brown’s cousin at Justin’s in Atlanta got murked last night. I’m hearing rumors that he is Bleu Davinci’s little brother? Maybe someone in the A can confirm or deny?  

XXL’s newly relaunched site has the Cam video for Touch It or Not/Wet Wipes with the Jay and Bey impostors. Meanwhile…what’s Jay doing? See above. I’d tell you how the video was, but it wouldn’t play.  Now it works. I don’t think I ever heard that song in my life.

Yesterday (I think?) on Star and Buck, journalist Toure commented that Cam’s obsession with Jay’s appearence seemed ‘gay’ and made the following statement: "obsessing over Jay-Z’s looks is very gay. And if [Cam] thinks that Jay-Z is ugly, does he think that other men are pretty?" Cam responded today

I’m hearing that Papoose has finally signed a deal with Atlantic Records? Maybe we could ask Fat Joe to confirm. Oh wait…

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223 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. GET Says:

    Yes The Toure comment were Yesterday

    Is the Cam Video working for You, cause its not for me

    And that Picture right there, is the reason 50 and Jay-z will never have Beef, to much money involved.

  2. GET Says:

    “I’d tell you how the video was, but it wouldn’t play”

    Didn’t See That

  3. triple-w Says:

    yo its playin for me …
    u just posted the wrong link .. here it is:


  4. eskay Says:

    yeah it still won’t play…

    …the funny thing is it looks like it’s being hosted on Youtube or else it’s using the same exact Flash interface < /geek>

  5. eskay Says:

    props triple-w, I fixed it…and it wasn’t the wrong link, that’s the link that was up.

    Yo Cam is an animal. That video ain’t getting no daytime play. lol @ “Jay” rocking the 99 cent flip flops with no socks

  6. G Off Says:

    Isn’t Toure gay? I guess this doesn’t confirm that either way, but that’s a pretty hilarious comment by him. That’s a better dis than any of the tracks Cam did.

  7. GET Says:

    Props Working Now

  8. MaddenMaster Says:

    I thought the VIDEO WAS COMEDY!!!! That nigga cam nutts!!!! But yo yall gone call me crazy and I aint never been that big of a cam fan but I’m actually enjoying some of his new shit… scary huh? Cam old shit is killa and he was CB4 for a long time but he don’t sound as crazy right now…. and with Dame in the video it makes one wonder……. but wow… wow.. I’m feeling cam right now and I like the Fab diss on Mase lol……

  9. 613's Natural Born Hustla Says:

    Wut da hell was Dame doin poppin up in da middle of da video?

  10. phillychick Says:

    ok cause i thought my mind was playin tricks on me- that was dame- the hell is with him? the video – HATED IT! it gets a couple of laughs but damn he couldn’t find someone that closley look like- b and i wanna know if jay-z is ugly who told cam he was cute

  11. darrs-Goes Says:

    I can only wonder what Jay thinks about it the video.

  12. Damu Says:

    Yo, just checked out that new cam vid. shit is wack as fuck like… str8 garbage!!! If Jay Z feels the need to reply to this there is something wrong with him…. word

  13. Hashim Says:

    the best part of the video is where Dame pops up and gives a wink. Classic.

  14. Hashim Says:

    “the funny thing is it looks like it’s being hosted on Youtube or else it’s using the same exact Flash interface”

    It’s not YouTube…I looked at the code. It just looks like YouTube…those swagger jackers!

  15. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:


  16. Miami Hustle Says:

    I’m actually kind of mad! I really wanted to laugh at something! But dayum that shit wasnt funny! Except for Dame Dash poppin out and his son eating a waffle in the background. Yo, Im really fucking mad!! Jay-Z should not respond to this shit, IT’s SO WEAK! I can film me and my niggas jokin around about Jay and that shit would have been funnier! First of all, I understand that Cam’ron had to change his lyrics but the shit aint make sense! He says “MY —- hard as a RUBBER RUBBER! I closed my eyes on that one! SMH at his attempt! I’m laughing at the fact that it was not funny!

  17. SEEUNO R.I.P. HIP HOP Says:
  18. Miami Hustle Says:

    Um- Cam is gay because ANYONE WHO HAS TO CONTINOUSLY SAY “NO HOMO” AFTER EVERY COMMENT basically means that What they are SAYING has a homosexual connotation! Therefore he tries to cover himself for saying some gay shit, by saying “NO HOMO” after every breathe!

    Toure- Is homo for saying something especially since he looks suspicious!!

    Yo, eskay, im really mad! Maybe if i wasnt aware of the events in the video, maybe I would have laughed! But nothing game out, I was really waiting for something to trigger the laughing gene! God damn

  19. LALAchicki-The Instigator Says:

    Hold on, Imma watch it again! Ok, let me see if I laugh this time! IIGHT- I’ll be back

  20. The Truth... Says:

    ^^^ Yo B, you said that like 5 times! How mad could you have gotten?! It’s just a video…what were you expecting?!?!

    Yo, I’m sorry, but Cam and DipSet (minus Jim Jones) are killin it! You can’t front. I’m not and never have been on some “biggest fan” shit, but I know when to recognize!! They have been on point for a long minute….people hate cause they are makin dough, are very happy and sometimes that brings people to doing some stupid shity (all in fun) and people are real quick to hate on that. I’m feelin the songs….the video is cool.
    I haven’t paid too much attention to Jay Z since he first dissed Nas and M.O.B.B….real talk.

  21. The Truth... Says:

    ^^^ Wasn’t aimed at you LALA….

  22. LALAchicki-The Instigator Says:

    Nope, no laughter

    *SIGHS at Camron looking kind of cute*

    *lol* laughes at how she is forced to find something in the video that interests her so decides to say Cam is looking cute

  23. The Truth... Says:

    Laughin@……. (not sure how to spell it but….) rrreeoowwwrrrrrr!!

    You just hatin on the chicks!! haha…..just playin…..

  24. LALAchicki-The Instigator Says:

    I hope Angel La see’s this and come with some exclusive picks

  25. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    The truth-
    Homie i know you playin, cus look at shortie Face, WITH A FULL CLOSE UP, PAUSE now ZOOM! Tell me she got DSL lips (dick sucking lips) thats probably why she is in the video?? I mean the song is called Suck it or NOt-lolololol The rest of her is a sad site, that includes her face!

  26. Miami Hustle Says:

    Iight! I’ll stop being mad and I’ll give it a rest, I realized it may have seemed like I was catching feelings for a second and that is not in my character! Woah! I refuse! Those chicks looked good though in the video, i must admit! The Beyonce was no LoOK alike- im sorry, but she did have “DSL” lips! lol, I never heard that term before, I like! What kept me watching was the chicks

  27. CapoDituttiCApi Says:

    Ehhh….jay-z is busy opening the 40/40 across the globe. Cam is really actin like a stan right now. It was a lil funny but He only goin at son cuz son dont rap.

  28. ian Says:

    > I’m hearing that Papoose has finally signed a deal with Atlantic Records? Maybe we could ask Fat Joe to confirm. Oh wait…

    Fat Joe is still signed to Atlantic. At least according to my sources there.

  29. Penny Woods Says:

    Toure’s an asshole. ‘Nuff said.

  30. CapoDituttiCApi Says:

    hold up i aint see that other shit..good look for papoose. he’s gonna be around for a while. toure….i agree a lil. but its basically jealousy. i kinda doubt cam is a gay nigga. just my thoughts.

  31. KaMillion Says:

    correct link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=97wEsdl5xTE

  32. doc holiday Says:

    i was hearing that touree say something about someone, but didnt know who. that dude is suspect. he reminds me of al….reymolds…star jones’ hubby. like u know he gay…even though he is married. he is a flaming fruitcake…and he knows it. but he has a pt. how cam gonna call someone ugly? a dude? and then make fun of him wearing chancletas, and this negro wear pink…with gramma hattie diamond earrings. BONG.

  33. spanish jay Says:

    who’s the dude in the middle?

  34. spanish jay Says:

    stoute? looks very clean..now adays

  35. Fury Says:

    My thing is if u gonna go @ a nigga,u should REALLY go @ him.If that shit wasnt in the press n all you’d barely be able to tell that he was imitatin jay-z.The nigga made an appearance all of 3 seconds.He talkin bout he waitin for jay to respond,but he aint givin jay shit t orespond to.Ether was a bomb,he had no choice but to respond to that.Cam on sum romper room shit.. “get ya wet wipe?” Sound like this nigga be walkin around wal-mart n just makin songs out of shit he see on the shelf.Dame shame

  36. tyler Says:

    Some shit gotta be said now Dame was offically approvin this shit by bein in the vid. Jay aint got much of a choice.

  37. KingML Says:

    cam ron just doesnt know how to be mean.

    he doesnt have that edge hes soft, thats why he thinks of things like wet wipes cause they are soft and are pleasing to him psychologically.

    his brain is wet from the pcp it soaked up and made him null and void.

  38. wet wipes Says:

    All I gotta say if KingML you been fantasizin about Cam too much. PS, the shot of JJ gettin out of the car with sandals was funny, what are you guys watchin?

  39. beastnigga Says:

    i’m begining to form tha wrong idea about this site. i ‘m starting to wonder if you niggas iz gay. somethin ain’t right in the mufukin dressin. i taste somethin 2 sweet 4 me. but anyway i’m on think b.i.g. this is where real shit iz spoken on. fuck cam and j i got bigger fish for u to fry.

  40. nation of thugacation Says:

    ok so you can fuck off

  41. The Truth... Says:


  42. Bk Says:

    First off, I just wanna say that I really watched the video and I aint laugh either. But, like said before, the reason I aint laugh was because I laughed at the pictures like a week ago! I think the still pictures were funnier than 2 seconds of JJ getting out the car! Cam definetly is not executing his whole plan properly. Basically

    1. He has people talking . . . But they arent saying good things

    2. He has people watching. . . But he looking real stupid

    3. He got people listening. . . But he still rap like shit & It’s not enough

    I must admit that the nigga got mad publicity from all his stunts. And I aint suprised that Dame is in the video!! Hello, Cam is his bitchboi! lol

    To be honest with you, I believe that Jay is gonna respond. But you know Hov is gonna do it in A SMART WAY. He might do it on the day Killa Season drops, or he might do something after Killa Season flops. lol! Im just saying Hov gotta say SOMETHING! Cam’ron basically had to tell us before hand that was supposed to be Hov, cus I wouldnt have really understood that mess. Because of that, Im actually excited! Im not mad at Cam, completely, cus he might have just got my nigga Hov back in the game!

  43. SOSA 420-Canada Says:

    That video is wack, both those tracks are garbage. Cam’ s publicity stunt is over, shit is wack, nobody cares, Jay ain’t responding.

  44. Bk Says:

    @ Fury

    Yo money, I dont even like the song to be honest with you. Camron has better songs than that! He could put out some other shit! I damn sure aint going to be blasting “GET YA WET WIPE” in my whip. Hell no! Suspect nigga

  45. E from BK Says:

    First of, the video and song is wack. Say what you want to say about Toure, but a man calling another man is not cool! How can you cats really think that is funny? There are certain things you just don’t do. Worst than Cam is Dame cosigning that bullshit. Wasn’t he gettin’ money with Jay? Way more money than he will be getting with Cam? Anyway, these actors are funny as hell. Big ups to Saigon, Joell Ortiz, Papoose, Tru Life and the rest of the movement!

  46. E from BK Says:


    calling him ugly

  47. She's So Real Says:

    Cam is startin to look desperate the way he’s doing anything to get a response from Jay.

    He knows he’s just throwing beyonce’s name in there to try and strike a nerve.

  48. Ur-MAD Says:

    Ok about 80% of ya’ll on here are mad at the movement! What you mean the video was wack! The video is straight crack #1. Dame in the video w/ his son 2. The Beyonce chick look fugly as hell-playing out the real Beyonce 3. Cam’ron>Jay-Z right now!

    Ya’ll r mad Killa Season is going platinum

  49. MaddenMaster Says:

    That Killa Season shit is hot… I must say!!! but cam aint greater than Jay ever even when dude dead but he is getting better as an artist at least to some limited degree….. The Video was hot and wnybody that says other wise is a Hater………………

    But my man cam do look like he on crack or got aids now lol shit that nigga got a flesh wound and lost 6o pounds, he was prolly in that car shitten on hisself lol but other than the fact that dude looks real stressed in the face and body his shit sound iight right now!!

  50. MaddenMaster Says:


  51. D. Billz Says:

    Cam’ron had IBS (infectual bowel syndrome), which is basically an ulcer. Haven’t seen the video, don’t care.

  52. Ur-MAD Says:

    MOST of these niggas out here is riding Jay-Z dick so hard they aint ready to jump off! Camron is real as hell, he added visuals to the mix- how you gonna say that you aint LAUGH- at all! not even a grin- U lying!! U MAD?


    Fuck Jay-Z- look what he did to Rocafella-that shit is LONG GONE-
    (Big ass head Rihanna, that bitch could give you a concussion if she bumped into you, Teirra Mari-aint she pregnant) The Roc is wack right now!

    Camron >>>>>>>*6 >>>>>>>Jay-Z

    He funny and ya’ll r MAD? But why? Why arst thou enflamed with rage?? lololol-
    Video is gon get major play

  53. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Hold on (U_MAD)^ you sound like a serious fool! Who is mad? What are you talking bout? Where have you been? When has Camron been greater than Jay? How you sound right now? and Why do you make no type of sense?

    No it wasnt funny, sorry, the pictures where funnier than the video. You would like a song called “WET WIPES”!!! I can’t blame you, just wait for APRIL FOOLs DAY- or shall I say when Killa Season Drops. YOur gonna be SUPRISED and want to delete your comments!

  54. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  55. Ur-MAD Says:

    Ya’ll r mad (laughin@niggas) your the ultimate hater! You probably held on to your laugh and swallowed that shit! HOw u gonna say Cam’ron aint funny, ur gonna be sad when he goes PLATINUM! I’d put money on it!
    (tyronebiggums)- Another mad one! Why you hating, is it because Killa Season is gonna SWERVE on YOU!

    My niggas is a KILLA! U MAD

    Who else is mad? Let me help ya’ll out, put a smile on!!

    Its dipset BITCH

  56. Ur-MAD Says:

    Let me see who else is mad

    1. Laughin@niggas
    2. Tyronebiggums
    3. D.Billz
    4. She’s So Real
    5. E from Bk
    6. Doc holiday
    7. Damu
    8. Miami Hustle
    9. Fury
    10. Philly Chick
    —Damn shall the list get longer- and it goes from MADDEST TO MAD

    Killa SEASON

  57. Fresh Says:

    Toure called someone ELSE gay? WTF?

  58. Ur-MAD Says:

    My nigga said “you dont like men, me neither, what a coinikidink” lol
    Killa is the surest shit on the block, my nigga crack! Stop ya hating, his lines are famous, you wish you was there!!

  59. cbrizzle AKA i got 8-10 for killiing someone online Says:


  60. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Your an ASS HOLE! Stop typing, you stupid as hell! How the fuck you gonna quote a line from CAMRON like that!OF ALL LINES!!! As if that shit was ORIGINAL, what are you talking bout, I heard a nigga say that on COMEDY CENTRAL ABOUT A 2 years ago IN A JOKE!lol!

    HOmie, YOu dumb stupid! lol Are you in your school library hiding from the teacher, typing this shit. You need to do your school work, you sound FOOlISH!

    OF course You would like Cam’ron!!! Got no fucking type of sense

  61. cbrizzle AKA CAM WRITES FOR DR. SUESS Says:


  62. tyronebiggums71 Says:



  63. Ur-MAD Says:

    Let me upgrade my list
    1. Laughin@ nigga’s 0- u just got REAL MAD! lol, dont have a heartache pumpkin pie! “HERE COMES THE HOT SAUCE”

    2.cbrizzle AKA i got 8-10 for killiing someone online

    imma keep saying it until yall calm down and stop being MAD

  64. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Ur-MAD Says:
    March 10th, 2006 at 12:15 pm
    My nigga said “you dont like men, me neither, what a coinikidink” lol
    Killa is the surest shit on the block, my nigga crack! Stop ya hating, his lines are famous, you wish you was there!!

    i pointed this line out the other day, except i used it as an example of THE SINGLE WORST LINE IN HIP-HOP HISTORY dude said coink-ie-dink are you fucking serious how is that gangsta.

    after reading this last post i started to think maybe you are just saying this for fun and to get people riled up because no one on earth could possibly think using the word coink-ie-dink is hot, could they???

  65. The Truth... Says:

    ^^ Toure is just tryin to get some shine right now….I hate these bullshit moves….and I really don’t like journalists…fuckin liars!!!

    Yo, I don’t think Ur-MAD is actin right, but I gotta say that a lot of people are hatin on Cam right now. He’s doin his thing if you ask me. Him and all of DipSet. Can’t hate on them right now.

    I don’t think this video was the greatest, but why was it wack? Cause it wasn’t funny?! So? Any video that isn’t funny is wack? That is officially “hatin” on it…

    I’m not sayin that people aren’t allowed to hate on other people, but at least you have to know you are hatin and so know that you are a hater.

    I don’t hate….I congratulate….
    Haters are jelous/envyous and I ain’t neither…..

    And that’s The Truth…

  66. Ur-MAD Says:

    @Tyrone and other haters, – I know you get mad calls everyday! lol—- but imma call you out and say your official the MADDEST HATER EVER! What have you done??? hMM…nothing!
    Do you have your own rap group?…nope
    Do you own a liquour company?…nope
    Do you make hits in the studio?…nope


    You do sit on the computer and hate
    You do get mad at Killa Cam
    You do stick up for Jay-Z,( is he paying you?)

  67. The Truth... Says:

    My comment of Toure was for Fresh…

  68. Ur-MAD Says:

    WHAT A COIN-KI-Dink! My nigga sure shit! Yeah Cam is DAT NIGGA RIGHT NOW! Who cares if it was said before, not to this extent! Come on, you aint have to type all that shit! AND LAUGHIN@NIGGAS r you white? Why you laughing at niggas??? Not funny!! All I know is, CAM> JAY-Z anyday all day

  69. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Laughing@NIGGAS= Very disappointed at the state of the internet right now!
    #1. Im Black
    #2. Your dumb
    #3. Are you gonna seriously tell me that you never heard the joke “you dont like men, me neither”
    #4. I think your SUCKING SERIOUS dick and maybe even licking (CAMS)balls right now. Starting shit
    #5. Are you WHITE?
    #6. Your dumb stupid

  70. Ur-MAD Says:

    Im goin to lunch! I’ll be back to continue this GAY-Z bashing! Basically, i said what I said! Yall r mad, I’ll be back!!! To recieve more hate from the haters

  71. The Truth... Says:

    Getting mad on the internet iks bad for your health and is going to give you a heart attack….you are fighting a war you can’t win and that’s just going to drive you nuts, so just chill girl. Why are you paying so much attention to that guy?

  72. The Truth... Says:

    iks = is

  73. cbrizzle AKA CAM WRITES FOR DR. SUESS Says:

    Ur-MAD AND BOYS http://www.mrkamoji.com/b_images/dipset.jpg

  74. Ur-MAD Says:

    wait wut u know about licking another man’s balls! hmm your kind of suspect…painting pictures!!! ouch
    NO HOMO NO HOMO NO HOMO *BENDS HAND OVER like GAY MAN and walks off to get lunch, laughing at this nigga on the internet* “HATER”

  75. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    I am a WOMAN! ur the HOMO—
    YET I REFUSE TO CONTINUE THIS SHIT! What the fuck is wrong with you! u are 7 types of RETARDED! lol u make me laugh though! lol at this fool! your dumb, i can argue with you ALL DAY ABOUT CAM..actually I will wait until you get back, so i can laugh at your foolishness some more

  76. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    You do sit on the computer and hate
    You do get mad at Killa Cam
    You do stick up for Jay-Z,( is he paying you?)

    is cam paying you for this, matter of fact is this jimmy, did cam offer you another facials if you went on the internet to defend him, that would make sense cause thats the only person who could defend what a co-ink-ie-dink.

    yo jimmy cam left you to get stomped why dont you peace on dude like the bitch he is. and yea homie there are mad people out there that have more money than me, so i cant say someone is trash cause they have money, they how do people bash bush all day, cowboy has billions but people dont hesitate to slam him. and seriously cam doesnt make any hits “o boy” was his biggest hit and that was all because of the beat get off his dick jimmy there isnt enough room for j.r. and juelz, and please tell hell rell to go somewhere else because he is actually nice just needs a real crew instead a bunch of pussies like the dip-set. keep protecting camran jimmy but remember if you get into like this on the streets cam is just gonna dip on you again. dip-set cam be dipping on his set all day

  77. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Im goin to lunch! I’ll be back to continue this GAY-Z bashing! Basically, i said what I said! Yall r mad, I’ll be back!!! To recieve more hate from the haters

    ok so im a hater cause i dont like cam’s nursery co-ink-ie-dink rhymes because dude has more money than me, but your just slamming hov who has hundreds of millions more than cam and has more buisness vodka, movies,clothes, anything, not to mention way more platnium plaques and hits cam aint shit compared to hov not even close

  78. Ur-MAD Says:

    I figured you were a chick! LOL…you definetly dont know what going on in hip hop! I think you should go >>>>THATA WAY>>>>> lol *Points to exit sign**

    Wait can I see some pics!!! lol are you 5’5 w/ brown eyes, slim stomach, tight chest and nice hips! lol

    Oh damn, a chick, well you must be on your PERIOD therefore you should like the song WET WIPES! GO GET YA WET WIPES GO GO GO GET YA WET WIPES! All that damn Estrogen got you PMSin on Camron and the DIPS!!

    It’s ok boo- send me some pics, “I’ll HOLLA” *does voice* and WALKS AWAY FROM COMPUTER– I’ll be back boo!

  79. The Truth... Says:

    “u are 7 types of RETARDED!”
    What?!?! hahaha…..I never heard that shit!

  80. Ur-MAD Says:

    Hmmm…tyrone! U dont want me to go huh? Everytime i back away, you keep calling me-

    “I think you better call TYRONE”– hmm i get it too many niggas been calling you, so now you wanting me!

    Let me let you know that Jay is ASS and Cam is THAT NIGGA and you FALL INTO NON of the CATEGORIES! WOMP WOMP WOMP!

    let me go dude…get off my pant legs

  81. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    On everything I love- This nigga is a fool, serious ass fool, I think the radiation from the computer screen is fucking with your mind, On some real shit you need to back way the fuck up from the computer! You are fucking stupid! REally Stoooopid, muy estupido!
    WOMP WOMP WOMP, where are you from? The lost land of retarded boys! Did you escape? What the fuck is goin on!
    is this Cam’ron’s son?
    How did you learn to type? I thought you was only like 7 or something!

  82. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    lol your right @ TRUTH you are right!! He is kind of funny

  83. rudegal Says:

    The video is kinda silly – the “Jay” alter-ego is funny tho’ – clowing on JZ is alright it’s funny.
    Yao, Cam DOES hang with a LOT of dudes who’ve been in jail a looong time – in-and-out…….. of jail. You know more than regular…….

    Cam as most young brothers get the hang of things – it’s business, but JZ knows better than to do Cam’s work and give it heat – he ain’t to stupid either.

  84. Ur-MAD Says:

    Damn ma’, can I order my lunch without having to keep this battle going!
    Im on here, cus im tired of all these fake mothafucka’s acting like Dipset & Cam aint TAKIN OVA NEW YORK!! As i can tell, laughin@nigga’s is still mad at me! Its ok “I KNOW U DONT LOVE MEx2”, see its groupies like you that fuck up the essence of hip hop! YA’ll chicks be on JAy-Z dick, now you got the nigga thinking he the BEST THAT EVER DID it, acting like he Moses or somebody sentimental! NOPE NOPE! Cam brought that nigga back to reality! It’s obvious that your mad, and I understand that women get emotional! No im not Cam’ron’s son, are you Jay-Z’s daughter??? Damn I hope not, if so, that means you got a SNUFFALOPAGUS nose! lol hahahahha oh shit hahahah! Imma funny ass nigga! I love making ya’ll JAY-Z stans MADDDD!

  85. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    I cant believe I just laughed for the first time @ “SNUFFALOPAGUS nose”! No I look BETTER THAN ANY BITCH YOU COULD EVER TWIST OUT!!! LET THAT BE KNOWN!! BUT BACK ON TRACK–You are so dumb! I really fucking swear on everything! how is Cam taking over NEW YORK CITY! Umm, maybe a BODEGA in Harlem, but not NEW YORk! WOAH- u are a fuckin fool for that one and the previous! Go back to work, The FRIES ARE GETTING BURNT!

  86. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    seriously i was gonna let everything slide so you could go grab a happy meal but how could you possibly say cam is starting to take over new york, first off dude has been around forever and his only platnium plaque was the one with jay-z on it, hhhhhhmmmmmmm what a co-ink-ie-dink. when people talk about g-unit taking over atkeast i know they mean saleswise but cam doesnt have the streets he doesnt have the burbs he doesnt have anyone or anywhere dude doesnt sell shit so how is he now taking new york over, get the fuck outta here go eat you happy meals. damn dude even tries to type like cam you sound so dumb its ridiculous, also notice your riding the short bus to shcool homie. look around no one agrees with you and even the one dude, the truth, who does semi agree with you says you arte strecthing it too much. you riding that short yellow slow bus homie and there is a reason why you get kept seperate from the rest, because you act and talk to dumb and recless to be takin seriously.

    yo eskay i think we need to set up a short bus ( aka special ed ) section for this site for people like this clown

  87. eskay Says:

    Ur-MAD = The new NYC

  88. Ur-MAD Says:

    Aw, ya’ll looking mighty cute! The MCDONALDS THING is CLASSIC**
    Are ya brother and sister! Full of hate!

    Laughin- Imma blow you a kiss, cause you seem like a LONELY ass girl! Always on the computer TALKING HELLA SHIT about someone and somebody! Send me a picture and make me a believer! Cause right now I suspect you lookin like UMPRA WONFREY! blalahahahaha- What’s your real name ORMA or some ugly shit!

    Tyrone- Hmm…IN DENIAL…Im just tryna WENE you off of Jay’s Dick! You cant suck his dick forever! Dont yall teeth get tired, and your mouth get numb? I mean I wouldnt know, but yall niggas got “STURDY JAWS” lol lol lol*

    I blow kisses at girls like ya’ll- notice I summarized and classified all yall as PUSSY

  89. Ur-MAD Says:

    Damn let me go, you rippin my pants….. let me go! I’ll be back around 2 ish

  90. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Aww…this nigga coming with some SERIOUS ASS JOKES! Oh Fuck you and ya Grandmama too! OMPRA–lol–Like I said I look betta than you, your mom,and your mother’s cousin put together! But thats not the case!

    Stop switchin the subject! What you really need is TO TAKE A PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST! Homie you STUUUUUUUUUUUUPID! Come on here talking that shit! My baby daddy will run you the fuck over, you blastid bastard!

  91. Ur-MAD Says:

    My hypothesis was precise! I figured you had kids, what the fuck you doing on the computer, Go BREAST FEED THEM pre-convict CRACK BABIES!! Damn, ma’ u ethered the fuck outta ya self! YA BABY DADDY! lol
    ahahahahahhahahaha- oh shitty shanks and hot sauce! Am i making you mad! I hope so, thats the plan! All I know is, here is my conclusion of you.

    1. Your a young ghetto mother of 2 or three rug rompers and you diss them to sit on the computer and diss others

    2. You are REALLY TROUBLED at life. —Pause—Turn around laughin your son is bout to fall out the window—RUN GO HELP THAT NIGGA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    oh shit

    3. tEll me why you really looked, you NON PROGRESSIVE PARENT! lol I hope im making you mad! LOL — but I saved your childs life! He’ll thank me when he gets older

    **puts head down and realizes that mothers and computers dont mix**

  92. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    You really tryna get under my skin! Im not allowing myself to get mad at you! Mental Retardation and Computers dont mix! How the fuck do you bring my parenting skills into this arguement about Jay-Z and Camron being the best in NYC! First off, you know not a thing about me, Im at WORK right now (CCity) and my CHILD is at SCHOOL! But on some real shit Fuck you and your life! Your a fucking Joke

  93. Ur-MAD Says:

    lol ok! Boo, i’ll take care of you! I’ll treat you goood!

    A.)Are you mad cus im funny?
    B.)Or you mad cus its the truth?
    C.)Or you mad cus Camron is running NY
    D.) All of the above

    The correct answer is (D). Shorti is mad at everything and she Too wont let (ur-mad) get off the computer to get his lunch! But he is not MAD, unlike everyone else! He is HAPPY and Yes he will be eating A HAPPY MEAL. There is no hate here! MMWAH…I blow you kiss boo!

    U know im funny! i HOPE ur REALLY LAUGHING AT NIGGAS NOW!

  94. eskay Says:

    ^ go get ya wet wipes

  95. KingML Says:

    saying cam ron runs new york is like saying mcdonalds runs the restaurant industry, sure lots of people eat their food but it sucks.

    just like sure lots of people listen to cam ron but he sucks, maybe not as much as mcdonalds. but he is garbage. made for idiots, who can listen to 300 songs about the same thing other than an idiot? oh yeah a dipset fan, but then agian idiot,, dipset fan,, whats the difference.

  96. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    eskay Says:
    March 10th, 2006 at 1:55 pm
    ^ go get ya wet wipes

    damn eskay killed homie with one sentence.

    ur-mad – dog you arent funny at all, and again how is cam running ny he doesnt get played in the steets and his only platnium album was when he was on the r.o.c. and he had jay-z ON HIS FUCKING ALBUM you are a stupid clown, your on some kindergarden shit little boy go to recess or take a time-out in the corner cause you have some seriouys growing to do little man

  97. FriscoNish Says:

    Toure’s comment is on point. Cam is gay for obsessing over another grown man’s looks and how another man chooses to dress.

  98. D. Billz Says:

    I like this blog site. I’m bored as hell at work and you’se guys are so entertaining. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the (minstrel) show…

    *B More Nubian*

  99. D. Billz Says:

    “saying cam ron runs new york is like saying mcdonalds runs the restaurant industry, sure lots of people eat their food but it sucks.”

    You gets punchline of the day for that one homie, lol @ King ML.

  100. Blood Hound Says:

    ^^^^ once said internet beef is like the special olympics.

    Now I gotta take that back… Even retarded kids aren’t this dumb…

    This is like going hunting with the Vice Prez dumb.

  101. D. Billz Says:

    The previous posts reminds me of the video game scene from 40 Year Old Virgin, “know how I know you’re gay?”…

  102. Blood Hound Says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet but I have heard the song, the orginal was supposed to be used on a lil wayne cd also cam had the 1st 2 verses and lil wayne had the last. And I must say….. Fuck those dudes for that one.

    Its gonna take me sometime to get mentally prepared for the video seeing as how I read the comments first…

  103. D. Billz Says:

    Anybody know where I can get these downloads in Windows Media format?

  104. Ur-MAD Says:

    Hmmmm… Im back, my food is digested and yall niggas STILL SHOWING SLIGHT BITS OF RAGE!
    That’s iight, I aint mean no harm, I actually will apologize on that laughin@niggas shit! Even though i read that shit and its a fucking lol situation! I will apologize, Im sorry, I got out of hand!! You probably do look good and your son aint gonna be the next convict of NYC!

    But I will not, I will NOT take back the fact that CAMRON “KILLA” Giles is holding the THRONE for NY right now! That was my main purpose and that never changed! I know its SHOCKING *hold ya chest* take a deep breath!
    But he is FIRE right now, you just dont want to confess that KILLA is the best!

    I still love you though laughin@nigga’s! Why wont you blow kissing back at me boo!

  105. Ur-MAD Says:

    Yo, ESKAY– ARE YOU MAD? Please dont tell me YOU MAD TOO?
    AWW man!!

    OK, on the real dookie, real shit, WHY IS CAM’RON’s SONG SO WACK TO YOU? I really wanna know! My hypothesis is that you guys just dont like him, so ya dont LISTEN to him! But I think that HIS MOVEMENTS ARE CLASSIC! This is a THOROUGH DISS TRACK!

    1. Dame cosigning and putting Jay-Z’s “supposed godson in the video”
    2. AShy ass JJ Walker-VISUAL- his feet in chaclettas
    3. Fake BIG lipped Beyonce Bouncing on Camron’s lap
    4. Snatching a nigga’s plate at the WAFFLE HOUSE

    ya niggaz are buggin on some “TIGHT FACE” shit. U just dont want to laugh cus like i said………….
    …….. U …. M…A…D

  106. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ just explain how it is that camran has the crown, he has released a couple of garbage diss tracks that no one is bumping and no one respects, he came with nothing orginal, he doesnt sell for shit i mean nothing at all, and just about a month ago all that anyone was talking about was how cam ran like a little girl while his boy jimmy was getting stomped out in harlem at the fucking RUCKER, dude cant even run his own block how the fuck is he running all of nyc????? just give me some logical reasons dont tell me its cause you think he is funny or cause he said co-ink-ie-dink

  107. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ur-mad : how is the song wack dude said “what a co-ink-ie-dink” what more do you need thats as wack as it gets

  108. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Fuck you! And fuck your father for busting an UNWANTED NUT! Youve been misbehaving all damn day. Running ya mouth about shit you know nuthin off! I bet you not from NY? You probably not even from the fucking STATES? Where im from Camron is NOOOOOT whats poppin’ and he is NOT what’s really good, fam! I think you need to get ya mind right and stay on the fucking topic. Nigga you be swaying like you got serious ass ADD and shit!
    Anywayz.. your thoughts are of NO Relavance! YOu are obviously the one who is chockin on Camron’s dick! Pull that shit out ya mouth and get back at me! U R VERY MAD! U gotta be Living in a fucking PURPLE HAZE- filled dream, Camron aint never CONFESS NOTHING THAT WAS FIRE, and he hasnt had a steady rotation since O-Boy! Now you get ya wet wipes, Cause there is some White Shit on ya Lips!! EWWW

  109. Ur-MAD Says:

    D A DA DA DA DA DA DAYUM… Ma “I LOVE U LIKE LA>>the GAnja”….why you gotta take it to the house on me like that! “UNWANTED NUT” u wrong for that! Iight imma leave you alone before you get SO EMOTIONAL **thinks of Carl Thomas song**!!! Ouch “UNWANTED NUT”


    Now back to TYson becford
    iight my dude, why you bringin up OLD SHIT! IRRELAVANCE! I mean ok Cam Ran, but JAY GOT CHASED TO HIS BUILDING! lol he RAN PLENTY OF TIMES! lol @ u bringin up old shit!

    I SAId Camron is running it! HE GOT “EVERYBODY TALKIN” boi! RIGHT NOW–Stop being emotional and MOVE with the MOVEMENT. YOU TRYNA SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE MY DUDE! kOWABONGA DUDE! lol but really HOW BOUT WE STOP THIS AND SEE HOW “””””WELL”””””” KILLA SEASON DOES!!! we will see

  110. Ur-MAD Says:

    Yes COINKI DINK is as thorough as it gets boi! Its that shit, that ether, that shit that make ya body burn slow!!! .lol.

    Goddamn doggie, thats the ONLY SHIT U bringin up…the ENTIRE VIDEO WAS HITTLY HOT!


  111. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    My Diary:
    March 10, 2006=
    The day I got so mad at the asshole on the computer that I logged off and WENT BACK TO WORK! Im actually going BACK to helping customers!
    Wow, what a sad day in Hip Hop! Someone actually said that Camron is better than Jay-Z. Yes, I got emotional and almost shed a tear, another person lost! Armagedon is near!

  112. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    damn laughin@ just destroyed due, she got her joe buddens on she is obviously “tired of pissin so now she’s just shittin on niggas”

    cam aint never confessing nothing that was fire, that shit was classic

    way to hold it down laughin tell this little bitch boy cam gets no play in the streets and gets no sales in the burbs he doesnt run SHIT and ur-mad is just mad that cam sucks so much stop dr.suessing it cam he is trash

  113. E from BK Says:

    Where are you from Ur-MAD?

  114. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    kowabunga dude? bart simpson just stepped in the building ladies and gentleman. he has everyone talking about how dumb and pathetic he is, he doesnt have anyone talking about he is running anything but you and no one can hear you with your dick in his mouth.

    then dude turns into ned flanders with the whole video was hittly hot, damn you corny as fuck no wonder you like cam ran now turn off your comp. and dip on here cause we dont want to hear any of this trash

  115. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    This nigga said “Hittly Hot”- WHAT THE ….?
    This nigga also said that Camrons line “YOU DONT LIKE GUYS, Me Neither, What a Coinki DINK!! Is ORIGINAL anD HE NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORe!


    *looks down at her watch, and realizes that she has been arguing with an Emotionally & Mentally Disturbed individual for about 4 hours online*

    *blushes with embarassment*

    *logs off the computer to help someone*

    *spits at keyboard, with the intent of symbolizm meant to spit on Ur-mad’s face*

    *wipes spit off with paper b/c its a new Compaq and she remembers there is full camera screening at Circuit City*

    *leaves the blog, because she cant read foolishness anylonger*

  116. Ur-MAD Says:

    Bye Bye boo! Call me sometime or email me those pics girl!!! Remember I like um big, like um small, like um round, like um tall- All i really care about is if you can DROP THEM DRAWS!!! Hold on–Damn, whut u doing at Circuit City! lOL AT YOUR MAXiMUM PAY BEING ABOUT $9.25 (lol) Yeah you need to go back to work, RemEMBER YOU DO HAVE A KID! The plan is NOT TO stay on WIC or Welfare for the rest of your life ma! Let me stop.. cus i still want you to send me some pics! lol I like FIESTY chicks, you funny, I’ll give you that!

    Now—back to bizness

    Im from the city where da skinny nigga’s ride cheah
    The land of the free and home of the BRAVE
    ….ok IM FROM Philadel

  117. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    he doesnt have anyone talking about he is running anything but you and no one can hear you with your dick in his mouth.

    my bad i got my dyslexia on obviously i meant no one can hear you with his dick in your mouth

  118. Ur-MAD Says:

    lol again @ her nick name for your job (CCITY) lol I FIGURED IT OUT, EARLY! LOL 9.25$ OR IS IT 6.50 W/ COMMISSION! LOLOOLOLOOOL PUH PUH

    Why u copyin my style babe, tryna narrated shit!
    Yeah What, Im from North Phili wut u got for me!


  119. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ok t.o. damn you always have to have something to bitch about huh. and how you gonna diss jay this whole time then quote dude??? damn you corny aint no one on here catching feelings from a corny ass dude ike you man dead this shit

  120. The Truth... Says:

    Why are you people still replyin to this herb?

    I’m sure everybody here from Philly was like “DAMN!! ain’t that a bitch…”

  121. Miami Hustle Says:

    Yo, what the fuck went on today! Lol! Ya muthafuckers wild the fuck out! I read all of yall 103+ posts and neva laffed so hard! Damn, “laughin”- said some funny shit! But “Ur-Mad”, nigga you off the fuckin meter with your shit! lol- Im still holdin my head at that omprha wonfrey shit and snufalopogus!WIC and Welfare! COIIINKIY DOINK! What the fuck? You are out of hand with your shit man!
    And wait, you from Philadelphia! Dont yall have the 3rd highest GAY POPULATION in the United STATES! Lol @ UR MAD- and his home town having gay parades! Nah man, you got it all wrong with that Camron being great as hell! But damn you entertained the hell out of me! I really read the entire arguement and that shit was hella funny!
    I personally want to thank you and laughin for that shit!

  122. Ur-MAD Says:

    ight, my man, why you gotta bring tha Gay parade shit up! That’s not cool! Igght Im done, I finished, but i got my point accross! Like I SAid when I entered and I PROVED MY POINT! UR MAD- U STAY MAD- ALWAYS WILL BE MAD!

    Ur mad
    ur mad
    ur mad
    ur mad


    Ur- MAD

  123. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

  124. Ur-MAD Says:


  125. Ur-MAD Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^its the piff! ADIOS BITCHES!! SUCK A DICK GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

  126. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    … (SMH)…

    *shows customer why you should regulate children on the internet*

  127. eskay Says:

    ^ this is what happens when I don’t do a new post all day huh…

    lemme get on my game and give ya’ll something new to talk about.

  128. reggaetonslasher Says:

    this site is losing its edge,…damn i thought i found a home, now the blog reads like most other hip hop pamper sites….
    “I was pricking my finger before you knew what a fam was”

  129. babyGirlCanada Says:

    128 muthafuckin comments shit!! this site is hot… I guess beef sells?

    anyway, the video was stupid: my comments r on XXL but pretty much “it was stupid” sums it up nicely. I was definitely expecting a smart yet tasteless, funny, all out jab.. all we got was dumn and tasteless and unfunny… it makes it worse that the song is dumb too so I really have no need to watch the video other than the Jay diss, now he has a wack video, wack dis, and dumn ass song… how is he gonna promote his album noW?

  130. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    i knew that nigga ur-mad was gay. his lil feelings got hurt and he left. when he said that shit about the dangling wrist and how he twisted off to go to lunch. i said to myself, beast this nigga is a faggot. and not even a funny one, plus he let a bitch working a circuit city shut him down. how pathetic. i hope he catch that nasty mens disease, in the ass and mouth.maybe he’ll want some pussy then,u think? turn ya cpu off and neva come back!!

  131. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    I personally apologize for my behavior on this site! Please do not read my comments and percieve my character as such! I am sorry that I replied to that disturbed man causing him to continue on for about 4 good hours. I have learned my lesson and I will never do such a thing again! Please accept my apology!

  132. Secret Says:

    Cam needs to give it up. I heard of throwing rocks at the throne but this dude is tossing grapes, and Hov is sitting back eating this shit up. How do you lose a one man battle. Thats crazy!!!!

  133. D. Billz Says:

    Eskay, you know damn well you be postin’ up topics like that just so you can be entertained by the looneys who argue about that shit all day… sick bastid, lol.

  134. Miami Hustle Says:

    @ laughin

    The man said “CAMRON RUN’s NEW YORK”, thats like saying “PITBULL RUNS MIAMI”

    I mean come on, Im not mad! How you gonna come on the internet and make a list of haters! Did you guys really read that nigga’s posts! The nigga lost his mind on some real psychological schitzophrenic shit-i was laughing at both of yall though!

    (((((Ur-MAD Says:

    March 10th, 2006 at 12:09 pm
    Let me see who else is mad

    1. Laughin@niggas
    2. Tyronebiggums
    3. D.Billz
    4. She’s So Real
    5. E from Bk
    6. Doc holiday
    7. Damu
    8. Miami Hustle
    9. Fury
    10. Philly Chick
    —Damn shall the list get longer- and it goes from MADDEST TO MAD

    Killa SEASON ))))
    Who does shit like that?? Nigga MADE A LIST!! That shit was funny! Then he posts up his DIPSET WEBSITE at the end of it all! It was definetly a way for him to advertise

  135. Bk Says:

    Today was a LONG day! lol how ya let some nigga come on the blog and advertise his dipset website! “UR-MAD” isnt that the ultimate dipset catch phrase, my nigga got his website out!

    Anyway…I saw the video, I gotta say, that shit is Catchy then a mothafucker! Lil niggas singin that shit already “go get ya wet wipes”! I dont know, maybe Killa got something goin with this over-the-top publicity shit! its causing problems

  136. The Truth... Says:

    @ Laughin….
    I told you a few hours ago to leave that shit alone…..it’s all good. You learn from mistakes.

  137. Bk Says:

    i never thought id say that^T^ that shit is catchy as hell! And i dont even like the song!But its one of them songs you hate, but cant get out of your head

  138. eskay Says:

    >>How you gonna come on the internet and make a list of haters!

    he’s Dipset, he learned from the Capo…that’s actually his Kufi list.

  139. Miami Hustle Says:

    sad story!

  140. MaddenMaster Says:

    This shit is really gettin off the hook funny….. KEEP IT UP!!!

  141. FriscoNish Says:

    Damn, i cant believe that shit really got that bad on here today. I must add my two sense, this shit is funny as HELL! Ur-MAD got disrespected, but ya boy deserved that shit because the shit he was spitting was just rediculous!!!! I must say that my day was boring as hell until I started reading this shit. Laughin@ really got her clown on, that nigga’s comeback wasn’t half as funny as hers.

  142. Fury Says:

    Nigga u sound like a Cam cheerleader.U got some Dipset pom-poms under ya bed ? Lemme get a D!….Lemme get a I….Lemme get a P!Some of yall dudes become such stans that yall co-sign anything a nigga does or put out.A dumb move is a dumb move,no matter who it is.Aint like every song jay made was crack.Cam prolly blamin Jay for his last album floppin,now he actin like a lil bitch.The nigga half-assin bout goin @ jay cuz he scared.Y he got put a jay impersonator on a song that dont got shit to do wit jay ??? Y he aint make a video for that bullshit ass diss track ?? Maybe he should call Nas n ask him how to really go @ jay

  143. Miami Hustle Says:

    She got me when she said “UNWANTED NUT”…Im writing that shit down, definetly using that shit one day

  144. Anonymous Says:

    **the best way to end the arguement is all in this description of Camron and Dipshit

    Originally Posted by MrBravo ON AHH.COM

    “Listening to the camron and dipset is like watching a big $150 million movie with like no plot whatsoever. It has excellent special fx, sometimes one good performance, but ultimately it’s only good to turn off your brain for a little while and enjoy it.”

    He sums it up very nicely!
    And the results for todays post are as follows
    Urmad- you lose
    Jay-Z- Wins
    And by the way ———————————————————-
    Your dipshit site is ass! Like Father like son. How you gonna come DISS SOMEBODY and then PLUG YOUR SHIT..THATS A CAMRON MOVE TO THE 7th power

  145. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    I’m in L.A., don’t give a fuck about the dips, but when that foot steps out the benz wit a flip flop i had to laugh…at least at the fact that cam is really stickin to that shit…and yo, someone clear somethin up for me..the wet wipe video don’t match the lyrics right? cam spittin bout charli but clownin jaybey in the vid?

  146. doc holiday Says:

    this is crazy. 100+ posts…get a life.

  147. phillychick Says:

    ok well i guess i’ll be 100+1 eskay- i love this site these post are so funny (ur mad) is the funniest of all did he really make that list lol seems to be that cam is mad cause he wastin his time doin that dumb ass song and then did a video!why and i thought bitches were the only ones who like suckin dick seems like ur mad- needs some cause this crying shit on a website when cam gets a grammy holla when cam get that gap fixed holla when he stop wearing that dumb ass cotton candy pink holla yeah cam got money but j- got billions might not know much about music or hip hop but ill do that jay is wayyyyy better than cam

    jay z-uprgrade
    cam fuckin ur mad in the butt and then him swallowin(drink its cum and i know you thirsty)-downgrade so i’ll say goodnight and tell crying ass whores like yourself-holla

  148. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo ive been off my nahright game for a short minute but dayyym 147 comments >>> props eskay

  149. Ur-MAD Says:

    Good Morning,

    I see that there are more mad people! All I gotta say is if you are still talking about Killa obviously you catching seriuos feelings for dude. No disrespect when I say that all of ya’ll haters are MAD! lol! Yeah I made a list, cause it’s niggas like ya’ll each day, saying some shit about the MOVEment. Jay-Z is a retired individual and Camron is “holding the crown”. Please dont respond to me, I will not be back to discuss the MOVEment again. If you got an issue or a bone to pick with me then visit http://www.u-mad.net and entertain yourself and EDUCATE your mind

    Good day nigga’s

    U-MADDDDD Damn???

  150. joe 88 Says:

    if i can borrow a minute of your time lets go down memory lane if any one still own cam’s first album play 357 an you’ll he cam say “see jimmy jones frontin in the chancletas” real talk play the song than holla back

  151. She's So Real Says:

    Mad or pointing out the obvious?

  152. Ur-MAD Says:

    MAD! I’ts ok just go get killa Season

  153. E from BK Says:


    92% of Hip Hop is nothing but a movie filled with BS. The hype, the beef, the violence and the sex is nothing more than little boys fantasies with nobody but the corporate heads getting the real money. For every artist there is some 60 year old making the real money. Then you have fake wannabe people that ride the artist so hard that they actually take the time out to promote that artist. The funny thing about that is that particular “Stan” is not even getting any money with the artist! That is totally insane to me. I’m not saying you can’t support the artist you like; but to go as far as dedicating a website to them? Come on Duke!

  154. Ur-MAD Says:

    hmmm…Who told you that I get no money? They lied/fibbed/the whole shibang… HMMM! Sounds like someone is jumping to conclusions about things he is not sure of! Ok sir, I do have a 9 to 5 and I must say I am making a SWELL “fat pocket” living! Yes work with computers and I get to do NOTHING but websites. Now if YOUR MAD because “IM GETTIN MONEY, NIGGA *does Camron voice* then thats alright. Don’t worry bout me, just get your MONEY up.

  155. phillychick Says:

    its official everyone camron is ur-md ‘s idol plus his fuck buddy*does a shut the fuck up voice” ur mad i must give it to you you are one funny lil man

  156. Ur-MAD Says:

    Hmm…Philly chick! Do you have kids? If not then holla!! But before you do, stop being mad, its not good for your face! It actually causes acne!
    *remember, I got something for your face, NOT PROACTIV* Iight, maybe i sounded a lITTLE extra about Camron! I just wanted to know why ya’ll aint giving dude a chance!

  157. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    that phillychick bitch is dense. probably still watch shows like a different world and martin. steady gigglin at shit like a teenager. might be one. you stay hard on that nigga ur-mad dick just as hard as he on cams. bitch, start up the nigga fan club. whats so funny about his ass, you simpleton

  158. Ur-MAD Says:

    hmm…not quite gettin u but iight my nigga take a rest! Im here to fuck with yall pussy mf’s

  159. E from BK Says:


    I NEVER said your name in my comments, but I understand you feeling like I did. Relax Duke! About getting money, I too get money. I build, fix and network computers. As well as programming and building websites. Now?

  160. Miami Hustle Says:

    Oh man, this nigga is back! IIght since you persistent than a bum askin for change, I got some questions for u. I wanna kno how u can defend Camron on some real shit. u sayin that Cam is King of NY! I aint even from NY (obviously) but i gotta disagree. The only way u changin my mind is if you can explain what Camron says in this line> I believe somebody asked about this shit, but nobody responded so im posting it, cus i need a response from a dipshit fan:
    ((Push it 2004))
    After that, baby girl, Hey let’s get some bub
    Love, love, don’t rub, we fittin to hit the club
    Yeah they dance, but a lap dance they want a dub
    They don’t know nan, ask Trick they love a thug
    Bam bam, jam jam, and a handstand, ha ha so tan in the tan stand
    Ra-ra, na-na, ha-ha, la-la, mama I keep that blam blam

    ((Family Ties))
    Verse 2 – Cam’Ron]
    From the back of the cop ride, the black on black black, when we cop rides
    I will not hide, Hi Ma, Hot thighs, dick on her nose now she’s cock eyed
    From whippin’up bacon rolls to outside whippin the bacon rolls
    Saniyah Lathan knows, I rakin’ but makin dough
    Eighty holes in ya shirt, there’s ya own Jamaican clothes
    I ain’t talkin to pokano’s, I’m talkin to aspens the slopes we go
    You get the okie do, play me baby I hope he know
    We break noses, call ’em baby Pinocchio
    I hold wit wit blue mittens, two pigeons, what the fuck are yooou pitchin?

    Im aiming @ Ur-Mad– what is the KING OF NY saying in these lines

  161. Ur-MAD Says:

    iight let me get at u real nice and easy! this will take but a minute and a half- U see Camron dont like to come at u with some easy shit, he make you think and ponder and wonder. Like lyrical nigga would, ya dig, iight i will break it down and get back..

  162. Miami Hustle Says:

    Ok my nigga, u doin a lot of typin…just explain that shit. NO resources needed lol! Ok explain that shit..both of those rhymes on the real…take as MUCH time as you need lil nigga

  163. Ur-MAD Says:

    Push It 2004
    Here it is: After we hit it off talking and shit in the club, lets get something to drink (usually referring to an alcoholic beverage). The girl is talking all this lovey dovey shit and grabbin on my dude, but she can chill with that, Killa trying chill at another club. You see how chicks be dancing all night in the club for FREE, but other chicks you gotta give them Bucks to see them shake (thats called IRONY). But they dont know nothing really, because they love “Killa” and he gets “free lap dances”-(showing love to a thug). Bam Bam-they moving crazy, Jam Jam- still dancing dope, bitches is poppin up and down doing handstand in the club and shit. But Killa’s laughing and not acting crazy cus he got that shit…

    iight next is the other song..give me a second I’ll break it down for you “lost ass A-B-C and 123 easy listening niggas”

  164. Miami Hustle Says:

    Hold on my nigga, u really analyzed that shit crazy as FUCK! lol at that shit making more sense.. But im not gon give u points for the end part. U kno damn well u dont know wut Cam is talking bout at the end- lol at this nigga talking bout JAM JAM means she dancing crazy!looooooooooooooool u funny as shit iight keep it goin my nigga do the next song

  165. Miami Hustle Says:

    lol at this nigga really saying that

    Ra-ra, na-na, ha-ha, la-la,mama i got that blam blam=Killa’s laughing and not acting crazy cus he got that shit lololloooooooooolol

    yo, i this site is crazy funny as fuck! my family lookin at me like why u laughin so hard at the computer…lol

    this nigga sayin some crazy shit tryin clarify camron

  166. Ur-MAD Says:

    I concur that your mad u COULDNT interpret his shit!! Sorry its not as easy as Jigga Jay!

    Here is Family Ties:

    Ight no matter what we do, niggas, we keep it black on black shit. Whether we sittin next to each other in a COP CAR or whether we COP (purchase) a CAR its BLACK ON BLACK. >>switches chain of thought

  167. Ur-MAD Says:

    yo, i just typed mad shit…where the fuck did it go

  168. Ur-MAD Says:

    wut the fuc…I typed more than that shit

  169. Ur-MAD Says:

    iight ill do it again

  170. Miami Hustle Says:

    HMM—Sounds like your mad! lol- iight keep it going- I got the first part keep typing type it again

  171. Ur-MAD Says:

    Nigga, neva that

    Iight i left off after the first line.. iight whippin up bacon rolls

    Here is Family Ties:

    Ight no matter what we do, niggas, we keep it black on black shit. Whether we sittin next to each other in a COP CAR or whether we COP (purchase) a CAR its BLACK ON BLACK. >>switches chain of thought to I stay grinding, whether Im whippin up bacon rolls (thats a egg/bacon combo) or whether im outside in my whip thats a red (bacon colored) Rolls Royce. Even these movie stars understand Killas hustle *SANAA*, that he is rakin up and collecting money. But the other niggas out here are literally “RAKING” outside working thats why they clothes look raggedy and shit “Got 80 holes in ya shirt, theres ya own Jamacian Clothes”! lol! straight off the island shit! iight Killa’s making movements and shit, while these amatuers is still takin vacations to the poconos (thats a low class resort for beginning ballers), Killa is taking trips to the ASPENs (thats where the $$ ppl ski-expensive ass vaca)! “You get the okie do”- Okie dokie-“OK” but “I HOPE HE KNOW” translates to I hope that nigga gets it or understands the consequences, cus this nigga acting like he dont know or wasnt told that Killa dont fuck with liars, Therefore, we break noses, Call them baby pinochio.

  172. Ur-MAD Says:

    I hold ya nose in my hand with BLUE MITTENS! That refers to the fairy tale childhood story about the (3 kittens with mittens)- Killa keepin with the theme! I hold ya nose in my hand- Now what the fuck are u pitchin! What the fuck these niggas gotta say!

    Now i know that was hard for the niggas who really only listen to “EASY LISTENING RAP” but you gotta READ BETWEEN THE LINES!

    stay up– What else u wanna know-ill break it down ABC and 123 with it, just for u

  173. Miami Hustle Says:

    Alright lil nigga, calm down. I will give you ya props for explaining the hell out of Camron. But calm down with that shit, now I have a feeling that you interpreted that shit to a crazy extent, I must say Im not gonna lie, u explained that shit. But i have a feeling Camron didnt even mean to put that much context into his song, its just the way you interpreted it, sounds like it was hot. No lie. I see why you in love with Camron’s shit, but its only because you super analyzed his shit and you MAKE SENSE out of it for YOURSELF! But it took you a GOOD WHILE. I know u aint gon tell me you understood all that shit the first time you heard it. U must have had that shit on continous playback, rewind, slow motion and shit. I aint mad, i will give you respect where it’s do. U a crazy mofo on some real shit, I dont know, nobody else who explained that shit, most DIPSHIT fans just SHRUG THEY SHOULDERS and say “WELL, I like the beat, the beat hot!”. At least you know what you listening to. Still I’m not a believer, I will say that maybe you amped Camron up a lil in my list of shitty rappers. But he still aint running NY, cus MOst people dont know what THE FUCK HE TALKING BOUT! Only you, its only you, like Ashanti said, ONLY YOU!!!

  174. Ur-MAD Says:

    After all that hatin shit..
    My nigga is STILL MAD- Because he didnt know that Cam be killin shit!
    Aw, its ok, my lil nigga, then again u from MIAMI, “THATS THE SLOWEST OF THE SOUTH”. i understand it took a while, but the south gets shit LAAAAAAAAAAAATEEE as HEEEEEELLL like a pregnant bitch waiting for her period!!

    Dont be mad nicca, Hey shouldnt you be out fixing the roof on ya house! Sike nah! that was f’d up. BUt i had to cus u aint wanna give me my props.. U still angry! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DAYUM!!

  175. CapoDituttiCAPI Says:

    This is why i listen to sports talk radio 98 percent of time.

  176. Miami Hustle Says:

    Nigga u a dry ass nigga. I aint no bitch so i aint goin do one of them 4 hour arguements with you, if thats what you asking for! So u can relax and put some powder on ya sore ass. U talkin like u got a rash! Nigga fold it up and send it else where. I aint mad I gave you ya fucking props for being Camron’s interpreter bitch. That Katrina shit aint funny! U mad cus ur part of Philly’s Gay Population! I never heard of somebody gettin so excited off Camron, leave that to bitches! U too fuckin excited man “dead ya shit”. Talkin out ya fuckin ass right now!

  177. Ur-MAD Says:

    Ok, I’ll leave you guys alone, cause ya’ll r starting to catch major feelings. And im not comfortable with the thought of another man getting emotional over me. But know that i will be back if you need me to translate some shit for you haters anytime!

    Understand that it’s Dipset BITCH

    Move with the movement, or MoVE out the WAY!!!

    ***im ghost***
    nigga’s are crying in here, cus im breaking they heart and stomping on there dreams of the best rapper!!
    1- that means bye, adios, im leaving (i gotta keep breaking shit down for you niggas)

  178. Miami Hustle Says:

    Iight, im done wit dude! Movin on to the next topic.. I got a feeling that Camron could record himself taking a IBS shit and UR-MAD would interpret that shit as the most lyrical thing ever!!

    *******CAM IS NOT WORTHY OF FOCUS******
    ************NEXT TOPIC PLEASE***********

  179. eskay Says:

    >>whether Im whippin up bacon rolls (thats a egg/bacon combo) or whether im outside in my whip thats a red (bacon colored) Rolls Royce.

    ^ that was fucking hilarious and I’m pretty sure he’s right about the translation.

  180. phillychick Says:

    ur mad lol at you no i dont have any kids and beast nigga yes it is the internet but u didnt have to take it to the level of calling me a bitch if i am a teenager can you not act like one and since i wasnt typin to you respect my opinion and mind ur fuckin buisness if ur mad can take what i typed as a joke which it was then you should shut the fuck up and not be callin any female especially ones you dont know to be such a bitch – everyone have a nice night

  181. Miami Hustle Says:

    that shit was funny.. I aint wanna tell that nigga, but i was holdin my stomach! he funny as fuck! and the funny part was that he probably right about the translation
    HE SAID:::You get the okie do”- Okie dokie-”OK” but “I HOPE HE KNOW” translates to I hope that nigga gets it or understands the consequences

    He had mad confidence in what he was saying! damn

  182. Bk Says:

    Nah, you guys got it all wrong. The funny part was that he mad sense with that jamacian line- i never got that shit until just now! On some real shit, the raking shit and outside labor contrasting with camron raking in money! hah ahahah ahah ahaha ha ahahah ahaaha @ the seriousnes of this young man!

  183. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    aye bitch, you think u put me in my place? iwas minding my bizness. i don’t really care if u a teeny or grownie. all i seen was alot of dick ridin’.don’t get all womens lib on me and shit. must’ve struck a nerve, shit ain’t so funny now is it bitch?

  184. Bk Says:

    This is a CLASSIC BLOG** I BELIEVE THAT UR-Mad should be in the RECORD BOOKS!! FOR DUMBEST POST EVER.>>>>>>>

    ((Push it 2004))
    Bam bam, jam jam, and a handstand, ha ha so tan in the tan stand
    Ra-ra, na-na, ha-ha, la-la, mama I keep that blam blam


    {Bam Bam-they moving crazy, Jam Jam- still dancing dope, bitches is poppin up and down doing handstand in the club and shit. But Killa’s laughing and not acting crazy cus he got that shit…}

    lolooololol this is entertaining as hell! iight im bout to go out, but im printing this shit for the future! CLASSIC!

  185. Miami Hustle Says:


  186. Blood Hound Says:

    @ Ur Mad
    [Lil Wayne verse 3]

    I get head in the strangest places,
    2 at the same time call it changing faces,
    Vanilla ice cream she say that’s my favorite,
    *something something something* taste it savour it,

    Anyway yall should get the point the whole song sucks. I don’t know if weezy is on the video with Cam but that song was written for the Carter 2 and it didn’t make it pass the cutting board.

    The song sucks point blank period.

  187. Blood Hound Says:

    Ayo… I wonder what Lil Wayne has planned for the future. Since he hangs with Cam and Dipset, but he also designs he rap style around Jay Z.

    If ya ask me I’d say he is fucked.

  188. Ur-MAD Says:

    Damn I dont usually do Lil Wayne, but imma hit u off with some shit youngin’

    I get head in the strangest places,
    2 at the same time call it changing faces,
    Vanilla ice cream she say that’s my favorite,
    *something something something* taste it savour it,

    First line: I get head in the strangest places- Thats simple
    Second line: Changing faces was a girl group from back in the day, it was 2 girls singing some one hit wonder track. He’s basically refering to gettin head from 2 girls at the same time taking turns
    Third line: Vanilla Icecream referring to “CUM” and chick is slurpin it up

    Come on ya niggas gotta read between the lines with shit. Not everything is gonna be as easy as !
    “I check chedder like a food inspector” or “My name is HOV-H to the O-V”

    This blog is tense as hell! I know yall checkin for me but damn

  189. Ur-MAD Says:

    yall niggas is light weight! Cant digest anything

  190. Bk Says:

    Damn, nigga u a serious as (INTERPRETATOR) damn u spend way Way WAY too much time with lyrics. Godddd dammmmn homie! way out the box with that one! U brought up some Changing Faces girl group from 98′! U are really serious when it comes to this shit. I think you can interpret anything because you want to.

  191. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    maybe i’m on the wrong shit. i’m up in this bitch daily, but i never see nothin really screamin but east toast. it ‘s a whole wide spectrum of niggaz out there. midwest,down south, west coast, etc… are you trying to get back to ya glory days. the hardest, realest nigga to hit out this shit was dmx in the last 6/7 years. drug habit aside this nigga pull you in. cam and jay are to commercial now. d- block might be the realest niggas out in ny right now. sheek and jada, i co-sign they shit. the rest of that shit is for you video heads.

  192. BEASTNIGGA Says:

    ur-mad and eskay are the two smartest niggas on here( without myself not being included) eskay, sit back and watch y’all niggas lash out at each other, observin’, while hit after hit get posted. got you comin back 2 this bitch like it’z tha drug house. u-mad, got you debating wit him and shit,plus pluggin his site.it’z comedy fools because each and everyone of you motherfuckaz clicked on his shit to see what he was talkin about. (i know, because i did too). he work for dipset somehow. i’ll bet my word on it. he is promotions. something and someone bigger is behind that nigga. look like they will try every manuvere to sell records. he A&R. BELIEVE IT.

  193. Ur-MAD Says:

    **damn Ur-Mad exits, Cus niggas is catching on***

    **logs on to ahh.com and starts shit in another blog while posting up the site**

    **”Curses at the “beast nigga” under my breathe”

    **leaves the thread for a final goodbye*


    ^^^It’s The Piff^^^ I get paid off the Piff!

  194. joe 88 Says:

    no one holla’d back about the comment i made cause they know its true. Not to be bringing up old shit but why is cam so focus on jigga sandals when he said (on his first single wit him an mase running around like mario an luigi) see jimmy jones frontin in the CHANCLETAS. how is the capo of new york wearing chancletas wit jeans :/

  195. Ur-MAD Says:

    And you ask “Why is Jimmy wearing CHANCLETAS in the first place?”
    Wel Jimmy is half puertorican! lol-but seriously His father is puerto RICAN and his father has OCCASIONAL worn them shit around as a man of old! Now if you must know (lol @ my defense) that this is part of their HERITAGE- EEHH PUERTO RICO-bodeda boriqua! BACK THEN it was ACCEPTABLE!!! Anyway, i must move on to 2006!!! 2006!!! Let it go my brother, free yourself from the insanity! Let me go! I gotta promote the album Killa Season! I get paid off this piff my nigga!

  196. Miami Hustle Says:

    Your officially a ‘mad man’ lol nigga, i burst out laughing so hard at that shit, my tonsils swelled up! Yo, u have got to be on some of that sticky icky! LOL capitalized! Are u serious about “HERITAGE”, then you added in boriqua and bodeda! But to top it off you said “its ok for a man of OLD” hahahahahahahahaha hahhaa hahahaha hah- Man I wish you the best in life. You are definetly getting paid for this, I think I’m speaking to DUKE THE GOD or is this Hell Rell???? You are too too into this entire job of yours! If you not gettin paid, then this is a serious issue you got to deal with on YOUR OWN! but thanks for the laugh

  197. Bk Says:

    bodiqua & bodeda (lol).– he just made history! I might just buy Killa Season, but only if it comes with the (ur-mad) side manual that interprets every rhyme! Go to sleep please!

  198. Bk Says:

    Best Come Back Line of 2006 in on an internet blog =
    [[And you ask “Why is Jimmy wearing CHANCLETAS in the first place?”
    Wel Jimmy is half puertorican!]]

    lol man thank u

  199. Ur-MAD Says:

    Bk “I think you wanna get down with the dip set” – dont be afraid, cross that bridge!

    Miami – I dont even know what to say to you, besides all I can think of is how your city produced *CHINGO BLING*

  200. Bk Says:

    Igght go away now. U type to much. U post up some posters on the real, you are not needed any more. thank you! There are no more questions for you. Besides the fact that nigga from College hill looks like Camron’s twin brother, lol, watching clips of that shit right now! But “ur-mad, your tiring as hell!

  201. Ur-MAD Says:

    Im done, just stop asking me questions and shit! I’ll stop checkin back, but yall niggas is checkin for me and shit! Damn I found this blog, through another blog and yall r eating some real shit now, chokin up on it doggies! But im done, holla when u need me doggie! “No HOMO”

    go get ya wet wipes,

  202. blitzpro Says:

    “If u try & subtract my life,
    My mathematics is precise,
    I carry the nine,
    So fuckn wit me just aint the answer,
    I just can’t lose . . .
    When I was young I was like Fresh,
    Papa raised me wit chess moves”
    [Jay-Z – “Black Gangster”]

    “If u don’t know the ledge,
    Its like spitting to God…get it in ya face,
    Fuckn wit niggaz over your head”
    [Jay-Z – “You’re Only a Customer”]

    I like Cam too but come on dog, EVERYTHING Jay says is not simple. U actn like he wrote Laffy Taffy.

  203. Miami Hustle Says:

    diz nigga said he was gone about 15 posts ago! He is not the average “stan” he is a DAN! That equals a dipset fan with serious motivations! Good nite man!

  204. Bk Says:

    I give that nigga props with that Blue Mittens shit! Im rereading that shit again and “The way this nigga is putting it, makes me wanna listen to Camron again and try to break down his rhymes! lololo

    Original post: [“You get the okie do, play me baby I hope he know
    We break noses, call ‘em baby Pinocchio
    I hold wit wit blue mittens]

    Damn… @ Ur-mad making REAL SENSE outta Camron

    Fairytales and Children storys
    Pinochio to the >>>> 3 cats with different colored MITTENS!

    Yo, I dont think Cam meant to say that shit at all. I dont kno bout dat at all. But “Ur-Mad” seems like he is behind the rhymes cus how does the average person just figure shit out like that. Who else knew that????
    But that shit was crazy though, damn!!! DAt almost got me believen a lil bit, that “ur-mad” knew what he was talking about! I think that was Camron on some serious shit! Cus NOBODY else can make sense outta that shit!

  205. Anonymous Says:

    Man i dont believe that shit, That nigga is retarded as hell, how u gon believ dat “blue mittens shit” u can clearly tell, that u-mad made that entire thing up or he his camron or somethin. he made that shit up, ok i get the pinochio thing, but the three cats with different color mitens, is a joke! He is playin with your mind. Plz dont believe that shit. Especially dat line of all lines, he is adding extra stuff to the lines to make you think he knows what he is talking about- look at what he wrote about Jimmy wearing chancletas, thats how u kno that this nigga is jokin tryna say some profound shit, dont be fooled by him please. I will give him that lil wayne thing, but even i knew that Changin Faces line!

  206. Anonymous Says:

    I will give him the “bacon rolls up to —– breaking pinochio’s lying nose” but thats where it all stops. Right there. He had it with that shit. But thats when he started bullshiting

  207. Blood Hound Says:

    I know what the hell Cam and Lil wayne were talking about. I still think the song sucks. I like Cam and Lil Wayne but that song (in my opinion) sucks.

  208. joe 88 Says:

    so you tellin me jim jones wore the chancletas because of his heritage an thats suppose to be justifcation HA HA HA you’re a funny dude the same man that call his sell the kufi smacker. if he care so much about heritage and all that other shit why dont he still wear them? I know why cause you cant run that fast and hop fences wit no hands in slippers. i crack myself up. once again how is the capo of new york wearing chancletas wit jeans open toe sandals wit jeans:(

  209. luis Says:

    like I said before, he is chilling with the EX PRESIDENT!!!!

  210. Miami Hustle Says:

    i keep comin back and reading his posts and laffin. dat nigga was on some crazy ass cross promotion shit

  211. Blood Hound Says:


  212. Miami Hustle Says:

    nah dats alright,but i see u back as well!

  213. BEASTNIGGA Says:


  214. Blood Hound Says:

    That’s what’s up I gotta post up and chill too til eskay make it bubble up again… Ayo eskay only use 2 teaspoons of baking soda and turn the fire up higher its too low…. Yo…I gets loaked when I’m rolling on x, when I strap up for protection I aint talking bout sex,chop yo body into pieces when I’m rolling with techs, they’ll find yo head on the bleachers in the back of the jects,and I’m grimy…murda a nigga fa real, send a hit. I’ll take that bitch and murda a nigga for skrill, rape yo wife duct tape yo kids give ya daughter a feel, leave yo brains on the dash hands grippin the wheel…

  215. Blood Hound Says:

    That’s what’s up I gotta post up and chill too til eskay make it bubble up again… Ayo eskay only use 2 teaspoons of baking soda and turn the fire up higher its too low…. Yo…I gets loaked when I’m rolling on x, when I strap up for protection I aint talking bout sex,chop yo body into pieces when I’m rolling with techs, they’ll find yo head on the bleachers in the back of the jects,and I’m grimy…murda a nigga fa real, send a hit. I’ll take that bitch and murda a nigga for skrill, rape yo wife duct tape yo kids give ya daughter a feel, leave yo brains on the dash hands grippin the wheel…

  216. Blood Hound Says:

    Why does it do that? Why 2 posts?

  217. . Says:


  218. The Cow Says:


  219. Miami Hustle Says:

    Boooo…wut bullshit was that….lmao get the fuck outta here. Stick to arguing!!! U both lose

  220. babyGirlCanada Says:

    lol @ ur Mad… nice break down.. is that why his shit sounds like nursery rhymes… I don’t listen to cam’s 1-2 1-2 rap, it’s so annoying all his shit sounds the same since oh boy… whats worse is juelz is picking up that same flow too. his shit is dead simple. bacon rolls my ass

  221. Blah Says:

    That video was corn.

  222. u_jst_a_windowshoppaaah Says:

    y ppl hating n cam……u gotta aprieciate rhymes like
    cause im like russel crow, beatifulmind, took his bitch……………hustle hoe!

    bitches mad cah he’ll trick bitches and insecure niggas mad cause he’ll take u bitch an still trick her
    ………………………….bottom line…………………………………………………..

  223. lil stupid Says:

    i dont give a fuck how much cake this nigga got his head fat as a bitch
    he look like dude from star trak
    he got a road bump between his eye brow
    aw shit look at dude hands
    he look like he wash faces for a livin

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