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New Track Added To Fishscale


As I was typing the title of this post, I realized what a freaking Ghost stan I am for even considering this to be post worthy. Anyway, below is the track list as we previously expected it to look on March 28th:

1. Shakey Dog (prod Lewis Parker)
2. Kilos feat. Raekwon (prod MoSS)
3. Be Easy (prod Pete Rock)
4. Charlie Brown (prod MF Doom)
5. Barber Shop (prod Studio Steve)
6. Big Girl (prod Ghostface)
7. Bricks feat. Biggie and Raekwon (prod Cool & Dre)
8. Dawn feat. Capadonna (no producer info)
9. Back like that feat. Ne-Yo (prod Xtreme)
10. Chunky (prod Pete Rock)
11. Wu Joint (prod MF Doom)
12. Clips of Doom (prod MF Doom)
13. Whip You With A Strap (prod J Dilla)
14. Dawn feat. Capadonna & Trife (prod MF Doom)
15. Rae & Ghost (no producer info)
16. Underwater (prod MF Doom)
17. Can Can feat. Shawna & Shareefa (prod Ghostface)
18. Crackspot (prod Crack Val)
19. Family Affair (prod Pete Rock)

A press release I received today says Ghost is adding a new last minute track to the album: " Entitled “Momma” and featuring Def Jam Recording’s latest signing – Brooklyn’s own Megan Rochell – the song finds Ghost doing what he does best: bringing to life vivid tales of struggle over a soulful, sample-heavy track."

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26 Responses to “New Track Added To Fishscale”

  1. MaddenMaster Says:

    More than I want this album I want a new Rae album and more than I want a new Rae album I want a new Wu album with MIX production…… too much gizzz aint a good thing all the time…..

  2. Damu Says:

    No shit… I was gonna ask if anyone knew the track listing for Fishscale. I can’t wait for this album. I kinda wish I hadn’t snapped up the sampler/ advance. But fuck it, whats done is done.
    Good lookin’ eskay

  3. Adam Says:

    which cover is gonna be on the shelves??

  4. Damu Says:

    Fuck… I just noticed, Champion didn’t make it? WTF?? That is str8 crack right there?

  5. Damu Says:

    …Now I’m glad I got that sampler.

  6. Adam Says:

    oh shit i didn’t even notice that, “The Champ” is my favorite track on there by far.

  7. eskay Says:

    no, Champion has to be on there. this was a tentative track list from the Fader that came out back before the advance leaked, but it was the closest we had to a real one. I’m sure the play order will be different and some other surprises (skits, etc) will pop up. we should know any day now…

  8. The Reason Says:

    Man.. i dont know about this album. Im waitin for the new Broad Street Bully album

  9. D.West Says:

    As the Art Director for the GFK “Fishscale” Project, I can safely say that both the lists are totally incorrect!!!! Just got done with final track copy and I hate to tell you guys, but good try…wait til it hits the stores to see the actual track list!!!


  10. Robbie Says:

    I just threw up “Murder Goons”, which didn’t make the album:


  11. SnichyMcRat Says:

    I actually liked Hi (prod Jdilla)

  12. Adam Says:

    hey art director which cover are they going with

  13. eskay Says:

    >>I just threw up “Murder Goons”, which didn’t make the album:

    that’s pretty sweet. I see the XXL site is up

  14. D.West Says:

    The one posted is correct…minus the 5th color gold accent, which you obviously can’t see here…Ghost definately had a major part in the cover choice…I got a few that were hotter but I guess GFK had the final say!!!!


  15. Damu Says:

    eskay it looks like the cover u have is the one they be rollin wit.
    A-yo, D.West… any chance u could maybe tell us the track listing instead of lettin us know that the one posted here is wrong… just a thought. I know ur probably busy, what wit all the art directing and all ;-)

  16. plug industries Says:

    Ghost was in the “D” Last night at the shelter. (where they filmed the horrible movie 8 mile) He rocked that shit. This cat pulled the uglist chicks in the city on stage to dance. One of them was so druck she fell, knocked her glasses off, got up and kept on dancin. That ish was funny as hell. Shouts to ghost.

    Whip me with a strap is the best song on the album production wise. RIP JD

  17. Bodega Says:

    whipped with a strap is the hottest joint on the album, with RAGU being a close second

  18. eskay Says:

    I’m a Shakey Dog kind of guy myself.

  19. plug industries Says:

    2nd is The Champ. You gotta love Mr. T talkin ish at the beginning. Shouts to Rocky Balboa. lol

  20. reggaetonslasher Says:

    is ghost single handedly bringing the belt back to the east? just a thought man, just my thoughts…

  21. reggaetonslasher Says:

    hey eskay do you know of any beef over the name ghost with starks and styles p?

  22. eskay Says:

    >>hey eskay do you know of any beef over the name ghost with starks and styles p?

    not at all, they’ve collaborated several times.

  23. strong chef Says:

    I do recall there being some small beef with that years ago, but since that talked they have collaboed a bunch of times

  24. thekid10705 Says:

    AIGHTTTT!!!!…Big Girl is my shit, Cappa needs to go, and my man Trife rip’s it on the Dawn track…See you dudes at the store on the 28th…


  25. Demiks Says:

    This cover starts to grow on you, at first I was hopin the other cover we saw was going to be picked, but this ones good.

  26. CapoDituttiCApi Says:

    return of the wallies. this is gonna be good

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