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Welcome To Saigon DVD Preview

The Raw Report has some preview clips from Saigon’s upcoming DVD, Welcome to Saigon.  In the clip above he talks about the shooting incident that landed him in jail as a teenager.  They’ve been promising this DVD since late last year and these clips are cool and all, but I still can’t find a release date anywhere on Raw Report or Saigon’s site, so I’m kind of like whatever.

View all of the clips here.  

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39 Responses to “Welcome To Saigon DVD Preview”

  1. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    i have been patiently waiting for this cd for ever it seems like, but i have gotten word from someone with knowledge that the cd will defintely be out this year, he basically had it all done a month or so ago just needed everything to clear and work out and apparently that shit hasnt gone as smooth as they first thought it would but the shit will be out this year

  2. darealtalk Says:

    da nigga is soft he shoot two niggaz in a lounge not a club i know dat nigga he say he from brooklyn but da nigga liein he from rockland county
    real talk shouts 2 my B.T.F & top shottas

  3. Luis Says:

    damn, when is this dude gonna drop?

  4. doc holiday Says:

    none of these dudes gonna drop because they probably sounds the same…ramblin and shit…

    that and the fact that NY rap labels are on the souths nutsack right about now

    Def Jam done signed Rick Ross, and this young boy name Young Leak from B-More…the song the latter has is alright for the party. Simple lyrics and shit…but it makes Bmore look mad soft…Remember B-Rich? This is the 06 version of him.

  5. GET Says:

    I like Sagions Music (And im waiting for the album)

    But he talks to much bullshit, and contradict himself all the time one day hes preaching, and then the next day he talking about killing a nigga.

    I hate that Commercial he had on MTV talking about Rap influencing him to do bad thing, yet he continues to do the same with his Music and when he talks.

  6. doc holiday Says:

    I dont fuck with anything other than SMACK DVD because all the rest of them joints i corny to me. I fucked aorund and bought On The COme Up. That was a HAM if I don’t say so myself.

    Oh yeah, in closin of my last comment.

    NYC rappers stay losing…and I’m from NYC.

  7. eskay Says:

    >>NYC rappers stay losing…and I’m from NYC.

    what are you talking about, NY is on top right now. don’t contribute to that anti-New York propaganda.

  8. reggaetonslasher Says:

    we all contradict oursleves from time to time,thats what makes us human, its called balance my dude…its Science but i dont want to get too deep. check canibus verse on EQUILIBRIUM.

  9. reggaetonslasher Says:

    a stable situation in which forces cancel one another

  10. Blood Hound Says:

    Well its about damned time. Waiting for him to drop anything was a lot like waiting for fema. (Still has nothing from F.E.M.A.) Btw which stands for Fix Everything My Ass

  11. D. Billz Says:

    hey eskay, how come my posts aren’t showin’ up? i don’t mean to be postin’ a trillion times but i don’t see anything?

  12. eskay Says:

    ^ good question…I’m not sure, but I’ll delete them.

  13. D. Billz Says:

    Thanks. I guess my job (gov’t) are up to their old tricks again, lol. Frikin’ firewalls!

  14. D. Billz Says:
  15. KonichiwaBitches Says:

    Saigon missed his chance, his not gonna have that much impact when drops.

  16. D. Billz Says:
  17. D. Billz Says:

    I got links posted in my message, could that be why? @ Eskay

  18. eskay Says:

    comments with more than 2 links get held for moderation, and they shouldn’t show up at all until I approve them, but anything’s possible.

    it’s probably some bug in WordPress. I’ve seen it happen before where people have left blank comments but when I tried to do it, I couldn’t, so yeah it might have to do with the links…

  19. G Off Says:

    Wouldn’t you have to figure that the Just Blaze influence (i.e. production) should make a difference with Saigon in comparison to other NY “mixtape rappers” that haven’t dropped anything yet?

  20. D. Billz Says:
  21. D. Billz Says:
  22. D. Billz Says:

    damn! fuck it, i give up!

  23. reggaetonslasher Says:

    these mixtape dudes drop albums with limited success, with the exception of 50. wheres j-hoods album, and jaemillz lost his buzz, and the rest of these ny cats that sound the same. talking about the same thing “my 45 cal this, my shot gun that, its boring, and some of you wonder why ny lost its belt. anyways shouts out to the original beast monsters who spit from the heart and touch all subjects.

  24. D. Billz Says:

  25. spokescat Says:

    wow dude is soooo cool for SHOOTING someone over a silly little disrespect like a bump. it’s gonna be so great for kids to see this dvd, i oughta cop a copy for my seed. and yo saigon look like a bronx science cat fa real. i smell fake thug…

  26. Puzzle Says:

    ^ I wouldnt be so quick to holler fake thug though homie. The nigga been locked with a few niggas who actually gotta street rep and you cant fake that shit, not in NYC, no way, no how. beyond that, he came up how he came up and did what he did but for son to be speaking in a positive light with his background it would make cats who aint really listening holler fake thug or contradictions etc. Thats any easy way to lable a nigga your not familiar with. My point is that if you come from the slums and move with villans who better to school a villian than a nigga he can relate to, or ran with at one point? its simple understanding. Plus he has the background to match a 50 cent minus all the extras, and in todays market you HAVE to use that jail shit as bait to lure these dumb fans in who just wanna follow, Then switch it up…..BUT look what happened to the Wu when they tried that with wu tang 4ever, so it can be tricky how you try and teach. Its almost like you have to scare all the fake thugs with your rap sheet before they start following your movement nowadays, look how 50 started up. Real recognize real, and saigon is the truth….

  27. nation of thugacation Says:

    >>”these mixtape dudes drop albums with limited success, with the exception of 50″
    counter-example: papoose
    i rest my case…

    nah im just kidding, but i mean papoose has to be frontin… youre telling me he wont accept a major deal because he thinks they dont deserve his talent… cocky, but has reason to be… i still think slay is talking in his ear…

  28. EroCentrique Says:

    The real question is : How does any of that bullshit benefit anyone? How long are we going to wallow in the sewage of human oppression pretending like we are actually excelling. That gun story serves noone. I was born and raise in Brooklyn, New York and I’m embarrased by what is coming out of N.Y. right now. If I weren’t from this planet and I heard some rap (not hip-hop) from N.Y. right now I would feel that there was nothing righteous or positive about being from there. Music sucks incredible dick right now….ALL of it.. North, South, East & West!

  29. spokescat Says:

    i’m just sayin dude is an immature dickhead, that’s all. i grew up with cats that fucked niggas up on the daily but they’re 25 now and they realize the error of their ways. they don’t put out dvds of them gassin’ their mans up with tales from the hood about how they popped people. the shits disgustin’ is all… maybe if dudes acted their age ny rap could actually move forward instead of keep lickin shots while the south and west coast do they own thing

  30. SOSA 420-Canada Says:

    Saigon is takin too long to come out…….ain’t anticipatin like I once was, ..can’t wait to hear a full release by Papoose, or Tru Life…NY!!!

  31. Puzzle Says:

    “Music sucks incredible dick right now….ALL of it.. North, South, East & West! ” no question about it!!

    Only thing I can add on is that if your signed to a label, your an employee that has expectations when you drop-point blank. You have to produce numbers, saigon has the ‘popular’ background to be successful in todays market even if he has outgrown all of that shit so it may be in his best interest to ‘lure’ the consumer in being that he’s from NYC and that he’s mostly unknown he already has so much going against him. In all actuality downplaying what you ACTUALLY DID in life could convert some people doing those same things today if you say it the right way. For the streets you have to put that kinda shit out there just for hood approval, for the kids you have to say you did this and that and to learn from your mistakes etc etc, for the interviews you have to be able to get your points across and on and on…point is you have to relate your life to others around you to fit the cause. Look at tru life, on the 1st beef dvd he was barkin at the mobb etc. but minutes later he was talkin like he regreted doing that shit on this same dvd….now that he’s signed I’ve heard him continue to say little shit about that mobb deep shit instead of deading it like he said he would. We yield a double edge sword with pride for the dough in hip hop…

  32. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Is he trying to gain fans from this or scare them?? Why does every aspiring rapper feel the need to show how real he or she is?? To tell you the truth, all these DVDs showcasing the hoods of America are poorly put together and all the time you come away with nothing….so what’s the point??? It’s been done to death…….

  33. babyG Says:

    my cousin loves this guy… I on the other hand haven’t really caught what the hype is about..

    him going to jail for shooting someone who pushed him is not helping matters… its one thing to hear stories and it’s another thing to hear people patting themselves on the back for dumb shit. the scenario he’s painting makes HIM seem “like an absurd puppet pushed to and fro” by the will of others.. odds are 100 to 1 that if that had happened on a bus with him all by himself he would have completely ignored it.. put him infront of his boys and some girls he’s tryign to impress ( meaning nobody at all ) and he’s goliath all of a sudden.. a fucking gladiator.. I hate ignorance. Hoep the time was worth it for him anyway.. hopefully the other fool isn’t dead..

    Anyway, shooting people for a rep or under pressure is wack so fake story or not he just comes off as a fool.. no mind of his own at all.

  34. AGeezee Says:

    I’m thinking along similar lines. This same “I shot that nigga” stuff over and over…. blah blah blah

  35. old man Says:

    Why you gotta get guns, just box it out!

  36. NYC Says:


  37. e-dubbs Says:

    preordered.. I just hope the joint ever ships. I do think him pointing out how he popped dude to impress a older dude he was with might show how idiotic that actually is. Because to be honest, all these youngins are probably bustin they gun off for the same damn reason.. No need to lose 7 (or however many years he did) years of your life like Sai did just to impress a 3 time loser from your block.

  38. Janice Says:

    Fuck this nigga saigon. He gon get his. Niggaz can’t just shoot at any motherfucker who bump dem. fuck dat nigga hope he gets his

  39. NYallday Says:

    Come on let’s keep it real whether his joint ends up being a hit or a piece of shit Saigon is going to continue to eat…..unlike the rest of you triflin niggas and the hilarious part is he knows this. People are going to buy his shit whether they love him or hate him as a rapper just to see what the hype is all about. While all y’all hatin’ he’s laughing all the way to the bank and livin’ rather comfy from what I can see….and I’ve seen ALOT!

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